The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 27, 1924 · Page 5
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 5

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 27, 1924
Page 5
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 27, 1924 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS PAGE FIVE. ADVENTURES OF THE TWINS. •y Ollvs Rabsrtl Barton, SIX BROTHERS NAME WINNERS IN LIGHT CONTEST They Will be Announced Tomorrow by Local Light Company. Tho winners In the Homo LIRIII- InK contest which etulod Saturday will be announced tomorrow by n. H. Jack, of l.ho United Water (Ins and Nlectrlc Co., In chargo of tho local contest. More than GOO contestants hare entered Including thoso rroin high school's and urn do schools, Tho Judges who were selected to grade tho papers are J. W. (Jowons, superintendent of city schools, Father M. L. Kaln, B. W. lllco, ot the United Water Oas and Electric company, Mrs. John fon- tron and A. A. Remington, Y. M. C. A, secretary. The winners of the ten local prties will be sent to the International hoadquarters for a chance at one of tho six International prizes. JAS. PARLEY TO ADDRESS FRUIT GROWERS CONVENTION James N. Parley, Hutchinson fruit grower, Is on.the program for a discussion of "Cold Storage" at tho state convention of tho Kansas State Horticultural society, at Topeka, Dec 2 to 4.u A. II Burg, or takln, will tell about producing cantaloupe seed for the market in western Kansas. To Repeat the Gym Exhibition The gymnasium exhibition given Inst week by mnmbors of the Breesee college gym class, directed by Hugh Cronlu, will bo repeated again Knturdny afternoon at the Y. M. C. A. for all the young people who aro here to attend Hie young people's conference of the Nszareuo churches of this district. Tho exhibition will start at 3:-15 and the public Is invited to see what kind of "work the hoys are doing. Tho leaders corps of the class will put on some special work which was not included in the Inst display. The leaders aro Carl Howard, Ray Stevens, Charles no­ vum, .Too Hodges. Robert t.aeger, Orvillo C'oponharger, Homer Clark and Haskell London. There aro .15 boys In the entire class, SELLS DRESSED TURKEYS ON MAIL ORDER PLAN Jns. Farley, who raised a large number of turkeys on tho Frank I.. Martin farm, started a mail order business on drcasel turkeys this year Inntend of selling them at the low wholesale prlco offered by the produce houses. Ytstcrday he mnlled out by parcel p >st 4s dressed turkeys. ; Prohibit Youthful Drivers. Siiiiun. Kan., Nov. 27.—The local I'nient-Tenelier association has started a campaign for more rigid enforcement of the city ord'nnnce which prohibits person's under 1 'J yours of age from driving automobiles. ! VALLEY Mr. A. .1 lllll underwent a serious operating at the l-lalstend Hospital last, Mlhs Mary Collins la nun-in.; iiim and lie. Is reported as doitia nleplv at this writing. W. H. Sk"P«n made! trip to Wichita Inst • riday. j McKlwnln and Klncnid shelled corn for Ilowuni Hill last Friday Mr. and MM. W. 11 Skeiton on-' tertalned nt Sunday dinner Mr. and Mrs. Any Matluik and Lorene and .Misses Mary Collins and Kthel O'NVal. .Mrs. Nepp returned from a misl-i uess trip to Colorado "I'ue.^ilay. I Collins and 'helled corn] for Harry Rngler list Thursday. I Next Sunday morning the Pleas-: ant drove people, will east their! ballot-' Tor delegates the Conernlj Conference which will be held next I ; It Is hoped 'l.n'. n ciod j will Iv in nif*ndonce. BANKERS ORGANIZE FOR SELF PROTECTION M:ir\*vil!».-, Kan., Nov. 27. — ll>y- reiier-laliv.-. nf 2'» bank* in Mir- sha!l f<mn:/ reevr'tly ur^aniz- 1 ''. -t v u:ii;ui'-p eommi.t.i'e ..ndef tbe |. >\ he In.; .•••». rally adopted ;hrw.!fl­ out He- ni;e. 1 :ie .-"lieri.'f name depuiie.i in various parts oi tho eowiity ami th<- bankers and the county w-iii hay 'lie ''neeej'ri.'vrv enulpaient'' nhu-Ii will bo held lit, rtMdiie'-'S nf .-'Irnieelo points To Present Messiah. Ile.ldiiin. Kan., Nnv. 27.—Th'« Ilaliiwia Ciiora! t : p.ion. eoiupffsed of Baldwin and i'.tker t"niver«iiy sin::^ra, i ; i rell"ai.-lu^ for a p'lhin: renilii'nn of Handel's "Messiah'' during i'lii'i-iinas uvri;. "What It the riddle?" asked Nick. "Wilt you l loaso Bay "i rlddlo that doesn't rhyme?" asked Nancy. "Why, bless your heart. Of course I will," said the Blddlo Lady, "I'll tell you a story and you can guess what It Is." "I hopo it iB about something to eat," Bald Taffy. "Well, It Is. 