The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 3, 1948 · Page 2
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 2

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 3, 1948
Page 2
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W" MOB TWO The Daily Register (Established 1869 as Scllne County Register.) Published evenings except Sundays and holidays at 35 South Vine street, Harrisburg, Illinois, by REGISTER PUBLISHING CO. of Harrlsburg, MRS. ROY L. SERIGHT, President. CURTIS G. SMALL, Editor and Manager. Entered as second class matter at the post office at Harrisburg, Illinois, under act of March 3,1879. Subscription Rates: By Carrier 20 cents per week. By mail in Saline and Adjoining Counties, $500 per year in advance; 51.50 for three months. Outside Saline , and adjoining counties, $7.00 per year; $2.00 for three months; 75 cents per month. The Daily Register is a private business institution. The management reserves the right to be sole Judge as to acceptance or rejection of any statement for use either as a news item or a paid advertise ment. THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG. ILL., BIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAY Some people regard all treasure as 'belonging to God, and themselves as trustees of God's bounty. These persons are part owners of the utmost stars. -- Matt. 5:3: "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." BIBLE, READING FOR TODAY f|eb. 3. This Jesus.--Colossians 1: 9-20. Florida's Foundation Southern Florida rests on a rock initiation of more than 10.000 feet In thickness. Homemakers Column From Saline County Home Bureau Mary M. Harper Homemade pecan rolls arc right any time: They're perfect lor brunch and at least as right for! cs Sunday night supper. For all their M. elegance. tlies-e carmel and nut ···· frosted ycas-t rolls arc easy to make, too: That is. they arc easy with the new time-saving recipe. i)ii-w Pearson Says: Bernard o, m (.ill's Himself a "Communist" i» Letter: Phil Muriay Kae- M.nitime Kebellion Over .', ill Plan; Republicans Hold .,,; Cam us. \V \ s i M N G T O N I--IIIHH' ' ' ' -Benurd Shaw, Irish wit and has \\ritton an inter- made-at-home biscuit mix. rolls and coffee cakes can be made . in as much shorter time this w a y ' lloyc\er. Onlv one rising of the dgugh is. cd. SM.IW - When a Snake Misses When u poisonous sn«ko Its mark, venom may bo thrown out of its nouth. j'ivur: rise to reports that snnkcs spit venom. Flag The American llnj; In its sf,,, form wus concclvad by Cnpt s a , n . ucl Chester Hold, and the wus adopted by «mer«»s In fies on the Marshall plan, \\ill be very much on the spot. REPUBLICAN CAUCUS Highlight* from Jie -ecrct le- publican caucus at which u u i house loaders finally got im.mi- mous suppoit for the Kmitson tax bill: \. S " ^^ . . V T O - O P E N C A N NEW E A S Y - * " % California's Bud Gcarhart touched off some fireworks when lie boasted that 77 per cent of the tax cuts would help people with in- \V-iHacc is not elect-j comes under $4.000. ? he would prefer a I "Even the Republicans, snort- 'icjii ""because a Republican ct i Michigan's irascible I-red tiaw- ' ford, "have fallen for the boak-thc- rich hysteria. Both pj't"w_ arc trving to buy'votes with handouts. describes himself as CT-VSFT r ARSON AT GRAND THURSDAY. World Champion i sm SJsres. T srS5i Sec'- appe ? TM»., j n f ^z»* Ss^fesps'rtfMsn 1 m0r SuSset 5 ? SP brin r 4n= vith him in his personal appearance, tou Ws 1 ^^ by Sunset Carson himself. J.L llClo V V 4 I W . * *.w««"O ' Not the least of these is its bland-1--- follows: n ; ,, t . .,, ... ness It is entirely tasteless and, 1 " 11 " ., 14th January ID-IS, j Speaker Joe Martin ga\c an in odorless. Bland lard keeps in-| M p ar Fanny. 