The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 30, 1934 · Page 1
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 30, 1934
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TODAY'S NEWS WHILE ITS FRESH FOR NORTHEAST TEXAS and SOUTHEAST OKLAHOMA If Yow tarn N*w» U Not On Y«« Porch By 5:1$ o'docfc, CaB Tfc* New. Office Before • o*Clock For Prompt D*fer- 164 or 165. betting Full Associated Press Leased Wire Service (AND THE DINNER HORN ) Complete Regional and Local News Coverage HOME EDITION VOL. LXV NO. 238 PARIS, TEXAS, MONDAY, JULY 30, 1934 EIGHT PAGES ESTABLISHED Iftftt ALL COUNTY VOTES ARE TABULATED Parisgrafs .SEXJLES of questions and in Sunday'* News on the proposed sewerage improvement bond issue gave some information that should make friends •for the cause. There were some questions that may have needed xnor« extended Allred And Hunter Increase Sfafe Tom ConnaByi Local Governments Owe j Tax Waiver Allred Leader In Lamar; Adds to Lead O yer Billion To Federal] p 0 r Cotton I Connally Carries County Over Bailey For instance, the question ask-j ,_._„_„.- A rr> * ins it labor for this work win be j ^43,348 Votes Are Tabu- drawn from FERA (formerly CWA) would be used and at their rate of pay. The answer was that labor will not be drawn from th.Is j «ourc«- It may be added how- • ; «ver tbJit while the work is to > t« let at contract, the gox-crnment. | In its Public Works program, does require consideration of unemployed. But the same rule that Jtpplles to the building of high- aa The News understands It. will be us=ed in building: program. the sewage the lated By Election Bureau By 9 o*Clock c. c. MCDONALD is IN THIRD PLACE McCraw and Woodward Nip and Tuck for At- tornev General 1 Not Counting Outright Grants, State and County i Units Will Borrow Bil lion.. Two Hundred j ! Millions In All 1 j WASHINGTON. <£*). —A survey j ^ress to make loans totaling $125.- j I showed Monday that American ! 000.000 to refinance drainage, j 'states, cities and other local units j ievee and irrigation districts, and j owe the federal government about j $75.000,000 to school districts | County Vote In Otlier State Races Tabulated By The Paris Ne^H-s For All Fifty Boxes; Returns Are Unofficial Local Races Jones-Dimagan Race Still s Only One Vote Difference i Producer Must Apply For Certificate to Sell Cotton Without Tax 51,200,000.000 when they g e t • with "adequate security. through borrowing all the govern- znent is empowered to lend. Loans and commitments already amount to more than $390,000,000 not counting around $25.000.000 of outright grants. j Complete unofficial returns; George H. Sheppard. state ': I from Saturday's Democratic pri- j comptroller was far ahead in his • | mary balloting, as tabulated by = quest for renomination while I | The News Monday, showed James j Charley Lockhart, the state treas- j 1 V. Allred led all other guberna- ; urer. also was given a comfortable j WEAR? STURGEON FOR COUNTY ATTORNEY Its commitments in the first i BLANKS IN HANDS \ torlal candidates in I^amar county; lead in the county. • category exceed $52.000.000 to \ OF TDC"AT HANDLERS « ™ tjie vot * n 5 with Tom Hunter": j_ P^ McDonald, state commis-! date. The Chicaso board of edu-| *^ r ^^^-^^ t*-f** *^ C* J second, but 