The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 18, 1918 · Page 7
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 7

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 18, 1918
Page 7
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WKDarESDAY, ^PTEMBEK 18', 1918. fil HTJtfCfilNSOK SEWS, PAGE SKVm SAVED BY k FAITHFUL WIFE Suffered Thirty Year* With aia'mitctt Trouble and Hemorrhafle* o' the . Bowels. The Stot-y C f a Wonde>fut fteclvjri' There Is linrttly any nne who doesi nit L 'Xpi-r- lence sotn* trouble with tlio atomnflt. H Is tu common llmt ye frequently pa*/ HttW or no attention to It. Yet the atomnch in vjrv easily upset, nnl i-jitmrhnl In- flarnmntlnn nf tho mu- rrmn llrt'n r di \ elops* grotvn worst.—th»t pnln and dtnt.fwi i«* Inccnttfnt and the truth tliiwna that • haw ah runic st-jnitteii | trouble. The ease of Mr. toulfi Young. 2UG Mcrrimac St., , . , Houheiu ;r. N. V.. I* lyplcjtl. He \vHlon: "I ^uiforcd for intrty yearn with chronic bow-,1 tnml'le, ftomoph trouble and hemorrhages of the oowHs. Wo bought a 'loTus'if I'PI-.UIII and I took. It faithfully. I WKHXI to f better. My wife iu'iBtia.1'd mo 1 > ron- tlltui' am) I illd fur HDIIV 1'iin 1 »s 'II- fectod. Now I am n well man." Afr. VOUIIK'H ''Jt|ieri*'nc6 In not umuu-il. If ytui Httffer from citUti-rh In .my form, r\'hethrr of the head, Httinwh, I HIW-S I H "r any port of Lite. body, try I'enuut It rmy be .lust what yon no »-1. VVruna romcn In either llmtld or tablet form r.n.l •o sold everywhele. Your doner In* tt i>r will got It for you. Aflk for Dr. H.iH- ' inan'a World-Knmnua IVruitrt Tonic and Insist upon havliiK It, If you want your health accept nothing else. All the ftlc.U and Buffering are (nvltett ki write The I'eruna Company, Dept. 7S. r*oln minis, Ohio, for Or. I fart man's lleallli Book. The book in free and may nelp you. Ask your dealer for a I'emna Mitiunuc* i Don't Let Soap • Spoil Your Hair When you wnsh your hair, bo careful what you use! Most soaps and prepared shnmpoos contain too much alkali, which Is very Injurious, as It drips the scalp and makes the hair brittle. . The best Ihing to use Is Just plain mulsifled coeoanut oil, tor this is! pure •iiffl entirely greaseless. It's very ehenp, and beats (he most expensive soaps or anything else all to pieces, you can get this at any drug store, Jnd a few ounces will last the whole family for months, , Simply moisten the hair with water and rub It in, about a teaspoonful is •ill that is required. It makes an abundance of rich, creamy lather, cleanses thoroughly, and rinses out easily The hair dries quickly and evenly, and Is soft, fresh looking, bright, fluffy, wavy and easy to handle, llesldes. It loosens and takes out every particle of dust, dirt and dandruff. ixesinol Serial Numbers of Registrants ... Who Registered September 1 2 302, Norvella Hidalgo Miller, 403 B east. 303, Martin Albert Bennett, 030 C east. 301, Ira Basketf, 4M C east. 306, Merle Jjetme Baker, 503 O east. 300, John Androw Cook, 409 F east. 307, Ruby Rogers, 625 D oast. 308, Whiter Kerrick, 302 South Reformatory. 309, Robert John Folllck, 310 Digger east. 3)0, Sylvester Ross Molyncux, 1201 B cast. 311, George Thompson, 1401 South Hum, John Wesley Harris, 503 east George Cook, 719 C east. , Clyde William Delano, S21 1301 B 800 401 312, Pork. 318, 814. east. 315, George Charlie Benson, 720 E east. 310, Wllllo CurtlB Jones, east. 317, William Newton Wlthrow, G cast. 318, benjamin W. Prltchard, Osborne cast. 319 Jesse II. Sawyer, 201 F east. 320, John Antonio Nelson, 422 F east, 321, Lee F. Tliroop, 1125 C east. 322, Clarence Alexander McQueen, 511 C east. 323, William G. Honey, Gen. Del. 324, Severlen Z. Herb, 503 B-anst, 325, Edwin Peter Jones, 009 B east. Will Shuraan, 548 C east. Perry S. White, 425 B east. William Mark Banta, 328 E 320, 327, 32S, east. 329, east. 330 331, east. 33i>, east. 333, south. 