The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 30, 1934 · Page 4
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 4

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 30, 1934
Page 4
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PACEFOUF THE PARIS NEWS, The Para Evening News TH.E 1*3LKJ>, Joly 10. BY O. O. MdNTYRE SOBTH re^S Pt-B^SB^-G COMPANY I . ^^ ^ g^j^ Cp ^ ont> a* Second Class Maii Matter *£fioe at Paris. Texas, under Act March, 1S7S. of Congress Published Baily Except Saturday and Sunday Post- j £\j com i nc r UD on Morris Gest who walked C C^T^AR ••-•*._ ~ _..« •» I SUBSCRIPTION KATES < Including Sundays) Mail. One Year ' By Mail. Sis Months I>e!iveree By Carrier By Mail. One Month . ICc Per Week or Us* c>i!t>!i»i»«r*- beisx t»rt>t«th* to z presumed that tts« Dsr-«r O O. Mcintsre cot rts;*: errors, OT any 1- *c«.-t:»s=E o:ier tiim to correct ifztsr IS te brotiKb-. ic tbeir a"e=tJ<«i- • • • • only- All *£•« me to DaVid'Belaseo's office and presented a trophv from D. B- ? s desk. So picking up Tom- mv Millard from Shanghai and to breakfast at a club, but a fellow, flown with wine, so annoying: wet sould not enjoy the food. The late afternoon Dick Berlin came by, having been to{ I London since I saw him three i ^weeks ago. And later Roseoej ^Peacock, too. and Frazier Kuntj \vho told of the fun with Tex j Austin's cowboys in London j and bow be is setting off for| iiis Canada ranch to -write of; the Prince of Wales. \ To dinner with Billy and Phyllis Seeman, ! the Paul \Vhitemans there, and Joe Cook and j Harold Koss. And we sat about telling of; vouthful pranks in the \vhisile stops. Home \ afier the clock srrnck 12 ana the dog with his I face TO the wall pouting over our absence. j The Seicer Situation PARIS property owners one week hezree will i be due to 2:0 to the polls and register tneir l or disapproval One of the operatic idols of The season | Bernardo <ie Muro, whose singing at the •• only so-so HiDpodrome song-fest this summer j stirred music- lovers. He vras long a star at La , Seala but little known to American audiences ; until his appearance here. Unlike most of his i "" e is a successful busi- ' seventv thousand dollars bonds tor^ sanuary ; sewer "repairs, to ^-bleh will beaaaec rsi-emy- i eieht thousand dollars gift from tne Federal cr^vernmeiiT. It is a proposition that is not based on anything except the dire n<?cess2iy or preserving- the health of citizens or Pans ana maintaining a convenience that in tn:s a ay has become a necessity. The fact that the tvork will employ some •hundred or so of laborers, who will be hired bv the contractor on the work and not by or from federal agencies, is only one feature ot the project. The severs Trere kno^rn to be m need of repairs some years ago and tne nine has now corae when TO neglect the opporturaty to do the work at the lowest possible cost ness man with a larsre cork factory at Milan. ; His. Tvife is an American. O. yes, he's a mono- Most draniaiic critics—several have coun-'. trv establishments—are resting on their oars ; this summer and allowing second string re- ; viewers to attend to the Rialto's scattered I chores. Gilbert Gabriel. Brooks Atkinson and j Burnes Mantle are finishing up novels. John j Anderson and John Mason Brown are filling! lecture engagements. Bernard Sobel is seeing; if there's anything left in Europe to tick and | the drama dean. Percy Hammond, is catching-; nr» vv*ith his veranda rocking at East Hampton- • results in illness and consequent expense^ ana possible deaths that cannot be estimated, '. 