The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 7, 1967 · Page 26
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 26

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1967
Page 26
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Page 26 article text (OCR)

Enjoy A Leisurely Sunday Brunch Soon A simple but high satifung ·leasure as thoroughly en)oed , ·y young as old. ram or shine, ummer or winter is the lei- urely Sunday breakfast or ·runc'i The way to pro\e it to your- elf is to"try it--part.cularly if ·ou usually "rush through Sun- lay as breathlessly as ou do the other six days. If you go to early church, plan breakfast late in the morning, or ou can enjoy a blow- paced meal and still attend the later service One of the great contributors to the special Sundav breakfast is the convenience of packaged, prepared foods. We are encouraged to try a contin- cntal breakfast on the patio (in ( summer) or by the fire in winter when we know that the frozen food locker will yield delicate croissants and b r i o c h e ready for heating and serving. . A bowl of fresh fruit, a feast to the eye as well as the palate is simplicity itself to have read- v m the refrigerator. An ample supplv of coffee, the stack of morning newspapers and who can ask for a more delightful w a v to unwind from a week's pressure? Every homemaker has her fvaorite method of making cof- fee but it's fun to try a change now and then. My sister, who lives m South America, is devoted to the cafe con leche or, as the French call it, cafe au it on a sunny Sunday recently lait We were persuaded to try and our critical teen-ager (who ordinarily does not d r i n k coffee) enjoyed this half coffee-half milk beverage The trick is to have both the coffee and the milk very hot and to pour them together into a mug. producing a frothy cup of cheer. We were advised to brew the coffee stronger than I usual but better than vlain cof- fee, to our tastes, was coffe* with chicory This is a full-flavored blend that can take to other other variations as well For example, besides cafe au 'ait, we learned to produce an Italian Caffee Capuccmo by mixing hot coffee-chicory and hot milk, adding sugar and sprinkling with cinnamon or nutmeg. Such fancy coffees go well with pastries of France and Scandinavia. So does coffee poured into a cup with a few tiny cardamon seeds in the bottom. I For the younger children a pot of real not uwcomw! iuiu» Sunday breakfast into a treat after a weeJ' of cereal, egg, milk and toast. That Food Tab Why is the consumer so awar e of food prices 9 Because they're always with h-m. There are everyday purchases or at least, several times a week. Other increases in costs like college education, automobiles, television sets, hospital c a r e and travel are not purchased as often as food. They've Increased much more than food, but are much less noticeable. Thursday. September 7. IW Queen Mary Skipper Finally Sees River NEW YORK (AP) -- Capt. John Treasure Jones has skip- pered the giant British liner Queen Mary into its Hudson River dock innumerable times, but until this trip he'd never seen the East River just two miles away across Manhattan While 3,000 sightseers took advantage of their last chance to tour the 81,237-ton luxury vessel, Capt. Treasure Jones *nd hi* wife went for som* sightseeing of their own. They took