The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 30, 1934 · Page 3
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 3

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 30, 1934
Page 3
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'FACE Wins Red River's Sheriff Job Poll* SOO More Voles Than Both His Opponents Receive ONE VOTE APART *-i- CI^ARJKJSVTLLE. — - Unofficial • primary election returns from the j -forty-tWo votins boxes in Red! River county, all complete, sive \ ch« office of sheriff to J. 3*. Geer. | who polled "500 more votes than i both of his opponents. Finis; Brandon of Fulbright was second \ : Mfitb. 2,061. and W. C. Lum last'; wiib 46±. . ' ' i I For court of civil appeals. Keu- V ben A. Hall led Richard R. Levy by a vote of -426 to 2340. In the rare for judse of the 102nd Judicial district, comprised of Bowie and Red; River counties. George Moi—ison polled 3643 votes in Red Kirer against 1530 for N. L. Dalby. Mr. Morrison polled more, votes In the county than any other candi- * dat«* with an opponent. , <f\5 C* D. (.JBuck) Sourne. inuanab- ent .state representative, was re-} elected over \V. R, Garland t>y an. ovex-whelming majority, thi vote! teliig 3603 to 1575. M. I* vFren \ •was.returned to the of£v:e of* c»>uc-y judge over his opponent | P--tt B._ Clark with 31G4 votes W9d Fires Sweep West Thousands of Acres Tim- bejr* Grain, Brush and Pasture IN SUPERINTENDENTS RUN-OFF j. FRANK: JONES IN ATTORNEY'S RUN-OFF 1 i?sil Beadle led Sam Uocker ia it majority of n.e boxes to win ti.e coun*y attorney's rs.ce by «, veto <t 3.0S9 to 236?. 12. W. Bowers, appointed to fill the term of the late T K. B «.nks ;*s district clerk, was elected to tliar oTfice by a vote of 2,005 to 2342 for hi* opponent, A. .H. Barton. in the county supertntetideDr's race, with more entrants than any •otlifir contest, John T. FeJtt. polled ^345 votes, with Roger Swanii *ec- ofldi with 1349. Mrs. W. 3JL G. \Vit- mer was third with ~S5. Moody fonrtb with. 517. and Mrs- Wolfe Tisdale. ne^t with -tfi4, placing Felts and Swarm in tfce run-off. Jf\ Y. Marable retained tin* office of county treasurer by defeating his opponent George "W, Wnitemstn 4,002 to 2217. Contests occurred in three precincts in the commissioner's race- In .prencinct 1. Frank Tver of Bo- jrata, defeated incumbent J. A. Chesshir. Bogata, 114S to 773. C, R, ^fatiart running for a. second *erm, l«d In precinct 2 with 470; Marshall Phillips was second witii *S7, Xeil ilartln. third with 265 and C- Bu Flippo last with 37. In precinct 3, JLee Bailey and O. H. Sareent went into the run-off, polling 442 and 24S votes respectively. IJe* Gatiiinys ran & close third with 245 and J. B. Pope gar- SAK FRAKC1SCO- </P)— Fires swept thousands of acres of dry timber, sraia. brush ana pasture lands of the -west Monday. The.greatest concern-was felt ia the northern -tier of stat'e» from the Cascade Mountains ia Washington to the'Rockies in Montana where rlcfa timber and srain lands were blackened as -hot.".dry weather, favored the flames. In Southern -California, five miles from Pasadena, a. crew- of 2.000 fire fighters watcl*ed a blaze burn itself out after sleeping 2.5^*0 acres of timber and brush in the Sierra Madre; mountains. Trvo thousand acres of timber were destroyed. on Kittitas summit 111 the Cascades- More fhan 400 men fousht the blaze while 300 others battled two other large north central TVasbin^toir fires- In the last. five days 135 fires- -were reported In /Wenatchee. Chelan and Colvllle national forests. ' Ttoaring: alon^ a 20-mile front bofvveen Riparia and PenneTvawa in eastern "Wasninsion. flames destroyed thousands of acres of grain, hay an<5 pasture land. A 2.0<M> acre =rrain fire n^ar Stites in Northern Idaho was brought under control Sunday. An SOO acre blaze !n yellow pine near Curlew was the most serious of a number of fires in northern Idaho, while 2,500 acres -were charred on Warm Springs creek in Southern Idaho's worst fire of the year. Tinder dry forests stave Montana zhe most critical fire hazard in five years, said regional Forester Evan Kelley. Airplanes carried ISO f shters to blazes in the Selway forcst. . G. BRUXSON Worried About Expenses? Spare A Look For These CLABKSVILLE DRAWS BIG ELECTION CROWD Yanks Win In Doubles YORK. &) — To the millions of Americans wiie> have wondered what they'd «io if they ha<] :o strusrgle through life on $5.090 a month, the expense ae- courst of little Miss Lucy Cotton Thomas may afford an answer. Miss Lucy is only nine years old, but so far—as shown by the accounting filed by her guardian and mother, Mrs. Luey Cotton Thoma MaGraw—lias averaged more inau ?5,OOQ a month in expenditures. Rent takes a chunk of the S5.000. running §1,500 (a month, not a year.) Then there's the chauffeur, for one just must have a chauffeur: and a maid. and. messages, and toys. $71, and. not VON HEVDEIVBURG IS REPORTED ILL S*rom Page One) Germany Concerned Over Health Of Her A^ed President ~ For- public weigher at Ciarks- vtlis, A. JB. Fo-wlcr led his three opponents with 434. J. S. Holland received 457, Key West 331 «.rsd Ballard Soward 427. - Keats Its in other predact races follow: public weigher, Bogata, *J. D, Pnckeiu 5Sr SI. M. Brunette ±15; Philip Hobbs 145, Alfred Brown 273. Roy Gibson 407; r. J>etroit: F5em Gibson >rs-« Epps 412; Justice of peace, p-ecinci 4: Joe ^VaId^«m *?-. Q. A, Cfeaujb-srs 451; jastice of .peace, priucinct &: K. C. Bow- trtxn 275. C- .H. Sturat 6S. Joitn 3>avis 102; justice of p«ac«. pre- ciact T (no entrants, names be-ing in): Joe Sivley 15. M, D. 1. Omar PacJcett *.' W, H. Pitcox'an *: justice of prencincl 5: \V. H. TT. J. GiHiam 343; constable precinct ": L. C. Kuthart, 11 S. I*. ST. :Cos*ta» 135; constable. Bogata; A 3F". Roberts, 577. H. M. Piitruan TS§i constable precinct 4: K. H. ^_5, John through 'Saturday Aug. 4. Taylortown. W. A.-Nobi*s, Monday p. m. and Tuesday p. m. July 31. A-jgast I, Cotioni.voo<3 school bouse; Wed,- ivisday through. Thursday noon, Tigertown; Tnureday p. m. tbroush Friday, Georgia; Saturday. Maxey. "W. F. Moore, Monday p. m- Jnly 30, Home, Mays Prairie: Tuesday through Satrvrday, Direct. George Collier, July 30. 35enday noon tbrousb- Saturday. Blossom. J. Q. O'Connor. July 30. Monday noon through. Sa-ttirday; Petty Caviness, ilonaai' noon, CO. through Saturday. "Women's club hous^, Cblcota, Tesa^. J, Tr. Peace. Tuesday a.nd "Wednesday. July 31, and Aug. 1. Faught. Texas; Thursday L'. "Vv'al- E,'—One of the largest crowds ever in Clarksvlile •seas hers Saturday eight to receive election returns posted on a bulletin board on the north side of the Stiles Drtis^ company .building. Results ivere received by the election bureau setup in the chamber of commerce- off Ice across the street, and transmitted to the board uiarker by means of s. special carrying-, devie-e, Returns -were tabulated, as they came in by telephone- from the various boxes. ..aad. the entire job finished : at rnidnlsrht in what si&id to have been Uie shortest time ever required. Tabulatin:: -work . was in charge of County Chairrnan R. D. Guest, secretary C. A. Rose, and Joe Pm- sor., assisr.