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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 12

Frederick, Maryland
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Saturday, December 1, 1951
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i Conference. Members Do As They Want NEW YORK--(NEA)--One word from the Southern Conference and its members do precisely as they please. Commissioner Wallace Wade has about as much control over the Dixie wheel's 17--count 'em--«ih- letic departments as an automobile racing driver without brakes. Understanding that the delegates would vote out New Year's Day Bowl games at their meeting in Richmond, Dec. 14, Maryland accepted the New Orleans Sugar Bowl invitation to tackle Tennessee without as much as consulting the conference. Denied permission to engage Miami of Coral Gables in the Jacksonville 'Gator Bowl, Clemson, in effect, told the cwcuit to go jump in the handiest lake. Both cases are open and shut. The schools need the money for expensive programs, so send the hired hands on another errand. All this while sound criticism of the game and racket increases daily. Dave Camerer gives timely warning. The New York ad man who played so much tackle for Red Blaik and Dartmouth in the mid- 19305 wouldn't be surprised if the next major sports scandal erupts from a bowl game. Bowls Make Mockery With the dollar sign hanging high, gamblers n aw.king their point spreads and prices on every corner, the million-dollar busijMss in postseason bowls has scoreaiieavily in making a r»|*ery of foe term "college athlKe," stresses Camerer, Speaking as an ex-combatant, Camerer testifies that most of the players prefer not to play in any bowl. "When fqptball becomes practic ally a year-round proposition," he writes for a magazine, "you no longer have an amateur sport but a professional vocatiog. "Bowl games are played for one thing, money. Chasing only the buck, brother, and you're completely commercial, professionally pro. "Newspapers would be doing the game a distinct service by refusing to print a line re Bowl build-ups, much less odds. The sole reason these games rate space is because December is the deadest month of -the year. They've got to fill the paper with something so use bowl filler.' 1 Camerer urges that football players be considered more student than ape. "As such the athlete would either earn passing, grades or retire to a gas station," he explains. Camerer is for abolishing spring practice on a national scale. He wouldn't be surprised to see the National Collegiate Athletic Association take jusi that step at its Cincinnati conclave in January. "Good football remains H - ame of spirit," he points out. "A team that lives on the field loses tne verve that makes a smart team smarter." If Athletic Director Robert A. Hall, of Yale and a lot of other influential football men have their way, the platoons will also go out the window at the NCAA meeting It would be nice to once more know who's playing. And the NCAA would do well to take care of the pressure footbat schools while they're about it. Meanwhile, the football factorie_ tourists and gamblers set their sights for another bumper crop of bowls. ' RETURNS HOME Mrs. Charles H. Clarke, Thurmont, returned home Friday frorr more television appearances anc solicitation for comforts for veterans at Walter ,Reed Hospital, in New York. Thursday she will be sent for by the Second Army to go Baltimore to give her 32nd pint of blood for wounded overseas fighters. This too will be televised. Two weeks in New York as guest of Mgr. Wolfe, Shelton Hotel, Mrs Clarke got a twenty-inch screen Teleking television set for Walter Reed wards. Thursday she was on the Frances Langford-Don Ameche television show at noon over ABC putting on a drive for money to prepay telephone calls home at Christmas for wounded soldiers. For this fund, the television show netted Mrs. Clarke a check for ?100 making her total in the fund to date, $181, she reported. LOSING FACE--Football really goes to Wes Bomm's head as the Columbia end catches a face-eclipsing pass a g a i n s t Brown at Baker Field, New York. The