The News from Frederick, Maryland on September 7, 1967 · Page 23
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 23

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1967
Page 23
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r P-ctor the Kitchen THE NEttS. Frederick, Marland Pa** Thursday, September 7, 1967 By W \V. Bauer. M D. Consultant National Dairy Council 'V 1 1 \MI\ It V\hen I was a kid, they led mt cod liver oil I hated it Lvcn when the flavored variety came out later and I pre- setted it I d i d n t blame the kids for gagging on it When I went to Germany in the atteimath of World War II to help rebuild the public health stiuctuie of the countty, a German doctor told me about giving cod li\ei oil to the children to help compensate for the drastic wartime shortage of fats 1 Ha\e to give it to them in the dispensary ' he said "If we send the bottle home, the family uses it for frying potatoes " 1 guess he saw me shudder, because he gave me the German equi\alent of the "don-t- be like-that' expression, and added, ' You should try them, they are delicious ' The Norse nations and other deep-sea fishermen ate the livers of the cod and other fish, and thev were notable for their sturdy body structure and freedom from the bone disease rachitis, commonly called rickets Eskimos ate the whole fish, including livers. Tropical peoples and those who lived in mild sunny localities were not prone to rickets, as weie those who lived m more severe and less sunny climates Medical research has demonstrated that the action of sunlight upon sterols (fatty substances ) in the skin produces an equivalent to the cod liver oil ingredients which prevent rickets Collectively, these are known as v i t a m i n D Chemical- h these are sterols related to cholesterol It is no longer necessary to give babies and children cod n- ver oil as such The a n 11- rachitic factor has been 1^0- lated not only from the livers of the cod, but from those of the tuna, salmon, halibut, shark and deep-sea perc.. It is producible also by irradiating veast, milk and other sources of ergosterol For babies, vitamin D is available in the "drops" known to every mother Vitamin D plays an important role in bone, tooth, and other bodv functions in which calcium and phosphorus are concerned including the integ- r i t y of blood muscles and nerves It is most important during the early vears of rapid growth and development especially in the formation of a strong and properly structured skeleton and good teeth It s also important for pregnant women and nursing mothers In areas where there is a n o r m a l sunm summer and not too prolonged and severe a winter the ordinary milk supply carries enough vitamin D for adults For children yip- plementation may be medically advised Virtually all milk fresh or evapoiated is now fortified to provide 400 units of vitamin D pei q u a r t The for'ification of nonfat dry milk nas also been proposed by medical authorities But other foods (except f r i n f a n t f o i m u l a s ) should not be f o r t i f i e d w i t h this v i t a m i n since o v e i use m a \ carry hazards To Market T o M a i k e t H o r n e m a k e i s spend less time in the Ki chen p i t p a r i n g a mea t h a n t h e n motheis and grand mo*IK i s One of the icasons is that much of the food is al i t d d \ p i c p u c d when p u r chased like TV dinners shellec b l a n c h e d t i o / e n pe^s cans o chili or hash to mention a few To p i o v i d e these means tha food marketing services havi been expanded over 100 pe cent To be exact these ser- v i c e s h a \ e increased 117 per cent since 1940 at the same t i m e that the volume of food maiketed has increased only 70 per cent Machine Power Consider a bill for $27 5 billion That s what farmers paid for machinery and equipment m I%6 That s 14 per cent more than they spent in 1965 And that s one of the things it takes to produce mor e food for an ever increasing population The current U S average rate rises by two and one-half million yearly. Farm Income Lag* There s an increase in net i come per farm m the United States. But th« average farmer 7 He still lags one-third behind non farm residents. SF4PFR1 ..' ^, ** YOU'RE SURE WITH LANCASTOR WANIM..SMLmii TEAKS .99 PorterhouseSteaks »*1" BACK TO SCHOOL FAVORITES ... FOR BREAKf AST, FO* U*4OH FRESH SCRAPPLE | BRAUNSCNWEteER LANCASTER BRAND «'-lb pk9 GlENMDf M "f if/ FMSH FROM AC*rS SiRVICI MUCAFmt*! CMNM* Cerae4 Beef ....