*'! by 3Fas O. Wittner. Roy Er-wrn. Frank Smyre and \VeSdori Abbott. George M. I-ott^ Jr.. aitd Stoefen, as expected, ilonday defeated Harold G- X. and George Patrick Eushes in "the doubles escotLnter. of the Davis cup challenge round, 7-5, S-0, 4-S, <*-", to give the United " States a lisrhtins chance- against Great Britain in tb.e five match series. Their victory in the third encounter sent .the decision, to tlie final two singles matches Tuesday between Sidney B: Wood. Jr^ aJad. Senry Wilfred (Bunny) JLnstin, and Frank X. Shields and Fred Perry. - . '• .' . '• •' Perrj" defeated "Wood in;a-bri^tl- insr. five-set encounter Saturday in ths openins smgles and At^stiu humbled Shields 121 straight sets. Ix>tt and Stoefen -received unexpected opposition frotn the maJie- shift English team, Lee havin;; been substituted for Perry at ths last minute to. save tbe latter for singles duty. BERLIN ijp! —Heports that Paul Von Hind^nburg S 5-year ola president of Germany, is seriously ill caused alarm Monday. Von Hindesburs is at his estate at Xeudeck. -where he recently recovered from an illness. Details as o his present condition "were not obtainable but his health is admittedly precario-us. Frcm Bayreuth. ".vhere Chancellor Hitler has established a temporary headquarters, came •svord that "a certain old g-entleman is very ill/* Mosquito or Chigger Aerio«s • JnfceUvn. 5cratcb! Get a bonlc of BROWN'S 1X3TIOX- Just dab it o», Stops ttchir-s injitaniTy R ^ f j prevents Infection. Sold and jruar- ar,}"**^} by The Palace D~u^ i^tore. -~A«Jv, 3 J. C. Fulfer. Monday. July 30 p. I is. Ha-rracn, store; Tuesday. Mis- ford SL-hooliiouse, Wednesday. August 1, Grayland sehoolhousc; Thursday, Harnnon store: Friday, MJifortl sv-tsoviiiowsc; Saturday. I Harm on store. 1 N. t>. Kammond. Monday j ! July 4-C\ through ifaturday Aur. -5. | Bsr.k. | H. R, Vt'ebl'. 'Monday P- m. | 3y. Ui!"'-'U5h Saturday Auc. 4. j I>eport Bank, s J. B. Tld->vell. Monday p nt. July ; 3u, throiisss Satsirtlay IlH-port Bank. ,| L», ?«*, \Vh;tten, Tiies-day a. ir?- ! -fxify 31. throu^li Ki"i<ia>. WsiJiasas | Gin \ J. R. Krnjr>en«. Tuf-'S-dny, July 31. j ti-rOiisn Friday. Korres*. Hsl! | Ha-rtftou llarrai. M-^nticsy a. rn. I ,:u?j SO. ttn-ivjch Saturday Au£. 4, * '/. -\. Ft r;^u*y^- Vi'ednesday. AT^us.t 1,- Atliis, Kd Pranc^.. Monday July SO. { ;j'.^ r - rt »-.^=3. A at- -»- v*««9j .lyly ;«»,«u^b s5a.Tur<Jay Au?. t. I Gin OfTiCtf. BrtKjkjsti'ts, | W. K. Jus*i.s*.. >f*>rsfJrty. t>. T ^' ! - | A "major medical council" x-.-as seat to see Von Hindenburs: July -1. the day after Hitler's "purg-in^-" of nazi ranks by executions "of njimero'us leaders, Severs. da:--s later, hcv.-ever. the president -^,-as able to appear in public. He scorned to be ^vealfc and depended upon a csne for support. even Chrisunas yet}, and telephone 537, but little girls Hfce to telephone, too), and the drugstore ($55, which might be lor ice cream,} Groceries run about ?2GO a month, so .iiiss Lucy can set her vitamins ia artichokes instead of spinac-h. Then there's the Lido Country club at ?250, -which, is much less proletarian than Coney Island (but maybe not so much fun). Betiveen January 1229. and December. 1933, Miss Lucy required 5272,73-i, and there is still something- in the neighborhood of 51,500,000 left to koer> the -tvolf from the ornate dooi. Th& child's father v.-as E-Jtvard Russell Thomas, prominent sportsman. The account of the child's expenditures is being- scannec by Surrogate Foley. Heart Attack j Storm Area In Car Fatal Funds Asked i _ f Deport Woman Dies Suddenly Sunday On Way j To Visit Daughter 1 DEPORT.