The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 30, 1932 · Page 1
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, May 30, 1932
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Last Edition H£ WEATHER FORECAST FOR MARYLAND: Warmer tonight and Tuesday. VOL. LV.- NO 193. ** Means Associated Press. Fnfl SEA Sfrric*. FREDERICK, MD., MONDAY. MAY 30. ,, 1932. * * * rr«-»« Kun \»«« -- .-..«» T«d*v . P»*t-- 4 :**£ ""· '~ Tetil-- 3.SM TEN PAGES PRICE TWO CENTS V1EMORIA1 23 YEAR OLD PRISONER FLEES ROXBURY FARM i Hastrs-o-i-n. May 30 (AP.--Arthur · Smith. 23 year old convict a:, ^he state i prison farm, was reported missing af:er a roll call today. C,»»»- W*»* T K"t»« --~« **n**flfn* *V\.VV* j Sup., ria: 1. ..o--cs ,?--,x ·*· · · · f% /% . department throughout the state and y y I I \ I J said it appeared Smith had walked j l | I I V l-j · oS from the wall-less prison following U I U i U i %4 Wins Alimonv Latter Reiterates After Meeting \ :he evening roil call last ni?ht. He ' assed that the police maintain an es- ; pecial wat-ch on highways lead::;;; to ] I Services In Cemeteries While! i ^-»j«rH *** **·*? o* Hag^Tstoa'n. ·a'iis . i He Wili Not Attend Chicago j SSlT^^^S^^Sr!:! Hoover Stays At Desk To j ierr^-ihe ptnal^ Apru" ^ I Watch AffairS Of State. Convention. PRESIDENT WITHHOLDS 1 A I I R f]P A ««i-mnv/^Ti m/\ fnYTTi nnn I FPTi '' * ^^ * * ^^ Bill MESSAGE TO THE SENATE! Treasury Believes More Money i iD! PLAINTIVE TOUCH GIVEN BY BANDS EX-SERVICE MEN 1 Will Be Needed Than Estimated. i Renew Vow To Stay In Capital | Until Certificates Have Been Washington. May 30 fAP.--?resicer.t ' Hoover today had the subject of the j j Brilliant Display Of Northern ; Lights Visible In Frederick. · Cashed. i*o 3-?n^s it r*^v Dcssttm^ *«£ n£i»o» ·While on the Arlington hills across j author has dwindled to S194.354. ttvmac rrDni \\asnmjton anu , vVashicgix 1 .. Mar 30 -AP.--Leaders : of government observed Memorial Day ^SI AFFECTED RADIO RECEPTION j ^ '** TM* ****** * **--»*** Senator Borah of Idaho. · j ^ ' ISwir talk was during and after breakfast at the White House. Borah, the leading campaigner for Hoover in 1928 and author of the cry plank in the parry's platform that year, indicated after the parley tha: no change was contemplated in his plan to remain away from this year's national convention. The Idahoan has crafted a. prohibition plant but he is carefully guarding Its text. This is the second time CITY AND PAY SEABURY TO PREPARE TO OUST MAYOR WALKER .:. i* rea^v to -af-t rx.rj!vj a 4 a. :·_«·. M.v, v ,,', J. Wl'.i- Forma! Services. With Strewing Of Flowers On Graves. This i Afternoon. -irt prep-i: _;·.-· tr.e , harwa to -·:« G,nvrr..r J*r-.::ili:i L) R.vx- LIGHT TRAFFIC DURING HOLIDAY'S MORNING HOURS' Chaffee £irl. 24. son of the late Ed- ttin T. Earl, former Los Anneles newspaper publisher, has been ordered to pay his estranged pretty blend wife. . Alice Bunch Earl. 22 · above . $650 a j month alimony pending trial of her suit for separate Mrs. Ear! is pictured in court at Los Angeles. . A; the hearing. Sari testified that the S3.500.000 left hioi by ha father and Cool Day For Ceremonies Fol lows Night With Low Temperature Of 38 Degrees. Former Mayor Of Brunswick Robbed, Bound And Abducted Albert Orrison Hurled Into Bushes By : Roadside Two Miles From Place. 