The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 3, 1951 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, December 3, 1951
Page 2
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»S-^^ · - · · ' TO* Th« XWB, Frederick, Md., Monday, December *, 1M1 XHE GIMPS By«, Bye, Blm FfiAR NOT, BELOVED WELL.. .KEEP THE WOME FIRES BURNING, ANDY/ DARUN3..B'BE CAREPUL... WMPP/JUST SEE THAT YOU DONT LI6MT ANY NEW ONE6/ SO LONS, GIRLS... I'M ON MY WAY TOCOLLCW OUT BIM'5 TO KEEP TME HOME FIRES BURNJN6 IN. PLANETEEK Out Of This World A* THE ROCKET TVXN-,ONB CAIH WALL. YOtTKE KIHT, THE FIGL.P OP KAVITV AOUT 79 PERCENT WEAKER WE AKE in Birr IT*' ENOUGH! PARENT 5Hf*. Carnival T. M. RtC. U. S, PAT. OFF. COPH. 1981 BY NE* BEBVICr. INC. "Well, T finally found a scratch pad! What's tho mcssag*'? Hello-- licllo--hello---I" now America Today's Anniversaries 1755--Gilbert Stuart, greatest of American portrait painters, born in Narrasansett. R. I. Died in Boston, July 27. 1828. 1772--Rebecca Hubbs. humble, unlettered, \videlyi-traveled Quaker preacher, born in Burlington County, N. J. Died Sept. 29, 1852. 1S2G--George Brinton McClcllan, Mexican War Soldier, in charge of the United armies at beginning of the Civil War, Lincoln's opponent lor President in 1864, New Jersey governor, born in Philadelphia. Died Oct. 29, 1885. 1842--Ellen H. S. Richards, pioneer woman chemist oC the Mass. Institute of Technology, born Dunstable, Mass. Died March 30. 1911. 1860--John Basset t Moore, fam- . ous Columbia University professor of international law, born Smyrna, Del. Died Nov. 13, 1947. 1871--Newton D. Baker, Wilson's secretary of war, idealist and humanitarian, born at Martinsburg, W. Va. Died Dec. 25, 1937. Today In History 1787--Historic New England Ohio Company o£ pioneers leaves Ipswich. Mass., in covered wag- ons'for the West. 1818--Illinois admitted .to Statehood, 1833--Country's first collegiate coeducational institution founded --the Oberlin Collegiate Institute, Ohio, a , 1903--(50 - years ago) President Theodore Roosevelt's first Pres. idential message, calls for trust regulation, bigger army, etc. 1917--War Savings and Thrift stamps first on sale. 1943--U. S. forces arid Allies take Castelfrentano in Italy. 194-5--U. S. 7th and 9th Armies fight on German frontier. 1947-- Geneva rejects Russia's proposal to investigate the American Negro problem. 1950--Chinese Communists close THINGS QUITE DIFFERENT THE* ARE DOING -BUT AU THREE ARE HAPPY CHEWIN6- WR«6t.EYS in on former North Korean capi- till as U. S. troops pull back in face of overwhelming enemy forces. Today's Birthdays Dr. Carroll. R. Daughe-rty of Northwestern Univ., economist, member of the President's Railroad Study Board, born at Ann- vine. Pa., 51 years atfo. Edward L. Ryerson, chairman of Inland Steel, born in Chicago. 