Lions won, 29-14, pivmg Lou Little his 100th victory in 22 years as Columbia coach. INEAi Radio Program NBC CBS MBS ABC WBAL WFMD WOR WMAL 930 ko 71* ko IStko Evening 1:00--News« SOUK Show--abo Caribbean Crossroad*--mb» 6:15--Earl Godwin--nbo UN Program--cbs Faith of. Future--abc 6:30--NBC Symphony--nbo Sports Roundup--cbs Harry Wiemer SDOHS--»bc Organ Broadcast--mb» 6:45--News Commentary--eb» Labor Series--ftbo 7:00--Johnny Dollar--cb» Management Series--abo Al Heifer Sports--mb» 7:15--News Commentai'y--abo Twin Views of News--mbs 7:30--Archie Andrews--nbc Vaughn Monroe Show--cbi Great Adventure--abc Comedy of Errors--mbs 7:55--News Broadcast--mbs 8:00--Jane Ace Show--nbo Gene Autry Show--cbs Dancing Party 2 h--abe Twenty Questions--mbs 8:30--Bob and Ray--noc HopalonK Cassldy--cbs ' Take a, Number--mbs 9:00--Talent Search--nbo Gaps Busters--cbs Hawaii Calls--jnbs 9:30--Grand Ole Opry--nbc Broadway's My Beat--cb» Guy Lombardo--mbs 10:00--Dangerous Assignment--nb« The Wax Works--cbs Orchestra Show--abc Chicago Theater--mb« 10:30--Roundup Time--nbc Another Orch. Show--abo 11:00---News Variety--all nets Talevifion Summary 4:46--Notre Dame--Southern Cal football--nbc "· 7:00--Sammy Kaye--cbs Ruggles Film--abc 7:30--One Man's Family--nbo Beat the Clock--cbs Film Show--abo 8:00-- Ul-f ar Revue--nba Ken * T urray Hour--cbs W. ' .nan Teenagers--abo 9:00-- . Caesar--nbc F ,,. Emerson--cbs Fl'- i Two Hours--abo 9:30--Show Goes On--cbs Chicago Wrestling--DuMont 10:00--Songs For Sale--cbs 10:30--Hit Parade--nbc SUNDAY, DECEMBER 7 Afternoon 2:00--Catholic Service--nbc The Symphonette--cbs Marines in Revue--abc Xrendler Tunes--mbs 2:30--American Forum--nbc (also TV) N. Y. Philharmonic--cbs Concert of Europe--abc News. The Pentagon--mbs 3:00--Music With Girls--nbc Week Around World--abo Bandstand USA--mbs 3:30--News Comments--nbo Church Program--abc Air Force Prog.--mbs 4:00--The Falcon--nbc Fan Mail: News--cbs .Old Fashion Revival--abc Bobby Benson--mbs 4:90--Martin Kane--nbc It's Always Sunday--cbs Wild Bill Hlckok--mbs 5:00--The Whisperer--nbc Goflfrey Recordings--cb* Sunday Serenade--abc The Shadow--mbs 5:30-- \Vlutchall 1212--nbc How To, Panel--cbs Greatest Story--abc Detective Drama--mbs Evening 6:00--Texas Rangers--nbc My Friend Irma--cbs News Comment--abc Preston of Yukon--mbs 6:15--News Summary--abc 6:30--Els' Show 1'A hrs.--nbc Our Miss Brooks--cbs Canadian Concert--abc Nick Carter; News--mbi 7:00--Jack Benny--cbs Under Ariest--mbs 7:30--Amos and Andy--cb» Ted Mack Show--abc Peter Salem--mbs 8:00--Phil and Alice--nbc Charlie McCarthy--cbs Stop the Mustc--abc Singing Marshall--rnb« 8:30--Theater Guild--nbc Horace Heldt Talent--cbs Enchanted Concert--mbs 9:00--Corliss Archer--cbs Walter Winchell--abc Opera Concert--mbs 9:15--Hollywood Comment--abc 9:30--Eddie Cantor--nbc Contented Concert--cbs Stars on Stage--abc This Is Europe--mbs 10:00--Douglas Fairbanks--nbc The Choraliers--cbs News Broadcast--abc Oklahoma Symphony--mbs 10:15--Gloria Parker--abc 10:30--Southern Showtime--nbc Music for You--cbs Geo. Sokolsky Talk--abe 10:45--Dr. Gino Music--abc 11:00--News Variety--all nets Television Summary 7:M--Comedy Show--nbc Gene Autry Film--cbs Greatest Story--abc 7:30--Young- Mr. Bobbin--nbc This Is Show Business--cbs By-Line. Drama--abc 8:00--Comedy Hour--nbo Toast of Town--cbs Film for 2 hrs.--abc 8:30--The Pentagon--DuMont 9:00--TV Playhouse--nbc Fred Waring Show--cb» Rocky King--DuMont 9 :SO--Plainclothesman--DuMoat 10:00--Red Skelton--nbc ·Celebrity Time--cbs Dr. Graham, Film--abc They Stand Accused--DuMont 10:30--Leave It to Girls--nke What's My Line--cbs Youth on March--abo F. /. S. Bowling Lg. \ Latest Results Patternmakers, 3; Cleaners, 0 Machinists, 2; Assemblers, 1 Office, 2; Molders, 1 Wednesday Matches Office vs. Patternmakers Cleaners vs. Machinists Molders vs. Assemblers Standing Of The Teams W. L. Pet Office 28 5 .848 Assemblers 18 15 .545 Machinists 16 17 .492 Patternmakers 15 18 48J Molders 12 21 .36 Cleaners 10 23 .303 Weekly Statistics High individual game--J. Tucke (Office), 141; high individual set-J. Tucker (Office), 360; "high team game--Machinists, 585; "high team match--Office 1,706. 