Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 14, 1965 · Page 10
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 10

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, May 14, 1965
Page 10
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J it Hull Gets Lady Byng Award — Bobby r Ihe "Golden Hawk" of Chicago Slack Hawks, to- flamed winner of the Hockey League's Lady which is awarded best combining skill and sportsmanship. Hull, who won the trophy and the $1,000 cash award that goes with it mainly on the strength of his brilliant first half of the season, beat out Detroit center Alex Delvecchio. HuU attracted a total^of 80am ong sportswriters and DANCE TO BILL CASE COMBO « Nights Weekly 9 P.M. tin 2:00 A.M. Business Men's Lunch Choice of Meat • Veg. • Sotip • Salad • Coffee or Tea & l)es. $1.10 Lounge-Restaurant Package 1805 Mabry Ph. 763-5576 THRU SATURDAY!! TONTTE AT 6:43 & 8:37!!! \ Sing... t scort or mon of great tune* JIM REEVES MADELEINE USHER CLIVE PARNELL Jim Re«ve» tingft a dozen hits In th* 6CA Victor Movlt Album - 2 COLOR SHORT SUBJECTS!! points, 21 more than Delvecchio, who will receive $500 as runnerup. Both Hull and Delvecchio. a previous Lady Byng winner, also received an additional $250 for leading the voting in one half of the season. Hull got the most points in the first half. 50, while Delvecchio earned 56 in the second half. Dave Keon of Toronto, another previous Byng winner, was third. The v o t i n g is conducted The Cottage SEHVING "THE WEST'S BKST FRIED OIHCKEN" Also Steaks And Sea Foods Hlway 60 3 Miles West Boxed Orders to Go 763-4605 sportscasters chosen by each of the six NHL teams. Lobos Host ^y^mt^^^'^m N.M. State ALBUQUERQUE (Staff) The New Mexico Lobos play host to New Mexico State today and try to avenge a earlier defeat to the Aggies. DetroitTigers Down Duke city Senators 13-3 Press International , day night's game, driving in Mantilla Triples ing one of their famous"rniilti- 1 -^ 11 ' 8 a , goc ! d thin S the Detroit;five runs and scoring four. All Felix Mantilla drilled a triple run innings, stormed from be- 1 r gm u l Wear blue uni -'i Kallne and Don Demcter hitlinto the right center field alley hind Thursday night to whin j ' becausc Wlllie H °r ton two-run homers for the. Tigers, with the bases loaded to climax the Albuquerque Dodgers 12-10 T^, S0 much timc in the Hank A ? uirre P'ckcd up his a four-run third inning. Whitev and capture first place in the I . »? infield during l «e fourth victory against no de-jFord. who gave up all the Bo- tnree Samcs he might feats. Bonnie Daniels was tliejsox runs in addition to walking an urn- loser and he is now 1-2. five while fanning only one in Other Action four innings, suffered his fourth other Icauge action. Chi ; loss against two hind the and Texas sion. wn- u o« Wlhe ' hose , " UII. i i Dallas- Fort Worth maintain-'% ed its game and a half lead Jn^j " "" '"'" """"i '" " 111V1 '^«»,m- cn-nun. v,m;mss a K ;1 1 n s i TWO the Eastern Division bv whiD-l" g average isTlhird h 'g nest nvcago toppled Kansas City fi,3,|Morehead is now 2-3. *%!««,« A it.. .«. . — r " t.llP. Ampriratl T.oncriio urne in ' i h« TJ t\r\ C^.^ A^,^,^.^ n ,\ * L. - v i r ,* Ping Austin 4-3 and Tuba kept _ r Pace with a 3-1 victory over The Lobos carry into todays Amarillo in other league ac tio ", he Sun a 15-19 season record ™ Cpt compared to the Aggies 8-1219.4 record. There will be a double^ header played with the Aggies Saturday. PIZZA KING NO. 1 1407 MAIN ST. PH . Spaghetti and Lasauna Dinners Made From old Italian Recipe $1.25 Also Raviole $1.00 Try Our Combination Pizza, Consists of Nine Ingredients. DINING ROOM OR CARRY OUT Free Delivery Within City Limits After THRU SAT.! MARSHALL NAIFY t'SI'lU'v THE PICTURE THE WORLD HAS BEEN WAITING TO SEE! CAROL iyN![y-EFR[MZIMBJLIST,l-e«y SULLIVAN fUCnOMOVWOH ' Reh-av A D, MAGNA DISTRIBUTKW CORP. PLl'S FINK PANTHER I.