The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 27, 1924 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 27, 1924
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. THURSDAY. NOVEMBER 27. l'.W Publlaftcil Daily ny TDa Ni'wa Company W. V. MOROAN, SOITOH. ESTA.0USHED IB7J. Entorcd m tit. Picinffieu in fjuteft- Inaon, Kanaaa, for tranaro,aalor> through tlio mails aa accond*ctaaa matter. TELEPHONE 4400 Private t>ra;n?:> rxdiftngo; *vhrn operator anawprs, flvo pornon or da- partrtlf-nt wanted. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION Pint. &econa and Third Zonaa r.y mail on, vcat I*-** lly mail. »!:•. in.,nUi» S.0I1 By mall, tnreo mentha...... 1 -J* By mall, on* month • -»t> Fourth. F'tth. sixth, and Savtnt*. lone*. Hy mail, on. Yi-ai.i »•-<**' Hy mall, mi tnuntha J-' 1 ' llj mall, throe month! »'"f By mall, one month By carrlrr, pm week • *• Vreoklv Nowa. one* vcar i •f sermons have boon auspenlcd and Dm prayers con tilled to H small part of tho day. Daily Thoughts Be ye kind to another, ten. tier-hearted, forgiving one another, even ,i> God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you,—Eph, •1:32. The universe is hut ono great city, full of beloved ones, divine and human, by nntttro endeared to . MEMBER AU01T BUREAU 0« CIRCULATION , MEMBER AMERICAN NEWSPAPER I return thanks PUBLISHERS' ASSOCIAT.ON. " - MEMBER OF ASSOCIATED PRESS The Asscctaiifl I'r.-aii i« McliMlvrtJ •ntlflen to IH« >««« ">' reouWIralloli nr illnew ..-r-dltert to It or not other Via. rterllled In thla pal" 1 '. «nil aiac ihaior-it nev/a ptlhllahed herein. All r'lnhi of .epuhlleatlon of apitcl. Thin Thanksgiving of K.21 Is fiinni.'il tho firm Thanksgiving Day. The ThanKtiglvlngs which followed were not at regular Inter vnls, being initially prorlalmeit , when there was Home special cause j for returning thanks. There was In great Thanksgiving I'ny at Die; each other.--Uplctotus. conclusion of the llovoiutlonary 1 War. George Washington proclaimed a Thanksgiving IJny on tho institution of tin) present gov- erneinent after the ailopllon of the Constitution. The Thanksgiving custom was largely confined to New England for many joars, although occasionally some president would call tij;on the nation to What better day than today to make up your mind thai. Insofar as In you lies, you will adopt that point of view. A Puzzle a Day Hi PRESCRIPTION SPECIALIST*. Ttttnnon* it. No w s'ortt Main »trt#t. Mulchlnaan. It was not permanent until JSG3, ! when Abraham Lincoln issued a prm lainiiliun a:0f iuK the ].cnpie of ( the Ciittt'il .States to gtiLhor nn the • last Thursday of November and! KI VI - thuiikn for the «ueces«ful ! 1 profcr».'..s i .f iht> war which suvod ; , the /-own try. Ki en- year since- that time the President vi tho l.'nltod ' ritati-s Iian pi'OfliiiiiH'il a Thanks** ; igiviua (Jay, Mxi'iiy the tinn> for the i last ThurMday in .NovcnihtT. Govor- i nor* ot Bt ;iti»s also i ^sut: iirocluniH-1 i thms, naming ttu_' «amo day as that j ! stated hy thu VresWoiit. In this j i 1 CTj|l||)|HI)IHII"!f FOUR YEAR OLD DAUGHTER TO LEAD BLIND SENATOR DOWN AISLE ; way Thankskglvlim- haa become a , he etiiial to The long fraction ahown on the slate Is formed by the nine digits, and the cipher. It ts supposed to lint It is incorrect, THANKSGIVING. * * 1 have received a-cratet'ul of * * pie? from loving friend*, and 1 • * nui truly creatftil, my song of " * praise ascends. The prospects • * are iu»i murky, the gods are * * good to me, I have a stately • * turl.