The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on July 2, 1956 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 2, 1956
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

e 10 ehr ISattfmmt Shin Blue, Aqua Are Top Colors In Furniture Upholstery ::v me ;i;:is)i :> a v.M::yi wood u>uc in>le'\<; o;' ;ec ;'-'>i n:y,..-ji which .scon iusi a fiv. \c;srs KS.I Punmi 1 <;:ay is another poyu'ar finish, one \\hidi Siri'iKS \\;th it an air of on'>i -••••renity. Wain-.::, ir: a v:v!:--.y <,f Though the forei.L'.r. influence ha- invade; the furniture ;i, hi. lush i:i 'J;e fashion parade Mere emphasis I linn eve-- is hei::^ V'!:ii-eii on this typo nf furniture. It i? a favorite wi;h ihe houu - v. annUi an,! nieliow charm which and here's the Chicken Fricassee rmpimg Dish Earrings Are Important Part Of Jewelry's Past _ Karri nys have a lw;;y« an ears whi. h requires no r.aest.hcHe, This new ilevel<.|>mcut should he impurum. ot'uanieut to women :HU| as it is painless M-HS reicntly in- of special interest to women who they have ;,u iutinile variety fro m troiiuc,-,-, 1 by „ phys!-inc. I'l li».:j Imve travele.l aho;ir<l ,aml colleruvj wnich io chous •. ov; u,-.iii,. tin- objevliuu n'O'-.i wo- lovely antiqiv jewelry for pierce,!' Mii.Sfii!iis :-ji,)w I!:;, mae,n.fic,- >u ni,n have to piercing llu-ir .-itis ears'which they hesitate l» chair-re ; <)M:;!!n..|ils (,f ihc pus: : rum which :uu! it ciiniismtcri wearing sutures into ihc clip-on .stylo. | jeW'-leiv! i..;' fi,.(, o,.. ms ;i s - >V i'!l ,-is UiroiiRh the carluhe.s for t.wo or In most European countries I those of the nvlume variety cnn ihrec \veek« The fear of losing n. baby K -:ri« h.-iv,. their ears plerce.l j duplicate the pattern-- of archaic valued earring can be eliminate.! shortly after birth. Jn the golden I art. .\KH.CI-M se. lev .11 cer:-ir.ics au.l by this painless method for pier- .iays of Greece circa :-;,50i,i B. C'. j metals are worthy additions to this cin^' (jars. These look-like-earrings even the statin's that we now see j realm of ubjeis ,1'arl. devi, cs. of course, are inscltPri by in museum,'.- had perforate/! car.s '• Monday, July 2, 1956 A new u-chuieiue for piercing a doctor. for adornments. MKS. HKXKY KKAMl'liTA .!K. American i,!'".ion Hall Keccpiic.ii Attendants Gowned In Whife Precede Miss Gerald me Staff a r.c..! T/iSiai; of Highlands. Johnnie K.:"•'• i':i:: of Crosbv ami Dfjnnie I>os- i, n i;oi-il uf Crosby were groonism, r.. '.i'.u fliU'sw were ushered by Franks* 1 S'nvaoek of Crosby and Bcr.nie arc KM'iuau 1 - "f rettery of Greens Kayou, ii. Tr.-';v parc:'.:s The rc< e>>t;o;i was ;;ive;- j.; tile H-. !i!-y M. Staff;- Crosby American [,"g : ion h»i:. For the short v, -'d'l:u< ; - tri;-, the rUr-'i thou'^t '•''Ti -ibo' 1 ' 1 'hi^l'-o" ' THIS V1<:AK '""'"^ ~ C "" ( "'' K * ]) , ' , "' .' llll( ',' lU ' l ', * " I the fabulous looks for Irulic.s is-- rcdurc for piercing her ears m,L ., , M ,,,-,,,. j{ .t would be a. difficult th,n K to Fragrant fastinionsiv imagine her wjihout. tile exotic • '. . , chaudelier-type earring vhe wore S"™'»«l U-min.n- appeal ,,«,vn,j,. S the siyle of' which is exhibit,:,-! in ;l ^''> ll >'» 1:! » l " :1 *; >•<>'»•";»>"- sculpturcu- head.s made by artists! or :U "' ::sl thlllk lu ' " lmv lo! of her day. The- earting.s she wore ! speak much uf hi-r perrsomililv aud i show the importance of this an- eient art of auornment i Karrin K s hav- been popular : with the ancient Hebrews. Creeks ! A-Ssyrians and K-ypliKns. Arch- .,,,, La ' iuS " u »t. wi ' al1 ]]u< ^. "°^ 1 """" !