'THREE MEN RIFLE HIS PLACE ! Three unmasked hold-up men walkod into thf Potomac fill\ ing station on the state highway near Petersville about 9 o'clock 'Annual Summer Meeting To'' 11 " niorniajr. pointed pistols at C. Albert Orrison. former mayor of Brunswick and operator of trie station, bound Urn- Open At Heights July 8. I son nam i an d foot, rilled his cash register of ?15. and took him i for a two-mile ride before tossing him. gagged, into an obscure HOLD PASTORS' GONFERENGE! clump of bushes - ATTEND ASSEMBLY One of the rarest and raost spectac- I £,, ular of all phenomena visible in tip j ,. hf ._ e .^.^ , he ,,..-,._ warria section was seen Sunaay ever'ig in tne ' northern skv. The aurora borealis. or were decorated with Sags and ; J_ "northern lights" as it is more popularly i flowers by remembering pileriros. Pres- I known, presented an unusually bright i = fient Hoover at his desk i and varied display, attracting attention : ,..,.,·,, ,., ^P:^^ o * q . a * e from etent o'clock: until after mid- ""7.".. ~--* . " " " " " . . · " hile the words of patriotic orators The aurora early appeared as a long : ran^ out before the tomb of the Un- greenish cloud, extending in an arc ' y.nown Soldier ar.d echoed amid marble of tosay as Freder:.-i toufht t- k.cp special tribute l- the A hose l:\e- were l:\st on the b.ittl-::'.---:i5. In a cod ::;::: =rc-ii: t.'rr-pcr«l bv a pis.s'~t bui suadu-.-ci syri:-.-::.:ce £U". p..:r::-ti^ o~2r.i2iti.-iis -r.arvhvti :o Mt ! O' come tor;.- and placed wrfaths or. Pive hundred Br^-tists frc-^i \anous --.»'.« or- expcrted to attend the annual I Bradd-!c Hcunti July 8-1^ durln? j wh::h a r:ir.ini teaturinj spcak-rs o! j 'nal i:n;-rtan;c in the Jennrnina- :ion ft 111 be ?rc-e:it«d The Baptist Your.? P'-opIe's ronvectiun will be held July 8-10 ant! tho assembly proper. :n- Maryl.ind D^Trict of ten days tha: Mr. Hoover has called across the entire northern sky. under- ·_ H _,._ r a ., d i ea j^- o - e s the Senate dealt "im 12 ! iaid by an intensively dork cloud. Lat- ~ . . . . . . !er in the evening the cioud-Uke ap- ' s:e ~ aeoa ' e w: ' a "" "^ 5 anc Hoover Withholds Message. ! pearance changed into pulsating, ver: burdensome question of high taxation Washington, May 30 (AP).--President! t:cai shafts of light, drifting from east i A plaintive touch to this d£y of sol- Hoover withheld a prepares message i to west. About-. eleven o'clock, hori- J ^ s ^ s ^^ ji-.