Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 14, 1965 · Page 12
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 12

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, May 14, 1965
Page 12
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'At, ftfday, May II, tflflS M M A etJffiplejil of buildings, I sites in Clovis, N.M.; Salina, the 388th FBW was relieved by roads, hangers, planes, men and equipment located eight miles west of Clovis, N.M., Cannon AFB, a component of Tac- Kan., and Ephrata, Wash. An airbase in New Mexico had long been a favored project of U. S. Senator Carl A. the 312th FBW, the 4445th ABS was sent overseas in October 1954. In September 1954, the 312th tieai Air Command's Twelfth I Hatch. The site chosen, eight FEW was joined by the 474th Air Force, is an Installation! miles west of Clovis, had pri-lFBW. At this time the two «... ..- ^.-* _-- _, i-.—, . . , 'wings were transitioning from t h e Heptiblic F-84 Tunder streaks to the F-88 Saberjet. * * * Veteran Pi .OL, WILLIAM A, HOY JR. if [orean War Veteran Cannon Commander - — **. m, VA Wf AMI MIA AAtObUlAU V1X/11 j •- ..-v«rf II WUU W*. 1_r*YS T 1U ) 11UVI l/L 1 that has served any missionsimarily been used for com grow- since its inception 23 year si ing. Owned by the city of Clo- age. vis and individual farmers, the The base grew out of plans land was free of natural and for three superdomes to be es-J man-made obstractions. tablished under Second Air Maj, Edward R. Fuller ar- Force leadership in 1942. The rived on Oct. 11, 1942 to become War Department had selected i 106 tost, base commander. The first unit to occupy the base, the 302nd Bombardment Group arrived Feb. 10, 1943. Known then as the Clovis Army Air Base, the facility was Colonel William A. Hoy Jr., combat veteran of the Kore- i War, is Cannon's Base Comander. He replaced Colonel . J. Markham who was as- ;ned to Lowry AFB, Colorado. *i A native of Eagle River, Wis, Colonel Hoy came to innon from a three-y e a r as- jnment at Fifth Air Force jadquarters in Japan where he *p! the posts of director of •ails and programs and depu- ^Chief of staff for operations. Colonel Hoy is a graduate of i wa State University where he •ceived a BA degree in Forest- y. Upon graduation from _jjege he entered the Air Corps der the Flying Cadet pro- am. He was awarded h i s lot's wings and a commis- on in February, 1941. Colonel Hoy saw duty in IBrld War II as a flying in- -*ru.ctor and as the commander ^a primary flying school at os Palos, Cal. He was also a lember of the staff of Air raining Command. At the end of the war, he wa 3 •nt to the PhiHipina Islands r'.^ere he was assigned to the _JUh Tactical Figher Wing. te remained in the Philippines itil 1948. Upon his return to ie states, he was given nume- assign- with the eastern New Mexico area and Cannon AFB. "I am particularly appreciative of the warm reception we have received form the civilian and military personnel in this area," he said. * - ~ fW**«M«IV>l*K Ill' 1 C4 I 1 I I 1 1(] I Ol m II til till- 1 Stallation. Its name was chang-'eastern New Mexico ed from Clovis Air Force Base! to Cannon Air Force Base in " honor of the late Gen. John K. tions h(> ^ an Cannon, renowned for his tac- uh , c . n tical achievements during ^' ! •i first North Amori-AB, Turkey for four months asilo Misawa AB, Japan. Super Sabres now a; part of a North Atlantic Treaty i -'-' : - " ' •„..... •'i i n 1Q61 five squadrons de- iii c c t«rm 0 « ' r an ^'^ Su l'fr Sabres now a;part of a North Atlant bect * me a Permanent in- familiar sight in the .skies over Organization (NATO) ment. ployed to Europe during the ----- ---• ».-v, ,., a ^ , Berlin Crisis. The following fall, to Cannon Air Force Base in .. Non . 