The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 19, 1948 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, July 19, 1948
Page 4
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Deaths Mrs. Eouu A. Splelmui Mrs. Emma A. Spielman. widow Weddings Ecker--Ecker The marri-ge of Mrs. Mary Eck- English Lesson JLocal Mentions t. of Charles E. Spielmaa. died Friday ) er. only daughter of the late Mr. | at the home of her son. Ezra Spiel- | and Mrs. Harvey O. Haines of Un- Words often misused' Do not say. "If anybody thinks it is true, they | are wrong." Say, "if anybody thinks it is true, he is wrong." j Often mispronounced: Eau de Co- j logne. Pronounce o-de-ko-lon. all' o's as in no, e as in her unstressed, _ accent last syllable. man. Hagerstown: Frederick W. 1 ren »t Dundalk. en Jujy 8. at Often misspelled: Lightning man. Hagerstown. aged 78. "She was a member of Grace Evangelical Brethren church. ion Bridge, and Raymond E. Ecker, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. David Ecker of Unionville. Surviving are sons. Ezra Spiel- took place in the Church of Breth- Firemen's Carnival NEW MIDWAY Monday through Saturday N. A. Slagen Rites Tuesday As local fire apparatus pulled up in front of Ids home at 602 Magnolia avenue about 5:30 o'clock Saturday wixea lightning set fire to the motor in an electric refrigerator. Norman ' _ - . I ULUfM.f f..GLf^VI.^*J v* J~l, A * tVt^A A*-- n. ·· . i -- -- -- -- - -- - -- -- - ---- -- - --- - "~T* " " ~ I V A f c V i i »*.»»oo^v,*»%.x*. **k^ufe**ux4^ | Albert Slajen. well-known watch- i g ieiinaa Frederick: Paul E. Spiel- ! ? p. m. Rev. Raymon EJler. pastor (flash of light . Lightening ire- rublic Stcnojraphy and Duplicating maker and jeweler was fatally . chambersburg: Albert A. of the church, performed the \ i ievia g of weight . ! 57 Ea*t Patrick Street " Local Mentions Public S»le Friday. July 30--10 a. m. (esU Look for large ad later WILLIAM RUNKLES. Knoxville, Md. Electrical Appliances Just icccived » *hipment of , Toas,tmastcrs. Mixmasters and Waf- | lie irons Get one now while we I have them iti stock. ·" iKEMSBEKGS JEWELRY STOKE I Key Hotel Building The News. Frederick, Me!.. Monday, July 19, 194§ rrvK Local Mentions I'api-rhanjlnjr WM. J SHKEVE Ph 2173-K VOR SALE FOR SALE--1941 POKTIAC · 4- door sedan, radio, heater, *eat covers, good tires and paint. 121 E. 6th Street ' lent running condition. $1.075.00. 1S3S 1 Plymouth coupe., good motor, tires. strickenwith a h^rt attack. He! ^^ Hanover; sister, had been xn ill-health for five, g^ Dorsey DowTlS vUle: y *f^_ . , , 4 u · grandchildren. Lightning grounded m the Funera ,. Mondav at ,. 30 electric refngerator in the Slagen ^..^ residence during the severe : p. Mrs. ] single ring ceremony. They were. Synonyms:" Denote, indicate, sig- '. 12 attended by the sroom's grand-l nif ;_ represent, specify, designate.! I daughter Patsy Arndt. The bride ] express j | wore an aqua street length dress! ' Word" study: "Use a word three I TELEPHONE 2328 h/Rose Kill Ssn'e- j trimmed in matching lace --------------- Hagerstown, · ' B white accessories and a corsage o f ' ! pink rose buds. Little Miss Arndt t crease our vocabulary by master-1 ing one \\ ord each day. Today's j Indispensable. absolutely ; · "His services are in-! and Mrs. Slagen notified Police i Headquarters when smoke started ' Edward W. Maxwell ! wore a white dotted swiss dress filling the kitenei- , Edward W. MaxwelL former; and a corsage of old farhioned i Fire Damage Slight | Comas merchant and for some ' flowers. The bride attended Union ; Junior and Citizens Truck Com: Urae a patient at Mt. Alto Hospital. Bridge High School, also % Blue pany firemen responded. The CUi- . Washington, died there Saturday. , Ridge College and had be?« em-' zens Truck crew used a resuscita'or i aged 57 years. He was a son of - ployed in Frederick until a few , in a futile effort to revive Mr. Sla- j t tj e i ale v.'esley and Esther Max- weeks before her marriage. The i Q--\vhat is a "oocket veto '" gen. After using U-.e resuscitator we ll and is survived by his wife, groom is employed by ;he Haiti-S A--A bill which she President Flint 11U1 Picnic »nd Supper WEDNESDAY. JULY 28 Poolesville Band Supper 5 to S p. m. Price SI 00 Clearance! Spring and Hats Reduced for Clearance 51 00--5200 and : Price WACHTER and H1LDKBRAND S4 West Patrick St. 7-l9d3t- lou Pa\ No More For The Best So \vuy not u--e the best For the best in moving c?!l ·.IF-\row«; \.