The Wellington Leader from Wellington, Texas on May 28, 1964 · Page 7
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The Wellington Leader from Wellington, Texas · Page 7

Wellington, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 28, 1964
Page 7
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Bad News for Bollworm in Texas Fields COLLEGE STATION.— Two of the country's most destructive insects, the cabbage looper and cotton 'bollworm, have been successfully controlled by mass produced insect viruses that are harmless to man. Both insects are well known pests in Texas and as John Thomas, entomologist for Texas Agricultural Extension Service iputs it, just ask any Texas cotton producer about their resistance to chemical controls. Tests conducted by the US Department of Agriculture's Agricultural Research Service, much of the work done at the research center at Brownsville, indicate that early-season spray applications of virus will artificially induce epidemics' and control tihe insects before they can damage crops, explains 'Thomas. Work is now underway to determine timing, rates and frequency of application of the -viruses. Studies indicate only a small amount of insect virus material is needed for effective control. The scientists believe a man probably could hold enough powdered cabbage loop- er virus concentrate on the nail •of his smalt finger to treat five acres. They also believe the looper and bollworm viruses can be produced at prices farmers can .afford. But, adds, Thomas, artificially produced viruses for insect control are still experimental materials and none are available for use by the public. Research has established "these -points: both viruses are highly specific. One infects only the cabbage looper. The other bolhvorms and the closely related tobacco budworm. Both viruses are harmless to man, .animals and plants. 'Fungi, ibac- teria, insect parasites or ipred- ators, and other natural enemies of the looper and boll- Avorm are not harmed. Objectionable residues do not occur on treated crops; in fact, ineffective forms of the viruses occur naturally on crops at•tacked by these two insects. Thomas says scientists have long known the potential of viruses for biological control of insects. Recently developed mass-producing techniques however, make it possible to exploit these two viruses, Thom- .as says. THE WELLINGTON (TEXAS) LEADER Thursday May 28, 1964 The Greeks belieyed that the clouds were the God Apollo's cattle sent out to graze in the meadows of heaven* Wanted NEEDED AT ONCE—Full or part time man or woman to serve Watkins customers in Wellington. Good income. No investment. Set your own hours. Write C. R. Ruble, Dept. 5-4, P.O. Box 2447, Memphis, Tenru 43-2p Cards of Thanks We wish to thank everyone for being so nice to us during my illness. For the many flowers, gifts, cards, words and deeds of kindness, and for remembering us in your prayers, we are very grateful. M. L. James and family. RIGID WORK —Because rigid foams are excellent thermal insulators, a sensitive -antenna designed for space is encased in tough, porous plastic foam. Trio of engineers give it final check in Mountain View, Calif. May I express my sincere appreciation to each of you who were so thoughtful at the passing of my husband. I am especially grateful to Dr. HolcomlD, the staffs of the hospital and clinic, to all those who brought food, sent flowers and cards, or helped in any way in my hours of sorrow. Wellington is a gracious town in time of need. Mrs. Byror House. Wan'Ad Informotion Rates On Classified and Legal Notices Minimum Charge $1.00 Minimum (cash in advance) 75f Per word, 1 insertion 4c Each subsequent insertion 3e Display in Classified Section, per inch — $1.00 Phone 447-2*4 Reprints of Advertisements The Wellington Leader furnishes 20 reprints of advertisements to all regular advertisers who desire them each