173 votes behind, and I s i O ner of agriculture, was an even! cation now seeks £27.000,000 from ; ^ ^ j t j, a r United States Senator Tom f votes ahead I BankJiead Act Provision | Connally vras far ahead in the impossibles •»«•___„. r»_ ^tr^^ c A .1 i IT,™* -fr.r senator. Connally polled! the latter fund- Officials agree The Public Works adininistra- | to Justify a guess as to what the ; ! tion has lent around $450,000.000. It will have $250.000.000 more to DAL-l^AS, <JP) —Returns to tl 1 lend, because congress authorized ] subdivisions e I tiic Reconstructio total of loans is worth. Those j made to cities and other j>oUucs! j whose publicly-held j •rul^'- 1 — '-" ' Act Must Be Met, Says Adjustment Executive Texas election bureau at 1 p. rn. j ration to take ion Finance corpo- I obligations are quoted regularly in | dllc=irs nius t over that amount i the financial centers are only a. | ta - c _V zer ^ p ^o . Monday from 243 counties. SS ] of municipal securities held by the | small proportion of the total. Sof certificates before thev showed the following: { P-WA. The RFC which lent ?300.- disorganized is the market for! - - - I^et the public understand <5iff»T-enc« > In relief employes. ^.^-^ \ . . __ - t S£^Simal S--emplovment Act. totals in Saturday s Democratic j 000.000 under tHe emergency re- | SL"wOTk of relief workers to a j Primary: | lief and construction act of 1932, | Tae WOTK re , Governor: AHred 240.797.'} was authorized by the last con- I Hunter 193.575.! 3.502. I grade municipal securities j vin f «~el! of his nearest I | Connally was far ahead in the ; opponent as he sought renornina- i * race for senator. Connally polled \ tion while J- K. Walker won the! j 4,533 votes in the county. Bailey j nomination for land commission- j 1 received S.r.r.s and Fisher 21S. | er. j ! In the other races State Senator; The race for rail commissioner i I_amar county cotton pro- j jog Moore carried the county trith ; ^g^- \v .Gregory Hatcher lead Ix>n j t make application for | a comfortable margin over Walter i Smith by a narrow margin while ; certificates and re- j \\- O odul in the race for lieutenant j j o hn H. Sharp was out in front i _ mor while William ilcCraw j in ^jj e race for the supreme court \ be allowed to transport or j also p ii e d up a substantial margin j position. Reuben A- Hall led ! extent has prejudiced public vet even their work is not | Hughes 40.035, as slow "and as inefficient as some 1 McDonald 159,152. Russell wpuld believe. But the XRS rolls j Small 101.937, WJtt 51.SSO. ±rom which workers are drawn fo*- j Railroad commissioner: Hatcher i the high^ 3 ?" labor include a.11 un••• j 149,545. McNees 55,019. Johnson- employed and doss not sect into the j 104.643. Pundt 171.57S. Smith. 207,- | '-relief cases- No one has com- • 553. j plained of the character of work The bureau announced that re- 5 down by men on the highway 1m- su j ts ; n a n other state races were * provem-eni* oe 43 an4 elsewhere appa rent ana that no further tab-] in tlj* state. » ula-tions in them would be issued, j ~ * | Tabulations were also dlscontin- 1 this ' "" ' " '"" " -~~t-- titne- See LOCAL. Pagre S. Col- cotton grown this year without 9 Convicts ! Assassin Of ChopHoleln] Dollfuss Is Wall; Escape! Identified