The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 29, 1934 · Page 12
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 12

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 29, 1934
Page 12
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THE PARIS NEWS Talk By Ed H. McCuistion ! befor* his ff ««rf* and . , , - **.„» *, * m*at th» *erva*t exclaaiaed tiiat k j was impossible for so small ao amount to feed such a large cons- i pcny. The prophet told hem that 1 } Jehovah had said that they should astonisb-} woman *aixl, "Lie not to ffi*-" But it »iapp«n«d as tiie L*gal Notice m&tur* a» t* x**d«r toad passed, while fcer | son wa» in the field reapers, he was to *. ite*Qjutlo» pa*»*<l with the 2 it»» city council o* the city or «ant - anus. The Story is too Ion* loN'fco o*a taxable properly in said City «at of it and a residue would be repeat in detaU buz she flew to j *<£?£<> ^ ^a*o* .ST^T***"^ left. T&«> result was that when { lhe prvlp het with ail possible !• vweW th« hours or s:oo o'clock. A. M all had feasted. to satisfaction' ther« remained an abundance as satisfaction j speed> presented her claim for *««*£ HELPS TSB Reoorted bv Elixabeti» J>uvail *"•*••"'*• ^ , aiercv. the child was restored |, in debt and the creditor had come ! a reside. This reminds us of the , IQ her * parable of Jesus where he ^et and aduii: + -red to the neeas u3 r« turc frora a study of Elijah. ) wh:ch «as entirely lawful at that j f ^ ^^^ on one occasion The prophet asked her whai j an<; five thousand on another. All ouo*-in s proposition: carry away her sons in slavery sum ot Seventy Titou- ill! Ot sua «r* «c Fo- ?t essential needs. OI of the cuy or was the summer orobabH- all things considered the ; ti.,.e. "" -,-oov.e' arr.o— -he He-i he should do acd then asked ] things in the har.ds of our heax-- .- lhfe greates. p."** ,,.^ k _ ! what she had in the house. She j enly Father may be multiplied to I r ; ail fcrew people- He was _ a rnan ^"^* i ^a sii* had noting except a pot iiisiy i' ke John lh ^ ^ cluse. a d-.veiier of tne and the wilderness.^ raatic in action? sr la our 'las' ^rhere ne was ^ ^^_ ,^_ . ft< itoiat a voting ^^ " of ^ H iish, prop'r ^ ver> . sl atiou iu " Her* is a striking evidence of \ t b e " ciiy Jo Gods faith and fidelity io those 1 «ja „£!££*? 0 ?* Sr*rte who are obedient ajid loyal ia j said 'bonds, and creaie a. sinJsie* life. There \vo^ ' sufficient to redeem then* at ^«- ,*.^ j». 5 t»i« said bonds to t»ar ial«rest froia LeiiL V t the toy- j ™^ ^ a .^^ ao: eiceed j 31 4 j>e r cen t Z hea.led OI' the leprosy, i annum, interest payable lent. u£ the vrophet who | ^r 1 ^,.^^^ 1 ^^ ^ ria ^ at th * r *~ l^sit the borrow e<i ax aud nutaer- i t^ountk. « taay b« lixwd by tb« City ou;: other occasions where Kiisha. COTOCI!; eo bond to txs issued lesson > then directed that she « Jt , s - outs s ae *er.u amons her neighbors a.nd j j ezreei> which borrow vessels, not a few. and ] capjjaj o f Israel, there was a j iuet. the need of those who called | ^^ then she ana hf-r sons should go j S ma!! village ca.!!ed Shunani. In 1 in God's name- i tht into the house, close the door*, j -hat village there lived a sreat ] He was a uian who lived abov v.