Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 25, 1972 · Page 3
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 3

Pampa, Texas
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Sunday, June 25, 1972
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Social Security Facing First Major Changes Since 1935 >lT w ^ . .. r. .ti. ..... BMrf ralirorl in 9(H5 Inn ihu onmp 5.7 DCf CWIt "BlC J_* .„, PAMPA DAlir NIWS PAMPA, TEXAS Mlh YEAR Sunday, June 25. ll« WASHINGTON (APl - the total Security bill now being printed for Senate debate will make the most important changes in retirement levels tfrice the system first was set up Ml lift. Congressional supporters say enactment of the legislation will mean for the first time that Social Security will pay monthly benefits which will assure a good life for the elderly. The payments could go as high as $2,000 a month in 21st- century dollars for a young person just now starting to work who reaches M about 43 years from now. tn the early years of the system after it was signed into Inw Highland General Has LVN School By JUDITH KITTO 'Highland General Hospital KM three teams of nurses who Work together in order to give the best possible care to its patients. The most skilled on the nursing staff is the Registered Nurse, who has from two to four years training and serves in a supervisory capacity throughout the hospital. •The Nurse Aide goes through a 40-hour training period in order to assist the Registered Nurse and the Licensed Vocational Nurse with their duties. -The Licensed Vocational Nurse has 12 months training in the particular nursing skills needed for patient care'. Highland General Hospital has its own Liscensed Vocational Nursing School. Started seven years ago, the school has one graduating class each year. Under the direction of instructor Mrs. Jackie Hartgrove, R.N. there are presently 13 students enrolled in the L.V.N. program. The students have classes in anatomy, mental health, first aid, personal vocational adjustments, vocational skills, geriatrics, obstetrics, new born care, nutrition, pharmacology, pediatrics, microbiology, and medical and surgical nursing. Classes begin in early fall for the L. V. N. student. After 17 .weeks of intensive study, known as the pre-clinical period, students receive their caps. Then they work on the floors .and attend class one day a week. Supervised by the R. N.'s. students get actual experience for the next 8 months until their graduation exercises in September. ; After graduation, they must 'make application for State fioard Examinations which are MRS. HARTGROVE given in Austin. If the student passes the examination, she is then a Licensed Vocational Nurse. The L. V. N. School takes applications for classes in March and April of each year. The applications are processed and selected by a school board composed of two doctors, the hospital administrator, director of nursing service, and the class instructor, Approximate cost of the 12-month training program is $350.00 which includes books, uniforms, etc. The fall class of 1972 has reached its quota but those interested in attending the L. V. N. School should call the hospital in order to make application for next year's class. by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, payments were so small officials described them merely as a base of support for the aged. , . But Social Security levels have been moving upward steadily in recent years, climaxed by a burst of activity since 1970. In January, 1970, a 15 per cent hike took effect and, a year later, an additional 10 per cent was granted. The bill to come before the Senate in mid-July is certain to contain at least another 10 per cent, which the Finance Committee has approved. But it seems more likely to be 20 per cent since M of the 100 senators have endorsed the higher figure. In another provision there would be an adjustment in benefits and taxes every time the price index rises 3 per cent. Taking into account all these factors the Social Security Administration was asked to calculate what benefits would be in 2015 for a young person starting to work now at age 22 and retiring at 65 after paying maximum Social Security taxes