The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 3, 1948 · Page 1
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 1

Harrisburg, Illinois
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Tuesday, February 3, 1948
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Register Classifieds Ge! Pesulfs THE DAILY published Continuoujly Since 1915 THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL, TUESDAY. FEBRUARY 3. 1948 NEW SERIES, VOLUME 33, NO. 183 ek Water, Sewer Lines Housing ment About Town And Country By TDIOTHEUS T. Half of Polio Funds Collected in Churches Goes to Rev. Whitlock i ' I believe, are the in all i , ,,'KH the Water Board Delays Action Rep. Verhines Here Campaigning For Re-£l@ciion Housing Authority Seek Utilities to . Get FHA Approval The Harrisburg Water and Sew- p . ltl ,nt people in an »»-· V.t- .ire informed by tni» ^^ o _ that one that this or that cf Boar( j i asl n jg[ lt heard repre- lt . to pass. Usually the scntat j ves O f the Saline County no to pjs,b i-s a long way on Hous j ng Authority urge a water ,,. sometimes things slip rifcni and sewer ij ne to Sunset Heights. Jim of oui ^iasp because we aon i i h o u s i n g aut h orily development ti-hten oui «np. «c ]usi su pro j cc t S0 uth of the city cemetery, i u i k . patient and trusting.. ^ ^ lhen laid tllc ma ttcr over for dis- orc ;»" (! ·.ill «mu' to pass 1 hot that a lot of you think cuss j on an d investigation. I n , "o-!i4 to qet started on LaKe ' i The housing authority must have lUrisbur... but 1m not. i th(J utilil i cs before FHA will give thinking of the new street i j t s ap p rov al. The water board a worth- explained its financial condition and told au 1m thinking of the new s u t L M j t s appr0 val. The wat "rdei Hut tiie city ordered sev- j a g rcec i that the project is tral month.-, ago mat hasn t ar-, while vcnture but expl; , .ed \et We've had a lot 01 r inanc j a i condition and , c d ve weather and snow recenll a w ? nd one of these days -Wfcn tne thority representatives of its other obligations in the city. '·^^^\* %£?% tirr^,^ w. A..-*-* ^ pr ^ t n« a- rirpad to think of the authority is making plans to pe dread to ininh. ^ \ tliion for annexation. Plans ?re to build 10 modern homes at first, others later on. Describes Acreage Mayor H. J. Raley, who also is Coal Strike Threatened by John L Lewis UMW Boss Charges Industry Fails to Live Up to Contract UCTION BILL Cold Wave Warning Issued for Midwest Slates WASHINGTON, Feb. 3. John L. Lewis today josed the threat of a sudden soft coal stride to a nation already in the grip of one of its worst fuel crisis in history. The unpredictable boss of the United Mine Workers charged that the soft coal industry has failed to live up to its contract by re : fusing to establish a pension funa, for his 400 000 soft coal diggers. · «i WON'T PROSECUTE." Mrs. Louis Anders of San Diego, Cal., vnr that reason. Lewis said in so b s . "I won't prosecute." to 17-year-old Dorothy Maxwell who took the By United Press Government weather forecasters issued a special cold wave warning for the midwest today. Cold weather already covered most of the northeastern portion of the nation. In a special bulletin, the Weather Bureau at Chicago said widespread snow would fall throughout the north central states tonight, followed by a sharp drop in temperatures tomorrow night. Rising temperatures today will make the temperature drop seem even more severe, they said. Temperatures tomorrow morning, they said, will range from 20 to 25 below in northern Minnesota and from 10 to 20 below in the southern portion of the state, and in north western Wisconsin. In southern portions of Wisconsin and Iowa tomorrow the temperature will drop to zero, the Weather Bureau said, with still colder weather Thursday night Low temperatures Friday morning will range from zero to 10 below Seek Measure Passable Over Truman Veto j7y4." iriHL rc3Sunj jL*t ·»»^ ---- ^\ju^* * nv^i-j^**^-^^^ »··»-*-» «··--· -- - .