Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 12, 1961 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 12, 1961
Page 2
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Jti»» li. !»«*» Pciyo 'I v/o M < A M o r t . Wednesday, July 12, 1961 rsCome Junio From Behin for Victory • •Hope's Junior Legion Ic; Ijarely edged pasl Gtinlnn In last night by nn !>, to 7 M-nre. \vas close throughnul \viih Hi scoring two in the Dili for ;hf A -"Walks helped Julio HmHn. B. Roberts and Kay Muni score in (he firs! live IMII-H •Hope scored three rniK in t 'fifth with Burke. I'arris ami M phy crossing the plaie. M >;• .Camp and nanny Key -..-.u-eii ;the 9th for the victory. r „ Murphy \vas (he big !:nn lor Hope with a triple and a donl.U'. Key got two singles while K>irke. Wuke, Camp aiul Robinson hit safely. In his second win liobin- 'S6n whiffed seven, and c :;r.e iij> only two hits after relieving Burke in the fifth. ; Continued rrom V'age One held Amnis! 21 or 22. '< In announcing plans for the election--. Mr. Gilbert stressed the importance of all eligible larm< r.- in the county voting. iii' ,-i.iled tnal (he county eorn- nii'ic;' 'vas ol' the opinion that meie tanners would vole by m:ii ; Uiillo! than by polling places oi' by meeting*. 1!" reminded farmers of the foi.niy that ronimittecmen r 1 "' "d iii the elections will ad- ni!i-i-,!.'r -:iieh important farm l>!-o"i-ams as Price Supports. AiT'-.•!'.;(• Allotments and Market- ; ;i : i.i'hiia-. Agricultural Conservation, the Soil Bank and the d Grain Program. Council to >" ! Continued from Page One care than that." ., There are now 320 children at "the Colony. Florenl/ said, and he added that if the Oneral Assembly I'i'appnipriales funds contain(d in Ihc omnibus act constrnc- I ion would he resumed on facilities which would allow the Colony population to be expanded to 412. Florent/ said the Colony has a v,.iiliii-:: list of more than 1.200 nad estimated that between 2,000 and il..100 children are eligible to eiiter the facility. Weather Continued (rom Page One Helena, cloudy SO ">(! Honolulu, clear (!-! 74 Indianapolis, cloudy !i(i no Juneau, rain 01 .V> Kansas City, clear ,'il (i(> Los Angeles, cloudy .'!!) 56 Louisville, rain !!5 fit Memphis, cloudy M3 fi~ Miami, cloudy !!7 73 Milwaukee, cloudy !',(> 58 Mpls.-St. Paul, cloudy 7K 04 New Orleans, cloudy "(I 74 New York, clear 119 71 Oklahoma City, rain 8:1 (ifi Omaha, rain 84 01 Philadelphia, cloudy S5 r>\ Phoenix, clear 112 84 Pitsburgh, cloudy 8:1 59 Portland, Me., cloudy !!3 r,:i Portland, Ore. clear 104 01 Rapid City, cloudy 70 53 Richmond cloudy 84 02 St. Louis, cloudy 89 09 Salt Lake City, clear 91 55 Sail Diego, clear 74 (J5 .02 'J, TJiere Is never a doubt when you use., 17 Persons Continued from Page One Oakland, C.-ilif.: Dr. E.A. Williams, Snnlii Barbara. Calif. Passengers said llioy wore nlcrlod by Ihc pilot. Capt. John Ulrosso of Denver. 10 minutes before Hie crash Ihat something was the matter with Ilia hydraulics syslem. an importnnt element in ilhe brakes. I There \v;is a .strange mixture of jquifl calm and anguished clcsper- jiitioti when Hie piano touched the ; runway, then skidded off, crossed ' inn yards of field and burst into jluij!o billows of flame when the landing '.rear crumpled on (he jprolrudiiiK strip of a c.on- | crete ta.xiway being constructed San Francisco, clear 7t f>4 '. jSealtle, clear 93 f>9 Tampa, cloudy 93 73 \Vashingloii. cloudy 87 M (T-Trace) .47 .01 nearby. XT?~ John Bryno of Omaha, a surviving passenger, escaped from the jetliner unaware thai anyone had been hurt. But Lylc Orcck, GO. Phoenix. Ariz., said it was "horrible, horrible." Brync said a stewardess sitting alongside him gol the door open immediately and helped passengers escape. Sally Whipple 47, La Jolla. Calif., also praised an unidentified stewardess. "I don't know who she was," Mrs. Whipple said, "but slip stayed in the plane pushing passengers down the escape chulo and ignoring the fire in her clothing/' Joe Throsky. a UAT. mechanic, was among the first to reach the burning plane. Passengers said he saved several lives as he ran into the flames, helping the injured out. A vice president of Stanley Aviation Corp. of Denver, J. L. Ryan, said, "I just