Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on August 15, 1970 · Page 117
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A Publisher Extra Newspaper

Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 117

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 15, 1970
Page 117
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Page 117 article text (OCR)

ALLEDI'liUi, TO Mo d*l «.seo», USED CAR ««AP AHC* CtOSINO OUT ftU. , 9,0 DODGE CAPS AND TRUCKS ... "TO M^dei €•„„„„,... „«„ C AR C«ARAH« HOT DOGS AND PEPSI HOT DOGS AND PEPSI THURS.- FRI. AIL DAY ALL NIGHT I I SAT.-SUN. ALL DAY ALL NIGHT 1968 Pontiac 5-D, H T_ UMant, V8, Auto, TriwtK, P. St.. R & K, Vinyl Top, Busiest Scott, Ccniolo, FtMtoty Refrig , T-o%rt&t l"t inoculate I635J) $2099 1968 Galaxie 2-Dr H.T., Fallback Roof, VI, Auto. Trans., t. St., P. Br., RAH, Factory Refrig., WSW Tint. Thil il th* nicest in Ph«. (22)9-8) $ 1799 '68 Dodge Polara Hardtop, V8. At/to IrOttt., P. St., R & H. WSW Tlro», Fact. Re fHQ,, ) -owner. Vary law $ 1499 '66 VW Squarebock I 4-Spd., All Vinyl Intori- or, WSW Tirol, if you'rl in the markot for d*p«n- dability and oconomy [ thii it it (6544) '1099 1967 Plymouth 2-Or. H.T., Fury III, VI, Auto. Tram., P. St., R ft H, Factory Refrig., WSW Tirol. Jutt liko n*w (6466) $ 1499 ' GTO 30: HJ . SutUtSeof. tar**oltrr V8, Auto Tran. . P. Si . R 4 H Factoiy (tf'r-o V*>jy huM throuQhotri (654$ i $ 2199 11969 Comoro 2-Dr. H.T.. 337 VI, Auto.. Trpni... tucket Soati, R & H, P. St., WSW Tirol, R.ol Sharp Rod ft Whit., Rcfrigora- lion (6563) *2399 1967 Riviera Vinyl Top, Lit. Gold Finish, VS. Auto. Irani . P SC P. Br., P. Seat., P Windows. Poctory P*. ff($. Plo* much morfl (•6635) $2499 BARGAIN HUNTERS PARADISE OF USED CARS... OVER 600... 1969 Toyota Co^ono Doh/»<> Buclrot S«-ot«. 4-Spt) R & M. Red.« , WSW Ti,o> D«lo.« Whofl Cnvori 164751 1968 Plymouth Fury III, Vt, Aute. Tmni., F. S».,P. §r., R» H, WSW Tint, Factory Rctrif. light cream in color very nice (6«32) M699 1968 Olds 2-D. H T, Cotia^ 5^~"mo, V8, Aufo Trnn^ •-. Si , R & H. WSW Tire*, 1 -o' r $ 1699 Plymouth 1970 Sport Suburban Wagon, Reaf Rack, Wood Sid.i, VI, Auto. Tram., P. St., R ft H, 313 VI, Fact. Rofrig. only 7,000 miloi (6570) '3899 l970Mavericl Icanamlcol 6-Cyl. En- glno, Auto. Tram., Hoadmti, Dolvio Up- helitory, WSW Tim ft Much Moro. Abiolutoly lika new (6477) '1799 1967 Olds 4 Sod . Cutlon 2 Ot H.T , BiaVB. 4-Spd.. B8. LI , Sonet* S»ol, Vwrv ord to find. Win! rondi I.OT. (6609) $ I599 1965 Impala 2-Dr H T, Super Spt>rt. Bucfret S<mU. Consols' 327 V8. Till Wh«cl. P St . R * H. Factory R,.. trio. Nitoil 65 any wWf(63«2.A) $ 1199 1964 Pontiac; Star Chief, VI, Aute. , Tram., P. SI, R ft H, R»frig. Juit cam* In trad*. Very w*ll farad far ' I (6414-A) $ 599 1968 Mercury 1 2-Dr. H.T. Menttge * Irougham, VI, Aufo. Tram., P. St., RAH, Factory R*frig., WSW Tlrai. R*ol Sharp 1- ewn*r(63S7) $ I599 1968 Fiat 220 I O, foslbock. <S-ipd 8uttot Stall. Contois. 