-v' most beautiful to see. " * .My flivver has a tnnkful of * * .Ic.lin I'.'s xpurhlliiK suds, mid 1 " * am sorely thanUftil, my heart •' * with riti'iiire ilmds. (Wioii for- ''' * tuae. ti '.'Ver swerving, with *" nic year hy year; if 1 were • * nitire ileserving, more loudly * ' would 1 clie.-r. I ilotrt. deserve • « Hie hli sslug~ that I forever" " Uno '.i. the patting- and rav -sK- * ' in.^ ^>-< liimily fates bestow: ' ' for I am ofh a i.'iv..'n to grttmbl- ' M ing ami coniplaint; ami If I'm ' * hnnlly tlrivrn my soul grows ' * weak and taint.. I'm often seen 1 ' forgetting the blessinKS that ' " are mine, my neighbors see me ' * fretting, they lieur me sign and ' * whin.'. My faith has often ' * wnvere.!, I've tralnei] with carp- ' v inj; -• r.Mii.s. and iiin> so highly ' " fa.'Hi.d e. v. icli.d when lur «• donhls. My fault.-: ale large * and hateful wh"ti seen in stern ' rivlew, - and so, while truly "' Ki 'at '-i 'nl, Cni fe,-)ing hiimhle, * loe. (ih. better men are want* ing tin Idessings rich and rare, * a!:il hotter men ate haunting v tie- i.ii .aii lin ; in despair. And ' sliil E dl 'av. a nateful of pies. * Thanksgiving morn; and, ' .WiHc I'm deeply grateful, I vi,-.' my sins with scorn. - W.U,T MASON. national holltiRy, not a regular holiday in every stale, hut a generally recognized time for the, suspension of business and for tho expression of thanks. • . • The New Kngland Thanksgiving became the great family day, the time when members of a family | pound wulght. the man proceeded as would make every effort to gather i follows: He placed f > five-pound at the board and to have a reunion. It still retains this character in In order for it to be right, the hot torn number must be just twice as great as the top; 110 Is two 45, but the other digltH are wrong. Can you rearrange the figures so they will form a fraction that equals? Yetteraay'a «n«wer: To weigh a single pound on a bal ance with a two-pound and a five j weight on ono side, and the two ' pound on the other. He added enough salt to the two-pound side to balance the five-pound side. Then he removed both .weights and placed the two-pnund on the side formerly occupied by the five- pound weight. He then had 8 Hounds lin salt t on one side, to Stricken Blind T .i. ..; a. -il • oi t» • lioille »V, father t'.'V.-e too 1 *: n , ril it: '.. ll, .IS 111! the : THANKSGIVING DAY i.i .eeie- complaint i .ev'.iUse 1';.;.' is not what in o h" ; Inn iii not the hearts c'eii'l/.e in: tno much wh '-ii Thanksgiving ilnled by the 1'ilgrlni s and moiht rs a little over hundred y.-iitd ago, |e Hide talked e\en v nl'S Clir :i -i.l .tKN I lev. Ill feet U-. of N' I-'.V ihlgiutl'l Were SM, mi.-.Ii -'lioLk-.d at the previiii-nt .ii'il-i! i- o:' '.eieiH -eflug t.'iiristnias lljat they even passed laws to pro- Tent thi: ohsen ance of tlw hiitle day ef i lirlsi. They said, and I P '.'U :> liny told the truth, lliat lie- in'..-r.anee of Chrlefuias by ti..- I ll,-:!!.-i: p. .. >i<- '.wis -I- ('-Till"I '.'-'il -illti l>:; L : i. ii '.h.-!- .in,! SI,|II:I'- sri, inn thai il n,,: !i: uir t'iilis- tlan p.-ople tn jiiiu in. Also, tileV'd ihni flirUiii.a.s I iny Iiad be- eni:i.' a daj' of ili'unkeiiess, mut­ tony, lico.iuehery. and a few otlcr Miill; • to [he -am. cia.^s. All of tiii- fail spite of the many diversions which have been created by our modern life. It. is now the close of the football season, although in the bust regulated eolleg.