happened to I look out of the personnel office Con Provide Own Power FORREST CITY, Ark. (AP>- when t saw the plane Either it lost part of landing gear or blew tires. "It hit the runway and IRQ-degree turn. Dirt rose 70 feel high, then I saw soar above the dirt." come in its right its right did a at leasi flames Wodruff Electric Cooperative! now has authority lo provide electric power to its own headquarters here. Residents of Forrest City voted 375 to 2.1 Tuesday to allow the flO-acro site occupied by the co-op to withdraw from city control. The area was annexed by the city IS months ago and as a part of the municipality was served hy Arkansas Power & Light Co. which provides electricity to the city under a lease agrcment. Tire co-op had promised that it voters approved the withdrawal it would make available a $200,00t loan to developers of Lake St. Francis, on Crowley's Ridge net here. We wish to thank everyone who remembered us during out recent sorrow due to the dealh of our husband and father. We are most grateful for every thoughtful act. Mrs. Joe Bailey and Family OH, MY ACHING BACK Now! You can tret the last relief you need from naKKing banknche, headache ami muscular aches and pains that often cause restless nights and miserable tireu-out feelings. When theserfJiscomforts come on with over-exertion or stress and strain — you want relief—want it last!_ Another disturbance may be mild bladder irritation followinswronE food and drink—often setting lip a rustless uncomfortable fcclinR. . Dean's Fills work fust in 8 separate \ ways: l.by speedy pain-relievinKaction to eiwe torment o£ naiipring backache, head- nt'h(*s, muscular aches and pains. 2. hy sootninK eftcct on bladder irritation. 3. by mild diuretic action tendinst to increase output of the I", miles oC kidney tubes. Knjoy a good nitrht's sleep and the name happy relief millions have for over 60 years. New, large: si/.e saves money. Get Doan's Pills today! Cheese 'he form vcu lirie best Wl M CREAM DEODORANT Anfi-perspiront and deodar- onf, gentle io skin; safe for fabrics. 2-or. jar. x REG. $1.00* NOW LIQUID DEODORANT J • Magic ball roll-on. Non-irrilat- f ing, fast-drying cnti-perspir- < en? end deodorartf. 1 ^4-oz. ^ plastic bottle. PEG. Sl.OQ' NOW r< « -ftoia s limited time only 1 . From your DOROTHY PERKINS dealer. S M CHARTER NO. 10579 RESERVE DISTICT NO. 8 REPORT OF THE CONDITION OF THE Citizens National Bank M Cl M •a w is «CF HOPE IN THE STATE OF ARKANSAS, AT THE CLOSE OF •"BUSINESS ON JUKE 30, 1961 PUBLISHED IN RESPONSE TO JCALL MADE BY COMPTROLLER OF THE CURRENCY, UNDER ^SECTION 5211, U. S. REVISED STATUTES « ASSETS *Cash, balances with other hanks, including reserve ~ balance, and cash items in process of collection ^United States Government obligations, direct and . » guaranteed " ^Obligations of States and political subdivisions Corporate stocks <including .S2i.000.00 stock of Federal n Reserve bank'i •"Loans and discounts 'including No overdrafts) .' 33ank premises owned S94.251.03. furniture and fixtures at 39,426.09 « (Bank wemises owned nre subject to No liens not 5 assumed by bank' Dollars Cts. . 1,250,178.02 . 1,458,000.00 . 2,001,879.09 21,000.00 .. 2,650,133.^1 133,077.12 TOTAL ASSETS 7,514,868.08 LIABILITIES ^Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and * corporations •"Time deposits of individuals, partnerships and 2 corporations ^Deposits of United States Gov?rnmcnt (including postal * sayings) ""Deposits of States and political subdivision;; JJOther deposits (certified and cashier's checks, etc.) M TOTAL DEPOSITS 6.409,653.33 o* Total demand deposits 3.355.14429 " Total time and savings deposits 3,054,509.04 Bother liabilities Unearned Discount 3 TOTAL LIABILITIES ~ M CAPITAL ACCOT T \TS HCapital Stock: Common -.ock. total pyr $200.000.00 ft "Surplus j'JUndivided profits 2,794,977.23 3,041,009.04 69,709.32 488,144.41 25,813.28 64,520 89 6,174,174.22 200,000.00 500,000.00 340,693.80 3 TOTAL CAPITAL ACTOrXTS a TOTAL LIABILITIES A.\i; r \PITAL ACCOUNTS 1.040.693.8« 7.514.R68 08 * MEMORANDA Assets oledged or assigned to secure- liabilities and for -1 other purposes 164,500.00 "Loans as shown above are after df-'iuc-tions of reserves of. 76,244.91 Jj I, Dale Jones, Cashier of th'- .