Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 7, 1975 · Page 8
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 8

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 7, 1975
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

SPOTLIGHT ON.,. \ FLORAL FANTASY -- Perfect i'oumrrtiris OH'S delicate- lloral ensemble of blue polyester-cotton lileiul I'ajjric. A shirt of sheer overlay embroidery covers ;i briel halter top. The model is Mrs. .!.(•;. Mayl'ield of :i51(i ISth Si !..Slitt'f Phnti'isi DRAMA1IC BLACK - Mis Majfield makes a dramatic imptcsbion an this Wick pol\ester knit pantsuit trimmed in while- mutatini, leather. Mrs. Mnyfield modeled this cnsem- lilo \\ the I .ubhoi-k Women's Club W1JN ATBKIDGK l€6 Diamonds Arc Most Unfriendly - : ANN FARMER ' . A brunch Saturday in the Iio'rric ol Mrs. James Price 'i!'' tioO Elgin Ave. honored , ^Usr> Ann Farmer, bridc-e- 1 : cc) of Gary Boren. . • Cohostesses were Mines. -Byron Haynie, Robert Kaj, .Virginia Teague, Eileen Ap• P-Jlegate and La Juana Mca,' ft dr. • . Special guests were .Mrs. .Wesley Farmer and Mrs • Percy Boren, mothers of j 'he engaged couple; Mr.-. ..lot- Fortenberry and Mrs. , <M.\dfi Blighan. sister and • '.jiandmother of the hono vec. ' . Miss Farmer and Boren jjlan to marry June .ir> al 'Trinity Church. • " DEBBIE TAYLOR ,;.-LATON (Special. •?'vl>v Debibe Taylor, bricie- .\iil-c! of Keith Williams. • •AH:-, honored with » lunch >on rind a recipe and spice • -'iiowc r Tbursriny in thr ]'Homc ol Mrs. Mygnti^ K'lat .'oiihoiY. .' • 'Mrs. Q.C. Tiijloc. mother .<->(- illt hoiinroc: Miss Wilmn ( 'Ryj b b i 11 >. Mrs. Haticv, .'.Winery and Mrs. All red* jCro.iby. aunts uf Miss Tay '>jr. were tpeciyl quests. _-The wedding is planned .'fur .func I-t in ihe l-'irsi •Baptist Church. : _•: jo CARTKR • -Mis? Jo Carif-r, bridc- Vi'-'i-l ol Kick Luther. UHS • toted at a :;ii'i lea .Saturdav '.(.-I 1 trie home of Airs. L.l). -Maiv-haii of .'-;-!J>S !j!!h Si. ' . 'Y-'-i-.iin'j w i i ii hosiiiiii- lies were Mmcs. Paul Hush, CD. Stalls. Calvin Campbell. D'Aun Brown, Roocrt 1... Las i tor Wilbur Hunt, C.A. Bickley, King Sides and Lavon Ray. The couple will exchange wedding vows April 2fi in Asbury United Methodist Church. Miss Jan Garner, bride-elect of Billy F'iilkinburg, \\as the honorce at a lunch eon Saturday in ihe Gold Room o£ Hemphill-tt''ells in South Plains Mall. Hostesses were Mrs. Rub Craig, of Dallas and Mrs. Dan BVookshire of Brown field. Special guests were tlir- honoree's sister. Mrs. Vul Thompson, and the prospective bridegroom's mother, MJ-.S. Robert Ffilkinbirn.' of Hrownfield. The couple will be married May 17 in ihe Kir>t United Methodist Church in Bmwnfield. S'lVl-V I'-KI'I'KKS Kor an economical mam dish, combine 2 cups cookr-d nee. I he;itc-d egg. '•_• cuji mill;, chopjjed union. 1 cuji canned tomatoes, and 2 • • a n .< (!\'-':i n?..\ sardinos. ilraincd and slightly chopped. Season with sail and pepper and stuff into pid'-boilcd. seeded green peppers. Top with scaled cheese or bread crumbs and warm in ;> I'./iij degixv nvfn '.',<! minutes. Spr\-e ivith hoi UiniiUO ll;- ch(H\SP Siilirp, A J V A 7 5 4 -* K 10 fl 7 A K 10 ti 4 WKST A K Id <t« 54 V « « 2 » Q « * A 7 SOUTH llli A A Q K v 10:1 » A K fj 4 ;>, ;; A Q 1! I.;AST A 7,-j 2 V K 4 + ,[ Wrsl Nnrlh Kiist South brilliant defensive play when he continued hearts instead of leading a spade back. Had tie done so. South could have ducked find discarded a diamond from dummy. Later on he could unblock by discarding another diamond on (he ace of spades. East's continiiii- iion of hearts ruined this (.