331, east. 335, 330, 337, enst. 33S, G east 339, 310, 341, east. 312, Lawrence F. Past, 403 Bigger Carl Fred Strand, 719 B east. Arthur Edson Slayton, 414 C Luke Welgliman Ferry, 010 C '—- * * Marl in Sorenson, 1400 Plum Jerome D. Helmuth, 406 C. Warnle Groenfleld, 027 C east. Ira Olns Ncwburn, 201 F east. John Bennett, 502 Campbell William Crawford Sparks, SIS Jerry Fil/.ell, 500 E east. Wesley Anderson, 524 G east. Clarence F. Jennings, 028 C 001 Os- Vasper, does stop itching and relieve eczema Many sufferers from eczema or similar 'skin troubles have found Kcsinol Ointment invaluable in stopping the itching, in soothing and cooling the irritated skin, and in most cases, clearing the trouble away. Its gentle, harmless ingredients make it safe for use on the tendcrest skin, and it is so nearly flesh colored that it may be used without hesitation on ex- jx/scd surfaces, Atk your rfaitfgim fur it. WHY .RUNDOWN PALE EXHAUSTED WOM EN SHOULD TAKE IRON "TW« c*a W mm h^mfmUt, tuMltby, rMy*ckfl*k*d, »t*»4)T ncrv«u wsntta witbmt Worn. Wkea the iron eo*l from th* blood of wvmtii loo roMi to from tboir cheek*— their chana mwi «ttr»ct- lvoB«Mtl«p4Ul. I alwiy* intiit that my patients take organic iron— Nuxatcd Iron—(not metallic iron which often corrodes the itoraach. and does more harm than eood}, Nuxatcd Iron i» easily aulmt< In ted, does not blacken nor in* jure the teeth nor upset the stomach. It will increase the strength sod endurance of weak, nervous, irritable, careworn, haggard women In two weeks' time in many cases. I have used it in my own practice tttih utobt surprising results."— Ferdinand King, M.D., well known New York Physician and medical author. (Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded—On sale at ill good driiggi&ts.) NUXATEDIRON Markus Edward Brady, 501 B Arthur Floyd Nelson borne enst. 34:1, Kdward Dave Newport, Gen. Del. city. 344, Rutherford Maxwell 013 Jl east. ' 34 J , Albert Robb Elliott, 004 G east. 340, Oi to Albert Anderson, Gen. Del. city. 347, Lemuel B. Hill, 801 east. 348, Engbart J. Sorenson, 423 Camphell east. 349, Horace Newton MoKlnney B 413 B east. 350, Banner B. Clarke, 500 C east. 351, John Franklin Usraan, 408 Osborne. 352, Arthur W. Force, 408 Campbell .east, ' 353, Arthur Thomas*" Cole," 629 : F east. 354, John Clinton Bowen, 120 Osborne east. " ; 355, George Arthur Wood, 515 C 356 east. 357, John Rowliin Byrnes, 300 Bigger east. 358, BIsdsey Allen Farhart, 535% H east. 359, John N. Herr, Reformatory. 300, Oscar Divine Nelson, 715 B east. i 361, Charles Raymond Elliott, 421 C east. 302 George Franklin Keeth, 318 F east. 3G3. William Henry Zuick, 1100 C. east. 204, William Marlon Wentz, 210 E U>st, 365, 300, east. 367, G east 308,-Sucion Roy VanOrdstrand, 601 B east. 368, Theodore,. Charles O'Loughlln, 410 Campbell east. 370, Louis Socha, 715 G east. 371, Charles Edward Tedrlck, 427 B east. 372, Samuel Schlefer, 529 C east. 373, William Taylor, 000 F east. 374, Daniel Cavannugh, 654 F east. 375, John Clavin, 505 E cast. 376, Benjamin Franklin Arnett, 121 Osborne. 377, Joseph Edward Aldrich, Sylvia. 378, George Edward Thompson, Sylvia. 379 Sol Huff, 803 C east. Fred Joseph Bradburn, 825 Robert Gordan McKenna, 310 [Your Best Asset — A Skin Cleared By—- CuticuraSoap CATARRH of tha BLADDER relieved In 94 HOURS Mixed vegetables can pe canned and they, wll pe very nftBdy,in waking winter &o«p, George T^e Cundiff, Langdou. Sylvia Registrants, 3S0. Harry Petrle., 381, Frederck Edward' Lang. 382, William Elmer Camp. " 383, Myron C. Ycnger. 