-ji ij ? "oancs of ex-service to the 5ecat« today upon advice of the ^~ - Republican high, command as th^ battle over the sales, tax m the revenue bin Alan Gordon Smashes Into Waii At Indianapolis Track. PART IN TOURNAMENT! was resumed. However, Secretary Mills seriously ponder-ei a new estimate of the Treasury's needs. There was a hint- from last night's White House parley the Treasury believes more money will be required in the tax bill than originally estimated. Senator Tydings. Democrat. Maryland, brought forward this issue at the out- upwards- very swifiy. These bands soon, gave way to great flame-like amid holiday throngs about · Washington, waiting a chance jo press patches of light, so that the world : r . rf i on Congreji their deoiands for payment could be imagined as burning in leap- s of the bonus. ing flames of celestial fire. Soon after '. _ ilast of the cabinet rested at their BiLLY ARHOLD-1S Indianapolis. May Arnold. 27-year-cJd Chlcagoan. win- set of midnight, the aurora, changed back t-o its original, cloud-like appearance- The aurora is an electromagnet.; phenomena, during ·arhkrh rare 70 to more than 100 miles above tie earth's surface are caused to ikies were forera?: for the entire easterr ha" of the country. of today's session but Chairman | electromagnetic currents, apparent;;, ot of toe Finance committee ob- j f^-jj :h = £un ". Several large subjected to it. _ _ ! spots, belie-ed to be something in the Meanwhile foes of the sales tax with | n3 . :ure of electrical storms on the sun Vow To Wait For Payment. EStan. May 30 tAP.- ihe nation honored its soldier dead a --cup of 300 stood in the sunshine to- CAV and renewed their vow that trscv '.rouici slay hfro until Congress pay: 43 pledged to vote against the levy 3e*- j have been visible on the s-on for the · til £. I r ^'- u ^~ initely claimed its defeat. ' """ 51 Agatast Sales Ta*. i past several days. The auroras high i ia the earth's atmosphere usually are i coincident with great spots on the sun Their leader. VTnlter W. Waters. shouted 'o the first morning assembi;. of the Pacific coast war veterans who , May 30 (AP .--Fifty- J Tbe electrical disturbance was qu ; ;e ; arrivea yester^y: ' " one Senators, a. majority 01 the j noticeable in its effect upon radio re- 96 members, were described today as : ceplion, wj^i an increased amount of having signed a pledge to vote against i ?:S 7;, ; interruptions daring the evening the sales tax. ! Venus Brilliant. Senators LaFollete. Republican. Wi=- j ·jjje planet Venus, sister world to the cossin. and Harrison. Democrat. Missis- j earth and our nearest neighbor ia sippi. who circulated the petition, made - space, excepting our own moor., is now the aruwtincenter.t oS the Soor while I arK in the western s The "I! anyone c^ks you vrhy you are here you teK them Ui2t all other met.h- cis having fa^od ~e chose this methoti to get the bonus. And we are ging to stay here until we get it." Jicanwhile scattered through the capital are cthor f"-.rmpr soldiers from and nesr v, ht5e niin-.cers p-olice es- Keade W. Corr. aa'.f.niore: Catoctin Country Club attncicd pcrsons today, iaciuding and their guests, all or whotr. Many are expected . to attend the picnic supper at scheduled by com- Lioertytjwn. ·nday r.:aht s-rv.ces under the a."