The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 27, 1924 · Page 6
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 6

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 27, 1924
Page 6
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PAGE STX. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 27, Attend the $1.97 Silk Sale Beginning Saturday will arrive on the Interurban at 10 I o'clock. Meet him at the I corner of our «a»«una^i»ii Rorahauqh- WE CLOSED NOVEMBER'S BOOKS TUESDAY 'AH charge purchases made Wednesday, Friday and Saturday will appear on your January 1st statement. t Plan to Visit the Christinas Store Begin Shopping Now Stop! No School Friday— Come to Toyland Our Third Floor oyicmd. Billboard Erected at the Rear of Zion Lutheran ^ Church. The poster billboard Is to enter tho church advertising field In Hutchinson with tho erect ion of it hig hoard nt tho rear ot the Kiou Lutheran church. Here will be tils- played pouters with regard to 1 church celebrations or of communi- 1 ty interest such as Hoy Scout driv j es, etc. "I have been much Interested In! all tortus of church advertising.' said Hev. A. J. Bell nafto:- of the Zion Lutheran church today. "Lasi Christmas time when 1 saw a poster on li. H. Malone's board soutn of the Missouri Pacific station 1 was mir-h interested and took u ;i the matter with him to have such a board placed on tho vacant lot Just south of the church. "J believe In church advertising that is dignified, that is in line with the sacrod work ot the church, that Breaks a worth while message." continued Rev. lUel. "I am doing much personal leilor writing ami greatly appreciate the publicity that the News and Herald Rives to tho religious tmhitii's of the city." The poster to bo shown on Christmas Is a beautiful reproduc- linn nf the Nativity of Christ, other pictures which will be ot­ tered include one depicting the Cokk-ii Utile and another is a church Invitation, Mr. Malone who lj cooperating with tho church movement, is helping Mr. Blel by putting up the board with prac-, tically no expense. Tho Poster Association Is much Interested In tills form of advertising ot the church and has offered $1,000 In prizes for tho best posters depicting the church's contribution to tho community. The first prize being $500. Opening Friday, November 28th 'Ship ahoy—to the land of toys! calls Booby, Mary Lou and little Billy, as they rush pell mell into Toy- tnd! The little toy trains whistle their welcome, Mr. Teddy Bear squeaks joyously, the tin. soldiers beat red drums, and stand at attention, the bells ring out merrily, and all the little rosy cheeked dollies stand with open arms, all ready to welcome the little folks into the land of play. Best of all, old Santa is liere waiting- to find out what everyone wants for Christmas, So hurry down early FRIDAY MORNING and bring all your little friends with you. -4 Ham Komonscnoolf, who calls himself tho "czar of heaven," tried to attend the funeral of Peter Doukhobor leader in Brilllnnt, C. C. Hut the police locked him up as a trouble-maker. Same says he has been to heaven three times and has received Divine instructions to wear a crown of oranges. PARTRIDGE Mrs. a few Lyle Anderson entertained little /oiks Inst Thursday for^ weeks visltiug with tier brother and his wife Mr. and Mrs. C. S. 1/ong will come this week to visit relatives. Mrs. Prettymau of thin city and Mr. Webster of Arlington were married last Thursday in Arlington. a The Ladles Guild met with Mrs. Phil Teeter last Thursday afternoon. Chester Coleman's spent Sunday with his mother helping her cele- brato her liSth birthday. Santa Fe Shopmen In Entertainment A complete revision of the educational coureo at the Kansas State Reformatory has been made under direction ot A. S. Allphln, superintendent. "The change in our school, pro- grain was made, first, to make our course of more practical value," said Superintendent Allphin. who is a former school teacher an' minister. "Subjects auch as his tory and geography, which arc more or lees disciplinary subjects and little practical value to the inmates of the Institution, were eliminated "Second, by eliminating these subjects a longer period of time is given to class work, whereby the student receives more personal attention of the teacher In charge. One grade was eliminated, leaving four grades, this being done without crippling our school work and at the same time decreasing the expense ot operation." "The dally routine of the Institution, which admits young men from 16 to 25 years of ago convicted of crimes, requires school attendance one-half day, five days a week, excepting only those who have completed the eighth grade before entrance and incompetents. Ot the 1172 entrnnta the past year, 1S2 were found to have completed the eighth grade before they were