The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 18, 1918 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 18, 1918
Page 8
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KESfiE R^fAOE RIGHT. m DISTRICT QUOTAS Tor Coming Drive lor Punds Jor Allied War Activities, ANNOUNCED AT TOPEKA V. M. Wiley as Slate Chairman, and C. S. Collnday Will Represent Hutchinson. A miTllnR of most Importance to Hut peopli 1 of Kiin .iiiB WHH bplO at Topeka and lirt'filcli'd over by V. M. Will')-. It WIIII Dii' coiiforenco bo- Iwi-i'ii thf ri 'iiri 'Ki 'tilatlvi's In Kanmis ot I In' nlllrd organizations which will larlk'lpiitu in tin- coining drive for I'UUIIB to I'liny on thr> wur welfare work which racli IK most Interested. 'J'hi.' inerting was railed to appropriation I hi' illitrlrt anil county quo- Inn in tin- drive in November when ?1.|iO0,tH)U must be raised in KIUIBU.H. Tho sovi'n organizations represented In tin' drive lire the Y. M. C. A,; the Y. \V. C. A.; National Catholic War Council; War Camp Community service. American Mbrnry Association, Salviulon Anuy, fttid Jewlttli Welfare Hoard. Practically every one of the 105 counties were represented and the enlhuslaHiii became 10 great that Borne of the delegates offered to put .up certified checks to cover their countys" quota. Campaign Natlon-Wlde. The campaign which is nationwide, will Ktart November 11 and will continue during the week,- with 11 natioiml quota of $170,500,000. The srvin organizations, all of which are carrying on war activities with the men In camps and cantonments at home imd abroad, and their re- preBfiitai Ives 011 the Kansas executive committee are: S. E. Cobb, Topeka; Y. M. C. A.; James K. Shechy, 1'aolii, Niiiioniil Catholic War council; Henry Wallenateln, Wichita, Jewish Welfare board; Charles F. Scott, loin, WRr Camp Community - service; Charles Coliaday, Jiutchln- KOII; Auierlcuu Library Assoelaton; AlaJ. Herbert fii /berl.s, Kansas City Kan.; Salvation Army. V. M. Wiley is chairman ur the committee aud Mrs. 1 'aiil Walker, of Topeka, will direct the women's work. ' Quotas by Districts. The quotas by dUUrletn as announced anil unanimously adopted at Ihe confereni-i' yesterday are as follows: l'*ir-st " $'_»f,T,uov Sl'fiilid lOO.OUW Till). I STS.OOO Fourth • \a.UH) Flflh 273.WK) yixDi 100,w>u Sovfiiih 1113,0 10 Kiehiii MV .HIJIJ Lemon Juice For Freckles Olrltl Make beauty lotion at home for a few cent*. Try III Squeeze the Juice of two lemons Into a bottlu containing three, ounces of orchard white, shake well, and you have n quarter pint of the best freckle and tan lotion, and complexion beau- tlfler, at very, very small cost. Your grocer has the lemons and any drug store or toilet counter will supply three ounces of orchard white for a few cents. Massage tills sweetly fragrant lotion Into the face, neck, arms and hands each day and see how freckles and blemishes disappear and how clear, soft and white the skin becomes. Yes! It Is harmless. Abel and children have spent the sum- men tit Manitou and were Joined Tor a month's rest by Dr. Abel, who drove through from Tulsa, Okla, where he Is now In pastoral work. It was understood that the Abels would make a short stop in Hutchinson last week, and the ladies of the First' Clv.rcli were arranging a reception for them" However, Dr. Able was called home suddenly last week to conduct ilia funeral of one or his congregation and found it impossible to come by lluU'h- luson. • •$> *$> <S> 4> <?> ' <8> <?• * « ® UNDELIVERED TELEGRAMS <S> * AT THE WESTERN UNION. •» <i> • i> <S> <S> •$> <J> <3> T. E. Robertson, It. 11. Beynour. Sadie Irwin. • V. W. Winters. Krnest Inman. ' LMhcr (!. Manser. F. A. Danna. J. M. Eiclier. J. Ci. Savoy. Frank Iiiittram. Dr. P. A. Mclirtde. D. W. Hills Hoy A. Lucas. The Foeliler Merc. Co. Mrs. Cora Ilorton. R. Freeman. Ninlli Tenth Kli 'Vflilh . Twi'lflh . . Thirlienlli I-'uui lei-iuh 18a.two ITl.lKl IlK.aoiJ 10.0">o Helm eniinly is In Ihe Ninth district wbieii is compoKed of the following eleven counties: Ileno, Stafford, Ed- Wards, ikuion, Pawnee, 1 lougeiuau, Ford, (liny, Meade, Klown and frasS. Churlen s. Colhiduy of this cliy is district chairman. * <?' ••• j ; -•> >i' i 'V * «> DRAFT HORSE AWARDS. <?