-A\' «:Fnv-TT FOR SALE--i NEW 5 HJ. BED ··£- 01 .,\. s - ,, . , , . , b f c K . K - E garden tractor on rubber with cultj. Phcne ~.Jo-\\. Veekly trips to Bal- , vators and 8" plow. Hoy W. Sjgler. ; Route 1. Box 82. Middletewn, Maryi land. Phone Middleiown 97-J-4. trrscre and Wayhsngton Spinel -- Pianos « em- _ . . a few , IjUestlftns Anil Clt ' for half an hour, the firemen , Lois Maxwell Comus: two children, ra ore gave up their efforts when a phy- ; ^rs. p. D. Beary. Grand Rapids. ' Chie£ % . sician pronounced Mr. Slagen dead. , Mich . and Edward \V. Maxwell. · cila *ef a* Curtis bay. Firemen said fire damage was Springfield. Mass: a brother. Rev. ' A reception was gf confined to the refrigerator zr.otor. j i^ Car! Maxwell. Richmond. Va.. honor b - v the groom s Mr. Slagen. who was 62 years old. j ^d a sister. Mrs. W. W. Hodges, had for years been engaged in the jComus. Funeral services were watch repair business here. He was j held at the late residence at Comus for some years associated with the j ^jg afternoon at 2 o'clock. In- McCleery Jewelry Store and more | termen t in Frederick Memorial recently had been doing repair s paj-sj William B. Hilton, funeral work at his residence. J director He was a member of the Grace i Public Dance Benefit of Tall Cedars Club of Brunswick Wednesday. July ^'.st--9 "ttl? FARMERS WOODS Petersvslle. Maryland Adrn. SI 00 per couple and Ksslfy White Shirts «;;9 Sizes 13 : ; to IS S'ccve Length;; 32 to 35 KEMP'S MEN S STORE Shipment arrived are ereat««:t FOR SALE -- FRYING CHICKENS. value tor money Several used p,p « ul S " StuU - re^.r.jbe 1 i.-VAU ·i'.h and N Market Street Fjre Department as · does no , s , gn w . thlrj 10 davs after adjourn autoinatically '- chlldrn s Festival-- Stale,- Park dies by "pocket veto." When Con- ir ' gress ; s i:l bei . slon an unsigned bU! ! the nreboat sub Congress f t -' 1 fOi lowing the ceremony, tending the ceremony aunt. Mrs. Sc Those were at- the becomes ia-.v unless vetoed within * " " veto a bill it is necessary for the ' send a message to · FRIDAY, -J3RD JULY-- 7 P. M. Children's Pagear.t " The Nutcracker ' Cand. Pony t-veryone invited Break 1 uur Glasses? Save the pieces. Lenes Cin tc duplicated from broken pieces T\\o to four hours- Eyes Examined--Glasses Fitted Con;p!ete Eyeglass Service MAAS OPTICIANS 21C-A X Marke! Phone 1951-\\ "a per Aimait D LAMBERT. y K.t-' C.sutch Street t'.i-vn.' T : J rou ^M.K SALE--KELVtXATOR KEFRIG- j crator '.6 cu. t'.i good condition. ; Also antique dishes and larops. D. K. j Corun. Jefferson. 7-19J2f j FOR SALE--7-ROOM BRICK HOUSE. | Janst-s Thomas Hanes, Pi of Rocks, I *d ~7-13d6f ' FOR __ SALE -- HAY OR Ct'T~ re$ Phone Brunswick 3292. _ ON _________ __ _ FOR SALE-- LARGE ELECTRIC RE- ;-:«era;cr. 2 din-.'sg roora R.ce, Evengelical and Reformed church i Earl L. Johnson and a member and Past Master of j Earl L. Johnson. 20-year-old Columbia Lodge. No. 58. A. F. and j farmer of \Voodfield. died Saturday i f" d bro'-n** respectively of she I*^TM at Frederick Memorial Hospital of «t ± Cr^be^. Eche r of Mt. J French Raymond."" Jr. "and Robert *Ecker. j President to sena a message 10 ; Frederick Livestock Sales Mr. and Mrs. James K. Eeker and j Con 8ress. . , . ', We will have our regular sale in son Terry. Richard Arndt. Mr. and · .. our new barn. East Sou'.h street Mrs. John Longnecker and \Vil- i *~ In what * var dld the cavalr ' extd . opposite Valentine's Asphalt liam Ott. They will reside at 4304 ' capture a fieet? : plan!. 0:1 Tuesday nigh:. July ^0 Parkmount ave.. Baltimore. Both : A ~ The cavalry captured a fleet ; at p nl _ , d s l . Ail kinds of li\e- the bride and groom are widow 1 '/ 4 the _^e5herlar.ds during ^he · stock alid Give Your Old Glider a 'Nr« Look' 6 pc Gliaer Cu?!jio:i Set:. Water RepeUent · Reg S169S* $14 PS (Reg S!99S S!6SS KEMP'S--THIRD FLOOR : v r ^ k . M£ _ 7-:jjjt FOK"SAI.E~ :· I;LASS TOPPED TA- E 2r.Ts; bl^s 3'. c h i i r - ^ ^.tj *'.*. 3-burafr ».-·!. c r.irx:*- ^ ^·'^iz-r'-cr £ri*: c^i!i 5 FOK SALE -- ANTIQUE BLANKET ches:. Ay ply Char!es S. R:ce. 223 ~ ' " -19d3t NEED A "HOME--ARMY On TtiurMiay nipht. July "2. at 7 entered Amsterdam at a j" p m V{ isf. we will sell the house- time when The Dutch fleet was ice; ho ! d furniture.!iinery and snis- j bound in the Zuyder Zee. Under : ccllaneous articles . _. . , . . . . . . - ,, . *»·«»·«:-----*».im»»/»i s iGeneral Pichegru. the French Hus-| ROY H RAAl^BUKG ciiev Slagen: two-, attack of appendicitis. He was a Miss C ora Mae Armstrong. · S ars-a cavalrv unit-rode out on IXA^BLKU r,_*^!?^?T!:^ ! ^-^^/ 1 ^^ h .*^_ J ?^f 0 !! 1 :h au * ht « r of Mr - and Mrs. Daniel the ice and 'captured the entire 1 Notice A. Masons. Funeral Tuesday Surviving are his Catherine Menciiey daughters, Mrs. Aberdeen, and Mrs. Ralph W. Boy- Woodfield. who survive as well ns i isepticemia after a six-day" illness. | Pleasant ' Mrs. ! Complications developed after an ; Himes--Armstrong Reliable Junk Company M A U R I C E SCLAK. Prop Water S t . B i O Ave. Phone--OSice 966 Resiaoncf 171" W Highest Ca.vh P!:C^ Paid For A!) Kinds f J u n k L'scd Pipe for Sale WANTKO TO RENT -- Fl'KNISHED .»;» i-trnt'n! :n *·'' .