- -- -- -- -- _....,., a letter to the operators late yes- Anders' baby. Leon Gordon, from a parked car while Mrs. Anders terday the union now "reserved was attending a dance. Thc baby wab returned unharmed the next the right, at will, to take any day (NBA Telephofo) independent action necessary to the enforcement of the contract.- Coal industry spokesmen admitted that Lewis' "Independent action" could mean a sudden striicc chairman of the ,MO 1 niu.-t make calls on some 01'our streets, if that street grad- ei doesn't arrive soon. What am I talking about--dreading,calls on ·.CTC oi our streets?--I travel on v.,me of *he*e softer streets every da\ when I go home. _ . '\ftcr waiting and waiting for cur fine grader, which is partly pjid for already, the council rc- iei\ed a letter trorn .the company authorilv I ? tc last xcar I believe the letter TM TM3 caid that ttfe street "implement v.ouk! be sh.pned in January or *^ fcf " r Ister Well, January's gone; its VJ.. authority, Rep W. 0. Verhines, of Vienna, j.y his soft coal miners. However, Republican legislator from thc 51st 0 " ne industry official said the own- ,; Senatorial district, was in Harris- crs W ere inclined to believe Lewu . burg Monday in the interest of W as "just putting on the pressure his candidacy for re-election. f or acceptance ot his S100 a momn Rep Verhines, was elected to pension plan for miners over bO. the General Assembly in Novem- Must Give 30 Days Notice £,· Ho. has served on the- The mine chieftain, as usual, brought the matter of extending the water and sewer lines to the and «iiu He has served ies, industry declined to comment, labor relations, railroad and The present agreement and the public -utilities Lewis and the operators runs:unUI TM* £ Gov. Green Gels Clear Field In GOP Race -Committee oies Against aliening in northern in southern Illinois. CHICAGO Feb 3--U.R--Former i WASHINGTON, Feb. treasurer Warren Wright'A Senate banking subcommittee vo- was ready to open head-1 day voted 3 to 2 against the £ MOtffir $30.000 when | ^"^ £., 0 ^ than last year.| Spokesmen for the operal it is shown. I ' V hc Reoublrcans .".will -nominate j said they did not consider :-o-.v Inter * ""^ POLIO- They liave the March of Dimes containers in the churches c! cur city during the annual campaign here to secure funds to com!,at poho Half of this money collected in the churches goes to ;hc Foundation, and half \ ill so to the Rev. Glenn V.'hit lock, "former pastor of the Presby- cliureh here. Atty. Whileside, the authority's attorney, and Elmer Gibbons, authority member, also were present. Whiteside described the acreage, which has as its north boundary the cemetery road, its south boundary West;" McHaney street and its" cast boundary Holland street. from the district, nomination in union must give 60 days_ thf 4.-M-U primarv is equivalent that it intends to break oft a S election in November. . tract, Lewis consistently has withdrew yesterday as ^ ^ ^ Republican nomination for governor. He saifl he pulled his name out of the race so that he could devote his support lo MacArthur's veterans affairs. ture. The vote came shortly-after the subcommittee heard Assistant Secretary "of Agriculture Charles F. Branhan testify that the bill was better than no program. Brannan,; however, said the administration' Sen. Tcft Says Believes Slashes Will Be Scaled Down WASHINGTON, Feb. 3.