paying a tax of oO per cent of the market price. This is a provision j of the Sankhead Act, now in ef-1 f-ect, according to Donald Ralph, i ! adjustment assistant to County i * Agent A. L. Edmiaston. AppHca-] j tion blanks are now in the hands | \ of local committeemen and may j * be obtained from them. i ] Mr. Ralph pointed out that all \ \ cottou producers, in order to avoid | i payment of the t?T must make ap- i * plication for allotments of tax-ex- j ; empt cotton. These applications J over Walter Woodward in the contest for attorney general. See ALLRED. Page S. Col. German Note j Most Solons | On Austrian ! Retain Posts PutschBared] In Balloting i Statement Hailing Dollfuss j Nine Out of Ten Nominat- verthrow Is Quickly j ed In First Withdratvn ! Martin and Van Anderson Left In Runoff For County Judge Complete tmofflcial returns m c'-urrcy's political struggles iloadao' left the first-announced results unchanged. In some in- ^titrices the vote totals were altered as tiitt additional boxes-., were. corupleted but tliere was no of positions of the ea.adid:a.te«. The race between J. Jones and Mrs. Roy widow of the late I>una^c,n. for whyu* a write-in cazQpais-n was couducted. by friends and supporters in. the closing weeks of the race, continued tv be tue closest of the field- On the basis or aztofficioi returns ior the county, compiled by The •N'ev^s with ail boxes reporter! -complete, .Mr Jones had a lead of one vote. However., he can aot be. declared the nominee until the committee meets n«xt Saturda.3' : to make an ofiit^al canvass of .the oallots On r.lie ba^is of Tiis X*=%vs" ua- oii"ici&! returns iiLbuIated. by its own workers, Lhe race fc-r other q-uestiorts by tax-payers! ssi : Puckeit News will endeavor to secure j 542. | HOCSTON. Texas, (r?> — Nine. correct ars«wfrs, j Seventh: Davis D.420, Frizzel! 7,- ; white convicts cut their way to lib-j = SS2. Fulgham 1.S34. Justice 4,32?. I e rty at the Harlem state prison: •Pfrt, >ce-ws warns the p<?or>!e not • Patton 6.310 Thompson 2.0-5S. j f arris near Richmond early Mor.- j t*> be too hasty V» ffcidSrssr to | Eighth: Easle 23.123. Dupuy \ day mo mins. They chopped a hole ( •vo*» ~ acainst thi* improvement i 13 257. Nisslnjr 474. Putnam 2.S1S. i ; n t he wal! of the wooden trusty | borid i^e. There 1-9 srr^t dap.crt'r j Simons 702. Weldon 760. of Ptiri?! havisic: to pty th*> cos the Improvement whether «-e Figures Show Applications must be maae on blanks furnished by local commit- The s;ate h«n1th «o- 511 not always p«rtr=U the «inptyli3?r oT ^aw «s-^-fr^te into open streams to rnd.iTitrpr ,'he of the peorl^. Property who are Irsiposs"'' np"-n *>>" , f; Thirtetnih: Bsckus 11.440. Mc~o!. 1 Farlane IS,441. Sp-?nce 1S.062. i-nU J Cbasfiain 11.173. Hamlin 14,282. «^nth: D-csrcan 7.439. Haiie Mnhon J3.I5S. Mcllicari the murder o£ Chancellor f Doilfuss to a disgruntled former ' armv serseant. They announced that Otto Plan- j teemen and must also be present- etta, who was dismissed from mil- j ed to the commltteeman in iiai-v- service because of b:s Nazi I conamuniry where the cotton is; . Captain A. N. Owen, in charge | syin " patil j e . 5 _ jjag confessed firing I produced. No applications may be j ., the shot Wednesday which killed | tnadt to the county agent or ;o 5 tne building and fled. a£ head of fact that is nearing for-v^r to iolcraf*- * nutsancc- 3"<1 such a h.