· lf-^,4-v t«.-... .;^-j--^ c»;sj» \V. J Armstrong of Charles Town. ' "' *" er. this city; two brothers. Howard ' two brothers. James F. and Rich- ) %v. Va.. and John T. Himes Jr ' . E. Slagen. Salisbury. K. C. and jard Lee Johnson, at home, and two ] son of TIr. and Mrs. John T.! MARKET PRICES Richard S. Slagen. Lancaster, Pa., '· Bisters. Mary E. and Hazel Ann ! Sr.. Sandy Hook, were married Wheat, bu. . and three grandchildren. 'Johnson, also at home. Funeral , Saturday. July 3. at seven o'clock . Barley, bu The body is at the funeral home, services were held this afternoon · at the home'of the groom. Rev. : Corn." bbL 106 East Church street, where the at 2 o'clock at the late residence. I Virgil V. Brallier performed the : funeral service will be held Tues- Interment in Damascus cemetery. · single ring ceremony in the pres- day mornins at 10.30 o'clock. In- . Roy \\~. Barber, funeral director. ! ence of the immediate family and terment will bs in Mt. Carmel I j friends. They will reside a: the cemetery. Littlestown, Pa. his, Pf»w»of\r»fll^ : home of the groom, at Sandy Hook. former home. The family has ask- ' ·* *** Ot/lf l**o I that flowers be omitted. M. R. i Mrs. Sophie Raabe and Miss , Sweeney--Knott Etcbison and Son. funeral directors. '· Elizabeth Herman. of Webster . Miss Clara Regina Knott. daugh- have charge of arrangements. Local Mentions I wish to announce that 1 will . '· continue the business operated by | : my late husba"d. Hugh N. Barnes. ] S 2 14 ul jj. Pleasant Thanking you for , S J.32 a |i pa ..j favor.s and s-olicitiiig your . $11.30 future patronage. j i MRS. MARY E BARNES. j MS. Pleasant. Md. ! Huild Vour Home IN SPUING V A L L E Y 60ft frontage lo'.s SI.500 All improvements Mottcr Ave.. Opposite 1311- 5t p!u» BiJg Co. _~-JJ) 2! 23 27 29.3!d6t-_ KOR SALE -- 947 INDIAN ^fdTOR- c\«_'.c. rcjsonsbSy priced. Applv 413 N. M.irk«:i Ss. S a. 1:1. t:ll C p HI. _ 7-;9c3t' K4S-SAte--^BALEb"l!AY. IN FIELD H c nur«%. en KurseJl Hickmaii Farm, on Keich's Ford Koad. -I9d2t* Custom Baling: .GLENELLEN FAIiMS. ljt!::!fvil!e. Md Phone New Market 2013 I'tlOFKSMON \L »t SIN ESS WOMAN ni-i! · .1-0.1 (oo: o r l K p r o u m · uniurii shti! .. : ar:::icn:. Tel. t02i»-K. fOH SALE _ 1IKO CHEVROLET coupe, good condiuon. 2C1 South. Si 7-17d6f SCOOTER. For Sale Lot 50'.x300' Near Rocky Springs CALL FRED. H62-W-5 Wanted To Buy--House : From Owner--All Cash i 5-6 rooms Detached. In or near '. citv. Write H. CLINTON KINDLE. Rt 2. Frederick. Md. Fii«p.i-al Tc \ r Ulierdl IS Held At TanCVtOlvn --««---·»·--« ---.--«. -..~.. ( v ~ - r - w M w * -- -- j *»j.ijj v^*a.i CL J.*.^g«iia i v i i w t t , v^££L^ii~ ·iHIUlrtl XT 1 CXI 1C . : Groves. Mo., are visiting Mr. , ter of Mr. and Mrs. Austin Knott.' i Frederick Fire Department. Fri- | ; and Mrs. Charles Herman. 232 Dill , of near St. Anthony's, became the ' day. July 23rd. 6 00 p. m.. Frederick j avenue. bride of Howard A. Sweeney, son , Fair Grounds. Admission paid up j Xew Midway Firemen's Carnival ! Mrs. Gertrude Auit. Home for the ' of Mr. and Mrs. William Sweeney, dues card of any Frederick City Aged, is this week attending the ! of Thurmont, at a ceremony per- Fire Cornpanv. COMMITTEE CHARLES H BAKER Phone 1523-J 90G Mottcr Avenue Ncv.s Hox :7OC. '. second annual religious conference j formed July 10 at St. Anthony's Ken- ] for people over 65 years of age be- j church rectory by the bride's pas- . GOOD COUNTRY EATS Monday through Saturday Watch Repairing Carefully Repaired anei Adjusted by Watchmaker with long experience Jewelry and Clocks Repaired TYLER'S JEWELRY STORE - .-ri-i. · coach Also bucket-a-day stove. W. ''"" - . E-_Eea»._Ycllo'.v_Spr!nss. 7-17d3f ' ; ?i-- ' condition. Robert II. Roulzihn. 405 · WAXTEU-EMALL FURNISHED OR East Main St~ MlddlciownrMd. Phone unfurnsshccl apartment. Xo chil- tjQ-M 7 *7d3* : '' r ±"-,.. p " 0!lc !3ii a:ld aik , . f ?v.. Mr - FOrt'sALE-194. FORtr^gpfeR-rTg: Funeral services for Pfc. Kenneth W. Crumbacker were held . ing held at Western Maryland Col- \ tor. Rev. Stanley Scarff. Aitend- . Sunday afternoon at two o'clock at i lege. Attendance at the conference : ants were Corrine Knott and Jo- the funeral hcma in Tanevtown in , is limited to 75 men and women seph Knoit, sister and brother of ! charge of Rev. Guy P. Bready. In- i and is by invitation only, terment was in the Reformed ! Mr. Nelson May. son of Mrs. J. church cemetery. Pallbearers were ; Harvey May, Frederick, enlisted in Harry. Joseph "and Ralph Baker. I the U. S. Air Force for three years Elxvood Frock. George Biker and j and will take up drafting. He grad- David Myerly. MUitary sen-ices i "ated from Frederick High School - - : - 10 «7 and was employed by and Bielfeld. Inc. Mr. were conducted at the graveside by m members of the Hesson-Snyder! Marken Post American iLegion. The color j Ma " ls taking his basic training at guard was composed of Stanley ! San Antonio. Tex and his address fl, -^ , _ . _ _.. . % ! 