'New seasonal high SETS RECORD WASHINGTON, Nov. 30 Andy Davis of George Washington tonight set a four-year Southern Conference record for yards gained but Richmond made off with the football game, 20-19. Davis scored all three of his team's touchdowns as he gainec 230 yards tonight running and pass i«g. This brought his total to 5,002 yards, and bettered the all time Conference mark set by Charle. Justice when he was at North Caro lina. Justice made 4,871 yards dur ing his career. Richmond scored on the firs scrimmage play of the game and led all the way. It took two touch downs in the last period to pu George Washington into the game When Australia was discovered the dingo dog was the only mammal on the continent which did not carry its young in a pouch. Mighty Maryland Match For Tennessee In Sugar Bowl Five-year Plan Pays Jim Tatum Rich Dividends By JOHNNY McCALLUWC NBA Staff Correspondent COLLEGE PARK.,--When Maryland trots out en the Sugar Bowl turf to tackle Tennessee, Jan. 1. the holiday crowd will get a peek at something James M. Tatum forecast five years ago. Hie Terrific Terrapins' coach hasn't had a losing season --since coming to College Park from Oklahoma, has hung up a 38-9-3 record, twice taken the Old Liners to the Jacksonville Gator Bowl. "But this is the best team I've ever had," he beams. A week before the New Orleans bid was received, the Terps were expressing an urge to play in the Dallas Cot'ton Bowl. Word got around that the Red Shirts were ducking Brig.-Gen. Bob Neyland's Volunteers. The kids and the school quickly accepted the New Orleans bid, a bit too »oon to suit the Southern Conference, as a matter of fact. And if there is a match in the nation for the Violent Vols, it certainly is miehtv Maryland. Bob Shemonskl Bob Ward This is not a flashy team, one with a stickout passer and such, but it gets the job done. You can't single out any one combatant and write how he Frank Merri wells the Terps to victory week after week. "The finest team we've met in two years." Navy's Eddie Erde- BOTH WAYS Maryland moves the ball In the air »nd on the ground with Jack Scarbath, left, and Mijfhty Mo Modielewski. (NBA) latz says. "Those boys didn't make « nils- take. A . n "Their play was exceptionally coordinated, their quarterbacking by Jack Scarbatl- flawless. "Maryland has tremendous depth and Tatum gets the very most out of it;' Tatum -used 49 men as Maryland crushed North Carolina State. 53-0, finished up with a fourth-string backfield you never heard of but will next year and the following one. , Sixteen Terps scored touchdowns, breaking the school scoring record for the third straight season. The other side doesn't know who's going to do it to them next. All the backs pass. Shoo Shoo Shemonski, a left halfback from Archibald, Pa., established an all-time Terp scoring record last season with 97 points, has performed equally well this Fall. Fullback Mighty Mo Modzelewski of West Natrona, Pa., charges like a rogue elephant and is as shifty as a cat on ice. This 210-pounder Rained 131 yards in 14 carries against West Virginia. That marked the sixth time this year he outgained the opposition on the ground. The Mountaineers n e t t e d a minus 27 yards by way of the earth. The Terps racked up nine straight victories this trip, the attack contributing 353 points, the defense holding the opposition to 62. Bob Ward, a savage 185-pound package of All-America guard who can and does go both ways, and Little Mo Modxelewski. Big Mo's 230-pound brother at defensive left tackle, are striking illustrations of what goes on up front. Tatum loses 13 members of this Autumn's edition via graduation, but that still leaves 36 on hand gives the generalissimo an opportunity to employ the three-team system he's always Joshing about: one team for offense, one on defense and a third just in case. Two seasons ago, North Carolina pommeled the Terps, 49-20 after which Tatum cracked: "We'll have to have a fourtl team--to defend against extra points." Maryland, primarily a running team operating from what Jim Tatum calls a sliding T. walloped Washington and Lee, 54-14; George