-.t!t>- ard. large posse with bloodhounds. b«- j , he j^.t^u-ja.n leader. [ ccmmitieenTen in other conimun- j ^^^^ source, -s^as withdrawTi a ha! gan b^atins che river bottom lands | Then t ^^ y moved ahead, under | i^les- I hour later before it could be near the farm. j the leadership of the new ehan- i .^ view of - he •'• * * : Those who escaped were: j cello r. Dr. Jurt Schushrigg, to i ^a'-ves^^" season Tw .^,^.>,- Pta^ elt 3034 Ms.v-1 Robert Thompson, serving two | smash lhe ^ ab bom resistance of j ^ Uc ^ ^, allotments of tax-! rrick's.SS?:" Q J,n" T.3S*/We'b*r V-i >'* art fr °^ Eastland county .or » Xaii £roups still boM=^ ..,°« j e^aipt cotton must be mace next j tcwr|^ l«, Jjr A»oeU«a PrwO | Joe Kous . rsr, iburglarx-: Lewis carter, seeing "against govem:vent forces ,n .an- , ^ whicft does QO . bear; M^NNA— r*cea *»h de^, b ^' e ^b^- O H Cross - Waco X-'-v,^... «--.- T>^^ S = *-.- v«- : -csrs from Dallas^ county for = ous sections of the country. i ^ow^- t"a- r i< ex-n>pt I hansiasr °"° r - inetta and r **** ! ** * e *^ M -V -" *',™ o- =-,-" .«n fc , ....... I>,ai ...... g ^ h -;; obb?ry . Georse S . Hnston. 2 years; ^ Pianetta, saddened _by the j « ^ t ^ r ":^^ ^^^ i Roizweber went on trial at 5 :I5 ; eleventc: r^ ^nham o. . c.. LONDON, (r? 5 !—A reliable source I DALUkS. (5 s ) — NJne of the ten [ i stated .Monday night that the ! Texas congressmen who ran for | ! British government has learned • re-election in Saturday's Detno-1 i that an official statement v,-as is- [ cratic- primary appeared Monday \ \ sued in Se.rlin last Wednesday eve- ) to nave wo;i renomination -with- ; g proclaimies: the overthrow of i out a run-off election, but another.[ Chancellor Dollfuss of Austria in | had a hard fight on his hands and ; g-reat popular revolt x x x as j -^111 have to run again next, month, i •ortant as it is welcome-^ l Those representatives TVQO ement. according co the ; se erned to have majorities over = heir opposition were: Morgan j ~ j Sanders of Canton in the third, i thejiished in any of the newspapers of j Sair! Kay burn of Bon bam. fourth;; all ] Germany. | jjatton "W. Sutnners of Dailas. i I fifth: L,uther A. Johnson of Corsi- exemr.T cotton must be mace next ;?hy ?.150. .^,29 *! will but It 1? that r>t« f«r thH bivrjfl vot ^ f<>r." is the expression t'os-pav*" wn<> ' s *" rnac ^ could •'<-. Tr? he r*asi:xs thiy rrtr.fiitioTS mu^t b«> c»tv of more th^n I *Tn^" bureau «ild the ccnere«- i ->sck Cade. 2S years from Dallas j charge against ! siorsa! figures a:rre*d •w.-fih county ! returns at 12:20 -r>, m. i and assa.ul* to rob: I Distr:c; totnts in c;v;5 appellate ; Deaton. IS years frcrn Karris Mondav ni~h.t before a rnHi- f Worth, twelfth: Milton West c-i' 3,37 Second d:»rrici: Chief .sociate Justice: Brown 17,7 Justice: Mar- Bicket: rom HI Paso county for burglary: U ™t of her ^^^^f ^ j paid! ca^ ^fbT sold uatiF the" tax } ^™-^^^^ ""ii p lanel . { Brownsville, fifteenth, and Tho^- rt>»«*x -obb—v with fire arms 1 sorrow of the grief of Do'.Ifuss'| ** P 3 *^- j ta. had confessed killing Chancellor ! as Bianion, seventeenth. -°"" K -" ' : Locai coiTiniitteernen wil* be at; Dollfuss and Holz-^eber -was charg- ; W. D. McFarlane. representative :S:e folio-wing plac-es next "week | ed -«.'ith directing the Na^:i Putsch ; from the thirteenth district, was vlth apolication blanks for far-; • ~_ ~ . wre in "their respective commani- j See NOTE. Page S. Co:. 