The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 2, 1956 · Page 12
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 12

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 2, 1956
Page 12
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fage 12 tllir inujlmim r Murrsiy-Go«Round By TOM MURRAY U.S. Gathers Its Monday, July 2, 1956 Eddie Braves The Air-Lmers- KICKING it iwniml on Monday nflci-suxiii: Nut iv.:m\ l)a\e >ii!h-p:i!hi-/.e!-s uromiil tins -Inly ". ;irv then-'. 1 (Thai n:ui)e is pro- iidiiiK-i-d K- i[ Ihe 'V were s'.!'-iit, In rhvnt(> with .liini. !-!i)':;!jy Morrow hea; ox- T;-.-.:'>e K;iker '.s the "*vire to I'.-;." :he 2Cv-metiM< in y 1 , ^''': y ;y. j-. >. r Trials he ; r.'V'-r before, ftsntped :...-• f.< fastest human or. '.."roijtweii :•.:!,; "No. 1 I'.or.'t third be.'it SOV.T!!. • know ;-.e w:::." U you fee! Deyi,- Tray:;-,:- was net,'.sredly rmhi:;;; his own. Baylor Hears to w::i the LOS ANCI-JLES H.Ti— The Head U.S. Olympic Coach Jim sophomore, who made history by lv,mlla= tr-;mi. He clocked Si;ilos te.uuv showed the Kdl\ Frl.Jnv-S.'i'.ur !;iv trials hero. l\l< LEAGUES "" \Vh:tl -•bout l!)el wh.'n TOT WHS chosen io wallow in (he collar but spirit ami a DnU'.h Meyer Or '.VJ uhen every hod y pitied poor Tex:!.s and on they ro:iro«l «Hh l!w Conference's fin;>>t offensive team over put together to win (In- championship? Or 19'..i when T3:.:k -Moegie lig-Mto.i a spark under pitied Rice and .les? Xeely's lads tied with another surprise team. Texas, for Thrn there was 1954 when jowly Arlc;in?«s came charg-iny out of i ho Ozarks to grab the tog-.i r-r.d '-'•'•' or;";,- !a.=t season TCU wa= s!mo,«t — p\e"(.,-ilini: l" «"i :•. I I u c 1 )i i-r. •.in.irtimoiij'ly chosen to drink uiliern didn't know Mhich lie dree? of the second division only to win with a fantastically solid -,o:;- :!i' i. ou:el f^y r:^ k n'./ ; !:in;r the OJynp:;- \IY:.- io a new 4.~p.> ;•). .vas exceedingly I THINK OUR HIT-ANP-\ gUN SIGNAL '6 A Sirj TOO OgVlOJS.... y r?> •••••" ' """""•• '•' v.i,..<>.. .-HIIL-. ui.ieueu ;inijinor \vorM mark this m-eer Dumas. Co.npton College (C.lif. I to fc.kc- leadership of the .100-meU'r Hobby Monwv, of ., All-Star Tilts Ahead- Teens Open Abilene si I ho fin.-'ls behind Morrow's 10.:;. Morrow's other lirxt w;>.'> in the I I R wiili Texas City, the Optimist Tcen-Ai;e Leasriii' biiselusliers open seeiimMuUf play Moiulily at Oiler I'arU with a liveiy diniltle- hill. . '^ nwel Ihlril -P^« Upumm At ., p.m. the Baytown .Junior, ( -' ;nllt? i» the socoiid affair. Leagne^siars will tanyic with the J A ''- s C ''- v JllllIO! '*- oa ck League President B. B. \V'!>bm.s completed iirrangunuMits Sundav ' rll ° Senior Lo::,g-uers will play for both Baytown Junior and ' !lp cK'™'" 1 frame, approximately -'(.' Hollaway Timers, second-place Son ior League All-Star teams to ™"ut« following the first, first-half finishers, meet last-place !' la . v Texa.s City's finest eiubs In Monday's twin-bill, .lames B.«.yshore Yankees in the 6 p.m. ^"ednesday at Oiler Park. Senior Leiijiue opener. Ca! H.'irtrick's Kiks Dodgers. Tin' AH-Siur (loiilile-iicadci- will In; hundled in (he same manner i'.:^ Uie iiaiipi--; .