^- pices o! the M:icK-:ov, u American Lesion Past were accr'-isc-d by Ji^ follow.'s: Low net for 9 holes. A. B. i.or.arj- Ur.ion sessions. Collmus and Mrs. F W. We'.Uel with a -core of 20: and low gross. WrenUa Monroe. 3al- rctainhig wall while leading the 500- mile automobile race today and rushed to an emergency hospital. Amoli. favorite today, h^d complete- I his i50:h mile when he crashed into the wall. His wrecked car nuns over the edge of the track. He had broken all spied records for the diciar.ce when the ac- cidsn; occurred. Louie Meyer, California, winner of the 1928 classic, was forced :o quit when nis car was damaged as it skidded while rounding the treacherous south- cast turn but remained upright. ; Neither Arnold nor his mc-chant: was ' 2nd VS,-as.v.n;t3r. bi-er.t-cnn.a. mature the Senate was driving toward a pro- · p^net reached its greatest brilliancy i "^^^ a ' I - 000 - posai t-o sibsiirute the sales tax for i o - u,y 22 and will fade slowly during '· some of the excise levies in the bill i t h e -^ month. Two years will pass i LaFollette said sixteen Republicans i before it will again become so br-'ht ' had signed his pe-titic-n and Harrison re- | Venus ^ ported thirty-five Democrats. Join In Catholic Celebration. Bait-mare. May 30 fAP.--Tho-usar-cis of children from Baltimore left early Ask Aid For Bonus Veterans. a now on th« crescent phase. :"".'--: ,,. . . . . . i and viewed with a telescope a=tears as I : -" 7 «;.Wasaar-3a p? train ous. and a small, crescent moor.. " ; aut ? m= 3 i.e to a-r. t n e B a . t i m o r e Higher ip. the skv and slightly to i 3 " nc; p-^ «'«---". -' tae 3:cen Washington. May 30 (AP).--A ihe ^ a:h of Venas a ??ear3 :h e p -; 2 -, eL :«r_-.ta. of Georga Wasr-.ington and t.-.e ST5.000 federal "-"-- " ' for the « verged on mediate posed in a biu mtr-^auceci iwoa;.- a.- ; appear to be separatee in the skr bv ; Senator O=stigan. Democrat, Colorado. [ : ~ e stars Castor and Pollux, the "tVIn- ! " : " " The measure resulted from a demasa; stars" in the constellation of Gemir.i. 1 by Bngadier-Ge-.erai Peiriarn. head of j the police, that the District of Co-' lurcbia ccuid n.:.*. Jefrav the expenses »f taking care of th« bonus advocates.] |^ QIL B U R N I N G P L A N E semusly hurt. : Arnold's bride was rushed to the hos- ' ! pitai and he asked fcr a cijirette just i as quickly as surgeons aiv-sed him I he was all in one piece. ; the same spot as a year ajo after he led the race for 405 tsiles and seemed cert34n of victory. He received ;r.;ur- les which kept him in the hospital for a mc-n:h. Arnold had won £2.800 in lap prizes. 3b Carey. Anderson. Ir.d.. slipped ia- Honor First President. In the morning exercises here. Francis Srott Key pjst. Amr-ncr-r. Le;:-r. \Vorr.:r.'5 Ausil-iry. ?"-i tribute '.' -'^ first president, Mr--. George B^cly. by placing a wreath on h;-r ;jrive in Ml Olr. et cemitery. The T. rvatr. was presented by th" Maryl^:.d S'ate Dlv^ior. of the auxiliary ar.c - -;.; placed o Mrs. C'.3gro:t E Ram^'rurj. *esurn Marvlanc du-^ri^t d.rector of the cl:- ·,_=ian. Prayer 7 a.