The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 18, 1918 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 18, 1918
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR tfHE HT J TOHTNSON NEWS. i im>min WEDNESDAY StiPTEiM HER 18,-191M . J __Jjnili HUTCHINSON. NEWS OFFICIAL PAPER OF RENO COUNTY W. f. MOPQAN, EDITOH. 14 T A BUSHED 1S?J. Bnl'.^oJ n! the I'lwtofflrt In llutchln- efn. Kuti.. tnr traivmif^loti through the mails ua S<!CUC (1- UJIIS « matter, TELEPHONES. Itualmes officii No. a /.dvui UHlfig Lit-fai'lmcm NIL 3 fcUlloiuil Houiu N». »0» bocltly l^titlor No. LtOil TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. Dully Million dMiiereii by carrier to any pnii ot iluiulitu&un, 111 cuuta a aee.k. lly mull olio ytar 18.00 Uy niuil. ulx inonllw Ll»0 lly :nuil. iluou moiillvi 0° Uy mull, unu luuiilu JO tVti:i.y Mewa, Olio year . .60 TO CHANGE ADDRESS. In ibo luWioas of your paper /Inclined, tlato whether It In l>a»y o» I'usrjFFlL'ls! .M-iDliKab u won aa Hie ADVERTISEMENTS. Tim Mfwi rcaurveji Ho rlKlil lo rcjsct anv adv. i lulu* niuitrr IbJt it may ooem linpiopt .1 uiid nut acconllni to contract. Tl.'> >'c *ve iv not r^pJiihlliut lor Rtfver- tiutiu'ouii- ordtiud cr discontinued Uy telephone. . , (.'nils foi aoclsty meeting*, cartla of llmincs. uuliuury u'.f.cM. resolutions, so- cl'ly uni rliurch Mciala. leclure ni'Ucos, r;ilL« f'jr cliui':h nicill.iKH liixvici'l Sunday •uniK'fi) uru cl«iJ«!l«<J It* Kdvcrtlalua' Uni will be ."J-.tfrKCl lor. Tim JiiAtuu OIIICIJ "I till" paper are Hi lb- 1U Kual ^ktll Blleet, Now Tfiirk City, iu«l ln.uiii.'; Jjt -:i2t llama Trunt HuildinK. C'hliuitru, 111 Wa'dlii'liu UW».. Kaiusna City, Mo., B liuta Adi ti lusui* Aseucy in Ailvuillslni; intcs muOo Known on ftppn cation. Telephone No 3. TelL'phmto news IttiruS to Ldlt -Tlal Ittfima, N". 4«3 or £403. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tho A^tTlattxl rii .'aa Is exclusively entitled to tho uae 'or republication of all news tmliu -0 to it or not olhcrwiao credited !n Uil.-* p-ipor iaid lie loc .il niwa Piihltplnd herein. AM right* ut republication of Hjieclal ilffil^ttllcH heroin arc also reserved, fbe Sidlinger Drug Co. /HESCniPTlON SPECIALISTS Tcfcptione at. No. 17 Nortii Mam street. Hutchinson a • SELF DENIAL. » * * * 1 I'.II without n lot ot tilings, be- * * <*ausi' I wii=h lo can KUCII kinKs * « an Curl and'old Ked Dill; »s lloov- * * IT *fiy;:, "That man IM wise and * * luyal vvlio 'll economi7A\ and do it * * Willi n will,'' It's Iiet'n a grii'v- * * una lain in HIP llial I can't sail " * IU.TOKS t hc» sea and slay my share • * of HIIIIH; U'H made nit' shed Ihr* * * tcarn of brine lliut I rant reach ' * tin: linltle line, all loaded down " * with dnns! When fir «l 1 suffered * * from this smart there TII? rebel- • * lion In.rny lienrl, and I remarked, * * "Hy Jame.s, it's lonph when one * * who's ytrone; and bold Is said to be * * too fat and old to Jiluy these mar- * * tial games." Hut no"' I see (hat " * one can aid who does not wield * * a shinine; blade, or ply a sawed-off * * fitin; and every time I save some • * ficadfi I'm bacliinp; up our righllnc * * luds, and helping squelch the • * linn, I'm wearing last year's mo- * •* hair suit, and hope by this lo • * ijufer it Tent, and make old Dill " * despond; the coin I'd spend for " * raiment Kay. lor sliirls and neck- * ' lies recherche, will buy another " * bond. And every bond for which » ' 1 viiy brines nearer sllll the hap- * * py day when