>ver. mnkini; t.'ii' Ol\. : i;i;r !;':SRI or not h:ivii!.£T tr. ride l"!'.;'k Io TeN:i- »ith 1-iMli'fici;! nt the uheel. There's rnoro to beir.s 3" -.:::apr- dog and i!~derrated than rr.ost nside report? p.rc ratpo. Afrer noi M'inning the rhimip- ifnship in SO-tnld ypnrs, who has :> rig-hi 10 IK- more ;let< j rmine<l than Baylor's Here's Look Como, Bashrum At LL Race To Win Tennis T In Baytown ere Favored in '51-'53 lilXi; B.\'."K «-. s,e Kaylo euvr t-7irj a coii AjtSies lrK>k like co-favorilrs after Etap-inp H hair-thin battle for :;u»5 championship with the Frojrgies thanks to Texas' unset- iii\-oi\-<-<l rai - 1 times. "•J ;• W.T.S T',71" fa- ting the Ags 0:1 Thanksgiving, .n; fo pracf.caiiy \''i]S ;ho t:s;:ai happen and some ''unknown" take the title or will w,i; th? choice :n it be the unjxpscted^ 1 • a notch ana wind I,eon Slack. Texas' 1953 Aii- •:*. c was the most S\VC basketball =run.rd. has resign- f.-.vr.riio in S\\'C ed his Schreiner "head-coaching-position to enter private "business in ir.-i Pricf\ team raiiw loosp Dallas. fr--:i its hinp-fi v.-inding up in Said a father-in-law of on,-, fifth place while Arkansas young- football star siiminsr with v.aiiTf-d off with the title. Riro one nf (ho .Southwest Confer«:is r;li:i;:>.; as univorsally chosen oner's supposedly pure, members: in '.H.iS (put wound up in ;he "It's a shame" somp of th«>=f <-;!r,r without a Coiifprenec school.* can point an accusing f:n- 1 ^.'' lr — __ "?" «nil ;h<?n dish ou: the money I''-;.- :•':"• r i <.~~C a:id the Texas as fast -.s arvbo^v.' 1 into the last \veek of l.ittie .l.eiiinie play. Hap .Mur- shuirs B:i,>-''hore Motor Yankees a IK! S:un ISozich's Giants are resiini; on top of the \Vest and Kast Loops; the Vnnks havinjr already copped the West title and the (iianls having- a ehanee to rinrh the Knst j n their Tuesday (jnmf \vith the Earthnian Ticers. The Yanks are to the P.o- Kv TOM MX'URAY Sun Si>nrts K'lilor Before, an :'4>preci:itive Uut -sunhurncd Rallpry. Baytown's 1'nul CoiiKi ami Doutr Biishnim. ejinie hnck from almost certain defeat io recapture their Bay- toxvn Opi.'n Tennis Tournnment dowltlos champioiiship Saturday afternoon. ^Vith faces 1'ed find cfi'awn from (lie strai;;. the f.vo-tirne state doubles ,;-han-ps. dei'eatei Houston'.-? Ronnie Fisher and San Antonio's Jiiiimy INroses. 4-6. 7-!J. 6--, tary Cubs or manaeer Skccter Or- 6 '~ at Knmble's red-tir-Ked courts. ton in the second same Mondav. The ™SS*<i two-hour and 15 Mwcs couldn't quite stem the tide, j Starting the pl«\- -.vill bo "the ml!ult e mateh produet'cT some From that point on the Baytown | John Bell "xVilkie" Tndian.H «iv.i w >-'iiM totinis from tough points to youngsters played the tennii- that j Tornmv Sohuble's BKF Ked Sox veritable givf-aways. has seen them thi-ousii two vcars I at 6 p.'m. Jackie Kamrath and D'Edward o f Jntereehola.stie League co'mpe- | If tlv Ticer* knock Hip Giant.-. Grcer. Houston, defeated another tition without a defeat, only two i Tuesday in the w.roml g-ajne. Houston pair. Dave Rocmer and losses to high school players, and thi-v will Iw tied for first Dan RhtKles. fi-3, fi-3 to take the three to collegiate competition, with Boiich's cluli. 