Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 11, 1961 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 11, 1961
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

Tuesday, July 11, 1961 HOPE STAR, HOPE. ARKANSAS foyc CARNIVAL By Dick turner U.S. Official LJGJM13 • EJUl 1 arawa I eira, iBauu • QLira! EH3C3 CJQLJGJ ACROSS 8 French fiver 1 U.S. Secretary 9 "fink of Commerce elephants" Luther H. 10 Apiece 7 He is the H Breeding hofte official in the 12 Hardy heroine Kennedy 19 Guide's administration high note ll"Lily maid 21 Visigoth king <jpf Astolat" 22 Consequence I* Revolve 23 Things done 15 Leasing 24 Worthless 16 Circular plate 25 Encourage 38 Narrow inlet 46 Asterisk 17 Female rabbit 28 Gel up 39 Make enduring 48 Lecture (ab.) 38 Unclouded 29 Seines 42 Come to terms 49 Iroquoian 20 Heads (ab.) 30 Formerly 43 Roman urban Indian 21 Studio 32 Lone Scout (ab.) • official 50 Chemical suffix 23 Grandparental 33 Either 44 Table scraps 52 Frozen water 26 Aegir's wife 37 Most capable 45 Saucy 27 Sea bird 31 Conspiracy 53 Willow 34 Rows 35 Corrodes 36 Against 54 Noise 40 For fear that 41 He is a member of President Kennedy's •44 Italian goddess 47 Bodily organ 48 Lion 51 Withdraw 63 Sea ducks 55 Vestiges 56 Girl's name 57 Thorouglif are 58 Somber DOWN (pr JfEr Drove Bread spread : 3 Hamlet, for instance ; 4 Obtain (dial.) ': 5 Make into law •' 6 Vendor ' 7 Institute **• TIZZY ffl 19C1 by NEA. Inc. T.M. Rtf. U.S. Put. OCT. "Another reason I like the movies better than TV is that around the house I'm supposed to piece on fruit!" NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer By Kate Osann *TH gladly contribute my allowance for the rest of the ' SIDE GLANCES summer, if you'U only send him away to camp!" He sure leads a dog's lifel" By Galbraith FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosser TWATCH THIS/ ^V_ i .-.—i ,—~- B 3 MOW i WOMT Ger ^GU^. BLANKET WET, CUDDLES/ X ^ // •^=> / ^Jtfv^ 1 ^ © 1961 b/'NEA, Ino. T.M. RIJ. U.S. P«l. Olt. GORDON By Dan larry YOUR HEAT'S Pt-RFECV TINA; THE LISMT GR'AVITY HERE ON TITAN MAS TURNED THE TRrCK, ALL RIGHT.' MORTY MEEKLE •'Lot her rtay out a while longer, dear. The sky is so much more complicated than it was when wo were courting!" By Dick Covolli X CAM'T? I CAN<=W/ ITALt-T WAMT// Q ^',.'y'',i>vAj* ' -'.-<^.^j.{\,-'f!'-^ A- GKKM; THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE A-OKAV/ A-OKAV/ A-CXAV/ A-OkAV/ A-OKAV.' A-OKAV/ A-OkAV/ A-CXAV/ A-OkttY/ OlOil 6VUALU By Wilson Scruggs <* WOMAM FKOM HOTEL TO SEE K. HAKfEK Y, MISS O'HARA, BUT MP. HAKPEK IS WOT-/. "^ A SO YOUR NAMf ISO'HAKA. 15 IT?J COLLEEN Yff--.' YOUR FOLKS WCXJLP HAVE BEHN HAPPY,' „ .THAT'S WHY THEY CAME HER!?' i YES-FDR ME/ \i ONLY IHtV'U NEVER .' NOT THAT N_ ...M.'YOU PIPN'.tV, ->;,>'. CAUSE THE odMe „ ^J)W. FAILURE.'