1C- T^vf TSTolcrt-i W ^\.Toir 1 ^97?m =: King. Galen Stonesifer. Richara Etrler. Motter Crapster'and the firing squad was made up of Neal W. Powell. Edmund J. Morrison, Carl Sell. Raymond Reynolds. John Koontz, Ira CaldweU. Sheldon Shealer. Kenneth Hartsock. Rob- the bride. Mr, and Mrs. Sxveeney are em- | ployed at the Cambridge Rubber: Company, Taneytown. They will j reside at Thurmont. Monday. July 19 Feats of Magic j Sleight of Hand ! Free gifts, all members and guests . x ew Midwav Firemen's Carnival For Sale Two houses under construction. PEONE 77-W-X j Firht And Kill Japanese Beetles i Use Proit's DDT Concentrate Spray | Sold At CARMACK'S GROCERY , WILL V. F. W. HOME Engagement Announced Attention: Bowlers j ! We will be closed the month of July to refinish our alleys. Monday through Saturday Car drawing Saturday evening PAY CASH FOK xvnshiiis machines, electric Refric- i»ra:ors -Tnd good hoaseholc! furniture. , Any quanitv. Kehnc Furmtu~c Co.. ! ; W South Markc: St. Phone «7S. i , , . . ,, - . SALE--1941 FORD SUPER DE- ,r ~-- | luxe 2-door cdan. Call at Renner S *_O\ ES. ^ ^lotor Co., ^cv." *'liti*-vayp ^larylanti* 7-!7d5t' Strine's Reunion j Big Pipe Creek Park. Taneytown. j We are desirous of keeping them ' Md. Sunday, July 25th. Public in- Wall Paper and Papering A. H. LA BRUSH 19 DcGrnngc Street Phone 1494-M WANTED -- LADY WANTS APART- mcnt m Frc tlre^? Box I Post. 7-13tI6t PLATfER. ilennance No. 8. excellent condi- , r ,., · t-on. extra »ct new blades. 33.750 ""-' 1 -- j F.O.B. our yard. Southern Building truck. ! ^-ton. in sooci shape. Cheap. PvL Nelson R. May 13277015. Squadron BN-13. Flight 3244. j Lackland Air Force Base, San ! Antonio. Tex. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wiles. Route 5, announce the birth of .a daughter. Lyn Diane, on Friday at ·tJlSwd^A . -L^.^.^LJ^.U£ -L..1CU. bOUV.n.. A.kW , - _, J - » ·* *· - * -- -· ert Wantz and Fred Gamer. Charles *f Frederick Memorial Hospital. Conover was bugler. C. O. Fuss!? 1 ": bab " weighed six and one- and Son funeral irector. nalr P° un ds at birth. and Son. funeral director. T./Sgt. Burns To Be Given Military Rites Funeral services with rnilitary rites at the grave will be held to- ?viiss Helen May, Frederick, spent a week \vith her sisters, Margaret and Betty, at their apartment in Hagerstown. Miss Betty May then returned v.-ith Helen to Frederick for a week's vacation at her home. Misses May are the daughters of morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock tor j Mrs - J - Harvey May of Frederick. T./Sgt. Winfred S. Burns. 25. who '· Mr - and Mr *- Clarence Kline, of was killed in action in France on · PoolesviUe, celebrated their silver July 4, 1344. The services j wedding anniversary on Sunday. be held at the i " rbe ? 1vere v isited during the day Laytonsville funeral home with in- fav their chUdren and families. Mrs. Bettie Mae Redmond, of j up to regulation perfection for I vited. Danville. Vs.. announces the en- j your greater bowling enjoyment, gagement of her daughter, Addie R_, of Washington, to George M. Firor, son of Mr. and Mrs. Z. V. Firor. of Thurmont. The wedding will take place in the near future. Reopen August 1st. ARCADE BOWLING ALLEYS Public Sale Due to the death of my husband. I will sell at public sale Saturday. j Park Avenue Property For Sale j Six-room modern brick dwelling ! and double garage, reduced from ; Sll.OOO to S9.000. P. LUTHER RICE SON, Pianos--Spinets--Pianos Student Pianos S50 up. Spinet Styles S399 up CRAMER'S BARBARA FR1TCHIE SHOPPE , WANTED -- ELECTRIC CLOCK AND Phone 419~-R or 109 S Mkt. St . Fredi Miial! electric appliance rcpniring. j crick 7-17d3t I V.'orlc called for nntl delivered. The S?T,r-£T7-= yXi'Kg^' ^ ·» ,,^?g5? Clock Shop Phone Buckeyxtown 72. Md. 7-9d2Gt WANTED-- GOOD CARS FOR SALE -- GOLDEN HAMSTERS. 22-i East Seventh St. 7-17d3t* FOR SALE--COMBINATION" RADIO- 'Real Estate^ Phone 1484 29 E. Third St. Attention Jnnior Ladies Aux. The annual picnic will be held on Invitations Issued Wedding invitations have been issued by ?,Ir. and Mrs. Russell C. Thomas. Ballenger Creek Road, for the coming marriage of their daughter. Betty Mae. to Jack i Thomas Linton. son of Mr. and Mrs. Russell H. Linton. 816 Trail avenue. The ceremony will take place on Saturday. July 31. st two ' ibs"?ce*TMdrpssing bureaus" l"btif- ' Please bring glass knife, fork, and i o'clock in the Grace Reformed f e t." 1 iron bed and springs, i-wood- July 24. 