received; 30 had completed one year in high school; 31, the second year; 'H the third year, and 21 were high school graduates. Seven had received business col- lego training; 6 had a year In college, and 2 two years college work. The state compulsory education law has resulted In an "increased standard of learning" of those received at the Institution the superintendent declared. More than 100 shopmen, with their friends attended the smoker and entertainment given by the aftornoon for her little son Rob-'Shop Crafts association of the art Arthur, who was three years iSanln Fe at their clubrcoms on At 10 O'clock Friday Old Santa will be at this store with a present for every little boy and girl that comes to see him. He will be about the store and in Toy Land on our Third Floor "looking after the presents for everyone. Toy Land—Our Third Floor. At 10 OXlock Saturday The Mae Kelley Model Kitchen will serve a fresh baked Animal Cooky to all the little boys and girls. Then, at 2 o'clock, there will be a special cooking demonstration for the children, teaching them how to make and bake animal cookies. Mae Kelly Model Kitchen—Third Floor LERADO old. Prof. Hector of McPherson was bore Sunday morning and evening and gave us two free address- ea nt tho community church. Will Diet's and wife motored to Lyons Saturday lo see his mother who Is quite I oorl..'. Quite a number from here went over to the PujUi'-ir s:.h"»nl Tuc.:(':iy night to the box niul v'"' ..";per. Miss Craee Unisons Is teacher. Noun Cassldy and wil'e were county seat visitors a few days ago. Mr. and Mrs. Gen. Hurtle and children of Houston are hero for Thanksgiving. C'.eo. Sllgalns and mother of Huntsvillc were recent guests or Mr. and Mrs. M. Htiggins of this place. Mr, and Mrs. Eshelman are lionie from a two weeks trip to Missouri. Wo extend congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Wrings who were .narrled lust Saturday. Mrs. Hillings will l >8 remembered as Ksther llultmun who used to live at Partridge when a small child. Joe Ciak has a new Studehakor. Miss Davis and Miss Edna Anderson attended tho Obee-Phll- llps wedding in Hutchinson Saturday evening. The scarlet fever victims are doing nicely. Clydo Warnoek and wire and Earl Warnoek and wife spent Sunday with Clyde's ulster and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Van Dolah at lielmont, K'ans. Born to Mr. und Mrs. Barney Koestel a 2 lb. boy last Sunday. Miss Velma Lawrence and Miss Leone Johnson spent Saturday and Sunday In Manhattan. Guy PerltlnB shelled corn Wednesday. Mrs. E. W. Ozliun who has been war Langdun tho past seven Main street Tuesday night. Amour; the guests were .1. A. (Ill- lies, uss'sf.nt superintendent at D.-ilge City; A. II. Ile.rn. master much:::-.Se an: 13. A. Cue, Lill! foreman. al.;o of Dodge City, r.rid .1. P. Me.Mi'rray. master mechanic at A I- luinujrqiic. New Mexico. .\. P. jKiide.-, general foreman of the ;::iii;a I'e at Hutchinson, chairman cf til? en'crtain 'iK 'nt commit- rn..-.-:i'(.d me- tho mc'tliift. T 'oJ',v.v.i , \/e:'u llio athletic ovenl .i: Three round Lo:;!:i- lout:;: Kid llartmau of Hu:c'.i;uto:i and thet Fox of the lUfo::.: ; vy. 122 pounds; Ferguson Usynolis. flauta Ke and Kid Montel Kctor. ory, 1 r»5 pounds; Battling Korr aud .lacUsoii. Kctormatory, 100 pounds. Wrestlhig Routs: Khuor Cuthrle, Santa Fe and Jack Jester, FeTorm- atory. 1T& pounds; Albert l'ittullo, Santa Fe, and Niclwlcskl, Reform- at.oray, Hio pounds: Mallcoi. Hutchinson and Reynolds, Reformatory, 145 pounds: tlihson and Wright both of the Reformatory, HiO pounds. The Baltic Itoyal between Aman, Wayinor, Heed and Nichaleski of the reformatory was especially good. Another feature was the playing of W. L. Hodgson, guitar and Perry Hendry, violin, both of the ear repair traclis. After these events lunch served consisting of sandwiches, coffee and apples. Following were on the entertain-, ment committee: A. I'. Jander, C.] W. Denton, 11. M. Payne, Kliner' liulhrie, Clifford Way, C. O. Dahl- bers, II. C. Russell. C. F. Whipple came out trom Hutchinson last week and tore down lbs kitchen of his farm houBe and Is rebuilding It. The Odd Fellows Improved their office building by laying a cement walk in front of it. ...... Floyd Cloughs are homo from their visit to Oklahoma. Tl|ey report plenty of mud In Oklahoma. Win. Belt Is here visiting his brothers J ,W. and O. T. Belt and other relatives and froinds. We did not learn where ho lltves now. A good rain would bo very much appreciated at this time. A. 1 J . Saylo- and wife entertained .