week. Additional reprints may be secured at a considerably lower cost than new circulars by notifying the paper of your needs at the time you place the advertisement with the newspaper. Legal Notice ALLIED PIPE & IRRIGATION SUPPLY See Us for Aluminum Pipe Complete Sprinkler Systems Wheel Move Systems Plastic Underground Systems Transit Underground Systems Sprinkler parts, risers and gaskets Steel Pipe DEWEY D. (POTTY) SISK Office Phone DR 2-8395 Residence Phone FL 6-0756 501 Lincoln P.O. Box 2467 Amarillo, Texas 44-4c FERTILIZER John Deere No. 45 Nitrogen 16-20-0; 30-15-0 and others John Deere Distributor for rent See Buske Farm Store or Phone 447-5485 31-tfc For Rent FOR RENT — 3-roorn apartment with full bath. Mrs. J. L. Burt. Phone 447-2100. 45-lp FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, close in, bills paid. Phone 447-5403. 45-lc For Sale Church Growth Equals Increase in Population •Membership in American churches and synagogues is keeping abreast of the (population increase, according to latest figures of the National Council of Churches. The church membership increase and the country's population growth are both given as 1.6% in the annual compilation of church statistics. The tabulation shows that 117,946,002 Americans are members of churches, synagogues, or other was 16%. The percentage rose to 23% in 1860, but declined to 18% in 1870, recovering only in the last decade of the century when the figure for 1890 is listed as 22% and for 1900 as 36%. The largest increase in any decade of the current century was registered in the war-dominated 40's when church membership increased from 49% in 1940 to 57% in 1950. |By contrast, there was no increase in the decade of the first World War, church memberships being fixed at 43% from 1910. to 1920. NOTICE Notice is hereby given that on Wednesday, the 10th day of June, 1964, at; 10:00 A.M., at the Courthouse door in the City of Wellington, Collingsworth County, Texas, in obedience to an order of sale entered iby the District Court ire Cause No. 4261, on the 21st day of May, 1964, I will sell at public auction to the highest; bidder for cash the following described real estate: "All of the Northeast one- fourth (NE 1/4) of Section No. 76, Block No. 15 of the H&GN Ry. Co. Surveys, in Oollingswortfh County, Texas." FLOYD F. TEUTSCH, Receiver. 45-2c FOR SALE—1952 Ford tractor. Dick Campbell, Box 20, Quail. Phone 447-5787. 45-lc CERTIFIED COTTON SEED Paymaster 111 Western Stormproof * * * NO. 1 SELECT SEED Western Stormproof Rilcot—90 Paymaster 101A Lankart 57 Gregg WELLINGTON COTTONSEED DELINTING CO. 43-3c FOR SALE—.Lankart cottonseed. Dan Guthrie, 2 miles north and 5 west of Wellington. 41-6p YES, you can borrow our electric carpet Shampooer FREE to clean your carpets with Blue Lustre. S&R Hardware & Appliances. 45-lc 2- and 3-bedroom houses; small tracts; farms; ranches. If you need any of these, don't FOR SALE--Lankhard 57 cotton seed, first year from certified, acid delinted, germination 90%. lOtf Ib. Phone 4475736. Rufus Sweat. 40-6p FOR SALE—Gregg cottonseed certified, first year from registered seed. Tom iBerry. Pho. CUSTOM SWATHING, MOWING, RAKING, BALING. LEO THOMAS 603 Haskell Phone 2768 42-4c ALL KINDS OF DIRT MOVING, TANKS, BULLDOZING TERRACES, LAND LEVELLING No Job Too Small STARR & PENDERGRASS 709 Ennis St., Wellington Phone 447-5607 22-tfc Business Opportunities SELF SERVICE coin-operated car wash, income to $1,000 monthly, now being placed in this area. Low down monthly payout. Excellent tax advantages. Requires only few hours per week service. Protected territory. For complete details write Box 992, Wellington. 45-lc Legal Notice Free Estimates Prompt Service Expert Work Brown Paint & Body Shop Phone 447-5505 just sit there and think. Call U47-2632. Highway 203 East, me at 447-5506. Rufe Williams Real Estate. 45-2p places 1 of worship. Failures Due to Weaknesses in Management COLLEGE STATION.