65 years ago. Julius Ochs Adler. vice president and general manager of the New York Times, born Chatanoo- ga. Tenn.. 59 years ago. Charles E. Dunlap, president of the Bet-wind-White Coal Co., born in Philadelphia, 63 years ago. Maj. Gen. Thomas F. Farrell, chairman of the New York Housing Authority, Atomic Energy Commission official, born Brunswick, N. Y.. 60 years ago. William Cropper of New York, famous artist, born there, 54 years ago. Dr. Harold E. Jones of the University of California, famed psychologist, born in New Brunswick, N, J., 57 years ago. Today's Horoscope Today's disposition seems to be diplomatic and at the same time assertive: but there is nt the same time also an element of cunning that is liable to lead to trouble. Many of the native's ambitions will surely be attained, but many enemies will be made who may succeed in over-throwing projects that seemed certain of Success. Strengfh For Today \ By Ear,l L. Douglass DETERIORATION IS GRADUAL Soil erosion is one of the desperate problems with which our country is-now faced. Millions of tons of fertile soil are floating down the rivers of this country and going out to sea.- Many years ago Professor Simkhovitch of Columbia University wrote two essays, one entitled "Hay and History," and the other "Rome's Fall Reconsidered." He attributed the fall of the Empire to the depletion cf the soil. Soil erosion is a slow process but an incessant one. Little by little, i unless care is taken, the fertility of j the soil departs. Much of the an: cient world which blossomed as the : rose is arid desert today. j Transfer'this concept of soil ero- I sion over .into the things of the j spirit and observe what takes place. pur ideals seldom depart all at once. Little by little they are worn away by the company we keep, the thoughts' we entertain, the habits we fall into. Most of all, a decline in religious faith or the neglect of religious duties causes erosion in $P«armin» Gum Look for 7fce Green Sp«,r Flying Toy Answer to Previous Puzzle VERTICAL 1 Meanest 2 Wild ass 3 Wood comb.~ form) 4 Cattle 5 Notion 6 Group of players 7 Italian city 8 Pronoun 9 Anger 10 East Indian antelope 11 Evil spirits 17 Time measure (ab.) HORIZONTAL 57 Seth's son 1,4 Depicted toy . ft ATM".. 8 It flies in aauwns ; the |12 Some jl3 Roman date ;14 Iroquoian Indian ;15 Salt J16 Under (poet.) 118 Shade tree i!9 For example (ab.) 20 Rotating tools 22 Depart J23 Bristle j-25 Accommoda- ! tlon J27 Snare .;28 Sacred bull 29 has a light framework 30 NickW (symbol) ;31 JJutecium '(ab.) 32 District attorney (ab.) ^3 Scent 185 Volcano in ! Sicily 138 Uncommon '39 Actual i 40 Part of "be" 41 It Is also used lor- scientific work ', 47 Note o« Guido's scale ; 48 Strike lightly j 50 Exploded j 51 Employ ! 52 Monster 54 Meager allowance 55 Gerund (ab.) 56 Stagger 20 Ecstasies 21 Defames 24 Suit make*' 26 Drug 33 Speaker 34 Injure 36 Sickness 37 Changes 42 Man's nickname 43 Impolite 44 Press 45 Capital of Norway 46 Shoshonean Indians 49 Before (prefix) 51 Exclamation of disgust 53 Measure of cloth ME. AND MB* OW, VI/GlVEtXJ WAVE ·oui?eve* A] ON VCXJR TREAT. uookyNew suir 1 AT ME v~-rHO/ NICE / ^^^-,1 ' f , n i, uri-- VER NEW SUIT; NEW VE$, £TRIP6P WH?T, " 0UT-- NEWTIE. PRETTV NEAT. EM?' CLEAN SHAVE, EVEN TRI*AM6.P» ARTHUR Rxyyeu. »«1 KIN PtATT/Z-? . T. M. U, U V '.I. 0" I -SWIG" TO 2 LET MC SPEAK. TIME IU,£HJRPRI$e WE*. po I SET/* UTTLE A PCI^FECTT . 