15-and-under championship of the Como had ripped hiirhly-fav- Ike Winninsrhnm'-: Cardinals Humble Tennis Club sponsored La:;sfurd probably will take the mound for the Tigers in th-. 1 opop.or. Tom Rushing; eonlii be the Bayshore .starter. In tin- see nnil-.uaine, i,e!ty ItmiK !?ell is Ihe pnihahle KlUs starter u'hile .Jcrly Walters or \'<M-non Olncy is .scheduled to »u for |hi> Optimists. First-half .Senior League Champion Culpeppor Fitrr.itim.- [ndian.s. .'.'lanased by Al Simmons, meet th" Scarborough l-;ed Sox in Tuesday's seeond game, Tn ihe openhif;- Tuosday yame thi- Chaniu Lions C'nbK :nei-i rell-ir- ! eame throug-h wah the best, the (i , v ,,, lin Ki ,,,, njs B v ', 1 J Baytown <luo drop P ,n<r five conse- j. i;nior 7 j(;HKU( , , lf .-.,:,. euuve games to trail 5-t. Culponocl- out,list:.m ; o.l Ihe n,,;. i One more g-ame would hav e put Iau . av 'pi^,-., ,,,;;,, ; , G ..\ ri r.t-h:ilf i tnem 0-2 m tne best of five set cre di't. Hoilr.wav wn, seeond with • jr ' ateh ' , The Cubs won with I!--. ' 'j But they played tenaciously to siiuei'ze out si. 7-5 victory piver the startlixl Jloiiston-.San Antonio . pair. Obviously rallied at the sudden ! Como-Biishrum comeback. Fisher- XEW VOSIK -JiH— Joey Giar(li-Ilo of f'hilndelpiiia, the 'former top !Uid!l!eweiu;hl. <>on(iMulrr ivhn is h:ivinj; difficulties on the comeback trail, ini'ris siuic-i'T Tony lialdin'i of \ViiUe»-5'!ir;-e. 1 I"-.!., dmiitlif in :i TV 10-roiinder :it >•(. .Vii-ho!as Arena. Herause nf his jfrouter e.vperi- i-Mi'c :ind iiis aciiviity this \ear. Gianlelln is favored at :\-[ in bent Tnnv. BOOK MATCH SALESMAN BIG OPPORTUNITY SELL FULL OR PART TIME Tln> only Book M:\lch l-'su'ltiry in (he .Smith. Ovorwhflmins freight saving. HIK! fust, ilolivery \\ritti for new cntriid^iic. l.OXK ST.AK MATO! CO. 11 Hi !•:. Houston St. S;fU Anloisi'i, Te\;is .,.,., n-,M- -,.-, ,i - ' > .• ,^o n,oie .ou,,, nav, evened tne ,-,' But at t ilis po i nt lhry llluycd w* afs Are Belting That Boll P \ i / I /-* It a ' S 'ObOWS " rorf Worth Gets Homers 102 And 103 v „ ....... NW>1 l - enitl "- j. 3.^.t\iO*.:H ,,.....«,,,,., who are not vet out of the race run. could come up with the two last wins, and we;v the Giants t.o dro;> both =?mr.= during the week woiJi i be declared champ*; n third v,i?r The .standings wiiii tin- two K?.:r.>:-i> rernninin- to b-r plaved are as follows- Indians tt.\ UMTED PKE>S son had hit a solo blast in the The homer-hitUnp Fort Woith fourth. ( - ir '-' s wf/rc back HI their old t-ad« ^^ victor.' loft the O.t.c sliil - leavling Dallas UI- H!i.:i jrc, tor the M-nson !r. s <^ '•i :n l if;n;;3 ov..'r A-:.-tir. Houstci; IT: fO'ir. The K.-ielv-s trim- '^Z'' 7 ' r>o:-: Dc.'r.pv't-jr. the fl^et OutHeld- ^^ ^ 3:1 A'tonio's Minions 7-2 ^ :irul; '•r. •'.-t-nek-.-d ni:~ i',-\h homer in ihr; '' vj;:; ''' Houston lambasted Qhla- ' '~ .'i.'th v.-:th none or. .iftor Herb 0!- iio:r ' a rit -V ]5 to -• In tr.e fourth . . , saobsth jriine, Shrevoport biink- i <?'