The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 28, 1932 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1932
Page 10
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THE DAILY HEWS, FBEDEBICK, MD-, BATOKDAY, MAY 28,1832: The New Trojan Horse Mate's Attorney Attempts Analysis Of Affairs At Court ! Hearing. SUBSIDIARIES' OBLIGATIONS DESCRIBED BY H. E. MEEKS: » Seventeen Witnesses Testify At Trial In Cumberland : Friday. sowLtton M ir* CX-ntral Trus; Corn- i ary o! Mar-, land -Jras reiwwed today j y Clars. state's attorney of Howard count-, s'- tne tr_al in r^-c-j'.t Court _i »hat be t-rtned an inaly«i5 in attem?'-^? to ?ro-.«- that ban* was rat rnajc-r.x tr.e -one?' it ras sj?po*ed to ha'.e been aiitir.s and lot have pa-^ The third ciay of the trial o. State Senator Srr.crv L Coble president of He cornuar-v." was spent pnncipailv in ie terhnira'l testimony of H E. Meets, »· the state bans commissioner's stafl. Tile defense coins?', excused the wit- jess -a .thotit cross-examination but-* it.. i.-g tnat ne could be r?- Afterwardi the court heard core tate witnesses in rapid succes- iion and adjourned until Tuesday. Four Kerns in profit and loss accoun* f * the Central Trjst Company were ; iigled out by State's Attorney Clark 'or his analysis. In the first, six months | »f 1931. he sa:d. the tr-jst company's \roflt was S-i:000 and its d.Tidcnds -.mounted to S93.0W The items ts.-r-.ich he sins'.ed out .or be court were: An addition In June. 1930. o: $75.000 D the valuation of the bar.fc buildings The '--nsfer of $5,000 from the ac- ount in Jose. 1928. to tae ban's s r«- crve fund. The entry of $66.000 derived from the , BJ*~of stocks in March. 1939. Another transfer of $5.000 from the leserve to the profit and loss account in · December. 1329. This was the only Indication during . the day of the specific items, which will te questioned bv the state in lt« effort · 10 prove that the bank. «as insolvent, jn September 2. Meets, while on the witness-stand was surrounded oy h-Jse piles of records to whicn ne referred during his testimony. He said the records were the accounts of the institution over a period ot three years. Obligations Of Subsidiaries He testified that- the Central Securities of Frederick, a subsidiary of the trust company, on the day of closing owed the main institution $2.623.429 86. He produced a list of collateral pledsed on this account. He testified that the Central Securities Company has paid S7.~9~.63 on account and that the Blue Ridge Securities Company of Frederick, another subsidiary, which he said owed the parent organization $2.416.063.05 had met the obligation to the extent of $12,596.11. Ai'Other ar-ed organization. the Guarantor's Investment Company, he said, owed the Central Trust Cornpany S1.257.04S.03 and that he had no record of any payment: on account. The Blue RxSae Heights; Company owed S11.165 he crattntled. ar.d had paid Si 02616 on account When the court soon Fridav it had itdcrattcr. the legal A SWEU. GIFT TO POLL ^EZ. OOTA ' DEPRESSION.' ; STICKLER SOLUTION Five Years For Youth In Kidnap Plot SAVES BELL Struck By Lightning During Storm Friday. MAY RAINFALL 7.05 INCHES Few Reductions Made By Coun- j ty Commissioners. efforts of recessed at ur.der ccn- problerr. as- e receive rolvec a -----.o ·""«' the rjr.tral Securities ccbt ifter the closing o: the bank September 3 -- ;e qjes'-.or. -" ire-d to be ^hct'r.- sr t.-e - irt c-:,i".d .i=rr..- testireanr ss :o the eSTons of tne rcce.ver to collect obligations. Tr.? i' :e hope*. by having such test-many orn.'