triumph will he * * ours; when our brave bays wii! * * homeward come, and we shall * * malie Ihe old town hum, and load * ' Ihem down with flowers * * —WALT MASON. • » • In possession of Ihe IlrlllRh arlmes.; ago Ihe Germans lost Vimy Illdge and ljave failed lo retake It. The Hlmlcnburg line Is «ot a trench but a system of Held fortifications. In places It Is sold to be ten miles deep, consisting not only ot the trench system but of multiple lines of barbed wire entanglements, concrete positions for artlilr-ry, deep dugouts capable of housing a •battalion of troops, numerous pill botes tor niachlni-Kiins and. In fact every device the tlermariH have been able to assemble lo block the way to Germany. Nenr Itullecourt was a torniiilalile underground fortification known as the "Tunnel Trench" which Ihe tier- mnns believed to be impregnable. This tunnel connecting the trenches was mure than a in lie long and was mined for Its whole length, lighted with electricity and had entrances at short intervals. It was reinforced by concrete pillboxes and support trenches. The llritlfih captured it In November, ]'J17. Delow Gralncourl the Uritinb troops found great catacombs along the llln- denburg line. These were elaborately filled up as bnttalion headquarters, electrically lighted and protected by concrete trenches. In front of Caiubrai, the villages, behiml Ihe line had beneath them great chambers which ii would be a slander to cull dugouts. They were more like hotels, fitted wiih eleeiriclly, water, sewers, drying rooms and kiuhens. They were sle.ll proof ami bomb pi oof. Tho trenches there were built, along the banks of the Canal Du Non! wlicit tuns north and south near llavrincourt. Important German strong-holds pro­ tect the southern section ot the line near La 1 'ere. The forest of St. <Jo- Ibaiu presents an almost insuperable obstacle in attacking this end of the line. Laon, lying within the "Big Corner" where the Hue turns eastward along the Chemin des Dames ia regarded as Ihe key.&tone of, the whole German system. Hundreds of German batteries wore Installed in the screened ravines around that city ajid In the forests or St. Gobatn. Southwest of I-aon the town was protected by Massif of Meuumpte- ull behind whose crest are huge underground ravines and shelters some big enough to hold a whole regiment. The forest west of Laon was crammed with a vast siore of munitions and materials. Divisions ot troops could concentrate in it unseen. Iiecenily the Germans discovered that the big dugouts along the Hlu- denbutg lino were uoihlng but deathtraps. An order by the German divisional commander forbade the German troops to occupy dugouis which descend more than eight steps underground. Behind the Hindenburg line the Germans are credited wllb three other lines of defenses. Q ^Abe Martin ^ In Hi' years C come ther won't be notnlu' lhat '11 conjure up th' golden days o' j-outh iikffa whill o' violet tolciiiu. > Sf tiler's anything n dentist bales it's n drooping gain listeners to bis tale through curiosity, but be could never hold his audiences as they who wiiu- of "things that have happened n thorn sand times to people who are everywhere." 