3£ueh of the sewer system of ?arisj*was j ^ _£ rj^J-s are arv specious reasoning- as to wnat | would happen to critics, regarded by many j as hoi dine newspapers svreetest berths, in ease of complete collapse of the theater. Most fairlv vrell established as magazine and 'i -.vriters aloug with lecturing and, in case •nforced exodus, could triple their out- re fin- isrnany hrifty. Any- as been Planned economy mean* n the liooae you have until you can afford «. bi«ser and better house. It mean* refraining from iajp a, new car until you have the money to pay for it. It means iviner within your means and staying out of debt. itv without cost to the people escept icr tne '.rKAPTKR 19 CAXJuER a xactor and in proper repair Tbe question is o si'der and decide "Eila. summons "as; _ i-i±rrriri= from a trinaOT avenue from Vv ashington Square to 11 Ot ' si ire foree the sobriquet est. 7 " Thev are net <">nlv hand-picked i&r ; 5 -jr>t5os«-" hvsioiie but facial contour, charm OI ] Tl\'-~ -rrere both, very happy zha* it not for himself bors and that it should fit to others as TV ell ss to m nisei*. roTcs and smiled. raean-L he'll be sorry- to miss ; "Oli. I see. Kow do T reach your j -Selectable retreat? ladder or air- | T> Oh.. g-at&s; I s^e- A felt alongr * _ isn't it?" | 4- 3etter park in £rcnt/ ? she call- i ed, "the tradesmen cOTne resiling 1 arotind the comer an-i never seem absorbed in the cotir-d of PRESS COMMENTS What Ottor >m*ftj*n 1m !• l*j OClme*: The otlier day th* «joce)a -welcomed into heaven the spirit of nrginia. K. Johnson, founder of the home for unfortunate cirls ia man bas performed a monumental service and lias left her memory lovingly inscribed in the hearts of hundreds of wayward sir!* who were brought back into the paths of rectitude through care. her loving Courier-Gazette: You will never have the. pleasure of true friendship until you reach the point where those you accept on intimate terms are persons rou like because- of what they represent as individuals. Choose your friends on the basis of their worth in character and principle, with no selfish design to prestige from them. Then, you will have true friends. Then, you will get more real comfort and enjoyment from your friends. elce UiaLt'» taxable. All th*y irant I* a comfortaJbl* place to eat and sleep and they prefer th« outdoor* to being stut up In a room wtoer» the thermometer soar* to th« blood boilixxc stage. JCcAUnnej Examiner: Automobile accident* are not the only variety that brings sorrow to the public. There is th* "accident" that happens in all elections where men are given office who are absolutely too dumb to discharge the duties of the position that they have assumed. Bosxvell (OklA.) News: "We have often been advised to save our money and do without things. Isn't, that what is the matter today? Isn't the depression due to the fact that no one i» buying anything except that which they -have to have? The curtailment cZ buying though involuntary is the same as though it were brought about voluntarily as regards business. In normal times some people save while the majority spend. It is the free spend- ( ers who make business good for those who save their profits. Lamar County JEcbo: President Koosevelt $20.000.000 subsidy on thinks foreign mail contracts to American steamship ccrapanies entirely too much for the government to pay and he wants to revise or cancel the existing contracts. But the president of the American