5tpr«o, Radial Tir»>, Rood Whf»!i, Not o $ 1599 1966 Impala SI., RAH, ConieU, 8uctt*t Siati, Factory VUfrig. V.ry mil cand ! for (6427) 1966 Falcon Future, 6-Cyl., Aule. Tram., R & H, Real Sharp 1-owner in III* blue, WSW Tirai. Very *conomicol(6518-A) $999 1965 Chev. Wagon 327 V8. Auto, Traru,. P. St . R & H, WSW T,, ft . Ro(ri 8 O319-A) $949 1966 Pontiac 3 Or H,1 . Bonnwillo. V8. Aulo- Tro..» . P St.. P. 8'.. WSW Tire». Vinyl ftoof. Vtsry w«ll tared tor (6440-A) 1965 Malibu 2-Df H T, 3 rr V8, Std Tmn»,, RAH, WSW Tirois Vory Ni<» t-Owrv- or (6*04) $999 1965 T-Bird VI, Auto. Tram., P. St., * * H, P. Ir., P. Windows, P. S.ats, Fact, ••frig. Thii ii a cr«ompu«(1210-A) $ 999 1968 Impala Sorfy Sld« Mtdp R&H, 1969 Roadrunner 313 Magnum VI, Auto. Tram., Wido Ovali, R ft H ft Mora, only 5,000 actual mtlot, and warranty (6536-A) '2199 ... 1968 PlymouthVIP 383 V8. Aut« Ttt)n», P S»., P. SfOtt. P. Brol«« f Window,, Vinyl Top. Factory Rnltig., WSW *'""• ' i bnovtiM light .-- ..latlic (4608) 1967 Rambler 2-Dr., Inexpensive 6- \ Cyl., Sfd. Trans., Refrig., R & H, l-own*r. Immac- | ulor*, n*w car condition (6433-A) 1968AMX £ +n, ii T •'li^.t... .». ™ Aiifo, Console; Suite! $ I099 Auto Tio Fact. fief must se > 999 Plymouth 9-Pass 1961 Sport Suburban Wagon, Roof Rack, VI, Auto. Tram., P. St., P. Ir., Fact. R«frig., WSW Tirol. Liko rww (6627) '1399 1967 Ford S<|uJt« Wogon, 390 V8, Auto. Iron*., P Sf.. R & H, Root Rock. WSW T!I-<H. I.owner,very ftito (4042-A) 1899 '66 Fairlane GT 390 V8, Aute. Trans., f. St., R ft H, Refrig., Buckel Seats, Console, WSW Tins, clean (6390-A) '1199 1969 Mustang Faitbork. 357 V8. 4. ' Spd., R& H,p St,.BucV- at Seats, Moos, Focfoiy R«f'io.(l317.B) $2499 $1799 1968 Dodge Dart VI, Auto. Tram., P. St., Fact. Refrig., R «, H, only 19,000 mil.i, 1-own.r. j Liko now (6478-A) M799 1966 Impala 2-0, H T., Vinyl Top. V8. Std. Iran,.. R» H. P SI., Fo<l Refrig V«ify $1399 '66 Plymouth 2-Dr. H.T. Satillito, 313 VI, 4-Spd., Ceniolo, luckot Soati, ComoU, P. St., Factory Rofrig. (6S4I) $999 I960 Corvettt VI, 4-Spd.,R ft H, Hardtop, WSW Tirol, H.r.'s o real steal. (4071-A) '699 1969Corvair Mon.a, 2-Or W.T . Stjfl ^n WorrQAfy, Auto. Tram.. B«l<«t Seots. R A M, WSW Tirsis, only 19.000 m.les (650S) 4-Spd* «t> »rt«s t «, 000 m8in, R 8 H, Suiic •r"9*oH< Robrf WKeelj toSSS^) $ I949 1968 Fiat 850 ' SEDAN 4-Spd., R ft H, Buck.t Saati, V.ry Nic. Trom- portation(1306-B) $ ?99 1968 Stin Bath lop. 43' VI Iron... P S( . P. 6t., AM f. FM. Moos. Polvolass firos P Window* A best buy onywh^r* 166341 $3099 '68 Firebird 400 ligVI,4-Spd.,Comof., luckot S.ati, RAH, WSW Tir«, P. St., R.fri- g.ralion (6432) $ 1999 '66 Dodge Polara ft£H. WSWTirss. f«tf. iivvm '66 Pontiac GTO g V«, Floor Shift. P. WSW Tires, 1-Owner. . Looks good es n.w (1303-A) $ 1199 1964 Ford XI $1099 ,:••'- -r^- r V'' 2 YEAR "~ NAT. RECOGNIZED WARRANTY ON ALL USED CARS . AND TRUCKS vJ '69 Charger V8, Auto., P. St.. Bucket Seoti, Console, WSW Tir.s, R&H, Vinyl Top, Refrigeration (629 7) OVER 100 $ 2499 DRAWINGS FOR.. 100 GALLONS OF GASOLINE LUBRICATIONS & OIL CHANGES ICE COLD REFRIGERATION COMPLETELY INSTALLED '69CHEVELLE '69 PLYMOUTH FURY III '69 CHEVROLET '69 Torino GT V8, -Auto, Tron,., P- St., P. Br., R & H, WSW Tire,, Road Wheel,, Factory Refrig. (6422) 2599 TAKE YOUR CHOICE! I I I I I • you're Hignt!! HZN . $n is th* complete down payment, $71.11 is the comolete I credit for only M months. Or if you prefer to pay cash the total