-i:h the world shut out and Go-i j woman. Eiisba frequently passed \ t ^^ world. His prayers \verja not shut i:i. ^"d then pour the oil out j that way and often enjoyed the j f O1 - himself alone, they were in of h-^r p t ;:*to a borrowed ves- « hospitality of tbe family at meals, I Lt r ce ssory ia character. They were exceeding thirty years from Its ia«J aU bonds to b* issued Io? bui!d:a£ S**?«r Dis- p«Ued t* Mm -u' f or««*i«t, zaaa of violent t«iap«r and inE*aap«rat« habits: that i«raiJ« Uity Uv«d to««ther h* -*ould coax* hoai* drunk and abac* plaintiff and did so oa num*rou« ibas aioat oja» y*»r prior to separation de'endajct i>*«»» toward ihic plaintiff a constant and course 'of vexa.tioaa- mad. tncults Cool Cottons which, kept h«r ta a con*tact. «tat» of m«ntal aniutsh and worry and w condition of mind*d k«r health. \Vfcerefor« julaiRtiff pray* that defendant b* cited to appear *»d a»f»-«r herein and for judgment dia»olvia« said marrioise relations, for coata of suit, and for other relief. »eneral and *pec5al, in law and lo equsty. that »h* may b* justly entitled to *rsd l «h« will *v*r pray. Herein fail not. a.ssd hav«, you before said court on the said first day of th« next terra" thereof, this writ with yoor endorsemeat thereon, showing how ClerJc District court 3or* Jr. lAtaar county. Clearance Priced Printed Organdy Piqpe Votl* Powder Prff Dimity Ti**ue the res;. [ whenever he passed that way This beautiful miraele is in- : rsi^crht t^rn in to his own apart- • •n?elv practical and teaches us • rnent for re?z. refreshment or de- ! ^ , a - i,, oar r>eed It-is not nee- i vot:on. It was- accordingly done ; <^--. t • i^iiki 1 - snia'l pl;xns. 'When ' "When the prophet foursd what found a'! the vessels \ careful provision had been made Tiie Jorns i election for those voting in favor >r tfcw issuance oi bonds. «aal! b« as ROAHO APPOT1VTFF tiUAJttJLI --4-rJrUJJ^ 1-CJL. remainder <!lvi<ie<l into lifteen e<ni*l «.n- naai yaymcats maturlsc !a oa« to tU~ ieen years, with snter«st payabl* r at the rat« of Jive j>«r cent j>*r or ta* jssaaac* ol Sewer Coa- arrnurn. -?ai<i deferred payments to b« structioa Beads, Series "1934." j secured by vendor's lien. Th« proi>o»al Th» form of ballot to b* us*<J in j ; or purchase shall b* in the ior P. ? f d ejection for those voting asraiast j s »a.:*d bids accompanied by cashier's -arl sff in; lived in a. of a hill j->t inside the From, this liiinib^e hon:e ried on -•>- ministry res cins a period of something i^jcc* ^ >! x-ears. I-ike Sar-iuei he traveled .much au-sonjsr-the people, teaching. counselins: and aiding them. He also " head-:a certain schools of the proph-r.s where he carried on •with ihose- yvuns men plans lor ±ne overihrow of icolatr;.- and trie pr he of. b* cc J> TUSKAHOMA CHHJ> rv c . jr .5, ta ble or Lamar count You are hereby p ±t d: s. a. "Yes, Mrs. Smith. You Really Should VISIT BEALL'S Their Prices on Summer Things—AH Thru tbe Store— Offer the Most Savings of any of the Stores I Hare Visited! Sommer Requires an Abundant Supple of TOWELS llr. and Mrs. conducted, from the fam- honie in Tuskahoma. Interment xv-as made in the Tuska' i homa cenietery. i appointed with, the least possible j delay su that the board could ! start functioning on the very iir- be in-1 ai>i'-?ar be-fore lie Kon, District cc-'^rt. at thfc nest r*K' u ^2.r *e. »i* thereof, to be holder In the cosinty of 22x44 ALL PASTEL COLORED TURKISH TOWELS Heavy Bath Towels — soft, fluffy and absorbent. In solid colors—blue, rose, etc. Turkish Towels Lar^e Bata ^ ^ size — white *• ^T I* -B-Iti colored • J%U borders —sofr^ ,^L ^^ Turkish Towels Sraaller size —for face and aamis, Co.o~- e d borders. 