.ted. :·» -rore that this larjc 5'irn ~as not c~,en collective tending m:re :-c mase the bars ;ns v .'.- c- . The rims: of -.he co-ir". was that te«- t-monv voj.:d be s-d-- it ted as to Ml-:* and efrc-rts to se.l unlisted ·ar-.^hlr. a reasor.ab.« time tectber - test.roor.y sa:d 'he '.ROAD SUPERVISORS UNAMED, I 1 The County Commissioners ha'.e com- \ p'.eted sh; work of considerinc bcUei'n ! , 400 ar.d 500 petitions, prcii-nted by property owners from different s«-c'.ions of the county, requesting a reduction j ' in assessments on real eMati- The peti- ' . tiorts came from practically c-.cry section of the coui-.'y. a r/.inibor of -.v'.iic:: ·Acre from the town of While no figures -A ere gUeii. r .n 1 .- parativelj few reductions ^vi-re made in ; the preient a.%scssmciits. -t «ao stat'-d Reduction -a as refused in some instances »herc real est.ite has beer, recently iwld at a price under the asstt-.i- ment figure. One of the commissioners explained thnt to redu-e the property of an owner would open tlie ~. ay for his neighbor to expect the same consideration and only in cases where an inequality seemed ;o exist, compared with the assessment of adjoining land. -Acre any changes made Tne assessments of adj-tCt-nt propertio were i-oni..dcrcd in all case.-; where red-utiou rp- qucsted. .he purpose beini; !c maintain an equality in dealing - t i i t.;e Mtua- twn. In man} instance* properti-s were found to be asses^etl at mor? than the · market value at the pro^eiit time Several person?. -A ho had rccn!l purchased properties at present market values, pointed out tint tncy cesencd a rrduccd rex«essmcnt bt'c.T.ire o: the fact that the lar.d ^.is btu?ht ..'. a low fijr-jre. and tnat tl;e present assessment 1 was mace or. a previous p irchas.- 1 While reduction -n s'.ic'.i instances aould · open the -Aay for owners o! ct 'er pr^p' ernes to ask for s-rr.-lnr c-r.r:c"r'.-.or., it , was also'd ojt t n a t the prex-nt lo-.v price reprcser.U'd a m jch ··:;-. illor invc.strr.ent. t-' heretofore r:ivi tliat owners of ad;o:r.,ns proper..i- 'ore paying taxes on ar. .iiv^tnvr.t --"k- oned fr^rn tr.e tin-.o w h e n real «-.ta'c brojcnt more in 'he -;·.':; iv.'.rket. The OOMO indicate the i and the do»«i lines indicate I . they were moved to. so M to sp«B the nimc of sonwlhcig much m us* this lane of rear. n .William Lancaster, Brunswick, Believed Drowned. GONE MORE THAN 2 WEEKS: Birthday TarlT A delightful birthday party -*is ne.d at home v! Mrs Catherim- or. May -G in the honor of Miss Marie Stalls :»cnt\-!ccOTa burthuay ine.c A as mu-iu- Refreshments *ere «n-ed Tlt^c prwoit Mrs. Catr.e,.ne Buricr Mr and Ma. Keefor Grossnx^. M a-id Mrs CUyton Stu,l. Mr and Mrs CStarle, Kuebl-r. Mr. Cat.-iarine Long. Missos Grace Grossp.-.CK.e Marie S.ull. · E :i7abelli Ku,br. ElV-n Stui! M«s.» j Horace Smith. Err,^t Grossn^leMon- | roe, RiL^lM ? rros_H^ardB.- ier. Sherman Stm.. Daud Sa.ith. ' Floyd Stu.l. \ Nothijis has b«n heard, after more ' ' than i*\ Meets, of William Lancaster. ' ; 3g vea , s Q , agp v h o , rf , Harpers pe^ · , ^ -^ rowbou thp cxerang o f May 11; ^^ ^ _ lve , 7ias vry h;gh from ,,. j hard ^^ to d n f t down str«m to : hom(? ^ Brun5 ,. ek . The boat was nea , C7LWA , M _ ^.