one of the tiny Circle Line boats »nd cruwed all i around Manhattan Island Tuesday. Because of the courtesy of the sea, they didn't h*ye to buy | the $2.75 pickets. The Queen Mary will be re' tired in October and serve Long Beach. Calif, as a combination hotel and convention Hall. She was on her next-to-last visit to New York, but next time will not be open to the public. we care Super-Right Quality Meats! SPECIAL MESSAGE TO EX-AP CUSTOMERS (AND TO THOSE WHO NEVER HAVE SHOPPED A P) You may have heard about the "new" AP. You may even have read about how "We Care..»about you? Well, everything you've heard and read is true. Your local AP is a great place to shop. Here's why. We took a good hard look at ourselves. We analyzed our century of ^perience. We made a check list of the things that made AP Americ?^s leading food store. Then, we decided to look for ways to do them even better. We redoubled our efforts to make AP a friendly, dependable store to shop, to prove,"We Care... About You? If you've been away, come on back. If you've never been an AP shopper, give it a try. I You may discover it's fun to be cared about. ^V COPYRIGHT « 1967. THE GRtAT ATLANTIC t PACIFIC TE* CO.. tNg. CHICKEN PARTS SXSftM * 49cm** *59c BONELESS CHUCK STEAKS » 69* SLICED BACON £00 ;$ 69 e 2 A. 1" PORK LOIN "Pi.WSSS 0 » *9« FRESH PORK BUTTS .2KS » 49* TURKEY BREAST ROAST - 79* IMPORTED HAM LUNCH MEATS FRESH ROPE SAUSAGE RAPA SCRAPPLE CANNED PICNICS FANCY BEEF LIVER SUPEH-KIGHT SLICED (5-15 OZ. PKGS.J SUPER RIGHT Mix OR MATCH. 4 VARIETIES (b. l-lb CUBAN? CANNED HAMS BONELESS BUTTS FRANKFURTERS FORMOST SL. SALAMI BUDDIG SM. TURKEY JIFFY BEEF BURGERS BREADED VEAL STEAKS OCEAN PERCH FILLETS FLOUNDER PORTIONS CANADIAN BACON BRIGGS FRANKS --*l 35*2 3 5 Ib. -ib. okg. ib. can BONELESS READY TO EAT SUPER-RISK! SMOKED SUPER-RIGHT ALL MEAT SKINLESS OR BOLOGNA I 3 ' 3 89 C 59' 65= 1" 33* 4.15 79* 99* 45* ' SUPER-RI6HT FULLY COOKED (14-18 Ibs.) SMOKED HAMS SHANK PORTION BUTT PORTION WHOLE OR IITHIR HALF TURKEYS GOVERNMENT INSPECTED 16-LB. AND UP * 29c Ib. -Ib. can Ib. 2 -IB. b.. «-OZ. BONELESS CHUCK ROAST BONELESS CROSS CUT ROAST ARM POT ROAST RIB STEAKS -DELMONICO STEAKS or ROAST NONE PRICED HIGHER ROLLED OR FLAT Ib. NONE PRICED HIGHER 59' *· 89* * 59* * 85* * TV HOLIDAY CAP'N JOHN'S OLD FASHIONED BY-THE-PIECE 3 3-01 Pkgs. 3 -ib. Pkg. l-lb 4-si. pkg. l-lb. pkg. 2 -lb. pkg. Ib. l-lb. .00 .99 .29 9* .09 .09 59* ' Af's Seafood Features! FANCY SHRIMP n%M2 1" HALIBUT STEAKS FANCY *· 65c FANCY ROCKFISH ib. 49e FLOUNDER FILLETS *«· »· 49c FRESH OYSTERS FANCY PORGIES * 49c ^l'" . STEAKFISH Fresh (Hake) . Ib. 29c Dependable Grocery Values! NUTLEY IN '4 LB. PRINT DOWN TO EARTH LOW PRICES and You CAN WIN UP TO '1,000 CASH! MARGARINE scon TISSUE N.B.C. SALTINES CORK FLAKES ICE CREAM PINEAPPLE JUICE HERSHEY SYRUP HUNT'S TOMATO SAUCE FRESH ORANGE JUICE VELVEETA CHEESE FRESH MLLK i-ib. pkgs $1.00 2e OFF KEUOGG'S MARVEL DEL MONTE 4 CHOCOLATE FLAVOR 1 lb box box '- 59c $1.00 4.1 ? I AP VACUUM PACK COFFEE 2* 1 iim ««" I .29 YUKON CLUB CANNID BEVERAGES 1 - |b cant 10 KRAFT A P HOMOGENIZED '7-ga 39c 95c 48c ANN PAGE BEANS I TOI 4 IN TOMATO SAUCE Mb. cans ANN PA«I PlACH. PINEAPPLI OR APRICOT PRESERVES 3 *' 89 PLAY A'P's NEW GAME! BONUS BINGO WIN ONE OR MORE PRIZES OF $1,000 · $500 · $100 · $50 · $20 · $10 · $5 · $1 Dairy Selections. 