7 COOL COTTONS Clean-Up—AH Sheer Materials Formerly to 29c—NOW Another Group Fearorung Values to 19c Sanitary Belts Silk Flat Crepe 49 All sr1k Brassieres SHEER WASH FROCKS Wice selectios of up-nf* type, d e s i gr a French Crepe brassieres. Two-Way Stretch Garza Sheets 98' Qaatlity Sheetg, lines — fit* per— e*sy to : th* com missions on the ! board and the naniins: of a man ) bv the judges will complete the board membership. Plantiff INJURED CHILDREN IN HUGO HOSPITAL U HUGO. Okla. — Alina and Fra^l-i \Tebb are sull pauesis ia Doc- icrs nospita.1 liere sriffering' in- j'uries received in the same ac- clceni In wfcicii tiieir niotner -s-j : s fatally h'jrri- Alma II. h?s ^ broken foot auu CCLS whieb • keei> her conzlced to liie ho 1 soms lime s,nd fra.n.K. y ! old, who ha_s b«en blind ' h-irth. has a fractorec. leg'• •£.. V. "Webb, tbe fa.zher. f four o'her cail-dren were b | but escaped serious injury : the log truck in vrhicn the ! hikinfe t'imllj.- had been pick i near Idabel went in a ditc I turned over se^era-i tlr:;es. „ te a^d has few a=«sil_bona. 1^ = i ->hab;.a."t of ti« itite o**-S. 2...-^ ; has reside- in county Jor at ; •past E:I moKiJjs aeit proceeding ; •J'-ns E>" this s-^it; x.tai oo or about : ihV":s: day' o? S*pv. 13±5. piainufr a.a-i '• .l c ;»rniaai were Is-wfcliy Tr«.ft.rrSed 'c : J-^ch o:iier: tiat tie? lived tog^it:-»r as,; -'-«baT!<! and -wife anvi; en or s.bost -he • :*:i ca" oi I>sc 121~ ^bea by reason j n f ~ iti* "era*; ar.<2 h&rab tr«JitrneT!l and i -•-rj^roper conduct oJ <ieS*a<lfl.=t towarJ | time They have aot r,v*d _to- : BUY THE DELCO BATTERY In a, Delco battery you get th« combined judgment of the car engineer, car manufacturer, batten-' manufacturer, and the dealer offering tilgb- Quality merchandise, They are xrse<5 as original equip- bv leading: automobile PARIS V^-KH aud par»=»c iiarsb. cru*5 a.- tor yottr old furnlttire- Com« In to »e« »* tor the best values Sn home Tur- D^ H^ Baker Furn. Co. "The House TbaT Sells For BUDGET OF LOCAL NEWS ABOUT HUGO Outmsr Hats J White Toyo Panama Hats ? with ribbon trim— for outings, dress wear, too! .... 7 Spoofe Seeing Thread 25c 27x27 "Btrdapeye" Diap>ers "^c - 1 -'. Tie- Back Curtains Special 49c MxttreM Tick 6-Os. Weight 17cvdL Cbiidren'e Anklets Aact. Cok»r» I5c Ipana Tooth Pa*t* 50< Siixe 3,9c II ; HUGO, Okia. — Dr. ajd Mrs I es Barbara and Phjllis leave M-;-r.- : day for Xorma.n 10 make tno:r '; iiome. ! Mr- and Mrs. T. C. SQ-.v:riar. ! and Misses L-ois Bo A man arid • Al'yne Blount aave rc-turr.e-'i i;-'.::ii ! Ii&.r;sa^ and Chica.s:o. : Miss Jennie Lynr. Sager en :er- ; tained inforrnaiiy rfa.:urday ever;! ins: honoring her cousin. ' <'NcMa Mar;e I-an caster of X ; ka. Kansas. 5 Miss Kuih Ada. Ge* :i i:: ; -,~s:i;n:j her s^scer ilra. Bob • bish. Rev. and SIri. A. >V. Arii ^ and son Jirnrnie left: cu;it^a>' Odd. PeHows are entertain::";;? -'-;'a a -?