The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 30, 1932 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1932
Page 3
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THE DAILY NEWS, FREDERICK, MD. MONDAY. MAY 30, 1932. THREE Gamblers Throw L. \ get outa there,' ha^s.i \oice. ana since lito years ago Trhea she had taken Broadway by storm. "I'm sorry to have troubled j A G I R L A N D A M A C H I N E GUN AD Jerry Ca!- bo'-in's old road ster not ran out o£ gas that dark Merrick road, tie most ascoa- ishing aiystery ; ol the decade .'i might have re* i maiced unsolved Tor years. Mesi and Tromen cf treaUh might have continued to surroucd thezi- selres -with arme-I guards Trhenever they ventured into tie streets. The mysterious disappearances o* prom- j5eafc ntea and vromes migbt bare -j,: n fl t , a r the girl lived sotne- oontinued; Xancy Wenttverth. that j -^-j^e oat tsis -tcay, cotnrs-jting to ·K-jio!!y adorable !i"ie musical com- aad { _ o:n t!ie theater in her bis edy star, --light still be mourned ?ore j sa car _ They Trere to look through the dazzling rays of r picture a thousand times, I hint of laughter HOT. They TO chat memorable 3rst Eight scorafally unafraid as she tried you." he bowed, "but I ran oat c" | gas back there. I'd be m i g h t y , grateful for a lift to the nearest | Sllisg station." j iliss Wentworth surveyed hits carefully. Reassured by his lean.' tanned face and by the twinkle in ' swslt:y as a str.:.: his gray eyes, she ua;2tc=ed t h e j ^ a s a -? ar: cf C7::r - dcor and siotioned for him the searchlight into the blackness 7.-l:ieh concealed the arated men. Hands, silvery white la the cone ot brilliance, seized her and i Tvaisked her into the darkness. A scream brche c-2 in a whistling scb. Jerry, farsetfu 1 . c? machine suss and a-ivrcaiks. leaped as ri'-'r- ^= .T i-r'1:!-,-: s-alie. There :: slightly to to' t"» left, a b'azj c! v.-hlte, blue and eater. yellow in his c~a He felt "Stop at the first gas station. | hlaselt piling headlong into a ntho=y," she called through the bottomless vo:d. .. ,"Xi.-i^--_ A3' open partition. The chauffeur nodded, clicked the gears. Th9 car siram ahead. It came to Jerry's '· white An by Broadway theatregoers, -ircile Jerry hituself--but we had better begin at the beginning. Everything hsd gone trroag at tne field that afternoon. The decrepit biplane in. -which. Jerry took venturesotns passengers Into th« air at a dollar a minute had, like the traditional 039 horse shay, gone to pieces a!! at once. The 6n- giaa missed oti one entire bank of cylinders. The control -srires lead- IEK to tae Stripers cereToped"frayed "Guess I'll run out of gas about this time every night," he grinned, glancing at her cameo-like proSle. ·with, its firm chin, its perfect month and ?ts slightly and saucily nptilted littte nose. Infiaitecimal pinpoint of !:;!::. f.r :.; ll-.a distance. came aerrcr a -I c;ar=r. growing in circumference" .'.'.:? the headlight of an appr n-'.: ; ::;: ei.nrcss train. Then. su'Is'-dcr.!:.. it c.-VaJed. Exploded i""J r." ". ."-'" -'.'·= agony in Jcrr-.'s !::r.2. l~? ::c=rd himself moanin; v.:.:-. ;i::- :c.-.ur? of it and, hearing, hi s:rr"-. r.--hsmed. The slanting rr.;-s ,~f the morning i sun fel! in a jl.r.'