1 AP GRADE-AMILK AP's Fruits and Vegetables! U. S. NO. I EASTERN SUNNYFIEIO GRADE 'AA' IN 'A-LB. PRINT · · j $1000 WINNER Orel) I. Sander Butter Cream Cheese Cottage Cheese Sliced Cheese Sharp Cheese Crestmont Ice Cream 79' SYLVAN SEAL AP BRAND MEL-O-BII Whit* Y.llowor Pimanfo SOLID LB. PRINT l-oi pkq Mb ctn. 12 01 pkg. BENCH CURED CHEDDAR $100 WINNER H«nry J. Zlsslcr $100 WINNER Jean Ysatman $100 WINNER l.tty Taylor SEEDLESS GRAPES CAULIFLOWER TOMATOES CELERY HEARTS CARROTS Jane Parker features! JANE PARKER SPECIAL! (Save 5e on two loaves) SPANISH PEANUTS PC _ ASSTD FLAVORS Ib. ctn 77' 27' 25' 49' 79' 83' POTATOES DELICIOUS APPLES NECTARINES 20 ft 79 RED EASTERN 3 -Ib. FANCY WESTERN h. 49" 29 e Jumbo k C*MoWr«pp.d II VINE RIPE WE-IERN CELLO PACK Ib. pkg ot 2 or 3 2 l-lb. bags YELLOW ONIONS Tzl° 39c 39e I9c 39c 29c lOc 39c STAKLIKE Filler Paper STARLIKE Pencil Tablets NIFTY LOOSE LEAF Filler Paper DIXON CREiT YELLOW Pencils 5 Hoi Bock To School Supplies/ 69c 39c pkg of pkg of 200 ih«*tt pkq of 300 ihti. pkg of S T A R L I K E Composition Books GIANT FILLER Tablets PUSH BUTTON 59e Binders S T A R L I K E 29c Typing Paper VINYL COVE* pkg. X n 3 175 htt. I Oft Pkfl». I ' UU 69c ffiS! 29c WHITE BREAD 2 57 69« 23c 29e 29c 8«£ I °° !£· 39c MIXED NUTS VACEX PACKED 14 :: n 79c HONEYDEWS GREEN BEANS RED RADISHES GOLDEN YAMS ROASTED PEANUTS PEANUTS ^ SPECIALI (Sav* o«) PLAIN OR SEEDED N.B.C, Oreo Keebler Saltines Scot Tissue Del Monte Kraft Salad Oil CREAM SANDWICHES 2 1 il- pkgi. I b. pkg. 4 roll Pkg. PINEAPPLE GRAPEFRUIT JUICE I Pt bll 37c l-qf btl. 89c Alcoa Wrap 3lc Dutch Cleanser 49c Fabric Cleaner 4 85c Gulden's Mustard 69c Honey Grams IS-ft. roll 2 14-m. cans ,. lOc 2(^01. 11 OW bti. SPICY »-o». MOWN iar l-lb. pk«. Je Oft KEEILER 25c 25c 59c I7e 37c Angel Food Rings Cracked Wheat Bread Rye Bread Dutch Coffee Cake Blackberry Pies Dutch Apple Pies Chocolate Brownies 2 2 l-lb l-o*. cak* l-lb SFIOAL! l-'b. 12-01. cak* SPECIAL) (Save lOe) SPICIALI (Sav* *e) Mb SPECIAL) (Sov. 4c) 13-OL pkg Frozen Food Values! Fenwick Cut Green Beans 4 ^ 49° Meat Pies Green Peas MT 8AK " 69c lOc Brussels Sprouts**' 2£,~ 49c Lima Beans Dinners ASP BABY CAP'N JOHN'S t-01. HADDOCK pkg. 5 10-OT. pkgt. 99e 39c Strawberries Birds Eye* l-lb. pack. 53c n| A _ Banquat Appla. llackbarnr l-lb. 4-om. · IBS or Cocoanui Curtard pkoj. Strawberries ,£ 2"~ Lemonade Fruit Drinks SLICED LIIIY'S _ Pink or WhH' \\) TIP TOP , .. ASSORTED 10 . pkgi. l«79c "» 79c rric*s to this *idv«rtii»m«nf O CASH REFUND! On Everything You Buy To $30* WHEN YOU HAIL ONE CASH REGISTER TAPE WITH 2 CHEER BOX TOPS «*'«·« ·· «'·» PLUS 2 JOY LABELS ·»··+ ** "«f «» Maximum Refund $3.00 in Cash--$·· Order Hanks at Year Local AAP For Complete Details. Offer Expires September 15, 19*7. ·NOTI: Rtrfindt ·· Alcoholic ·ovora««t. CI««r*t«M «n*1 0«lry r*«JMto «r« ·MV *ot b AP 100°/o COLOMBIAN Coffee '£ 85« Nescafe Inst. Coffee io-«. 1.37 H.inz Baby Food STRAINID 10 ian Crisco Vegetable Shortening 3: 37 C 3 % Nescafe Inst. Coffee ·c- 85 C Gtrber Baby Food HID 55c STIAINID JUNIOt ian Luzianne Coffee Mb. can IRIMS YOUR COUPONS TO AIP Planter's Dry Roasted Peanuts Beechnut Baby Food STtAIMlft ·fcr 55c JUNIOR COMET CLEANSER 2e OFF 3c OFF 2-29 plastic j«r 20 Silver Dust Laundry Detergent W U* 83« OH. MONTI Fruit 43c DEL MONTI Green Peas ^J^ 47e NEWSPAPER!

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