'i' <s 1- 'T' * * * <$> * THE BEST,BOOKS. THE HINDENBEUG LINE By Ruth Cameron. (!Jy Tin- Asfct >c:at< d I'rcss.) The celebralcil Hnidenburg line or Siegfried line, barring Hie Allies' road to Uerlin, has been compared by tho German leaders to tho great wall of China, t'ntil the Urllish broke it in the spring of 1917 they believed it impregnable lo assault SB was once tho Chinese wall and regurded li as the eighth wonder of the world. The llilidenburg line as gencr«lly defined is ubout GO miles long running in a general north and (south dlroctlun across ihe 1'icardy Plains In France, lis northern extremity was guanleil by the heavily foiiilicil basilon of Vimy llidge and by the milling city of Lens whose underground corridors and chambers lorg have bailed the llrltlrli. The boulh- etu end of the Hlmlenburg line, proper, Is In ihe vicinity of La Pero'or Laon. Thai end Ii- protected In part hy the forest of St. Gobalu and tho fuiiifications around Laon. Between Villi)' Jiidge on Hie north and La l''oru on thu south the lino puases wcsl of Caiiibral and SI. Quen- tln'so as to protect those two important industrial and railway centers which ore routes for bringing up supplies for Ihe German army. Some vifir correspondents describe the German line as continuing southeastward from Lu Fere to the Alsne Hlvwr and JfJiciuis -following the line of Ihe Chemin des Dame*. They call (hut pun uf the Hue southeast of La Fere the) Albrcicli lino. This would udil about -ID miles, making it total Icn/jlli of more than 100 miles. Generally, however, tho Hindenburg Hue has been described us running only from Vimy Itldgo to La Fere. Fearing that tho northern end of the Hue might be turned Hie Oermans estiibllshud a "switch" line connecting with tho Hindenburg lino at Quennt und running north about 85 julles to - Drocourt. They called this switch the Wotan Hue. The northern end of tho Alnden- bur£ Hue aud the Wotan line both have, beau broken more than pace by the Britten urinleo and both «re UQW <•- *?> •;. <!. .5 « 4. -i, * 4 «j. 4. 4, « <s- 4, We were discussing Ihe other day a novel which had been coming out In on« of ihe current miiga^iues and which all of us were reading. Talk circled, in the first place, about which character were more in-, teresiing, the heroine's clever, disagreeable father, or her quaint, whim- sicnl little invalid mother. We dla- cu:-sed which of the two men who' were, in the offing we wanted her to marry, the brilliant young egotisl of her own ago or the,older man, homely, kindly, big hearted aud understanding. "I don't believe in marrylug men so much older." paid someone. "People tue never happy when they do thai." "Do you mean." countered someone else, "llial you think she'd bo happier with thai pig of a Hubert than with that dear, unselfish Chiisloptier Saxe." "I don't know why you think he la so selfish." "Why don't you know what ha did when she showed him her novel." And so the talk ran getting more and more healed until some one broke in with, "To think of our taking nil this Interest in just words, just things^/thal never happened to people who never were." ''Hut iliey have happened a thousand limes," countered the Author- man, quick to rally to the defense of his craft. "And the people are everywhere. That's why you are so Intej'eslcrt." And when you stop lo think of It, Isn't that the only possible explanation of the fervid interest wo take in these fairy tales for grown-ups. Hither wc catch authentic glimpses In this mirror the author holds up 10 real life, of ourselves, our friends or our neighbors, or, if tho mirror Is of things us we would like them, rather than things as they arc, we see dazzling visions of ourselves and our dream lovers and friends. This parlidilur one happened lo be Ihe sort of tale