The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 26, 1924 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1924
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

PAGE TWF.T.VT*. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26. !924 _I1E TODAY. •'II.: got .ilill -l' ill It'll r.« )hK I. flint" it tir.v, il .iu'.: hr in, Wlilli llw M'.lllll fllHUl Il­ ium 1 mo m r.init ,il"l In i .'i .ni*-' Mm" m i -r-l I I I:..... iilni:'." Mi,- 1.1 I..I!- A • ill.! 11 >:l,u iv i\vim:h.K i:i. Ill" sun lililnl". 'I'm 1 :11 u . \. it h ilniKi;. .1 In '•• F. limn, IIII'.I n -'Slst .i :i ts, in'u Mnit;;ii..u hat .Hum'- ^li" MVI-HVS i ..'nrtl- 'Annul l.iirii: ' hit itrlctl Ih.. »runiiiK — nml ypt —!" "And yft," nald CorrlKan. lniiiii'i- that ho wnn, tln'y IIIMK I I I him mi|)|iing." lie threw Imrlt his hrotl nnd slnnil, wllh foldiif nrnis, looking from ono to tin. other, "luif.^ti't tlint. flct you wontl.-rlm;'.' Would Unit damiiod fanatic ilis- triliini! Ills Ki'lm warnings, would I ItrownliiK Inivo fulicn lulo tJin tr.i|i|;|"- '""'"I /.nriitinu had prepared for lilm un- j less—" I Whltn alarm! Into tlie. blackness | lieyond tho rail, RtrlvltiK to flmlj rvm I «>»yHBht lieyond Hut tin, | fell, IIH If lio wore groping ivlth j I slprlitless oyes In a fathomless NOW GO ON WITH THE STOHV. ] underworld. \ Suddenly mnncthlnn hissed. '.|- n i PHSi - eonllnued Corrl(?nn,i inrouifb Hio «i«u the I'lirtalns j ,, fl|) „ wa< nr Jniii>f«fororl In »' had left and Murk In llio wall !»'- 1 manner f0 cunning Unit he had no Uiud While, tpilvei IIIR . I'»'l'" ws ; su.-pii ,eii: iinlo.)!, thn man who I slepped »m.M ait'1 pulled It from ],.,„, n,, (1 lt wag ono whom he had I ih.-t woodwork with an effort. I „„, s || g hlest cause to fear!" VVJiHo xprouK "> lif» '""t J "Ills orderly, perhaps?" .««ld , sir.d. their l,em!s jilmtmt W lilS... fingerltiK Ilia coat collar, luurhtmr. Ciir.ln,.; down at an ar- 1 (;'„ 1T | c ,. in shook Ms head. ! "I fancy not," he replied firmly believe every man h loucli, old Hon. We'ro not gidliR to nil down until Ihcy choose to launch their attack. That's nut my idea, Ihirrlnp about threw nf tlio watchmen, who tippoar to htivo forgotten their rolliilous beliefs there's not a soul on the hole Kabul! we, can mist. If X.arlman K the fellow 1 take him tor, he'll leave previous HtM" I" chance. We'ro K"in^ to Initiate a suiprl^e. .'ttlack, and (;n<l.'-.iv<»r to anllripate his zero hour. We're ::.>!ni: to visit /,urlmiin'b hriKnil' 1 headtiuarti -rH now!" OUR BOARDING HOUSE (!. tli"ir 1, Cii :-.i :i;; ilmvn ut :iti ar- i \jiv, I'urtivd liic ilii- <((*ii(lly (dirt IMifl'-il from ill.- tulif nf \\w mini|;Itjin. SiTiiro'l In the shad by n tin' 1 tf 'i 'tni; i»r twi^ifil |fnlh*T was n *iff(* f1 ' yfiiou* hid** nnd mi if, in crimson l.-ttiTr!: /.A HIM AN. "Soin' 1 ' hi in; iti llio jinturr- nf a v.uniiiiu,'' suid VYII IIWK .-Inu ly, "Urnw»J)iir h:<ii i.i)" -.1 i !.-.•*," in ('on-!!'!"' 'hmii:ljidiMi . Whim Htnrti 'it. i ; .laonliKLii jitnKcd nj> f i fin a |»:d* ; •\st:il li\b\f in tlio nviKit'. 1 sninti ho j lind Honu Uuw inunat;(-<i t <i iroiilc in I a fropii-al wildonicss. • tie stiiCMi hard at tlu- ron .