• 4> <»• -i> •- '•• <•• ;• -s- »?• * J' * •!• Percheron Horses. Kxhlliilor* Ud.s.^ifU l!rei--linif i-iitatt*. Tuitiil. Kim;-- , Uuwrll and Kuii, 1'aits, Mo.: t'uiitwi-Il llruti . Sleriin^. Kalis.: Holla I'fi-s.!•!;<•!. I .llll.' llivi'r, ICans.; Lll 'Ofiril Ullllvr, l .lHlf Hlver. Kmid.; J. A. (Jowilry, |.j HI :., lv;tiin ; II. IV Ilutiti-iinan, Mpiult', Kans : A. )'. LeumiK. I jl.iuKtii. 1 tipiliiKs. Kans . .1. A Me.MlixU-r, Tui'il; i. .hall; lir. i.'. \V ML -i .'anil »l >eII. Man- ballnn. Kan.'.. Atli'd HuiUluiis-— 1- H)n '*n- 1. lUitt .-iii-'lH on Kii|ial .ilii''. -'. i'milnt -ll on Wumtniw; '^. noH -'Utii! "i> . M;IIIIII>I, 1. I'lTslMK^-r un Urawf'iul. ;: yi-.-ir uUI MullUm* 2 sh"wn — I. Hinvt-Ilij on Kut 'iili-, 1*. IloMcrmuii </n l .C >*.ulo, 'i yrur ijlil Mtallltilis. 1 sluwn — ItfvmmiK i,ti Itaj'liun. Yearling Ht)tUJuti .4. I shown- 1 :un] I, MrAlllHttr on Ijynn un! I '" 'i. i :<>ss;nii* un ijiunU'-t: ::. Ijedinis un I HIM i ii. siiiiiinn tual-s, ^ Bhmvii 1. lloi^aul mi .Minliiiii; •>, IliueU 311 .l (»l'l, :i, I uii lOvl'lilialon .-»L-1 • \or irrmli- iiial rluiin |'l"il sllilli '.ii liiw^^.i'il an K .'il'll .itie.'. l{'-.-ii -rt i- i .'li.uiil'lnit. !..,u)m.-; »ll Kai 'linn. CIiout* livi- Ivi L -lmrun .--tal- ileii.i. 1- ^unlj't) .sh.'Wii 1, l.',i >s .ial U; 2 iilildrliiail. AKI'I liia|-i 'H --T siiaiwll lUKah': 1'H'I I. i ;uriHiuil :i IIKI I:<.»-,.Ui11 •. :i M. AIIISI. 1 yiiiii iilil mare.- - sh'iwn l-'iliiiil in , '.', iIusi-anK un rent nl'l maii'.i. <i i-ln 'ivii -I, }|i 'w'*-Jl MDIIII '. :!. I.u 'itii.s mi AMi -i 'ii, ^ Me.Mlis- U-J- en .Maxim- alul I. 11 i-ll.-. nil I iiillle. yi-arlmi: uiale^ I iiln .lvn 1. Me A |ll »li *r iSlinurni HI . :', I '.usiianl un (ilurla. 'i, lii*-)- sards un .MaiM-llItr* I, I li /ilemali uii K »H.')'. Wily l".il-, I ami s. Me A lintel; I, I 'aiil vvi -ll. I. JliAvells. itiand i-liaiiipliij] mar.'-- Hum IK mi Mnlhi-. (1^1 nl .-.ii.- 1, l.'iuiiii* un m-i i)t Al- (iluinu .1. M. A11 i.stei un nil ul linjiruvi-i; '4, 1 liii .lt-inaii un |!ul nf Ku.-;lollii Produce or man- I, 1 ni.i; ••, .M. Alllst«r; 3, and -I. How-It*. BelU'ae>- iill .U.ii s. !ia\nl I'nuiit'r. I-'roepni-t, Kalis., ami lli'l 'ii l'i 'i ainsor. l,iul« Kiver, KIIIIK Juitgi', A. I'. l -eumlH, Dlatii 'iiKi .Spl-lnKs, Kalis. All awai-ils save Ihlnl in alio,! siulllnn, ivenl to I:UOI»I*I - without i-ninpetlUon. 3 'hlrd in untd Ktallluii I-IILSS wi-ut in Untlii FerslliKer <m i-oui[ieiltlun. l.V-ot/tr flllwj ill other t-liijiSi-M for llrst monies aiul for tvi-u pluet-tf In aKt'U htallloiui. , 1^/uiulti un on Kciln'la, ull \ r aliiii'. I, Ijonnii.s on Kulrutl: BACK TO TULSA. Dr. Abel Was Unable to Make Expected Visit to Hutchinson. The Methodists of Hutchinson have been disappointed in Ihe ehuugo of SlaiiH which prevented p e , j, Able former pastor of Ihe First Church tierc, from imiking u short visit in '.Ills citv on their return from a, vticn- ion trip to Muuitou, Colorado. Mrs, MAILING OUT QUESTIONNAIRES. Ten Per Cent of Sept. 12 Registrants to Be Examined Soon. The force at the local dralt board are very busy today mailing out Ihe questionnaires to 10 per cent of the men who registered on Sept. 11!. I'.ilS. This will meiui that from now on the examining boards and the local boards will have their hands full as ten per cent of the registrants will mean over a00 men to be cared for In this first call. This sending out the questionnaires does not mean that the men are called immediately but It will mean the placing of men in Class A, ready to fill the quotas sent out by the adjutant general's office. The first call for October