that holds an authentic mirror to real life. The clever disagreeable father lias a way of clearing the room of .people who bored him. His daughter had: decided"thai it was "the way lie looks at the backs of his hunds." "Isn't that Just the way Professor G. doe's?" said someone. Tho sensitive high strung motbur could never eat but left her uieul un- (astcd If the father were dissatisfied with the dinner. "I've seen iny mo- tBer do that u hundred times," said someone else.' ' And BO It ran. > If u writer should tell of things (but never happened to people -who never etlttted, bp wight foe ft >'luJe, OVER OUR STATE. Another gasser has been brought in near 1011; City. It is of twenty million feet eapiKily. At Sedgwick the tanners are plowing tlivir ground nnd getting it ready- tor wheat since the recent rains. There are 112 standard schools in Kansas now and a good many of this number are (n Hie county of Keuo. Four civilians from Franklin county have recently gone to the oificcrs training schools to get ready for war. John llest, the editor of the paper at Clyde, is back after helping in ihe war work of the Y. M. C. A. in ling- land. In Ford county a woman was found driving a wheat drill, with four mules uud with her baby asleep on a box as they went along. , The junior Red CroFS at Halslcad has completed its summer's work, which consisted of knitting 24 sweaters, one girl being rcspontible for eight of them. A repentant deserter from Camp IVmiphuii is to be allowed to go to war after all, when -he expressed his desire to try 10 make- good. He was picked up ut Ottawa.. Houses are scarce at Manhattan, ihe housewives mailing beds on the floor for, tho strangers ' who come there and stay over Sunday while visiting the roiditr camps. '.}, Officers caught a man and his wife who brought in a lot of booze neur Independence recently. They were running away when a tire blew up and, turned their ear over. The carpenters and laborers that worked on the construction jobs at Camp Funwton raised a thousand dollars for the war lobai-co fund and the tobacco has at last reached the soldiers. (jm CASUALT^^) Tin?- ri'lUmintf (>;isii :iilitpri un- ri?jK>rti-tl by tht' Comirut ndmfjr; Ciftu-rul uf (ho A marl- t;an lixiMxiiiiuuziy FLVVPH: iOlkf] J/i «•'- linn, ;,7; missing In action, 7. w<«inKi**<J Hcven ly, 71; tiitxl of woumls, II. TuUiL lit. KILLED IN ACTION: Lieutenant: Oo.fcT- V. MciJilwi., MufiR. Corporals; tTJau«lf C. fash, ML Holly. N. C. William Jackton HllUreth, Leon, Kan. •Ji>rdun Kriit'M IMn-f, JiunaJuu 1'Ju.ins, Privates'. "William Wuliord li.j-r, neirnll. Mich. SnmuH W. Krltton, Rnani, W. V». William 1 trough ion. Thompnun, Conn. Mlkf C'lirlnkriMln. Tin-oinfl, Wiwh. AlexittidHfl bft Ollitn. Miwelun*. Tcrnuo, Hilly. iiiHirxn WDllAm Hub'i, N. Minnoupoll*, Minn. Jow'pU Jotm Koxlo»W, (.vaiHl tltt^Ua. Mich. Delbert M. Moyer, Ceniralla. Kon. .John Knrl JVnn, Oo«dfn r V'n. (taurgc picketl, Junt'Kboru. Afk. Wllii.. U Plorc". Kxrtor, Vo. Ih-iitA- Ui«-''n?,\vil(L,', MoiH'v. MK-h. Winiiim Situicri-i-, pi-kin. ill. A|ijri.'I Sutnrl, Nupn, C'nJir. J'"runcPFeo SPJSZI . Tniaci'n, I'n. J;ixfi«'i Newton Wujthburn, Hlpl»'.v. N. V. Burl l^ofiartl MrULln. Gray, Ukta Waller A. Mi\rr t l-onill. iMit.iif. Ilotivrt-Mnftlii. MvAkflr-r. t>klu. Illrrtm M>diMt-to", J1r.m*y, Ky. nmrics M. Mt'tir. ,fnmi'«tow», l*a. Arthur llrhrv Ulim.