^iuidi cur- i lain strtMrhed over i .h»! window frame, l'ri'smitl> lit; PI-P slowly to hi.« f ^t 't nnd cnii-'si 'd thr IMUIH. "l-'unny,"' hv tittiiiiTiMt, half to: him'-olf- "I could hav :-:worn \ Ho crushed an Invading rook-, mach wtli hin ulioo and MirvoytMl . hini^'ir in a laruo mirror in a R IH fraiiK! which hung from the v nil. Suddenly ho I K-CUIJIC rfKid. in-eriim 1 into its depths an if lio had «<.«» | a ^lir^t.. iiu nwuiii? round on his lo 'i.] to sou Cnrrifian tranicd lu ttia dO'irway. ,; !lvcnini;!" paid till 1 broad plant- j op blandlj, .-hulling ihc duar after J '•I j him. ; had 1 "tJoinI f»v Miiui'-r. Mr. I'frr'.&nn." i )iiin was >ipirit»»(J away in some mv.-teiinufl niannor hnforo ZuriniaiiV pang started their grue- SOI1IP ^ntk." 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"J'hp noweomer Inok a rhair and nut down v.-ithoul being ankod. "Just dropped in for a chat," h" announced, 'Thought I'd try and \ paioli up fliat little buyiuoss of tbo' I otiior day, Ntoo Ifttlo place, Ihi-^ | 'of yours. Muvt havo run you inlo \ ••n [trolly pt nn\. Shouldn't havo; thought you could afford il. with', plantini,' what il i*. lUiwwt'.tr, l\ dare say you manage a few Httlo Fidellnos wo old-timers wouldn't think about." "What d'yon moan'.'" snapped Jacobson. pti.sliii)^ forward h'a head lik^ a lizard. "Oh, nothing." t'orrlRan assured him gonially. "Won't you sit down? Pcrliaps that lillli: full you had from your horse—" Jacobson bit. Ho banned him- fiolf into a chair opposito his visitor, his upper lip drawn back over his Kold-fillod tooth. "I want to warn >ou, Mr. Cord* gnn," ho snarled, "that. I'm a m^n with very little, patient^. If you've any proportion to off>r mo, Ko ahead with it- and \'\\ listen. 1 don't mind reminding you tint you've chosen an absurdly awkward tlmo to rail. Tboro are yome people I don't a«k to dinner, you'll j understand." j "I'roelsply." Conl^an jerked out i ' in Lwoen his tooth. "Thore are some , people* ]• dou't care to sit down I with. | "Howe", or.'' he smiled innoeontly : Into Jacobson'm t'aco, "we aren't totting much forrader, are wer A .s 1 waa tolling you. Mr. Jac.ob«oti ( 1 Just catiiH in to havo a i'rloudly talk—and pmokc tho pipe ul peaeft with you, and all that sort of thing." Jacobson ijressed something and ; Cnrrigan board tho clear ringing ' of an plf -otrlc bell at the back, ol* • t ho building. ; "I'ijti cuinu iu to binoke tlus plpo 1 of peace, Mr. L'orrifiun?" lit) smilod ! 'jiKorly. "1 can hardly raiso avy \ ohjt.'otiou to that." | I'orrigan, loaning; back in his chair, noted that his host had not i "tQO 'sr voo \ AAVE VAR&p WELL T30R\kiQ CALL "WE GOOD vdOMAU "fO BEHOLD A RAFPLE! ~* I4AVJ, 9£ MEPRV LAT)S>, V)E' \0ELL, UlELL! •-BACK PROW PA1 "A(SOiJlA AL(?EAtK PEACE, l«J-fH StUP£ ; -'nice WORK,^ MRS. I-IOOPLE TO M ARV^gT -TOkilGI-t -C AvJ' MORTGAGE -nt' i-iouse TOP A l ^TURk -ev' r WIJEVO vou'p COME HOME \! \U-TIME TOR I. ACf -fOMOPROVlli OUR TEETit ARE | ALL se-r -To i V?OMP OVER | TIJAT HiDlAKi CAlJARV! - O'ta* vr nut scmacc nc T II I) !