--OLE)-Senate Republicans assigned the House-approved $6,500,000,000 tax reduction bill to a deep-freeze locker today until they can figure how much scaling down it needs to become veto-proof. Some Democrats' indicated the Republicans could cinch an income tax reduction this year if they would trim the House bill down to about $4,000,000,000. Republicans were highly encouraged by the lop-sided 297-to-120 vote by which the House yesterday approved the GOP bill. That is more than the two thirds majority required to override a presidential veto. But despite the overwhelming House vote, Sen. Robert A. Taft, R., O., chairman of the Senate Republican Policy committee, said he still thought the amount of tax reduction would have to be scaled down to guarantee two thirds support in the Senate. A veto sticks unless both Houses override. Favorable to Demos Taft would not predict the ultimate amount of the tax reduction. Most Democratic senators fayor- rpA\mv ,-p-ia 'Feb 3-- ed two of the three main provisions Long, one :of: the most.poweru^ divigion of i ncom e for tax pur- men in-the world of -corporation^ and modern-business Lamont.died *~j addition to taxes these other * i_^r*_« ' ^.i^vtl/rVtf uriTn* me i A11 «w*vi.w« vv j ...·A.-I lies were m the news on Capitol [ IUS 1ULU ^uiiuiGii -11:11. at his : bedside , : . '- ' '. \ MARSHALL PLAN -- The CIO · Members of his -family said the p res ident Truman's re- financier bad-been m.poor health « { a f u $6i80 o,000,000 to for. some time, but had not been v« the'JEUibpean'recovery pro- noticeably weaker since coming'to * rolling in April CIO Presi his -lavish winter' estate early last B^ phiup Murray said that any month. . ; reductions such as proposed by The estate is secluded from the · some Republican leaders would be public, on a tiny island off the - ,, well . n}gh criminal." Gulf coast, separated from the CIVIL RIGHTS--Southern Dem- mainland by Gasparilla Pass. La- ocrats were sharply critical of Pres- mont had spent his past three d t Truman's .lO^point civil rights _ _ _ · _ A i_ ^ :_ :.- *lvsv *««***ttfk /»/Mintimr * * _ t - _ i i *L»M+ 41***. T. W. Lamont, 77 r Head of J. P; Die$ wife and two' of 'his four children Find Frozen Body Whiteside 'We have assurances that others i i will want" to come into the city I ifi-an cnaren ncrc. . ' , * -n, ^v,. ,,_,,: » ·» \vkitociHo Re\ \Vbitlock was stricken with; along with.the pro pol.o in August. 1946, shortly at- said. 'The west tor he bft Harrisburg for Call-j now Holland street f ; ... . , r ,,, ,.; r ( , 0 . . i t j ' P I a n Modern Homes j., vt «,,,,,.. . - f tntii" shortly before Christmas, "We do not plan to build tern- tion inlo the mysterious death _of · he was released in porary residences but Permanent, m ~Arr-r, VinrTiPC to SCll bCUNCCn I nored the new labor law. Whether failure to abide by it in this case would result in prosecution was , not clear, since the contract termi- · nation clause has not yet been j tested in- court. i Pension Principle Shortly afterwards, Maurice C.j W anted a strong bill, with price Simpson" relatively a political un-i con trol and rationing powers over known, also withdrew. That left a n essential foods. Gov. Dwight H. Green a clear track for re-nomination. About the same time, \\imam jK. Brown, another obscure The defeated bill, by Sen. Ralph E. Flanders. R., Vt. would have authorized the government to set up machinery for meat rationing without price control. Then the . winters here, in the pirate country charter? and some hinted of Florida, livin" -iuie'ly · "' n- «s 0 lid South" might pull ally doing a little tarpon fishing tfae Democratic party altogether. that the out of as his only form of exercise The p res i den t requested legislation a wheel -hair modern homes, to sell be ' project, \\mtesiae - , ,, , ,, , ,, « " p i n fr T Piri7 were to call .a'cai figure, withdrew from tne our u : ithout price control. Then the est city limits is LEBANON". 111.. Feb 3.-(U.R)-1 Even ^^e»is were to J^ a11 | r a c c - f o r ' U e u t c n a n t governorship, pres id C nt could have ordered ra- .reet. The St. Clair county sheriff s of- strike imrnediatelj the coal .sup Statc Treasurer R , c hard ^ j to go into effectt un i ess femes fice today resumed .an invcstiga- plies a| lhe / d »TM vc ^"for per- Yates Rowe as the only candidate Congr | ss stepped in to stop it. plan to build tern- tion inlo the mysterious death of carry the nation alon lor pe j ^ ^ party . s nominatlon ^ Fa \. orinw approval of the bill :es. but permanent, a rcc i u se who lived on a farm " .