- o" r rrf '"·" Mrj R'-v. P. ft^wl W-inssday. J'Jly C: Tuesday. July 12. j Wa=-ner. Norfolk V'3.: i -"· 13. R-;v. V C'-us-r^. _x r R:?hir,o:ici. Va : Tr.iirs i?-, Julv 1-5 H--- ,- Dr. B. W. Spi'.iman. Fr:div. July 15. Dr. Hen" E. Tra'.ie. N-:v.- Yors Dr. Cc'jstn-i Dr Ac!a=^ and Dr. \V-^:hei-.=?-,:r. are cs?c:U'.:y "··-- ·-.andin; in ::ie Sapt^l d:n.»minit:on. "This is our racket: TM»»-' you keep quiet." one of tr.e men told Orrison as they faced him vrith drawn guns Inside the station. It was more than an hour later that Orr.son managed to free himself from the ropes which bound his feet, walked I to the home of Mrs. William EL WaUL ! at Rosemont. near Brunswick, and tele- . phoned to friends, who in turn notified 1 the Sta'** po'Jce sub-station near Frederick. Officer T. A. Moore immediately left for the filial? station, but by that time, which was about 11 o'clock, it was presumed that the bandits were miles away. Orrison suffered no apparent physical harm from the experience, beyond » considerable strain on his nerves. One of the bandits, he said, kept a pistol , agallBfliis" side throughout the sutorno- the club house to celebrate j bi]e r;de ^j^ng j^ ao - to mate a a Day holiday by playing golf, j ou tcry. Failed To Get Number. So thorough were the highwaymen In their methods. Orrison said, that he was unable to get the license number of their automobile, a maroon-colored began at 10 j 1931 Chevrolet sedan. ,wo ball four- | xhe three men. he said, appeared to ,-hich was won ! be about 38. 25 and 19 years of age. re" spectively. They drew up in front of the station and on entering, drew their pistols and commanded him to hold up his hands. Using twine they had brought with them, they tied Orrison's hands behind his back and then secured his feet. Then they rifled the cash register of Its contents, helped themselves to packages of cigarettes, fllled their automobile tank with gasoline from a pump !n front of the station, dragged Orrton into the automobile and drove toward KnoxviUe. I According to the description of the ] route, the driver of the car turned off ^ I on the Brunswick road at Petersvilte ^j ar _. j Lebherz and Mrs. B. O. j and went for a short distance toward 5-rrri£ 41 1 Brunswick. Then he apparently turned '""" ~ M.-.p'.es and Miss Anna W. ofT on a. side dirt road leading to a hollow. Here they gigged the helpless man. tossed him into a tb'.cket and C. C Sparks and Mrs. James A '.'. \ Lc-ne. 38. J E. Lcntz and Mrs R. E. Town. 23 Royal, th-s "·''·. i-" 5 Maryland Baptist Sum.T.-r Assem-:.: Dr. J"*»?h T. Watts. Re'.. "AMliare C president of tne John Albaugh. .-tr.te president of the 3s.'.;;n-.orc. ;oncri: cirertcr and H. W dcafenins roar frc-m barking motors. 40 i TRIES FOR COAST MARK 3n£. exp-:ctca :·» st'enc ~..~.e open air ! services, according ta th3?e in charge \ Arrhblshco Curler was to por.tificite ' at the mass. To Start Trip North. . Sy.. May 30 (A? resting and visiting friends and rela- i Winchester. Sy.. May 30 (A?).