-s the last. ganiOft ai', played th" Saturday he fore Thanksgh ing. j time for tho family gathering to I sacrifice tlie turkey and the trim-1 the. two pound weight. ' tilings which go with It. j j There ought to be a serious ! thought on Thanksgiving. It ; :.should be the recognition of the 1 bl^.-slnes which have come to us | because i.f niir health, our strength, ' jour environment, and by the Providence which gives attention to the • lives of men. If we, the people, got I away from this thought, we will be | makitii: thi- same mistake that otlnr peoples of history have :nade ; and which have been followed by their downfall. * i There is no reason why football . and golf and feasting ami good sport should not be a prominent part in Thanksgiving Day. We are so constituted that, these .11',- an eTrpri.rision of enjoyment and the holiday is set apart as a ; time for joy. We should also . Ihitii. of the people wlui are not so J well supplied ivitli the means with I which to put on the Thanksgiving ' prngi'iini. and never forget that our 1 '"^ ! ble-siiigs have not come by our own effort, but by the goodness of our (5od. W. Y. MORGAN. Mlnnenolls, Nov. 27.—Thomas i D, Sehall's tour-year old daughter, Tletty, will guldo him down the Seuato aisle when he takes the: oath of ottlcB In Washington next March. For the man who defeated Magnus Johnson, "dirt, farmer" progressive, for one of Mlnnosota's seats in the upper house, Is blind. lie has been blind 17 years. An evploslon of a cigar lighter cost, hint his sight In 1007. three years after he had hung out his law shingle here. Hut his misfortune did not cause him to desert his law priH'llce, nor did It keep htm from going into Congress once he decided ho would. Seei With Heart. •Kver since his accident, his wife has been his "eyes." Bt»j. when the greatest honor of his career Is con- tKiTed upon him, Sehall is going to let Betty share It with him. Often during his campaign speeches has ho told the story of her climbing Into his lap, rubbing her nose against his and saying: "Daddy, can't you see me?" To which he replied: "No. little curly head, I can't." Then after a mi... . of silence, so lie relates, she said: "Well, your heart sees me, doesn't It. daddy?" 'And he assured her It did. One could almost heirr a pin fall wheuever he told this story to the voters. Schnll really is an orator. Ann he knows It. "I have exceptional ability ot public speech," he says. "1 have a high dome in my mouth which acts as a Bounding board and my jaw Is nung loosely no that It waggles easily, "But no credit is due me personally. The bulldog should have no credit for being a bulldog. , "The removal of sight throws a determined man hack upon his mind, or his undertandlng, and through his mind he will come ill contact, with his soul, and through Its feeling with the breadth of tho infinite. And he will see and hear and feel things that are denied mere sight." Dressed for Audience. Schail. with the help of his wire whom he calls Ills "better !)9 per cent.'" always knows how to make a lib with the different classes he the two-poumi weielit on the other; ,, ,-. ,.,III n,r, I so by adding Halt to tie 1 "two-pound , . . _ . i„ ,„ it ,s still the . > „ nll t Ule , vales balanced, j »as been calle, upon to address. he obtained one-pouud ot salt, with JV'" 1 "^"SJ 0 ,,,* working men during nia campaign. ! ho would shed his coat, exhibiting ] a pair of wide suspenders more : common than those Magnus John- I son always sports. 