•! Ti!;5-i JiT to 0 on the fine four| hit hurling of lisy Knob'such. i Tonight's >r-h,-dule i:u:h]des San I Antonio B: Daiiap, Auiiin at Fort j Vu>rth. Hoii.-:-:;--, nt Oi-:Unor:-ia Ci~v Red Sox 5 11 East Luairuu Giants II 1 .- -t • -^ w-,- :>' • Como-ltaslmint took the lirst tAVO *•<<"<•* " r '''"' first " ( ' 1 '" 1S - 'l.v. only (o fall back to 'I-3 on thrw cons.-cutive losses. After kiiottins it. -1-4. the Baytown r; * ir >t;ullf ' ""hiiiKTd to drop llf,' first w ' t ' ll " :) Obviously burnec* over fntmrc E-AShrum-Como won the first foii;- Xfirtits o; the second to lend -»-0, Lou Gehrig Action Wild ored Fisher, 6-4, fi-2, t',-0 for tho singles championship Saturday morniiiK- Jack Anrfrews of tile Tiftc-rs OLD PAINT W Don'l toli and loss »1! nigh! jut! ba- cauie you h«v& io move. Norlh American Van Line; can handle Ilic compltla job ior you-}, eking, moving, anii iloisgc, !oo, i! necessary. Coll your local agen! loday lor free tjtimaJc. HASTY TRANSFER & STORAGE CO. A. C. COKEK, I E. Texas Dinl 2050 i It's smart to e:« Robr-r:.- iiujv-;,; Dailns to its , victor,- and -ot home r;:n support j from Jim Davenport ; ; nd Art Uun- ! ham. Th.. K^i:!e.s seorc-d heads the list of batting champs through one of the %v:kk'st nights flarting the week with a .400 ave- °f their season Saturday night, ro- rae. ifi hits in 40 trips io the piftte. ported Mr. Lester Alford. as thy Bill D;ivi». wiui is now living in Hunl»villn \vliere his dad, Louis Davis, is head coach at the H.iii-.tsVille ln«h school, left Bayiown with I'! iu'ts in 3d times at hat to his credit for a .100 ave- .shot't-stop. Citir.tns State Bank Braves 00:11- pietely mauled the R-ayborne Johnson p.-rate.^ 11 • 1. The second game wa.~ .1 ;;on:e- v,-. v ;at closer :ray with the Citizen.-^ Oriole:) ed.uinir the Paul Prince .Mihe Kic-ore was tho Brave.,': follows: ! «,- ) t::.-.-:r:y n^h: bv h.nm- ,s home r:;:-.- h:> :-ril thrw ;.'•- 'he pint-:-. Friday ' r." '.-or::;'.-'':;.- 1'. fo.-• j. three. homnr. Yankees Lead LL !n Anahuac P!av Vi'.nya C' .May 'J. CrM-.v:. : .y T Saxon <; KlU'ore D. K.-inplay C. ...... Sn-.ith T 73ow< r= r.' Ad;im.« T Gilbert D E! Ill "i'p i'J .3,S(j .I! in .:;TS v~ i rp '<~ i •','- 1 *; .''"..'• :; :- .:','>:>, '''' ; '•'•' •»*'• 41 ] •, ..'M:' 45 15 ,33:i K ^_» ]4 ..'^3?, into winnin;; pitrhfr. -.v'nilc Ken Ho-.vell i;- 'K, his Garv .Ineki-nn s'linr: .'or the Ori'iles. ' H.llv >!i.-itou to'-.k the \\'l'.itc I I,o\i (jehri): Ltafjiiers- will wi:id iin seiuson play Saturday, July 7. witii l:ii: Orioles pitted against ;.!!•• P:rn>s and :.h- Braves ajtainst th.' White >,'.r'i Tlii.- .y.-inie w,,s or- ; n tin.- East AH II AV. I LOr I'.LUKIC STANDINGS Team \\' L H'B so easy wiih wash-away You'll beamnTOfl liow easy it is to use this miracle, new WASH-AWAY Paint Remover. Just brush it, on ... wait a few minutes . . : wash off with water . . . your Hurf'ice is clean, ready to rolinish. WASH- AWAY Paint Remover remove's oici finish from wood, metal, glass or surfaces . . . it i-ofu;ns i;i\ t.T a ft IT laver of old paint or varnish. No Scraping! Nonflammable! Guaranteed to perform as described or money refunded YOU'RE ALWAYS WEtCOME AT YOUR OLDSMOBILE DHALEF.'Sl TOW CONDER OLDSMOB1LE £'8 'w. TEXAS AVE. PHONE 6066 iehi adi-r, ;;-. r . -::: '-l.'jjh w ; th -c/nd v/:r. "." ;-' f. :•' P ; irr,'- Liftle Loop In Double At Crosby AVAIU'AC LL .STAXDLV^S Telilll IX' Ci-csbv; th" 1 :- ~ p.n:. 