pri ' ' -----| ing all carrying charges: Taxes and 1111 license fees. Annua V8, Aulo. Tram., P. St., R&H, Tinted Glai«, WSW Tirai (6564) FACTORY REFRIGERATION V8, Aufo. Tram., Tinted Glati, P. St., R&H WSW Tir.i (6463) FACTORY HEFHIQEIUTION VS Engine, Auto. Trans., P. St., R&H, Tinted Glass & Much More (6625) FACTORY RCFMOEMTION $2299 FULL PRICE 1 °' ferred Total Down Payment Total Monthly Payment '69 Impala V8, Auto. Tram., P. St.! Protection Group, R&H, WSW Tires, Factory Refrig., Plut Much MCT. (6625) 22991 MOM& DAD DINE '69 |Ply. Fury III V8, Auto. Tram., P. St., R 3. H, WSW Tiiei. Pto- tection Group, factory Refrig. (6463) 29 1970 CHALLENGER Camaro ^or;:^'';" ^^•••mmmmmmtmmmi '69 vw Vinyl top, V8 engine, Tor- queflite Irons., Radio and Heater, Bucket Seats, Console, Power Steering, Refrigeration, Bumper Guards, Front & Rear, Tinted Glass, White Sidewall tires, Deluxe Wheel Covers, Fender Mounted Turn Signals, plus many mote extras. (6525) LIST PRICE 4313 SAVE 1386.18 Deluxe All Vinyl High Back Seats, WSW Tir.s, 4- Spd., Tinted Glass & Mo-,*(6558) '69 Monaco Brougham Pack- ^^ ** i—l *** *• oge. Vinyl Top, VB, Aulo. Trans., P- St., R 4 H, 50/50 Spilt Seaij, Factory I "elrig. (3I19..V, !•••••••• •• •• •• mm mm i V8, Auto. Trans., P. St., R&H, WSW Tir.s, Pro- t.ctton Group, Tint.d Gloss, Factory Refrig. (6621) *499 $ 269 9QO781 tCJOf Restaurant of your choice, with the -, A <x. M ^ *, t - . . . AT purchase of any new Car or Truck, CLOSING OUT ALL T| CKETS TO SEE MOTION PICTURE THE ""Chased between midnight and IOTA r\ftr»/»rr> WrTH A Oe raonstrafion Ride In Any 8:30 ft.M. IT/U UUUutS New Dodge 1970 MONACO Vinyl Top, 383 VB Engine, Torqueflile Trans., AH Fabric Interior, Power Steering and Brakes, Radio and Heater, ' Tinted Gloss, Factory Refri- aeration, While Sidewall Tires, Deluxe Wheel Covers, Radio Group, Bumper Guards Front A Rear, Moulding Group, and more (6552) LIST PRICE 5165,95 • i vvn it 3498 81 1970 POLARA 383 VB Engine, Tarqueflit* Transmission, Roof luggage Rack, Power Steering and Biakes, Radio & Heater, Tinted Gloss, Wh : i« Sidewall Tires, Deluxe Wheel Coven, Deluxe Interiors, Radio Group, Protection Group, Factory Refrigeration and more. (6520) LIST PRICE 5258.68 SAVE 1368,78 ""3889 90 1970 POLARA 383 V3 Engine, Torqueflit* Transmission, Radio & Heater, Power Steering, Tinted Glass, Factory Refrig., De> luxe Wheel Coven, Whit* Side Wall Tirei. (6528) LIST PRICE SAVE 1970 CORONET 500 383 VS Engine, Torqueflite Transmission, Vinyl Top, Power Steering and Brakes, Tinted Glass, Radio & Heat.' er, Whit* Sidewall Tires, Wire Wheel Covers, Radio Group, Factory Refrigeration. (6455) LIST PRICE SAVE 3218 81 FREE Liibe and^JH Change <i|jfe : ; 1 Year With Any Kip Dodge Choose from over 150 Darts, with prices starting as low os $2288, equipped anyway you could possibly want. Also, while they last, any new Dart equipped with an Automatic Transmission whether it be a 2-Dr., 4.Dr, Custom, or Swinger, free of charge. Hurry while the selection is good. 340 4-Spds., Swinger 2-Dr. Hardtopi, Custom 2 & 4 Dr., 4-Dr. St. dons, and G.T.'s. 1970 CORONET R.T. ""0 VB, Torqueflit. Tronsmliiien, Power Steering, Landau Top, Radio & Heater, Tinted