1 If it was a jumberjack audience, i he appeared in a fiery red shirt. ! He chewed tobacco when he ; thought the occasion demanded. j His wife, after leading him onto 1 the platform, would place a cuspl- j dor where it would be baudy for j him, then touch his cane to it. so ] he would know just where to find ! it when necessary. i Changes Parties ; if tie turned in the wrong direc- • tioti. so ids words did not carry | through the hall, hia wife would ! turn him to face the audience just | right. Wheat Bandits. Wlntleld, Kan., Nov. 27.—Tho "wheat bandit" Is tho latest'role lidded to the criminal cast In Kansas. Two were sentenced lu the j district court here, ono to serve!' from one to five years and the j other five to ten yearn in the state i pcnltentlnry. ! QUICK RELIEF FROM CONSTIPATION Get Dr. Edward's Olive TaMttt T'it Is tho Joyful cry ot thousands since Dr. Edwards produced Ollvo Tablets, the substitute) for cab mel. llr. EdwnrdB, a practicing physician for 17 years and calomel's old- time enemy, discovered the formula for Olive Tablets while treating patients for chronic constipation mid torpid livers. Dr. lOdwards' Olive Tablets do not contain calomel, but a healing, soothing vegetable laxative. No gripping Is the "keynote" ot tl;os> littles sugar-coated, olive-col ored tablets. They cause the bow. els and liver to act normally..They never force them to unnatural action. if yoj lmvo a "dark brown mouth"—bad iirenth—a dull, tired feeling—sick headache—torpid liver constipation, you'll find quick, sure and pleasant results from one or two ot Dr. Edwards' Ollvo Tab- lots at bedtime Thousands tnko thorn every night just to keep right. Try them. 15c and 30c. ITCHY RASH ON FAC! Formed Eruptions. Could NotSleep. Cuticura Heals. " 1 waa greatly troubled with a rash that broke out on my face and neck. It itched and burned at nlghi causing me to scratch, and later formed sore erupttona that werevery painful. At night I could not sleep because of the irritation, and my face waa very much disfigured. " I began using Cuticura Soap and Ointment and they afforded great relief. I continued the treatment and after using three eakee of Cuticura Soap and two boxea ot Cuticura Ointment I waa completely healed." (Signed) Mist E. Rutherford, R. P. U. 1, Bos S, Oalll- polia, Ohio. Cuticura 8oap,01ntment and Talcum are ideal tor dally toilet uses. s »aut rmMataa. Ad-Man -CMHantaaar- atattw, Dt »t.a, HaieMW.iiaei." sold inn* whw.Scaa Bta. Olntaant« and He.Taletaa-Sf. lay TIT «W paw Ska via a Stick. Crippled by Corns? Bsc "Gets-It" Hutchinson New York World 'a Greateat Corn Remover V Above—Tom Schall, Mlnnesota'a blind senator-elect, his wife and their elder son, Tom, Jr. Below—The Schall family, overall-clad, er route to the Congressman's office In their old flivver. When Schall first lost ills sight,i "You can try a lawsuit without his wife said: 'your eyes as well as with them. "Well, Tom, we won't have to ; People will trust a blind man if h sell lead pencils. We're going to I has the ability just as quickly a keep on practicing law. | man Willi Bight." Mrs. Arn^'ta T ,-, o-n LYONS PASTOR GOES j snfl, and will begin his work ther TO A NEW CHARGE. 