•nance." Oswalil: "South b a d (wo w;i\s (D make his contract. The simple one unuld have be-on to overtake dummy'. 1 ; jack of spades with his qi'een, lead the low i-pade right back and discard n diamond right then. The- second diamond would go on the ace of spades later." 1 A Pass :! * f'.ISS Pass Pass Opening lead •- lu A !S.\- Os-Uiild A .I.-HIICS ./acoliy O l \v:ild: "Thf 'Itula' club is easy to net int i. In fact. \vc l;nou l'c\\ ^lin-crs \vho hnvc-ii'i 'inalil'icd tor memlK.;r.-ihip." •Mm: "South member alter g ;il three no-trump, marked. 'Il'idri seen diamond suit was bloi-ksr. I'da m'ad tract." Osvutld: "South \M>n the .spade lead wilh dummy'.jack and j/romplly led a club to bis queen. \Vr-si won ^^ith Ibe ace and shifted to a hcai-t. Kasi ua.s ailoxvcil - i win and conumicd hearts. South took ihe third heart in dummx. cashetl four diamoixls but could noi get to his hand to score the last two." JIM : "South « as vfT\ nn liK-ky. Kast had made » die bidding h;is born: ^I'st North Kiisi Suiiih 1 A l':tf- 21. P.,s S ; You. South, buitJ A K () \i tj 5 V A 2 » K -! :', A 1,1 ; VUiat do you do now'.' A - Bid ihriT clubs. mil i rilicizo cither ;i two-spa (wo-notrump rebici. Inn th<- rnlsc is our tirsl choice. TODAY'S QrKS'l'IOX Yun do bid thice clubs .-.•IK! your pat'tnr-r bids ilucc spitdo.-.. What do \<m do now? Answer Tunmrrim' H I>U |,| ri!- i,r c| u h I'Ad'K 2-B. ],imi;OCK. TKXAS MONDAY, AI'ICII. 7, l!»75 The Slim Gourmet Boring, boring, BORING, is tliat your beef about •itew? if you're sick of stew, simmered the same old way —. carrots, potatoes and other predictable.* --try pork. There's nothing ho hum about our pair of pork slews ... not a carrot in sight Nothing; fattening, either. We choose the leanest pork, trimmed of fat and cut to order in cubes. Ask for jinrU cut from Ihe leg or shoulder. We don't brown our stew meat in a skillei- ful of calories (fat) either. Use a heavy nonstick Dutch oven or large covered skillet. For added no- slickery, spray it with vegetable coating for no-fat Frying. Add the meat and one tablespoon water. Heat slowly until moisture evaporates and meat begins to brown in its own i'at. Turn until evenly browned. Drain off fat, if any. (Meat cubes may also be bi owned under the broiler. ) HUNGARIAN PORK AND SAUERKRAUT 2 pounds lean pork, in 1 1 '2 inch cubes 2 cups boiling water 2 chicken bouillon cuues 1 cup onion, chopped 1 tablespoon paprika 2 teaspoons salt or garlic salt 2 teaspoons caraway seeds 2 tablespoons flour I 1 cup cold water large can (27 ounces) sauerkraut, rinsed and drained 1 cup plain low-fat yogurt Brown pork as directed. Add water and bouillon, stir until dissolved. Add onion, paprika, salt and caraway. Cover and simmer over very low heat one hour. Uncover and add sauerkraut. Cover and simmer an addi- lional hour, until meat is very tender. Skim fat. i! :MI.V. Ulcnd flour ami cold water; stir into pot. Cook and siir until bubbling and thickened. Stir in yogurt a little at a time, until healed flirough. Serves eight, 21S) calorics each. PORK HONG KONG 2 pounds lean pork, cut in I'.i inch cubes 'i cup soy sauce 'i, cup orange juice 2 tablespoons lemon juice tt cup water 1 clove garlic, or 1-4 tea spoon garlic powder -}-ounce can sliced mush- rnom.s, including liquid f>-ounce can water chestnuts, sliced 2 onionx. sliced 1 green pepper, seeded HIK! cut into squares 1 teaspoon arrowroot or cornstarch 2 tablespoons cold water Brown pork cubes as directed. Add soy sauce, orange juice, lemon juice, wa tcr, garlic and liquid from canned mushrooms. Cover and simmer l',i hours, until very tender. Add mushrooms, water chestnuts, onion and green popper. Cover and simmer an additional 10-lf> minutes, until pepper is lender-crisp. Combine' arrowroot and cold water and stir into simmer ing stew until thickened. Serves eight. 