— According to business reports, per cent of all business, failures are due to weaknesses in management, says Kenneth Wolf, agri-business economist with the Texas Agricultural Extension Service. Agribusiness firms, like all other businesses, are finding that managers must continually 'become more skilled if they are to solve the ever-increasing problems which they face, reports Wolf. Management is the only unique feature which any business firm can expect to 'have that no competitor can exactly copy or duplicate, he •adds. The Bureau of [Business Research in Austin, reports Tex•as business activity during a recent month was down by 4% but despite this, the index of 'business activity in the state lor the first three quarters of 1963 registered a gain of 4.5% over the same period of 1962, says Wolf! These analyses indicate that although the overall business trend is favorable, there are rough spots which can toe overcome only through better management skills, he continues. A recent comprehensive study made in Texas concerning business practices emphasizes the need for more formalized long-range planning by businessmen to avoid the pitfalls of random decision making. The days of operating a business from the "hip pocket" are gone, according to Wolf. He explains that the question each agribusiness firm manager must answer before getting involved in details is: "Where do I want my business to ibe in 1970, and what specific programs do I have to set up to help me get there?" Cost of Stock Feeding Rises It's expensive to farm. A survey of 76 hog^beef fattening operations in the Corn Belt showed farm capital Jan. 1, 1963 averaged $98,814, with $66,000 of this in lands and buildings. Farms surveyed ranged from 160 to 640 acres, 100 to 300 hogs, 30 to 150 feeder cattle fattened, and less than 10 milk cows. They represent 63.4% of the total •population, the same as a year ago, but slightly less than the all-time high of 63.6% recorded in 1960. The report traces church membership as .percentage of population since 1850 when it WHO, ME? While he was sitting in his cell at Nottingham Prison in England, a prisoner read in a newspaper that police were still hunting him following a jail break in August. Spear points of flaked stone found in a cave in the Sandia Mountains near Albuquerque, N.M., are estimated to be 25,000 years old. NOTICE Notice is ihereby given by tjhe Parks and Wildlife Department that a public hearing will be held at 10:00 A.M. on June 10, 1964 at the County Courthouse at Wellington, Codings- worth County, Texas for the purpose of gathering information concerning proposed hunting, fishing and trapping regulations for the above mention- F.OR SALE—Potato slips, All •Gold. W. A. Morrow, south on Haskell St. Phone 447-2105. 45-lp 1 mile. 39-tfc ed county. 45-lc FOR SALE—Case baler, rake and mowing machine. Jack Moreman, Brice, Texas. 45-3p FOR SALE — 1955 combine, model 55. fair shape. $500. Roy Canada, Quail, Texas. 45-lp FOR SALE—Guns and ammunition. Gunsmithing. Buy, sell or trade. Guns wanted, any condition. Western Gun Shop, 1405 8th St. 34-tfe WE MAKE gales, hay racks, automatic feeders and calf tables. Oran Starkey, intersection Highways 83 and 203. Phone 447-2578. 21-tfc Services FOR SALE OR RENT—2-bedroom .house, newly painted. Call after five. 447-2241. 1007 Dalhart St. Mrs. W. W. McClaskey. 45-lp FOR SALE — 21-in. pink portable TV set and stand, like new; also portable Universal hair di-yer with brown leather carrying case. Call Barbara Meek, 447-5802 or 447-2268. 45-1'p AUTHORIZED SINGER sales and service. Sewing machines, vacuum cleaners. Free demonstration in your home. Your business appreciated. Contact Wellington Studio 42-4p WANT TO DO farm labor, by day or week. Phone 447-2698. 206 Amarillo St. 42-3c drown it burn it For Sale Palomino mare with colt, suitable for kid or cow-horse. 