-Aftr j Brlniei j^^ f ^ New York. Mar 30 -'Ap). -Harold tcc-i off in his "w^k^ -^u"" ' : °" '^'^^-"^ ~'0^o^x from Floyd Ben- Thomas H. Massie ina his wife. Thalia, ] 1J|"^_"~ " ' " i " '""* "' win lesiTe tcmorr-DW for New Vork to i visit Mrs. Massie'5 parents. Major and ! FINDS INDIAN RELICS . .. ,,,,._. aa =-'- i ? "·*- -« in t.-.e ince over tne s-:-utr.err. route drive bac~2 to San Fran:isco where ; tmaiely 2.509 miles M^e~ a -vw^- -^ ^sr«^!^.? ^ f^ ^-r-? 3 '^ ^-^-'^ M^sie and his ife were ^ X hoo- · £ '^ V^^=^ he"'^I «:^ ' - ^TM ^ f t. or vesterdaT of a tarm.-r retmiott at tre . . . ,, , -- . . . . . f.-.^r-ri -~. ---.--,- or yesterday of a tarn: hose o! Massie's mxher here. "Fa'her. cid Eciscn make the first talking machine?" "No. =;- son. God made the first taikir.E Tii Erst one H-^morist. coal5 be shut oj.- a record for z. Di-a-sl-mo-tored p'.ar.'-. Attend Ean .net and Danre. ar _ d :?-.. Lynn Arbosa=t Discovers 31 Bine Flint Celts. PC". Lyr.n Ariocas*. p-wt-^r of t:.e j t-t-rpe53r3 off the trad ." E. church '. D"5ufcs Th5 has a.? -iis ; -t-ccnt. :oboy the collecttna of Ir.iian r=--c» i Gordon h£d C-M._- a'o-:-^:. tltree ni:.cs rji eld f.r---;r7rj=. rec--ntlv ~sCc cne of { when tho accident t-rcurre-i K^ =pre^the tiii--v '. :r.? car s-na=hca .nto s rf-^ir^-.g ? all ·--.* h? has «sn roljecting. Or, I ir. z. clo_3 if iust. but Gc-rd:-n c;r2:-^ a farm n-esr f tr.e -O-STI. K"v. ArSocaf* icr.'us injur:.-. ^ I^eii iy a 21? rarir.; car ?arry:r.; 5-i.' Fcrd. 3f Dctro.t. ar.d Tl-seiSore E. ^:^eri. 8 and 40. of the Lc-gion ho~^. EA«'- Ch'irth 5"re-.-t. acaciec by the pi.-t crx;--. r.rtis inC Con-.psr.y A. ir.."ch--a t- '.".,- c'.n.--ry darede-.-I r.icer= sh-- sway at 10 o'cl^ts - kic-sfe ^ 5--3 mile aut2mDbile race over fxlr.---:i reaair.r :.f '-.-; L-'zi^n n-j-m- the InS-anapolis speedway. ori.V. s-:~ Ic? by I~ :r.j M L^r.S^-jer As the 315 cava.k-.c-. of iron and steel commander of the p:-. ; : The ^-.oca- alirned in rows of three started co-sm : tlon ar.d benedlclirn -· -* ;c:-r."ur.rec the track, it was estimated the atvr.a- by R--.. W. C R-r.-3l. par.:r ''. the F.r.^t ar.:e ?.as between 1-40 000 ar.d s:53 DO ' Bnp-li.-:. ·-r.-.irch ec'.ipslr.- the crowd of a y«r a;o Imm'diatriy f:.i:-~.-ir.? th" .-'r."?e a T"*i* race had r.o s-on-c-r started -hsn -.-.rr.T.itte^. h*-92td oy C. H"nvr Bv.v- O NUll-nrtcr.. V,"asa^.r.2n iccxr. Vr'illiam 3. Lebhfrr and Mrs. Mar--,,-; stEi;b. 32 « i drove away. D" P S Lansdaic and llrs. Ransom ! Worked Hk Feet Loose. L--v= 33 ' Slowly and painfully. Orrlscn worked A B Colimus nnd Mrs. F. W. Welt- ; his feet loose in a laborious task of .,,,·" if) j an hour. He then managed to get rid ! About 50 persons ^ere at the club- i of the gag in his mouth, and made his ! ho'-:se this rr.omin;. many playing golf, j way to the home of Mrs. Wall, who ! but' nn". ~part:cip3. : ins in the tourna- j untied the bonds on his hands. Woni ' n-'-'ni T'nn-s «as sch«-duled 10 besir j was then rent to the cfS;ers. at Vo'ciock. ^::h about 30 persons par-i Orrison stated tliat he d:d not recog- . c .. 