'side report on what nappeiu-a a definitely w i t h o u t icfrigcration, * · a "cobdcnist liberal, I the secret Democratic caucus j si too- ! b u t ,'," verv opposite, a Commun-', ended. The Democrats, he ^d Here are the receipes for both g l^jTV member of the^votcd ^ r ^^^ dlc ^ Si the biscuit mix and Pecan Rolls i so . c ji J( i Communist party On the,The r s \^ c ^ 0 f r ^ mn , ua i. t h c n made with it: I whole if an up to-date New Deal be to TM oxe . l °i £ reductions in «§=*" i a~* tujj ii.u.-v \\heic a Democrat dare n "o» , ,!,.,. n, r.1 *hr hod^C" and both-A»«f«"- i^»-»««/»-»--« --. 1 package compressed 01 ai .we. ...e { ea ^ als must go ping the president s granular yeast . i,, v r even's .'.n\e them m spite 'exemption-reduction^ 1 tablespoon melted bland -lard , - r e\on.*, . 1 i t Recd Qi New ^ o r k spoke W cup butter or margarine ,o£ t. o part -|^ * . for . lhe u a ys and me^n* conui.,' ; ·V$ ¥*" v-ar vk M. 1RADE MARK P A S T E S H O E Mode by the makers of LIQUID DYANSHWE . . cup 1-2 cup brown sugar 1-2 cup pecan meats £ fvir "arty slnUDOieu^. ^-'. " ,,/rno---K co-vmit- , v'.Uace has not taken the field or-1TM *»» b »?, d me^s co-v.n^ 'too e,rly. ' He should have done £ The U»x ^ ^ gtu . and J0 . scaia miiK u«u v« 5 ». Add milk so months ago. because it 'sjyh.s result sSw^ -TM -:»*vI r^^r .^.HS, E, i »^ .SSK ^ s=h a s,v «* s^Mio^ jfc' ^i^^ i ^^s.^^^ 0 u\^KS a ^r^^ ea uuuii.v»cicu K o rvK^omctc nre more progics- . . . ..,,;.! «,_ M*. r ;h: arshall oian. Reed replied 'In the afurmaayc ~ j nin»v. r.TM-orori iinnrri Kneau sent- u vou v.ui-- i» nuvi--». -···-- · KCCCI rcmivu »" i "^- ··** . , So^^ut?^"Su8hinaW- that Cobdemsts are more progrcs- b ^ d thc MarshaU plan .houlo iSte SS tnlck. Brush with sjve than Fascist Tory-Democrats. ^ ^aled dow n any w ay ^l^Jd art sS w t h ^ h e case is cactb the reverse, ^.f^^nt to be pledged t o , S^S^S f ^;s^ SIM tt ^££: uui cru^rtist-i"i" o-ieh Fascism (capture 01 tne sociailbl i Minnesota s George MacKinnon. , teaspoon melico ouuer H.IU tu^ ; . t b f t cai) italist leaders) ' i,-;n;om nawson of Utah point-, Bv IMRAlAN W. NICHOLS 'match the scenery and be a spec-, rnited Press Staff Correspondent .tacle to boot. | WASHINGTON. Feb. 3-^-?-)-1 I saw the new togs, brother! The nress'release started out: "The i And we might as well get it Seen paVks and lawns of Vash- J straight for the record right now. fn-ton will be matched in 1948 by 'Nobody's going to get this old bag srsss s^ r raen in specta * -gifflr ^v ss si srss, VeU sir what do vou reckon sty le. But I'll stick by the po- the custom'taUors in the Capital tato-brown pantaloons, with coat have beamed up! A sports get- lo match, that so well' with, a bottle-green coat and last % ear-not to mention the year , V £$!