11al temporary duly rof;,- Lalrr. the division's NATO the Cannon fightline was again in February |«).W, i-oinniitmrnt was changcd'bare as all squadrons had de,. . . lu> « an srndmi; one to Aviano, AB. Italy and now ployed in the wake of the CO- lighter squadron (o Incer! i k units rotate every three months ban Crisis World War II. In 1957 Cannon ir * * ot Heads Cannon's 47th Wing CONGRATULATIONS TO CANNON AIR FORCE BASE PERSONNEL ON ARMED FORCES DAY MAY 15th , Colotte ' paul P- Douglas Jr., «iiny mr case, me lacuuy was ^, - ., used for the training of bomber !V ommander of the 474th Tac * nvmtrc. f •«•«**« m^o i_ i_* _ « n . • tlOfll Viffhtpt* WitltJ time hnv*n In crews from 1943 to late 1945. With the end of World War II in 1945, the base res u m e d crew training but lack of personnel hampered train i n g tical Fighter Wing, was born in Paragould, Arkansas on 23 April 1919. He attended the Arkansas State Teachers College and graduated from Texas Christian In 1959, Colonel Douglas was assistant for Flight Missile and Nuclear Safety ^ D-Inspec t o i .^wmici iictlllLfci cvl train 111 E **«v***vv,v« *&w«i> *.•**>**.&& vxiii iakiai.1 operations. In March, 1946, the University in 1948 with a BA base was assigned to Fifteenth! de & ree * n Science and Corn- Air Force which was responsi-> merce - ble for manning, training and 1 In Decemb er, 1941, he reequipping tactical units and! cieved h . is Plot's wings at the their allied service organiza- !Arm y Air Cor P s Flying School tions. at Victoria, Texas and was May 28, 1947, marked the in- commissioned a Second Lieu- first activation of Clovis Army Base until it was assigned to 1 Lieutenant Douglas' TAC and reopened as Clovis ! squadron command was in Sep- Air Force Base in Novemb e r ! tem ber 1942 at Westover Field, 1951. j Massachusetts during World In October 1951, Tac's 140th ^ ar ^< he served as a combat Fighter Bomber Wing moved f 'g nte r P ilot at the European here. Nov. 15. 1951, marked the Theater of Operations. Flying official date the base was acti- 33 ? combat hours and destroyed eight enemy aircraft, becom- 1, 1953, the 50th in S an American Ace. Lieuten- vated. On Jan. Complete 4-Pc. LUGGAGE ENSEMBLE 3 smart, sturdy piece 1 ; Slylnd to kcop their flood looks trip after Irip . . . PLUS the smart folding alcirrn to keep you on schedule. COL. DALE S. SWEAT * * * Seasoned Colonel Leads 27th Wing , PATIT p nm - r , .,- FBW was activated and assunv ant Douglas is also credited I G ££,' Jor sVctv th,- In« , ed immediate command of the'with 27 ground victories during,^™ f ° ?, afct >,^£, e Ins ,;.'.; base. The unit was joined byjhis 136 combat missions. F o r j£ r ™ a ; "Vo, n, ,,5 v v the 37th FBW until the 37th|his bravery and achievements rheecl ^ as AeSce %S u was deactivated in June, 1953.iin combat during W. W. II, !u S A P \om° aPn , S ,t v, V' q In August 1953, the 50th FBW he was awarded the D i s tin.|^AF Command at Norton A;r was sent overseas leaving tolguished Service Cross with onei rorce aase administer to base needs, Ihe'Oak Leaf Cluster; tbe Silver 1 4445th Air Base Squadron. AfteijAir Medal with 30 Oak Leaf 1 ters; The Legion of Merit; the Distinguished Flying Cross; the Air Medal with 30 Oal Leaf Clusters; and for wounds received in action against the enemy was awarded the Purple Heart with one Oak Leaf Clus- JEWELERS O.rnn- r,\ -I!!; \ C!. v» t O l/> *v« lt 00., .. Commander of the 27th Tac-Force and wal awarded the ter - His Forei ?n awards include Tn'ATC.holdinrt'h'e's'e 1 tical Fighter Wing is Col. Dale; A ir Medal and the Distinguished'" 16 British Distinguished Flying ^•i m-~ T in-o u : c o i Tf • . TriiMn/i f..— ,f!mss• Thp Belgian Fourracere: ^ is until 19oj. In 19o3 he. S. Sweat. His wing is an in- , •ft the states for Korea where: portant part of the 832nd Air *ViJ»*H ^jon»* rtf mot 1 uroc nnfnlH. . T^lwiciAn Vioyn ^»f fnwwrtw A "IT* T> i GQ assign- third year of war was unfold-i Division here at Cannon A.F.B < erd ^^ ^ e Personnel staff in g. i Colonel Sweat was born in USAFE Headquarters. Wiesbad-j Piloting a B-26 fMarauderK ! Lafayette. 111. 