Washington, 33-6; Georgia, 43-7 Noith Carolina, 14-7; Louisiana State, 27-0: Missouri, 35-0; Navy 40-21; North Carolina State, 53-0 and West Virginia, 54-7. A West Virginia scout, taking notes during the North Carolina Slate game here, was asked wha strategy he would use agains Maryland. i "Cancel the game," he said. Md. Athletic Program Clean COLLEGE PARK, Nov. 30 iff)-- The University of Maryland today assured Governor McKeldin that "there is nothing in Maryland athletics that could possibly bring dishonor on the school." The regents gave that assurance in a reply to McKeldin's request for their opinion on the conduct of Maryland athletics in a 16-page report released tonight. McKeldin had asked for such a report last week the day after New York Judge Saul Streit had mentioned the school in a denunciation of what he called overemphasis of collegiate sports. The ,11 regents appointed by the Governor issued their findings after an all-day session. In answer to specific questions by the Governor, the report stated: (1) Maryland is functioning well within the present system of recruiting as approved by the Southern Conference. (2) The football squad is almost an exact cross section of the student body as a whole in academic standing. (3) The academic pursuits required of athletes are exactly the same as those required of other students. No Outside Help (4) No athlete is allowed to receive from any source any help beyond his actual university expenses. l5 The university athletic program does not in anyway detract from general academic work. (6) There is nothing in University of Maryland athletics that is in any sense based on deceit There is nothing that violates rules of intercollegiate sports, and there is nothing that could possibly bring dishonor on the school. (7) The university observes the rules and regulations of the Southern Conference. (8) Maryland never engages in any type of effort that might bring dishonor on the school. The Board of Regents would never permit double standards in which there is one set of academic standings for athletes and another for non- athletes. Cooperative Effort Made T«am The regents said that this year's undefeated Maryland football team "is in no sense the result of any kind of deceit or dishonesty. This team is a result of good coaching, effective organization and administration of the athletic program, excellent facilities and good players." A statement by Dr. H. C. Byrd, university president, incorporated in the regents' report, declared that approximately 800 out of 10,000 students received scholarships or some other kind of help. "Approximately 84 of these are football players." Dr. Byrd said. Also included in the report were letters from Max Farrington, president of the Southern Conference, and Wallace Wade, conference commissioner. Both said that to the best of their knowledge Maryland is complying with conference regulations on' aid to athletes. Another letter from Dr. Harold F. Cotterman, faculty dean an j chairman of the committee on scholarships, stated "those in charge of athletics have no authority with reference to these awards. ' Those in charge of athletics have no authority to promise any high school student who is an athlete that he can obtain a scholarship at the university." Must Measure Up Dean Cotterman added, "the scholarship committee would be guilty of hypocrisy if it claimed that it does not give consideration to the fact that a boy may be a good halfback or a good baseball pitcher, but it does make sure that in all other respects an athlete must measure up equally as well, or better than, other applicants." Football coach and director of athletics Jim Tatum in another statement declared, "no help of any kind is granted to athletes at the University of Maryland above actual university expenses. The prwident o* th* university in- structed all coaches that nothing beyond this would be permitted under penalty of dismissal. He stated that nothing could be done for any athlete that could not be frankly given to the public and to our opponents in athletics. "We know what other schools are doing, and they know what we