1 111111111 r S' ! - ,,<! is 8 moderator ot Tl's Itijt wondfrflil hmr "Gtts-lt" ends coma and rallou-es. Put a f-\* drops of "Gets-H" oa a hurting turn and 1'tri.ttn The pain fttop. at once forever. No nuiler how long you've bail cms, bow bad they may be, whether bar] or Reft, or what you have tried, believe tills— "OcU-lt" will end corn pain at once, soon you Can lift the corn right off with the finnrs. Money back guarantee. Costs but a trine— told everywhere. E. Lawrence h Co., Chicago. J the Larneil Presbytery ! church in Kansas. nf his Lyons. Nov. 27—Rev. A. W. 1, popular pastor of the Lyons Preshy.! terian church for the past several! S)iop-o-»eope will make- your years, has accepted the pastorate money go farther, and keep you of the Orandview Avenue Presby- 1 from going so far when you start terian church at Kansas City, Kun-jnul on your Xmiis siiopplt:c. tf. THANKSGIVING— A POINT OF VIEW. If)' Kuth Cameron. Wilkin! Mairk, movie scenario I writer, has gune blind. Never!, again will he see Jackie Cogan • pi.. "Little itobinson Crusoe,"' which he wrote especially for the. boy star. Nor will he see half a', dozen other photoplays now in the , making, tiiat are the products of j his handiwork. In addition to his blindness, he is suffering with bronchial pneumonia. , a 11: tie hard on the fore- of ii,on of us, but il shows I:, world was not as goud hundred years agi no v.. Tne cusi .,111 uf the Puriians was to luivu a day uf fasting in the spring as a lime when they should hupiele thiu !SL :ivos and pray for goud crops, victory over "nemics, •fid a pruKperuiis year. Then toward lie close of tlit- year liley would have a liny uf tha.iks ,.;viu>;, Dt whlili iii.'i would'll tllaaks to God fo;- tin- blessings they hud received, 'lie- day of lasliug has been i.ballooned, b> th^lr poMer-il >, hilt the day of feast in;; h;.- hie-n retained. It is soniethinj; of a 'I Ji .tnk-aivlim i.- a point* of view.' ^ RELIABLE COUGH REMEDY. In ..very life tie-re is always. Why L -xpernuent with unknown- sonieihiiiir lo be thankful for, : remedies for that cough or coid | In e\ ery life tiiere is always; wh»m you can secure K'OLrJY'ri \ something that Isn't quite satlsfao -i HONI2Y AND TAH COMPOUND? I lory. ! It is a safe and reliable remedy for j You doiibtl, remember the the relief of coughs. cohM, hoarse- \ slory of the old woman who got up I ness. Kqually beneficial for youne i in the experience meeting and said; 1 uud old. .Mrs. Anna Cornell, Bridge- I she hud only two teeth but'"bless! ton, N. J., states: "1 bought : Cod dey hits." - ' FOLEY'S 1IONKY AND TAH COM- ' As for the other end of the Bcale' POUND for my cold affd find it : how many people wo know whoseI great." Insist, upon the genuine, as It is . lives seem to he. ideally circum- j itefttse substitutes. Sold evory- stanced, health, nice families, a ; where. ; reasonable amount of money; yetj .— ! we find them complaining and tin-1 From Scotch Beeta. ARE YOU SICKLY? Health is Wealth. Do Not Ne gleet the Moat Valuable Asset You-Have. If You Are Troubled, Write I Pierce, President Invalids' Hot' In Buffalo, N. Y„ and ReceO Good Medical Advice In Retur Free of All Expense. St. Louis, Mo.—"I have taki Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescrlptln the doctor's remedy that is selling I for general weakness and whe Quickly Drives Out Ail Rheumatic Poison The first day you take ltheuma. Use the Sliop-O-Scope—use your head, not your feet ttutt make this the merriest Xmas ever. tt happy because "we've got to put! Nottingham. Kng.—The first ot olf fixing the house another year.| n f ),ain of factories to extract suit does seem as if 1 never had nny-i gill . lr „ m S( .