^ bc!otf Brunsw . ck . Ap . , (for . B P^ Q ^^ ^^^ ! or . v f af;c , hjs d^pp^-ance · - Caster, from near P ^^ ^ Bmn£Ulck and The Annual Senior Prom. Senior Prom of Frcd- ! tcok Mrs. Lancaster and her five ciul- i home. Tne Lancastcrs resided in the iGrcsrory build.n?. near the Y M. C. A.. and his disappearance ieft the family A haiitUy-formed bucket working *p«*dsly. saved trie large bam of Irrin? S" Bell, near Monrovia. :ro3J destruction by flre Friday aivrraoon af- ver :t bad been ttrs-i by l^tniaj dur- ] ST.? the second of two heavy thtuder sJioirrs. iiharh s*ept over the. county uprootinK trees in some sections 'out catJsiBg ccccparativ*- · ly littif daatta^e The rainfall in the , city brought May's precipttat.on to an excess of sewn Inches an all-time record here for the etoatn in point of *r- ness. L^htunK str-jci -a Use cupo-la of the . Bell bam "oet»«n 3 arid 4 o'clock. ··» ; tn* afternoon. N«*roy fanr-ers and ! tneir empVoves. ii-ho -aere a'oriir.j in the fields at the time, noticed smoce curling from the top of the Mm and hurrsed to tbe sc«ae. Before t.'iey ar- rr.ed. iroaven of the nei?b-r:i-xi appeared and. armed »ith b-jckcts of »*- ter. west onstde the barj and poured *at*r oa sparis of flre as they droppj-i from the cupola aiVo a :«ay rr-c,-.v. The men soon had th« blaze under control First arrivals climbed to tpe to? of the bam and knocked oS the cupola, which had taken fire. Buckets of water xere passed to them and the fire extirigMisried- First Shower 1 P. M. The Srst thunder sbower opened up on the city shortly before 1 o'clock. It lasted onlv about 20 minutes, adding .17 of in inch of precip-tation and , then passed to the east. Raai fell in · torrential volume during the storm. The second shower, of longer duration. started about 2.30 o'ctock and rain con; tinned for nearly aa hour. In dimin- ' ishuig vol-jnse. :· The heat failed tc lift after the first ; ; storm, the mercury dropping only two 1 degrees from 88. the day's maximum. to 36. After the second shower, the at- . I mosphere filled to become cooler and | ' the overnight low was higher than of I | the previous night, at 65 degrees. i Tne entire rainfall for the day ^as .45 oi an inch, cringing the May total j . 7.05 inches. This is the greatest , amount of precipitation ev;r recorded ] i- May. bui hardly compares with j scene »« months the city has exper- ! ;erc«i in the past, notably in the summer montas of June and July. Jane 1928. hoids toe all-tina wet record of 11.14 inches within 30 days. July. 1912. 13 nsx; -Mth 853 inches. Then comes Julv 1889, with 7 60 incfces: July. 1926. ! 7 50 inches: January. 1915. 7 35 inches: · July. 189~. 7.33 ir.:hes: June. 1903. 7.27 m:nes. and June. 1915, 7 15 inches. Showers and thunder storms, mast'y l:?ht. have occurred dur-iig the last 36 hours from the Dikctas to the Atlantic -oast, in the Mississippi valley. ! Southern states and the interior of the I Middle and South Atlantic states. Tem' peratares are still above normal from the Mississ.ppi river eastward, but -arest of the they are below normal. BOONSBORO MAN KILLED WHEN STRUCK BY AUTO Howard Baker Meets Death-Driver Exonerated. "KANGAROO COURT" MADE PRISONER PAY $1 "FINE" j Clifton Man Gets No Sympathy From Magistrate. A five-year jail term is the penalty Walter Ogbom of Kamax City must pay for an extortion and kidnapping plot foiled by police. The photo above shows Ogborn (right! as he heard his sentence pronounced by Circuit Judge Ben Ten*. Ogbom demanded $6000 from Mrs. Laura Negbaur o! Kar»sa.