are doing. There is no scouting and recruiting of athletes at the University of Maryland in any sense that these two words might be used to indicate wrong-doing or breaking of rules or unethical conduct by our officials in athletics." The Board of Regents told Governor McKeldin they believe that "intercollegiate athletics are basically a part of the American college life, and this type ot competitive eflort helps any university, provided dishonest practices are not allowed to creep into the system, and provided athletics are not overemphasized to the detriment of other educational work. The university athletic program does not in any way detract from the general academic work." Inter Church Bowling League (MEN'S DIVISION) Latest Results Calvary Methodist. 2; Mt. Pleasant, "l GVace Ref., 2; Doubs, 1 Buckeystown, 2; Baptist, 1 Evan. Ref 2: Middletown, 1 Standings Of The Teami W. L. Pet. Mt. Pleasant Melh. 19 8 .704 Middletown Reformed 19 8 .704 Calvary Methodist 15 12 .555 Middletown Lutheran 15 12 .555 Doubs Lutheran 14 13 .518 Grace Reformed 12 15 .444 Evangelical Ref 12 15 .444 Baptist . 11 16 -407 Buckeystown Meth. ..11 16 .407 Church of Brethren 6 21 .222 Weekly Statistics High individual game--Mulcahey (Doubs Lutheran), 168; high individual set--F. Grove (Grace Reformed), 380. High team game-Grace Reformed ( 5 8 2 ) high team se t_ Buckeystown Methodist, 1,638. (WOMEN'S DIVISION) W.L. Pet. Calvary Methodist .... 21 6 .778 Doubs Methodist 18 9 .667 St. John's 17 10 .630 Buckeytsown Meth 17 10 .630 Urbana Methodist 16 11 .592 Mt. Pleasant 12 15 .444 Fred'k Lutheran 10 17 .370 Baptist . .... 10 17 .370 Church of Brethren 9 18 .333 Grace Reformed 5 22 .166 Henrich Ends Yank Career NEW YORK, Nov. 30 W)-- Tommy Henrich's brilliant career with the New York Yankees ended today when the club revealed it was not renewing his coaching contract. Henrich's "unavailability to work outside the metropolitan area" was given as the reason for his release by George Weiss, Yankee general manager. The Yanks will not replace Henrich, continuing with a three-man staff of Bill Dickey, Frank CrosclH and Jim Turner as Casey Stengel's aides. The 35-year-old outfielder-first baseman, who retired from the active list a year ago is associated with George Slirnweiss. the former Yankee infielder now with Cleveland, as distributor for a beer company. A member of the Yanks since 1936 and one of the game's most feared batsmen, Henrich decided to hang up his glove last winter rather than play on an injured knee. He played very little in 1»50 and was taken off the eligible list for the world series with Phils Tommy, known as "old reliable," injured his knee in the spring of 1950. Surgeons gave him only half-hope that an operation would help. He could have managed Kansas City, the Yanks' farm, but chose to coach. Weiss also announced appointment of two new scouts, both formerly with the Cincinnati staff. Lester (Pat) Patterson will scout the middle west and Frank O'Rourke will comb eastern talent. In releasing Henrich, the Yanks lost one of the few remaining "big names" of the old championship clubs. Only Joe DiMaggio' and Phil Riz/uto remain and Joe is expected to step down officially before another season opens. Henrich was signed by the Yanks for a $25,000 bonus after Commissioner Landis took him away from Cleveland in 1937 and declared him a free agent. Weekly Statistics Hiigh individual game and set-Hahn (Calvary Methodist Church), 141 and 359; high team game and se t--Calvary Methodist, 537 and 1,540. REVIEWING THORPE CASE DAYTONA BEACH, Fla., Nov. 30, (JP)--The Jim Thorpe case is being reviewed by a committee of former AAU presidents, it was learned today. There has been pressure applied by Thorpe's friends to restore his amateur standing and to return to him the trophies he won at the Olympic games at Stockholm in 1919. The AAU declared Thorpe a professional athlete and took his Olympic medals away belatedly discovering that the star Indian athlete had played professional baseball previous to the 1912 Olympic games. The AAU committee report will not be made public until it is studied tonight or Saturday