Glan, Bucket Seoti, Wide O»al«, Road Wheelt, Tachometer & Clock, Remote Mirrer A Much More. (6543) LIST PRICE 46T8.6T SAVE 1587.06 3091 ONE FULL ACRE OF Chevelle 2-Dr. H.T., V8. Aulo. Trans., P. St., R & H, WSW Tires, Tinted Glass, Factory Refrig. (6564) 2299 Special Drawing FOR ONE WEEK THE USE OF THIS FABULOUS CAMPER 4 Adult SU«p«tr lnt«- 9rat«d Camper With Auto., Tram., Power $t**ring, P«w«r Brak«$, Air Conditioning, Stove, Qvffi.Show- •r, Sink, Cktmical Toi- l*t; Oat iUctric Befri- ••roter, Hot Water H»at«r, Double Sink, Trailer Hitch - the work*. 1970 DODGE VaTonPick-Up Long Wide 128" Wh.el- base, VB Engine, 4-5pd. Trans., Complete with Cab- over Camper. LIST PRICE SAVE 3299 NEW TRUCKS, VANS & CAMPERS 1970 SUPER BEE 383 Maanum V8 Engine, 4•peed, Wide Ovals, Scoop Hood, Eumbl, Be* Strip.,. (6636) LIST PRICE SAVE 4043.06 1265.40 2781 60 SPECIOL DRA *"NB 1970 DODGE D-200 3 /4 Ton Crew Cab T,n.,,,. . TION". 383 V$ Engine, Tint•a* Glass, Radio & Heater, Power Steering, Insulated Package, H.D. Tires i Wheels, Increased Cooling. LIST PRICE 6368.1 T 1987" PIGGY BANK SPECIALS 1970 DODGE Power Wagons 11 P;»er.nt Rugged Mod. els. 318 or 383 VS Engines, 4-Sp..d or Torqueflite Transmission, Factory R*lri- gerotion. Power Brakes, Dual Mirrors, Meovy Duty Cooling and Springs, and Many Mar* Options, Camp. •rSpecioli, 9 Ton W-200, or V4 Ton W-100, Models all "Priced at year-end Clearance Prices." PRICED AT YEAR-END CLEAHAHCE PHICI '*OOItU (6483-B) f Conn. Conv. P. Steering, Air, R»H.V«,Auto.(6S?2-A) 70 DODGE V2 Ton Pick-Up Choose from over 125 new Dodge Trucks, Prices Stort- ing As Low As $2197.16, 3600 Ib. Rear Axle, 2500 Ib. Front Axle, Heavy Duty 11" Clutch, Increased Cooling, Oil Filler, Full Foam Front Seat, Oil Pressur* Gouge, Radio and Hooter, Dual West Coast Mirrors, 8.25x15 Goodyear Tires, Insulation Package, Plus Many Mor* Extras. (4026) LIST PRICE 3611.81 SAVE 1126.94 2491 Station Wagon R&H, Aulo,, 2-Or. H.T., V«, Aulo., P.St, Air,R*H,(640o-A) 1970 DODGE D-100 'ATon Wide Sw.pillne |ox, V8 En? me, 4 Speed Transmission, inled W/S, Increased Cool- v Ing, 2-ton*. Choose from over 20 Adventurers •quipped most any way you could like.'(409)) LIST PRICE 4083.06 SAVE 1296,87 '*5BvlckCpflC. V-6, Std., Healer (6441-A) '•SChivT Sla. Wogen. 6-Cvl., 3. Sp..d,ftlH(6438.A) $299 ^•"B '*r <.Dr.H,T.,y»,Aulo.>.St:,R *H, Air, Vinyl Top (6494-A) 1970 DODGE D-200 % Ton Pick-Up Choose from over 35 diff.r. .ntly equipped VB's, 6-Cyl., 4-SpdL, 3- Spds., Torqueflite Automatics, Camper Specials, Adventurers, Heavy Duly All the Way, All With lonf Wide Beds. The Real Work- hors. of th. Light Duty Prices Starting As Low As '2561 BRAND NEW CAMPEB -* <o 1970 DODGE PICK-UP Long Wide Bed, V8, 4-Speed, Increased Cooling, (4084) ^2587" 1970 DODGE Pick-Up Workhorse Special Bonus • long Wide Bed, V8. 4- Speed, Heavy Duty Tfres end Cooling & Clutch, (4116) ^,2889" USED TRUCK BARGAINS '•? Je*n Cowv. 4-Wh. Drive, Radio < Bed, V8, 4-Speed, long Wide »ed, V8, (6434) *1 Chassis Mounted Cgmptr. f| SE HABLA ESPANOL . FKEE TAMALES AND TURNADOS SATURDAY H*at*r(647|t CORNER SCOTTSDALE AMU OSBORN ROADS 945-4371 *"> "i If '•.'* ' .*•'•

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