11 March 1921. f"' Germany. tlle Croix dp Etoile de Vermeil During 1954, Colonel Douglas He returned to was Chief of the Fighter May 1947, as- Branch, Flight Safetv Research •olonel H o v took part in 19 He attended the University of tlle Penta S on j " May 1947, as - Brancn. Migni sa «v nesearcn he Illinois in 1039 t>rior to enter- s 'S ne d to the Directorate of Division. Norton Air Force Base .ne iinnu > an 1J.J3. prior TO enter-...,. — ,,. roi;fn,-mc, Thic n-a<t fniinu^H tu- jmbat missions against the Illinois in 1939. prior to enter-;.7,".7" -" -"- —...«.•«•€*". ui , -M-ces of the North Koreans and ing the Military Academy. He Mlht ^y £ e ™ el " Headquart- ^1'fornia This •*•_• ^,_ : TI-,.,. i^... : __ u : ^cr,.oH,,. J t n ^ r~,.~, *»,„ United 61 " 5 - IJSAF - Washington. D.C. ; h 's assignment as Special A>i" In November of 1951 he re-' si stant to the Directorate ol • • - ..ithe Flight Safety Research Con- A SALUTE TO THE MEN OF CANNON Armed Forces Day h a Day of opportunity. , . o day wncn you con see for yourself the weapons and aircraft that perform o vital ro/c- m maintaining freedom throughout the wor/c/. It's o Joy W/ICT you can prrsonc!!,• : r-/-.'e c men of Cannon Air Force Base the I Te Chinese Reds. During his graduated from tenure in Korea, Colonel Hoy States Military Academy m - —• -- . • ^so commanded the 34th Bomb: 19*3 as a Seind Lieutenant, 1 ""^ to Europe and was as-;the quadron and later took overland pilot in the Air Corps. | s ' gn . od to the 86th Ughler Wing ter _ . , f ..„ ,, f , T, nm Ki at Neubiberg, Germany, taking, In 19o8. Colonel Douglas gra- ^»e command of the MhBombi O n completion of combat tra-;command of the 527th Fighteriduated from the NATO De- Jl? uf) - . . . lining, he was assigned to the Squadron in July 1952 and mov-lfense College at Paris. France, Lionel noy was in tne air |7 8th Bomber Group in Duxford,:ing it to Landstuhl Air Base I followed by his assignment as >r three missions on the last England in January 1945 where Germany and converting from,Commander, 1400th Operations ay of the Korean \Var. His ne f ]ew P-51s with the 8th Air F-84s to F-86Fs. iGroup Kenavik, Iceland. ist misssion ended just two — ours before the Armist i c e vent into effect- In 1954, he was assigned to yracuse University, N.Y., as Tofessor of Air Science, a post e held until 1957. His next assignment was at -angley AFB Va. at h e a d- •uarters, Tactical Air C o m- nand, where he served as Di- of Policy. who, besides serving in the i r Air force copacifv contribute al jo or. citizens of the com- munify. We salute these: people, the- i r missid'1 and their efforts for peace. Jt » i In 1961, he again headed for he Far East and his assignment at 5th Air Force in J;i- an. Among Colonel Hoy's decora- ions are the Distinguished •'lying Cross, the Air ".Medal md the Korean Llchi. awarded ojjim by the Republic of Korea 0£ achievement in combat, lie .s^jjj Command Pilot. Colonel Hoy's wife is 1 h e 33imer Frances Healy of lioone. 'owa. The Hoy's have three :-hJldren, William, 18; Hie-hard. Ufcand Barbaro. 14. William is ^ Tending Stanford I'niversity 1 .vjnle Richard and Barbara are students at Clovis High School. f Colonel Hoy stated that he vas very favorably impressed Area Men In Service RECOGNIZED DENVER, Colo. - Mast e r Sergeant Ezzie E. Pridgen, son •)f Mr. and Mrs. E E. Prid- in of 728 Scenic Hill Circle. Fay, Fla., has been given ggpclal recognition and a cash •vard at Lowry AFB. Colo., 8Er bis submission of a military improvement suggestion that will re&ult in cost reductions more efficient operations. __ Pridgen developed anjj suggested a "5frl" commu- jjcations system for base sup- <||f< tti* suggestion was s u b- *«phasized cost reduct i o n campaign being waged through fft» Air Force. i sergeant is a supply in- vttttory supervise in « uait of 5 MM 4 i r Training Command ;iMe* trains airmen and offi- ln the diverse skills re" the aation's aero- PnyUis. is th» of Mr «uQd Mrs. Arno <rf €21 E. Ufa, Clovis. We Humbly Honor Our Members Of The Armed Forces And Salute The Officers and Men of.. CANNON AIR FORGE BASE . . . This Armed Forces Day «/ HOME DECOR CLOVIS NATIONAL BANK INC. 824 MAIN - CLOVIS

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