by the Executive Council. One member of the committee is Gustavus Kirby of Tuxedo Park, N. Y. who was president of the AAU in 1913 when the Thorpe case came up originally. HURRICANES RALLY MIAMI, Fla., Nov. 30 (£")--After a sluggish start that left them trailing at halftime, the Miami Hurricanes struck, for two touchdowns in the third period tonight to defeat Nebraska'! Cornhuskers, 10-7. OPEN SCHEDULE TONIGHT Maryland State School cagers open their 1951-1952 schedule at home tonight. Competition in quantities is assured with the appearance of the Kendall School from Washington, in annual rivalry between the Si- lents' institutions. A preliminary game will be staged by girls' sextets, starting at 7:30 p. m. Coach Jim Behrens has named his starting squad as follows: Capt. Donald Leitch, Robert Spencer, James Kelly, James Crites and Maurice Wagner. This quintet plus dependable Ronald Stafford and William Ward, represents this year's entire squad for varsity basketball, the smallest number on record. To Begin Play After Holiday Frederick's only" listed senior basketball quintet for this season is rupidly completing recrultmen although the V. F. W. independen club will not commence play unti after Christmas. Fifteen top local basketeers wen signed on w i t h the club Sundaj and Coach "Slugger" Rice gav them n Rood IcwkinR-over at th Detrick field house. In mid-week, t h e Vets were given another workout, in th YMCA gym. Most of the 19S1 VFW Inde pendents nre youngsters. A eoupl of them are just recently out o high school. Several of the colIcK athletes attending school neiir her are returning for Sunday play bu the way things are shaping up, lot of new faces bid fnir to make th squad. Older stalwarts, feeling the enervating influences of a decade or more on the courts, are not com ing out this season so far. The roster is purposely being kep open, Coach Rice says, to get more prospects out for the team. Camp Detrick. with a full alhle tic program including basketball s t i l l may furnish a couple of ex perienced courtmen to play will the VFW. Every position is open Rice is calling another genera workout for Sunday afternoon, T:3f o'clock, at the Detrick field-house KEY CHEV. SALES. INC. SEE THESE O. K. USED CARS v AND TRUCKS BEFORE YOU BUY! 1948 Chevrolet Deluxe 2-Dr. $1,325 1948 Chevrolet 4-Dr. Delux* 1,095 1947 Studebaker Champion 795 O. K. TRUCKS 1946 Reo Chassis and Cab .... 495 1946 Chevrolet 1-ton* Pickup 695 GOOD VALUE TRUCKS 1942 Ford 1^-lon Chassis and Cab 475 1941 Chev. IVi-ton Chassis and Cab ... . . 35C 1938 Dodge Canopy Express 175 KEY CHEVROLET SALES. INC 106 E. Patrick St. Phone 70' The Nrwt, Frederick. Md., Saturday, I«o«mber 1, 1951 NINK wo surprise! are exp«ct*d to b« nv«ll«d then, making competition eener in Becking position* on the aam. A nix-foot «ix-inch ««nter with onsiderable talent and experience n semi-pro basketball, i» expected o show up in the person of Charlie lichelieu. from Boonsboro. The longated pivot man is no new- omer to fast adult competition, iiHJ played just last year with he Fail-child Hagerstown club. Color and value also are to be dded to the VFW team, Rice says, with the return ot a real veteran of oreign wars and a phenomenally mproved player. The returned soldier, is pinl-siz- d, dynamic Benny Shelhorse; a treak of greased lightning either 3n grid or court nnd a wily runner o boot. Following his starring at I'rederick High School. Benny went into the military service and was shipped to Japan. There he made the all-theater team despite its lack of height and got rave notices for his basketball performances in service papers. Tatum Pays Tribute To Gen. Bob Neylaml KNOXV1LLE, Tenn., Nov. 3, iff) --Maryland Coach Jim Tatum said today Tennessee's Gen. Bob Neyland had taught him most of what knows about football. The youthful mentor from Maryland, whose team meets Tennessee in the Sugar Bowl classic next New Year's Day, told the Tennessee Quarterback Club: "I have been pretty clos-e to General N e y l n n d for several years. I played n - · -t hi* teams while st Noi-th C )! a in 1932-34 and have held a a. 1 h tegard for him ever since. "We luuc had several 'football talks.' I've lold him about everything 1 know about the split-T (which Maryland, and he's talked about the single wing. "But, come to think of it, he has never given me any pointers on how to stop his offense. In fact, at one time we agreed not to piny oach other." Tatum Is here with two of his assistants, Denver Crawford and Herb Goodman, to scout Tennessee in Its finale against Vanderbllt tomorrow. Blu* Ridge Bowling League Latest Result* Damascus, 2; Snow White Grill. 