^u aajs. Ag comm2nder O f the state unit Flanders and Sen. John J. near 11- He «ent home for a brief va- S6.500 and S7.500.. It's n o t . a m o n - , The frozcn body O f 82-year-old .c w^o ^,,^- ey-making. but a civic, proposition. Jordan Johnston was found in the duJed to'hve with" a'brother war, The money is in a revolving fund, i cellar o L h i s ramshackle home yes- thc hospital, where he would con- We bought the land for Sa.600.j tcrday b y a neighbor boy. Eugene tir.ue to irceive treatment. While When we build a house well sell Lcbert j5. son ^f Mr. and^Mrs. hi- hu-pital expenses were paid it. take the money and build an- u- . · the .\aiional Foundation, there other house. We have a potential |v : l! continue to be expenses due! 53 customers in our development lo ins affliction that he must con- for water and sewers. ·^ » * » W ^ 4 1 1 l ^ i t \ / t l V t l U f c tt\f · » · V*.J V ·w%^»" 4. VI » » « f c ^ - » «»-.^- tir.uc ;o meet One-half thc funds Whiteside said that the houses collected in the churches will help, would be constructed through com- Walter Lebert. There were bruises on Johnston's hands and fore' "sheriffs deputies found red stains on thc front porch and on the locked front door which show- * . . · · . _ I.~A.« 4 nn^*^^^**/!/! · ^-- L l l U 1VIV.*VV\» *» w . . » petitivc bidding. .- . . . . c d' signs of having been tampered In answer to' the question. If ] w , t h A preliminary investigation don't have the money, will that failcd to pro ve whether the stains we TRIVIA DF.PT.: Timotheus [M-I"» happ 10 icccive a greeting ,,^. MX .. card \eiterday from John Porter, kill your project?" .by E. our advertising executive. Said; j nil. "president of the'water board. lib card 'Happy Ground Ho^ Whiteside said: ..... ,,_ ,,,,,,,,,.. ; n hie A:(! on it was a ' picture "\y c must have the water, but kccp i ar j, c sums of monev m ms - · · nic tanks. hou !; C \ search yesterday failed .T i a t v * * ~ x - . . ^14 V.^..*rfTV» 4Vir» 2 ^T.I ' f f m hi.. Hl'Moi; pamt Johnston seldom ventured off his farm, and he,was known to was m thc po. written ,n.o last year's contract. The pension is to be paid out 01 thc $50.000.000 health and welfare fund. But thc industry representative on the administration of the fund has refused to agree to tne proposed S100 pension, at least i until the union gives a clear estimate of how much it will ~~' Wright had directed most Vngnt naci cirecitu must ^ "7 votes were cast by Sens. U ioug- :ampaign promises toward \ei- j Buck R ^ Homer Cape- irans. particularly those who sui-, h ^ rt R Ind ., nd A -wilKs Rob- ercd wounds and disabilities in. · . y Sounds and disabilities· vctcraa annually. TV*T«rd"VhVt"he decided to with- measure would be reported unfa- i-llv M Jr Snferrin- wUh Green, vorably to the full banking corn- He said Green had promised iclmittee. It could reverse the sub- inciude his idea's concerning vet-j committee action. thc party s Gov. Green Urges Observance of Boy Scout Week, Feb. 6-12 crans m SPRINGFIELD. _ ... (U.R--Gov. Dwight H. Green today, legislation n. ,..,,. i . State Sen. V.ilhans, i j Walsh. R.. Chicago, announced ithat he had given up his ugm ·to have thc name of State ben., ! Peter J. Miller. R.. Chicaco. en-; as a candidate for thc Re- The family said his body would to ou tiaw poll taxes, lynching and e returned to New York for bur- jj m c row practices on busses and jial. " trains. Mrs. Florence Haskell Corliss To List Subversives Lamont, whom he married in 1895, SUBVERSIVES -- A House Ima son, Corliss Lamont, and a American Activities subcommittee daughter, Mrs. Eleanor Cunning- wa nts to get rid of bigsnot aliens ham, of Hartford, Conn., were w ho entered this country illegally with him at the time of his death. an d are now engaged in subversive He also was survived by two other ac tivities. Chairman John Mcpow- sons, Thomas Stillwell Lamont, e n. R., p a ., said the group is draw- a director of J. P. Morgan Co., j ng U p a list of "hundreds of such . _ . .