was for IS men and these are available from the previous draft lists. F.leven men left this morning for Camp Ulley for training. Tomorrow four more leave for Ft. Hayes Normal college for special training. Ijiwrence I., l'amplln, assistant manager at Kress' wiu sent today to Tulani) Unlvrslty, New Orleans, La, for the special training class. KHAKI BILLS Word has been received of the safe arrival of Capl. C. W. Hall surely overseas. Capt. Hall was connected with Ihe Hospital unit No. 77, at Chillicolhe, Ohio. Mrs. Albert lllrlh received word today telling of the safe arrival of he r huabaud, Albert Hirtii safely overseas, lie is a member of Company C, railway engineers and has been stationed at Washington L>. C. Uarrucks. Willard J. Craber, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. P. O. Craber, of Sixth aveune, east, left today for Oberlln, Ohio, where he will enter the Oberlln college as a sophomore and take up Hie Students' Training corps. l*osl year lie was a student of Uelhel College at Newton. In n letter recently received here from Orvllle Haynes, he tells of being transferred from C«mp Fimsloii to Washington. 1J. C to enter the medical corps. He was eurottte when 'he letter was written. -Miss lsla Hopper of -II.' Avenue II east has received a letter from France which is quite unique. It wan sent by .1. W. Ilalley of Vii Park sireet, over there with the expeditionary forces. It Is In the form of u car- loon, and Is a picture of a boy smoking a French cigar writing a letter home. The Hid is saying, "Can you Imagine how tickled 1 was when they give me sum maps to make and a soap box (made in U. S. A.) to alt on." Attached to the writer is a llltlo animal and the comment on It is: Ceo Willi! Iiooklt, looklt. Sure 1 captured him last night. Its a boche flea. 1 suult up on him last night at 12:01. He has seven service stripes on him. A service stripe represents a yoar's Beriice. Sure 1 keep him chained to me— who said I wasn't kludhearted," CORN ON DISPLAY. CASTORIA All/aim ~ the be»(« 4k augnuiuiC ft" In Active Fighting. Following Is u very interesting letter from Ileld II. Freese, who is with the engineers over there, lie hu been across over a year, and tins been on three different battle fronts. Ills letter follows: Somewhere In France, July 23, 1918 Dear Slater: Just received your letter of June 21, together with one from Vada and mother and one from llalph In Mother's letter. Well, for a little or my expedition In France which you havu been wishing to know, ir the censors will permit, .lust one year ago toilny we entrained Tor our expedition against Ihe Hun which is now going at a very rapid pace and splendid going the last few days. AUer an uneventful trip across country and water we landed in France. We remained for a few days rest near the water before going Inland. This place with Us gross, trees and gardens was certainly n welcome sight to our water and eand tired eyes, (sand, Just plain Texas sand, would be welcome to me now.) After tour days or rest we loaded again on trains, but not Pullman cars, box-cars of forty years ago type. We. detrained at our camp two days later, big stone barracks where wo rested our bones on single beds with springs. Here we received our last and advanced stage of training. For two solid months we Just worked"! I suppose we were then ready for the rront, for we got orders suddenly to pack up and we left at night, traveled all night, loaded on train, traveled all day on train and started to unload Just at dusk. I It was Just dark and we half unloaded wlinn gongs and alarms beijnn to ring antf the lights went out. Il suddenly Rounded us If all Ihe electric storms yon evrr heard pill together had busted loose. II was a C.erman air raid and our first expedience with the Boche After the excite- men we hiked nil ni.i.l and slopped at a little village at four In Hie morning This village was our