1 Coliseum, 2. Sherwood Feeds, 1 Legion, 2; Moose, 1 Matches Today Amer. Legion vs Snow Whita Grill Sunday Matches Damascus at Coliseum Sherwood Feeds at Moos* Standing* Of The Teams Pis. American Legion (Fred.) ..... _ ....... 33 Raney's Coliseum (Hag.) ........ ..... 27 Rec. Center (Damascus) ----------- 25 Snow White Grill (Fred.) ----------- 18 The Moose (Fred.) ...... ........... 16 Sherwood Feeds (Mtbg.) ..,, .......... 13 Weekly Statistic! High Individual game -- (tied) Barnhart and Copenhaver, (Coliseum), 159; high Individual set -Barnhart (Coliseum , 395; high team game and set -- Coliseum, 652 and 1,882. Season Averages Copenhaver (Coliseum^. Wolfensberger (Coliseum), Logue (American Legion), Myers (American Legion), Chicorz (Moose), 122,4. 125.15; 124.11; 122.18; 122.4; Y Basketball League INTERMEDIATE DIVISION A British Thermal Unit BTU is about the amount of heat generated fay b u r n i n g all of a wooden safety match. PUBLIC SALE PUBLIC OF VALUABLE REAL PROPERTY By virtue ol the Authority contained in t'he Power of Attorney, duly tiled timotiK the Lnnd Records lor Frederick County. Maryland, Ui" uncleriigned, Attorneys In Fnrt. will *cll, nl public snle. nt the Court Hoime Door In Frederick City, Marylnntl, nt the hour ot 11 o'clock, A M . on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 13. 1031 Alt thtil Home, lot or parcel of land, .siluntc, lying «ml bpInK along or nrar (lie public road Icuriing f i o m Cnlocnn Public School HOUSP to Jlmtown, in Thurmonl DUtrlct. Frederick. County, Mnrylund. conlnliilnif 3 ncrcs. more or Ifss, and Improved l»y » S-room frnmc dwelling hoiw, with usphnlt nhinglr roof, brick covered ildlnR, enclohert Ijnck porch, woodshed, hogpen, chicken pon, menl house, nil In n«od condition, with two wells of water, electricity, 1 'a nciea In garden nnd cleared land, nnd 1'a ncres in timber. For t i t l e reference nee docdn'--- 1 Snniucl L. Blrely and wife, to Catherine M. Rice nnd John O. Rice, her husbnnd. dated AuguMt 20. 1B42, nnd recorded Jn Liber 434, folio 366, containing 1 acre, more or lew,-- 2 Lester. S. Bircly nnd wife, to John O 'Rice nnd Catherine M Rice, his wife, dnted October 22. 1IH3, nnd recorded in Liber 441, folio 4, containing 2 Heron, more or Icii Thin Is a nice, comfortable and convenient home. TERMS OF SALE:-A dcponit of $500.00 -will be required of the purchaser on the day of he sale, the balance to be paid on or before January 15. 1952, when im- medintc possession will be given. The right is reserved to reject any bid. 11)51 State and County taxed will be pnld bv the Sellers. All conveyancing, including revenue stamps, *t the expense ot the purchaser. · S P BOWERS, ROBERT E. CLAPP, JR.. Attorneys in Fact. Kmmert R. Bowlus, Auctioneer. Latest Retultx Chevrolet, 37; Pontiac, 25 Ford, 45; Buick. 20 Chrysler. 41; Oldsmobile, 37 Games Next Tliursday- Bulck vs Olds Rocketi Ford vs Chevrolet Pontiac vg Chrysler Standing! Of The Teams W. Chrysler 3 Chevrolet 3 Pontiac ·- 2 Ford 1 Buick n Olds Pontiac 0 L. Pet. 0 0 1 2 ^ 3 1.000 1.000 .667 .333 .000 .000 MORTGAGEE'S SALE By virtue of the power of salf contained In a mortgage from Chorles K Snundera and Sarah J. Saundcis. hia wife, to John T. Crawford nnd Celeste V. Crawford, hl» wife, assigned to William M. Storm, bearing date December IB, 19SO, and recorded in Liber No, 48fi, folio 375 c,. one of the Lnnd Records for Frederick County the undersigned as assignee will aeil all the hereinafter described property conveyed by said mortgage at public snle at the Court House Door in Frederick, Maryland, on SATURDAY THE ?2ND DAY OF DECEMBER, 1051. at the hour of 11 o'clock, n. m. t0 All 'that tract of land containing four acres, more or less, being the same real estate which was conveyed unto CharleD K. Saunder* and Sarah J. Saunders, hU wife, by deed from Vellie V. Mahoney, widow, et al. toy deed dated December 12. 