>»"•''"•"• l^r^avo,- planner., ^uipuiiv,, waves tna, stay wncr,: ""* °»* hl t" And restraiiieo ^ llr!s - ! )lai;1 ' l] v '' m:1V lh( '>' :i " llrn •>'""• fenvs. nuiue your ey,* show Vliat they wre Uie most iinponiint ite,, : of jewelry won, by the women of Ur. They iuive been found in the iinc-iont burial places uf Anslo- i Saxon Britain. Quite possible lhe ! h'-autifully. youihfu! look. ']•! o w to us a k e y o u r hair behave filarl were first, worn HS amulets or J '''•"' l n proiessioniil tulismusiK. Rveu tfnl.iv in New '/.<>»- ' >'-<'ttin,? and siylin.ic land the tci-tli of " enemies and ' <il ll!)l ' "• - 1 " 01 "' n( l ~ shurk.s arc- reputed to give the i Su'whood .M <• y e r wearer strange ])owei-. In the Or- ; Wros. Bcair.y c-a- ienliU countries jm-n as well as, lomi - 'Only properly trained women favor them. Ami. of cuurye, j lisl:: '•»« ••U'ipc ih- hair s-i you let's not forget Jean ixifettc ! can handle \:,,- coiffure c;::.i!y hi- \\'he:!ier the carrhiiis are of die: ""ecu scttiMys.) The,, treat your- niarvdou.s eomplcxity and beauty 1 f( ' 1 ' U) a S°" d !'!'«i''Ssiona! perma- tiri the ones found in Greece and! nciil-oi-.c of the IH:W v.-aves -.-.-pe- in the temples of the Kings or Set i '''ally formulate j to brin>r tartiuty ;:i simple fonns \vith Ji'-arls aaii sty- per'. .i^i-J tin t.hcir :ii thoir own charm. MKS. STANKKY KOSS .>Ic>ll(:KK\ Vv'eds iJenliiyisi e.'/ocoi-io lint':! its. YOU'RE ALWAYS WELCOME AT YOUR OLDSMOB1LH DEALER'S! McMlckens To Live in Lamesa Picnics Call For Sandv/iches \\'hen the I'-vely \vavt' 1 has fine mist '' J f sura-.- tci iii-?:,i iiu; •lair i'! its ifelli i--ius la-w ".lo" — isn't it fi:n In look into the m:r- i or'.' Tiiirii e.i ll'.e comiilinienis You're ",oh;e to x;, '.' CHICAGO P are i STORE YOUR FURS AND WOOLENS NOW IN GRAND'S DRY COLD VAULTS! WE GIVE TOP VALUE STAMPS Grand Cleaners 315 NORTH MAIN PHONE, 2073 For Easy 5ev/ing f ho::;)i- Was M:s~ Do:t:. Diivr'ir. '-'f Snyder. cousin of :!•••• bri : .;e. She was attired ir. a ;:nwn of white luce, iioi uiifi taffeta fash- :o;-.i-d -,vith a drapoci neok'.ir.e a:vi tic rod skirt nf ruffled r,, I ?'.-..' i-arri'jiT ar. orciii-'l 'oa. : >ket of while chrysanthemums. In identical attire wc-re the bnriesrm'.k!:-. '.Mrs. Theirna Bon in of Highlands, .sister of the sroorr,; Miss Patty >Ioore of Crosby. M;ns l'"ay Dahlquist. of Crosby, and the bv i'i member.;ii; tiial as iTnu:h a Fourth of .luiy tradition ; •.,-,,,;.i fuu.eel'.un,:! i..-in,ie.ii 'a.ii: I, Tex,, will b- the home Given in marriage bv her father. "" l )ar;lll " s - f^ewurks and oratory. ' H JI lhe inr , ,.,,,,,, ;..;., ,'„<•„„• nf Stanley lli.>--s McMicken ami ih,' bride wore a gOwn of silk ! r' ! - - vo '' ir Wiliid.'rUist map tile in pie tu:, , m. eomuiK-.c.'-^iiii'.i.; -,i his bride, the former Miw.s .Totia cr;.-stai ami hand-clipped lac,' fash- !l < )li! |' l .v for the family. <nn! pack a pe.-'.i-atiei-:: Klixabeth ijarber. after their v/ed- ioiied with a full length skirt and l»'' :li <.' 