-, Mllun, 111- i-'larpncf U. ! v «*, Ulrinlnghnm. Ala. Urwrer O. Ht-M, lOvHti^vHlp, lml. 1-kirl 1L iUilil, NurMi Kalt lj«kt; t'lly. WvmVcl A, Ktx:-s, Applrimi, -Minn, Jurnt^ Sn»*>k, i?hir.iKo, 111. .IOSMC 14, Hlmtiu'iif, Armada. Ark. .Imnw Ki^lK-i'i, K« nwkk, \V, Vu. llrrbnt Sttriffonl. Miinttr^iiu«, Jlfiiry J. Su^-I. ghf'loyWIir, lml. KriiA \V. Trlpl"t, liariaHMv. Ohlii. William Welbk*. Allounu, Vu. DIED FROM WOUNDS; Lieutenant: , 1 rt'nfwujt J<«<r|>li I .le (*m*?y tr, N*M llH'iia, IJU. Corporal: Jamt'S l <c\vb Korln -K, Unn <.'vcV t Mo. Private*: lUymond "R. Hinii^, I'j.wlucktt, 1L L Knri W, Crflk-r^ Albinir. Vt. Ix-strr iv .ll.iiTl», JohnsMtp I'lty. Ttmn. Walter A. lliirM';. I'lu^nix, Vn. , llt>nry J tl-uttk-k, i'liic:iK*\ III. Waiver lthmikM-. i'hk-aKi>, 111. Norman 1C. orttituhl, ('hh.-icf, HI. 1'klward Phillip, t.TliUui«ti. 111. , Ktia l»ni*tfr, l-^nhv, W. \'a. WOUNDED SEVERELY. Lieutenants; Payaon (». Cut*'!*, I HIS Aiitfk^. Colir." Wlillum li. l^-jnon, AvWuiili, ('.a. .lames Council \V often, Columbtn, 'IV ii ii. Sergeants:»-». Wilki-Mbarrt', Vx. Andrew JvJfh;ud Ku.nt-. l»hlJadi')j>hi;ii Pa. Willi* Smith, MlniH-ai*'lK SUnu. Mechanic: l ; "li(ilp Kf^nor, Kuru. Pa. Nonis Kybt-rt Itil^v. Wiirrcii, lnd. . Privates: Jt#o niuck, Mtintt, H. li. <Wxirgu itlaikiiian, IH'alli Spilni:^, S. C. Wllllnm Hrnniluii, HloonulMiip. Ptu i lnjrujjcp Duun, I. OH Aiwii-s-, t-*:»i!f. Jimif.i W. rra .iK 'jN. Hoyton, Mass, .Porrtcnteo CJrlsMona, no addrtsw eir«Q. ilnorgs B. GroK.v, i.<mi»vilk', Ky. Frank Iianes, frrdorii-ktuwrn, Mo. Oia«s HliWriiln\ In'slnirtim, Ky. RllfOS HOUS*.', OliMdH, WIS. McKlnley itrfir^i.n. Spflchl, Ky- KWhard Johnston, liOtig IslauiJ City, N. Y. liarry C' KnvRinj?, Mapiiwood, Mo. JiJrney JI*»1J>I Kin*'-!. Kuip MiH»!, Pa. Craven LAW. rifftim li.-islits. I'JL Chnrl^s K- Mi:l>'<nak!. Phlladi.iphi^, Pa. Prtnl J. AlillT, Wcathi-rjurd, OKIB. Johli Mint-r, Turnah. WK-. Ift-nry M *KM 'mwii, IttirkcUPViHv, O. Paul \Y. Mnrpnn, Kastnn, PH. JcK-eph S. Murr. CNuiiibiu. Pa. Ceorg e ~C, Nelson, Augusta, Kan, Walter Olson. CMontu. W"i«. Harry C, l*t-tnxvinni;. >'« TV T"rk. K, Y, l-dsMon It. l'irrcc, t'.itlinjrs, Moul. Jultn J. HfciMy Moi-tti, Pa. Dst'iir Ot-orjcf (UnfitsUni. Dalton, Minn. Pntituk J. SrahJII, fk^-.-iand. O. llvurpv "W, -Went. Mlin.t, N. I), i't-lix ,ShiiitMi, Su^m-n, It us* la. lia.vtnonU Smi'h, Mack<:san, Wis.' Wlllliun W. Smith,, Flu. , Flunk Walter Smith. ClUcagu, 111. . Sianlov J. Biii'lioinski. Uuifuto. N. Y. Wilfred Wilk.-r. Chtmbuscu, N, Y. William C. Morum, Hn.oklvn, N. Y. llaiTy A. Miinr'n:, Jo'"n, Ma.' ! «. Malcoia> MafA'iiK'jtrv, Ituriinptun, X. C, Arr hk> Ori.'Us. Wukt-fii'ld. Ma .sK. Paul A. N'-Scn. (JanlniT, Mass. I 'harli^H KifUmait.T. rroRp*-iM. Conn. J'Vank' Xixori. Si 'W York., N. Y. fla-ri'ijcu * I'-OTUU 1 j »- U-I:HJII, llvm or, Colo. Orocr J. Poitras, Niwhun, N. Y. Arthur John Prohl. I!ammoii«l« Jnd. Kalph YiiU-Mii HanitJi. I'r*ivkl«;oci*, II. 1. Morilmxfpy \\ Plj^a, .U..w<?ii, .^tusfi. .Ii'riy SlMifcfaky. North Jud.son. 'Intl. KianrWrn SparttKM?'*, AmW'-r. i':u l'atrkk J. Stanton, Wcsl ijuliu-y, Da. Ki'anU t;.,Sto4t^rt, Sumption Ctl^. 1-1 u, Joseph ^uat'-rka, Jr, CliU-yfiu, HI. I>:o Vhihaudeau, • Worvositr, Maw, Michittl Ttfincl. Nfttiii'k, N. .1. I»i»mcii1.-- Tripoli. Ituffalo. N. \'. Ccrilli 'i'lrrco, SLKHJ IVovince R(»m«, Italv. , Alhfrrt "Walker, Julir-t. lit. Clan-nx- Vlncvni WHM-IWHI , tvtrolt, Miik l-Jsjrl Wilkinson. Hi iclgipo: l, Vt. It.r, K Wilm>n. Jcitmtu, I'.t. fl'itt-f.f- Wlm-n, Hni-tild. Ky. Widdjvla ft WovijWi«.-ki. SUiir-n ^land. X. V. MISSING IN ACTION: Privates: Ob'str-r Olson, Woutoma, Wis. Ailhtii l".iMh. Wlttfliiat, Ind. J-'rtd !