'I'll tell you that much," smiled tho Riddle Lady. "Rut I'm not so sure that you would caro for It much." "What is tho riddle?" asked N'lck, who really liked riddles even better than cross-word puzzles. "It's about six littio Irish boys by the name of Green," said the Riddle Lady. "And because they were green and their names were Green, they lived in a green house. A tuuuy bouse It was—tiiiito long arid narrow and not u window In It. "Well, the six little Green hoys grow and grow and grew and by and by they began to be crowded. They were so crowded they could scarcely move. "And when they became crowded, they wera quite uncomfortable. And tho mluuto they became uncomfortable, they began to blame it on each other. "' "'Begorra, move over!" said Pat to Mike. 'I'm so crowded I can't ' move,' and ho gave him a push with his shoulder. ' " 'Pat's crowded and ho's pushing,' said Mike to Dennis. "You will have to move over or I'll get smashed.' And to Pat's pushing he added a little pushing of hW own. " 'Bejabers' said Dennis to Larry. 'It's the llto that's being pushed out of me. If you don't move over Larry, I'll be nothing but a lot of mush. Do ho kind enough t- move a bit.' "And to Pat's and Mike's pushing Dennis added a little pushing of his own. "By. tliht time poor Larry was nlmost flat. He had , scarcely breath enough loft to say to Harney, 'Plee-a-ao move over.', But just the same ho added Ills own little bit of pushing to Pat's and Mike's and Dennis' pushing, nud poor Barney was pushed against Jerry, the last brother, until Jerry couldn't stand It at. all! "Ho was right against the end of tho little green house and with his flvo brothers all pushing against him as Hard as ever they could, suddenly—pop! wont the wall and out flow Jerry. "Right after him camo Barney and Dennis and Larry and Pat and Mike. "And what do you s'pose? "They all landed right in the middle of a pot ot boiling water. "'Ouch!' cried Barney. 'Now see what you have done'.' "'OuchI' cried Barney to Dennis. 'Now see what you've done, Stupid!' '"Quell!" cried Larry to Barney. 'Now just see what you've done! "Isn't It just like people to blame their troubles on each other! "And so It went on. Dennis blamed Miko and Mike blamed Pat Which was as It should bo, for Pat had started it ail. "But they bollod and boiled, these six brothers did, and aftet while when dinner was served, little Johnny ate them up." "I know what they wore. Six green peas," said Nick. And he got the prize. (To Be Continued.) OBEE COMMUNITY Mrs. Vic Rardon has returt.ed to her home at Neosho. Mo., after visiting nt tho homo ot her nephew, Jos. A. Pratt. Jeanne Peterson ann Billy Poterson went to Newton Saturday morning and stayed over tho week end. Mr. and Mrs. Clem Plush of Hutchinson spent Sunday with their nnelo and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Pratt. Mr. George Barnes and family spent Sunday with Mr. and Mr*. Jewell, near Burrtou. Mr. J. M. Sallee and family are moving to a farm near Nlckerson. Marguerltte. and Beatrice Hammond aro back in quarantine with scarlet fever. Last Fldny afternoon the girls' and boys' basketball teams of Obee school played Central school west of Hutchinson.. The boys team consisted ot: John Frankll.i, . Calvert Elliott, Joseph Redd, Clyde Renner, Byron I.awsot ; substitutes wore, Floyd Snyder, Cecil Snyder, Okey Elliott. The girls team was: Blanche Zlm- mernmu, Luctle Snyder, Dollie Parker. Margaret Smith, Ortha James; substitutes, Georgia Smith, Mrs. Ball. The final score, for the boys: Oboe 12; Central 10; girls, Obee 3; Central 21. Miss Ada Gates of Hutchinson refereed. Those from Obee who took cars wer* John Franklin, Mrs. Arthur Peterson, Mrs. Elliott, Charles Parker and Lloyd Snyder. Mrs. Will Bertram, near Viola, -west of Wichita, bad all ot her relatives in Kansas at ber home the 16 of November. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Wnlto and-famlly from this community attended the reunion. railway, who was here yesterday announced that effective Dec. 1, the Illinois Central will operate a De Luxe train, St. Louis to Florida, to be known as "The Florldnn." According to Mr. Blesterfcldl, this train will embody all modern features tending to comfort and convenience. This Is nlso tho fastest train from the middle west to Florida, consuming only 29 hours to Jacksonville. Through sleeping curs to Miami, St. Petersburg and Snrasota nre carried. Shop-o-Scope will make tho buy Ing of Xmas presents for others as much fun as opening your own <v Xmas shopping. ti Child-birli NEW Do LUXE TRAIN FOR FLORIDA TOURI8T3 H. J. BleBterfeldt, traveling representative of the Illinois Central J UST how to rtwe much wnnseessti Buffering for yourself (• one of the nn. important thing* in th« worid tor >L to know, right now. mother-to-be I Lcui th« simple truth: follow th« slmpl* mcthc