-.Kovi'-nnmed bank, do solemnly that the above statement i; true to the best of my knowledge i belief. Dale Jones, Cashier. We. the undersigned directors attest the correctness of this report condition and declare that it ha^ i»«-n r-v^rnined by us and to the of our knowledg'. 1 ;uui belief is true and correct. CORREST — Attest: NV T .Jewell A Inert Graves R. iM. LaGrone Jr. i Directors. [ PINK AIR; A PROGRESS REPORT ] A FINA ATTENDANT IS TRUSTWORTHY, LOYAL, HELPFUL, FRIENDLY, COURTEOUS, KIND, OBEDIENT, CHEERFULJHRIFTY, BRAVE, CLEAN, AND BOY, CAN HE PUMP GAS! What has happened up till now: FintL, cm, alert young oil company, is going all-out to pioneer the additive of the future, the secret ingredient which will color the air in your tires. Everything else connected uiitk your car is chock-full of additives already: only tire air remains; it is the last frontier, the additive Cimarron. Hence, our crash program, The Fina Five Year Plan. If all goes ^vell we should be able to crack the additive barrier on May 12, 1966, give or take a jew days, and offer you Pink Air® (pink is Fina's, the other companies will have to settle ' for orange, chartreuse, purple, etc.).* Mind you, we are not going to promise miracles o/ performance. All we can guarantee for Pink Air at this time is (a) it will make the inside of your tires prettier; and (b) it will be an additive, and after all that is the important thing, isn't it? Now, in our last ad we offered to send you a free sample of what Pink Air will look like; actually a pink balloon, but when you blow it up regular air looks like Premium Pink. Several people ^urote in. Now go on with the story: E iVER since then people, especially little people, have been asking at Fina stations for pink balloons. Our stations don't give away balloons because: -- J.. Parents get enough pressure from kids already without us adding to it. We want you to drive into a Fina station of your own free will; not because a child is fussing for a pink balloon. 2. It just might interfere with our real job: taking care of your car. You know, if you asked us for a balloon we'd go back into the station and get it and in the process we might forget to check the tires. Not that we always remember anyway; everybody has his days. Speaking of service, the reason you get so much more of it free at a gas station than at any other kind of store is very simple: Getting your car gassed is about as much fun as getting your pants pressed while you wait. In view of this you might wonder why you pay higher taxes on gasoline than you do on entertainment. Or luxuries; the tax on gasoline is steeper than the tax on diamonds. But we digress. -*•»• • The sad truth is nobody 'wants to go to a service station; they go because they have to. So we give you service to make you feel more kindly toward us. As a matter of fact, most of our stock in trade is free, too: road maps, water, windshield wipes, air, how far is it to the next town, battery water, rest rooms, & etc., etc. Just ask the man. For anything but pink balloons. However, we'll be happy to mail you one. The balloon** will have a Fina emblem on it so the next time you see a Fina station you'll recognize it. And if it's on your side of the road so you don't have to make a U-turn through traffic and there aren't six cars waiting and you need gas or something, please stop in. Our products are exactly as good as the best. B43 [ COUPON ] Fina Pink Air Development Division American Petrofina Dallas, Texas Dear Fina: About Pink Air: Q Please send me a sample; Q Please send me one for each of my children —you know how kids Their names are. and. My name is. City _. (If you need more room, use another piece of paper.) -Address State— t! \ J *We're sort of curious about which of our competitors is going to use purple. The next time you're in another station-don't make a special trip-you might ask them "Is your air (joiny to be purple?". When you find out please let us know. Thanh you. ** Actually it's two balloons, one inside the other. It sounds complicated but we'll send instructions, never fear. The kids will love it. iil. AMUKICAN PETROPINA, DALLAS, TEXAS

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