The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 10, 1970 · Page 5
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May 10, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 5

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 10, 1970
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

Oil Md?ri*s Sunday May 10, I$70 Peacefully Across * ByWIHflm 4> The Waihlnoton Post WASHINGTON, D.C. Against a backdrop 6! smoldering Campuses, the anti-war protest movement took to the streets of cities across the nation Saturday to demonstrate peacefully against American involvement in Indochina. fh* demonstrations were preceded by a long night of arson, with fires and explosion* on more than a dozen college campuses. Many of the blazes were successful in destroying major buildings. The marchers ranged from a and adults, walking silently through the downtown streets of Charlotte, N.C. to a mammoth crowd of 30,000 to 40,000 which marched 10 miles from Minneapolis, Minn., to the stale capitol in St. Paul, the largest gathering of its kind in (ire state's history. At Colorado State University In Fort Collins^, fire destroyed Old Main Hall - the landmark building where the college's first students went to class in 1879. Student Wept Don Webber,-of Staceyville. la., the student body president at Colorado State, sat on the curb and wept *as Old Main V6H KEEP ECONOMY COOL WIREPHOTO (AP) burned. Colorado State's president.;.,. ...... Dr. A. R. Chamberlain, blamed! Nixon administration to got out Haircuts to Prevent Hangups Dartmouth University student Peter Fogg, left, of Boulder, Colo., checks skill of haircut given him on the Hanover, N.H., campus by amateur barber Steven Shirey, a classmate from Rochester, N.Y. The students were trimmed preparatory to distributing anti-war petitions across Vermont and New "Hampshire. They said the haircuts were precautions against long-hair hangups during the trip. fire, Saturday's peace marches were somber, silent, and peaceful — mourning the. four stu •dontn killed nt Kent State Uni CRITICAL FINCH vcrsily and appealing to Ihc WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — _-. ... ... „..„.,,„_. ,„,,,, UIOMI^U - rvMiin HNLr I ui>, U.\j. \,f\l I •— outsiders for the fire, which didjof the w «r '" Indochina. Secretary of Health, Education $500,000damage. j A stream of marchers left, the; and Welfare Robert H. Finch A smaller fire was also start- university of Minnesota j » a i d Saturday ed at the CSU ROTC building. "I find it heard to believe, the "rhetoric' Vice-Presi campus in Minneapolis andi _,. . , , .. ; . ' iwere strung out, 20 lo 30! °f .*-.,-. *«i- Chamberlain said, "that after iabrcasU for morp 1han a m|Ie j dent Spiro .T. several days of maintaining i and a ha|f as thcy Arched! A g n e w "con! through the rain to the State' [ r ' bu te d lo iCapllol in St. Paul. hcatin & II P the ; c I i m a t e in i Featured Speaker which the Kent Lovandcr, who Stale nonviolence, that any of our students — who had done so well for so long — would get involved In such n ridiculous act 01 putting the torch to one Cnv. Harold Lovandcr, who Stale students of the pieces of the heritage : for three years has carefully j were killed." of the Institution." ; avoided choosing sides in the! An hour and In New York City, an esti-i national debate over U.S. in-j a half later, ROBERT H. HOT SPftlNoS, VA. idtetafy t>t the Treasury David & Kennedy told thf country^ top industrialists Saturday the administration wifl not hesitate .to slash Spending or raise taxes, or both, if necessary td maintain fiscal responsibility and attain wage-price stability. . v Addressing the spring meeting of the Business Council, Kennedy acknowledged that P r e s 1 d e n't'Niton's planned 6udgef'surpTuses~fof this 'fiscal year and next are imperiled by sagging corporate profits, government-wide pay Increases, and congressional spending in excess of Nixon's budget requests. "This administration has been fiscally responsible from the start and we intend to stay that way," Kennedy told the corporation head* in a closed session. "This may require rigid economies, even beyond what we have already instituted, or .it may require enlargement of our tax base. "6ut we*will not hesitate to pursue either route, or routes, if we feel that such action is necessary lo maintain a responsible fiscal position, one that will help speed the return to, and maintain, wage-price stability." Kennedy's use of the phrase A ONt.tTOFtAVINO* etMftft Shop nnri «*«v«» wilh noon <o 7 p.iii, Sum ARDAN DIVISION * QUALITY MERCHANDISE S H HI ILW 11 ^^J m^M jusl sny "Charge JMH ^HLv AflLf mF^Bk • 'enlargement oi our tax base suggested the administration Is weighing new Tax sources instead of. an increase in income tax rates or extension of the surtax. He urged the business leaders to resist excessive wage Increase settlements in negotiations with unions this year, arguing that the rise in labor costs must be brought into line with increases in worker productivity if inflation is to be-defeateth "The short-run cost will be labor unrest,, perhaps at a relatively high pitch," Kennedy ac- Sale prices good loilav Him Tuesday FUUEST WARRANTY COVERAGE •" — —— ™' ^-' "™ ™— ~-™ ^^ •» MMHMHHH^H ••••(• • l^T ^HF Wm •• •• • • ^M •• ON ANY ROOM AIR CONDITIONER! 