The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 18, 1965 · Page 4
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 4

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 18, 1965
Page 4
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4A MCINE SUNDAY BULLETIN Sunday, JuTy T8, 1965 India's Economic Woes to Get Worse -- Shastri NEW DELHI, India —(/?)— Prime Minister Lai Bahadur Shastri said today India is in serious economic trouble and that things will get worse. Much of the present trouble, he said, results from taking the easy way out of past difficulties and worrying too much about more holidays rather than harder work. Food Shortage The prime minister spoke to Johnson Asks Congress OK Teacher Corps WASHINGTON — i/P) — President Johnson asked Congress Saturday for legislation to carry out his proposal for a national corps of teachers who would sei-ve in slums and areas of rural proverty. He coupled with it two other requests: a program of fellowships to prepare students for teaching careers and help experienced teachers improve their qualifications, and for aid to colleges and universities to provide better education for teachers. His request for the legislation, made in letters to the presiding officers of the House and Senate, followed closely proposals he outlined in a speech to the National Education Assn. in New York City on July 2. White House Parley And it preceded the convening of a White House Conference on Education, to be held next Tuesday and Wednesday, at which 650 leaders in education, business, labor and government will discuss the problems of education. Johnson asked Congress for $60 million for the program in .the fiscal year which started July 1. No figure was set for the two succeeding years of the program. This is in addition to funds in the $l-biliion Education Assistance Act part of which would be used for paying members of the teachers corps. A While House spokesman estimated that the corps might number about 6,000 teachers and that the fellowship program might reach 3,000 potential teachers in the first year. Local School Boards Although federal funds would be used to pay members of the teachers corps, the White House stressed that the money would go to local school boards and that corps members would not be federa employes. Pay scales would be in line with those employed by local school districts. "Members of the corps — experienced teachers and students who plan to make teaching a career — would go together to the city slums and to rural areas of poverty to offer what these troubled regions need most: light and learning; help — and hope," Johnson said in a statement. The bill which the White House sent to Congress would authorize fellowships for up to two years of graduate study which would place major emphasis on courses in elementary and secondary education. the national productivity committee in New Delhi about: —India's food shortages which he said were going to get "really bad" by September. —T h e nation's "serious foreign exchange crisis." India, chronically short of food in recent years, now is in an "extremely difficult" position, he said. Annual monsoon rains are late in many areas, he said. This delays planting and thus aggravates the situation. U. S. Aid A major part of India's food deficit is made up by the United States which ships in an average 600,000 tons of wheat each month. Shastri indicated India would have to continue to lean on U. S. aid. India is more dependent upon imports than it was 10 years ago, he said, terming this "rather a disturbing situation." Much of the foreign exchange problem is due to unnecessary imports in the past 15 years, he said. Artzybasheff, 66, Famed Artist Dies LYME, Conn. — im —Boris Artzybasheff, 66, versatile artist, died of a heart attack Friday at his home in Lyme The body was discovered by friends when he failed to keep a dinner engagement. Although Artzybasheff probably was best known for his illustrations and covers for Time and Life magazines, he was a versatile artist and author whose creative genius found expression in many fields. wi Will Pour Red Dye in Mississippi River MINNEAPOLIS — (/P) The mighty Mississippi blush bright red tonight. Engineers of the U. S. Public Health Service plan to dump eight gallons of fluorescent red dye into the river. The dye, harmless to boats and wildlife, is being used to determine the rate of water fJow. Engineers said the river will run red for several miles before the dye dissipates. Criticize U.S. Clergy at Indonesian Mission JARKARTA, Indonesia — IJP) —Demands to expel American clergymen have been voiced in a Conference of Advent Mission, now under way here, the official news agency Antara said. It quoted some conference participants as accusing American clergymen attached to the mission of teaching Indonesian people "to become Christians who are loyal to the colonialists and imperialists." Invite LBJ to Talk at Governors' Parley CARSON CITY, Nev. — i/P) — Gov. Grant Sawyer of Nevada says he has invited President Johnson to address the National Governors' Conference July 27, and has "every reason to believe he will come. Sawyer is chairman of the In addition to stipends forit;onference which meets in fellowship