« M//« so. -that. pea-green pants. It's 0 -~--- ,. to be well groomed, ajnan^ has to p r : V ate Showing . - ',^ The Washington tailors are tak-, AT T _ A «. n «.4i^»-t frt "^"oW V r t f K \ E AH merchants who have subscribed to "Appreciation Day" are asked to meet at James' Cafe, Wednesday, Feb. 4th, at 7 p. m. to receive supplies and instructions. YOUR ATTENDANCE ?S URGENTLY REQUESTED. CIEAHER, MORE ECOHW :i tn III" tilCl-i CXCCH-iUAi- LU J - »^-*- *~ "--for a preview before the National Pants-Makers convention on Wednesday. Robert Stein, a director of the association, gave me a pri- _ ivate showing of the green suit | 'before he left. ' ! First of all, we'd better describe ' bottle-green. It's the kind of "reen vou look-through while upending" a bottle of ale. Everybody who's ever hoed a garden , what pea-green is. is double-breasted and a sack, about an inch uciuw t,^ oeat. It's made of fine wool Shetland, and has long roll peaked lapels and pearl buttons on the front. Four of "em. The pockets are of the patch variety and there are three buttons on each sleeve. , Tne p an ts--the pea-green things . are made of summerweight unfinished worsted wool. They looked right nice on Mr. Stem, but on this rumpled reporter they looked like unfinished gunny sac«c. Always Match Colors While he was at it. Mr. Stein was willing to expound his theory on American men and the way uuTM«, George MacKinnon. ivuopuv^ '"\",r^9~to«"«nnnn«;hro\vn,pro'a-am by tne capuausi icuuci*/ William Dawson of Utah ^?£A^^^TM^* m ^' ° USlCd ^Tn lhe ^ out that Trumans' plan c, S r s2 r gi. P SeT a in ^^^J^^SS^ 0 ^^^ SSo^cSJ 1 bucket Sf tne ! -, j ui H, i'- Rato i n ' a r « i » - all capitalist parties ^^uison bill, and asked whether :e untu double inDiiir,. 133KL m sp .. e ^ f lheir mertia . . SO me adjustments ought ^ to DC ._.. t _..~i pander thi* well. Fanny, before ma( j e in'the lower bracket minutes or until rolls are browned. - -^f 01 ^ politics , especially mRecd explained that the bill was Invert pans on a rack. Sene pecan ^yoii ^uuit i. . . T ._ . . . 4 l f l side U P- . .. ,,- ' writing about. Bland Lard Biscuit Mix 1 cup bland lard 8 cups sifted flour 4 tablespoons baking powder 4 teaspoons salt Sift together flour, baking pow der and salt. Cut bland lard into flour with pastry blender, two for knives, fork, or finger tips, until - -\j\RSF\LL mixture is the consistency of corn- ^10 FIGHi O L K .UAnai-A^t, in covered container :n [ , ^ CIQ Cnie £ every iray you irant "em for spring! am worked out on a scientific gracivi- f ated scale^and should not be dis- } G. Bernard. Shaw." ,torted forjnv specUd group^ !j teu iui ut»^ ^^w-»«- c?--- 11 The President is catering to t r U S t w U e^w* v* I****""* , -- " trade and industry' but - ln a people's movement . the refrigerator. 01 cool place. * AS ^AtJ VyllltJL -L. i*" ..-·-.---., «-*, on the witness stand regarding the Marshall plan, he faces hot rebellion in his ranks from the N atonal Maritime Union which demands that goods shipped abroad under the MarshaU plan be carried in American ships. In mid-December two-fisted Joe Curran. head of the unruly man| time union, together with Jonn j Record Use of Cotton 1 Domestic cotton consumption i reached the 1.000.000 bale mark in . April li2--establishing a new all Iraffic Law! SilSty D8P . ^» 3 .- ,"^ u S o r?hrcWs'shipyard! SPRINGFIELD. 111-. Feb. 3-- , vork c' rs . told Murray he should (UJD--The State Public Safety ue-, n i i n l i f v his supp ort for the Mar- $5:98 $6.98 VL.J.'---- i lit «ji,ci«.