2()f) calorics each. More Oriental slimmer*. Send a stamped self-addressed envelope and 25 cents to SLUM GOURMET ORIENTAL RECIPES, in care of this newspaper. P.O. Box (ill. l.ubh.x •]•• Te.v. Tfl-IOS. Special Mahon Story Time ^ arks Young Child Week A special story timr at MHiioii Library, in obscn - ;iJin'' nf iiic? U'cel< of Hi.-^ minx Child. \\ ill be : .;ir In a.n'i. U'cdne-srUii in children's story room. 1'iirtnis arc invited CAPROCK DUI'LTCATI-: In Caprock Duplicate Bridge Club game j>l:t.\ Tlun'sdiiy at the P.rid^e ('enter, winners were Hob Smith and dary Powell, first: Mrs. Frank' Heck anrj Mrs. P.I:. Buchanan, sec find: .Mrs. .I.A. lienncn and Mrs. T.L. Leach, third. The club's ne\l rncctiiv,' "ill be at <(:.|~> a.m. April IT at the center. a! the inl 'j,u<'sis will be child from l.ubliock Hav I'KiiK i' !• sA.vmnnr Sardines arc low in calo- rics ami high in nutrition. containing a good amonnl "I pi-olcin. calcium. ]>hos phorus and vitamins A and 15. Pci-k up the usual egg salad sandwich mixture by adding (his savoiy little fish iilonu' with sninc finely clKjpjjpd celery and dill nic- klc. A memory is a photograph taken by the heart. New Merchandise Arriving! Daily Famous Name Brands j Act 3 Coco - Jon Sup Collegian Devon Donovan Golvan ANNIVERSARY PLATtf l - 'c;Hurt'fI on the program will bi> a pupi'Cl lircsenta- lion ol "The Little Red lien." it film-strip called "Aiv.'us and the Ducks," » story and musical gamos. Children will be given a brochure, "Rcadinc; .Begins iit Hume." for ilun'r jiar- onl>. The Soulh Plains Assricia lion Jor the Kfliication of 'I'nuiiK Children is promoting the ui-ek's observance in Lubbock. SEWER.ROOTER SERVICE We satisfy where others fail "LADY CALL BRADY" Air conditioning Plumbing ANN "LANDERS Prints Atheist's Letter Dear Readers: Recently I said I was waiting for permission to print a good letter from an atheist, and use the writer's name. Today, permission was granted. Here it is: The author, Madalyn Murray O'Hair, Founder of the Society of Separa- tionists, Inc, Deai- Ann Landers: I am addressing you because 1 receive thousands of pieces of mail each year with clippings of your column enclosed, as you continue to refer persons with troubles to their minister, rabbi and priest. The atheistic community of the United States comprises about 20'per cent of the population. This means you are offending a lot of people week in and week out. Your columns are replete wilh religious references also, in other veins. The Society of Separationists, Inc., which I founded, is dedicated to the complete and absolute separation of state and church, i.e., of religion and government. Atheists are good people, fine citizens, educated and mature adults. Please stop offending them by pretending they don't exist. Telling an atheist to go to his minister with a family problem is like telling a Jew to light a candle for the Virgin Mary. Consideration, understanding, and empathy extends to us also, along with everyone else. - Madalyn 'Murray O'Hair DKAR MADALYN MURRAY O'HAIR: I have seen you on TV and am impressed by your sincerity and courage. T, loo, am a firm believer in the separation of religion and government, but after that we part company. I'm sorry if you feel I am offending "a lot of people week in and week out." The reason my