1343, at 1.30 p. m. (dsi), on the premises of the late George i · F. Ensor. Dublin. Md., north of i Walkersville. the following: i 1 Westinghouse electric wasber. j Monday. July 19th. at Braddock 1 Windsor enamel range, 1 5-bur- Heights. Md. ner oil stove with oven. 1 Halma Buses will leave Fire Hall at 4.00 For Sale--Late Plants Fiat Dutch Cabbase. Tomatoes. Celery. Broccoli. Cauliflower. Brussell Sprouts H FRANK FOLAND. 304, College Avenue Phone 735 cnr. or \vc v.-ill sell your car for vou ! : at our price for a 10^. handling · FOR SALE--INTERNATIONAL TANK charne Sell now v.-hile hifih prices truck. 1045 2-ton. 900 gallons, com! prcvnil prices Brins your e.i- nnd title in i today The Frederick Motor Co.. 117 J West Patrick St. Phone 1092 ^MIL. | OLD DISABLED DEAD ANIMALS pietc with power takeoff, pump, .meter, hose and reel. Excellent'con- i dition. newly painted and good tires. Box 187 or Phone Frederick 7-16d3f Hard Shell Crabs j ·On sale every Thursday. Friday, ; sewing machine. 1 Majestic floor j and 6.00 p. m. Stops will be made · and Saturday. ' ' radio. 1 ice box, holds 100 j at Square Corner and Jefferson St.- phone your order not later than Quickest sanitary removal If it's too FOR SALE--HOUSE. SMALL BARN. ia:e fnr the doctor call Ree;. Fred- i 2 " acres of iinoit land. 4 miles crick 1279 24 hour service We pay I north of Frederick, just off Route 15, telephone c'.arses Al-.vavs on the job ' on hard road from 15 to Walkersville. d-tf I Dan Wight. 7-ISd6tx7-20wIt ====z=======^ = ^ ===== irz=Z=. ! -FOR SALE--1943 K. B. 7 INTERXA- tional truck with 14-ft. stake body and catUe racks. Mileage less than 6.000 miles. Carman. R. Bern. Rocky HKLP WANTKD Church of Frederick. terment in Montgomery Methodist church cemetery. Rev. Harold B. Wright will officiate and members of Cissell-Saxton Post. American Legion. Silver Spring, will provide , military rites. Roy W. Barber, i er j ] Hospital. Baltimore. Among The Sick Mr. William M. Storm, promin- i ent Frederick attorney, was injured Saturday in a fall at the Roland . Air. and Mrs. Robert A. Shoe- Harbaugh cottage at Braddock j en bed and springs, 8 straight chairs and 1 rocker. 1 round extension table. 2 kitchen tables. 1 couch, lots o£ butchering tools. I double shot gun. plows and garden too spoon. VIRGINLA. M. DANNZR. Secretary. maker. Woodbine, are receiving congratulations on the birth of a daughter. Mary Deene, born Tuesday Heights and is undergoing treat- j ment at Frederick Memorial Hospital. He slipped and fell on the numerous to mention. Terms:--Cash on dav of sale. MRS. ROSIE ENSOR t the' Maryland Gen- i point of a porch step inflicting a i very painful injury to his back. Mr. and Mrs. Norman M. Hull! Xo bones are broken, and daughters, Baltimore, are j Mrs. Annie Coyle, 1-iO West South two weeks at the home of | street, who has been a patient a t ! Broad-Leafed Weeds and'Plants " funeral director, has charge o: rangements. The deceased is survived by his -,, mother, airs. Annie Burns Allnutt i irs - Aul1 s Parents. Mr. and Mrs. j »he Frederick Memorial Hospital near Kemptown- his wife Mrs Al- i Erman A - Shoemaker, Woodbine.' for the past seven weeks recovering berta V. Burns Kemptown- two i Mr ' Shoemak er serves as clerk o f ; from a fall at her home, was dis- i " ~ f ***** r ^ ? T - « » » S » f * _ - i . » out £^~* *-*-, _ T 1 - I -, . - . - -~m . . ! daughters. Joann and Ruth: a j brother. Edward W. Burns. Cedar Grove: two sisters. Mrs. Mable Pot- Rid Tonr Property Of Undesirable Weeds with Dependable Dupont Products 2. 4D "Weed Killer A Selective Killer to Eliminate Binsro--Bingo--Bingo Every Saturday and Holiday Insect Repellent Lighting Benefit Braddock Heights Fire Co. { Late Bus Wednesday evening before. ROBERT WEDDLE Phone 2I56-J Hillside Coal Company 4. 6 8 and 12 inch cement block IMMEDIATE DELIVERY Phone 39 HELP WANTED. MALE -- SALES- men (2) with car to for permanent pos _ manufacturing concern W.H consider inexperienced men ivho are willing workers. Men accepted will work un| dcr direct supervision of salcj man' ager. No canvassing. Learning while j training. $60 weekly. For personal | interview write Frederick ^Jews-Post I Box 1001. Ridge. Md. 7-16d3f 'lulfn ^"h 10 | C =. al ]i" FOR SALE--BLACK \VHTTE POR- lllon ._.V. I - h Iar « c celain kerosene stove (Florence) with built-in oven. Phone Myersville 2062. 7-I6d3t' FOR SALE -- IMPROVED lCE~fUZ- frigcrator. Good condition. Caoacity 100 Ibs. Phone Walkersville 3231. 7-I6d3t Stark Fruit Trees For the Best in Tscd Cars See These 1948 Studebaker. 4 Dr. Sed. fruit. Our shrubbery and greens are different. Free catalogue. Free Jandscape plans. STARK BROTHERS JttJRSERIES. Dept. F. Louisiana, Missouri Ib. jar. S1.73 4 Ib. jar. S6.T5 For Sale Six-room frame, rockwool in- i sulated. hot water heat, modern ! 