The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 2, 1948 · Page 6
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 6

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 2, 1948
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

f AGE FOUR ' THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., MONDAY. FKBUUARY 2, 1948 CLASSIFIED ADS Charge Accounts: 15 Cents Per Line for Each Insertion. Special Discount tor Cash-with-Ordcr Minimum Ad Accented TWO Lines (1) Notices | (3) For Rent 1(4) For Solo (Continued) Card of Thanks - - - - - ., We are thankful and apprccia- Call at 9 b. Sloan. 4 SEMI-MOD : UNFUK. ROOMS, COAJL QUICK DELIVERY TED 182-2 live to the many friends · who so graciously gave us their help and 2 UNFURN. ROOMS. 1-2 BLK ring the a h n C d do we thank the following and from square. Tel. 1128W-2. 182-2. i SLEEPING ROOM PRIVATE EN- i trance. 27 1-2 W. Poplar, .Apart Rcvs. Jent and Smitli for the mcs-,mcnt 14. the beautiful flowers, the Walker- Jackson funeral home for its ex-! ; ' --- r~~; cellent service, those who furnish-[(4) For 5di0 cd transportation, the faithful wo-i -- ___ _ men. who sen-ed food in'the home J CO AL. COKE, AND KINDLING. Price Coal Yard. Tel. 1143R2. '177-12 GOOD BEAN HAY. DAN BEST- gen, Raleigh. FULL LINE MAYTAG AND OTH- er washer parts. Service on all makes. Williams Appliance Co.. 615 E. Poplar. Pho. 1146W. 123-tf and the men who helped at cemetery. To our many friends who have' carried the burden with during this time of trouble us ana City Coal Yaid, Tel. 55R1. . 132-tf ALETTE LUBRICATION SER- OR RENT: 350 ACRES OF LAND jwith good improvements. Renter must have sufficient equipment to handle a farm of this size. Most of this land has been treated and will produce. If interested see Julius Bona. owner, at Harco, Saline Co., Illinois. *l80-3 S sadness we feel a heartfelt vice. See K. Dunn, Saline Motor appreciation of Christian love. Charlie Hartley and family. Cc. 132-tl -182-1 ESTATE IIEATROLA. PHO. 38F4. · ! Edwin Rilying. * 182-1 Card of Thanks Nehru Pleads in XXVIII Marie was quite--quite dead. No doubt ot it. No living person over lay like that, so utterly relaxed and yet so awkward. Bem a t h its paint her face was :. tvt'.tv lirav color. NEW DELHI. Feb. 2--(U.H) _ l ' j klK .it'do\vn at last and looked Premier Jawaharlal Nehru ap- · ,, t j, ei . without touching her, and pealed to Indians today for peace I j N . iU . u, a t her blue eyes were wide in the name of Mohandas K. Gand- p.^,,, ;ill j ih c j r pupils were wide hi as rioting spread to six new,.. . . - By JAMES MICHAELS United' Press Staff Correspondent DELHI. Feb. 2--(U.H) _ BOOKKEEPING SYSTEMS, CttL- umnar pads, ledger sheets, filing equipment, filing cases, indexes, index cards. 22 S. Vine We wish to take this method to WASSON COAL AND STOKER thank each and every one \yho Jackson Icc» Coal, Tel. 25b. Harrisburg Printers, St. Phone 1180W. 166-tf ... __ ,. _ . . m . UUIVIX . And I rcmenibcrcc points in India and casualties rose I , c f l Haverson saying that the di to 27 dead and 107 wounded. . Iau , a p u p i l s ot A ' rl nm i Avis were Disorders broke out in New i one ot the things that had tippcc Delhi for the first time since j tin police off to murder in the G'andhi was assassinated last l ? ri-jfj...t place. It meant that Marie day. Calcutta also had its first had been poisoned, too. strife when Hindus tried to set . . . fire to the home of Dr. Shyama Pread Mookerjee. last president of the Hindu extremist group Mah- asabha. to which Gandhi's assassin was linked. Nehru addressed the dominion j No one: .Marie had been poisoned whik I lay taking a sun bath in UK patio just outside the windows Oi her room, and with a. policeman still on guard out front some where. With no one else around parliament while government n- vestigators dealt with a reported nationwide conspiracy said to call for the assassination of high Hin- 1 could see myself trying tc explain fhis to Bob Leiphan. 