The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 29, 1968 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, February 29, 1968
Page 10
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Fnti-ird iis sei-oiid rlns.e m;it(cr at the postorricc nt Algonn. Io\v.i ™ • iSOolli. Nov. 1. 1932. under Act of Congress of March 3. 13TH • ESTABLISHED 1865 VOL. 102 NO. 16 • • taiAB •••Ml Be* joints EDITOR'S NOTE: This column of Woman's World is a reprint from the Thursday, March 17, 1955 issue of The Algona Upper Des Moines. - o ARE YOU AN UNHAPPY WOMAN ? If you are, you have lots of company, for the latest statistics say that America has fifty million unhappy women. The basic reason for this unhappiness among women is the fact that ours is a complicated civilization in transition, particularly with regard to women, and we do not have the security of the fixed pattern. - o - ANYWAY, THAT'S WHAT AN article in Pageant magazine tells us. It is entitled "Why Are So Many American Women Unhappy f' The Misses Sherman and Coe, authors, should know, for besides being women all their lives, they have done a lot of research on the male of the species and they've come up with a new book called, "The Challenge of Being a Woman." - o - PERSONALLY, I'VE NEVER considered being a woman much of a challenge. I've always thought that when the doctor told our folks, "It's a girl," that was it, and there wasn't much you could do about it besides wear pink bows on your booties and to remember to go in the door marked "Ladies" when you have to go to the restroom. But now they say being a woman is a great challenge, and being a happy one, is next door to impossible I - o - THE ARTICLE BOILS DOWN to the assumption that American women of today are so unhappy because they never had it so good. Today's woman is surrounded by almost too many opportunities for happiness. The article says, "Although today's woman believes that her lot is better than her grandmothers, she isn't sure what she 1 wants to work for, what kind of person she wants to be, and what role she wants to play. Everyday she must decide anew what is "right" and "good." She hears about new and better ways to do her housekeeping or shopping. If she is a mother she may, after listening to a lecture on new methods of discipline, resolve to give her children more freedom, and then read a book that convinces her she is already allowing them too much. She lacks the satisfaction of moving steadily toward goals she is sure of, and therefore she is often tense and nervous. Even the labor-saving devices which should release her from bondage may do the opposite. The washing machine and ironer, for instance, may inspire her to wash clothes twice as often, and the various prepared mixes convince her that she should do all her own baking. - o - NOW IF THIS IS TRUE, Grandma must have been practically delirious with happiness. For her, everything was simplicity in itself - just plain back-breaking work from early morning till late evening. She wasn't torn by all those decisions in her housekeeping. She washed on Monday and did exactly the right things for every day of the week until she bathed the kids on Saturday night. She knew Just what she'd be going 365 days out of the year. - o- GRANDMA'S SHOPPING DIDN'T give her frustrations. She got out the churn or the mixing bowl when she needed food and the needle and thread when the family needed clothes. Disciplining the kids wasn't the problem it is today, either. She smacked them when they were sassy or turned them over to Grandpa and the woodshed for more serious offenses. Grandma had no nerve- wracking decisions, no alluring opportunities luring her this way and that. Man, was grandma happy I - o - WELL, GRANDMA CAN HAVE her happiness rubbing out Grandpa's long underwear on the scrub board. I'll be unhappy while I stuff our dirty clothes in an automatic washer. She can have her "security of a fixed pattern of living", too, I'll be insecure and do my cleaning with a vacuum. - o - THERE ARE LOTS OF OTHER reasons why today's woman is unhappy. One of them is that she is afraid of growing old. Too great an emphasis has been placed on youth and glamour and she has the feeling that when these go, she won't be worth much. Even our educational system contributes to the unhappiness of women, say the Sherman-Coe authors, for schools and colleges put all the emphasis on preparing for a career and