of an eminent physician who dedicated hi life's work to thti grsat aocompli*Sm«h. for your benefit 1 "I was In labor only 28 minute* with tn> last child, but suffered agonies with tfarci previous children," writes an enthusiastic mother who used "Mother's Friend." Right now, from this day on, and right, jm to ths day of child-birth "Mothtr'g Friend" should bs used. FBEB BOOKLET Writ* Brad field Regulator Co., Dept. B-A 7, A Us nu. Gs,. for /re* booklet (sent In plain envelops* telUtig many thing* every expectant mother should know. "Mother's Friend 1 * is sold at alt drug stores. Full directions will be found with each bottle. Begin now and you will realise the wisdom, ot doing 1 so as ths weeks roll by t THOUSANDS HAVE KIDNEY TROUBLE AND DON'T KNOW IT Most people don't realise the alarming Increase and remarkable prevalency of kidney disease. While kidney disorders are the most common diseases that prevail, they are almost the last recognized by patient and physicians, who content themselves with doctoring the effects, while the original disease undermine, the ,ystem., You other organ, may need attention—but your kldneya ehould have attention first because their Work ia mod Important. If you feel that your kidneys are the cause of your sickness or run down condition commence taking Dr. Kilmer'* Swamp-Root, the great kidney, liver and bladder medicine, because as soon as your kidneys begin to Improve they will help all the other organs > health, A Trial will Convince Anyun- Thousands and thousands of people everywhere have testified that tho mild and Immediate effect nf Swamp-Itoot Is soon realised, and that It stands the highest for Its remarkable results in distressing cases. Symptoms of Kidney Trouble. Swamp-Boot Is not recommended for everything but If you suffer from annoying bladder troubles, frequently passing wnter night and day. smarting or Irritation in passing, brick-dust or sediment, headache, backache, lamo back, heart disturbance duo to bad kidney trouble, uric acid rheumatism, lumbago, loss of flesh or sallow complexion, kidney troublo lu Its worst form may be stealing upon you. Swamp-Root Is Pleasant to Take. If you are already convinced that Swamp-Iloot Is w'-at you need, you oan purchase the regular medium and largo size bottles ut all drug stores. SPECIAL NOTE—You may obtain a sample site bottle of Swamp- Root by enclosing ten centa to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Blnghamton, N. Y. This gives you the opportunity to prove the remarkable merit of this medicine. They will also send you a book of valuable Information, cou- tfliuing many ot the thousands of grateful letters received from men anil women who say thoy found Swamp-Root to bo just the remedy needed In kidney, liver and bladder troubles. The value and success of Swamp-lloot are so well known that our renders are advised to send for a sample bottle. Address Dr. Kilmer & Co., Blnghamton, N. Y. When writing be sure and mention this paper.. I. TiTTHn 123 North Main A Smashing Two-Day End-of-Month Clearance of Coats, Dresses, Millinery, Small-Wear Small group of highly desirable Women's and Misses Apparel sacrificed for quick clear,. ance. We emphasize the fact that this merchandise is all from ouf regular stocks, no "job" or "sale" garments are included. Frocks $20 and $25 Dresses, $10.00 Frock* of fine all wool material or of canton, satin, and bengaline in a large variety of styles suitable for everyone are offered at this,very low price. $35 Dresses $18 Small assortment of good silk and twill dresses priced at 18 $39.75 Dresses $28 Better dresses for street, evening, and party wear reduced to 28 Coats $50 and $59.50 Coats, $39.00 A fine assortment of coats, many of them one of a kind models, mostly in bolovia (a few suede) trimmed in a variety of furs, all of them wonderful values at $ 39 $29.50 Coats $22 Bolivia and crush plush coats all fur trimmed, black or brown, offered at 22 $39.75 Coats $33 Six Kerami Coats with fur collar and cuffs in gun metal, bronze, and black. 33 Sweaters at $3.95 Choice of our entire remaining stock of sweaters sacrificed at $3.95 NEW MILLINERY ARRIVALS Hats priced to $7.50 .... $2.50 Hats priced to $13.50 $4.95 Hats priced to $22.50 $10.00 New Spring models in File Silks, Satins, and Metallic, also on display. $1.00 Table of TAILORED WAISTS NEW COSTUME JEWELRY Individual effects in smart costumes jewelry. Always an acceptable Christmas Gift. $2.75 to $10 SLIPS BRASSIERS All are $2.00 values. We are closing out these departments at— $1.00 TETTHEI 116 North Main i it •a t/f 7 ! I A ? 1 |

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