—Seized with a heart; attack while en route to Biards-j town Sunday afternoon with her j husband and daughter. Juanita.1 Mrs. W. B. McAllister, 65 years! old. died before she could be re-j moved from the car. They -were I about four miles south of Biards- [ town when Mrs. McAllister was TYPHQID GAINING IIN T DROUTH AREAS f.3>> — Public health service officials. notiDg what they termed a. "slignt" Increase In typiioid in the droutn area, cautioned the public Zsloncay to boll drinkisg: water when Its source is t!zi!cnow!i- XeT\- cases totaled 1,12 S in the past eight wee'ks. This -vras 174 more than in the corresporidiag perioc last year, bnt officials consider it s. normal variation. Increases were greatest in Texas. Missouri and Illinois, while decreases were reported ia Ofcla- iioms, Xorth and South Dakota., and Indiana. Besides boiling- water, officials said., the public should boil or j>as- ieuri;e aU milk, ana wash food They "were going to visit relatives at Biardstown before coming on to Paris, Miss McAllister tu return to Commerce, where she h^s been attending East Texas State Teachers eollese.- "rhe funeral will be held Tuesday morning &.T. the Deport Methodist church conducted by the Rev. C, S. "Wilhite, th© pastor, and bur- ia! -will be at the Bosata ceme- lery, pallbearers being L. M. McAllister of Bosata; -<"eil McAllister of Greenville; Kiliiard McAllister of Winnsboro; H^ H. McAllister and Lucian Cartwri^bt of Quitman. ilrs. McAllister, who had lived practically all of her life in this section, is survived by her husband and five children. Mrs. Joe j Threadgill of Glory; Mrs. Leon | Hignisirt of Biardstown; Mark land W. B. McAllister, Jr.. and ! Miss Juanita McAllister of De! port. I Negro Beats Paris Couple A Paris negro man was being held in county jail Monday following an alleged assault en J. B. Jordan and his wife Sunday -nighc. The atta.dc acctirred on South Eighteenth street near Mr. Jordan's home, members of the sheriffs force said. Monday. The negro is said to have as_ saulted Mr. Jordan after the lat- 5 ter had asked the nearro to move further dO"wn the street- The nesrro was said to have beej. in a loud discussion with a negro woman and another i3egT"O ms,n. The negro acquiesced but later returned, apparently angered by the fact Mr. Jordan had asked him to move- along. He assaulted Mr- Jordan -vrao retaliated as best he could- TVhen tee ne^ro attacked he- husband Mrs. Jordan rushed into the combat. The nesro Ti-as said to have knocked Mrs. Jordan down ssvera.1 times d.uring the s HOUSTON. tff\ — Effort* being made Monday tu raise for rehabilitation work int storm sroept area along * 100 front of the Texas Gulf coast aft*JF Red Cross officials issued an peal. W. A. Paddock, chairman Harris county chapter of American Red Cross, said hft received word from Wiffiam Baxter. Jr.. of St. Ix>«jhr. of the mid-western branch of th» Red Cross, that the organization aa<! Apr>ro7>ri?i>>d $5.000 from T»lions.! funds for immediate relief. More would be needed for repair* and rehabilitation work, the me»- saee said. Eleven person^ w^re kiHe^L -59 homes destroyed and 450 homes: badly damaged hy the burricsm* and t?dal wav<- ihat struck area last TTedaesday. 4 PARISIANS UNHURT IN AUTO COLLISION Four Parisians escaped injury other than minor bruises and scratches when the car in which they were returning- from McAIes- ter. Okla.. collided with one drivers; by Jim Bandy of California 3<» miles north of Atoka about l:4c o'clock Monday morning: and smashed Into a hillside. Both cars" were badly damaged. !Xo one m Bandy"s car was hart- Mr, and Mrs. C. O. Gill. John H. Furneil and Turner Frazier alt of Paris, were in the car driven bv Mr. Gill.