1947 Plymouth. 4 Dr. Sed. i 1947 Chevrolet Club Coupe i 1947 Chrysler. Town and Country i 1946 Chevrolet. 2 Dr. Sedan 1946 Oldsmobile. 4 Dr. Sedan 1945 Jeep 1941 Chevrolet. 2 Er. Sedan 1941 Packard. Seven Pass. Sedan _ SALE--5-ROOM SEMI-BUNGA- HELP WANTED -- MARRIED MAN 1 low wijh 2 acres of nice laying for rjairv farm. Good house with ' !and. House in good condition, new- bath nnd electricity. Good wases. ! Paper and paint, electric water sys- Writc Box 135, Olney. Md. Phone Ash- ! tem - garage and several other small ton 228!. 7-lSdBt ' b'dgs. A very desirable home with a FTcr-TnTr" rTi fnv ' lovely view of the mountains. On good ^··Vr.-VCSlrfC. UAIttS. , rrtar | ;,.er ntf m a i n hte»J*tt.-aT- KAt^i^-A^n .«ii. onucindH.ei serves as ciers or , trom a fall at her home, was dis- i Am--,=fo U"o»rt K-nipr · ·"""'"-"· ""' ..--. -.-- ,,,,, -n^^ T « -;,,K rTMTM .. eta. co» rt ,, c^o ,,,,,,., g.,. ; :r ^. ? TM»- = ; To Utt 'ZZSX!S* -*; SJffiS V. 0 TM tSSttSi ISS SS^i S?S Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Piazza i have returned to their home tier Washington and Mrs Sarah 1 ° av f J '' eturned to their nom e i n ; Transfer was made in the ambu J. Philins Woodfield i R ockviiie. They lived for the past, lance of C. E. Cline and Son. eight years in Rio de Janeiro. Bra- | Mr. William M Simon, formerly | i zil. where Mr. Piazza started the ! of Mt. Airy and a patient at Emer- · -.,«,«.__' i American School of Rio. He served i , T _ _..-,_·. ,_ ,- . .^ r AKAl£Kb . . -- ..,,,,,,_. 0 .,,.._... . -- - pil .^p lot 4 m*le; from Fred- '· 1S40 Chevrolet. 4 Dr. Sedan i ofhe^'on" onTe^as HoSe -Te l SmM trC6S 3nd ^^ ' erick o^ne'of th'^irfhlghways. | 1939 De Soto. 4 Dr. Sedan I Tra h n e ier 0 w 0a c 2^?^^TM^ '. T ° ki "_»»«??!-««.!» ^x-e^.. Quick sa!e desired . For particulars 1933 Packard Convert. Coupe walks, tennis courts, etc. 1 Ib. jar. 85c j gencv Hospital for some time past. · For Pfc.RichardFleming; 'SSFSSSfSZ. "SS^T^SSiS^S 'LS i !«-* . . _ . _ . . . fl«t f!lll«5rs? T?oTat;ons A t f a i - h » ir. J , ~ , " _ _ . !0J--11 i I- contact HOWARD A. GROSS, Realtor. 9 Court St 1933 Nash. 4 Dr. Sedan , 1937 Dodge. 2 Dr. Sedan 1937 Terraplane Coupe , 1947 Crosley Pickup Truck 1946 G?vIC 3 i-ton Truck v.-ho -.vanls to plan now for an excel- j Sent future. Wr.Je giving fui! information to P. O. Box G7. Libertvtown. Md. __7-19d6t_ { HELP WANTED -- EXPERIENCED 1 x'.-ool presscr. male or female. ! Fle.schm.-.n's Cleaners. 7-19d3t ! FOR SALE -- ELECTRIC REFRIGSH- I ator. 2 electric radios and one G- E. portable radio. Apply 128 West 3rd St. _ 'TO _ EX^ERIEVCED FARM hand? 4 miles from Frederick. Good , wages. Write F^c-Jenck News-Post i Box !9;o. _ 7-19c3f The remains of Pfc. Richard * Fleming, will arrive in this dty]*"*TM"' *·«"«*"· f. nd ^ s no ; v e ^ i * Tuesday afternoon. F^nerai serv i ^^^^^ *TM A -- | ices will be held at the funeral home. 106 East Church ; do-.vne. Removal was in the C. E. -277 line and Son ambulance. Mrs. Annie R. Siddinger return- , 3 to her home on Wilson avenue ' Down! IJOTITI! Used Cars \Vinlcrs A Comin* Middleto^vn , You ought to see that ne-.v Oil · 1940 CMC 2-ton Tmck 6 , Space Heater that Weil Brothers jg 3 7 f orc j p- c kuD Truck j a r e selling. Heats up to four large ig36 international Pickup mor5al Hospital where Thursday m o r n i n g at ele v-en o'clock. Interment Mt- Olivet ceme quested flowers be Etcaison and Son. funeral directors. , Westminster ! Clifford ^ i e^ i home , O'N'eilJ. and Mrs Bell, near LeGore. I Sed-Cpe. Our Special! Radio Heater, 33.648 Actual miles-A-1 1941 Chev. Deluxe Sed. : Completely Overhauled, Funerals 1 rooms Has a humidifier, turbine ' type blov.'er \vitn electric motor. : · Do .^3l: thermostatic control, draft adjus- } tor. and completely automatic. i Bums kerosene or No. 2 Fuel j Oil and of course Weil Brothers ' will assure you of a supply. WEIL BROTHERS, Frederick. Md. Job. The funeral of Mrs. Jeanette i °- Nel "-. -wrs. tcKer s parents re-|--"-^- Ethel Dennis, widow of Isaac C. i iurned aonl « w «° them for a visit. ; ton ambulance. Dennis, took place from the funeral ! Mr - ana Mrs - °- Truman Pearre home, urday Rev. Palibe; James G. bet. was made in the Le»vistov.n Methodist cemetery. M. R. Etchsson and Son. funeral directors. transfer -was in the G. C- 3a-- ' 1935 QievroJet Coach--Very- clean. Good shape 1934 Plymouth Coach !LEADERS CLASS MEETS Included in his a IriD to turooe. _. _ _. »---.-, . --, S c n p r e reading ard W,i,,arn S. itinerary vcere vUits to friends in 225 60 50 450 160 28 Chevrolet Panel Truck Salesmen to 9 00 p m S^« Our U;ed Car Lot Xext to the V. F W. Aooroved Packard--Willys-Overland Sales and Service BARBARA FRITCHIE MOTOR CO Phone 12^^ tr- w_^ Salvage SITUATIONS WANTED Highest market prices for Waste ; ,,.