«i City, on threat of kidnapping her nephew, Hal K. Negbaur, Jr. The boy. son of a wealthy Kansas City rug merchant, is pictured at the left. successful plea for the return of a hslf- i pint of Ikj'-or, found on his person by the oSceii. | Charged wish disorderly conduct by J Officer Arthur HoSnsan. Rudolph Lyles J was fined S2 50. Charles Witz fcrfe:t- , ed SI on a charge of parfemg too Jong I on the yeUow curb line and J. C. Mc- j Dowell forfeited $1 for all-night parfc- «. Howard Baker, about 60 years of a well-known citizen of Stxjcsboro. wa* accidentally struck by an automobUe drives by Fred W. South, about 28. «2so of Boonsboro. at 850 o'clock Friday night and so badly injured that he died on his way to the Was Vision county hospital in Hagerstown. Smith was exonerated from the blame after an ta- reswgation by Magistrate Sweeney, acting coroner. According to witnesses Baier started to cross Main street and soon aft«r stepping from the sidewalk observe*! an automobile approaching. In an effort to get out of the way he oecasie confused and stepped directly in the path of the car driren by s-n^h. coming Sa the J opposite direction. Smith made every i effort to prevent the accident bat was ) unable to stop his car owing to the fact lhat Baker was but a few feet aw*y . when he stepped in front of the ap- 1 preaching machine. He was picked up ' j uncoasetous and taken to the hospital. He died before reaching the Institution. Word of the accident was sent to tile Piedenck sub-station and Officers Ira 3 Howard and Theodore Moore went to Boonsboro and made an investigation. Magistrate Sweece acting coroner, in ! the meantime had made an investiga- | tion and deemed an inquest unneces- jsary and Smith was exonerated. Per! sons who witneved ice mishap stated ] that Baker appeared t. b. confused af- j ter leaving the sidewalk and in an effort 1 to get out of the way of one automo- · bSe, stepped tn front of the car driven i by Smith. HJs chest was crushed and he I was other* ise Injured, The deer-rated tile \ is ihe social event of the r the sorlor class. Members of 0 He went la- Harpers hoping to find employment and as no i work was available he decided to re- BITTER FIGHT OYER SALES CONFRONTING SENATE V.-T- fiA- ;!-.· *-rilor class. Moaiorrs ui -~ ...... - - - i ;'' / a ^u:«v" ^nd parents or .vme of turn home and nad plmned to go on ·.,,,, ,..£·,,;., 3C{c d as pntroas and ! a teliine «r»P- - ' Refuses To Remove Levy On Bank Checks. PoLoe Court heard echoes of an old prictlc* Friday msht as a defendant told Magistrate Alton Y. Bennett that he had beer, subjected to a "kangaroo court" at the Frederick: jail and relieved of the sum of SI. His countenance became somewhat sadder when · the magistrate not only void him he i could do nothing about it, but added a | fine of S-J 55 and declined to return a · half-pint of liquor to the defendant, j For the benefit of the uninitiated, an ; explanation of a "kangaroo court" j might be in order. Authorities say tt . has been quite the vogue at the jail '. i for years and convenes whenever a , prisoner is admitted. Once the prisoner j I is inside the jail walls, the "kangaroo j i court" convenes and "charges" him t j with "breaking into the jail" A magis- ; ; trste. state's attorney and all the neces- 1 sary c^urt authorities are picked from I the pr-sar.ers and sit in judgment on . the latest victim. This is one court where the state ' nevr has 10 bothsr with the defendant ' He is always found guilt} and a "Sne" \ of SI imposed, which goes :o buy :o- i ba::5 or articles :or the prison- · ers. If he can't pay the fine, he is put ' to -a ark sweeping the 9oor or doins odd ! jobs. Years ago. the ' fines" imposed ' on the virtlms included whatever money they happened to- ha\-= in their pockets, but Sheriff Charles W. Crucn put his foot down on this procedure The maximum "fine" is now one buck. The defendant at tha trial Friday a-Sh; in Po'.ice Caurt, was John Stup. of near ^lift-on, who was arrested on the Hood Colieje; grounds Friday afternoon tj OfScers Edgar