„ t ch grown sugar-beets tiling f wanted and In getting old- has opened a few miles north of er every year," or because "Harry I NottinglidT.. simply won't go around witli me. i * . he doesn't play bridge and lie' doesn't dance. Heems to mo I havo | a pretty rotten time of il." : Thanksgiving is a point of view. ! That's been said a million times j more or Jess but it's as true loday as it was the first time. And just us easy to forget. i The hnblt of being contented, and • not simply ihe outward cirruin-j stances ot your life, is the basis of the habit, of being happy. You can look two ways at any Says His Prescription Has Powerful Influence Over Rheumatism ciuunHMitarj on human na'ure t^ eel tho f* r fet-t of thte flovolopni^nt. | act of clrcunifltancGH and find some-j .Mr. J*n..-; H. Alien, nf i'6 Forbes St.. as it Bhow. lift., ^ have not hoot, j thing to he thankful f^/« thorn or | •»«J ^ l| {or/« f r: Ahlfe to Invent some better way \o \ v*™* 1 ™?* ieel disturbed IimI \ tPrrjt.U .ji^aHo l*ft him hclpW*a and and uur shDw our upprtTt'lathm ill'inks tliaii Ui Km'fco flith food and ovorlonl achs. It \SHH uu-uiminry among iliu :>en- pit 1 Ihivt; hundred yi'ars a&o to have these times of (anting and of thanUnsiving, and BO when tho PI1- grim hid finiFhc»d their first year In Now KiiKmnd Lhfcy gave ©jcprea- slon to their rt'cnptiltion of the morcit -'H of God hy puhllc thanksgiving. Tht.M'c wtro sonnona and (lvayon; uml there wa.s feuHUujr. The bill of fare for tho first Thankrvjfjvlng dinner Included wild turkey, aud the turkey tradition fc *M been continued even when the aggrieved nbout. I have two fri^ndR who are of oiu>,olvefi j opposite It 'inperatnentH. They plan- »ur stonv i ned u motor trip together one day | and when the day came waa uneertaJn. However they went. When tlr-y came hack they bo Mi told me about it (separately). "We had a nice time." suid ono grudgingly, "though it was cloudy all day." Said the other triumphantly: "We had a lovely time and it never rained ti drop." Thanksgiving (a a point of view. Home people are dingruntled at the I'ruutor rohOH lmvo thoniK and other peophi are- thankful to Him hertuwo thorns have row OH, unable to work IIo finally tl.'clded, after yearn ot cK -iaoleflB study, that no one can b»> frf'i: from rheumatism unill the accumulated liiijuiiltk-.s, comtnon'y raM- ml uric ackt de-poslta, were illMBOlvn. In ihe Joints and inusck-h and expelled ftom ttie body. With this Idea In mind hp cimsu 'ted I'hysi'-lnns, mud i' experiments anil finally oompuumh-d a prescription that (pilckly and cr >mph-(fly bnnlfdied every sign and nyni|Huin of rheumatism from hi« Kvstrii.. tic freely trove his diweovery, which ho callod Allenrlni. to O U HTH wlio tonK it, with whut miirjit he called man-cl­ ous RiicceKN. Aftt-r yvura of urgiim he decldrd t»> I '-t t-tiffererH everywncro know about hin dl .icovory throuKh the nttwspapt- IH . Hi? Iwis therefore in K true tun drurclstK overywhtro to dls- i»enHo AUviithti with the einlerataTul- ing that if the lirbt pint bottle do-.* nut >d >o\v the way to complete rcc*ov KO rapidly, you'll realize that when Rhouma goes in uric acid goes out. It mutters not whether you are tortured with pain, crippled with swollen joints or distressed with . occasional twinges, Kheumu ts guaranteed to end your rheumatic ! trouble or money back. ltheuma la just as effective In , cases of lumbago, sciatica, arthrll- Is and chronic neuralgia. Kliedinatism is a dangerous dU- \ caee. It orten affects the heart and : cau<ea death. If you have It In the ; slightest degree get H bottle of ; Hheumu from A & A Drug Co. or i any good druggist today and drive k from your system at oncf. Jewelry is personal and intimate. Its purpose is to adorn and beautify. It is peculiarly appropriate on all occasions where gifts are given.