Steamship Owners association dec-lares that any reductions of these immense subsidies will mean bankruptcy to die owners of these lines. We'll risk a pineapple against a hickory nut that'this fellow is a republican aad that he draws a. salary of not less than SI50.000 a year. JJojraia News: They have sent five men down j to the Antarctic regions to get Byrd out ot an ice jam but, they de a mistake by not sending them from this country where we have been storing up enough %eat in our bodies to comfortably explore that region in a. bathing suit. JDelta Courier, Cooper: Smithviile. a small town with industrial ambitions, according 10 Progressive Texans is establishing a. canning plant to provide an out- ler for the garden produce of that county- Zteita. county fanners aright profit by their experience- •y Grove Sigma!-Citizen: Apparently TV* can see no reason for tiie next two years not to be the best the Ix>ne Star State has ever seen. For - the past six months ihere have been more solutions to state problems. more ideas for better government, and more problems solved than ever ;. "\Vjtb hundreds of candidates having placed these ideas in the minds of the public, there is no reason why some of them sJioaldnS: be carried ont- If the results obtained equalled the guar- PERSONAL, LOC4L ITEMS FROM HUGO HUGO. Okla. — Mr. and Joiin Rkttan leave this week for Charlotte. K. C,. to reside. Mary Perkins leaves thi* •week to visit relatives in Xoel, Mo. iliss Christine Tiiompson ba» returned to Oklahoma. Cits* after «. visit with ^Tiss Eva. "Weldon. Mrs. C. W. Johnson aad Mies Katherice Johnson have returned. fronp Mountain Tiew. Ark. Mr. and Mrs. Tom Richards of Hartshorne spent the end with Z>r. and Mrs. G. TV". Anderson, Miss Klatne Borbee has returned to Denison after spending several weelcs here -nrith her aunt. Mrs. W. E. Schooler. Mrs. S. A. iferkle. formerlv 3Iiaa Ora Neva Eddleman. left Monday for Chicago TO join her husband. LJentenant Merk-e to attend ^h» Centitry of Pro?cresa5 exposition before reiurnlnsr to I T"orfc. Sirs. E>on Caylor and sons Jimmi e and Martin are visdtlny ta The baby o* Mr. and Mrs. Perry- Jones of Idabel is a. patient In l>oc- tors hospital here. R. I. Eilyeu. farns a^est. -Miss. Julia Seay. home t. J- X. Norris and Jess an'tee their Originators made forl s - r -s: of Grant, with 25 members or them. Texas ~ou!d stand far | *«« *-H clnbss returned Saturcay Blind Voting s again r-misrec. iz. acciitionai Droof be needed, by the nominating eiec- didaies for state snd district offices ~>_:ncly and help in many instances to nominate pen as *o abilitv or char- most desirable of the Adonis are the mounted men in Cen- j-j-ProTj ina r ' T *^" hsiresses. she realised. ey o not acter. and ho cite- are or undeserving: of the office giver; them by tnes i>ro£G"^"£y i beaming en.-; ino- d-lnirsr. T "cncicr DOV amonsr ti*e espanc;ng be ro~dy extravaganzas of the hi^h-beelcd Bill- Ross—eombin- "Grea.t dinner, you dear ihii:?. he said: and -srith absurd in-ens;-" r-^-> "Good heavens. I'm happy:" loved him ?d her «*??• hen he <3i<i not ^cnow qui-.e ho" nch she loved him. Whr did she ell inured to the world and it; expect, p^r vrtth his s^iile made her feel an idiot: Geoff, who tlens in her. A!r.o=* der about Tvh*th»r d raised. them sne By the Associated Press .ng hitlers—Bell, Galvesion. tjl .So?; ilorgan, San Antonio. .357: * iloses, Galveston, .345. Total hit*—Bell. Galveston, 157. Doubles —3eii. Galveston. SS. Triples—Hooks. Tulaa, IS- Horrs* runs—Bell. Galveston, 2". Hnna batted in— Beiteacourt- San Antonio, 94. Runs scored— Bell, Ga'vesiort. ahead of any stale in the union. In srovernment. in prosperity and bases—Shelley, g-ames won—HilUn, She walked th« rth of the paxh three times, and smiled toler- j , a anily over Geoffs method, which } ' | Most i Antonio. 