The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 30, 1932 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1932
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

TWO THE DAILY NEWS. TEEPEEICR, MTV. MOHPAY. MAY 30, 1882. FIVE ARRESTED IN Gowns Of Clinging Fabrics In Wedding March To Chic Daily Radio Program Mrs. Vergie Lenhart Goes To Jai! in Default Of $50. 2 OTHERS ALSO "GO OYER"! Raxi_ig a- £35: Church street hj^s« .:-rly S'-raav -- T..r.^. city poUce ar- r,"4a -r.e ?---.r Mrs V=-sie Lerihar:. r. a "jrs" o: . ry-atir.; a disorderl} '. -sr.-^n; trt«i t^-sai;^ . r - to =- s.:.c a - -t-e : *»k- ri for - r --^;s :*fcr» Mar.s:ra-j Sherman ?. 3 \~rs .n P?...e C v -rt -3r.:ght Tw ?._-*· s«i "-Vv .--*: r*crv«J cerr..:.z tr.e orxrat-.r. c: '-r.* r.?-ise. Io- in -.--.e S^C-i.^ce. -'. Ea,«t Cr.-*rr. sere*' S Mr* l*r.sar: Ear_er Sa:,2 daT n'J"" OSrer M_lard Bruit i?r.t to :r.e p i ·= 'J .-..^-'..^ji'r a r:T.p.i.r." j-t :?_ni r- c^o'c^r ' .".« srr.^cd X?t£-:rrs s=.c t .e quieted e ··*·= Ir. tr.i .i.t'rtrr. Aa; j: 12 3"" c e ci ano'r-er orr-pls'.:'.'. vi, r. -v -.K: a:.- rh.-'f ·?: P u - » W.I- ..arr; F 3'*- -"-·?*. O-- --rs Georj? L a i - ' aisr., Virs..*.. M^-ra;. and Ar:.-.ur H;rT-nan *»n: to t.-.e «rcr.e As they ar- r...,-ci -r. fr r.t -f *h* .-.cj.'? t.'.'j w:i :r.e- ^e^rc j.r." cr:es of "Mjrccr." 'Pel.:? ' e'.c Mrs L*~-".ar', :: »i5 sa".i. ·aa? ^"cr'l.r.^ '.^."h an ^rr^par.t c5 t^-e The sax: h.25 seen a~d Dir..e:, -a -*are.s on vhe Trcre c.*t v^... "Acre QTM.c.*t.v ^rres.\. i.t*-n OScer Murray essajec a capture of James Bamoa^rh. ·a.:o had cltntb^c from a balc^nv to the rxf of Che h-us-e Meanwhile. f*o o^ter ore-pants. G'enn Eonaier and G^Idte Ba^;rwr. T.-rc plac- ei trr.ier arrest Daniel a AS charged ·Mth«.' s:;scrcer:y condact. n;htlr^t and possibly a vagrar.cj charge may be entered. police itated He 'sent to jail in de- · :aul: of $20 collateral. In addition to J running a disorderly house. Mrs. Len- ' har; «as charged with di5crderl\ con- o' S50.'jgh and Hcnaker ^erc | held under $20 collateral apiece a n d ' the latter bailed out. He was charged i Trith disorderly conduct and Bambaugh , ·srlth drunkenness and disorderly conduct. The Baugher woman was released on her own recognizance for a hearing on a disorderly conduct charge. Tne police said they fo-a! broken glass, bottles evidently containing beer . and other appearances of disorder. Tao other persons in the house at the time ·arere not charged offenses. Other Week-End Arrests Taken In custody by OScer, Tweed Burke, this c:t;.. went to ;a,l In default of S5 collateral on a charge of drunkenness. Similar charges against · Oscsr Ambrose and Catherine Kahn. both of LeGore, resulted in tneir incarceration in the jail under So collateral apiece. They were arrested near. tne parking grounds by Special OCcer ' Charles Burras. Garfield Spencer, colored, ncas arrested by Officer Arthur Hoffman on Saints street