Cram and Alton Shaff. OSrer Crjm testified he was very drunk. He Stup drank one- naif glass of whisky ana several bottles ot beer The Clifton rr.2n made an un- Hot Days Are Corning So Buy Now . . . Gliders in Our Incorporation Sale as low as $10.90 Awnings--Porch Shades 6-ft Stock Awning, Green and Orange Stripe S4.15 Rubberized Glider Covers $3.50 NEW LOW PRICES OS WESTINGHOUSE DtAL AUTOMATIC KEFKIGEBATORS C. C. C A R T Y Established 1868 Telephone 396 48-52 EAST PATRICK ST. FREDERICK, MD. BANKS CIX)SED MOXDAT . _ re dealt wiUi ;.ie pet_thns as Lies' Tie C3-'.i." ere , No road sMper-. jn t."e h.zr-.TVAVN pc.r.tcd sr.d in .-, . J^TS ft^r srr.r.c: -A^r" ha-.e ts yet D ^r. ap- '.". like. "·· xi. H it fe-s -"**Tl.Ct* A T"O^C. 5..p**. ~ ;?; Mt Pleasant. TTT. ev^reci l.xsi Docc^-- * sp'^:r.t-'xi O.i** oT 1 *c -· - - - »ctior.. a-d the exorr.-r.s--.3n of Mr Meess m r*-!erer.ce to or. be Is~e .yaris o! =ubs.d.a~ csrr.sonvei Memorial Day. on Monday, wi". j,- AS a letal holiday in in.- c.;:. Banks will be closed, ·hroish^iit the day and the post- ^tri.-c w.ll oJscr.c a special sched- /.- of n-^i-s Schools and public · flier* -s i '. ;enerall remain open S_"-c:i" Memorial Day ceremoni* 1 * w-.'.l be .ifId in the city, as well as in a r.-imbcr of county towns '. » superintendent will t'^ ,,Ir From 300 to 'have been appoint- .» c'cc: or. d«trt.-» each --ears and about $40 000 : : ded or. the highways app-^ntw The to tase up trie work -.c the budget on Tuesday. law t-..' budget be com- TC ta\ rate Sxc5 by July 1 .' ,- Vdrr -le'od s t-\ p... '.-e ar.ri br.dge at Harpers Ferry. At that time the r.ver was high and swift and he was seen coin? doa~n stream with the current, by a watchman on the raii- road bndee. As far could be ascertained nothing further has been heard from the man. The boat in which he left- Harper"; Ferry was seen float me down the rivor. near Catoctm. and was pulled ashore It was stated in j Brunswick rucht that the boai :^as positnelv ident-fiec a« Lancaster's A soarchine partv spent Wednesday ! night and the follow-,ns day lookir.jt for the missin- man but no trace of , him was found After a second days search it was decided to wait, unul the i h.jjh water receced ! Several davs ac-i a party of men 1 -Rent to the bland, across from the ' Bninswick bridge b.r. r.-- trace of the ' man wns found there S-nce that t.rne · r.o further search has beer. made, the theory b^sng tha* '.h" boat capsized. durmc the night and Lanrascer was drowned. , News ad-.;^ pays b.; .r.vest in it. . May 27 --The Senate . i pushed through most of the remaining 1 rate schedules of the billion-dollar tax bii; tonis'nt and set itself for a bitter fisrht over the sales tax issue. ~By a ta vote, the first of the session. the tired legislators refused to remove the tax on bank checks of less than So. While the Senate was battling O'.er the items one after another. Democratic : leaders in the r-:de-d the Steagali bank deposits guarantee bill through and sent it to the Senate almas- in' ta;t Th* bill proposed a biT.ica-dollar ' fund to guarantee deposits. Under t.-.c one amendment accepted, s'.at* banks wili be able to participate with tr.c ' federal reserve members. ' Supplementary to tie tax legisla' the Senate special economy committee todav completed its labors and is prepared to report on tentative economies necessary to balance the budget with the D'.llior.-dollar revenue bill. In the face of stem opposition from P-es:dent Hoover. House leaders moved ahead with plans to push through the 'Gamer relief program, includ^ig a Sl.- 470.000.000 bond sale for public works 1 ..