384, Edward Grandville Howell, 385, Joseph Franklin Marklo. 386, Doctor Elmer Roseberry. 387, Bruce Schweln. 388, Walter Perry Jones. 389, John Edgar Smith. 390, Joseph Tliopson. 391, Albert Letter Stanley. 392, Arthur William Johnson. 393, Andrew Thomas Howell. 394, William Peter Krie. 395, Willard 'Wilford Foster. 396, William Newton Darr. 397, Marion Milton Ardery. 398, Charles Friswold Austin. 399, George Henry Trust. 400, Homer Guy Wright. 401, George Frank Kinnaraon, 402, William Elodge Shull. 403, James Ozro Batterson. 401, Arno Charles Houslnger, ' 405, Peter Reiser. 406, Henry •William Lang. 407, Jacob Frieahur Huffman. 408, Roland Alba Mutterson. 409, Peter Johnston Carlsog. 410, Omer Leslie Woods, Route 1. 411, Will Preston Wonack, Route 2, 412, Roy Kcll Hays., 413, Larren Lymou Gaston, Route L 414, Harvey Hardin Victory. 415, Roseoe Cole Prior. 416, Charles Oren Greer, 417, Hiram Petrle. 418, Edgar Lloyd Speaker, Route 3. 419, George Rusael Proctor, Route 2. 4?0, Archibald Tbomes Pruner, Route 8, 421, Henry Clay B"eatly. 422, Brownvllle Jackson, Route 1, 423, Julius Jorgenson. 424, Albert Irvln Yates. 425, JameB Lanel Morris. 420, Orvll Ellsworth, Route 1. 427, Walter Nichols Houslnger. 428, Roswell Leonard Cecil. 429, Ben Wright Riddle, Route 3. 430, Arthur Brrett Harper. 431, Charles Hugh Dnnlap. 432, William Haden Vance. 433, Calaway Calhoun Jeffers. 434, Lnurin Groseclose, Route 1. 435, Walter Thompson, Stafford, Route 2. 438, Charles Edwin ClotMer. 437, Ralph Hlgs Thompson. 438, John Dell Brown, Route 1. 439, Florls Lee Albertsou. 440, John D. Eberl. 441, George Wm. Schweln, Route 1. 442, Bennle I.eroy Clothier, Route 2. 413, James Arthur Wright. 444, Emmet Arrhar Comer, Route 2, Lnngdon. , 445, Edward Nelson Dinwiddle. 440, Joseph Otto Baler. ' 447, Chnrles Edward Brewster. 448, Howard RUBS Bean. 449, Ellas Richard Mangels. 450, William Albert Goodwin. ,451, David Vastin Mennls. 452, Albert Olson. 453, Manuel Reyes, Pestado, Mexico. 454, Gilbert Marshall, Route I. 445, Richard Bruce McGInnls, Route Stafford. 456, Hugh Lpcmtin Brownlee. 457, Grover Cleaveland Martin, Route 2. 45S;--Leonard Brown. 459, James .Milton Whlttaker, Route 1. • 460, John Wesley Coleman, 461, Fires Rodrlgues, Mexico. 462, Gnudeloupe Guerra, Mexico. 463, Manuel Madera, Mexico. 464, Daniel L'rendn, Mexico. 465, Pablo San Jose, .vtexico. ' 460, Estantslado Lamas, lluejucllla, Mex. 467, Milton Clayton Anderson. 408, Clarence Wilson Brownlee, Route 2. Stafford. 469, Walter Richard Blackburn. 470, James Edwnrd Mlnnls. 471, Jerom J. Hook, Route 2. 472, Howard Milton Lee. 473, John'Abraham Swickard. '474, William Marshall, Route 1. 4.75, Wm. Harry. Romer. 470, Orn Arthur Roseberry. Route 1. 477, George Everett Abbott, Route 3. 478, Clarence Joseph"Ttamey. 479, llarley Wilfred Kelley. 480, Troy Cllnto Mnrkey. 481, Joseph Chalmers Jackson. 482, Benjamin Franklin Burgess, Route 2. 483, Harold Bert Josephson. 484, Bryon Ardmore Schweln, Route 1. 485, Cash Maynard 'Brewer. 486, Daniel Conard Martin, Route 2. 487, Theodore Roosevelt Johnson. 455, Walter Everott Owens. 489, William Harold Shepherd, Route 1. 490, Irving Earl Brownlee, Route 2, Stafford, • 491, Wesley Everett Cummings. 492, Denzil D. Hopper. Registrants Elsewhere. 493, Kenneth C. McNew, Route 0, Hutchinson. 494, Ell J. Borntreger, Route 2, Haven. -495, Enos S. Yoder, Route 2, Haven 496, Ervln J. Yodor, Route 2, Haven. •197, David E. Schrock, Route 2 Haven. 