managing a home isn't rated as a career despite the fact that it becomes the occupation of most women. One survey reports that although 75 percent of high school girls want to marry, only 25 percent of them want to be homemakers. - o - "THE UNHAPPIEST WOMEN," say our authors, "seem to be not those with the most trouble but those who haven't learned to handle trouble with courage and good judgment." But might not that diagnosis apply to more than American women ? Seems to me it should include men, too. In fact, the whole human race. - o THERE'S A 20-QUESTION quiz at the end of the article so that you and I can find out if we are happy. I wasn't surprised when I flunked that "Are You Romantic ?' quiz a while back, nor when the brain-power quizzes tell me I'm not as smart as I could be, but I did think I was at least happy. But apparently not, for I had to answer no several times and if you do that you're not as happy as you could be. - o - THE VERY FIRST QUESTION sent my happiness quotient toward the bottom for it says, "Do you wake up in the morning with pleasant anticipation of the day's activities, feeling that life is good ?" I should say, I do not. I have an awful time merely waking up, let alone being pleasant about it. Life's not good to me until I've had a cup of coffee. - o -• THEN IT WANTS TO KNOW if I eat, sleep and feel physically well. No, I don't. For the past two weeks I've been getting over the flu and being sick so seldom I like to indulge myself in some complaining over the situation. Then we've had painters working in our kitchen and I'd like to see anyone eat well under those circumstances. But I've lost five pounds in the deal. That should make me unhappy ? - o THE LAST QUESTION IS, "Do you feel that you are as happy as you ought to be ?" Well, I was until I read the article and took the quiz. Probably I'm still a lot happier than J deserve to be. So if the Misses Sherman and Coe will go right on with their researching and just leave me alone, I'll stop trying to analyze happiness. Nobody's lot in life is all peaches and cream, but there's lot of fun In living even if you flunk the Happiness Quiz. GRACE Many Awards At Annual Scout Dinner Here The annual Blue and Gold Banquet was held by Cub Scout Pack 70 of Algona Feb. 20 at the High School annex. This banquet Is held each year in February to commemorate the founding of the Boy Scout movement in the United States. Special guests were David Evans, district Scout executive; Mr, and Mrs. Mel Bay, president of sponsoring group, Algona Kiwanis Club; Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hutchins, chm. of boys and girls committee of the Kiwanis Club; Royal Nold, neighborhood commissioner of Scouting; Mr. and Mrs. Dale Lockwood, district training worker in Cub Scouting, and Max Dudley, Cubmaster of a new Pack in Cylinder. Highlight of the program was the visit of Bart Curran, emcee of the popular children's TV program, "Bart's Clubhouse" on KGLO-TV, Mason City. Mr. Curran spoke to the boys, then showed them color cartoons, and signed autographs for the Cubs. The following received badges: Steve Mertz, Tom Detrick, Danny Thilges, Ricky Dodds, Ronnie Ristau, John Gerber, Kenny Carman, Douglas Wildin, Eddie Wolf, Dennis Pentecost, PatShey, Tim Anderson, Tim Doughan, Randall Snodgress, Tod Anderson, Paul Jorgenson, Danny Ulfers, Joe Kelly, Ricky Buscher, Mickey Schlievert, Jay Willsher, Dennis Miller, Jim Elbert, Mark Moe, Tommy Buscher, Mark Goodman, Mark Buscher, and Billy Kuhn. Leaders include: Den mothers - Mrs. Richard Anderson, Mrs. James Buscher, Mrs. Ron Willsher, Mrs. Charles Schlie- vert, Mrs. John Eller, Jr., Mrs. Al Boekelman, Mrs. Henry Elbert, Mrs. Francis BJustrom, and Mrs. Norman Christian; Cub- master- Rev. Merlin C. Davies; and Den Chiefs - Tim Rooney, Matthew Reilly and DanCrowley. Iowa Nursing Home Group Met, Algona The Northwest Iowa Nursing Home Assn. met Feb. 20 at 10:30 a.m. at Algona Country Club with 40 members in attendance. Speaker was Dr. W. A. Krehl, research professor of internal medicine at the University of Iowa and coordinator of the Iowa Regional Medical Program. He is a member of the board of directors of the American Heart Assn. and on the board and executive committee of the Iowa Heart Assn. Guests at the meeting also included Marcell Chapman, chairman of the northwest district of the Iowa Heart Assn., and Robert Simons of the State Heart Assn. executive