2-horse trailer. Saddle 1 — 1963 fi-cy'inder, 4-spec'd, long '/ 2 ton Chevrolet pick-up. 15 Angus Covs, 12 or more pairs. Troy Marsh Phone 2223 45-lc NOTICE I have bought U. S, Bolton's water delivery route. If you need water hauled, call— FARMER'S STATION, Hollis, Okla. MU 8-2183 Call W. H. WALKER MU 8-3548 before or after 5 p.m., and on Saturdays and Sundays, or MU 8-2806 44-4p FOR TYPEWRITERS ANP ADDING MACHINES —Repair, rebuilt machines, also rib- oons for most machines, set Roy M. Horn. 7-tfe I... shred it... lose it, your U.S.Savings Bond won't loss its value...or ovon stop growing What hasn't happened to U. S. can be replaced. And the service fu • ^T^ J *» • M STUD SERVICE— Bearwood Quarter Horse, Hollywood Gold breeding, P-112,505. Fee $50. Return in season. Standing 3 miles SE Hedley, Highway 287. Horse 0 , trained. Edcl Whitley. 42-4p Repairs Long time no see TV, hear radio? Renew contact with outside world with our expert repairs. Tyler Electric Phone 447-5841 39-tfc FEDERAL LOANS. LAND BANK See Raburn L. FOR SALE— Acid delinted cotton seed, Gregg and Lankart 57. 90% germination. lOtf Ib. 12 miles south of Wellington on Highway 83 and Ms mile west of Memphis Y. Eugene Brewer. 44-5p Smith at Association office, 911 West Avenue in Wells & Wells building, on Tuesday and Friday of each week. 37-tfc Savings Bonds? They've been stolen and thrown into a river. Mistakenly left in an oven and baked at 400°. Hidden in a cookie jar and eaten full of holes by hungry beetles. Forgotten in a is free. The safety is just one of the many reasons why U. 8. Savings Bonds are the most widely held securities in the world. Another good reason why you should in- pair of work pants and washed, vest in Bonds is the important job Bargains in the Classified Ads. bleached and spin dried. Cut into tiny pieces by an irate wife. Gnawed oy mice, and gobbled up by goats. Yet, in spite of all these mis* fortunes, these Bonds weren't lost to their owners. They didn't even atop growing in value. The Treasury Department keeps a record on microfilm of every Savings Bond sold. So every Bond that's lost, destroyed or stolen fU VJ. ffovwMMnl <0M MfMtf Af ttto •JMrtWWj n* rruuwy &*w*M»t I ttenfcc n» AdvirtMflf (taNKOMl tkto (MWijMiwr /or thtir patriotic Mfffffc AD NO. SID-244M-3 COL. X 1W UNES-NEWSPAPERS, JULY, 1963 they can do right now in making America safer from the enemies of freedom. Buy Bonds and see if you don't* feel pretty good about it. Quick factt about U.S. Sorlftf* Bomb • Toa get $4 for every $3 at matarttj • Yon can get your money anytba* • Your Bonds are replaced fret If loatf destroyed or stolen • Yon ean Bate MtQ* matically on Payroll Savings KMP fratdom In your future wltfi U.S. SAVINGS BONDS FOR SALE — Brabham peas. 80% germination or better, $7.50 per 100. Also Krause one-way, $150. Roy Canada, Quail, Texas. 43-4p FOR SALE—Case mowing machine, 7-ft. sickle, with several extra sickles. L. W. Hartman. 43-3p SEWING MACHINE for sale— Need someone with good credit or cash to take up payment) on 1964 Sewing Machine, like new. Completely automatic. One-half paid out, $8.78 per month. Write Perry Wright, at 4118 34th St., Lubbock, Texas. 43-3c Original Replacement Seatcovers Custom Fitted On Your Car Whites Auto Store Wellington, Texas 31-lc FOR SALE—160 A. grass 7 miles from Shamrock. Well located—% minerals. Price $14,000.00. 198 A. on pavement, 105 A. cultivated, 64 A. in soil bank through 1966. Small cotton base, 86 A. grain base. Some native grass. % minerals. Price $15,500.00. Tom Montgomery Real Estate, For Ethan Allen Treasury of Early American Furniture SIMMONS FURNITURE Hollis, Okla. 17-tfc SEE US FOR Venetian Blinds Floor Covering Carpet, Tile, Linoleum Philco Appliances Washers Dryers Bhie Lustre Shampoo • Roper Ranges • Dearborn Heaters S&R HARDWARE Sam Adams, Mgr, N. E. Corner Square Phone 447-2553 43-tfc Shamrock, Texas. 