The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 27, 1924 · Page 2
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 2

Hutchinson, Kansas
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Thursday, November 27, 1924
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PACT? TWO. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER. 27, 1924 hlSMITlQ Let Us Serve Quality Groceries FOR TOMORROW* AND SATURDAY Vegetables— PARSLEY * i SPINACH GREEN BEANS \ ' WAX BEANS CELERY I TOMATOES i Meats— ! DUCKS GEESE I TURKEYS CHICKENS HOME MADE KRAUT 2 lbs. 15c FRESH SPARE RIBS SWIFT'S PREMIUM HAM 8 to 10 lb. Average »Ji> Per Pound £OC By the Ham Phone 1500 7 South Main "The Quality Store BOY STARVING ON THROUGH TRAIN Eleven Year Old Boy Traveling Lot Angeles to Mich. Without Fooi! or Funds. If It had not been for tlio kind! ness of tho pasaengr s on Santa Fe train No. 2 yestcrdny. a poor Utile 11 your old boy would havo starved for the lack of food, according to Mrs, Clifford I,, Teoter, 124 1tjth Ave emit, who arrived liunto from i.'urden City on (lint train. Mrs. Teeter learned from California pusHengcrs on the train that | tlio; fellow war, placed on tlio train at,Los Angeles by his stepmother, who wan starting him nlotie to some distant relative's home In Michigan with nothing but his ticket and a can of beam to eat on the journey. .Mr.-. Teoter staled that two young men on tlio train found that, he \i!is In n distressed condition from luck of rood. They took up • a collection from tlio passengers on lh i train and secured about $3'> which wan given the little boy to : liny food and other needed articles. Sully Today Showing I he I.1H-M pose of Sully Montgomery, i'lniicr gridiron star nil)) the sensMiuniil Centre Col-et:e eleven, and now a loading '-.bite hope." One of Montgoni- -iVs boosters is Jack nenipsey, tin; •iiiinipiun. "Montgomery has ttic s-htiiu-. to-art." says O-'mpsey, "mid that ought to carry him a ,,iiy. way." * ELMER Thursday evening the ladies nf I'uplar on a play, at the Ehner M. if., ••iiurch. They all did their part well. And there were several mimical numbers, which were en- Joyed h\ ] Mr-', l-'r-'d lUiberison lias been ii thi' sick list tin* last week, but is much heiier nt ihls. writing. Mr. and Mr*. .1. M. Uoiincr. .Mr. Mid Mrs. Tom [towns', went to SbbyvlHf Sunday afternoon to see Kim.-i- .Mt-ver ami ivue, Mr*. C.' J. Hyde, Airs. Manilin rial Mrs. Will Ailen and sons Glenn Mid Carl, irom Hutchinson, were .alters ; a Tom Bull's Sundav. cb-nn w;.^ .||-ivirig ;i new two du-.ii' YODER Sum Cluipp made n business trip to Hutchinson .Saturday. Mins Maude Baldwin was a dinner guest at the 11. 0. Fisher home SutiiUiy. Clarence and Kathorine Williams of Haven spent Sunday at the V. A. j Glvens home. j .Mr. .tonus Kelm nnd Miss Lizzie | Stuix.innii wre married Thursday at tho bride's home west of Yoder. Mr. anil Mrs. John Kash of Topeka, Indiana loft last week for j Oklahoma. Mr. ami Mrs. Dave Shroek of • Cr> stnl Springs aro here visiting I .Mr. Shrock's father, C. C. Shrock. They attended the Yoder Mennou- He church Sunday. fleci. Kiihns of Oklahoma Is visiting at. the Alf. D. Miller home. Several of the Yoder folks attended the football game at Haven Wednesday. l Air. 11. Miller made a business i trip to Hutchinson Wednesday. 1 Mrs. Daniel Bonn-ager died Moni day. Funeral services will be held ! Friday from 'lie family homo. ! Knos S. Yoder, wife and baby; : spent Sunday afternoon with .Mr. ] and Mrs. Fred Yoder. 