'Ki-^ket willi toad ready to, -:- ,.lir.<,- Satiu-iiay nijjht in ihe First chapel le-!if{tii tram. Tht? nioldfii '' al '^leu nioy.i am.f place ,1, serve, i .-'peiid five minutes ,i day at llethodibt cUurch in Bloomington, bodice was ilesigned with ;i scoop !'"oodH. for safety's wake, s'noubl i K" 0 '! old-Uis-uioncd bi To:-:. neckline of clipped lace and lonjj 'DO kept cool while carried. Make : l '' M ' Son nf ^sfrs. ]>ottie ^IcMiekon of f'Ueil sleeves tapered to a point use of the new picnic equipment l!;i '. ''•'-?*•• TJr.ytcnvn. liie irnoru is with the over the hand. The skirt had an portable refrigerator chest? United Oe'Ciphy^ea; cor, in nv.'rskin >.e; K ii^ eryslal'ii :\p- baskets arc idea! \f equijipcd wi;h s '' He v.-as gradiuiU'd from • <*< w '-i "" tl: " i; 'S v sirmgiii n .~ i; ' ni circles in the tummy m-.; uos of lace in pam;l design and :h<- packatjed refrigerants to iie !';"'•'•'•'' : ' 1: P S - 'Har.-i at r.T! K. Le: 1 hi^ii" school and Iho f l"-*t ruffle of lace. Tiers of lace frozen i' at home in refrigerator cascading downward formed the or freezer. \Vide-monthed vacuum r ' ila P el . The dress v.-as bottles and tightly-covered ylaslic Univ't. 1 : sity of Texas. The bride, whoso r.arcnts are Mr. , ,. , , .TV! .Nfr~ I M "Barber Ir o-' 1 '' ij!ene c' v -' l!n ' :n >'. I'O'sl-il covi'i-ed c'cintainerw all help make packing Hlooiriin^ton attended the l' - niver- '°' !t!oas '" 1 ' 11 ' lj;u; k and on tiio easy. Another welcome item for -.lie S !Tv <•>!" Texa*. - -• sleeves. picnic is n 1mmboo t:, reen which i-'aims, wliiV iilrniioli daisii-s nivl ^' %l ' jc^'elfy V.MS a strand of c;d- <•"•'' l " : ' unrollr-j and spread On Ivy provided the settit:^ for the lured pearl* which were used in "each or srrass at eating ! irne. double nr.£ camllelight ceremony. h '-' r mother'.<; -.vcdding and pearl Sandwiches niv a standby of any Tho windows contaiiieil Sprays of Oai-srrcv.-s. Her fingertip veil of picnic. ]f you chose .salad-type magnolia leaves. " imported silk illusion depended fillings, especially if made O f \;oul- from a crown of iri, svqulnK. try. meat, fi^h or e^KS. ,be certain She carried a cascading bouquet (hey i:an be carried under refriRrr- of stephanotis and ivy, centered alien. They Khould not 1),- use.) if! v.-ith ji. v.-hite Orchid. the trip is to be lontrer than three JlaiJ of honoi' \va.s Miss or four hours, unless they are kept Williams of Houston. Bridesmaids chilled were Miss Betly Be-11 Barker of S( , ni , Lakewood Plans 4fh MEYER BROS. BEAUTY SALONS FEATURE i ;, .J AT WHITCOMB'S JULY I R Now! You Can I A Brand New 1956 CLOTHES DRYE •*9siF 1448 10-16 caoki's ami cakes. except Hie whipped erean, or crejim-f:l!eo one.-) and cooki'-^ Krtii; pi,-a are ;':i •I \V flli In ruir- b: Me.- j,;e a l .-,'i-t an detisy t oir.-uf-band eaiiae ;f i i'asailena. Jfiss \Vilida \\vils of ],,.,,. f .,>|.| v ..,,.,.a . u .,. ehee;ie, pickled r Fort Stockton and Miss Martian t i,,,^-.,,., : ,ml rooked bacon. Canned j 1-lei-man of BloominKtou. mems. fis|; or poultry are convcn- \ .iunior bridestnaid was .laHilr? jeiit h, .-ause llic cans'can be open- its of the T.akewood area AIcMicke,, froir. Texas City, a ,.,) a: tj,e picnic sit;- an.i the sand- oi July ,-iieee of Ihe (.room. wiches assembled- quicklv. Safe fill- iKiriic .