49S Samuel Ruben Schrock, Route 0, city. 499, Estelle Hobart Wright, Route 6, city. 500, Tobias C. Yoder, Route 2, Haven. 501, Simen A. Comblentz, Yoder. 502, Daniel C. Borntrager, Route 3, Haven, 503, William A, Borntrager, Route 3, Haven 504, Robert Clarence Lyman, Route 1, Darlow. 505 Wm. Josoph Yoder, Route 6, city. 506, Abraham F. Miller, Route 2, Haven. 507, Noah S. Clupp,, Route 6, city. ,508, Noah S. Clupp. Route 2. Haven. 509, Daniel J. Headlnga, Route 2, Haven. 510, Jacob S. Schrock, Route 6, Hutchinson. 511, Claude Jacob Flufrock, Route 1, Darlow. 512, Jacob I. Yoder, Route 2, Haven. 513, George Wilfred Cook, Route 6, city. 514, Enos M, Yoder, Route 2, Haven. 515, Christ A. .Miller, Route 6, city. 516, Audy Moses Miller, Route 2, Haven. D17, Harry D. Borntrager, Route 0, city. 518, 619, 520, city. 521, Harry C. Miller, Route 2, Haven. 522, Andrew S, Miller, Route 6, city. 523, Jacob P. Miller, Route 2, Haven. 521, David J. Yoder, R. 2, Haven. 525 Dplpher Cant well, R. 2, city. 520, David Pereshelm, R. 2, Haven. 527, Daniel M. Coblentz, Yoder. 528, Cash Charley Earl Rickards, R. 2, Haven. Samuel M. Miller, Route 0, city. Walter Duncan, Route 6, city. , John Walter Gibson, Route 2, POST TOASTIES corn food ©•ag^t to fast—* Attractions at Every Turn of the Store These Autumn Days Fair Visitors— Our Rest Room is Open to You and Your Friends HEN wearied from shopping or . . waiting for a friend, will be glad to have you use It as your own. Make your appointment here and consider it at your disposal, at any time. w The Fur Season is Here and Now is a Good Time to Choose them It is not only the attraction of the Fair that has filled the town with visitors — we are quite sure that we are correct when we .s;iy that tho opportunity to sec all the new things In tho shops has a big place In the minds of most of those who come here for the big yearly event. And it Is most probable that the purchase of Furs Is among the things that you intend to purchase. Our stock of Furs offer the best of selections, and now Is a good time to choose them. Early pr'ces are best. Black Lynx Black Fox Taupe Fox Moleskin ' Kolinsky Dresses for Women that Show the Elegance of Simplicity Woo/ Cloth, so thoroughly practical and Satin Meteor, soft and lustrous, being the fabrics that Fashion holds in highest esteem, the one for Tailored Frocks, the other for Afternoon Gowns, and in both cases skirts are narrow and some what longer. T UNICS, more tunics and once again tunics—such is fashion's guiding rule with regard to the new gowns, practically the only exception being the cuirass bodice, which, often as not is accompanied by a pleated skirt. The tunic may vary in form as autumn leaves vary in hue—thus in one dress it may be at the back only; one may have it set on below the hips; another may show it waist high; "t>r it may begin at the shoulder. Apron tunics, long panel back and front and loose flying panels at the sides arc yet other guises that it assumes. In some models it tucks itself under the hem, a mode which worn with a wide fringed sash gives quite an Oriental air. Fringe adorns many models—very smart and new being long silk cord fringe of the sort that was once used only on furniture, sometimes long as that shown on the first dress in the picture. Navy and black are considered the season's smartest shades although taupe, brown and several other autumn colors are being shown. . Cloth Dresses at prices ranging from $19.75 to $89.50. Satin Dresses at prices ranging from $25.00 to $75.00 Beautiful New Silks Here for You O F all the beautiful materials that have entered the store