3 1 See gQLONS, Page S. co.. . ie-s: Paul Jacob | "Frat3 Dc-llfuss. iike .*, CONVICTS. Paire S. Col. 3 See ASSASSIN". Page S, Col. OKLAHOMA MINERS ARE STILL TR.4PPED STKK. Okla. <* days bt-for? *oS71, T.-ipscornN 3S,^><3. Fifth: Chief Juytice: Allen 20,- I0». Jortes 26.355. Sixth: Associate JusCice: Hal! DALLAS. (Jps..—Kecurr.s to the Texas Election Bureau at 9 a. m. 233 counties out of 254, ir.- Votes Shown iBalloomsts For Congress! To HopAgain Ravbum Leading Morris j Another Try For Altitude By 7.OOO In Fourth I Record Sought By Air- District | men Who Jumped J. K. Xorveli. Monday p. rn. July | SO. through Saiisrday Aug. 4, at i hJs home Caviness. Route 1. j Jess Kea-soner. Monday p. ns. j July 30. through Saturday Aug. 4. | HOL-DKSGE. Neb., ! A- E. Ball. >loncay p. m- July i 30 througrht Saturday Aug-. 4 Rat- '. Bob Dennison. Monday P- rn. ! July 30. through Aug. 4. Bledsoe • Siore, Curuiingham. | T. J. Presion, Tuesday. Ju'y ^>j Jim Is Gay | Hamflton's Despite Lossj Trail Found Ferguson Urge* Voters to Texas Desperado Is Re- Study Runoff Closely ; ported Kidnaper of Before Picking Man j Port Arthur Man MSon^, 50. I W*w*n*nt soveraor; plt"u« Md Martin Cor»tt« 35. j ^ ; ^- £™*> 2 *™*\ A?torn«y peners,!: M « Bcrkely Johns or; Th«»y were alono ( Sunday j -«4 034 n | ;_J- **• h- - KKITAIN AI-OOF X. (.4^—Skr John Simon. Woodward Treasurer: GrifJin 43.S71, Ix>ck- hart 33±S6S. Tcrr^l 16?.5<,* DALLAS. ^—Returns to the T^-xi^ election bureau at II a. m. j army airmen who took to .p.e:, Monday showed th« dis- j parachutes to escape death in the iribution of votes in the congress- ; crash of the world's largest bal- races Jr. Saturday's D^rtiocra- j 'oon. 12 n>.i]»s northwest of here,; 53^ Whipplo. Monday p. r.i. ;ir"primary: | a ^ ea?«-r for another venture into = Julv Sy ^ thro - c '- h Saturday AU-J;. 4. Third district: Farmer t.55S. | * h -« stratosphere. * i By waters 3Idg.. Roxton. Te::as«. ] AUSTIN, <.^ — James r-, r er- ; HOUSTON. t.^.—Police con- K F Sanders. Mc-ndsy .>. m. ; =rasor:. spokesman for Gox-err.or ducted sr. intensive search for July 3«x through Saturday Au;:. 4, • Miriam A. Ferguson. Monday said at his home Route 1. i>v^r»lstc»wn. ; T- ex ans snould not be in a hurry Kaymo-'d Fuck.-tt 7.?SS. Sar.d- Fifth: Stror.e: ir.oso. Sumners Captain Albert W, Stevens, | H. L. McDc-.vr*. ilor.aay '•>. : scientific obsen-er on the "Explor- i July M«. throu-ci Sa.Turc!ay Ati;;. vr" when ir failed to reach rnore j Store .it Pat:oziv:li*. fhan 60.000 feet Saturday, said.;' Harry Terrels. Aler.u^.y P- howex-er. another attempt to soar t Jvii' "'>• thrt.*u^n isiturday^ A':;, uncharted height* would not be ; F-y waters Bids:. 'Koxten. ie.x?^- ! to commit themselves as to can- j didates ir; the run-off i nor between Attorney General ; James "V. Allred and Torr. F. | Hunter. \ "I want to hear them articulate he said-. "Te-xans should WiU Rogers — TVVll, wfr in hena on th* fir-tt !*R of our bop. *nd {TO*sr:ne who wo run into. Yoti wouldn't puerw in a year, isirnorss 70 2. W*!don El^vo-nth: Cross" :$o. • WASHINGTON*. /^>!.