-- . . Paper. Rags. Metals. Iron. Tires.; SITUATION WANTED -- F I R S T Hides. Greases, etc. j class barber desires -ob ;n Frc-der- For Sale: I Beams, Angles. Chan- j J i^' 3 _ writc '* ne'i iron. Reconditioned Pipe, etc · SITUATION FREDERICK JUNK COMPANY. ' tngland and Belgium. Tur. and Mrs. Charles H. Hahn snell offered prayer. One hun- i dred seven were in attendance The funeral of M-- r^-n-Hp ^"d daughters. Dolores and Nancy. : vt " lt . ; ? 51 5, eds ' 55 B]ues ^ nd one J. l i e . i u l j v A e i l \J1 -»1»i. vjCiTiiiQC . Visitor OTG T1**\V nGITlTPr \VS^ i Best- Miller Heffner. widow of Woodsb , ora have rwe "t ly retu ^ ed I erTrolled H'the Red Division Nest' r rank L. Heffner. took place from ho1 TM: fr ° I I 5 , a to Jf r tnr ° u ^ 1 *« ', Sunday morning 1 a praver and test- the funeral home. 106 East Cnurch , southern rne route vO the jmopv sei _. jce %. H f ^ , jnder th , street. Saturday afternoon at two - south included the Skyline drive, ^^ (f Ed .,, ar(J - f M t ~ o'clock Dr. W. V Carrett. official- and Bu!e Md " e Mountain Parkway, j , [ ; ftd. Pallbearers \verc E d g a r t " AO e cenic diive^. _Poi.-r,s of in- ; TI^ Ttaliie of Liberty hold? her new 2 ton uck is Do-' 1 , n! Every Coins dov.-n" tn Your Hudson Dealer KEILHOLTZ MOTORS. INC. 310 Chapel Alley Phone 383 Frederick, Md Frank Gastley Sons enccd truck dr. drivrr. Telephone ants ;ib LOST AND FOrND 50 K^efsr Kooglf. Lester tere^t vi-:ied were Natural Bridge. · iorc ], o 00 fee . a b o \e t h e surround- Koogle. Clarence Heffner Samuel Cherokee I n d i a n Reservation. . j n g sea. Roderick and Ralph Potts -: Xortf ' Carolina: Smoky Mountains I Teas a profusion of flowers and the ' in Xortb Carolina ?nd Tennessee: : 'J-| le " funeral i\as largely attended. InROC: * terment wa= made ir. Mt. Olivet cemeter;-. M. R. Etch-tor, and Son funeral directors. w - Va - Clt "- Georgia. Mammoth Kentucky; and Charleston. ^ ' A h time DbT) IN MF,MORIAM In Memoriam KEEXSY--!n ;ov:!ig n-.en-.or- of my dear ?on. Marl in. who oss-ed av.av four \ears ago todav. Juiv 19. 1944 July br:ns- sari memories. Drive Ont--Drive In 11 a m. to 2 a m Chicken In the Basket Jumbo Shrimp Ranchburgcrs T-Bones Eat and Relax :n Your Car at THE SNACK BAR. Jet. I" S Rv-t- -5-1 r-nd 40-A Picr.ic L-i'ifh^te Take Ojt Service Phone I333-J-3 , ESTRAVED -- DALMATIAN FE:.: \LE d^c Rc-A-srd \V C W i - p r r T'-^rc _________ ' LOST-- LICEN'SE PLATE NO , !ast Friday. Pnone Er^ ?.:27 FOK RENT , WANTED--3 j ily for d-:ry .-nd jjeneral farni i work. Able to L.SC tractor, hordes snd I milkers. Good v.age:- Hou»e with elec- ! tricltv. ini!k furn'.-.hcd. \Vri'e Frcd- ] cnek; Box :9!l-_ 7-;nd3t r£D~ MAN" FOR~GENERAL .ork. sinijie preferred. \V. C_ '· Winner P;;-r!e H57-J. 7-19d3t" \vo: TEN "3^ "SELL" DLTCHMAID~LIN- ' gcr.e siid N--!on ho;:crj. full or part t-.-re Roori commission, unlimited terri"c--\. \Vrite Box 1601. care ' Frcdcr-ck News-Post. _ _ 7-lSd-Jf 1 A -MAN OF EXCELLENT CHAR- actcr intcrc-sJea in making S3.0OO to S3.0CO or more per ;. ear. to take orders for fruit tree.-., shrubr. rose nu'hcs cic. Home nights High com- pi:d v-ee 1 :];. Free equiprr.cnt E:.r^ncnce ur.necc5sa".". \VrI*e The Kurr N-irseriss. Drawer B. St^ti^n A. M-nchc^er. Conn^ 7-!DJ2f HELP~WANTED"~--"BIG"" PROFITS s-?:.:nc Chn^tmns cards. No risk. Sc.l ;r.c-!'!;. o'her« Samples on sp- -.'-- priT-.t pi-.:-; bonus A:so free "r.n'cd cnrcis Crisllon Greet.njjs. 147 Z;scx. Depi. o?.3. Boston, r.'a-i 7 - ' ° d - t * s"f-ris"^ELL~3d~BOXES~21 for $: Xiins cards A'so w n h name ·-o "'' a-:d 25 f-r S! Nap"-::r.s. roasters, f.i'i'-r.CTy and complete line Costs nothir,? -o try Send f^r ";a:n7:es and «"".ns p'an on approve: V-'e^come ?63 Pi?r.e St. Dept. 49. Newark 2. - . -FOR SALE -- GIBSON EO1IE FREEZ- ', ' er. 7 cu. ft. (upright). 5 compart- : * Tlcnls - -APP'i" Jones Metered Gss · Sg^-ice. 37 S. Market_St. _ 7-16dSl_ 'OR SALE -- 1938 LaSALLE. GOOD ! condition^ Lewis Renn^_16 W. Thir- teenUl str eet. Phone ll.o^T. FOR SALE -- MICHIGAN WAXED ! concave stave siics. Also. Grange , concrete silos. Steel siios and. corn. ' cribs. Delivered to your farzn. Ercct: ed by experienced builders. Inquire , H. A Burall. 508 llaraolia Ave, Phone 130--M. 7-15d6t* ] FOR SALE -- DUPLEX IO-RCCM i house, 1st floor 5 rooms ar.d bath, · 2nd floor 3 rooms and bath. Very irisdem in every way. Steam heat oil burner, --car garage and chicken house. Lot 100x210 located on. Route 340. 12 miles from Frederick. Drive out and look this over. Sign front of ho_use_ 7-15d6t* bine. S450.00: I H. C. com binders. 