*-stt«rrrnelorj pa,rrv Monday »v^*:- ing at L.;ons Club p&rk ^t « o'clock. Mrs. M- K- Roberts rc:i;rr^-i F-sturcJay £roni For: S:r-::h ---«-re Mrs... G. H. »V*o->d. ' Mrs. K- H- Bailey i» I;I at her hosTie on East Bluff Street. Mr;, A. B. C'^'-van has r*-!u :-:>- ^ from AHsarilio asd oth^r T':x-^a JCK: Snsiiheruian of F^ * visitlnjr his s"i::'i;j>, '-Tr. and Ursr. M. J. S::i;:h*rn;a:;. GEN. LEE: "Another victory Gener- s.! Forrest! What's your secret? " GEN. FORREST: "Gen'ral. ! FUSTEST with EST men!'' G Gill & Johnson HOLC Title Work Arj. un -j's 3«4 v/orx large arno-;.* ; : oi he»n done <Jur:r; §• th« pa»» few w«r»ks by Gsll an<! . Jfohnjsou. local abstract office, for Ihos* wrho are loans fr<>!!« th* Owners Ixyan Corpora Uon. "Our office has b-c^n ha.n-!i;r.i- ri*!t work 'or a. 'are* nHir, b*r of Pari;« honrie ovrn«ra, an'i •w.'e arc «v<sry effort to r*r:<2*:r pJc a *p««i3y *«rvic*. en- abl'ng them to sr*t t,h*ir .'oan* mad* Jn a miisimuns of t5m«. with a Io» cost f<w th* titJ*. work." Roy Johnson, « k«irp on tit* official #t>?>Jicaik>rj bJar.ks an<5 wo will b* g:JaK3 to fill the moat correctly co«t.** All loan* ar« btlnsg tbrougb -tb* office of Ju<Jg« E. I.,,; Myem, wbo S» local «.ttom«y for th* Horn* Own*r» IxMin Corpora- tio« # It i-NFPAL Nathan Bedford Forrest *A-as the J C'jnfrdcrate cavalry leader who never ;<J>TC n fi.s;nt. His phslosrvphy was simple. Be prepared for ihe worst thst can happen and nothing can stop you. Be fore-wroed, Life, j ?ke ,1 ba?*le. ca.n introduce many uncx- pectcj factors. Good .?eners!sh{p demands thrt -'ou --e prepared to consolidate the jrrowv* '-T'l win so tha? your 5Aiccess will not he di-ssppre.l after you. yourself, hnve Uf4 th" field. Your judgment may be lacking in vour heirs. Only a Trust can carry on 2s you, vourself, v/o«jl,-, The cstaHishr.ient of .? {rust K easier than most reoplr think. !t offers the soundest kird of protection to vour estate in an un- *=t?.Me worH. I". chan^In^ ttmes like these it is too vital 2. matter to be put off. FIRST NATIONAL BANK Make your summer clothes interesting:"'again'vith' one or two new dresses from this great group of fine fabrics. They're low priced ,. easy to sew . £ cool . . comfortable and there are designs enough to suit evervone. \ Printed Organdy Sale Priced Formerly 39 inches wide, permanent finish, shown In dots, plaids, and diagonals on white grounds .. designs are in all the popular summer shades. Priced ChiKon Voile 37c Cool ,. soft . . airy ,. this fine fabric comes m real chiffon patterns on.brown or white grounds, pretty enough for the nicest summer dresses . - inexpen* sive enough for house frocks. Sheer Cottons Sal* Priced 17c Printed voiles, batistes and flaxons are featured in a great variety of beautiful color combinations. Designs suitable for aH ages. MAIN Summer Dresses Priced for CLEARANCE Q79 Fort»«rly $19.75 A real bargain group of the most attractive summer frocks. There are whites, pastels and prints in crepes and sheers. AH new styles, good colors, clever designing. Sizes range to 44. See them, $1.9S SHk Slip*, Now , , $1*79 FTXX>R Perfcins

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