board. pmm mmtmmmmmmm \ FEB. 29,1968 J B SECOND SECTION •• HUH •§ • Ml MIJB m M 19 Head Start Teachers Hold A Workshop Nineteen Head Start teachers and teacher aides of Upper Des Moines Opportunity, Inc., area attended a Head Start Workshop Feb. 22 in the Palo Alto Com" munity Center. Each of the teachers told of the activities that were conducted in their Head Start Ceater. The following Head Start staff members attended the three-hour session; Buena Vista County, Mrs. Joan Trenary, Mrs. Lucille Long, Mrs. Jacqueline McMurrin, Mrs. Jessie Betts; Pocahontas County, Mrs. Mary Jo Fitzgerald, Mrs. Isla Mae Hallman; Clay County, Mrs. Margaret Gould and Mrs. Arlene Koench; Dickinson County, Mrs. Rozanne Hurney and Mrs. Connie Stein; Emmet County, Mrs. Linda Aten, and Mrs. Ellen Hoppe; Kossuth county, Mrs. Helen Smith, Mrs. Regina Kaiser, and Mrs. Mary Jane Besch; Palo Alto County, Mrs. Dorothy Cooper, Mrs. Ethel Drew, Mrs. Delores Stroud, and Mrs. Jean Ohman. Other staff members attending were Mrs. Helen Tate, Office Manager; Mrs. Aileen Schacherer, R. N., Head Start nurse; and M. Peter Hart, Director. Mrs. Margaret Pratt, Extension Home Economist, also attended. Scholarship Is Offered For Handicapped ii TO SIR, WITH LOVE II A scholarship for an ortho- pedically-handlcapped graduating high school senior is being offered by the Iowa Rural Letter Carriers Auxiliary. The Letter Carriers began this program several years ago in an attempt to help students whose physical disability somewhat restricts their being considered for other scholarships. Funds for the scholarship are raised by the Auxiliaries statewide and a minimum of $100 will be given on the basis of financial need and scholastic standing. ~' The Easter Seal Society of Iowa's Scholarship Committee has the responsibility for evaluating the candidates and recommending the young man or woman most deserving of receiving scholarship assistance. Decision of the scholarship award will be made by the board during the summer and awarded at the State Convention of the I.R.L.C. Auxiliary". Applications can be obtained by writing the Easter Seal Society for Crippled Children and Adults of Iowa, Inc., Box 4002, Des Moines, la. 50333. All completed applications and letters of reference must be returned by April 15, 1968. First Park The first area in the United States to be designated as a national park was Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. SHOW *"*'-»^ ] tea MUWflHEK HORRORS Wk. ,^7 ——~*BBBB bill presented with numerals ••••^••1 Sidney Poitier tackles a teen-age dance step with the encouragement of Judy Geeson in this scene from "Tp^Sir, With Love," Columbia Pictures release in Technicolor. Poitier plays a teacher in a London slum school, and Miss Geeson appears as one of his students. James Clavell wrote the screenplay, produced and directed the film. VFW Post Here Asks State For Vietnam Bonus Post Commander Wm. Besten- lehner announced Saturday that the Veterans of Foreign Wars are supporting a resolution asking that a State of Iowa bonus be paid for Vietnam era veterans. Heal- so stated that the V.F.W. is asking the same benefits for those veterans who have earned the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for service prior to August 5,1964. These proposals were presented to the members of the V.F.W. here at their regular meeting Feb. 14. The resolutions will be presented to delegates of the Department Convention which will be held at Ft. Dodge, beginning June 28 this year. In making this announcement, Commander Bestenlehner stated that veterans of other wars and conflicts had been granted this state benefit in the past, and with a large number of Vietnam era veterans now being discharged from active duty, it would be appropriate that the State of Iowa pass legislation to make the bonus available to them as soon as possible. Practice Teaching Six students from this area, all attending University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, are now doing their student teaching for nine weeks. They are Marlys Lupkes, Algona; Arlene Birkhead, Armstrong; Melody Hansen, Bode; Diane DeVries and Rosalind Leibrand, Buffalo Center; and Sheryl Easier, Burt. They are teaching at Ft. Dodge, Charles City, Waterloo and Mason City schools. Tours County Home The Kossuth grand jury toured the county home Feb. 20 and issued a report on conditions there. The jury