43-3p STRONG'S FLOWERS have all your lawn needs, vegetable plants, lots of blooming plants, ipetunias, periwinkles, snapdragons, fancy leafed caladaums, verbenas, dahlias and others. Call 447-2345. 40-tfc New Automatic Maytags JUST INSTALLED We also have 10 dryers to serve you. We also do the customary wet wash-dry wash or you ean do it yourself. Duncan Laundry 9th at Ennis tfc Bulldozing Terracing Grading Harold Elbert 48-tfe MONUMENTS: WILLIS-FELLOW QUARRY GRANITE, OKLA. FACTORY PRICES Only 52 Miles Call collect KE 9-2184 or send letter & we will call on you. CITATION BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF TEXAS To any Sheriff or any Constable within the State of Texas—GREETING: You are hereby commanded to cause to be published once each week for four consecutive weeks, the first publication to be at least twenty-eight days before the return day thereof, in a newspaper printed in Collingsworth Comity, Texas, the accompanying citation, of which the herein below following is a true copy. CITATION BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF TEXAS TO: W. S. Cross, Bruce W. Bryant, I. V. Winningham, A Newbcrry, C. Newbcrry, A. C. Newberry and A. & C. Newberry, the unknown heirs of each of said named Defendants, if said Defendants, or any be deceased, and the unknown heirs of the unknown heirs, if any of the unknown heirs of said named Defendants be deceased, the unknown (personal representatives, administrators, executors, executrices, and devisees, if there be any, of said named Defendants, or any of said named Defendants, and the unknown heirs of any devisees of any of said Defendants, and all unknown persons having or claiming any interest or lien in and to the hereinafter described land, and if any of said unknown persons be deceased, the legal representatives of each of said unknown persons, and the unknown heirs of each of said unknown persons, the legal representatives of the unknown heirs of said unknown persons, if the unknown heirs of such uu- known persons be deceased, all persons claiming title or interest in the hereinafter described lands, Defendants, Greeting: YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to appear before the Honorable District Court of Collingsworth County at the Courthouse thereof, in Wellington, Texas, by filing a written answer at or before 10 o'clock A. M. of the first Monday next after the expiration of forty- two days from the date of the issuance of this citation, same being the 15th day of June, A. D. 1964, to Plaintiff's Petition filed in said court, on the 4th Day of May, A.D. 1964, in this cause, numbered 4270 on the docket of said court and styled Floyd Teutsch, Plaintiff, vs. W. S. Cross et al, Defendants; in which said suit Floyd Teutsch is Plaintiff, and the above named parties to whom this citation is directed, are Defendants. A brief statement of the nature of this suit is as follows, to-wit: Suit in trespass to toy title for the title and possession of Lots One (1), Two (2), Three (3), Four (4), Five (5), Six (6) and Seven (7) in Block Forty-one (41) of the Original Town of Docbon (formerly Dodsonville) as shown by the recorded map or plat thereof, and for damages as is more fully shown by Plaintiff's Petition on file in this suit. If this citation is not served within ninety days after the date of its issuance, it shall be returned unserved. The officer executing this writ shall promptly serve the same according to requirements of law, and the mandates hereof, and make due return as the law directs. Issued and given under my hand and the seal of said court at Wellington, Texas, this the 4 day of May, A.D. 1964. Attest: /s/ LORENE JENKINS Clerk, District Court, Collingsworth County, Texas. [SEAL] 42-4c tfc TONS OF CALMNESS Over 50 tons of a certain tranquilizer pill are manufactured and used each month in tiho U.S.

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