. 1 '., 11 ?-\^.r»^M*K •i*. _-:-'•.- .v f /Aib- ' /- riinvn afc / j AND SAFE ON EARTH RIGHT ALLEY OOP IT'S THE ONLY CASE } ITS OBSAMIZEP THAT EARTH \ OF ORGANIZER /ALL RlSHT. 1 THESE SITUATION IS \ INTELLIGENT / MONKEYS CAME SURPRISING, V . LIFE WEVE RUM ^ OUT OF NOWHERE AND WE WERE jJ INTO ON THAT PLANET/ OUT OF BUSINESS.. ...ANt? ITS ONLY OUR TRANSMITTER. / WE'LL ' SURVIVED...WHICH ( SEND IS MORE THAN I \kcLRf / CAN SAY FOR SOMf -7 OF OUR BXRTS7 /•VM-1 By V. T, Homlir, WELL.TUMK, I'M.A' J SLi\D WE'RE '' YEH.6U2, A THROUGH /ME, TOO! A FISHTiKjy I CRAVE 'IJvJra-irrSI PEACE IN $(toM*?.Uie CHUNKS Ito CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turnei s / LOOKS. LIKE A f PATROL CAR I MflVBE C IT |$ THE POLICE1 l& THE MOIAEMT HE HA6> WAITEP MOMTH^ FOR! I'M CAPTAIW VALOEZ VAKPtWl 1. r^< 0 AlP IN CL£t TftAT VICTIM WE'LL LEAVE MY PRISONER^ I. HAVE ANOTHER VOUR JAIL i AMP START ./SlJeCiE&TlOWIVAROEl OfJCE, CAPTAIN 1 -mtel YOUR HflNP*'UR,, VOLl'RE ALL COVERED WITH RIFLG& 1 . ..•....^.Uw^'-V/•*•-*''' - •* -- BLONDIE Til? I'M TIRED ; OF WATCHING TELEVISION EVERY NIGHT \ "^ R\ ,-J: bS By Chic Young PADDY WAS RESTLESS-HE WENT OUT POR A WALK TO GET A LITTLE VARIETY IN HIS LIFE SAME OLD COWBOYS AND GANGSTERS SLUGGING AND HOOTING EACH OTHER EVERY MIGHT 3-.^ -::£ n *ti, ! TvS'rf "U l~v ^_ PRISCILLA'S POP By Al Vermcor THINK UF NEXT SEP MRS. MITCHELL LET ME SEE/ WORKERS \N THE VINEYARD....THE FORBIDDEN ^ PRLHT... ^ SHORT RIBS ^ftfx?*vf&. I 'liy NCA, Inc, T.M. K,f. (I.e. I'm. OH. I'll By Frank O'Neal LOOK AT THAT 7-11 d^EAt- *""""" _*" OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople 'HA/I 6ETA KICK OUT OF W WELL, JUPSIM& FROM THE WAY V THAT FAKER.' EVERY TIME "^ HE'S STKETCHIW& OUT HIS s ATOUC.H LOOKIW POG &OE.S \ SECURITY, ANOTHER PUBS' B>y HE RAISES A FUSS, KKIOWIM' 1 OR TWO WILL PUT AW ENPy ALL TH' TIME HE'S SAFE AN'y^A TO IT.' KT—; —^ -rT SECURE BEHINP THE ,,r^ ' ^ r [' '%?'• : ' : '$. - - •-• Nea —•• ,-CV.." CO^HIWJ 7-/( THE WORRVWART , ,K,I, M , ,„ ,v ... „, r., o<> OF- =?£AT CAe&AR / f| I AT WAS] , GET A LOAD OF THIS, M A-v.io '.^^••Ct 'IMt PAPCOT ' {"PARROTCAUSES ARREST (MOB -t^-PET &IRD OV^JNED BV PATI^OL-Tl 'MAMDEMMlS CLftMcy UTTERED TlV .^ IMfr : FNE MEAABEKS OP TH S ) ~ SP1GOTXV (SAlOG / i JSPIGOTTV, WHO WAS SKOT /-A"3.T YeARA '(?eFOSEt)1b MArv\£ OTl-^EK MG^QERS I lOF His Ato8-^-Tip LEADS POLICE IM (CO/WPLETE f?OOWDL)P OF tfeCPoR 6AM( ; . (WANiTED FOR MUKOeRS, l-li 1 ---I.AMD KTiDNAPING- - 1 - UtRG WAS A ff t BUGS BUNNY I'AA FORTUNATE TO HAVE MV BANBWNA. 50 LOAOEP WITH TASTY TIP8ITS ! HOWEVER, ITS WEIGHT IS BEGINNING TO HURT MV SHOULDERS 1 ' HMM... I SAY, BUGS' J WISH TO MAKE A PURCHASE! SOMETIMES THE INGENUITV OF MY AGILE BKAIN AMAZES EVEN

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