1950. and recorded in Liber No. 489. folio 304, one of the Lnnd Records for Frederick s property Is located on the road leading from the HagersUjwr. and Frederick State Road to Butterfly lane to Clifton and i» i mP roved with ft four-room dwelling with electricity, and water in the yard. Terms of sale--as fixed by mort- po S of $200.00 will be required of the purchaser on day of sale, balance of the purchase money to be paid upon ratification of, sale and delivery of * M STOHM Assignee EXPECTS TWINS KNOXV1LLE, Tenn., Nov. 30, IP) --Ted Daffer, All-America defensive guard on Tennessee's 1950 football team, said today he expects to become the father of twins about the middle of December. Daffer said x-rays had confirmed that his wife, the former Constance Beretta, will give birth to twins in about two weeks. The Norfolk, Va., youth lost his athletic scholarship at Tennessee last winter when he married Miss Beretta, a 1 University co-ed. However, he is financing his way through his senior year and has been an outstanding defensive performer in Vol games all fall. HURT IN COLlSION James Fraley, 36, of Thurmont, sustained a cut on the forehead Friday when the car in which he was driving was struck by a '49 Chevrolet driven by Luther Ulysses Thompson, 27, Ijamsvilte. Fraley was riding in a '41 Hudson sedan driven by Roland Arnmon Eyler, 26, of Thurmont. They were headed west on West South street and were struck by Thomp* son who was going north on Broadway as they crossed the intersection. Thompson is charged with failure to give right of way. Lt. Dorsey investigated th« accident. DEER HUNTERS! j --"^ When the hunt is over . . . have your Deer Head mounted by ui. We use the latest museum method. Larg;e variety of paneli to select from. Deer skin tannin*. Buckskin jacket*, vest», and jrloves made from your deer skins. Visit our display of mounted upecimen*. LEWIS R. BAER TAXIDERMIST PHONE 916-J-2 RT. 7 WESTMINSTER, MD. Located between Taiieylown and Westminster on RouU II, »t Baust Church. MONOCACY MOTORS MONOCACY MOTORS Buy YOUR NEXT CAR On Our Insured Payment Plan 1950 Olds Kocket 1)8 Sedan Radio. Heater, Sunvisor And White Wall Tires A Real Buy 1951 Dodge Sedan Radio and Heater, only $1,84S 1950 Plymouth Club Coupe Special Deluxe with Radio, Heater and Original Black Finish $1,659 1949 Plymouth Suburban With Radio and Heater These nr« few and far between at only . . . $1.493 1949 Dodge Coronet Sedan $L645 1947 Chev. Tudor, a Bargain Many Others At Low Prices MONOCACY MOTORS, INC. 615-17 N. Market St Phone 139 Used Car Lot Jefferson Street Extd. Phone 1740-B Join Hospital Aid Today Open Evenings JLAWSON MOTOR SALES HOW LUCKY ARE YOU Every day you drive an old, worn out car, you are taking your life in your hands. Right now you can buy a good postwar used car at very reason* able cost. The expense of (keeping your 'present car in good operating condition may be greater than the cost of trading for a good used, car. If you are driving a prewar car, its present value may b« sufficient down payment on a safer post-war car and the monthly payments within your budget. Come in and look over our fin* selection of used cars. All Our Cars Priced Less Than The New OPS Ceiling Cars In Stock From '37 To '51 Models '50 Nash Arab. Hydra ?1,795 '49 Mercury Cl. Cpe 1,495 '48 Chev. 2 Dr. Sed 1,095 '47 Buick Super 2 Dr. 1,195 '46 Ford 4 Dr. Sed 695 '48 Crosley Sta. Wagon 395 Buy Now--Buy Where It'« Th« Guarantee Backed By Reputation LAWSON MOTOR SALES 703 N. Market St. Phone 2613-J 114-16 W. Patrick St. Phone 2583 CHRISTMAS CARDS OF CHARACTER We have RUST CtAFT CHRISTMAS CARDS for FAMILY SPECIAL FRIENDS SWEETHEARTS FOLKS who ore III Select them early while the Assortment is at its peak... A Large Selection Of Boxed Assortment* ALSO HALLMARK CARDS Storm Shipley THE BUST CORNER Market Second Sts. Phone 266

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