- Fearl & Son Leading Jewelers Our 30th Year ... , , ,, , : fry he will gladly return your moiuV i It. dooi -m t depend on the troatori A f L hout c,«n;s:», tn. ! or the roBeB which w*uy people feol.j sidUn£«i' fir-.*' Co. is my appointed It depends on the Individual j ***** Thauksgivlng Is u point o£ view. iara, I rundown and suffering with ner\ ousness and can truthfully say i has done me more good than an: medicine 1 have over taken, am Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets art very good lo regulate the system They aid very much lu keeping a person In a gooil healthy state. 1 am always glad to speak a good word for 1>|-. Pierce's medicines all of thern that 1 hnve had occa slon to use have proved most beneficial."—Mrs. Amelia Thorn, 420'! John Ave. You can keep well It you eradl cute the poisons that accumulate and enttse "autointoxication" and headaches. Buy . a vial of the Pleasant Pellets now- at your near est drug store. RAILROAD TIME TABLE SANTA FE Westbound Train* Arrivt-.s Depart r Tho Scout B:35pm 7:U6 pn Calif. Limited .. 3 :1)5 pin 3:3;. pu Colo. KxprtHg 5:20 pm 6:50 pir. •a-'krgo Expresi . 3:M) pm 3:t»3 pir y—The Navajo .... 4:45 am 4 :50 atr , 11—Goto. Fa at Mall.. 2;Soam ;t:i*u un i 65-tiLocal Pass 4:16 pra 4: - d(jp«i til—Local Pasa. (Ex Sun.) I»:.(»arr 67—Paasenger 8:30 am 9:00 am 4'i—H & H PHBB . (South) l»;06air Eactbound Tralna N'o. Arrives Depart a -—The Navajo .111 :4.*) pin 1 -t .SU pm i —Cut If, Limited .. l*::i. r ) pm "rib pre* C—Chicago Ex. ...Italian, ll:4Uam it 8—Santa fe ,J 8"...11:2U pm U:aij pin ' t>— The Scout 8:55 am i'.'Jb »m 12—K. C. Flyor 12:35 am W.iv am tJC—Local f'atut. 12:4.1 pm L*uu pm GS— Passenger ... .,.10:10 pm 10-VO pm 62—Local Pass y:tu pm ex. bun, 50—11. .t S. J'asa.... 2:20 pm No. 7 doca not carry passengere. No. ROCK ISLAND. Eastbound. 4—Golden State Limited.. 2—Caltfornlnn 313—Local IMwsenger Westbound No. 3—Golden Stalo Limited , 1—Callfornlni. 311—Locil Passenger , 81—laical Freight 80—Local Frolght Departs ..11:00 am . .lt':!>t> pm ,, y :bo am Departs .. 3:40 pm .. t5:ob am .. Uiau pm ..12:45 pm ..12:45 pm MISSOURI PACIFIC. Wtatbound, No. Depart! 443—Pausonger 9:25 am 413—PttBsenger 3:12 pm 495— Ix»r*l Freight am •aitbound. > No. Depnrta 414—PaHBonaer 1:07 pm 444—Passenger 11 :12 pm 498— Local Freight 1.0:05 am ARKANSAS VALLEY INTERURDAN Leavo Local ... B^u am Loct* ... 7:4b am Limited . U-uo am Local ...10:25 am Limited. .11:45 am Local ... I:u6 pm Limited.. U:2U pm Local .... »:lf> Pin r.lmlted.. 4:20 pm ! .ueal ,6:15 pm '.i>cal ... (i:2? pm .imltcd.. 7:50 pm i.ocal ,,. »:4fj pm ,oeal ...11MU pm Atrr. Local pm Local . am Limited . U :"JU am Local ...12*45 pm Limited . 1:45 pm Local ... ;i'^y pni Limited . 4:is pm Local ,. (>'.;(& inn Limited . 15: IK pm Local ,., 7:a& pm LoCfll .., 8!4U pm Limited . '1:50 pm L.«cal ...11:65 pm Local ... l:&oam All trains uro Dally Trains and are rh^JDUph trains between Hutchinson and Wtohlta, and all trains make direct connections at Van Aradala rat Vewton- Kan-

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