1.9. ! v^st s-rikeouts—Kerinedy v na City. US. Ok- from StiJ!wa.-cr where they the annual roundup. I More than 100 men and offi of the 155th Field Artillery battery and Co. F ISO Infantry, Jn of Captain Will'. H, bar- gh assd Captain Kit Carson will Cum by RcsUer: A largre majority o' the people like to have a nice corn-1 i eav e this -w^ek for the fifteen day •was ' fortable hosts. i*ro"ided bu'lt on skids and irss portable. Most neople have made their "home more in the automobile in the Istst f«~w years, than they hare els«- •where. Very few are really Jo-ok5ns: for homes new or any thins <iay natiORs.. g:x:ar-3 encampment at F"ort SilL Ralph EaatlanS with fcis son Milton of Comrnerce left Monday for Chicitc:f4 x«rhere th*>y •will attend a ?r.<>«t!ng: of fiv* snd ten cent store owners. JAILED ROBBERY, ATTACK 2iame 01 ierrei: ;ia: crstic primary ele-2":cn t:ei=:et> ar.a in^tne Uem- oeratie eoltirnn of g-erera; elector, tickets tor •rears, and several m^r; c >r the name nave neen elected to various offkr^s. As a rule they have been' acceptable officials ar>i for tins r^a-.son wiies a Terrell ^ras a car.dic.ate h- "as u^tsaiiy electecL Bnt George 3. T-rreil did r:o: choose to offer for office in th "before time for "S-.p. •crr»T -! ^,' : ? "r.* Jim »*-tfiA-iu. i-i--'». .'i- : i** 'ratre s. Dallas ;&^ryer Baker and his application s 5T'.'^*;r:g iicr:&;*-ton-£ aroma- ) "I'll tell you about it some day.- j -_, | she promised, "some day "r" " ~" (-**=• —Frank Gray. the county in con- robherrv and ar- n*gTO. V»"U«*y and WJiSte- ts-ing her so *r,t;rely. and fore- | roc j f> southeast of here, ahout f ei ' I rriidr-lcrht Samrday. Gray -wras ar' rested "by officers in Z>eporr after h« 'seas bead- and phoned iley brought TODAY'S CROSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS PaciSc Islands 8. Enccfura^* I* Season Jor us* Solution of Yesterday's :r;rou=:h oorr*r,-vr.-',-nder'C-* . . . Cinclnnatrs ultra | trances than to •i.:s-rJf> r ; mayor, R">seli \Viison ? used to wegr ab'-'UT v,-*su-.-r.-;- fiim- and books . . . Jim L-on- dos. *h'r vvTr.-Ti-r. is a sucker for •cvsipped c-rea -T.. •'Tou'd better so-t.'" h<* answer*'!, j Geoffrey's "I suppofie I'm a fogy, but I na" • ••'svell. G«xif! a man to bleat out a lot of rep-en- ! •werft said to id not i ^ av e been jfoins to a party ia West's car. when the robbery oc- in ! cnrrecJ. Gray taking about ?20 and 1 cuttins: "West ahcnt the fac« ^ith 14. Kill J5 One who drfe-ffls horses 17. Location 15. Brf*t3* 13. Fruits 21. P«i najna for 23. 20 Silkworm 31. I m»t&I- Is It named for eha eerson • TT~>.;i Dallas ju^cr"-:-: less in infcr:r,i the rterne of G- V;«> g,*'-'^;-' 1 HITC 2.T.iO ,^ S f-pr,^ .1 "^ <i *- t. ^.» .^ nsore than t*rc- tj, more thar- cast their vo:e zarne. Tbe r: L^as' was care- Bcike'- •5ra^t€ i 3 r :f s"ra.srr.TTi'i"ay an appnca- >is*e for s'at* 1 Treasurer—and o!i?-f' ; ' : ir*r "f z~;l ''•-':: voters. "ctimstgr;'-^- 'T h;s change of s-v^e:^ and aH desserts."' ' Come i;p *o cinner some tirr:^ and v^ ar; affair Trlth a floating- island. " .- C both- • spoke). "AO tr.^r.K * ;T - —- T -.