- BOSTOX. (jpy —The United States' District court ilonday denied the petition of Charles" Ponzi. set-rich— quick ejcpop.ent. to set aside th* decision of the immis-ration- au-' ihorities to deport nirn to Italy, Xo charges had been filed ?vlon- j day morning against the negro j man. though Tne-nbers of the sher- | iffs force said assatilT; charges like--! ly -would be -preferred before the j day ended- The ne-rro -vc-as said to t irave beea -under the influence of j liquor vrhen the affray was staged. 1 Get Rid of Malaria! Banish Chills and Fcverl To conquer MaiarLa, you must do- two things. (1) Bestroy the infection In the blood. 02) Build 310 the bloo<l to overcome tlie eSecis a«d to fortify against fanner- attack. There Is on© medicine t&at: does these t^ro tnings and that: itf Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic: The tasteless quinine in Grove's Tasteless Cnill Tonic destroys the malaria infection in the blood 'whiJe- tbe iron builus up the blood* Tbou=s.zi3s of people Iiave con- cuered Malaria tcith ths aid o* Grove's Tastsiess Chill TOTUC. In addition to being a noted remedy for Ma.Ia.rza, it is also an escenenc tonic of general use. Gro~-e?s-. Tasteless Cmll Tonic is pleasant .to take a~n<! contains noti-ing" liarm- fnl. Even children like it and tlsey can take it safely. For sale by all stores. I^ow fwo sizes—-SOc and SI. Tne 51 size contains 2^i times yon 25 per cent more for your money.—A-lv. Let U. M*kc Your COUNTRY TRIPS RED TOP CAB CO. 10c fi^A 10c PHONE VO*t PHONE 9 E. Houston St., P«ri», T*x. Ser»*ces — Courteous I>r|\t:rs Dors3!<3 Co:hra.r. 'Iv>n-3ay July • 30. rhrough S^'cittsruay, Aiifs;. *. ' C. R. McCiurc, Monday p. J«5y 5*}, through Auarust 4. t 1+- B. T«rner. Tuesday. Ju^y SI. erioka rt*>re Air!in* road. Sstn* Harvey. Monday v- T". July 59. thTX>Drsh i^stxir^sy, Auy. •*, MHton's stor<", VVittt .Tt^JjTijtcTi. "T*vi »,*d a y a. m. July 31, thrcnig'tj Saturday. A.ugr. •*, j Sylvan Gin: 1 M. K. Boar. ^foT1d»r p. m. July | 30. T«ir«s<}aj" j>. TT.. July Si. Unity |«iay nodn,.Moxey; Thursday p. TO. |nr>fJ Friday. Mound Prairie; Satur- NOlV...get back Y° ur energy quickly when you feel glum and weary! Van Anderson THANKS THE VOTERS For the Support Which Placed Him In The Run-off For County Judge. I sincerely appreciate your support and hope to receive enough votes in the run-off to be your next county judge, —Van Anderson Political Thousands of smokers have adopte4 combating low eoergy aod low spirits:-wiseti their energy sags down they smoke a Camel! Their experience shows that smoking a Camel definitely increases your available energy, and does it quickly! Aod science has fully confirmed this wholesome "life." \That happens is that Camels* through their "energizing effect," help the body to help itself. They arc actually "turning on"' your own natural energy, xvhile you enjoy Camel's matchless blend of costlier tobaccos. So, -whenever yoa want to drive away farigue or "the blues," just remember to "gec^a lift with a Camel." refreshed, "with ai! the vim acd vigor that are naturall ours! You can enjoy the "snap-back" in energy that Camels offer as often as you want. For the finer, MOKE EXPENSIVE Sooo yoa are yourself again, comforted asd TOBACCOS in Camels »«w get oj* the nerves! Camels an med* from fia*^ MO1E EXPENSIVE TOBACCOS —Turkish and Dom«*tic—thavt any other popular brand. CAMEL'S Costlier Tobaccos never get on your Nerves **Whesa J thini I can't 30 another srep —then I call a halt and smoke a Camel. A Camel picks me up and gives m« th« energy * push on," Miss GEORGIA ENGELHARD

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