-IK. that evfi;ir,tr at Bridal nttt>ni.laiiiv won- \vaitv: ciuljiiou.-ii Jengtli Ko-. 1 - n.s of uilo yie-'n silk crystal styled with a fit!•••,! torso i': i ,-.!!<!; -j^e ;,) i,e and bO'iffant Kirirt Wfirn ic.-er •:-..'.'i n full pro" r.''.:,-. of eriauline.,, Tiiey !.:al'i:ed >, s p!:l.':;ie,| for bol'n :eiu!tH lo|.ied i-niekliiies and bii, f seal- ;,-o'i;;;,e r ;tel. The affair loried si '.-ve;- Tile julii, wiil -^\-' -;i;vier.'.'-iy al 5 pan. :r.aid v.-ore ;i;i id'-nti -al Tickel,; may be ubt'iin.'d fro:!i dress, Matehiiin- short units aad ,.,,,._. John Mc('li:ito,.l!, U: •',: Manne, :iiie j.;:-"cn shoe.-; and heuddre'-scs -pj, H' :-bi:-rt Meyer. [•'.'•,-d Jones. !'•;. I., of yellow yiamelia bandeaus i om- j |;[l Fuller, .lii.'.ii. !seiiiio\vr-r. nil fi:- p!t.'!e.) their ensem'r,!e.-. Tln-y -.'a! - sid."n's of tiie I,al!e-.voo(i addition, rioi.l bouquels of yellow sl'irneliiis cost ?:..Vi for .-.icruits and ~r : v.'ith ivy Irailers. ccr.-.s lor ( ; : iiid;-en. H.\f. man wa.s Jesse Fay Cherry. of Kdiw. Groomsmen wen' Ger.'i .MeMi'.-kei) of Siisbee. a nepiiew of tile ^room. Kobe,-;. Fi'eund of Ati.*- TJfK i'Ui'iLK; is invlteu lo a tin and Mnnford Karber. brother '!-.ij',iicat'.- br:d ft -e ij'air.cs party ol of the bride, nf Kloonuag'.o:-.. T:'-;o p :;i. Monday 1:1 the Co mm nil- Musle v.-a.s by i-:. A. McCowr. of My house. Jmj{ l-'iirn-: 1 ,-. w:!l direct \'ii-lnria. rir^anist. Mrs. Henry t;-"" "iiines which are spor.r-ored by I'neiiet.t. of Victoria, soloist. Th,- Straw flowers can lie fn -i',e:;e,:| t«e }-:.'iy: :;; .Service !(.ayu'... JJ,-,-. (.'. |;. Browster officiated. hy dipptn;; the nn in anri o\i; of' woi'iv n . . . c'lll for :cti tippo'n'- The rei.oplio:: was .civfii on the warm, sudsy wntrr. in cirnr nvnl for -i flab; i,"!," u ("'old \\ - a-,. try Sun Classified AcN—Dial KliOi church lawn. '.cater anci then liana them to dry. al M.-ve:- p,i- Brid'qe Games ~ The Ani'-ri, an lr,>i:i,u, of Bnlc- inf; sii.t;-Ke.^:s the homemaiter explore the sandwicb fil!inj;s whi. h j eomoine a ^lia.i and protein fo,n.f. | One lastv combination is i o; ae:! j beef nin! cabbage. To mnke t noui;ji filliiiR for ii>'e f.-indwkh, «. combine ; -i <:iij, of cliojipi'l. shredded eab- ba>;i'; 'i cup chopped dill pick!; 1 : and .'i tab!"spoons of mayonnaise or .'..Mad dress:n.i;. ' wonderful Gsbrieleen permanents 1 >••> ns man-,- olhe r d-.'-vn ' For As Littie As Where did you get those smart glasses? TSO... and I just love them 8 out of every 10 TSO patients are referred by someone we have examined and fitted with glasses. $12.50 S15 S25 1475 11-18 Whon (oiks nil over tell olhcrs .ibouf T 5 O's PRECISION eye cx^min-itions, PRECISION lenses, PRECISION firtings, you cnn't help but know it's so... 2 1 } A/ILL'ION TSO PATIENTS ,-ue your BEST GUARANTEE of COMPLETE SATISFACTION. At TSO you get PRECISION VISION at the LOWEST POSSIBLE COST AND TERMS! YOUR DRYER STORE I'ATT-O-'iAMA •.?.••?• II. ii, i.'i. M dr'i • •••, '.'. 'yf.Tt'i;: fit 325 E, TEXAS DIAL 6285 FINEST QUALITY $70 VALUt SINGLE VISION GLASSES 13 85 INCLUDING EXAMINATION WFAR WHILE YOU PAY See "Sherlock Holmes'' Wednesdays, 10-10:30 p.m. KGUL—TV, Channel I I 305 W. Texos Dial 7008 beauty salons 121 WEST TEXAS PHONE 8142

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