horse line while the guns were In position a few kilometers away at' the front. This j was our first fighting and Ihe quietest we have struck. \ Since that lime we have been on three different fronts and seen eon| Biderable action nml a good many aeroplane battles. Sometimes ti plane !or two come down and sometimes ! they don't. | Here Is n piece of painted canvas 1 cut out or the black cross of a fier- j man aeroplane wing. This plane was shot down by a French aviator mar where 1 was and the plane smashed ull to pieces,^, 1 have Becn?some sights the last few days (hat sure show what real war is imd 1 dm glad mothers and sisters cah't sae. Hello. This Is Aueusl Hli. Just found out.I never mailed this letter. Too bad, sorry, but It can't be helped now. Well, 1 have done about three days hiking and a day's train riding since 1 started Hits letter so am on entirely different front. . Well, I will close lor this time, as I'wish-to write mother. Wishing you nil the health and happiness of home comforts, I am Y'our brother. Held II- Freese., Eldorado, Knnnas, poatofftce from 160,000 to $90,000. <* <S> <$• <?> >S> <$> <$>*•?> ^ • • <S> • «> * PICKED UP 'ROUND TOWN > * '* ,.;•<$> <S> <?.<{> .J, <$, ^ ,j, <S, ,S> & <i- Mr. Rice of the lUce-Cralg drain Co., of Wichita is hero today. W. J. Curtis of Topeka, is a business visitor here today. II. A. Martens was In the city today from Hnhler transacting business. Joe Campbell of EI Dorado Is visiting his brother Harry Campbell. Officers at Kingman telephoned that a lluick G was SLOlen there today, engine number 27030G. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wyman and little son are moving here from St. John and expect to make this their home. Grandpa Wilson who has been ill at his home on Tenth east Tor several weeks, is reported as feeling worse today. A marriage license was Issued yesterday to John K. Zimmerman 2-, of Sterling and Nellie Kleck, 21 of tho same place. fleoige Showalter of Sylvia have sued Mr. and Mrs. John W. Alford, druggists at Sylvia alleging that a substitution of drugs from those ordered caused the plaintiff much suffering. Miss Martha Unruh of learned left today for Washington, D. C. where she. will take a position in the Civil Service. She will meet Miss Ullza- beth Hess at Holstead, and Miss Hess will also enter the Civil Service. A friendly suit for the partition of the estate left by the late A. D. Hess, a farmer who lived east of the city, has been filed by Mrs. Sarali J. Hess, the administratrix against Harry C. Hens aud other members of the family. Members of the Chamber of Commerce at Colorado Springs, Colorado, will start on an automobile tour Saturday, Sept. 21 to Tulsa, Okla., and will come through Hutchinson on the Santa Fe trail on their return trip. The parly will curry all sorts of advertising matter for the Pike's Peak region, and will endeavor to strengthen the bond of fellowship between Colorado aud the southern states. EXCESS PROFITS. Something About the Taxation for the Coming Year. Washington, Sept. 18.—With less than one hour's discussion and without amendment the house today adopted the general plan and rates in the war revenue bill for taxation of war and excess tax profits, estimated to yield. ?o ,200,000,000 in revenue. The war profits plan provides, broadly for a levy of eighty per cent on corporate profits exceeding len percnt ou invested capital, plus u fiut exemption of $J,000 over profits of a pre-war period. The excess profits rates ranging from 35 to 70 percent on capital over exemptions of fifteen to twenty percent were virtually double those now 111 force. An attempt was made to change the rates and the only amendment orfered to Ihu rate sections, by He- presentatlve Alexander of Missouri who proposed an exemption of from ten to 2o percept for ulning oil and gas companies, was summarily re- Jeetod. With little discussion the estate