- ------ * j a liens. CONSPIRACY -- State Sen ! George J. Hatfield, R.. Cal., asked a congressional investigation to determine if any Texas cattlemen have conspired to bring diseased Brazilian cattle into this country. He said he had heard certain Amer, ican cattlemen wanted to buy some Brazilian Brahma bulls, which bad been shipped to Mexico, and which are believed to have started the current epidemic of foot and mouth WASHINGTON. Feb. 3--0^-- wc might get by with septic inusl have been ro- r ' IK---"Xaw, embarrassing. 'holier" ^h(.· was home taking -re of i r « - kids." I'A!5T1\; SHOT: What Sherman vt dK .· did-timc war. if you ··!:···' ·; ir.ore pessimistic souli r ''n4 . ^oc.s for modern peace. Previously Unpublished Letter Shows Vachc! Davis to Speak Thursday to Co. I Historical Society l» l / V / * i l V . f * 1. . M. M. Latimcr. engineer for the j ~" (Continued on Page Three) RTgh School Girl And Youth Found Dead in Automobile ;i^2^iS«^^«- Pop Companies Seek \7y 2 , 12V2 Cent Coins To Fit Dispensers to « c audi- Thc White House said today that President Ti-uman has made "no 'firm engagements" to speak any, \\ licre except before the Jefferson; Jackson Day dinners of thc Democratic party here Feb. 19. Press Secretary Charles G. Ross ,sa:d Mr. Trumsn is considering a number of invitations but has not and Dr. Austin Lamont Win. Paul Hyers, 54, Dies After Long Illness Wm. Paul Hyers, 54, well know., local plumber, died at 9:30 this morning at his home near Ruae- ment. following a long illness. Air. Hyers had been ill for the past three years, seriously for the last eight months and bedfast for the past 14 weeks. Cancer was the cause of his death. disease in Mexico. CRIPPLES -- Rep. Robert B. Chiperfield. R.. Ill-, showed up wearing a brace on his arm ana Rep. John M. Vorys. R-. 0 maneuvered through the Capitol corridors in a wheel chair. They de- and . -- snop. was born in Gallatin county He moved to HarrisDurg in lyiU and in 1930 married Mrs. Maud ice and broke an said he tore a ligament while plaj- ing paddle-ball with his son. in- 11 c*iiu. "VFM-v «~ -- ... , j,_,. mrni oircciiv on me 5unv«in- ,and would fit the mechanical bcx- gcni ^jec.^.. o^ D n] lead fmind 1 hy said thc letter was valu^ic erage dispenscr| o{ thc ?rcsjdcn t- s "Hi because it showed Lincoln «scd ^^^^1TM'co. of Bcvcr- making. every legitimate means to win Ia " ,,. ViJji. ^A ",OP companies »w .- .i.» ,, *,,;«· .» «»»s. _sain $«.» v » . . , nians arc in the r itincrarv" is in the '\ms. Eldorado j«. nuest speaker at . * " M ' !· «M 111 ftTl l l l I i V *« A\r*.**** ^ · -"· *·" LSSFkS. 3: S iS^hc »*~ff*y*i;, ^^A- t ^ s a p h - . i t was aWiesea to one u. v. « school. Collins. £-*!.' artisl , ·-fljw.iyflgsr, 6 .-·, s-«!r»*~ti ·t"r;cal lo. :on. U was exhibited *--, . ,, . n .'."·r Deparlmcnt, Wash- Sunday evening lo ^'3 recently has been rant, of Thc suits. Thc text of thc letter: unc 1, 1852. cither a client or B. C. Collins, Esq. Mctamora Courthouse, Illinois. Lincoln advised'Dear Sir: a certain Judge, Thc court opens this iC in court, ap- The case of Williams vs, n county circuit-is slated to be heard t i^ hardly pos-!I'cck tells me confidentially 1TM* ' J " 'as Davis is presiding at this term. a judgment is hardly possible u. Mother Ot """^ *! Sffl-yl?'!*.**, i" ,lVol McCormick few days and will sec you thcn.jOieS in St. LOUIS said that any speaking in thc making, but they nickel said ; couldn't make a drink any more ] was onlv worth inrw *.-v»u-. -"- iwt__, A \.;«!c*orc to llold the" California Manufacturers FSamc ministers to iof Carbonated Beverages yesterday pj n Q QQ ^ Friday, coin that was worth more Hcuse, who survives him. A vc:-j erau of World War I. Mr. Hyers .Excursion Steamer was a memoer of the American r . -j. Legion, and was a member of th* Captain Dies borrisvilie I. 0. O. F. lodge. He T oms Feb 3--CE--Funcr- belongea lo the McKinley Avenue] ^ ^r^l *: U ^ he id here to- Baptist church in this city. 