columns are "replete with religious references" is because I happen to be a person who has religious beliefs and my column reflects my convictions. When one has an audience of 60 million readers, seven days a week, 36'5 days.a year, it is impossible to tailor every reply to fit every segment of society. Surely you are not suggesting that I stop telling peo'pie to seek help from a minister-, rabbi or priest when you yourself hav e staled that 80 per cent of the peopJe in the United States do hold religious beliefs. (Actually, it's 17 per cent, according to a recent Gallup poll.) I frequently advise people to seek help from physicians, psychiatrists, lawyers, and marriage counselors, as well. I'm sure many atheists are fine citizens, educated and mature, but I see no reason foi 1 those individuals to be offended by my references to God. The way I see it, if the advice doesn't fit they can ignore it. Sincerely yours. Ann Landers * * * Rear Ann Landers: You are a traitor to your sex. Instead of sticking up for u.i women who really need it, you always support the selfish, inconsiderate husbands who should get a swift kick in the barstool. Why don't you be honest with your read" crs and tell it like it is? Some of these men we're stuck with arc plain stinkers and they wouldn't come home for Eii/- abeth Taylor, Sign me - Former Ann Fan In Racine DEAR FORMER: I agree that some men -are stinkers — but who picked them? Since you brought it up, beauty doesn't guarantee faithful homecoming. Elizabeth Taylor is now in the process of considering Xumber- Six. + * » Aim Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of The Avalanche-Journal P.O BOY •191. Lubbock. Tex., 79108. enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. w/ Heloise Dear Folks: Hey you coffee-get-uppers I am one who just has (.0 have two cups of coffee before I can even say "Good Morning" to anybody, and that includes a ghost who jusi might be walking by! Since I have to make this myself, 1 learned something new. I do not like to gel up while I am' reading the paper to get that second cup. So? ! pour two cups at the same time and into ono of them. 1 drop a cube of ice'. i Uike both of these with me and put them on the I able beside my favorite chair. I drink the one with the ice cube first. (Never stir after dropping the ice cube in, The lop part of the coffee cools and by the time you are down to the bottom half of Uie cup. the coffee is still warm! > By that time, the second cup is just right. Start in on thai one, you coffee lovers. It's the hcstest . . . You haven't had to gel up out of your chair or yell at, your wife to bring you an "ther cup. But most of all. you have done il yourself! Now if that ain't some- thin' there is nothing that never was. Why didn't I think of that a hundred years ayo? Reckon because 1 was only Saturday Events Treat Seniors Miss Brenda Marshall, a Monterey High School senior, was honored with a brunch Saturday in the iiorne of Mrs. John Crcw.s of :UIS 54th St. Mrs. Charles Rcbstock ;ind Mrs. Bill Wade assislod with hospitalities. Miss Marshall is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. ,Iam>s !•;. M.