or Inheritance tux, graduated and ranging from three percent on $50,000, estates to forty percent on those exceeding $10,000,000 wore adopted. From this source the bill is designed to raise $80,000,000 next year and $110,000,000 by 1920 us compared with $75,000,000 from existing rates which rtmfje front 2 to 25 percent. Eighteen Year Old Boy Raises Fine Crop This Year. There la a splendid display of SI. Chftrles White and Heed's Yellow Dent corn. In the American National bank window, which win; raised by ltobeil (ilbsou of Troy.' He Is onlj eighteen years old, ami has raised 10 acres of I his corn in Douovon county. He W Ihe sou of 1.. II. Ciuson, und h .is hei n j a farmer since only u hoy of ten. and lias fine cropa evirr year. Mi-! expects lo clear over S 'J.oV'i .m Ciis ' corn this year which lie Intend.-: to kuep for seed. Peep postilion pockets appear cu rich Ions coats ef i.llk- THE STUDENT ARMY: First Naval Section to Be Organized at Lawrence, Kansas City, Mo., Sepl. 18.—The students army training cyps, being organized at universities and colleges throughout the country Is to have a naval section und the first experiment is to be made at the University of Kansas at Uiwrencu according to notification received at Ihe local navy recruiting station today from the bureau of navigation at Washington. Theie will he two hundred men In tlie Kansas section und lu ordor to l>» enrolled for the course tltoy must viiluuteir und be Inducted through} th.ii local draft bourds. Thoy will lie Inducted aboui October first. TJley will receive Ihe same lulonslvo training us glveu at u regular traiulpfl sta­ tion of the navy and will receive the same pay as the men nl the various stations. The men will volunteer for'tbe duration of the war. The notification received from Washington did not state the length of the period-of training to be given Die Kansas men but aside from their naval training tbey will pursue their regular college work. Announcement of the proposed naval section for Kansas University was the first intimation received by local recruiting officials of Ihe new plans for the navy department regarding future enlistments. "WE'RE WILLING TO X HELP," HER MESSAGE IWonian member of motor corps wig- wagcinc from flair note. Members of Ihe motor.corps of the national league for women's service are taking an intensive training course at Fori Tolten to fit themselves for ally branch of war service in which Uncle Sum may want to use I hem. Forty-six of the members are receiving instruction in ambulance work preparatory to their service of transporting wounded from ships to hospitals. This work will ho performed by their corps under Ihe department of embarkation. • The student drivers In the course were drawn from the New York City und I ho Ilrooklyu corps. They were accompanied to camp by Col. Mary Sharswood, leader of the national organization. Other members are learning letter carrying, army cooking, signal work aud other kinds of work. The signal training Includes wig-wagging messages from heights. Lieut. Catherine Frederick is one ot,t*e women taking this course. Liberty Bond Taxes. Washington, Sept. IS.— The administration bill designed to stimulate the sale of liberty bonds" by exempting from Ihu lucomo and surtaxes Ihe Interest on the fourth liberty loan up to $30,000 and up lo $40,000 ou earlier issues, was passed today by the senate. It now goes to conference between the two houses, El Dorado Qete Building. Washington, Sept; 18—A fuvorublo report was ordered by the house buildings committee today on the bill Increasing tile appropi'laUgu for tfee • •<$-'*><$4»<!'.!f>'f>$»$<$$ , #$'$ •J 1 • * * STATE FAIR VI8ITOR9. ' <!> <^<?>$-<$,3>A><tt^ljS <$.!