^^^^^^^^^^,^f^^^^*imimml* ' ^^^j» piiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii^ At The Hendrickson Store Tr-e l^t of ".ar; b^rroiors vv tr^e 3ari at the t.sie the t=s:.t-.t.--n was rl-csed ^-as p".acei ir. the records Or; ·hts lat m-= :rc r.srw cf the d-fer.dar.t n th^ c^sc Se"er.:.-cr. is-.:r.esses. s-xf-.-r. :·: t:.--m "rom rr"d?r.:k c-^r.ty. »er» cs-k-c :r. -krj':c s-jcrc3-=:or. Sxr.e .f tr.err. wor" irre:;crs ;f tr.« Cer.rral Trust Cx-rr ;- ^r.T. c-"r.:ro were -niorscrs ~* sn Reveal Transactions In Which New York Mayor Figures Or.e j'. r reder.:i. )' a. t.-rr.porsrv .-an c rx»it of S?^ 1?P ;e zide -r. Jar.-.".-- 1?31 .r. t.-vc Or.t-a. T^ -- -- f -- ^.^-- ^- - - o -c^~' £c- tf * . L^^w ^ - ... ^*.»-- ' .A. . . . . ^ n . . -- . Charles McC M3'.iias. a -r.ce-cvr«s.5er.t Trie state wa? r ~ t'rti 13 asv y ^- a - --as- -.-I ^.'a* ~ a^ jrav^ f^r tiie re- r-es-. Hay-rar-i ar.i e-:."- "f "-~e ot--er 15 -ere s^scci -ihat th'ir as- ·ets -ere or. rr a-ut September 1 and ttat trier had Frederick Witnesses Testify Otr.ers tes;-..:-. .r.c -sere Oscar B Coot-.-JL. Catcns-..l. P. E TOTT.. John S Hersi c y H-cr.arc ? Hos?. G-y K \SKt«r, Kar-y I. Hber: Harry J. Ltb- icrz, John A Er^.e. Vemcr. W icnus. Dr. Joseph H Apple, R. Ruse ^e-- is. Frank M Dertzbaujr.. of Fred- ·nck. Bisvr C Remsberj. Lesl.e X. Jablestz ir.S Byron CoMcntz M.ddle- ;owr.. atd Mrs. G. Lloyd Palmer JOT .M"- -. »\ec-trat o£ tae e»tat« of tec sr. here as Re . t.on" .s Sflnii-t-. S-v.r'^r. c,~ i:-..-the legislative C'*nrr.:t%-; "*·.'-. ,~ tigat_-Ts; Ne-\ Yor-t Citv r .b'.c This p.ct-re ?,-.« A · '-- S- ;i«sM-njc! a bii.ker r- .·-..-· · HALF TIME FOR WBAL = Radio Commission Refuses To Permit ~| Experimental Synchronization. r= The "Federal Radio Corr-missi-on Fri- ~ cay ordered Station WBAU Baltimore ^ back to half-time operation, effcc'i.; -June 15 The c«nir.ission refused t:- = extend beyond that date t--.e p*-rrr gg WBAL ar.d WJZ. New York. SE The rc-nrr.ission also ordered *h.i ~ tr.e e-^riTimenial .-rr-chrc-r-izat^cfr; .- =S WTIC. Hartford. Cr-r.n. and WHAT = Xe-=r York be brot-cht to an en- =1 effect'.-, e the sarr.e cat* ^z w~.ll be on tl-e a-r on'y dirr^ie t h ^^ hours it rece.vis m a c.-isi^r. of .I.T' r^ ·K-.tri WTIC on their shared channel o' rs ' : 060 *:-. c^ycl^s = TTndcr their present schedule WBA1 ^n now 000-3tes on l.fSO up to P 30 ? n. ~ cr. S-ir.c?ys. "· 3 r rr or. M--.r.cay.- = r rr. -r. Ttifscavj;. i~.v-.sdavs ana Sat- 7^ ITr.dor synchrornza--on. ha« ^ = beer, in effect since March 12 of .as. == ^ear VTSAI, has 5--v»n do-,;b'.ins w.'h ^1 W.7Z on ti-.e lifter's TS^-to'ocyrle chars- = rifl :r. the c'JVr rxsirs of each day to -- r^viind out a f".ll-t^r/e scried;ile. Featuring Good Reliable Merchandise When | Prices Are At Their Lowest. Your Dollar j ft Will Buy Double At This Event j You Cannot Afford To Miss. j Friday and Saturday Only | ..-- \V :o mA.r.c jwymon'* o' Shown cr. trk-- stir.d as he v.3 000 ;^ Mayer J before ti-.e lecislau\o ir.-vest!cat.i»j: N, A York for "srecial - eon-.n-.i.teo in Nrw York. ur.uel Cn' Ab-^lam H Schvar.7. gerieiilt-r a br.ko- adrr..fed that hL-, ·id HM". , rr^rator _ p e t - r-.rx p.i- 3 Ri.x.-t! T Sherv. vv.i fotnwr n-.-,r-i\ir"~: bof-'re 'ho .1c- of Mar r Jarr.- J Walker. SS1.- nariie cl Ma: ^r Ja:i--. Hi J. Wiliec. ' . ' - - r ii-.\»t Vcrs. ^a;ir.g oornnift'.ec in Sfii 1 for stock -Rvrtli approxunaMiy $30 - ESTABLISHED /S77 42-46 North Market Street TKKMIX1X C". OF MD.. ln-\ Pnone 55 7 «: 9 E S! I l l l l l l l l l l l l i l l l l l l l l l f i

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