320000 to ?COOOO: I. H. C. corr. harvester S900.00. V. A. C. Cass, S2S5.00: W C. AIl-.s Chalmers mower, S373 OO. W. C. A!!:: Chalmers com picker. SSOO.OO R. Johnston Bittner. ' Wavnesboro. Pa. Phor.cs 9IO-R-5, :_237-J 7-15d6f__ ' FOR SALK--IRON FIRE^LAX. LAT- est model, in sise one year, cost over ' S350 00. will sel! for S:40 OO cash, ilay be seen anytnie- Telephone Gaithers- FOK SALE--NtVf RECORDS. 5 FOH SI CO. u.-.:e they last. Hub Furniture Co.. IOC S. Market St. . 7-IodSt FOR SALE--73x320' LOT IMPROVED with 3-roorn hou^e. With well enclosed in building Ideal location. Phone Braddock Heights 2471. FOR RENT--FURNISHED BFTDKOO%: _328_W._3rd_S£ 7_-l''cJ3t_ FOR RENT F.-'n'vT^'iF') SCO" \ V s ! Luf's Stuff ; Precipitation for 24 hours ending I at 3 a. rn. '.oda\--none. i Precipitation. July to · inches. Of a ?rn v.-ho hs? cone to re?t. He will never be forgotten, ^g.g j 54 By the one \vtio loved him best. I often look at hi? picture. Vcncli3n Blinds Complete Renovating Service New Custom Made Blinds As Low ss 50c Square Ft. Aluminum or Steel For estimate u-ithout obligation call VEXKTIAN BLIND SERVICE Phone Frederick 2092 FOR RENT 7:! rooms v .*h v «rrs.T'i commj-^jT_. ! crick on cood ! or.e o- "AO ch co-jp c ire i ~ - " -- * 1 ah'.c \Vr:'e Bn\ .7 ' f ro^r en N c - ^ i Post 7-: Oo?.f ' FOR~RENf--FCRX:^Hr.D~BF,DROOM for a Kcrt' rex: to o.._!h :23 I Wc^t Church St 7 - i . d 2 f i FOR RENT--FURNISHED" EEDROOM i next to ba;h 31$ P a i k Avenue :-17d-3i*_ 7OOM sional advice. Wrong way: Drop by his house and consult him. and make no mention of paying him for his service to you. Rijrht way: Go to his office and . consult him professionally. dues and keep the law's restrictions. To fuss about the mess we're in is fair, and'democratic, but once forgetting how to grin we're growing too dramatic! High temperature yesterday--39 God gives me strength to bear it, High temperature a year ago--88 ' Courage to fight the blow. Low temperature last night--64' But what it means to part for Low temperature a year ago--66 a\\hile Condition of rivers- Monocacy Xo one \ \ i l l ovor muddy at Buckeyslo-An Dam, Poto- , K. A. LUFBURROW. | mac clear at Knoxvjlle. i HIS LOVING MOTHER MRS. CATHERINE BEARD For Eaele-Picher "Certified" Insulation and Eagle- Picher Aluminum Storm Windows and Doors ee H J Kester. phone 532-J. 316 E. Third St.. Frederick, j Box_572. : i Md. FREDERICK HOMES INSULATING COMPANY FOR RKNT--FURNISHED P_Er FbR~~RENT--MONTGOMF.RY~COCN- tv Md 2"^ .j^rc '·'ir;. iarm \\ith six" room brick house three room tenant hou=c 5" ttnn-h.on dairv Ir.-irn. sijo e l o " t n r i t \ and \va*er SI2300 per iniiiin \Vr:'.c Post Oflice ~ ihos'i.i Mr! _7-!fidfit _ FOR RENT--SANDER AND EDGER Plenty of ' a n d p i p c r vp^ni^h'". and shellac C F H a r l n . n n Ea-.: Street. Frederick. Phone 133* and 548. WANTED -- MAN FOR DAIRYING r.n-i ?;c-jcr?' :arrn -^.^rk. AIT)]V V.V,rthir.5:on H:-i3e:-.. Cook=vire. Md. --.*.-M.: t - n-3-\\-5 7-T7dr.f .'. i. it.., ,'.·- ·:.,'.!: .. .J (:, -- ,!!is; ".:-:s; MM- rvnTi--ice w i t h p.r.': Wrftc.- Good -..ace« to right rar:v P.~^rc Ponic^-. .::e COS2 p":cr 7 p -i __ _ 7-:7c!6: IIFI P -.V.VNTED ~--"EXPERIENCED c!a.r\::.?n f^r C^ cow barn Sino and ?!'ov. H-C*"^ G".(--"1 C" F.T-IIS. Ijams-. .'e. Md Plior.e Nc. Xarkc' 2013 7-:6d3t Hicfri SCHOOL GRADUATES' STORE v.crk c.,.ns. learnins about teo- t pie nr.a nie-chandise is an interest-.ns 1 csrrcr A-,-1 TT~CV s i« a g-^od p'lcc :o lear- -"d · rar". Cc:T-.e '.n anrf ^cc -.T' J. C. Pcr.r.ei- Co. Irr FOR S A L E -- 7 stools with foot re^ts, I csabie do-x- -vjth iron bars, ^ox of tised iuci- ber. ApoTy 2 Water St. 7-:4dSf FOR S\LE -- L. C. SliTTH TYPE- v.riUrr A-l condition. Phone 30B-- "X. 7-23dSt FOR SALE -- GREEN AND IVORY combination coal and wood range ·Ka!?rna:oo' Good cond.r.on. Phone 3156 7-13d6t* F^R~STALE^OAK LUMBER, S70~PER thousand ft delivered, oak slab wood S20 for 2-cord load Charles S. Smith. Thurmont, 3Id- Phone Thur- r.-.ont 43-F-I3. 7-13d6t* TOR SALE -- REPAIRED GENERA- tors. starters Blair's. 222 W South St. Phone 1546-M 7-9d30t' WANTED--MARRIED 'IAN WITH NO fam:'.v or sirc'e ma^i for :a"ni'n^ Mt Airy No milkinc. Write ' Tsews-Post Box 1-U2 _ _ T ' ! i dfit "_ IIF.I.P" \V \NTED-DAIRYMAN MOD- i · rn I n"se ,nd ^onri --alary w i t h ' i.MVl .I.IOT- l -irc'. Hnv ird F. Snii'h. · Mo.-rio-v F,.rm- l]anis\illc, Mel Phone i New Market 2265. 7-l5d6t" FOR SALE- mediate delivery. io-ft Case power birder. Bhzzard ennlace cutters. Case S O tractor, disc harrows. 4-can milk coo'cr. Cobey low-down wagons. Case low-down wagons, 2 new Jeeps, manure spreaders. 4-bottorn Case plow, corn planters, cement mixers. hamoiermiil«. tractor woodsaws. power corn Fhcllers. New Holland baler tv.-ine, also used Ford truck. Lot of other machinery. Guy C Kline Mv- ersville, Maryland. Phon« Myersville 2801, , 7-7dl5t .... NEWSPAPE^fifiCHIVED

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