-I-j n'-=rs across ! _ _ i · __ A. Once ags!n. those -^ide hrown i ;i;e w - n j'_ e c ^ n t c r p - " 3 of his cot. eyes, as clesr aiid level as a hoy's, j g nickered over him impersonally, as \ though, to classify him araoss the various kinds o* men ·who essayed It i closed his e:-cs 'HoTv are you f?cll-r. Cail-.oun?" was an unctUDits vice, a pro- ·wisecraclja oa short acquaintance.; ! ressionnlly chocr^a! voi;e. Jerry ceased to? spots. The fcnctlon. So. -with this and that, it alter m:dni;hc before Jerry His towsled hair was short and ·wavy- There was a faint smudse on his left cheek bone. and tSs helper succeeded in getting ^ erefl - tapering to the _ . _ . - . ! * ^ « * - r t 4 * « ~hf\voi~ TT«c r ih« plane In St condition to stagger i ^ a - ° f a ~ DO * er - His **"**· iar S e into the air the following mornin^r. I and capable-looking, had been Then, every bone and muscle ach- j Ing -with v-e-r;tiess, the pilot j cranked up his tweive-year-old roadster, ricocheted cuz cf th.9 Seld gate and, cut-out iriae open, anrtled across Long Island toward Nefr York, twenty miles away. Midway between two sprawling hamlets on th» i'errick road his roaring engine popped, gasped atid stopped. The Syer cursed long and ·wholeheartedly. Xo need to look into the gas tank. He knew i: was dry. Sheer carelessness, --htch I must "be paid for by a Cre mile j ·walk back to the nearest all-night j filling statical j disliked it, "Like he!!. Go away." H=s b , v i "You are lucky to feel at a!L Ton **" * 'is*' 21 C^O"~S ^ I l ^ V ^ ** loungingeasily in the thick u p h c l - -- . ^ - - ^ ^ Q , Jefly sterj-. was rangy ana broad s.-.otu- .^^ ^^ ^, ^ gaw a ca!m . faced Interne standing by his bed. On the other side was a nurse who regarded him placidly. "Where am I?'' he demanded, forgetting the ache in his bandaged head in the sudden flood of memories o* that scene on the 3!err::k road. "You are In the Hempstead hospital," announced the doctor. "Yon must have armor-plate instead of b--ne in y?ur head. A bullet bounced OS your skull that -B 1 scoured with sand soap an,! water, but still bore traces of h r u r - spent on balsy machinery. Xo need to fear this man. "I'd advise you to keep an e^tra cat! or two of gas hidden s:nte- where along the road," she retorted. Ths limousine swayed A sedan, parked by the rrcds:ae with all lights estinsa'^":?J. has suddenly appeared in tlt-i v. hlte beam of the headlights. It t u r n e d across tbe high Trey and :ned thfcre, blocking the en- t!ra -width of the concrete. The on the brakes, brought the hmou- He had -walked a. hutt-ired yards j s!:la to a screec h!i:g stop a scant half-dozen feet away. The doors of the darkened sedan ·nng open. Five men spilled oat. Four carried automatics, the fifth, something which looked like a strangely cumbersome rifle. "A machine gsnl"' Jerry explained. He reached for tae switch and snapped off the dome light. Just I rca feel able to tell me about the as his other hand touched the door ruckua you -were in last Eight?" latca, a powerful flashlight was 1 focussed *al! upon the chauffenr, or so Tries he hsard the vibration o£ humming motors. JIs locked back. Far c~n the rcsd --ore the beady -white eyes of two approach- ins cars. Standing- still, he held up his h-ana. realizing that the chances of being picked up az this time of -:ght --ere something less than slim. Mere than, one good Samaritan had b?sa robbed on highways :n just si::h a manner. He --as gradually bathed in the blue-whits Incandescence of head- { 5££ 33 -^entworfn and himself, lights. There -was a slitter of tires "Come on, cet otsta there!" came as 3. heavy limousi-e. its motor j a h ars - a T oiceT purring rhythmically, coasted to a j ^ j, ot sarse cf rage swept over stop, ihe seconi car swung into i j er: T 7j Se a Sasil o - fsTer . i.fter the^center of the r-d and roared ; tlro years of S g feti3g and 7iv s In J* 251 - j the hell-swept skies o* France to A dome light It: tha rear com- j bs lined np on a peaceful American partrsent cast its --arm glow upon : road liko a silly, cowardly sap! a girl, wrapped iu a Same-colored evening cl:ak, --ho peered at the figure in the cbscurity of the outer darkness. For a moment Jerry's He -was reckless aad violent by nature, but kEo^ing tha deaniy proTress of a machine