each year of his life. It was assumed that prices I would advance 2% per cent 1 each year and wage levels by 5 percent. An individual who worked through his life under the $10,200 wage base—the amount of annual earnings on which taxes would be paid-would get $1.990 a month or $2,985 for a couple under the proposed 10 per cent increase. For an individual who worked through his life under a $12,000 base, the amount needed to finance the 20 per cent across- the-board increase, the answer wa a that his benefits would be $2.360 a month, or $3,540 for a couple. These startling figures compare with present average payments of $133 for individuals, $223 for couples. The maximum payment which an individual can receive who retires this year is $216. A young person who started work this year and retired in 2015 would ,get $295 under present Inflation obviously would take a toll of the sharply higher future payments the bill would provide. However, the Social Security Administration figured that, even in constant 1972 dollars, the monthly check for a person who worked a lifetime under the $12,000 base and with the 20 per cent increase would be worth $735. This compares with the $2,360 he would receive in 2015 dollars. The taxes to finance these payments also would go up but not in the same proportion. The maximum levy this year each for a worker and employer is $468, if a 5.2 cent rate is applied against a $9,000 base. Next year, under the Senate Committee bill, the maximum tax would be $581. By the year 2011, it would be up to $754 as the bill's provisions stand now but this does not take into account automatic adjustments which would be made to finance the cost-of-living raises. With a $12,000 base, if that is adopted on the Senate floor, the tax would be $684 next year us- ing the same 5.7 per cent rate for 1973 adopted by the Finance Committee. Social Security Administration experts said that, assuming a $12,000 wage base finally is included in the bill for 1973, the wage base could reach $85,200 in 2015. Such a wage base, with the 7.4 per cent tax rate starting in 2011 under the Senate bill, would mean annual taxes of $6,304 each for the employe and employer in 2015. Only a few persons would pay such taxes because few would have such earnings. Social Security and Finance Committee officials said they could not give a figure for total taxes over working lifetime of a worker starting employment in 1973. They said the cost-of-living adjustment introduces too many variables and that one, population growth, is hard to oredict. - - This is Your Invitation to Attend PUBLIC MEETING ON ALCOHOL ABUSE! DR. J. 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MARTIN ZWEIBACK mum nlOU BRANDT , GENERALFILM CORP.BIUSI IM"* Topo 6 Texas 5BIVE-W Oftra 0:30 ADULTS 1.25 SHOW AT DUSK ••—i^—• LITTLE HO MAN WS EITHER THE MOST | HBUGTtt HERO IN BISTORT ORiLlAE OP INSANE PROPORTION' REG 1.09 IPANA PLUS 3 TOOTHPASTE FAMILY SIZE SCOPE MOUTHWASH 3 ounce size FOR VITALIS HAIR GROOM Reg 1.38 RAIN WAVE OSCILLATING SPRINKLER I REG .95 Gillette Right Guard Anti-Perspirant SPRAY , .DEODORANT REG 2.09 ARTHRITIS STRENGTH) BUFFERIN TABLETS 100's 19 TOTEM TRASH BAGS 10's REG i 1.98 WELLA BALSAM HAIR • CONDITIONER I cl MODEL 450 FOCUSED FLASH POLAROID CAMERA Reg 24.95 New Presto Mist REG 37' 200 2 PLY SOFTEX ULTRA BAN 5000 Anti Pert pi rant SPRAY DEODORANT ELECTRIC HAIRSETTER FACIAL TISSUE baby I lotion KODACHROME II KODAK MOVIE FILM 24 Rollers SWEDISH TANNING SECRET SUNTAN Lotion or Oil Shoes illustrated in white, platinum I Reg 3.20 109 Boxes M* ALBERTO VO 5 HAIR SPRAY JOHNSON BABY LOTION REG 1.29 77 e ' 7 Reg 2.35 19 Other Summer Shoes Vitality and Air Step Val to »22.99 Val to* 19.99 Val to M4.99-M9.99 80 1A80 DtSTlN HOffMAN "UTFlt BIG MAN" Panaviston* Technicokx * 1 G * COMING SOON BIG TRIPLE FEATURE Big Group—Stylish U FANTESY SHOES H Reg »l2.80 to *14.99 ____^__ MEN'S SHOES Big Group—Values to * 19.99 pr Reg 19' EVEREADY "D" CELL FLASHLIGHT BATTERIES Reg 30 C each FOR LARGE SELECTION BLACK & DECKER ELECTRIC LAWNMOWERS JERGENS DEORORANT BATH SOAP S? 2 For 19 e All 10' CANDY BARS 3 For 19 C IULOVA SKYSTAR "C" 17 jewels. 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