1 i Mr. and Mrs. Knos M. Yoaer and! children, Terry Yoder and family, Kdd. Peterselm nnd family; Mrs, 9. S. Bcachy and 1). M. Beachy and family partook of an oyster supper Monday evening at the S. M. Beachy home, Tuesday morning V. M. Beachy took Mr. nnd Mrs. B. M. Yoder to Milton where they took the train tor Thomas, Okln., their home. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Yoder returned from their honeymoon trip to Conway Springs Tuesday. John Overboil loft for his home at Harnett Monday. His wife is still in the hospital at Halstead where she had an operation performed and is getting along nicely, A program will he given Thanks EAST TALKING PROSPERITY NOW On Every Hand On* Hear* it, Saitl Manager of Traffic Bureau. The east Is thinking prosperity, talking prosperity, and feeling It, said C. W. Mlttendorff, manager ot the Hutchinson Traffic Bureau who has returned from a business trip to New York city and Washington. 'Everywhere you can sense the feeling that good times are coming once more," said Mr. MlttendorfE "They're all talking that way." He was in tho east, for two weeks. He went to New York to attend a meeting of the National Industrial Traflc League. On the way he stopped at Washington to take up some matters with the Interstate Commerce commission for local shippers. On tho return trip he stopped at St. Louts to transact business with tho Southeastern Freight bureau. ODDS AND ENDS FROM A REPORTER'S NOTE BOOK O. C. Parks, Hutchinson traveling man who recently had a foot amputated by falling under a train, finds that a one-logged man can keep as busy as one with two. He is lutoresled in a chicken farm at the west edge of 'he citjr. "Yesterday my heus laid 409 eggs," he reports. —x— Mr. Parks, by the way, Is making a specialty of raising capons, and hi. lias some that are almost as big as turkeys for Thanksgiving, and with meat finer than turkey meat, many believe. He will have some of his capons on exhibition at the poultry show next, month. —x— Two small boys, both ragged, and neither very clean, but typical American youngsters, called at the News editorial room yesterday. "We come to get our names in for lite Big Brothers," they explained. They were the first ot the season. And bound to get In on front seats. •The Santa Claus letters aro beginning to arrive at the postoftlce. giving evening at the Yoder Men- j ^"B-L ot ftern wereturned over nonlte oil Ui• ladi.-.- .'I Saturday ai e. They did nearly all 'In 'inner had a loud Sidliuger's drag \ ery well; sold y had. Lincoln ...i hiiol [iiue a program Tii.-sday i-venlni:. I.liiyii Hull was in Elmer Tues- daj; and look dinner witli his par- i.i:i". Tom Ball ami fiunil). PRETTY PRAIRIE The r-sul'.- bar -tu-tnal! luinn Tl'C "-'Mlior Ul>>: h. uf ihe mtei-clasH -s arc us tollows: d. leat'd the Ju'i- . I he M'phoinore e- i rt-idimiui hoc.. Ml, S • >."i--. will nhiv on W 'illicnd;i\'. 1 I,. l"i'-,~iiin..|i ;;irl-. mini,, lli-iii- H 'lo • y winners bv dcteailng ilu- .• rpiiiuiMip. jtntl ^1'iiii'r girl;-. I!:,. rhiiii--! i-M-n-i-.-'S civ.-ii '-v the I- v.-siiiiii-n lam 1'rldai wen.-i-n- Jovi-d bv ull |il es,.in. Itil.i '.i c-. i : ihe- S'-nl'ii.-. i^ill K l v j el.a^'-l y'l*"gl';ile. Id. Welch .Mlio-r, Uiniit.