gnn, he steeled himself to quiet. He watcnitig the sna rise. Jliss Went- heart thzmpe-i. Ke recornized her! stepped out of the car and helped at once. It was 'R'ent--orth, | the girl to descend. "VTnat a sport the m:st ssautifal and talented j she -rrasl As cool as :f she were young star :r. the musical comedy | taking her first bo-- of the eve- Srmament. He has seen her fsice j ning. Her wonderful eyes held no worth has disappeared." ris'te. Dizl Press) Msrs kidnaping tomorrow--and Jerry is tormented by a desire for revtng- and for Nancy's rescue. SOLDIERS/ t They kept their tryst so gallantly On fading battle-iields. They knew a courage born of pain. A strength that ne\er yields. And as their broken ranks come by. \Ve raise our prayers again That \ve may lind the shining Cr.»'! Tliat Kxi the marching men. That xve may nube the flag as high As those \\liose hearts \\ere proud When they \\ein out to light for truth-Don't let u walk. lo\\-bo\\ed. Ashamed because ve ha\e i:ot kept The pledge \\hich brave hearts made. Help us to coiuuKi- \\ronys. tkar tju»l. And keep us unafraid' --liLLLN \VELSHIMER. T .GIVEN 48,000 PLURALITY FOR NOMINATION AS JUDGE J. Hunt Hendnckson Wins Over Two Opponents In Oregon. .1 U'-irt .f.-A.'.. :· ' Uiu v:. c.t! l.v.-r.' nf \Viiliam R. Pumphrey on! a fi-A dj\ Mr - u M . ' d b\ I ' · - r . - . bjr:a: n: ih? cemetery at Darnes;.':i T!.r J u v . - a l · us ^Uf .i'. _' i · mil Mr Caie WAS a life-long resident * * J HJ.:;: Hi-: U .-^':. r..* .·· -' F;*d,.:.., \.x :..'.v :· ---^'- -· '·" ·: :.- O-- rX:'.r ^. C-^"- *-'' *-*' ; ' " * · * ' ^ - .· , v : :r -v t -_t:. 4* , -' · : ' \ - -· v...-:::5 _ c · 4.:-^ : ^v "- :-·· . . ' . _ " . th.* v-.'- ·..- tU -Awi-i-:. N ". - -..»:: .; _- ^a.^ -« .*,~'--»-^ ' '·-· ' " '· : .-' n V.j;....*.· -A..O :.-.- - -· v- _ _ - · ··*£ . -v - '.\ \o i - ' · , · ' ..' M- J - .:. \ li- :.i:. i- - \ \ « \ - - - :..! C.*::-' . H H. ::j:.,v.-v. v Conimenciug June 1st and Ending July 31st All Ketail Prices of STIEFF SILVER will be subject to a deduction of 2O% J A M E S E. DOLL JEWELER ^ /5| Fnrmer Lo«l. Kec-p** Die* T.'.v .:.».- Msi . .V \ JS COM- "·'. : 'r::. .1 -irste · We carry only standard coals. Their quality cannot be surpassed. Geo. S. Rodock Son Fifth St at 1'i, R. EL Pboa* fM» STOLE GASOLINE ( Two Held For Theft From GAraje- At ! t j j Mountaindalr. { t j ! Adziittir.c that the- er.tertd a sarage .at Mour.ta^ic-1- Saturday r..::*.: ar.d ', inatie off u t t n 15 jailors o; gafoliac. j Jesse Gnsso and Glertn :o:h o. ; Carroll county, about four troai ! M:. Airy, -aere arrested S'^r.i^y n.ght t by Deputy Sr.or:Z B Frar.i Doll and J Special Deputy Jack Reed. Tr^y mere i lodged ^i ja:l h*re Tor act.jr.. ; charged larceny. i Accords; to the olScers. the gasoline · j xas taken rroan a ntar. r.arr.ed Me- · I Brtde. who tenants the Charles R:ce . 'arm. near Mounui-iidale. The saras-: , ' w-as entered and the gasoline drained i j from a tank.'s Mr.-Lt'.-'.a.v and ; · daughter, who -iere u; for a · visit, armed on the scene j'J^t is t.\o | men ran frooi the garage * :th the gas- j oline. i A description of the men and the ! car In ·R-hich they ^ere r.dtr:; -A a ftir- ! nished Deputy Dell. 'Aho -Acnt to the i .scene atXKit 9 o'clock Sunday ;-_sht i with Special Deputy R-c-^d Frofh the 1 descnptton, he re-rojnized thecar^ ', had lieen seen at the McBr:de pla?e · j Saturday night, a Ford totirtr.; T.tth the ; -jrindshield shattered. \m m 'e 'B JACOB RUPPERT i BARLEY MALT SYRUP g pTKeTalkof^ E : K ATTENTION THE NEW DOMESTIC Buckeye Elec. Refrigerator Is now on DIspIar in the lYcmbers window 113 N. Market street, tor short wmte- H B H ALBERT C. PAL3EEK, Agent. *^+r*^*^f**f*+4 i marked for your brain. You'll B | bars a scar where you part yonr i . hair, but that's all. And by the i way, there's a man in the hall -who I says he's a detective. He wants j to talk to you. I'd rather he -walt- J ed a few hours, but he insists that | the matter is urgent. Fee! up to . ^?"' 