'n,orrow ftr Capt- Benjamin J. In addition to his widow he winters { orm er captain of the is survived by one daughter. .Mr*. Ned Latessa, Detroit, Mien.: thrc Mrs. \V. L. Armis- 1 and .»«i». | this two brothers. Vernon Ucrs . 1WJK . W - - - - ... Walnut Grove, and tiamson H cr *'earned the Golden Eagle until of Hanisburg: vwo sisters . M r * · it ^ nk 9J ^ e striking an ^and ; would help business. · a was . _ and less !han a dime Saster Services and other oi«i Winters. 84. lived in Peor- steamboat captain for 30 VC^T"^ ^3G Ol**u O« 3 lofrhagc at the Main Kirkwood. Mo. He Neva SloicofI of Walnut G»*«'!" 7SandIto«er. 111. last May. and Mrs. Martha Hess of Hams-j sjnc} last Junc j, c h a d been , , Ibmg: a grandson, jo*eph /aui; of ^ Cxcurs j 0 n steamer Tho Harrisburg Ministerial al-i^cssa, and cignl step-grandchil- Idlettildt w hich docks at Pcona. i-.ance. meeting yesterday, named ' grtn. ! . · committee of three ministers j|, c j^y was taken to the Tur)( be m!««d or ihaj he mifeht · ' of the procram will case to police.. He said he ' · · · B back seen thc car. i \ a wire shortly after Sui.~_. . The public is invtted.sav, it ^agfe its motor still run ·^·n« and playing back a-cn..Ihc^car. 'its motor running '* 'he Drocram rm jDo not make any agreement · t h e plaintiff. I have a Mr, Lhe program on a wire ^ortly after SundaymWingt The publi i'e meeting. MINES Inins. at about 6 a. m ; He called police when ,it the third time, its motor s.'.-..--, -- ,,,,,..»«r lit noon and noticed thai the car tevern operator ; occupied. Police foynd Durc.i Moscn«-.«« m 3 A . .- Lizzie Chamncss. mother Val McCormick of this afternoon in in St. Louis, for the Register. as o c c u p e , behind thc steering wheel, his arm , round Miss Fcak whoe hcad;h.s br Mctamora. 111., is in Woodf^jgranddaughter county, northeast of Peoria. Fay | funeral will be held at l.*q p. m ; loads of "» 3lK J c f l byiiaid Peck was a i iimV dealer, when I politician. Collins' "'· fi. ~. 16. Washer work, i rested on his chest. 4~ works. , '' c d c " thought caso of Williams vs. have been among ,i s not known. Fay said he may - J . . I W i !) ".lu iTV^MMl on ni tiita*- . . ' \" . .»^^ *n«sV liavt: uvt« «»···"··» i i » iiuv n i i u « i « . » "j »T«t»« ·'*- ·--· Poiccsai.1 the car was equipped the letter ma hl n h i si , iavc sccn lhc plainlif f ? defcndar.t iwnh an old stylo heater, the ig- papers his oroi j or anolhor atlorncy wno joined Jnition key-was on and .lhc gas | Mismess. wr - llon in },,];, probably, Lincoln in thc suit. ,st of Peoria. Fay funeral will be held ai i:du P- '». »»? , h Vc^our Good Friday , Champaign county Thursday at the Hoffman funera torlte tnrcc now ^ { .^ ^n^^^nc^SV^^r^ingt^n^, ?SS »TM «5?,3f S Fay said he may city cemetery there. ·£ "_._ * fls so C0 od that the ,1 iu..i;imiv_ vi ....-.- ---- j| Hq uuuj ,,«» M.IXV.. »« »·- - - ,«-« lo make arrangements lor thc 1948 ncr f uncra i home and will be re-, | he Good Friday and Easter sunrise tarnc d lo the family residence to- »-cr\ ices. , j morrow morning, funeral arrange- Named to decide places and or thc l^o scmces · Stewart W. Radford. pastor, chairman: and W. Miller, McKinlcy .,.,,, _ r t«,t paior. and the ;. W. E. Shafer. Doms Heights ahodist pastor. This will be thc seventh jear Rate Made Permanent SPRINGFIELD, IH^ Feb. S.-- (U.P.)--The State Commerce Cora- city cemetery there. Mrs. Chamness was mother of Mrs. Percy Savers ol Harnsburf ld ch a ed tbe Tele- service again this car. i phone company lasl Jalj*. Ohio river by this c-.ernnc to rain or freezing rain e?""« f by Wednesday mornmc. lemptraturc. L o w 'S2 I ? v«rih»r T ; ch Wednesday 32-36. runnci ouUook cold wave Thursday and Thursday night. Tcmptratore Tuesday 3 a.m. -- . 2 8 6 a. m 29 9 a. m. . .- 31 12 noon . 36 Monday 3 p. m. 6 p. m. 9 p. m. ~ 12 mid. . 39 _36 .. 31 . 28 . i

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