\ "DIAL T' FOR PINK" STARTS SUN "ONE OF THE YEAR'S 10 flEST!" "Hilarious! Sentimental! Performed with Unbridled Gusto!' 1 "Loren and Mastroiann! am IN COLOR Levlne NOMINATEO Fur B»-*t Actrea* SOPHIA U)RKN t'or Her Perlor- Thin Picture ren Mastroianni Jitteis De Sica's Mar STARTS s U N CARROLL BAKER GEORGE MAHARIS' ^KtehonMrsMnlvtM,^ H«>r S&SSw- 1 SHOWTIME 1:30 L YUCCA J THBOrUB bATLltlJAV $]20 CAR Swum THUNDER ROCK swift MAKIirN mm •icon BUOY ION CKiKT tttCMAM WE SALUTE THE OFFICERS & MEN OF Cannon Air Force Base on AIMED FORCES PAY was in-!the Red Sox dropped the Van! Jose Cardenal scored the win- Iigcrs Ihree-jkces 4-1, Los Angeles edged nin? run in the top of the 10th the Senators,! Minnesota 4-3 in If) innings and,inning to push the Angels past Thursday iRalttmore defeated Cleveland; the Twins. The bases were '' v> j loaded and Willie Smith hit a • VIM, i~'• "" ""*' "' uiic ' *" "'^ i '"<- c f; ciiiii:n "»i inn Him Jn mi 1 iNiuionai ijcafnio Sin lonci 10 .jerry Kindall, eignth ining, but stunned the'eiight hits in 13 trips, hit four Francisco overpowered' '(ho plnyinu n snall( w second base. HftdffprO WlfVi nirfUt « nt_. I 1., , '. ,- ^, , _- '' ! ' " l Viiwl^ll f™!1 ,!«,.,« 4»..;.,^. «- f!-1 J Kings were trailing going into the top of the 1 In the three games Horton had! In the National league ' uodgers with eight runs. Clar-home runs, drove in 10 runs Cubs G-3. Milwaukee squciked ence Jones came back with a ! alnd scored seven runs. During by Pittsburgh 5-4 PhihdHnhia solo home run in the ninth, his otie stretch he was on base 10 beat Cincinnati 7-fi in 10 innings' second of the night for Albu-lclonsective times. ; and the Dodgers shut out the querque, but it was not enough.! Horton had two home runs' Astros 3-0 behind Sandv Kou ine win moved El Paso two 1 and an RBI double in Thurs- fax's 13 strikeouts " percentage points into the West-! • if 1C Kindall fell down trying to field ,it and Cardenal scored. ttoog Powell hi' a game-win-, sevonth-inninc solo home run to give t!i" Orioles their victory over Cleveland. Milt ern Division lead. Amarillo is in third place, two games behind. The Spurs came from behind too in their game with Austin. Dallas-Fort Worth picked up the victory, despite being out- hit 12-8. Bill Connors got the win, although he needed relief help in the person of Otto Meischncr. Two Tulsa pitchers held Amarillo to only three hits, and I three Sonic terros helped contribute to their defeat * * * Texas League Standings WESTERN DIVISION W. L. I'ct. GR El Paso 12 11 .522 Albuquerque 13 12 520 Amarillo 11 14 410 •> EASTERN DIVISION Dallas-Fort Worth H 10 .584 ... 13 12 .520 14 Austin 9 13 .409 4 Thursday's Results Tulsa 3 Amarillo l Dallas-Fort Worth 4 Austin 3 El Paso 12 Albuquerque 10 Friday's Schedule Austin at El Paso Tulsa a 1 Albuquerque Amarillo at Dallas-Fort Worth STE K LKR.S.~ R A M S TRA D F PITTSBURGH (CPU - Vet- - -,-,-• picked tip his third con- (,ary Peters pitched the Mvutive victorv of the season \\luU> Sox m(o first place hy.and the lOfith of his career. Sin bcalmtr the A's for the ninth'Miller, who relieved Pappas consecutive fj m « 7},,, rhisovand pitched the eighth and moved alien-! of Minnesota af- ninth inniniv. ran his string of Bv 'tor the Twins lo<! 1 Chicago scored : the second inninr : L!le«. a w;i!k .1 v Other sin:'!e an f nv Cater\ do'ilil^ ''was the loser. four on " game runs in pitc ;m: .35-1 .32 1 , r . lt v ;;,„,„' . United Press Hernational National Ix-aguc • Hoston (',. AB R. II. PcL mar ha .Mays, SF 27 l()fi 25 41 .387 hea<i 11 jColrnan. Cin 18 fv{ 9 24 .38). s!.i;; n ' 'Torre, Mil 21 79 11 30 .3«n ,,„,',' "• ' K'ranpoo, NY 25 '.n 11 33 ,3,",!t '.,' „ ; , j ,, Kranpool. NY 25 <I2 11 33 .35!) v,^ lt V : , ' •Alien. Phil 2C, 101 21 3(5 .r>5C. i; ; ,,,^ j> Aaron, Mil 17 05 13 U3 Banks, Chi 27 101 17 333 Kohnsn. Cm 'J4 HO UO 2*', .;rj5 Harper, Cm 2f> 100 24 332 ..'520 American I-eaRtip (i. AH R. (i. AB R. AVagner. Clev 22 85 21 30.353 Horton. I>et 15 55 11 !) .345 piny in th. t>avlilo. Clev 21 78 ft 2f> .33.'53 Mcaiilife, Dct 2."