(. R. C>ut]oy and wlfo of Lang- Jon at SiiK:!r.y dinner Sunday. Mrs. A. D. Bradshaw is still confined to tho house. Popular Mechanical Toys Tha children will find every conceivable kind of a toy here In the mechanical type. We mention a few of the many. Bring the children to Toy Land—let them select and see the latest inventions. Flips and Flops, the flying clown $1.00 The Mystery Speed Boat, each $1.00 The Bliiy Andy Sanfl Toys at EOc 75c, $1.00 and $1.25 (J^L Electrical Trains, many kinds, at VeV $3,50 to $20.00 The American Flyer Trains, key winding at 75c to $4.50 The American Flyer Train Equip-, ment—depots, signal stations, water tanks, switches, crossings, tracks, semaphores, and other railway equipment for making a complete system. Key Winding Toys Here are many defer toys propelled by the key winding spring"—tractors, caterpillars, steam rollers, automobiles, trolley cars, bears, monkeys, ff/Cf clowns, Barney Googles, Alabama 1 Coon Jiggers, Sambo the Dancer, and many other new toys. The price range Is so pleasingly low for such quality toys. Many Other Toys A few of the many other tots are, doll beds, tables, chairs, dressers, trunks, buggies, drums, toy guns, air rifles, toy musical Instruments, organs pianos, etc. Come see them! Come to Toy Land Friday I Come meet Santa! Kid Body Dolls Our assortment of kid body dolls Is very complete. Every girl loves a Jointed dolly, and here are dolls from 14 to 30 inches In length. They have beautiful long hair; all are sleeping dolls, and some have eye lashes making them look so life-like. Your doll la here at— 95c to $9.50 The By-Lo Baby The By-Lo babies have attracted hundreds of ladles to our Toy Land. Mothers, grand mothers and glrU all admire them. The "three day old baby" that looks like a real Infant. Here are many By-Lo babies for adoption at— $3.75 and $6.00 Kiddy Cars and Scooters The boys and girls that like speedy travel can find their vehicle here In our big displays. Here are scooters with disc wheels; one-piece steel frames, highly enameled; rubber tires. Made strong enough to hold a man. Price range— $3.95, $4.00, $5.00 The Famlee Doll The Famlee Doll Is the doll that will bring Joy and delight to every little girl. A whole family of dolls In one. One body with 3, 5 or 12 heads that screw on and off, making really many dolls. A new dress or suit for every head. Price range, $5.00, $8.50, $20.00 Balloon Tire Tricycles Our Ehowlng of tricycles will pleaso the parents and will delight the youngBters. Many exclusive features are prominent, such as rubber balloon tires, rubher faced pedals, and adjustable seats and handle bars. Every one Is well made and beautifully finished. Price range, Including all kinds of tricycles— $3.50, $4.00, $4.50 and ethers from $8.50 to $15.00. Toy Cedar Chests Of course tho little girls should have a cedar chest to keep her dollies' olothes neat and convenient! Here are many sites and kinds. Some small for candy. Jewels, etc, are included. Real cedar wood; good hinges; neatly trimmed; handles on each end. Price range— 25c, 50c, $1.00 and others at $1.28, $1.78, $3.80, $4.00 and up to $8.50. SALT CREEK Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Knocr and children of Hutchinson spent Sunday afternoon at tho R. Farthlnr home. Mr. and Mrs. D. J, McMillan v. Hutchinson spent a few days Uu week at I he Buford Eislmlnge: home. Supt. S. P. Rowland and Mr. i M. Crowl were visitors at S.u Creek school Monday afternoon. Save time—save money—save :•• grots. Hue the Shop-o-Scopo f 1 Ninas shopping. 1! The asbestos deposits near tl Thotford, Quebec mines suppl more than SO per cent of th world 's asbestos needs. Shop-O-Scopo will show you a loot things you never knew iibou Xmas shopping, It In answering advertisements, please mention Tho News-Herald, i Butter-Krusr [Dees Not CrutnWeVJ Try it ' ' Women's Sweaters i Price Friday and Saturday Think of it! Your choice of any sweater in our large sweater stock at just one half the marked price! This is a very special offering for Friday and Saturday only. Here are Bobby coats, brushed wool sweaters, knitted sweaters in all the popular Fall and Winter colors, , i Price Friday and Saturday Only A Great Special Purchase and Month-End Sale of Women's *| fl .75 Dresses *U Values to $39.75 Included This ia a most timely selling event of women's and misses' Winter Dresses. Our buyera obtained a wonderful group of dresses to close the month with a Great Month End Eale. Here are model* suitable for evening, afternoon, atreet and sports wear. Quality Dresses at You will be pleased with the wonderful quality of theae dresses. They, too, feature the very latest styling* of the season, and are fashioned of such beautiful, lustroua mater, ials—Satins, Crepe Faille, Bengaline, Charmeen, Flannel, Kashanella, Georgette, and Velvet. The Colors The Trimmings Rust Black Fur Fringe Cattpaw Navy Lace Leather Cedar Rosewood Embroidery Buttons Cocoa 1 Brown Combinations Ribbons Sec Our Window Displays. Come Early Friday Morning. *«4A***ks«*l (1 «*M*s*aaa)*^swi(*jsiss*^

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