-l. tin- fii..l iiumli'i' on Hi-- M-iiior l\ceuni ciiiir-e. will tie iH-'-M -iilcd l-ri'hiv lil^at. Nov.. ii. imr liehiite learn will spenil "ui to The News by Postmaster Tom Armour yesterday. Most of them were addressed to Santa Claus. Some were addressed "Big Brothers." Two ot the envelopes were scratched and scribbled by baby fingers with pencil marks. And nobody but Santy could read the missives within. —x— Here's what one little girl, who signs herself Dorothy, wants: "Dear Santa: I want a stove, cupboard, dishes, sleepy doll, one with golden hair, pretty clothes for it, a game of Pollyanna, a little play broom, pots, pans and skillets." —x— Jack P. MlHor, of 129 Ave. A west, addressing a letter to Santa Claus, North Pole, lets the old gent ha -o this tip: "Please sead me a top and a zillnphone. and fill the stocking full of candy and bring me a butterfly or some tin soldiers nnd a box of tinkertoys." —x— Earl Kerr, address not given but Rant- surely knows, addresses his letter to "Mr. Claus, Northlnnd," He says: "I want you to bring me a train and a horu and a telephone. That's all for today." 1 Master Colin Campbell takes his pencil in hand, and addressing a letter to "Santa Claus, North Main street," says: "Dear Santa: I want a tool chest and I want a pair of boxing gloves, and a Jack knife and a football and a knacksack and a boy scout hat and a little car. I guess that's all for this Xmas." —x— Mrs. G. M. DavlB, living on Pretty Prairie rural route No. 2 owns a bedspread which has beon In the family for 110 years. It Is made of cloth spun by the grandmother of Mrs. Davis, when she was a 14 year old girl. She picked the cotton herself, spun tho thread, and wove the cloth. were any tickets as low as fifty cents. When assured there were ho said: "We have only a dollar left in the bank, but wo are going to spend that dollar to hear that girl sing." Jack Frost Takes the Helm Took Six Months To Film "Sundown" Coming To Royal ENDORSE LYONS MAN FOR GRAIN INSPECTOR Lyons, Nov. 27—A flood of endorsements Is pouring In to Gov. Paulen urging the appointment of A. Sivanson, manger of the Farmers' Co-Operative Union of Lyons, for appointment as state grain inspector. These letters are coming from the members of tho Farmers' Co-operative Union and the Kansas Grain Dealers' association, as well as from members of the boards ot trade of Hutchinson. Sallna, Wichita and Kansas City. The current Issue of Popular Mechanics' magazine contains a photograph of Billy Cain and his port able barber shop on wheels, which tbls former Hutchinson barber, now of Wichita, is operating as a tonsorial service car in that city. —x— Phil Zimmerman, who is working with the state committee for a permanent building to house the Messiah at LindRborg and who has been hero ^hls week looking after the details of the Kathleen Kersting concert tonight, tells this: A man came into the Jenkins, music store where the ticket sale is I being held and asked whether there Six months to make. More than 100,000 cattle used. Cost exceeded $500,000. Scenes taken iu eight states In two countries. Players and technicians travel­ led over 16,000 miles by train and horseback to procure the scenes. These are the principal statistic facts of "Sundown," the gigantic and Impressive epic of the West which is to open Monday at the Ri yal Theater for a week's engagement. Forced from the ranges bj» the steady encroachment of tne homesteader nnd the small farmer, the big cattle owners have been gradually forced south into the unfor- ti'e detert country ot the Southwest and into Mexico. On this pathetic phase ot modern history "Sundown" was written. The pi tore in Itself is fact rather than fiction, for many of the scenes were taken in Arizona nnd New Mexico on the (rail during the movement ot several thousand head of cattle from pastures near the edge of the Grand Canyon *o new grazing land below the border. Trawjors nro coming Into thn Boston fish pier looking llko this thanks to an early wintry spell which spins Ice gargoyles about the rails. Store Open Saturday Night -— HUTCHINSON.» Highest In World. Geneva.