$k<St <9>$-$>^ Among the out of town visitors here for the State Fair are: Mr. and Mrs. .1. .1. Bclbert, Mrs. S. Chamberlain. Mr. and Mrs. U K. Chamberlain of Pretty Prairie, M. .1. Long or Montezuma. P. S. Powelson of Kiowa, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence of Oarneit, Mrs. M. I,. Huntington ot lliidium, Mrs. L. C. Sutherland and daughter of Alvn. Oklahoma. Mr. ami Mr. A. N. Duncan, Mr. and Mrs. Cleorge Lent* and daughter, Mr, and Mrs. Cecil Roberts, Mr. and Mr«. dene tlray, Mrs. Carl Tebbe and Mrs. .Tim Sutton were among-the out of town visitors from Lyons yesterday. Mrs. J. M. Tilling or Turon. Mrs. C; I. Partridge, aud Mrs. Hoy De Hoss of Wichita. L. L. l/ocker, Oreat liend; O. P. Bishop, Madison, Wisconsin; J. It. Olson, McPherson; H. B. llutmer, .View- ton; K. I.. Matthews, Kinsley; W. H. Morgan. Kansas City; C. II. Waterman, Ijikln; It. II. Ward. Belleville; F. J. Ilolanil, Kansas City; J. It, Adam, Kansas City; J. CI. Updergrarf, Kansas City; A. I>. Huling, Ilrownell; hi. K. Tobias, Lyons; Mr. Miller and Mr. Hardy ot Belpre; Mr. Hostine, McPherson;' Mrs. II. O. llowire, Meitde. Mr. Blackburn and his daughter, Miss Sybil Blackburn of Kureka are here today attending the Fair. FOR THE DRYS. California Major Parties Both for This Now. Sacramento, Calif., Sept. IS.—An effort to eliminate from the party's platform a plank favoring ratification by the next legislature of the federal prohibition amendment delayed final action on the Republican state convention until early (Ills morning when a motion tu strike out this plank was defeated. There was no opposition to the remainder of the committee's repoit which Included udvocacy to the ownership or railroads, telegraph and telephone lines and legislation to prevent their use for political purposes. Tho platform committee of the Democratic state convention encountered In committee room (be obstacle which the Republicans had met on the floor lu the form of opposition to a federal prohibition plank, but the final platform draft, Included endorsement- of wartime prohibition action by congress- Francis J. Heucy defeated for the Democratic nomination for governor al the recent primary by Mayor Rolph of San Francisco was indorsed by the Democratic convention as Us nominee. It was contended that the California primary law forbids that Rolpb, defeated at his own party primaries by Governor Wm. D. Stephens, be the nominee of the Democratic parly. NEARLY FIVE MILLIONS. The Army is to Have 4,800,000 by the First of Next July. Washington. Sept. IS.—An army of 4 ,800,000 by next July alter all deductions have been made for casualties and rejections is what the enlarged military program calls for. General March explained this to tho house appropriation committee today in discussing the new seven billion dollar army estimate. There are now about 3,200,000 men under arms, General March said and the plan is to call 2,700,000 of the new draft registrants to the colors between now and July. THE PRICE OF COTTON. Southern Planters Don 't Want Treatment of Northern Farmers. Washington, Sept. 18.—The committee to Investigate the cotton situation, with the possibility of "fixing prices will be appointed within the next day or two, It was stated today at the war Industries board. With the appointment, of the committee, there probably will come a statement from tho President further clarifying the situation over which southern members of congress are --greatly exercised. DAVIS TO GREAT BRITAIN. Solicitor General to be New Ambassador There, Washington, Sepl. 18.—John W, Davis, of West Virginia, now solicitor general of the United States, has been selected by President Wilson to succeed Walter lllnes Page as ombassa dor to Gerat Britain. The announcement of Mr. Davis' selection today disclosed that he hud arrived safely in Switzerland, where he is lo head tho American delegation in a conference between German und American missions on Ihe treatment and exchange of prisoners of war. NAVY AND MARINES. Way to Get Into That Service by the Volunteer Route Now. Washington, Sept. . 18.