^ * » . « · - - - -- -^ ^. _ ' t l Utillt^ ll*^ ^upjL/w* *- *v. L I l C - partment today asked Illinois co-, ;nall p lan by sllpu i a ting that Amer- operation during February- m a na-,. seamc n should carry ^larshall * ., to "i earn and. - - - · - - - - t ---- ~* FROM SN1FFLY, STUFFY DISTRESS OK in R E D · BROW-N · . B L A C K Now's the time for all good flats to have those smart extension soles you like! They're here in styles galore! wav. ANOTHER GREAT NEW CHRYSiER Al«TE«P HOHIE-HEATIKG PRODUCT Here's a new all-necl yrav- Jtv tjpc warm air ical fur- nice which hriaps better, more economical heating to coal users. A new ly-dc\ eloped. ovcrsi?c down-draft radiator gives ou more heat from thc coal ou buy. Scam arc electrically ·a elded - - - making the furnaceaSsolutch gaslight. ·^1 \JH f»lii^«* **,»**· ··,,·--·«- they don't know how to dress. As Mr. S. looks at the scene, men put on any old coat with any old pair of pants and think they are well-dressed in sports clothes. He said nothing is fartner from a picture of the perfect man. For ~ .--,- . example, he said that you ought one lane to anotncr to always match your colors--thc , ---- -same colors. A blue coat calls Richard H. Lewis A ._.. WORK FAST... RIGHT WHERE TROUBLE IS f T f * i r i s i f t i j i i i r i i J u w w * v * v , i * i * j ' -- -- -- ^ tuonwide"program to "learn a n d " ^ goods in American ships at, obey traffic laws." (American pay scales. They pome- u relic£ fro ^ head cold: to- State Safety Director T. P. Sule( j out lna t a i ar ge part of tne tfess starts t 0 C0! r.c v.-ncn you p^a livan said nai M __ A --. steel ve are sc ^ ^ -- ^ ^ | ^ dcl£ '^ d inhume. Va-tro-nol ato dents. , f . , ^ f . 'Shipyards arc idle ana inat ,TM- ^^^S^l^^ van cited National Safety ' t n a n 1400 merchant ships na%c opir.,,. ronu statistics which showed bcen tur ned over to European na- on the wrong side o f ' t j on; during the p^st year while road is"one of "the most com-j tncrc ; s unemployment among mon causes of accidents." He, AmC rican seaincn. listed the following rules for Ilh-1 indignant. Murray agreed. j nois drivers: I However, Jim Carey, able CIO, 1 Drive to thc right of the cen-1 sccre t arv and prime mover witmn, ler line. On three-lane roads nev- j . C1Q - for thc Marshall plan, has j cr drive in the far left lane. !insisted that the plan must have! 2 When driving around anotn-' ^ unqualified support of tnc , - Mr. use the opposing lane on a , r , n T i lft shipping matter, he (Second Floor) 2 When driving arounu anuui- lhc un quamiea suppor^ 01 -^- ^ cr car. use the opposing lane on a , CIQ Tnc shipping matter, he j two-lane road, thc middle lane on j maintained, can be fixed up sac-: a three-lane road, and the lane! ^ S f ac t 0 rily. next to center on a four-lane high-; h " : ' Carcv a powerful influence ir.-| -, I side Sic CIO. ficw to Piltsbursn i t i f I * h ;. ,. ^^jnK- in arcuc tins; 3." On multiple lane roads, don't i ? l TM ^.k^'mainly to' argue change lanes without lopKing bc '.tjoint with his boss hind vou and don't jockey from|P J y. ,.,,. ^...^ 5l'-iS 1-~r :--i to wear a light coat and dark trousers. If thc coal is a fancy one. ·wear a plain pair of pants of a solid hue. Pastel even. If you ba-.e fancy nants. wear a plsm TM,--t \\ith " them. Never, never jnatch a fancy coat with a pair of farcy pants. Wear plain shoes--tan mostly. Nol white with a sports outfit. And if -i on feel IIKC it. put on a hand- p.vlried tie. Ones v.itb horses on them. v.i;h jewels for eyes, are hot stuff right r.ow. You can lop all of this off with a handkerchief in thc lapel pocket, to match the suit And whatever you do, for heaven's ,-akc, don't carry a cane. Nol this i-cas-on. Not even a pca-grccn on\ Meanwhile. Curran thinks that ' i f *Murrav will continue to oppose ' the ship" transfer he can win ms ! maritime union over to Air Base in Japan FULLY EQUIPPED SHEET METAL SHOP EXPERIENCED SHEET METAL WORKERS The Best in Southern Illinois For Quick Service Phone 456R or 100 Keith Builder's Supply Corner Locust Mill Streets Highway Worker Found Dead in Home of Gunshot Wound Kor.lNSON. 