holders, an allow- """" ance of $2,500 would be paid to the institution at which each was enrolled. House Is Crisis Center for Top Brass Editor's Note: When Dean Rusk's phone rings at 3:30 a.m., it may be a call from the **Flap House," the State Department's special crisis room. Then the "task force" assembles and the government is in instant and direct charge. "Speed is our Bible," says the director, and it may be vital. —AP Wlrephoto m A GOOD FITTING — Joy Drake, Miss Hong Kong the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant, was fitted in Miami Beach for her official swim suit by Joanne Varner. Miss Hong Kong is 5 feet 5 inches tall, weighs 112 pounds, and has measurements of 35-22-35. Reds to Meet Every Move of U.S. in Viet Nam-Kosygin MOSCOW — (JP) —Premier Alexei N. Kosygin warned Saturday that the Communist world is prepared to meet every American raise in the stakes of what he called the "extremely dangerous" U. S. gamble in Viet Nam. "The United States .must realize that in both physics and politics, each action causes a corresponding counteraction," Kosygin said in a speech in the Latvian capital of Riga. "Each new aggressive action in Viet Nam undertaken by the Americans is meeting and will inevitably meet a cor- S+a+e Escapees Seized in Dakota CARTHAGE, S. D. — m — Two escapees from a Wisconsin State Prison farm were apprehended Saturday when he stolen car in which they were sleeping caught fire. The men, Edward M. Conlin, 49, Albert City, Iowa, and Lowell Olday, 42, Madison, Wis., were spotted when they fled from the car. They were captured in an oat field near Carthage. Deputy Warden Ray Stoffel said the pair walked away from a prison farm at Waupun, Wis., about 1.30 a.m. July 5 and apparently fled in a 1965 model car stolen from a garage in Waupun. Conlin and Olday will be returned to Wisconsin to face responding rebuff from the forces of national liberation and the socialist states." Kyosgin's comments were believed to be substantially the same as those conveyed to Washington through U. S. roving ambassador W. Averell Harriman earlier this week. Washington has said that Harriman's talk with the premier Thursday was of interest but did not change the situation. In an apparent reference to American plans for increasing military forces in Viet Nam, Kosygin said that the United States is "constantly increasing the stakes in the gamble in which it is engaged." The Soviet official also repeated pledges to render "all the aid necessary to repel the aggression" against North Viet Nam. Clothespole Causes 2 Breaks in 1 Hour ROCHESTER, N. Y. — (JP) —Talk about breaks. The Regis Mooney family in suburban Gates got two in less than an hour. Daughter Marianne, 7, fell Friday from a clothespole on which she was swinging and suffered a fracture of her left arm. Half and hour later, son Michael, 5, suffered a fracture of his left arm on the same pole in the same way as he re- I enacted for a baby sitter how escape charges. Conlin's term'his sister's accident occurred, for burglary had 11 months! remaining. Olday was serving yj^ogua Doctor Heods time for forgery and repeater^ ^ charges until November, 1966. CAR ON THE GOTGO PIERRE, S.D. — (JP) —The public had good reasons to keep a lookout for a stolen auto Saturday. The Hamlin County sheriff's office said it had a full tank of gas—but no brakes. State Board of Health MADISON — (JP) — Dr. Edward Vig of Viroqua has been named president of the State Board of Health. Vig was elected at the board's monthly meeting here. Dr. Jacob Kaufman of Green Bay was named vice president. By Endre Marton WASHINGTON— (/P)— At 3:30 one morning, the telephone rang at the bedside of Sec. of State Dean Rusk. The man who called was the watch officer in charge of the night shift at the State Department's operation center. He informed Rusk about a military revok against Gen. Nguyen Khanh, then South Viet Nam's military commander. The watch officer, who has to make the' delicate decision whether to wake up Rusk, is the head of a five-man team which mans the center on the 7th floor of the State Department. Three such teams operate around the clock, and one member of each is from the Pentagon, either a colonel or a lieutenant colonel. "Speed is our Bible," said Lewis Hoffacker, director of the "Flap House," as the center is sometimes called. Others like to speak about the State Department's "rumpus room." Created by JFK After the Bay of Pigs disaster Pres. John F. Kennedy ordered this new instrument set up for use at a time of crisis—and there have been an untold number of crises since then, in Viet Nam, in the Congo, in Berlin and, more recently, in the Dominican Republic. Hoffacker himself is everything but secretive. The 32- year-old career diplomat established his fame as a counsel in Elisabethville in the Congo in I96I, when he risked his life saving two U.N. observers attacked by secessionists. The center, Hoffacker ex- Bunche Denies Predicting Red China U.N. Seat Soon UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. — —U. N. Undersecretary Ralph T. Bunche denied Saturday that he said in Los Angeles that Communist China probably would be seated in the United Nations within two years. An associated press story from Los Angeles Tuesday quoted Bunche as making the statement the day before. A similar story Monday quoted him as. saying a solution of the China seating problem could not be more than two years off. Bunche told a reporter that what he actually said was that except for last year there had Army Releases Hunger Striker FORT MONMOUTH, N.J.