-; ' -jve to see this day; he 5 ..,'•,•> t 1 Beanticlans Seek Man •" her 'r,-y r>c —=av a TalT pa "R«>' "Oa don't -arant 3 crij>tlor. —*' «h«i qnftation^d- HI* eyes r.arrc- v *'«d. "Nc." h« an*^«"-/>d ""I think I d^n't." A«ain he 1 3S. N I 3S. F With Free 'Permanent' j 1^ N<»!» v*«a«s •J2. trci*rsd 46. Okla. — T-xo Hugo 'vp or^-rators arc jciv- in the News 13 Years Ago From, tfce files of Tke Pari* Morning News thirteen years ago tlie state and rec*:~»e that he vt-c-Tjld have r< .his OTTT5 narr.e. from p-opte for -w-hcm thev -?r^re voting. Most men especially marrie'l n:cr: and ia veers, know beiie.r than to argue -K-itr No ^or;<i*-r S-n.;6":';r Sh'-p*=sr>1 one elided to SATUSBAY, JULY 30, 1921 j ''^^ TL*: recorder v,-as assessing fines of $25 ; An<? ah« -, s ^ found rriaking CLoctaw b-e>sr. i - > J^.' T; ^-' T TV, A. Willis and Miss Mary Booth were" srried i::- Bon tarn and were to be at fcorne Paris after 30. The e GTS re iss losers co'jrt decided that i* jul<i be inadvisable to employ a < ahh narse at preset 1- ir.k! t^ucky for rr.«! yot; c:<." t, : hbl^r. cons.plain*d. "Stale." b^ | Id. "'•R-hf?r^ did you ?<?t ^hr-m?l >r/t you th!.r.k trjeyr- "rtalr ?"* j Marsha, jy&ns;>!«<! th* corifjer^r.'-!. ;• produce. -,v:^^ r *r^ c?tr<!fiii:>'. ar.<! then &A:^ I Marsha, pret^nd!^ : -»"ith ^~ JronSca! court- on tfc<s effect h*r '>«•««'»'• up anrj ovf-r th*: A moior, which •«>rf? nt&l". J no tlc« G«cffre7*» Ibrsstcr. tins- aj* if j 5^*, S pr«a<3 o«* ^ cr T 51 " 611 j palm iow. ha*? <!'.*? nnT Jr.jr wp- y ha.n<5, b.«r far* HUGO beauty ^ vjuriK: m* 1 " *he "one* over." for An inr'ivi^rj^T arj«w«rrinc thi" <!*i«rrJr>t!ori rninTis th*? curls. ratr.<s into th*s shop nr!frat<"<3 ^*>* 2Tl*«1!th TCri^ht a.n«! r*ra.rJv:3: for » "p«rr«an- «rjt." a,n3 wcrst out vr'th th* <~urL*. but TrtThout paying for t h^-rn. 1C 11. Sop« used abcwtrxi !fi» Usriffbt soar* 10. AnSmxl Doctor. colicxi. 32. Exist* rt. City ta !t>«na- C*. Pl*c« oT IT. Larx. lore* Oi. IS. St-.«*i» of •torsach os 01 petxl* 5. «, ChJccB* coin 7. Act of r*acJi- of DOWN !_. A_rcJci«» of «, SO. K. Donkey* *. Tb!n on tiw «kia filled with «S, Or<J«r£y <«, J^ronoiao 47. Scrap* tlv* forwfoot 3. FaJJ oft s snow. th* Jan*. ha<3 corn's to a | her to tft« house- Aft«r he h*« Jta that i« more crR.i.r;otj« <J;n. It %-sta The Marsha turn in . «£> ^h*! 8* ^s- 1 surd" Httl* ststlr to brush from hire- j traces of motoring. »r,* t tfny ch 'r«:z- -<5<- f*<vraT* Today^s Amuserncnls HERE COMES THE NAVY Jam«» O»»me>. Tilori* Stnart *«* enr Lin a 0&!'!v found tfeat rnarrlspre ; Z< r::s s- f<».r«s with a bi*si.ness career. Her boss efaarired ber because she war.tcd ?. month off ev*r time sh^marri^d. — Claude Caila.n ir> s,tar- ing jr. Paris Kari Knoht. German , made application for »h*t «»u«-i. thJ G«t you «<>*», Officers of Biardstowu JOOF lodge ihAi&'ied by J, X. King, district deputy grand j'ji.a.4it*rr with a-ssistanee of sosae at embers of the Paris lodare. Th« BoUhevikK say there is no unemploy- in Buswia. And practiesl.lj no images.— ; Walter Maugim, 5 : 9, f*T»ier .-southwest of >vews» I Paris, died wMle fe^diBg ,Ba§ stock, j aoeffrey 5n th* } way *h« f*lt to ( t>« school-p1rli*hly ! > jithtislitstie, "Wo»*t yow com« in? 5 Sob 1« in tiws vl3«a*e, I tw T *« i * burned brijrht>7 Mamha was nff >oh»* iy ch*nsrinar h*r frock, lie ci<I^<I. to j?Gm<*',hinfir a ^'tt TROT* th«.n th* on* *h« ?a'«1 away; *om*thinjr that w««1« "Knork *>ye out."' <To B* AT THE PLAZA HOLLYWOOD PARTY (Twenty St*r»—2.OOO Actors! ATTHELAMAR ROMAN SCANDALS Cantor Itolh Kttlne AT THE GRAND xif 2S 22 23 33 •43 •52 m

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