5-YEAR TOTAL APPLIANCE WARRANTY Amim 5-Y«if Tihl Aeelfime Warrinly. U.S., fre« Mplictmmt or iep»ir. including ttltltd 1«h tnit«rl«l undtr normtl UK. «nd rtlurnjd rtiraugh Am«n»' «n, rubber or pintle pirfj, «nd ininlUllon kit'mit-mr Ow'ntjxri urviu icltinlng ef ceilt. wilir dwlni, motor M>rir«tionl.,iAd due to wur er •xps»ur«. 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' Minnesota colleges for their (he secretary's remarks on In Queens, five Army trucks i non-violent demonstrations andj (he subject of rhetoric to parked at an Army Reserve!promised lo carr V i neir m(5 H about 40 students gathered Depot adjacent to the St. John's I sage of protest to the President] a bout him on a lawn across University campus were set!when he meets with the na-i f r o m (he HEW building were afire. i lion's governors Monday. Lo-j (hat everyone must^be very $1,000 Reward . vander declared today as a day j careful in public utterances. In Greenville. N.C., the presi- of prayer for "deeply troubled! The reporter who covered the tut — • TJ»_ _i ^««_ «i __ . •» »; j _ 11 . 1 . ._. dent of East Carolina University offered a $1,000 reward for the arsonists who set a series of fires on that campus. "We do not intend to stand by and watch our university burn," Dr, Leo Jenkins said. Meanwhile, fires were reported at the University of Michigan, the University of Min-l nesota at Duluth, Valparaiso College in Indiana, the State University campus at Newi Paltz, N.Y., an armory in Minnesota." "In a free society," the governor said, "persuasion, not coercion, must be the method of expression or we will rend our democracy asunder." session said he was standing less than five feet from Finch, and that he quoted -the secretary correctly. The subject came up Saturday when a student asked Finch what' led to the deaths at Kent State. benefit to the economy, and to our-nation, can be great Indeed." Both the treasury secretary and Herbert Stein, a member of the President's Council of Economic Advisers, assured the audience of about 100 blue-ribbon management men that a substantial recession can be avoided 'despite recent evidences of slack in the economy and the April rise of unemploy ment lo 4.8 per cent. This pattern of peaceful pro-1 e ". I :, .. „ , . test was repeated in other Fmch said it was "a whole vigils were held — Atlanta, Ga., where 4,000 marched to series of causative eluding some of the Agnew rhetoric." "Did the Agnew rhetoric con- London, Conn.; Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wise.; the University of Wisconsin, in Madison, and Concordia Teachers College in River Forest, III. There .were no fires at Duke University in Durham, N.C., but officials of the Law School there removed, from display a portrait of one of Duke's most famous alumni — President Richard Nixon — as a precaution against possible damage. •" In contrast to the violence by to Exposition Park to hear antiwar speeches, and in Chicago, 111., where thousands marched to Grant Park on the lakefront to protest. LOWER VOTINCTAGE CHARLOTTETOWN.v PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, CANADA (AP) — Lowering the voting age to 18 from 21 on Prince Edward Island accounts for most of the 7,752 increase in eligible voters at Monday's provincial elections. Roads Expansion Set in Nigeria LAGOS, NIGERIA (AP) Nigeria, in jts- foreign-aided post-war reconstruction, plans lo increase Ihe road network system from nearly 6,000 to 14,000 miles within the next 10 years, Federal Works Commissioner Femi Okunu announced, Replacement of roads damaged .. . or destroyed in the civil war "It,contributed to heating .up with Biafra will cost more than A „„!„- r-niif i um me «Bnew rnemric con- A " g l eRmCe f n ' J Wbute to the deaths?" asked me ^ " one student. Finch replied: the climate." $64 million. Bonded and] Insured MIDWEST BUILDERS, INC. Any Size—Any Style W« Build Anywhere In lew* III. — Mo. — Wi*e. GARAGES FREE ESTIMATES • NO OBLIGATION! IMMEDIATE SERVICE SEE OUR GARAGES & IXL KITCHEN DISPLAY | OPEN FOR YOUR INSPECTION DAY OR NIGHT | HOME REMODELING IROOM ADDITIONS * BASEMENTS t BATHROOMS IXL KITCHENS TCHENr • REC. 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