- (JP) — Army Pvt. David R. Ovall, who staged a 17-day hunger strike to gain release as a conscientious objector, has been discharged from the service. Ovall, 23, tall, blond and very thin, was discharged because of what Army officials described as "unsuitability for military service due to his defective attitude." Met by newsmen as he arrived home in Los Angeles, Calif., Ovall indicated that he was still fasting and might continue to do so. He said he was unhappy at not being classified as a conscientious objector. Ovall belongs to no church. Although he said his discharge was "an honorable one," Ovall said he opposed it. He listed his weight at 1153 ,4, adding: "I lost 41 pounds." been a voting trend in the general assembly for seating Red China and if this trend continued in a couple of years "the issue would be sharply joined in the United Nations, as it had not been in the past." "That is," he explained, there would really be a debate in substance . . . the crux of the issue has always been evaded here up to now." Sfafisfics Sent Up fbe Creek MOREHEAD, Ky. — UP) —Data processing machines at Morehead State College were fed s t u d e n t s' addresses to help speed up paper work. There was one address, though, that had the machines stymied: "Two miles up Turkey Creek." plains, serves a twofold purpose: First, it keeps watch on emerging or potential crises. Second, when a crisis develops, it assembles everyone in the administration working on the crisis situation, forming what is generally termed a "task force." The center shelters the group as long as the crisis lasts,- feeds it with every bit of information on the situation, and protects its members from, distractions. No Policies Made The center is not a policymaking organ, but provides a well-oiled mechanism to help the policy makers particularly in situations when speed is of utmost importance. , Normally only important messages come to the center, but in a crisis, when a task force is quartered in the center, all messages related to the crisis are channelled to the force. A "flash" message from an overseas post is simultaneously transmitted to the situation room of the White House, military command cen ter of the Pentagon, and the Central Intelligence Agency. Vice versa, whenever the Defense Department or the intelligence community receives an urgent message from its sources, that is automatically relayed to the operation center. In addition to machines virtually flooding the center with decoded messages from abroad, other machines provide Hoffacker and his staff witli news reports. Summary for Rusk All this material is used by the center to write a top- secret summary which is on Rusk's desk early every morning. Every shift includes an editor, an official responsible for this summary. There are three extra telephones on Hoffacker's desk: a white one, connecting him with the White House, a yellow one to the CIA, and a blue one to the Pentagon. In addition to these direct lines there are several "secure phones" in the center which "seramble" conversations, making eavesdropping impossible. There are also pneumatic tubes to Rusk's office and other important bureaus at the State Department to speed urgent messages. Messages Projected In one room there is a screen on which incoming messages and replies can be projected. Rusk and Undersecretary George W. Ball use this screen to "converse" with American envoys abroad, an especially convenient and secure way of conversation in crisis situations when the State Department is not satisfied with receiving messages but has questions to ask and expects immediate replies. In case of a real crisis which is expected to last longer than a few hours or days, everyone who has to deal with it moves to the center, bringing with him all the background material need-ed—and probably does not leave it before the crisis is over. These men form the task force. The advantages are obvious, Hoffacker explains. All ex- pertsi selected usually frorii a number of offices, including agencies outside the State Department, are concentrated in one place, meaning: —That they get the latest messages immediately and simultaneously; —That they are together and can exchange views without having first to locate one another; —That they are in a "secure" place, divorced frorp their regular duties, where nobody can bother them and where they can let their docur ments be strewn around on the desks, and —Where they can concentrate on the main problem^ without being disturbed by incoming telephone calls or visitors. RACINE LOANS WHEN YOU WANT THE BEST Racine's ONLY FEDERAL Savings & loan Ast'n. 3009 Waih. Ave. • W. Racine The day actually begins at midnight and lasts until the next midnight. Minneapolis, July 25-29. Vice Pres. Hubert Humphrey is scheduled to address the governors the day before. 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