—The Texas Democratic rrintar>* etectfors has Tw^Jfth: Berrv 3.(*64: a* Kearney. Neb., fnto ; -^ ^ Dit.kirson. Tuesday July | the cause of the balloon's failure, j S j tjj-ou^h Saturday Aug. 4. Shiloh I Stevens said May and June an? ! school house, W. D. McAr-aliy, Monday p. m. {Jsrr.rnie i^ probably 31*. Tucsdav and \VeiJnesdsy, ! of some tree and w clatfornis and their opening reir.arks. I hear Hur.ter has gone to Marlin, He must be pretty tirt-d. i the shade ; >,^ n b<? ready to j a rnt Club House, Forest Cha-star laniiitori. escaped Texas cesperace. Monday after he had been reported as the kidnaper of Mutt Ma—hews. a. Port Arthur for =over- ! storage ^ara^e einploye. Matthews told polios a n^an a.nsweriTis: riamiiton"? description stopped him near a. Port Arthur note! and forced him. at piste* point, to accompany hin^ t.o a residence •sphere another -ma" at:d tvom3,r! joined them. They drove to Nome. 5* tulles •east of here, -where Matthews was released. Lee Simmons. prison system superintendent, said tJiar finger prints fourrd ors an autorrrobile ni?tht matched Hamilton's. A Dallas mar:, arrested after The car had been wrecked, to*<5 Hempstead officers that Ham:*ton had with him until they sirucs c on the hiirnway and wreek- €d the car. Two machine gtrns. ?T. frc-n- a Dallas armory, were ound In the car. HENRY FORD HAS 71ST BIRTHDAY oux of the wator for him. Them's I vb*nan.-appropriation*. «n'» Jon^y. folk* tvnm th«»lr jtu*r*r quota rats- j asrrlrultur<\ coawtfrf In without op- *sd. but ho just !<raU«a at >m. H« i position. t» th» w«rl<J> only mar that can ' ~" turn you down and you RW out l*k none. Maverick S.6S5. Quin 7.3S1. Itrwck after *he close of the i'-.v^s- \\>bor S.7^5. I tisratiors ar.d started for WashSTsjr- .9C7. Mur- S37. South Run,sr« VU * &i »*^M ^^v-t»*« «^*»T,« j-»"-»- r*.~* •»• — •• -T»- * ^^ fnK m'«. Th« whol* of Honolulti ; T **«* attorney R rn«>ral R ra<lu«,lv • th* huJn. or riding a aurf \ l " cr< ?T^ ^^,»«»rt «.v*r fh*> r«.l *>. ,, -, . , ,. 1 thf* fi*M Sn Nat >rd«v ?* for him t*>G«5". If n<> «ion t , ., , ... primaries* Mondax- *T« their quota, will jj over f mjr . f{fthH of th ' hl« head an«J. tak* U up with Cen' *ral Hwjrh Johnaon. and pot It don* for "«m, for we can't let the \ Your* \VHJU J 15.614. C. Nance, Tuesday. July 3 school house: Wednesday j executiv* office. Ausrust 1. Ballinger | F«-rsr«son said O. I* Sirnruii, Monday p. T«. July { that the voters \\.\H D.\N<;KK nKMOTK CONDON, (^—Stanley BaKlwin i PRESIDENT s prime minister of Great1 PORTLAND, Britain, said in lh« houso of com- ] Roos«velt sped ROOSEVELT HOMING » so, and \\Vdn-esday August 1. Fin i prohibition as a ABOARD THK CRUT^^K NEW ! ^ Hook store; Thursday and Friday. | Texas, BIG BAY. Mich- >£* —Henry ; the capitoT press contingent in the Ford is 71 years old Monday, He an»1 Mrs, Ford plan to observe the u xvaa apparen* occas - or! ^y Eji « sanie quiet dinner no lon^r regard" j ^^her which has featured ^ch material issu^ irJ Ju ^ St> smc * **** were »*™<* ! « Anderson and C. A- ilanin, incumbent. Judge- ilajrtin was leading having- polled 3.5±0 votes to I'.