0: to anyone else for that matter. My "thoughts began to buzz likt da leaders, perhaps including Xeh-' angi'y bees whose hive has beer ,.«,,-i.i»«« «..-- ·" 3- RM - HOUSE, NEWLY PAINT~ "ed" husband"and father, Lewis! ed. new stool and kitchen sink, OwenKeown. We especially thank | $2.000.00 or small down payment, the doctors who attended him, the j Balance terms. Martin funeral home, the Tanner j 6-rm. semi-modern house, va- quartette, the Rev. Roy Reynolds,' cant, corner Sloan and Webster, those who sent such beautiful flo- Bargain. ral pieces and all others who help- j 6-rm. semi-modern house, College - f- t n, t _ · - rs..*r?~rt r\rt ed in any.way. !St.. bargain. $4750.00. Mrs Minnie Kcown and child- j 5-rm. modern house, living room -182-1 across front, nice grate, nice high ren. basement, $7.000.00. W MINE NO. 2 . 105-acre farm, store, stock and with living quarters. 5 { J i I i \s *, \ I COAL AT B (formerly Knickerbocker M i n e ) ' fixtures located north edge of Carrier Mills, t Close to new mine. - 172-12 i 120-acre farm 2 miles _ Harris- water and burg, good ground. CURIOSITY SHOP WILL BE . lights, S85 per acre. closed for one month after Satur- i 100-acre farm. 16 miles south dav Drastic reductions in used Harrisburg. 2 barns, o-rm. house, **-'.'. . 1 O O 1 Uor-n-^ort C7 OflO Ofl clothing. 182-1 basement, $7.000.00 (2) Business 'Services INCOME TAX SERVICE. R. . McDowell, McDowell Grocery.' 327R and 595W2. 180-- . , Hauptmann Real Estate 323 W. . Church. 182-2 (5) Wanted TO BUY: BABY CALF. ABOUT 4-woeks old. beef type preferred, i Hindu fanatic. ru and Sardar Patcl, strong man of the Congress party. Gov't to Act Firmly The premier hinted that the government would act press the violence breaking out after the killing of Gandhi by a molested. There had to be some connection between Marie's deatr and that of Avis and Art . . . hac to be! Death bv poison doesn'* firSTlv'tosun" iTM bc - in to ha P pcn accidentally ,TMil ; ^ S "?; and indiscriminately. There to* i be put with her other things ano Mane had taken a fancy to it, too. 1'oilet articles were slul scaUercU on the dressing table as if Mane nad waited to pacK them - unl» i'iter slie was dressed. More ol Avis' things, 1 thougnt--botlk-s ol oerrume and expensive face powders and huge jars of creams, am it was the.ii i saw IT. It was stil open where Marie had used it, awl 1 knew it from the monogram on the top--an "A" set with small ruuics and chip diamo % ni.s. 1 picked it up and held it In my hand and looked at it and knew how three people had died. One of them by intent--and two by accident. Tiiat was the most tragic part of it. Two had died by sheerest accident. Yes, 1 knew how three people .iao oiecl, and why the attempt on life had been made. nn own Knew, too, with a sudden paralyzing fear, that 1 was still in danger. 1 knew how they had died, out I didn't know why. The motive-the motive. - i thought wildly. There had to be a motive for a crime of this sort-- a deep, passionate, driving motive. 1 stood there . with the dead Godard's Farm Market. 