•: N I. V Sl IMKTHINO illSSKD THHOITGI1 TUB CUlt- i'.UX.S. I.i.thcreil lo Jrosii for dimmer, liv wHtvliod hlni roacl> out for n box of i .lujiunf!rie uiithnony tinii ^aw. as ho j hold it Inward him. that, lit» hand j shook and a sniilo of izvim triumph i playi>fl for a niomont at tilt- cornorn of his mouth. "Tlmiiks," said Corrigati jioiitiv ly and hcliiftd himself to a oigarot with a'faint yellow hand ut. ono end. Out of the corner of his eye | ho saw tho other produce ono i which had no ring, with tho adroit- j news of n master or sleight-of-hami. j. Jacobson pushed forward a llght- j cd watch, but his guest did not ! appear to notice. 1 Jaeobsou uttered an exclamation I as tho flame scorched him! "Sorry," said Corrlgan apologet- ! acilly. He looked the other. ! straight In tho eyes. "There's ; only two people on tho island smoke this brand," ho said. Jacobson started. CorrlRnn pushed the clgareL with the yellow band between the other's lips. "Ynu'ro going to smoke that, my friend, and it's about the last you'li ever smoke, It I know anything about It!" Without shifting bis eyes from Jncobson's ho groped in his pocket with M R free hand ] ami produced an automatic lighter.' "Keep your hand3 straight out in front ot you," ho commanded coldly, "and smoke!" Jacobson, a cotd sweat breaking out all over him, squluted horribly at tho pala flickering flame. His strensth seemed to havo loft him. "(.let on with it. Jacobson!" camo the voice of hla tormentor. The barrel ot the pistol pressed coldly against his forehead. The clgaret dropped into the man's i.ip. "1 can't," he screamed hoarsely. "My God!—I can't!" "Are they as bad aa Uiat?" demanded Corrlgan, his finger stroking the trigger. Jacobson nodded. "You hound of hell" Ho remembered the headless body of poor Browning, For the moment he struggled with the temptation to send his left fifit crashing Into tho face of the helpless man. -Suddenly ho saw that Jacobson was looking bpyond him, and he left compelled to turn his head. He side-stepped behind Jacobson's chair and saw, standing lo tin; open doorway, a tall figure in a flowing white robo and red fez. "Zariman!" The cry seemed to . force? itself from Jacobson'fi Hps. Corrlgan dropped on one kuee as . tho newcomer's pistol spoke—and then, from the window by th. pedestal table came a report like a riflo^ Zariman plunged forward on his head and a beaming face as thrust through the mosquito- curtain, a pair of rimless glasses dangling from one ear. "How's that, Corrlgan?" demanded White jubilantly, "it'g got a nasty upward kick to tho rliiht— but it's all right when you know- it, what?" Corrlgan smiled approval. He sat down on the table and looked at .liH 'Obson. Tho game's up, my friend," lie Suddenly his lips parted and spoke. I "1 have your permission, Mr. Corriean?" ho said and picked the 1 clgaret with the yellow bam. at one end from his lap. As the two men watched him, speechless with amazement, he placed the thing between his Hps and lit it. deliberately. "Good Lord!" gasped White and stepped forward. Cnrrigan caught his wrist iu a grip of steel. 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