The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on August 30, 1975 · Page 16
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August 30, 1975

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 16

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 30, 1975
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

16 / MS KOINES RtCSISVf.1/ • s«t., Aug. 30, 1978 Hawkeye hoorahs! P. T. Bimbo DEDUCE SfeD Teacher's Tlip custodians are dusting nlf seats, the teachers arp practicing their karate and kirlr, across the state are glumly eyeing calendars — it's birk-to-school time. On behalf of the teachers nf ]n\va. then, I'm passing on this vintage advice, recently reprinted in the 1900 Roland Record: "Before you listen for the complaints of your children about the fiendishness of the schoolteachers and get all vorked up and excited over it, it is better to reflect a little. Remember your one or a half dozen cherubs drive you crazy about half the time and bear wilh the teacher who is making for you intelligent men and women out, of as unpromising material as you were 20 or 30 years ago. Remember that besides your own little boy -- >vhn. of course, is an angel -- sh 13 has to deal with that awful had hoy of your neighbor',-, and you know full well what a terror he is." That's as good a note as any wilh which to start the school year. Fun on the farm Been to any good dung frolics lately? ' -The dung frolic, as described in the book "In No Time at All." by Carl Hamilton, Iowa State University vice- president, for information and development, occurred when a farmer would invite his neighbors over to help remove I he years of accumulated livestock manure when-it had piled high enough to block access to the barn. Like many onerous chores of the old days, it was turned into a community get- together of sorts. There have been revivals of some of these get.-toge,thers of late—quilting parties and husking bees—but, no one seems to want, to revive the dung frolic. I wonder why. take that, Report Senate panel finds no president ordered killings bug! Next time you're out in your garden combatting swarms of bugs, you might give Zeta Brown's Bug Killer a try. Zeta uses it in her garden at Atlantic and she says it works. It's easy lo set up. Put a wash basin with about an inch and a half of water and soap suds (Zela uses shampoo because the suds last longer) out in your lawn or garden every night. Then rig up a lamp wilh a reflector hood over the basin. If the. lamp doesn't have'the reflector, a pie pan behind the bulb will work. What happens, says Zeta, is this: The bugs are attracted by (he light. The fumes from the soap cause I hem to fall into the. basin. Once Ihev're in the basin, the soap suds on their wings prevent I hem from flying. Ne.jct morning, you get up and finish off the bugs at your leisure. It's so simple thai it reminds me of a case where a man advertised that for $1 he would send I he purchaser (he greatest, sure-fire bug killer ever made. After you had mailed your dollar to him, you received a package containing I wo blocks of wood marked "A" and "R," and a set of instructions thai said, "Place the bug on Block A. Hit it very hard with Block B." Zela's Bug Killer is offered, of course, free of charge. Chair up, it could be worse Speaking of schools, (he Fort Madisnn Srhool District has romp up with a way to handle the confusion and fuss generated by HIP battle of the sexes over the words chairman, chairwoman and chairperson. Srhool officials lopped off the suffixes. Now the head of a committee is called, simply, the Chair. 1 don't know, though, it still sounds a hit odd when you try il in a sentence: "The Chair's jale again": "Somebody get the Chair a chair": "You were Chair last year, it's my turn lo l»e Chair " SP.P what 1 m^an? Once you start monkeying wilh the English language, it's lust like sending a 7-yoHrnld in lo fix the plumbing. The strangesl. things can result. . .hick Gillcnrl Read .lack Gillard's HawU- eyf Hnorahs every .Saturday and Sunday iu your DCS Moines Register. r Now York Newi WASHINGTON, P.C. The long-awaited Senate intelligence Committee's report, on assassinations is expected to say that no evidence has been found that President Kennedy or any other U.S. chief executive ordered the assassinalion of any foreign leaders, it was learned P'riday. The. interim draft report, which will be presented to the full Senate panel for a vote next Wednesday, could touch off partisan fireworks. Goldwater View One member, Senator Barry Goldwater (Rep., Ari/.l has ;il- ready said that efforts were being made lo "protect the Kennedy name." Goldwater contended that Presidents have "directly or indirectly" approved all actions taken by the CIA. The report could undergo major surgery by the full committee before "'it is released — mainly on the subject of who gave the orders for repeated CIA-Mafia plots to kill Cuban Premier Fidel Castro. Another committee member. Senator Richard Schweiker (R- Pa.), believes the CTA