5 ,., r .t- an ,j vr!d"e was to be played ' r.ize the men nor did they give any ln- 3 ', "',·,,',,'^ n .,, - nour " picr-ic s-tinper will as to wh?ther rhey were from Ore. M.-.y 30 · A?-.--DVCK ;__^ '.'^,.^ ^ .,,,, j-j..,.- | ;h^ section or away fr,-m here. H-s G'-:-.von. Ur.-.t^d Air pi.^t. anci ^ ^__--^_ ,^_ ,^ c ven* were as *ol- identiiicstion cf the license tag ·-.vo ·: irr.-:n pasTPr.;- rs wre oelieied to · ^ _ _ _ G ^., (..-.^..n;-;^^- c*rl SHOOK. ; was its first figure, -shich h^ said wa: 3, r-2-,? t!rr,-.ntd v.her. Gleason's plane ^-'V, am A '_ p.'.ddell and C C Spar'.-". : "I." crashed in 'he Willamette r»ver near ;rrnLs . , IJB f^^ Toxm. Mrs. Philip · The police sub-station immediately 5-.var. Island sirp'.rt here today , -yi-^J.u-%tr:pr Mis. George Smith. Rich! notified o£5cers in. neighboring Harbor patrol boats s»ar.~hcd :hc vi- · ar . d "^VrTJ,bi:r;r and Adrian L. McCar- and cillcs. » a.rfic!d sa.d , j,^... ^..' d , e . i 'i rs _ w _ B ]bherz. Miss .-.- nr.a p.-r.^-d , Arr ^ i{ro , 3 . Mrs. Francis potrot'.Mrs PILOT AND TWO WOMEN BELIEVED LOST IN PLANE ;h*- plar.e brr,".:e ir.'f War. all MAUREEN ORCUTT LOSES TO BRITISH GOLFER K.-ir.-.' J L^bherr. Mrs. R. R Lewis: i Ladies trclf: Mrs. J A. Lor.e and Mrs . R. E Tt77i: pionic .v:ppor: Mrs. B O Th-.rtas. Mrs Claudp X. Clary and Fr""r:r: W. Ham" ell. CHANCELLOR BRUEWNG AND CABINET RESIGN ; ivijr.a I. 1 * --·:· .-. E."ar.;. ^ r . y 33 "APV- L I N D B E R G H S S P E N D Or', ..'. ·';'. F-.zl4w.3X.. N. j.. -:.- rr.-,"!.!.-- ar.i '.?.' orite t ^ r DAY AT MORROW HOME a:-t or c.-_iel sr.ti car. be --=.cJ rer.era". s:ar.a;er aMx:l.ary crrjo t.i'n "-'-; "c- .""ir. H -.r.-.-'-.r. a l.'.t'.e sr.i^T. Er.r.isr. Hp*ae.:. X- J.. Mar 30 'A?- -- c - - t f r r 'he h.v^c-r.o'.d staS. Color.* - **^T~-~ cr -'^--' ^"----^ i_in^^ r^n ^ t-.*. .u.c. -»j i... BerUn. May 30 iAPi.--Chancellor Br-i^n.r.r. r^i-i t."ir- rnerr-C^rs c-t ,^s res-.-r.ed t ^ d a tl"-..- 1 rs^ic- Thf stem. rLard-fisted chancellor. cornb:n,v:irn of soid-cr and student, who .TM3^ be.-n cri^n;^ll" lias g-i.d^d the Gorma.: rtcj'c-Iic thrc-u^I-i unprecedented j,-^ s L= the f£--t a.i tne ·erfe"t cc7tc:7:^n ar.d a'.'. THE WEATHER TODAY ; at the llayfower Hot-el. i Price. le txtit cliaposu cf t.^e ."--. rhapter. Mrs. Jennie" Shook a.r.d Mrs Pearl 2sd«r. L^acir-s --ff.^ri of the s*d ot 60 first lap :a.n I', tr." -as ·aithoutocc-pants today storrr^s ana 3 rlnar.c-'-l nc-ar-ollapse. · v - S . N. J.. v l t h Mrs Lir.dbershs.-n? -.i-.- ".-"t.'i-- .= -r-t"--r. Sur.-d.-.y ^r.d tDday rr.-tr.T Mr= Dv.icnt ".v. Marrow TI-.ev wit. r:-.err.-.:r.l by e~.-:-r; decrees. _-..,^. r __ -^ ,,-, -«w~ 0 ^.-- ' SC to 50 rr.ilw. - - ' ' " ^-.-,.03: -- " weather ??3r. Saturday ar.d w.I. end »n'o. rcrom' binn^r s'vnos. aam- ; vran Eppa n^rr. r-Tor-i ."or.'.-. cr^.d.r.c .-t'.-.