-irshnll of .",412 5-1 th St. Catherine Carlock, who i is a candidate lor gradtui- j lion from Coronado High I School, was honored with j an ice cream sundae party, j The party, at U p.m. Sat- urdav. was given by Mrs. Wayne FinneJl of '1606 15th St. 99? Here's to the next, cup o'coffee with you. Heloise Dear Heloise: Don't know whelhei' this will be of any value to. you or your readers, but it certainly saved my day'. I was making deviled eggs and put in too much mayonnaise in the filling. So I added a small amount of (diTl instant potatoes and it worked like a charm. The potatoes absorbed the excess moisture and nobody knew the difference. Jo Dudley * * * Dear Aunt Heloise : Mere's an idea for those of you who have a brother (or brothers) and want to get him <or them) to love you a lot and to do as you command —- at least for awhile. Here's how! Give him (or the mi Sou (or more) tor his (or their) birthdays! Karen Davis Age 1 1 Think it would work?. I (or we i doubt it! love and kisses. Aunt Heloise * * * Dear Heloise: Do you splash the back of your legs when walking in the rain and wish you could get to a rest-room to sponge off the muddy spots before returning to your office or next appointment? A few swipes of the wet, folded umbrella helps . . . Rene SAUTE SALA>II Salami and beans may not sound like a dramatic entree, but you can make them look that way. Saute salami slices until the edges curl up to form cups. Spoon canned baked beans into the cups while still in the skillet. Cover and cook until the beans arc heated through. Serve wilh broccoli .spears and a tossed salad for an attractive meal with homespun appeal. Dear Heloise: I've found another use for the lowly dust pan. I've been painting the interior of my home and anyone that has ever painted a wall knows how tedious it is to paint the baseboards and not get paint on the rug. but I think I have found the answer. Press the dust pan against the baseboard and paint away. Xary a drop of paint on Uie rug'or floor. Clean the pan and demote it lo gathering dust again. Lady Paintor Dear Heloise : if you pick flowers from the garden that haven't enough foil age. try using carrot tops in vour arrange nient. Works beautifully. K.P. Heloise: If you don't feol like changing your pet's drink ing water several times a day, put two or three ic» cubes in it. Keeps it fresh ijid cool For him much longer. Ruth Mclntosh « * * Write to Heloise in care of The Lubboek Avalanche- Journal, Box 491, Lubbock. Tex. 7940S. Because of the tremendous volume of mail. Heloise is unable to answer ail individual letters. She will, however, answer your questions in her column whenever possible. ' siinlun pool enclosure SOUTHWEST POOL ENCLOSURES (MS) 782-23J3 t,., 0 BRADY HI-PLAINS SHOP 2117-50th St. 762-3539 Oakwood Village 50«h & Ave. U Polyester knits, many new sfylei Whites ond colon. PANTSUITS HONORS Mr. and Mrs. Chris Guzman of 5501 16th Place were honored with a housewarming at 7:30 p.m. Saturday. Hostesses were Mrs. James Miller, Miss Jonnie Ford and Mrs. Rufus Ramire?.. _ 3-WAY MIRROR TEST. DESIGNER MAKES IT EASY. Los Angeles: -Suddenly you see it all. From 3 angles: Tummy neecis trimming. Hips need smoothing. Back needs shaping. It's that moment of "mirror truth" that happens to even the slimmest. Now Olga, famed California designer. has developed afreeandeajy way to make a good figure look great. Wunderpams." 1 ' The first soft underpants with a purpose -to let you look at yourself 3-ways and smile. Wunderpants feel as Iree as underpants Yet Olgasfamoushici- Qen seam design keeps your tummy under control. And gives you the sleek look you want in everything you wear. Fashioned in a wonder blend o( nylon and lycra' spandex, there's a style for every figure in Olgas Wunderpants collection. Bikini leg to long leg. From 6.50 to 10 00 Sizes S-M-L-XL. At t»w feHm.t. .Appwrf Slwp . . . 1401 Univcni. jhr A»». Lvfeboct, 79401 HMIM 7«MM

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