—The highest radio-telephone station in the world has been opened at the observatory on the Pic du Midi, some 10,000 feet In altitude. Men's Durable Shirts and Hose Men's Durable Shirts and Hose—Yet, many men wonder how it is that we can afford to sell them at these low figures. Headaches from Slight Colda Laxative BR.OMO QUININK Tablets relieve the Headache by curing the Cold. A Safe and Proven | Remedy. The box bears the slgna- ture ot E. W. Grove. 30c. ^ Shop-o-Scope will Bhow you a lot of things you never knew about Xmas shopping. tf. Select Your Gifts While our Stock is Complete—We show a complete line of Practical Gifts for Young and Old— PRICES THE LOWEST Our Motto: Quality First, then Price—and the Price Is Rlghtl HOSKINS 5 YOUNG HARDWARE-TIN SHOP (Home of FRONT RANK FURNACE) Phone 3752 22 West First Men's Work Shirts- Sizes I41/2 to 17. Made of Blue Amoskeag Chambray. Full Cut. Each 69c Men's Work Socks—• Good Heavy Weight:' Part Wool. Tan Mixed. Pair 25c Men's Dress Shirts— Made of a good quality Percale. Pretty Patterns, fast colors. Collar attached and neckband styles. M>/ 2 to ny 2 . Each $1 Men's Cotton Socks— Colors Black and Grey. A good every day sock at a low price. Pair 10c =The Curtis Store Co. I Read the Classified Ads in The News-Herald. WASHINGTON TUBBS II * * * * * * By Crane- muay in the library at Hutchinson, j wardrobe to obtain debate material. 1 "I 'rinceHs, When Well.-,-b-v College puts oil :. pla\ wn!i oriental atmosphere tlt--re is no necil to worry about tu.-. •niako-iip" bos. 1 hanks to the mixture ot Ka-d and West in the ; chool enrollment tnere are plen- tv ur Oriental minlf 10 be selected, rim-i Ml.-i Wen Wang Ilnshteh. I'i I'm. < linns, ir. here shown adorned Willi rauneiu trom her own fur the. college play. Radium." Despue the \a'.iii: or pc-rlVet din meiiil:-, their price is ijreatiy ex •eedeil by flawless emerald? o rijilei -i/e and wi-iehi, uci online li *J pent. 1 One.Third From VI. S. ili-iieva.-— Out of the 18,:iU0 auto- iiuibMe.. registered in Switzerland, ii i= es 'hunted that one-third were iiiiiile hi I'IK - rolled States. BETTER THAN WHISKEY FOR COLDS AND FLU H 1.1' i. Ill Vll'-' bv !».: .1 Us l.ialc \V(,-UI»Uli;i: C."ili authoritatively the laboiaturles; TilO r-CIl. Is Ai-pil")!.. and cough guuraute'jd U'.sted, approved and most en- '.>imia»tlcally endorsed by the highest authorities, and proclaimed by th.< people as ten times as quick and effective us whi.-liuy, rock and rye, or any other cold and COUKII remedy they nave ever tried. All drug sun- s nr.- :-:u:M-Hcd witli thn v.iMidi-ri;il i-li \ r. -' nil ">.: Ii.iic !" 'Jo i> tu -i'i» 'uUi ML ii-li est drug rUore, hand tin- clerk halt a dollar for a liottlo of A>ioi<'"i>a.l and toll him to servo you two te -J- •suooobtulls, With your watch in / >ieli- llatl.t. lake the drill! .it one. >w;ilh,w ami call lur y.'Ui- money b.ick iu twi, minutes if you cannot H i-l ihe distressing symptoms of your cold fading away like a dream, within the titno limit. Don 't bo bashful, for all druggists invito you mid expect you to try it. Everybody's doing it. Take tho uiiiimor of the bottle hniiie 111 yvuir wife and children, 1... .'.-;,il:ill:-l Is bv till' tllu safest ei.-i mi--' - - - li -i live. 111-.! easiest tu .,|'-..- ,in:l tin Mi.e-,1 agre nihil., cylii anil cough iciiiedy for children as -.oil as. adults. Quickest relief for catarrhal croup and children's choking up at night, .(adv.) BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES—All's Well By Martin J WJtflMG fNTMB W6 TGAMl' 1% T»JE <5WF -wrr rfeAVUTHEeuNK.h'0 A . fWXAAMD TtMtft RAWER «£ OP IWTHE <=iTWi»r> WITH aocn<i!

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