on a charge of drunkenness He also went to ja;l. lacking S5 collateral ' Charged «'.th disorderly conduct. John Boyce. co'ored. was arrested by Officer Layman at the intersection of Sixth and Market streets and sent to jjil in default of S10 collateral. Arthur Waiters, colored, taken in custody a MONDAY. MAY 30. (Central ac! Eastern Standard Time) Pr(?trairs *'Jb2«ct to cfcanj*. P S!. (Iaj::sbt tin* oo« hour later ) Note--All program* to key and bas'~ ria'n cr grg-j-s tnereof uolesa specJ- fl«J. coa«t to coast ie t» e) l»*!scatioa ir.c'ude* al! a\a Ubl« ata'Joca.) C«nt. Eats. «-OO-- 5 00--Current Evect*--c to c 4 -3-- 5:-!5--Vaughn de LeaBh--e to c 4 33-- 5.3O--Hall's O'ch --ioa»- out : to ccait {By T**« A*oclatttt frtrt, NBC-WEAF NETWORK BASIC-- Ea»t: »ea{ « X « y w««i -6r »rc » ·»t*n WM« wuio3 ITWJ *sa!. MSS»««i '»:.-yiq »c.'i itad woc-who wow »l»f NORTHWEST A CANADIAN -- W · n«'.p aebc »Jay fcf ^r ckjw ercf SOUTH--»rva nj»* wwcc « ' » J »fla-»sun w:o4 AHOI «w;c wsb 1*4 ».3x n«ri,t» kiOQ vv^y w!.*a urbap jtp wca! it*^« k'hs 'r kjhl 4 »i-- 5 45--Funryton«ra--coai 5.00-- « OO--Morton U^wrey- | S.'i-- 6 "5--Lar.n/ Host--east. Htd' i 5.3C-- e-»--easy Ac«» -- Basic; Four MOUNTAIN--ioa k« P A C I F i C COAST--k Cent. Ea«t. 12 SO-- 1 30--Vtmorial Day Prog. 1 JO-- 2 23--Woman'* Rad.o ? 00-- 3 OO--Pop Concert--A.»o «ou*J 2 30^ 3 JO--E!y Culbertion--Also Ca^ 2 45-- 2.4i--The Lady Next Door 3.00-- 4.-00-- May W* Present 3:15-- 4::5--Sk.ppy--Ea»! o:.:y 3 J*-- 4-SO-- Serenader*--c to c ;.£: SrStSSS.'J^s;?-^ «,«bi *--^-' ·*-«,-»' ««»-- e « out : out 5 45-- 6 45--E ng Crosy--?c-ast out . 6 OO-- 7.X-- Tie C.JO--Has :: Organ- i alsties--Tte°: { 6.:=-- 7.ii--S OS-"' Sam--Eisie: Mai* 4 Trto--1 jft YcdeiTS--*est 6 33-- 7-JG--Kate S~trt--uas e. Arai Cessue--i/ i e. W 1-e 8ott*--wr«t , 6 45-- ' ;--Co'onel aoc BuSj -- lias-c ' T SO-- 8 00--Sam Lamn's Orchestra i 7:'.S-- S.'.S -- Street S'nger -- Bae!c ; Crch --Oil t . Hamp'» OrcH--are* j 7.30-- 8'3-- Ma* S-»ioiffn'« Orchestra I g.OO-- 9 00--Sni!kr« Orch.-- to c ! S "^-- S.15--Mal« Chorus--c 10 C 8 jO-- 9 3--Barlow Synpbony--c to e S 00--1C CO--Mar- n'j Ore 1 !.---C *O C She's all worn out again Poor girl . . . she has the *«""· old headaches... backaches -- and bices. She ought to try Lydta E. Fuildum's Vegetable Cofcpooad ia tablet form. AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE IRK THEFT PROPEJRXV OAMAGfe. UABULirX HELFENSTEIN URNER FIBK FAJDA RADIO PHOW RE10ABU! RADIO SEKVtCK ROGER F. UPPS EXPEBT RADIO SERVICE. HOCSE WIPING. flXTCKES AND KETAIKS K* Job TM taaB--N»M TM Large HI. SXippy-- 4:3O-- 6:3O--Mounta:ne«rs--wter c^.; .; 4:45-- 5:45--June Purael'. Ballads | 6.00-- 6:00--To B* Announced 5:1i-- e:SS--Sonata Recital 9:30-- «:SO-- Ukelela Ike 5:45-- 6X5-- The Goldberg* 8:CO-- 7:OO-- Hiatoncal Sketches--East 6:30-- 7:30--Lawrence Tibbett -- Also south a=4 Canadian 7.