•? Siitu-r, HliellcjiV, Nth. IWwiirJ KtPKfniun, Milnaiik'-n. Wis. Fount II Thftlford. ItaixU-y. Mo. A:itii!/ lotm-U, Jr.. l'J*'n:«-, Krh. O .-i JJ- VI. Turiivi, l^uUr Ion, Ky. ((MARINE CASUALTY LIS?) /CHILDREN NEW PRICES-30c, 60c, $U0 Dt'Ninfrln V iJinr, W. lyiuln, Mo, Otto K. PH-phrnfl, w»Xf Crnnk. Mont. DIED OP WOUNDS RECEIVED IN ACTION: , Private*: John 13. Hall. SI. IXHIIH, MO. 1'txi l<. Ihnwatti, Spuua, 114. l-'ntnK V li *-UHi', (inRfitv, Mo WOUNDED IN ACTION: (Severely) Corporal: Climbs li. IUJIMUUI , Mufkhlll, Mlsf. Privates: Fred L. Chnlli-i, Atchison. Kan. Irconajd 1 1. Philo. UinHinir, Aljk-h. IJIIII J. OunltlnndtT, Kn«t**y, Ala. ,U»«'t>h W. Itrt«p. lios An^rlrs, Cullf. Mai tin H. Wfhh. I'hiiad^nhla, Pa. MISSING IN ACTION: Serqeant: oiaudii M. ltartiH.m, NneodochcH, Trs. Privates: Uifiiie W. Mourn, Jr., Trtn|iloton, Mw*. Krnnk o. lmfixd. Memphis, 'IVnn. UciTRO \V. Drxtcr, Atlantic. Utv.a. William lllr.oih, Mfnnoapollv, Minn. Luter. HiKKfiH, Ark. Timothv K. Mnrlrr. Port lluron. Mich. John It. Omin, Slwri'ord, • W. Va. Niilh.'tn \V, Phfcr. SplHt t.iXr>, Iowa. Marvin U Voylhrws, Chapel Hill. X. C. Thi- following caHiilutiir.i arc- ieporte<l Ly the Commundliw lii-nrrai of tlh: Aan'iU-an 1-ix-jiedKlonury Fttrrm: KiUf-tl in inuien, :i: dli-d of WOUIKIS rKet-jvr-,J in atlion, 'J; ivuuialed in ax-llon stvert-iy, G; mis-^iny in union, It). i'otiU. 2'-'. KILt-ED IN ACTION: • Privates: VfiUluni K. KldcnKin. Clvveliuul, O. * 4> * *'« ?><t> * * *| *"> WEST VALLEY. * •S> * * «f> <*> * $> <p * <? <l< A <J) <}• Very cool -weather wVre enjoying j these days. Virills are going everywhere, every day—fljinst time ever for seeding. Itnlph Skeltou, AVho was so seriously injured when he tell on his truck wagon, and who has been In the hospital for the past four weeks, was able to he brought home Saturday. He Is gaining rapidly now. Velma Hosklnson, who spent the past three weeks here with relatives, returned to her home at Manchester Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Slim Immel returned Friday from a week's visit with relatives near Spearvllle and Uurdette. A brother of Mr. lmmel's came home with him for a short stay. Harold Immel met with a painful and serious accident while pitlllug hay from a slack with a hay fork. The fork slipped from his hand and struck him III the eye, causing sn ugly cut on the eye. He was taken immediately lo Hutchinson where hi* received medical aid. While the sight was not Injured his eye Is giving hlrn some trouble. Fred Collins, who went to the training camp a short time ago. received an honorable discharge and Is at home. His misfortune, when a hoy of losing a foot incapacitated him from service. At the Kpv.orlh League rally at the Pleasant tlrove church Sunday, rep- nv-entatives from Wichita, Wlnfleld and HuK-binson were present and gave inspiring talks. The attendance was rather small. Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Skelton and Mifjs Madge fumes were dinner guests of Mr. and -Mrs. Wesley Lowe Saturday. • Wm. Schelwn came In from Camp Kunston Sunday evening on a short furlough, i'.e'returned Monday. .Mrs. Manitoti Ward was hostess tFunday to the following: Mr. and Mrs. Fred Comes and little Hilly, Mr. and Mrs Orville Ward and son. Mtss Lulu Sohlupp. Miss Bsther Kales. Arlene Lee of Hutchinson and Misses Klsie and Ulcilie Uohi-rly and Mr. Clyde Coberly. An elegant three course dinner was served and tho day pas.ifd Pleasantly. A uew