complimented Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Warwick for the work they are doing at the home; thanked the board of supervisors for funds to maintain the home and improvements made last year; and also asked the board to make funds available for purchase of draperies for windows which now have window shades. It is probable the board will study the suggestion at a future meeting. Cresco Chums The February meeting of the Cresco Chums 4-H Club was held at the Extension office with Virginia Roethler, Renee Roethler and Becky Buscher as hostesses. The 4-H pledge was led by Leslie Wildin. The pledge of allegiance was led by Rhonda Sabin. Roll call was answered by 28 members. Leslie Wildin told about the qualities of muffins and also gave an illustrated talk on obesity. Gloria Canaday was elected a Queen candidate for 4-H Fun Night. Terri Wildin gave an illustrated talk on hand guides to good eating. "Choose your friends carefully, you are what they are." Algona Theatre m ^*feiBH0^^ consecuUveorderreceives free admission. Ex-Bancroft Man Appointed To Hemisfair The appointment of former Bancroft man, Donald E. McNertney, as the U. S. Information Agency's liaison officer atSan Antonio's Hemisfair has been announced in Washington. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Patrick H. McNertney, Bancroft, and attended the University of Iowa for two years. McNertney's office in San Antonio will be in the Hemisfair's department of public relations. He will be contact man for all USIA media services, and will assist in furnishing information to the Latin American press. The Hemisfair opens April 6 and closes October 6. McNertney has just returned to Washington from his post with USIA in Cordoba, the Argentine, where he was branch public affairs officer. McNertney served in the U. S. Army during World War II, and with USIA has been posted in Madras, Calcutta, Rangoon, Taipei, Maracaibo and Cordoba. Just before going to the Argentine, he attended the Armed Forces Staff College. Three Mishaps Occur Here; No Charges Three auto mishaps occurred in this area during the past weekend, with a total of $625 property damage estimated by police who were called to investigate. Sunday at 4:17 p.m., an auto driven by Ruth E. McEnroe, 19, Algona, struck a railroad signal arm at the intersection of State street and the Northwestern tracks, with an estimated $350 damage resulting to the car. The car veered and struck the signal as the driver reached to the floor to pick up some packages. An auto driven by Marvin D. Kramer, 45, Algona, collided with another driven by Peggy D. Lai- He r, 33, Algona, as the former backed out on State street Saturday. Damage to the vehicles was estimated at $75. Vehicles driven by Brenda S. Sabin, 20, Lone Rock, and Mary L. Kramer, 19, Algona, collided at the intersection of Harlan and Nebraska streets here Friday. Damage to the autos was estimated at $200. Two Divorces Are Granted In Court Here Two divorces were granted by Judge G. W. Stillman in district court here this week. Elaine E. Koppen was granted a divorce from Robert L. Koppen. The plaintiffs maiden name, Elaine E. Johnson, was also restored by the action. Beulah M. Miller was granted a divorce from Darrell Miller, with the plaintiff granted custody of three children. Usual support allowances, etc. were also granted. FOR PLUMBING HEATING COOLING INSTALLATION - REPAIR OR REMODELNG WE'RE AT YOUR SERVICE Phone 295-2104 LAING Plumbing-Heating-Cooling 12 No. Dodge, Algona 1 8 1 1 1 1 A B 1 1 1 0 1 move clock THURSDAY thru SATURDAY- Complete Program begins 7:00- 9:00p. m. "To Sir, With Love"7:10-9:10 p. m. MATINEE SATURDAY at 1:30 p. m. SATURDAY LATE SHOW Complete program begins 11:25 p.m. "Chamber of Horrors"11:30 p. m. "Picture Mommy Dead"-1:20 a.m. SUNDAY - Complete Program begins 1:00 - 3:00 - 5:00 7:00 - 9:00 p. m. "To Sir, With Love" - 1:15 - 3:15 5:10-7:15-9:15 p.m. MONDAY thru WEDNESDAY- Complete Program begins 7:009:00 p. m. "ToSir, With Love"7:15-9:15 p.m. STARTS THURSDAY for 1 week Feb. 29 thru March 6 2 Complete Showings Each Evening Matinee Saturday At 1:30 Continuous Showings From 1 P.M. On Sunday. A story of the new-beat bold - tempo mods and minis ,.. and the teacher who was hip enough to turn them off their turned - on track I SIDNEY POmSR WIUHIiOVE" ADMISSION. Adults $1.50 - (Sat. Mgt. $1.25) CHIIOREN (UNDER 15) - 75c Algeria Theatre

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