-CO-- 8 00--Gypsies Orchestra 7:39-- 8-.3O-- Parade cf States--c to c 8 CO-- 9.00--Radio Forum--: !o c 8:30-- 9:30 -- Kay Ocnna. Contralto-Also couth and Casad!.ia *:00--10:00--Russ Columbo 8:1S--10:1*--Reser'a Eskimos -- Basic. Lawrence Tibbett-- West repeal 9:45--10:45--C*b Calloway Orchestra 10:CO--11 00--Ralph Kirbery -- i'ai.c. Sherlock Holmes--fr.t. and cwi 10.CS-- .1 05--Buddy Rogers Orchestra 10.30--11:39-- Larry Funk Orchestra 9 30--".C*e Orch.--c to e CO--15 00-- Arnneim O--ch --« to 6 ".0 3--11.:3--Madrigue'a's Or.--c to «· '· 00.--12 CS--Oarce--«aoc wean »^ac NBC-WJZ NETWORK BASIC CHAIN--East: w.'z Ike?) wbx '.v^;a W^T! wCa^: nJi* wgar *^r wiw M.dmest: woiv ij ir i.r»l %enr CBS-WABC NETWORK BASIC CHAIN -- E A S i : wane ( k e y ) »aUc wrolco wcao waab wnac w^r wkL«w Wire «l:k \viyz wdrc vrcau w p-wr?an w;as t\tan w?bl war*) wrral. M d*vest: EAST A N D CANADIAN -- » pj; wph *iMv wiiec wihz trf*a wy re cfrb i.kac D I X I E -- ttgst v. f--t wb r c v. M tt'Jod knox k!ra wrec wijc wc*ij wtoc kr'a wrr ktrh kt"a waco kf^f W(JT:S tt*L*G wda* »b'.R si ins wear vrjbj -rfiw w w \ a j MIDWEST--W,.-m nsbt «CT K n -- !"J · wraq wkbh kfab w!-n kscj »-:hw k'"-i ] wmt wnsx wlthr* MOUNTAIN 1 --k-. i r £'z Vo's ,-J-.! P A C I F I C COAST--k.J ~- x , . ' , E Kfrc kol k'»\ k".. ken Vv- J k'^-c r.v.^ Cent. EasL 1:30-- 2-3O--Arthur Jarret:--e to c 1:45- 2:45--Four Eton Boys---c :o c 2:CO-- 3.OO--Cactivators--e to c ' 2:2O-- 3:20--Rungs of Ladder--c to : I 9:33 2:«-- R«!«a!--c to c 3.00-- 4.oo--Pancho Orch c to c 3:30-- 4.30--Friedman Orch.--c to c NORTHWEST CANADIAN -- SOUTH--\vr\a wpt? wwnc n;s wjax ·..-.a-wsun mod wssi wnzc wao wap: a.'Jr wssjb k^oo w^y wJaa wbap kprc wcaj ii'^s ktha MOUNTAIN--kci ks! ks!r ksh! PACIFIC COAST--kgo k:-. =t-x kom: £hq k^o r.e-a kex kjr kca k:sd ktar Cent. East. 1.X-- 2.00--To Be Announced 2.90-- 3.00--Literary Program 3.15-- 3"'5-- Harry Kosen's Or. 3:55-- 4:15--Ji-.gie Joe. Sengs **+******+*·*·+*»*+****+********** LUht «-fc-- Work--Cos wad Loeksmltk SAFE KOKK A SPECIALTY JAMES E. SOLT i LIGHT WELDKG OF 4U. METALS _, ( VTORK IN BKASS. BRONZE » AND ALL-MXICM i ; 403 Magnolia Are. Phone 970-J !; S» XZAKS EaOfEEEESCE ase 4.00-- 5.CO--Ted Black's Orchestra 4 33-- 5-30--Impersonations--Also so ·» 45-- 5-45--Topics In Brief -- east. Orphan Arn e--r;i'jnesr repeat 5-00-- 6 00 -- Amos *n' Andy -- eas* cn* . Singtn' Lady--'! Mwest repl- 5:15-- 6:'5--To Be Announced 5 30-- 6 -0--Stebbtns Beys--^: to c 5.45-- 6 45--Jones . Hare--\'.^n so'J'h 6.90-- 7.00 -- Eastman Crch. -- Airo «out.i and Ca*-i'JL2n 6 20-- 7.30--Death Valley Days--c to c 7 CO-- 3 OO--Minstrels--Also «o-jth 7 30-- 3 "0--OlKn's Music--A's- Can. £ 03-- 9 03--Bob Nolan's Serenade 8-15-- 9-15--The Three Graces 8 33-- 9:30--Love Songs and Waltzes, 8--J5-- 9:45--McCravy Brothers 9 OC--10.CO--SlUTibcr Music -- basic; Amos 'n' Andy--Ite:»eat to west TO:3C--Piano Moods 9:45--10.45--Earl Hires' Orchestra -0:15--11:*5--Robert s Orchestra · 3.30--51:33--Jones Mare--coast BLOOD-TESTED CHICKS Brown aad WhlU S. C. Lethertu. SS-1M. Bar. WUU and BBS R*x. Anc«n»». Unit and Blxrk Minorca.. Beds. GoMen WhlU ad Sllier-Lseed Wjandotles. » per 1M. tentj Black Glints. Ufbt Bnbma- Buff Orplnitoni. $15 per hnndred- Asurted mtxed. $8 per ICO. IOC per cent, deliwerj coarmntrfd. 