—Provost Marshal Crowder today -announced orders to local draft boards which will permit the voluntary induetionjof registrants Into the navy und marine corps and provide for drafts of men to be assigned to those services if voluntary inductions do nol suffice to fill the demands. Calls for men for Hie navy will go out before the end of this month and marine corps contingents will be called within a few weeks, PRISONERS TO WAR, And They Are to Receive P»y for Helping Along with the War. Washington, Sept. 18.—Under an executive order announced today the president authorizes the placing of war supply contracts with the heeds of prisons and reformatories at prevailing prices and directs that - prl soners engaged on such contracts shall receive wages corresponding with those paid for similar work in the vicinity. Congress already has provided for industrial plants at federal prisons. " Orlando In France. Paris. Tuesday;, Sept. 17.-r-(Huvas) —Premier .YUtorlp,. - Qrluudo of jtaly arrived here thjs ruornlug, lie was fwelved by premier Clemenceauond the Uuilau uilnuter. ' DRILL SQUAD WILL SPEAK AT FAIR TOMORROW NIGHT All Members Hire Aliens and Witt be Dressed in Native • Costumes. A messnge was received today by Hie fair olflelals from Curtis W. Myers at Topekn announcing that the Drill S<iuad will come from Leavenworth tomorrow evening and speak nt the Fnlr grounds. The squad Is composed of seirnteen men and are being Bent out by the War department under the auspices of tho Four Minnie men. T. G. Armoitr who Is chairman ot Reno ('aunty's Four Minute men was- notified that the squad would arrive nt 6:30 tomorrow evening on the Rock Island and would speak at tho State Fnlr tomorrow evening and both afternoon and evening Friday. The men will'be dressed in their native costumes for each member of the snuoU IB an alien.and each will give n short talk bringing a message from his country to the Americans. Mr. Myers will accompany the .squad here and have charge of the stunts. They are being sent here by the War Department and for the purpose of boosllng the Fourth Liberty Ijoan. The men are all said lo be excellent speakers and will no doubt have something very interesting to say. ONE DAY'S GIST. Not A Very Heavy Day at Police Court Considering the Crowds. The State Fair week has not brought a great many offenders to rail afoul ot Ihe police especially when one considers the crowds hero this week. Yesterday evening fouhd the following up (b talk It ofreftvnii' the judge today; Homer Janes held- over night fof the sheriff ot/Coffejr cotihtv for dellvercy to the Reform'' ntbfy! Jack Fnrftyw and B. Dunlap* both drunk; F. E. Edwards, Invenelga. Hon; Charles Schoolriy and W. J, Thomas, on vagrancy charge, put bonds of $60 each and later untied over lo Ihe county: C. A. Pryor and C. A. Konoyer held tor righting; L, E. Melon, Investigation. k . Butterfly bows of extreme height perch on the tops of crowua or close- filling ttulmns. Better Be Safe than Sorry! Use Hutchinson Creamery Co. H Pasterized Clearified MILK 502 4th East Phone 446 I Conversion of U.S. 4% Liberty Bonds to Bonds Bearing 4i%. The Secretiiry of the Treasury states that holders of 4% bojirls lose nothing by exercising the privilege of conversion aud gain interest per annum. Hulders of 4 % bonds should not wait, but turn their bonds in for conversion now. L COMMERCIAL NATIONAL BANK WE CLOSE Thursday at noon On account of Kansas State 'Fair. Please phone your orders early. Give your visitors a treat by ordering your meats, poultry, fruits, vegetables and other-groceries from ALFORD BROS. GROCERY AND MARKET Phone 1780 600 4th East .S Twuwm r»T. err rmmt APHJCO rom THE MOTORLESS MOTOR-TRUCK, See the Exhibit of TRAILMOBILES At the Kansas State Fair, in Government Exhibit Building. Free demonstrations, The Trailer Co. 31G 2nd East Hutchinson, KansAf

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