-. Precipitation for 24 hxirs a 1 __ 7 a. --.. to-dav--r.?r.e. · toniErt. bar.cuet ar.d T?r Pretip-tatior. ..lay to cat*--7 05 hel-l Saturday r.lslit. irsches. · " N^rtro-' M'.vprec.?itJ.t.on--380 mch-, To Held riotorcycle Races, es' actual" r.'fav' 1931--3.52 inches. Motorc~cl« races wii: be :»ld at t'-. Excess tn 1932 precipitation to May ; Freden:k Fair sro-r.ds July 4. tir.d=-r ?-cr."s. nts-" s'TM, .=. 1--2,45« K:;h temperature yesterday--58. Hii'.i temperature a year ago--S-i. Low temperitiire last r-.ght--S3. La~ temperature a year aso--62. Siir. rises tomorrc-'^----' 46 a 3* Me-?-. 7,-;s -.3--.^rrjT--2 13 s.. ra. REDS AND ATHLETICS WIN MORNING GAMES M3y 30 'A?-.--Tl-. v*-- * '=·-. ^"- -t.y. f . t 7 - - - T. :;-.: P.ratts fj s:x h.ts ar.d Cir.-.r.r.:'. --- _ A-'-'rie W.'.I..'-r.« r :.:.r-t- '··?. D Hire a\---?-.:-..; za--a today. ·; :;· : ?- r -* z-, ·--- C 1 tl» ?;ar.s bo-r.5 rr.ade by J. Paul Del- ' tt-n:? T. -c;.v. pier- . crir.c;r.c rr.j:. . t:' - ar.d Chester Jclpr.ey. ir.o export pcrol.= . rr.i\l:-.3bo-1.-. i r n » of -r.ic'.i I to make the rases a popular feat.ire ran-." from :.; Ri.-'^y f-.rn-. -.ear OecC i Ra«?s of the kind have not been hi'.d ' c-ur.ty. and v'--r- La.'are*;* carnpedat 'r.crr. a :3-t-2 -.ictorr ov ' f o r t.-.e piit f"jr rears. Included ir. -.r,e t.r.-.c.- R v. Mr Ar:-,:ra.t a--, r.:,s ' tor. -cda-. S.rr.rr.--r.i ar.d D~*^ : tlonal. s-d It is hoped ^o ha-.e several sr.·.-._' Me r"r-r..x .-i.y-r. -nt:r-"t -.; j s'-t ir.e. Lefty Gr·-.·-- I:*' those wl-.;-|.- ;-.ich curios to .see h.s colleftion a: j ST.-if-- t-j 5 "~.'4 ar.d w» Iiij rr.rr bct^efn EnsV«yd and the Morr - ~ cour.-r.- place ?-'. Norti Kaver. Me Cr.r.. P.-: \V C. H" ' 7.1" S ir.iiy.? r.igh- ?h.ladelph.a. Mar 3-: ^^ir.-- .-..ttir.? oy '!-.- I motor:; -".e r.o-ta'3'.es atnc-r.3 i paruo:?a;«. i 'l-l" *-r*- i a^j tiSiu. Fair \cl;:rn« ¥ nf Traffic. , The fact t.-.a; ;n^ ilcmorii Ov. f-.- t.-.; cay Day Petition Amended. The pot.tun of the Juczes of the Sta'-^ coiic'e tXe?h---r.'s ar.d telelyp? Orphans Cur, f?r directed ^ystizt of tr-^ c:.iv afior thtr Jctdnapp-r.? cf Charts rlrcd Cer-trsl Trj=: C^tr.rar.y was A 1, iclbsr^h. Jr. .r. "-he Lin-brrsr. snier.d-ed Saturday so as to be brought ~-^-^p ^avo iVf 5 -- icmo'.-'G to tne P-^- tn tr.e natn^s cf C. Newton "^^100125, ~__ rt ._,,._,__,, «/-;-- 0 : a - Wilburths. n^t Ljis C SMhiso- ^r.i J^hr. Hersh- ,-.r.d n-.--.rc-r ~corf.n'-fs but C-1. H and ir.rar.t -htldrer. ar.d. all others ce- ("·-in- 5^r:bed ir. tho exhibits filed with the vlop- original petition of Deren-.'oer 5 last. Tw 3rr,er.di?c petlt.o-n sas filed oy D. ?nn«- ·or. Bu.-key ar.d J.\c5b Rohrbick. at- t-^m-er.s. ar.d asked trat pa/raer.: be aa- rtctod rr..^dt-. wltr: Interest Jr."rr. July 1. 1931. to e:t,r.c-r the O:-?" Cxirt or Melvir. F. Snepley Scg^t-er o: TT:!"-?. L=av? -.- antonii w^s granted by Cir- ciss Court two weeks ago- Tc-'jr_«t. Ah rr.e. a quaint -, .I.sjc : .---j ha-.e Jv-re T-uly. -ne haif .-t tl'.e world .- -jti.rar.t of how the i sot ia. this vJlase.--Hunjorist

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