9Lop or Peiei? ^WAVING MUTT AND JEFF Jeff Should Have Marked Jt, "Do Not Open Before Christmas!" I REALLY DON T j V KNOW/ MYSELF/ I BOUGHT'IT IN , ^ AN AUCTION SHOP CHEAP/ I KHOW.' I THOUGHT OH, I'LL BET ITS JUST WHAT I swevbusoMETHiN HOPE MERRY XNOT CHRISTMAS How so YOU WOULD J you CHRISTMAS, MUTT/HERES A PRESENT.' KNOW I'M (SIVIN'VOO LIKE ITJ SOM6THIN' SO yojJOl MUTT/ COULD GET M SOMETHIN7 · BOOTS AND HEX BUDDIES It's Awful BUGS BUNNY Catcher Is Caught 5Z 13 8 10 II 37 *Vm'Not Promising Anything 9 Y'-Undersinnd.Bu? ( WHAT WDULD \ tU RATHER, I A FRECKLES AMD BDM PBEEND8 . IS SURE NUTS (WOTSE SUES ABOUT THAT / 50T A SOFT" UTTLE KlDf /SPOTAFTEK ' * ALL / Slick Deal SAY-THIS FLOOR'S SLICK AS -YEOW / DID i--i HITjjusTTMEjA(mT SOMETHING-, FRECK? OMIGOSH/ EV6NTHE WECES LOOK EXPENSIVE/ VIC Xo Koutine For Growl ...£O I JU5-T OPENED UP THE DOOR, AND THERE HE WA FITTING THERE/ VOU PROMPTLY MA'AA-V LOOKS- LIKE A COUTINE 5LHCIDE. HE EVEN WROTE BT A NOTE, EAH, BUT THEM HOMICIDE MEN ARE FUNNY. NOTHING'S- -ROLTTINE" TO THEM. AND IN HOMICIDE BUREAU, A SUICIDE J REPORT i FROM THE TOWERS- APARTMENT, INSPECTOR. NO NEEDj OF YOUR GOIN© 1951 SV NEA SEW1CE. INC. T. M. REC. U. S. P*T. Of F. HRRMPMf NOTHING ELS-E HAPPEN-. IN AROUND DUMP? LL TAKE A LOOK. PRISCHJUA'S POP The Old Refrain :he spiritual and moral realm to accelerate at an alarming speed. Watch out for that slow wearing away of right habits and high deals against which an unquiet conscience often warns you. Copyright Babson Newspaper Synd.) English Lesson Words Often Misused: Do not say, "I wish to see you badly." Say, 'I wish very much to see you." Often Mispronounced: Ignoiuii'.y. Pronounce ig-no-min-n, all i's as in t, o as in ^no, accent first syllable. Often Misspelled: Gray and grey. Both' spellings are correct, though gray is preferred; Synonyms: Valor, heroism, brav- =Ty, boldness, daring intrepidity. Word Study: "Use a word three imes and it is yours.'' Let us in- rease our vocabulary by master- ng one word each day. Today's word: Rational; having reason or understanding. "Her words and manner proved that she was ra- ional." OBSERVES PRACTICE BALTIMORE, Dec, 2 #)--More han 6,500 Marylanders were among he 100,000 civilian defense volun- ecrs who took part .yesterday in n aircraft spotting and reporting mission. There were 165 observation posts manned in Maryland. The training iperation covered the 13-State aret t the Eastern Air Defense Fore*. Observers scanned the skies for hundreds of Air Force and Civil Air Patrol craft. 1 Q SHOPPING DAYS ID TO CHRISTMAS JSajf .. _ : LITTLE LIZ te-K) One thinq about living in ft* MO, PRISCILLA! YOU'VE ALREADY SEEN A MOVIE THIS WEEK! WHEN I WAS A GIRL I SAW ONLY ONE A MONTH' YES, BUT THINGS WERE DIFFERENT IN THOSE DAYS.' WHY DO CHILDREN ALWAYS SAY THAT? THINGS WERE NO DIFFERENT IN THOSE DAYS; WERE THEY, MOTWERr OF COURSE NOT, DEAR! (N FACT VO/7 WERE LUCKY!! WHEN 1 WAS A SIRL I SAW ONLY ONE =.UOW A YEAR/ , OUR BOARDING HOTJSE i OUT otrm ff AY MY WORD, PIK/ DO^I TSLL Me VOL) HAMS AM ACCOMPLICe f=OFi yOUR MOLDV A4R.CARP /MISKT se A SOARO To PROTECT A6AIW5T I RATS HSRE'S HO\M CARP AM.D I WOftt MAJOR / VJHESJ T- TSAR OFF A 'yGAG, WE PULL'S A ST.LW- F'R INiSTANlCg, I 5Ay I SVAOT AT A RAT VMKEM ^UMPcD DOT OFTH ;,BOT HE WAS OLVT OF MO, WE CAN'T DO A THINKS PER HINA VJlTHOUT A LICEMSE-DOW'T GO iNEWSPA'FERr

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