bungalow Is Ining buill on ihe Mrs. Skecn farm and when done will be qirtle a fine resideuee. The old house bar. been torn down snd all good material will be utilized in the new. Sam Van Sickle is doing ihe work. The WeBt Valley Auxiliary will have no meeting this week as everybody wants lo go lo the Fair flue or more days. This Is iho first Wednesday tbero has been no meeting 'since we organized and all have worked faithfully and done lot of work at home, so a vacation is duo the whole bunch and here 's hoping all will go and enjoy tho Fair. Hoy, little son of Robert Rawiings, was operated on Wednesday for the removal of his tonsils and adenoids. 'He is getting alone fine. ..Mm. Mary Scroggius ijt Hutehin- «on was the gtiest Several days of her btfither and family, Mr. anil Mrs, Robert Rattllnga. ' Purnlture Hospital. . ''••MM North Main, telephone 1G9. 11 -U The international Harvester fom- <iany Uullders of Mogul and Titan Tractors. Suvenly-flve years knowing how lo build farm mnchlncB. Twelve years experience building tractors. An absolute guarantee of a satisfactory tractor. See them today ut the liar- tester Company's exhibit st the Fair. H-(it 6 B ELL-ANS Mot water , Sure Relief RELL-ANS W FOR INDIGESTION The famous Torblnson rear axel In Republic Trucks. Keno-llulck Co. 16-61. Children dry FOR FLETCHER'S CASTORIA ATTENTION! Sick Women To do your duty during these trying times your health should oe your first consideration. These two women tell how they found health. ' Hellam, Pa—"I took Lydia E. PinWiam's Vegetable Compound for female troubles and a displacement, licit all rundown and was very weak. I had been treated by a physician without results, BO decided to give Lydla £. Pinkhuin'a Vegetable Compound a trial, and felt better right away. I am keeping house since last April and doing all my housework, where before I was unable to do any work, Lydla E. Piukham's Vegetable Compound is certainly the best medicine u woman can take when in this condition. I give you permission to publish tliis letter."•-IJra. fc, B. CrttmLUiQ, B. No. 1, Jlcllaiu, Pa. Lowell, Mich.—"I suffered from erainps and dragging down pains, was irregular and had female weakness aud displacement. I began to take Lydla £, I^nkbatn's Vegetable Compound which gave me relief at once aud restored my health. I should like to recommend LydiaE. Pinkharn's remedies to all suffering women who are troubled in a trim!- lar way."—Mr».Busi:JtoM,B.No.o, Box ^Lowell.Wieb. Why Not Try IYDIAE.PINKH]BH¥ VEGETABLE COMPOUND Directory of the Rorabaugh-Wfley Bldg, Elevator MTVICS day u><> nisbt. ARCHITECTS MANN A GEROW Rdomi 721-22. Pllon. Silt. ATTORNEYS WM. H. BURNETT Attorney-jt. Law Ml II.-W. Hide. DENTISTS i. J. JONES. Otntlsl Suit* tli-IS. Phone SOW. PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS H. M. STEWART, M. D, • ult. til. Spccltl Attention to, e.r, No.. «nd Throat, Glaitc.; Accurately Fitted. Dr. Stta iiuodflU Dr. W N. iluna.U ORS. MUNDELL, •uii. ta n..