111. Fcb 3--'i'-I' 1 -- f j :ilr. 3). .Tohnin. 5i-jcar-old in r.o' S^*!lo Highway MainJen- ;-,:e Patroirean. w«'is found dead ( i n ;,uT! wound in his head at iii. hojpe hero today Ki«, body wa? found by hi ^i.e - . J v r hc" returned ,'iftcr a half *" i!r absence from thc home. Mrs. .'·ohnj^n Soivl her hu-band had l.«n in ill health for the pa^ ;.ree v.eeks, snd had agreed to :c, to a hospital today for treat- TMor.l. He had been with the Stale )I;--hwny Department for thc past - \ears. j ·cncti in thc union 4 . -cct ;-,ndcr way March Announcement of the promotion * p .., VurriV . V vhcn he tcsti- lo Sergeant of Richard H. Lewis, i JSoJJM^-w*. cn of Mr. and Mrs. Waller Furlong of this city, was made recently at Ita?ukc Air Base. -Tapan. by Colonel Mardcn M. Munn. i;ac Commanding Officer. A graduate of thc Carrier Anils hi^h school. Sgt. Ix;wis cnlutod in thc Air Forces at Chicago, on Sept 19. 1945. He remained on dutv in lhc United States until j ^ 0 -J Tec: bloated ana :n ^' Ta TM,^: his^dcpatuny for overseas duty =-^£«f^°£%Z^^ in April 1941. , Tho-ISjad- bavc Jo^ud it thc way W »c ] Arriving in Japan, following a ^ : cheerful nr.d happy agata. sea voyage across the Pacific. Sit. Evcrytirnc foodi «rtaw fte^SfJ,* n,kc Air B»c on the ^thernmosl ^^^J^ |£^c?S Japanese home island ot Kyushu. *°= authorities, in ladcpcnd'-nt laboT*- Sut. Ixrwis is current 1\ working K»V t«t»on"h«a»aa.«\o»'icJ-s.j»;« b v ;hc Base Classification Section. ^^ n V^^^in^iJ^to^«j|* Quillman Funeral ct Eldorado Thursday A]CQ iOO * W « » * W 4 » % « g f ~ - -- -- --r Funeral services for Mrs. .Mice OTKn " n j'c. ·«·«*. !rll ^ I 7 * :c *U, n «^H. tr ^ Mav Quillman. 74. wife of Grant «S»i ^pia-^jJ* a E^ 20^. Quillnism of Eldorado. v,ho died *TM^^£$^£?TM£. at 8:30 a. m. Monday. \\.}\ he hcUl i^Tltic^. -XOTK better, play bctttr. Thursday at 10 a m in the chapel' A««d p«nW»inB yo^f» w*^*^ of the Martin funeral home w-.crc ^ u ^w »Sa w5uac u?Sf*hit the body now lies in strte. Re*' vousodca.-:y nc^J !«^STon!etoi-.c:p John E. Lamb will officiate and you **£ '«%·«,^ '^c T^ ol bvrial will be in Wolf Creek c«me-. «p^r. D«n. ^-^SJ. ^ * ' "-'"ionsi or bottles fold Get a 3xtt ol Tonic from ^o«r !j«C Jl 0 !-? *$$*?· Its more than a new look in cars? v Its a neiv experience in riding comfort and wide-range vision! c^ ^ 7 ^ lVte^i««c «r.f«^uc lo n non-organ3c V.omach dKlurJ^nc'-. ^ThS UTcJ^c U lift SSS Tonic loprula 4-S«:ft contain-; special and potent ac«- va ;££ '^rSte^p. b,,iw.»p =»- /uv. v*^' ^.._« .l^^.^ ^r» T\11?»1. M OTORISTS cvcrynJscrc know thai New 19-iS Champion and Commander Studcbakcr was fir.%t hy far \viih a convertibles as well as sedans and coupes! postwar car. An ultra-luxurious, cxtra-Iong-xvhcclbasc, Now p a c c m a k i n g S t a d c h a k c r an- new 1948 Land Cruiser! nounccs still finer versions of thc new Sec thcsc superb 1948 examples of look, thc new ride, thc new \ ision that Siudcbakcr's revolutionary new postwar ~"~ ·*--"-· ^ -- f « » l i r t / » ' * ^ / 4 ^ » ^ fwf*f*f+r+ #s fr , it introduced 19 months ago! styling and engineering. Exide 1cry. South Vine SU " J«S Tonic from *·««· araK store toaft Tho Daily Register. 20c a week.! sssToniche:ps8ua«stwiyHealth. Harrisburg, Illinois Phone ^ NFVSPAPFR(

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