1 to 8-week-old chirks. Torkey Penlts. 50e. Dockllnci. Me Free Catal»c Phone ML All? US BECK'S HATCHERY DepL L, ML Airy. Md. BEHIND THE SCENES IN WASUINGTON ^Fr^rr. Miry Walls "^ - Yorki BY JOAN S \VOY ! NEA Scr%Ire \Vr.Irr It -s a grard j r a r " : ' rnaTi"! Just vsa:t until ;·",! ^ ~ tl:.' -ACii''..: 1 .? ;owr_s 'rorc whicli tr.~ j '·iri bride car. June r~se.s '.he M-"i niarch rr.»"r'.:^ht a"". · . - -- * ; - r.? ·.-· romantic seems lo h.\\c s^r.e Irsto ;hc.r mi'-ctag- You can ha\e ar.y materji jou war.' bui o:j arc bound u be pir._-»I to son;; o! the clir.zir.c. charm.r.; r."n aa:*rul for 5'j^h u.^s j:ich a^ ,-"·"': canto Tr.ere are no f\o a a \ 3 aoot. :t pca^ d'an^e h^s allure' \Vr.:te sat:;: st.ll ha? :U I^lja.r.z ' C-epes of mar.y \ar:-;»es .'aih.jn iaiart nrddini £:oa-r_5, e-.c-n ;ebj:_. crepes that take so ^e'.I so fi.fircd ·.ers.on^ of .thv. tne we'.I-^raonied b-.d- ^ju'.d s'.-c-.;4 ir Da:r.ty ::cts ar.n ';:.fT"ns a-'.'! sarric trme. ^as held ur.ccr" S5 col- e "' cr - ;^ jh - C ^P or^irS - are ID o- lateral- Charles Lo'sre TS.-OS arres-ec "*^. ""-", % c a r Sunday evening by Officer 3^-1 5-B.rt^cl _or J3-1- in cp.svi.t- o» So collateral on a crtinkfnnes charge. Tagged by Officer Murray fo" de-ale psrtir.j, Paul Cram pcw.od $". collateral John Kcllho'.ti ^as lagged by Spec^l OJScer HolLr.cs^ for park.-j ir. a pn*.ate driveway ar.d posted si. Ij3ic parklr.? charges were "' " ::! -- ?.r.a the ".P :.t fit' re w.ier* : · -j" . -^ S t ,·».:-.. '-·· .- . ;: .{T T!._i cl ^ .·}.·· ; -j^a i c'a".; · T. re .- .1 .· 2 r i r t f - : l '... ' /·:· b- \or j ·· p.'.-.-t -; --.t j en- :,.'. ·· -f o e..- _ b»i .' preferred bv Capt. Banf.ll Straley sga.r^ posted SI cc'. Of2:er 3r ar.d by Lieut Fred t j--e Padcrfsy Each atrral. All hearir.cs arc sht in Pol. re Court LESSON TO U. S. Paris Paper Hopes America Will Draw Conclusio-i? From Trouble. ?ar-=. May 29 --The n"r.-s-35per L-; TemK. .n 2 lead-Tig ar'.r'.e t-ca.y er.- I.t'.ed ' T.-.e A-;er:c-,r. Cr.5i=' c*«c -t ~"is .rr.r" t.s:o tc SOA ? sr:ch p-v?! eris as G^2.rrrarr.rr-t rcpsra'.rr;. ceat, ar.c help .x ·-» Cr..ted States. The ar'.Cje c-?^ a concljsior. of hope titst the :ro_bl«s the "r.:t«i States ^ ·jn-csrjair.; ' * .11 recall :ls r-»rs to preser.t " T.^e rcT^a^cr sa..d '.t trtyoa the d^trass iroulc: S.IST trie ITr.-tod S.aSs fc- any r.a- t-Gr.. hoTC'T scvcrful 'here is r.o f£l*at:cn p^s?-ole except .r. sol.c,£r.t'£" ar.~ -..-.; =arr.e pr-s,-::« :r. a ssr.e ar.d BY RODNEY DUTCUER i XEA Service Writer. j Wa^h.nijtor.. Ma-. 30 --S.r.ce G-^or- ' i nor Roxevelt ijo's. his !tckin^ .n C-tl- , .fornia and Massachusetts plus a seeming stario!T in P-cr.ns^ Ivant^. r?I.