it would seem that never has there been such an array as this showing of exquisite Bilks, which aro being shown. § u c h shimmering, glinting darts of color or soft alluring tones would delight an artist, and yet every style word that fashion has voiced for Fall and Winter is here fulfilled. Come in and see them on display. The pati-iollc note ^ of Prac­ ticability a n d smart BlmpHclty Is sounded clearly In in© now season's fash Ions you see here. Black Furs are very much In voffuo thU senflon. New 711 aek f. y n x , now Tllnck Fox, new Wolf Fur Swarfs, urrlvrd this mornlnK. New navy blue, a t r I B tly tailored a u 1 I a uiTlvlns dally. N c w b 1 a c k and navy Satin Drosses are be- 1 n K r e c eived this week. 529, John G. Kauffman, R. 2, city. 530, Harper l.el B hty,R. 0, city. 531, Victor -Leouldas Gaston, H. 0, elty. 532, James William Hlldreth, Yoder. 533, Jacob E. l/jder, R. 2, Haven. 634, Sauuel S. Uorntrager, Route 2, Haven. 535, Jonas II. Kauffman, Route 2, Haven. 536, l^eander S. Keim, H. 2, Haven. 537, John M. Borntrager, Route 2, Haven. 538, Frederick William Slocking, B. 1, Darlow. 539, Ell S. Schrock, R. 2, Haven. ' 640, Walter Ney Splaln, R. 2, city. 641, Samuel N. Miller, R. 2, Haven. 542, Fred Homer Robertson, R. C, city. 543, Henry Tuylor ICaleB, R. 2, city. 644, Joseph Ottenbeln MeNew, R. 6, city. 545, William Moses Miller, R. 2, city. 646, Albert H. Hammond, R. 2,'city. 547, George Bowser, Route 1, Darlow. 548, Rudolph M. Borntrager, Yoder. 649, Oliver Frederick Henderson, R. 2, city. 560, Daniel M. Yoder, R..2, Haven. 551, David M. Plank, Yoder. 652, Christian M. Miller, R. 2, Haven. 653, Earbest Jasper Hall, "ft. 2, city. 654, Charles Haines, R. 6, city. 665, Abraham M. Coblentz, Yoder. 556, William Zimmerman. Yoder. 657, Daniel D. Borntrager, Yoder. 658, Frank F. Klein, Route 0, city. 659, Paul Richard Patterson, R. 2, city, Burrton ReglttranU. m, Kenneth wllper Myers, R. i. 561, Charles Clyde Blubaugb, R. 1. 502, Harold Imel, Route 4. 563, Francis Hubert Fryar, Route 1/ 564, Frederick George Mackllu, R. 665, George Dewey Gordon, R. 4. John A. Base, R. 1, Burrton. George Washington Darst, H. 1. Harold Miller Dunsworth, R. 1. Frank S. Van Slakle, R. 4. William Loren Butler, R. 2. Glen Imel, H. 4. Archie Leland McElwaln, R. 1. Otto Johnson Teter, R. 4. Clyde Thomas Stanley, R. 1. Howard Joseph Hill, R. 4. John Denis Sahln, R. I. Claude Dewey Wagnor, H. 4. Bonnet William Kincaid, It. 4. • Alexander Martin Pitt, it. 1. Lewis Wuller lmhoff, R. 2, city. Clifford Spencer, it. 4. Wilbur Hamilton Skelton, it. 4 Oscar M. Jewell, R. 4. Waller Hubert Baker, R. 1. Chados Gibson, H. 2. ./ess Seedle, It. 4. Clyde Kdward Greshatn. R, 566 567', 5118, 669, 570, 671, 573, 573, 574, 575, 676, 577, 578, 579, 580, - 581, 582, 583. 5S4, 585, 5S0, 687, 588, 589, 590, 591, 592, 593, 594, 695, 596, 697, Haven 598, ton. 599, COO, 601, 602, f 14 NORTH MAIN HenM Harmon Lumen, It. 4. Eugene T. Miller, R. 4. Sherman Gideon Miller, R. 4. Clyde Clinton Mullock, 11. 4. Wm. Harrison Gibson, it. 4. Carroll Layfelte Hamlin, It. 4. John Demmett Myers, It. 4. Ernest Ray Downle, R. 4. Charles Wm. Troutinan, It. 1. Guy Middleton Bpley, It. 1, Edward Bruce Hoskinson, Burr- Guy Trout Mallack, R. 4. Wm. I-aid McFarland, R. 4. Jacob i. Penner, R. 4. Charles Alley Howell, R. 4. 1 Beautifully made boots from factories whose aim is quality, style, and service; in a large range of styles and patterns certain to meet the requirements of every woman of taste. Orders Filled Phone 2700 J in answering sdvenisoaisntfl please mention Th« Kcws.

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