\v. mas I>I»M . its IIT 0. A. BLASDEL PHYSICIAN ANO 6URGEOM Suit. S11. OfTlce Phone 9S\i. Ret. Phsne 2741 DR. LOUISE F, RICHMOND., Suite 621. Office Phone S652W. Relldence I652n G. A. CHICKERING, Phytic'an .Surfeon. KM. TeL 121IIL Office Tol. SJlaw. Sun. [01. DR. A. G. BEALL Phyalclan and Surgeon Speclit] Atlenllun tn LUUKIIOIIB. Houm &0H liiones: Ot/lca IWIIVV. lie... S551 . Dr. H. D. STERRETT Practice IhnilcO lo Rye. i:u.r. noao mid uinwit. Hnom 5U5 itumbuuk'ti-Wili-y UMii. PIUJIW 26:'0. REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE • U 6. DAVIS, Lean, and Qonds. McVAY LIVERY TAXI—BAGGAGE Phone 86. Opposite Convention Holl. PROFESSIONAL CARDS. PHYSICIANS. H. S. BREVOORT, M. D. Practice Limited lo Ottlca Treatment t* Chronic Diseases Biamtnatton end Dlmraoata Fret, 1W W«»t Flrat St., Hutohlneon, Kanaaav Kate Williams CITY VISITING NURSE Office wllh Dr. Liiulaa F. Hlclnneid, Uultl t:l riorabnugh-Wltey llulldln». I'hono !053W. TESTING EYES AND FITTING SPECTACLES Is our specially. Prices reasonable! accurate service, 3HIPIY1AN BROS. Over Commercial National IHB BONK Phone 3359. KAILKOAD TIME TABLE*. &ANTA FE trv^t&ound. i No. i Ths Navajo 3:0* I No. 4 Cbluaco Limited t :uii i No. S CttlcuKu Kxpieea. ,11:3. No. B Uaiiltt 121thl 12:111 Hu. 10 Tho Scout V;I6 .Su. 12 KullSiU) Lily Fllur HMD No. 6b8 PaaarliKiir <:l. No. 60S It. A y. l'a»s«i.uer Ar.. ll.Se N«» M H'av FraiKiit 11:4: No 1 Tho Scout... No. i Tho Ciiilfoi IIIH Limited.. S:4lf No. & The Culorudo Kxpituta... »:fi& No. 1 Fargu funl <:W No. 9 The Nuvtiju 4:3B No. 11 Colorado l-'ul Mail.... J;-6 No. 6 SD hiuueoEcr 4 :&0 p. No. b&7 l*us.-io»ii«--i............. au.. a. No. 'J&t i'ua^siisei H;10 a. No. 101 H. * £<• I'miaentTeT.... w:ui a. No. Tl Wu.y Fr.-lsht (Main line) 10:00 a. No '7 Way Fieisllt iBrwicll line) 7.65 a. MISSOURI PACIFIC, eaaro nund. No. 424 — Local I'uMKtiser 10:10 No. 434—iKical i',ciisvr 4:a& No. 496—Local 1 itiiiiiu 12:lu V.e.voound, No. 423—Local i'lisuwiiiLar 6:10 No. 4.19— LDCILI i'tiaaeiiser 9:3S No. 49t—Locol Fia'iSLl. 11:41) ROCK ISLAND. .Ml Sound. No. 34,.Ar. 8 -..13 n. m., <)cpart 3:45 a. ra. v.. . 11:15 a .in. 10 :lu p. m. am pni pa pm am am 12:15 i>. m. No. 4.. No. : No. 80. Loci) l-> Wot Bound. No. 1 7:20 a. in. No. 3 b.-io p. m. No. 33..Ar. 6:2a p. m., Depart p. m. No. el, laical l-'i«.-li:tit l;4>> p. m. ARKANSAS VALLEY INTERURBAN, Easthound. Kleclrlc tr. Ins ror Newton. WtchUn ana Ini^rtiK'diato noinlit learn tlutc;i r tis'on at t-.iii A . M. C:»o A . M.. IJinitol: A »i, si.iri A. M., A. ,M. H :5u A. M „ Uml- I twl; 1:1* P. M.. Jisii P. M.. J:»-i i'. M. I i.iinii.Ji mu i: M., onto l'. M ...7:3S I' .11, ' |..i:, I*. M., i \:2<). 1". M. Wesi-nund. Kfectrlc trnins from Wichita, Newton Olid tiiUrmc<ttul« points arrive at Itutch,- Innoti ut 7:40 A. M.. s:30 A. M., Limited: 10:15 A. M.. 11:36 A. M., 11:55 I'. U.. 1 :S0 P M Limited; 3:35 P. M., 4:55 PrM., 6:60 1'. M., Umltwl: 7:35 P. M.. S:56 P. M., 10:15 P. St.. 11.35 P. M. 1:30 A. M. AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY Accessory, Supply and Repair Houses AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY 114-116 Sherman St, East Auto Supplies, Tools and Garag* Equipment. Distributors: Bosch, Connecticut) Atwater, K«nt, Stramberg Carburetors, and Leak Proof Rings. 'Phone 3000. -"QUALITY /S. ECONOMY"— THE ™VanZandt™™ DISTRIBUTORS 13-15-19 First Epst REO Automobiles and Trucks HASKARD MOTOR CO., 17 First West .> ^u, ,. PhotM 243 W,6H,TA Arnold AutaCo. ^ MTCHNWN Marmon—Hayn«s—-Dod^e Brokers Phone 2707 Automobiles IT Etilt Flr.t Rt 1> A Tf* V —"The Most Beautiful rAlVjEi car in America" , The Salt City Motor Car Co, 183 Sherman gait Also Studebalf-er Parts and Service Electric Battery & Repair Co, DI.TR.BWTQH8 ^i^t^Ri) STORAGE BATTERIliS UMtj by ft P»r C«nt Q ( All M,nyl,ctur,ra LABQi,T BATTtPY RgPAlB STATION IN' KANtJAS. 10» *tl«rnp»n E *aL Pt)«no Zl-n r 'RH HfiWB^TIQN OF ANV HATTBBY AT ANY" TIKIB t i km.

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