·.* 49 Weaver's CMeken ReM . .- «· 58' MMVirjMeHem .......49' Fresh Haddock Fillets »69* Fancy Whitings 25* a 1" Fancy Shrimp JSSK*, " *1' 5 SLICED ONLY . . 9 to 11 CHOPS AVERAGE QUARTERED PORK LOINS . CLIP FRESHEST PRODUCE UNDER THE SUN!..FANCY LARGE HONEYDEWS PricM Eff«ctiv* Thru Sot Sept 9 1967 Quantity Rights Reserved PLAY ACME'S EXCITING GAME... MONEY LETTERS OTHIR WUMMtf Patricia George Thomas J Davn jr. Mrs Elizabeth Henry Mrs Mildred Cameron Mrs Leona M Deal Clyde Wei*er Jr. $100.00 WINNER! S50.00 WINNER Russell L Case Florence Miller SAVE 6' WITH THIS COUPON PILLSBUkY LAYER CAKE MIXES .3 ,, 89* Void After Sept 9 1967 Gne Coupon per Family Please ea. Valencia Oranges as. -·· 49 C fresh Carrots 2 23 C JOIN THE ACME "PRICE FIGHTER!" Heinz Pork Beans 0*TMTM^.^**!°° Frillt COCktail CALIFORNIA ·! «·"» I Farmdale Prune Juice 3^ s l 80 liquid Detergent OSES* 35 l°° Pre$erve$.s"":bT Y 69^°"'T«49 c '"" M ^53 c Musselman's Apple Sauce V 59' Kraft Mayonnaise -63' ....o 1.1 THIS COUPON WORTH 50 4tf GREEN STAMPS with the purchase of a lean SMOKED PICNIC Vo,d Aft.r 9 1967 On* Coupon f»t Family PUa. ;THIS COUPON WORTHl THIS COUPON WORTH; IAA !»,/ 6REEM IOAA I*./ CRIIM : 100 W STAMPS j 200 ^W STAMPS: WITH YOUR $10.00 OR I WITH YOUR $20.00 0t MORE PURCHASE · MORE PURCHASE , (* Milk Products) I (Extluding Cgorltt.t * I Void Afl«r S«pl 9 1967 ' One Coupon p«r Family I Void Aft»r i»pt 9 1967 Coupon p«r Famil [ THIS COUPON WORTH GREEN 3 STAMPS Beechnut Baby food Ideal Apple $«»«···"·····"- Keunty Kist Sweet Peas · Waldorf ToHetfissue £ Clorex Bleach ; - Creamwhite Shortening Scottowels r «p .- ki THIS COUPON WORTH GREEN STAMPS J with Ih. purchot. of a I w ,, h ,(,. pufthp,. O f 1 it, pi,, ROUND, RUMP OR | FIRISIM OR LAIKASTM MAN* EYE ROAST I SLICED BACON Void AH.r S«pt 9 1967 One Coupon p*f Family P 1 Void 9 1067 On. Coupon p*r Family Pt*at* (^ MAKE ACME YOUR BACK-TO-SCHOOL SUPPLY HEADQUARTERS ACME HAS A COMPUTE UN£ Of NOTSBOOKS fltll* PAPER PENCILS ERASERS CLUE TAPE IUNCH BOXES OTHER SUPWItS SAVE 20* VIRGINIA LEE LARGE SIZE Bring Your NESCAFE Coupons To Acme 1 . FREE 2-oz Jar or 50 C OFF your Purchase of a 6-oz o r l O - o z Jar of NESCAFE INSTANT! FROZEN FOOD VALUES! BIRDS EYE FRESH-FROZEN VEGETABLES MIXID VECiTABllS f OROHOOK DMAS CREIH MANS FRENCH STTLE 1 0-OZ. ·RIM HANS FRESH DAIRY FAVORITES! iMB^^BPlM^iBBHMBRH*iHBMMlWieBV*"'"**"""»»i'»^^^^^^^^^^^^^^-^~^ IDEAL HOMOGENIZED, VITAMIN "D' FRESH MILK J| ^t NO DEPOSIT ^L{%^ NO RETURN 69 C 7-gal ctn DONALD DUCK FROZEN FLORIDA Orange Jwic«. 6 - 8 3 c IDEAL SLICED «·» Strawberries 4. 5 1°° SARA LEE FROZEN Pound Cakes..-*69* MRS PAUL'S i-S-oi pk«« 45' Onien Rings 2^89* LANCASTER BRAND, 8-Ml Beef Steaks.. ~" 93* LANCASTER MANO TwrkeY Si«es2i WHITE OR YELLOW AMERICAN Loaf Cheese IDEAL NATURAL SLICED Swiss Cheese X 45' IDEAL BRAND Cream Cheese '31 C PRINCESS BRAND Margarine 4- 79 C IDEAL CORN OIL Mars IDEAL SOFT IUCAL v.wnr« VSIL Margarine.. 2 -55 C Margarine ·· IDCALfSOURCREAM't-pt 2t'l-p» 49-) s49 FRESH BAKERY VALUES! FARMDALE ENRICHED SLICED WHITE BREAD 6 1 Angel food Cakes ~*49* SUPREME CORN TOP PLAIN VIENNA OR PLAIN Raisin Bread 2 .49' S A V E 10 FRESH GLAZED Donuts ^29' S A V E 4 VIRGINIA LEE JELLY FILLED O* ICED Cinnamon Buns .. . 35* SAVE 4 VIRGINIA LEE PLAIN Lady fingers .,29* FREE PITCHER WITM THE PURCHASC Of 9 COMPtCXiOM ME CAMAY COMPLEXION size

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