1 Jerry did not, hat he nodded his head. The ntirse opened the door and returned, folio-wed by an old- ish, overstout man wco regarded the patient -with inild blue eyes. "I'm Stevens, of tha Treasury department, he explained. "Do T a k e . . . GREEN A WALT'S Dandelion Liver Disks for GOOD HEALTH! A BOX Large Box, containing five times the quantity-- Sl.OO FOB SALE AT ALL DRUG STORI i AXD 1HANT GENERAL STORES s a B m B H B 9 100 Cents On The Dollar T HOSE who saved their dollars in our shares have not earned speculative profits, but their dollars today are each worth 100 cents. Further, their dollars today will purchase more than when they saved them, week by week, and their interest return has been 4.68% Per Annum What investment, over a period of years, can compare with this for safety and return? Building- and Loan Association shares are more attractive than ever. Join The 18th Series Which Starts June 4 Fidelity Building Loan Assn. OFFICE AT FEEDERICKTOWN SAVINGS INSTITUTION Victor 75c Records For 25c Each COME IN AND SELECT THEM TODAY 8-inch Oscillating Electric Fan $5.95 10-inch Oscillating Electric Fan S9.95 12-inch Oscillating Electric Fan $12.95 Sl.OO Flashlight with Batteries 59c 45-voli B Batteries. Regulars $1.35 45-volt B Batteries, Heavy Duty $1-95 Shipley BODilSELLERS STATIONEES PHONE 266 B m B · B The telling of it took little time, f It hafi been, after all. a. matter o f ' less than Sve minutes between Jer- 1 ry's stopping o' the big Hmousire | and tho vivid stab of Same which } had blotted out his consciousness. 5 "Xow," the pilot concluded,? "can't yon tell me -what happened after I passed oat?'' "·Wish I could." admitted Stevens, trutlif-jlly. "The chataSeur sot a sxack on the head about the time you cid. When the birdies had stopped carolling he ivas 3 ~ s m "" e ~ a '" ° r i h * b a 7 ' A "^ CAPSIZES IN _....._ _ _... n .. . r _ _ v _ ^ j j o. t.*s *s.^. Os?». ccrr*cV?TJ-'. Cja^^nGioOii.^. Fourth Baltimore?..!! Rescued re-i to z=. ;n:-:m^.7 barre ar.i Bnsr.e ^~-,~ a n-.err.b;r of t.-.c faculty of tr.e _ ._ , was brousnt to I-.5 l-.:-n-.e in Salttsaxre. Ga-therw-ore K^:h School. Sne was a By t a n k e r . ., --^ ?ar:7 0 . t ^.._ a;CDr d:ns to tl-.e r .3.- ;rc O f Rocsmie. . · -t f - · ~ - «-- --·! * J. - * i « · . -- V » » AU. J*. ^ - l ^ . - TM » -- --V ^.-- -3 " " - I J i " -- « II -- II -- ^ » T^g^*·** TTV"-*' J i»3"«" ,,j--~- A ,11"^*^ "-" -- Ji-T.*^ n. ---X C-^rf -3^ .· ".xT-i -- Or. A *3*-- -- -- - - --3 «i_v* t H.-tr«-- tarjy today s'.-^-rf fr-ar. tlte.r over- craf^ --as t;p*e: :r. tr.e oay. Tb« fot:r tTsisat ar.d a r.-;i tr. t.:-: Cl-«sa- ; nlc;r.t. but jraiually tr.e:r £trer.r-- eb=- peaie Bay. r.ecr S'-v;r. F:-t Kr.oll. sotfl- 'ed att-d three of t."!rn slid ;r;to tr.e ^a- passing steamer. Former Teacher Dies. Th« vicVtris"~ere .:-".' H.^. Hockr^Ie. Me, May 29--Mrs A1--7/; Jr^ 33. :--l-.lev snd -.err.ber V7. t^sse^ 32. wife of P. Cali'crt C^'l. of the rraSta-.r.r -"--= "t ----·la Col- died Friday n.sht, ir.__tl-.e :ior.t--r.-,:r:.- : ".^ crot.icr. Sprir.?. follo'^'::-.? a %cry :llr.esf. ;-e . S-e » surrtveci by her husband, a o- , s .-s-.ei -vhea bcm Fr.aay. ar.a '-"-^ leaves ;o-h par- i t?.r.ser. TV. -:r.t?, Mr. ar.'J Mr- T-::^.~ F V.'31'er? ~ -..rr: to rr.d ·. V"~"l.vr, f". .r.a-v Wa.l*»-.« ··'" ; o jjec; 5yp- · Rock'. -He, aid a sisCfer, Mrs. Ciiaries P-1 George C-...x=o.-:. .5 -.ll«t.*. 24. 3-.. H. M. Snyder Funeral Director AND EMBALMER RidsreviHe, Md. Phone Mt Airy 54 Also 923 North Market St. Frederick, Md. 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