> 91 22 .'ffi ..'t'i.'io Cater, Chi 24 H 15 2'J 3.T,0 ;Sko«ron. Chi L'4 W n 30 ,'r.:.'; C'ardnl, LA 25103 If. 33.320 Rrt'.soud, Ilos IH . r ,i r, jr. :;•: Manilla, I'.os 24 W 8 2H .311 : Home Runs National. League - M;tv. I Giants 11; Banks-. Cubs R. M,,. |thews, Braves; Swotxxla, Me<<;. Mana: v. ,ir;;' Her- Mur<- ri tin of pufbla. Mexico, o the largest bonus - 1 a Latin American "." H"-!on i'd Tlie rnnn:o Mack II. Pet. League will hold a H. Prt. day at P.i-11 Park at 1 3/i of h/,y Minimi-' want n5 Icar'ic. All i; •oreless innings to 12 1-. Luis Taint was the loser for tin.' M'< f.irul <-o?iscci't.ive night. ASTROS INK ROOKIE HnrsTn\ iTPIi — The Astros «.i-.;iip(l 19-year-old Bernardo Cal\. Th :f-f!,-« v e\'er ;-a:i i'-i.--'. 1 ' !>•• '"•" Hilton team. Ha f~nrn;i of the K.-:;i.i ,S-.••,:.- I.-.-tcnf. Sports Calendar TODAY TRA'"K St.ste Track Meot Sntiirdar , I'.ASKBM.L ' ''io-, is ;.! M.i-i^sordo (District ..' \ '..-.'.mi' • l" a n-,. and 2 p.m. TUACK State '] r;n k Meet V M r ,\ Ciovis Family Daj .-it M.irx'.i:; Junior High track (••• !') '< a in farv COMPARE! CABIN STILL Kentucky Straight Bourbon 86 Proof STITZKI,.\VEU.KK U1ST. i*. Kpntiirky eran tackle Joe Krupa was, Amprtcan traded to tho I»s Angles Rams orioles; Coni K Ha r n. I !( ,l Sox Thursday bv the Pittsburgh OnUle, AV M«, rl o n T^x Steelors for rookie guard Tnm Kahne, TU:<T« all T ' Smith - Kun» Hotted In National League Banks Cubs 33. Mas'; (ii.inVs 23 It,.',, ins/m. Reds 233; .Johnson. Jti>cjs 20 Mathe'As I' ]!•< American League K;.Iim>, Ti- Pow-fl. Orioli's 21- (Vihivito, In Powell, Orii.'.-s 2!. C,,!,-H ;'', Irv dians III: (diva. TWIIH }?, Thomas. Hcrl SM.V !T; Pitching National League 4 jtros r>0 : Cibvui. Can h.s. Keds .>!). M,-i!,).;«••. n<~\-i 4-0: lialdsdiun. I'l.ils 30 American l.cayiic ]'.<-., .,,ii Twins 4-0, Ai-urrc. Ti/.t-rs 4-0 i!ii7t!anl! U'h'c Snx. (Iran! Twins. I'.IMM- o:'-!rs .i:i :', o Your Merc dealer invites you to... compare the bonus features found only on Mercs with any other fishing motors in the 3 to 20 tip range Y l I f f A STARTS U C C A SUNDAY DRIVE IN FOR 6 DAYS Fcaturrs that arf f.l.i r'juipnuTit en a!'. Mcrrijr;/ Jist'.ing fi:>':!i'S are «.'.!;> r C'xtra-cost Djji.'ins or corn- pVtely una\.i:':;ilj!e oa or- ciliary outbu.irii<i. Let your Mercury d<;\Ur j>ul :i "dollar valur" «jn t!:<-se fifv*xtra-ctwl Mercury (<•*- turta; ave how much more a liii-rc ia really uorth to you: • Twist-grip throU!<- an t!,« ADULTS 75c KIDDIES FREE PLUS ON THE Of speed and direct ion. • Full gearshift (forward- Bcutral-revcree)i nostartin;; in vrear, no awkward bteeriog posilioa for reverse. • Smoo'.h Glide-Angle de- gigncd lower unit ... no protruding j-earcast; to snag ww-ds . . . Blips easily over • RemotR fad tank. • • separate (rota the enema ...easier to fill, ea&icr to carry, and no drumiag to Flow it, • TiltM powcrhead «n<l internal blocd B.«st«maliav* iuatcs fuel puddliog. • Jet-Prop exhaust bnrtet noiso and fumes under* wat«r, reduces drsc. i • No ehrar pins or drirf pins to fail, cw, » One pit-re lower unit housing ki cps gears and bearings permanently atigne<i. No nuU, bolla, or RaskcU to v-ork looM Of Kak. i Now you know why w» aay, you get more EUN fop your money with Mercury ... 3.9, 6, 9.8, 20. 85, 60, 65,00 Wld 100 bp. MERCURY tat •i ••HUM** ton****. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••I REDS BOAT SHOP 201 i. 1st PH 763*4443

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