'i COST LOANS Compere Our Rafes and Scve Money Any Amount From S6Q fa S3000' NO ENDORSERS — SIMPLIFIED PLAN Quick - Convenient - Confidential Service S1MPLIPJED LOANS on signature, car, or furniture. Fast, friendly service - rio endorsers required. LIBERAL TERMS cf your own choice - you select the plan th«t suits you best and take up to 24 months to repay. REDUCE YOUR PAYMENTS by combining your bills and conirAch into one account with us. Repay in smalt, sensiblt instalments. See "The Friendly Company" Firsf Supervised By The Texas Banking Department Guardian Financial Corp. Buytown Office: X07 \V?r,l Trxn s Av»-., I'hotK RJS5 NV-.vl to Bninson Thf-nlr* r»»«dc«»a Offii*: -.'(I* r.sst Shaw Av<\, F'hone GKand J-.VW7 »n /rotn f-onr'* The«tr»: 2 in? the Ca-i-.'-.ilrs. ''In :; pl;.yi.-d o- th" frosi'y 2 field. I.-'irry ".V:;rg:rs of ;.r,e; is ri:rr';n!iy :<•;: dr.t; ; >.,. ;i--a;.r:i: M!.r-h- wins at;d .-.o Jo-.---'?,, foilov.-ed bv V</eekersd Summary Of Sports: i:\- I:.VJTKIJ PKKSS LOS AXGELL'S — \ji\\ Jones of ?~>V.v Vork sr.t a new work! rcc'nri.1 of 1"i.2 socrmds for the -UiO-meter -!in in the lj!yrn;.i>: t;;ick ;•:!)'! tioid 1 > ; ;i; v . NK'.V V(jRK— Itc-; Hnnnijjan, :i Ii-1 ;<iv>'.. won the Carter Handi- cat> '*! I'eintor.t I^iri-t. NtiShua fin- I.iCDO.V. El;;'.— Vie ^''ixris ' i Rieh.-ird'-oii joined J. A!- j is (,; A:i,-irH:i j;i th'- ';n;:) of (he \Vin)l>lf.-don toniii OFF WITH THE OLD ... READY FOR THE NEW, FAST! FURNITURE K<;:. Los::.n)c of ' i,i- MiMir K-: <"::;='m'i:: r...' ';i" Ciith' I<.';>uS''il S^rjs'.'r. of The Oh' viar.y. with a 'j.-'i n-'/ord. Croshy l.'.'.']f: r.y-a^":e J-!a;ir.,.-,'.« 5-T. I/jt'IS— .\r:'.!i:^'(;r Frf-r] ,; Il;i'.< ;-i!r.--fin 'if t/ie r.-irdirKih: v.-ri.s i ;, f:i!'"i >;"•'! at:d :.'i..'•[j<:-:id"d tor three | ^1 d:!.v.- •','.- nn miipiro !i:!.'::-:lo. j Sunday ! \\"KTHKP..S[''IKI.l.i. ('or.n — Ar- nol'J I'.'iiriK r d'-feati-d Ted Kroil in a piiV'iff for 'he rnf?nr;.n<;.: C'iiy Open pv/if i-ii."mpion.shiji, _ - lf.-ir.SOI! wo:! :!n- '. v Opr . r) ^, )lf ,. h: , 1: ; r)i 9 strokes over \/., ;j'. FLOORS A fROOUCT OF Royal Ambassador Loop !n Siugfesfs Al le.--.s- that j.-;- ft 1 ..- <,;v.i,i<>!i <ii;e would •#:', {torn !;..- Itr,y;,l Air:- neir.iitev 1 1 . ^,. ;, r i v v .-|l! b v i ;: vj)t .. lv'ie -.v. Memn r'il:-! I.-;,': ;.'! SiSS::£:SH;;i. BAI/SH Ofl REMOVER... WASH OFF OLD PAINT WUH Wonderful for outside, too SIDING SHUTTERS PORCHES BOATS SHERWIN-WILLIAMS (2 RESEARCH fefl GET MIRACLE NEW ShERWlN-WILLIAMS WASH-AWAY PAINT REMVIEH^E ^T^ fe .|| ..,il,n- iln •,;•« f'r-FiIlBJ ;!•;.,;'!,; ('>•/!;,, H;iV(, over f >'!»." fx'M.^.ie piriy -.vili end ,'i : ;-/ -vii'-n :;o';ihi(.'.« wjli hr prf.srnte,! i.l.'e.i, !•";.- si Irit; winners. K \\ IA* l. Markrl ^\..~ fho SIM.i;\\ I.VV> ii.I.i VMS it \V. 1V\H<( A\c.—IMviii

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