- t.~ians o'er tne cotirttr^ ha\e *x??n ti't- i in? another close look at tne otiyr pos- ·. .tl'ial.'y Ncrsllncs s:o.l.t:os ir. the Dernarra' : pres^^nt- r- V i.r. 3Jt «hat :al I smrac.ty common to all rjol.t:;iar.s. that i i! the Chtcaso c?r.%ention gets .tee'.' \c--r x.-rv Ironi smart rtcaji^k^ 3nd . ^pears that Rcc=e-.rl. ; ·» ·- ccmure ver- 'vnn t be choyn t.;e party ··.!'. simpl;. i r . i ^ ^cu'.pturea j ha\e to nominate ^jmeone else j ^ * * vf :· '^f-t": the Em- , An L'nchartcd \rea · .:· · i i hi^.i breast( Inasmtjcn as the caaaidites r.:nn^-? ·-· i :· .MJ" t:'o bodice t closest--but not close--oehind the cov- "V new err.?r are AI Sm:th and Sreaker Garner. ·n a! the , to whom few enl.?ht;n?d obse~ers c;r.- ;.'.', cuJI cede an;. ·.erv fat chance of jj^ces^. cr.e he -A hue has to RO d:\ing rTM :ntD a '.azue, fc^~.. "i.'-n uncharted ^rea. o! *hat ^ called sec- T. to the ondary strength 1 ana of at, least ncirlj- all polit.c -ins absjt .i.iat :·! to hipjrn at Cr.- oas7 f. and ^hen .t r-ror!-o^ c.c-~ tliat R'jose*. elt ^s a lo^t cau^e hss b^« n ;'oarl.. refl^rte- o-. tr.e * of '.he.r thoJghis from -.\ecVi t j neck. Jf -- *· "Kunninc" \ictvpoints Tne.r ve".- be'l jjrirrrfr.' i"U all ' I-.urncd t.D bv ce."I per *r-*.s u* tio WITH RODNPY DUTCHER \ Id. brea'.hleis rush .r. I'.is d_rc:::on ·.--re "e many stavs wnere _«cers "r"i-I' T h-rti ai a real -os^:o_I::.y L'n- '.\- Ba :or. R.:cr..e _s an avoaed can_.U?.-.i- ar.r. .:e .:as Jten assurci O- Marvlanc's :5 \y.t* fram :he Oato«t. B^: .: n:uit Scillv be aiec::oced THE PEOPLES FINANCE CO. LOANS PAY OFF YOUR BILLS! Do not hesitate to se,e us if you need money. It's our business to lend it to you. Quick service- Strictly confidential, friendly and dignified. WE WILL LEND YOU UP TO $300 Peoples Finance Co. 15 N. 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J-d;tr K\rr.nior.d Crner and As^hat ^as tr,;o altnougn per;-jr^ not as ,^c_a'c J,.,~sos Rcoer. 3 Pe:er and Ar- exrep: for ;.-.· re«r.t a.:.on of Ov.en D Vi u n g ' -- = * Jr -* Ritctie and Baker err.or K.t-ch:e of Man land a-» t.-.c rr--=t crpt for 5rr.. - Ii and Garner, t.-.ey arc the ml. or.c- wr.? ha".e ar.v j_o-';r: t.on.n; appeared cxxi a-.-; re IJCKX: --e a No more SOUR STOMACH READ THE STORY. THEN COLOR TIiT riClfKE I Fashion Plaque ace at ,-j-t. "\V.-en .-s art .. an-d t'.wr r .r.i_jtr.a. .-ta'.« It sfi-'-rr.ea .r. a sho^dos-r: YOJT.S rr.r-. - ·a-.e 'is 5i;porrt ·'. AI S-T..T. J , HAS-COJ Frs-.c H'.C".! 1 .r. N?- J.'-^r ar.d t.'e oo^sfi o' ?.Ii.^53-'j-^"s ar.c rx^ra'.or. tarv;r^_.-.d. r.?-r«-.r. ~?.s s Bakers io rrr_v- 1- ir a Ir _ r.".. .ir.c s-Tre pi-'.' o. ' - ari soarcr T-..^ ..v O -..··!. ^r \V.-_tc j*rc.3.1 on Spnr; Fr-rinj Chickens SSc pound. Ltt me fill jour order for that Memorial Day otitmj Tbone BRUCHEY'S rw \Tmse. Fa«t of Fair »nd 1".3 Wt-it «on!h «t Frrdcr.ct. 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