has been operating as an instrument of national policy, not as a runa- w a y "rogue elephant", as charged Schweiker also may file Committee chairman Frank Church (Dem.. Idaho), has also may file a minority statement. The report, sources said, also examines assassination allegations concerning several other leaders, including Congolese Leader Partice Lumumba, killed in 1961. and South Vietnam President Ngo Dinh Diem, murdered in 1963, without pinning responsibility for orders on Kennedy. The report also looked at the 1970 murder of Gen. Rene Schneider, Chilean Army Chief of Staff, during a kidnap at- lempt. Sources said it concluded that President Nixon, although angered at the imminent arrival of a Marxist regime in South America, did not order any Chile assassinations. Castro Case In the Castro case, which took up most of the eight- months-long investigation, CIA officials have not denied that their men were involved in efr forts to recruit mobsters, including Mafioso John Rosselli, ! to kill Castro. Richard Bissell, , chief of CIA clandestine serv- i ices, reportedly discussed some |of the assassination plans in ! advance with then-CIA Director Allen W. Dulles. But whether, these high CIA officials acted on their own is not expected to be made clear in the report. One source said that the CIA theory of "plausible denial,"! makes it difficult at times to determine what high officials! close to the President knew. ] Under that cardinal principle of intelligence, the government i gives what seems lo be a reasonable explanation •-- actually a lie — to deny its own participation in a questionable deed. Sources noted that all of the) former national security advisers and other close Kennedy aides denied under oath that be ordered the murder plots. On the contrary, they testified that, he was angry at the thought of assassination. The Senate panel, which held all of the hearings behind closed doors, also could find no direct assassination commands coming from any Cabinet officers, including former Attorney General Robert F, Kennedy, the sources added, i Tell rise in fatal tractor mishaps ! The number of lowans who | lost Ihcir lives on highways in 'Ifactor accidents during the : first six months of 1975 in- j creased in comparison to the 'same period in 1974, state fig- i urcs show. • Eight persons died during the i first half of this year, statistics j compiled by the state. Depart' mcnt of Public Safety show. inuring the first half of 1974, i four deaths were reported. Overall, Iowa has an improving record in highway tractor accidents, officials said. Nineteen tractor drivers were killed in 1973, and 14 died during 1974. CLOSINGS ON LABOR DAY City, county, state and feder- I al officials throughout Iowa will , be closed Monday for the Labor i Day holiday. State liquor stores also will be closed, but taverns will be open, and grocery stores can sell beer, No Mail There will be no regular mail deliveries or window service at post offices in the state. Carriers will make special deliv- jeries, however. j Many banks and retail busi- | ness will be closed in observ- jance of the holiday, but some ; discount department stores will jbe open. Many grocery stores j and supermarkets also will be open. Capitol Open The Iowa Capitol will be open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. today, Sunday and Monday, and tours part way up to the dome will begin on the hour beginning at 10 a.m. and ending at 3 p.m. The State Historical Museum will be open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.' during the three-day weekend. it's a girl's world, too! In case you haven't noticed, women are winning the battle of the sexes. But only the staunches! Chauvinist would object. It's happening-right— here in our own carrier ranks, and we like it! The girls who have taken on newspaper routes are proving that they can do the job as well as young men. And why shouldn't girls share in the opportunity to earn their own money, win awards for outstanding service and learn the fundamentals of business in their spare time? If you're a young lady looking for a chance to share in the benefits of route work, why not contact our carrier manager right now and learn more about it. He'll treat you nice , .. he's not a Chauvinist! DES MOINKR REGISTER AND TRIBUNE Chirgid for sfery prilling dictator AfHKNS, GREECE (AP) The public prosecutor sued two Athens newspapers Friday for publishing a "Statement by "ex- dictator George Papadopoulos praising the accomplishments during his six years in.powfr. Publishers of the rightwing newspaper Eleftheros Kosmos and the leftwing Athinaiki were charged with insulting authority through the press. 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FT: ADJUSTABLE COLD CONTROL, 30'/i INCHES WIDE, COUNTER BALANCED SAFETY LID IW1606 9.9 CU. FT. ADJUSTABLE COLD CONTROL, FAMILY SIZE CAPACITY 4WI 6II) 188»« 259" K757:)-5 Bicycle Speedometer A'or 2027 Inch Hike*' SAVE 2.36

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