^il for Mr. Anderson. J. M. Br-ai-vell trailed with r.144 votes. For countj attumey, Grady ^cui'yecn j±n«! FrunJc XVear were. regarded certain to be in the run- o£i Ln the second primary. Mr. Stur^eon hLid a t»_-;a.I vote of 3,1 16 •.vhile Mr. \Vear polled r.lyS. 3i- D. Htuersun \vas third and Herbert Jones fourth in tiiis race. Clyds Humphrey, incurtibent tax collector, won the nomina_den over Hiss .Dorothy Latinier. incunibent assessor, in the race for the position recently created by the 'Combining wf t!ie two ofrices. Mr. Humphrey polled 5.3S5 votes to 3,37-i for Miss Latimer, the unofficial returns showed. As further returns were counted P. I— slipped into a. com- iortable I^ad in the sLx-v.-5.v- race for the coumy superinten-dency. Ke had ^.372 votes to 1.797 for J, G. Branson, his run-off opponent- Mrs. Mary Jones Lindsay, incumbent. had 1,^75 votes to be in fourth place in the tabulations. Mrs. Mary Ma ness Pierce was third with her 1.45- votes, The race tn precinct 2. involving Mrs. Dunagan and Mr. Jones, offered the nacst unusuai situation of th-r- court races as -well as the •entire campaign in the county. Where incomplete returns Saturday night shotved ilr. Jones lead- insr by a sinsie vote, the complete returns of Monday -eft no chang* in the standing of the candidates. In precinct 3 a run-off csim- pa.isi between Mark Kennedy and L. R. >. Roy> Caviness, incumbent, will be necessary. Mr, Klesnedy receiv-sd 350 votes to 715 for Mr. Cavi~ess. J. H. Johnson, the third man in the rac;>. trailed with 2o9 votes. In precinct cue George Terry- wen over Rupert L. Bailard. in-. cumber.t. polling' 1.43S votes to T. H. t Tony -4 Booth was returned to the post of commissioner from r-r^cinc: •* when he was nominated after his opponent, T. W. Kusseli, withdrew recently af- tep his appointment to the post- masterscfp a: Paris. Sarti Garland was returned to the place of constable in precinct i, wir.izing over John Pride. The urn bent received C.279 vot-rs to I.S4- for ?iis opronent. In the prectncw one race for >us»- tice of the peace J, A. Johnson. , incumbent, defeated Charles Par; rott. polling 2.T75 votes to 1,824 for his opponent, Other county ra ••:••*!? -awsw ClvtJe Sh^itors. ursopposipd ca-zt-didat*? for ; sheriff. r*tatn«ftd and R. V. Ham- '• ^ee iTATE. Pas: ORLBANS EX ROUTE WITH ROOSKVK1.T TO -.« l iv rn th»r hi> h*i«l ' % 4 ..« J jv. rn th»r hi> h«rt .4c COCNTr. I»4«« S. Col, i mediate • !*,ml. Ore., \vhor* he vviH the 4ifflcutt>«« Riul Vvr- his wife, with his* cruiser*. of th« pr*»«nt altuaUon, itaintae a fa»t pac« of 22'-knots. Oalt store. M. K. Dickon. Monday July SO. A us;. I. Samtier: Thars- AuSv -. 3. Hopewell T>5#:s:s Storo Kfddy, T»cs*Jay, July Si, TAX, l»aiStt 3, oL £. ''You can buy hard liquor any- now and no expects or 1SSS. The only difference between Mr. Ford's seventy-first birthday and >f other years toxicants enforced." he said. "We j Dearborn. He aad Mrs. Ford are are getting no revenue from its' vacation!ny at the s*c!cd«-d Huron sale, but, apparently, that is what | mountain etub ow Lafee Sus>*rtor. the vottrrss -wstRt/i t i* Bsiles Irotm Bis Bay. WEATHER EAST TKXAS: Partly efowty Monday n»«ht ami Tuesday. My k>«*I »lKM*er* «wJ t» e»»t centraJ to n»o<icrat« southerty eo«st, OKI.AHOt.X: Partly tienfle on tl»* tottiffbt 1

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