182-4 TO BUY 50 SINGLE ACTION discs, 12, 15, 18, or 21-ft. John Deere, I. H. C., Roderick Lean, new type David Bradley, Massey Harris or Minneapolis Moline. Write G. R. Borg, Biggsville, 111. Pho. 38F4. Just before Nehru spoke, Hindu mobs attacked buildings and three newspapers of the Mahasabha organization. Police fired into the air to scatter the surly crowds. Congress party speakers addressed them, sayingi that Gandhi's soul would suffer "from their misdeeds. been no visitors at the house .ill morning except Jeff Haver.'on. Only Jeff Haverson. I let that fact sink into my mind. Jeff, one 01 the suspects in the original murders, had been there in my house that morning. He must have put the poison into something while he was there Something--that Marie Malonej had eaten or drank later. My bean a beat--and I went or. (5a) Help Wanted RAWLEIGH DEALER at once. Good opportunity. Write! at once. Rawleigh's, Dept. 942-105, Freeport, 111. ' QUICKIES By Ken Reynolds;. WOMAN FOR GENERAL HOUSE-1 work. Must have experience and; references. Apply 322 S. 180-tf *170-24 i In Bombay, the homes of high j caste Brahmin residents and Mah- ]*· - - . . . , ,, · ,, , , ,,,,·,, lasabha leaders were attacked, relentlessly t o . t h e logical conclu- ! Bands of shouting malcontents sion of that line of thought L 7^:--T ranged the city, forcing shops to Mf t had put poison into something \\ ANTED, d » Business and transport j while he was there that morning. iwere paralyzed. It was the fourth lie was also the one wh^happen iday of disorders there. I Four persons were killed in the of - ' - -- - W R E C K E R SERVICE DAY j phone 69, nite phone 214R. Salins ! Motor -Co., " Sales sjid Service." Chevrolet Sales 127-tf MOVING -- LONG OR SHORT, distance. Also coal hauling. No , 5 vein lump and stoker coal, oil j treated. Harrisburg Transfer Co., I Tel. 87. 127-tf. t VACUUM CLEANERS ARE OUR only business. 0. R. Buford, Cityi Hall Bldg., Mt Vernon, 111. 132-tf-, CAR WASHING. SEE ORVAL' Durfee at Saline Motor Co. 132-tf JWE ESTABLISH YOU IN BUSI- ness on our capital. No invest' nient or experience necessary to ! start. WINONA MONUMENT CO.. Box 565. Winona, Minnesota. ' 182-1 sor.ed Avis and Art, and regard ,,,,= «,,»» ^ss of his alibi to Leiphan ht , in the Madras area niust nave been .the one wno had opened fire to halt made the attack in the dark on tsrVx nn Mnslpms me. Mane Maloney had died bj accident. The poison that killea s an i w i d e s p a d attacks on Moslems. Mam At Bezu -ada, also in the Madras District Sales Manager To hire, train and manage route area, one was killea and 20 were injured when 8.000 Mahasabha members meeting for a rally were attacked. A pitched battle raged until police moved in. Mahasabha leaders were arrested. To Scatter Ashes Tne ashes of Gandhi were gath- her was meant for me. j"£ £" O I tiptoed out of the room where Marie Maloney lay and closed the . door behind " me. I went' back 'to the kitchen and to the icebox. 11 looked at the leftovers of fpod There were only those thing: which I had had for luncheon and v,oman at ray feet and the beauti- iul weapon in my hand ami 'bought harder than I ever had in mv life. A "lot of things were swimming up out ol the depths of my mmu. Half-remembered incidents. Small disconnected details. Things that nul happened at the studio that last day before Avis died. They" all made a pattern now -a weird, ugly, twisted pattern. Sut a pattern. (To Be 'Continued) People's Tastes Change in Reading Library Books By SHELDON CAREER J United" Press Staff Correspondent . CHICAGO, Feb. 2-- f.E) -- | There's something in the air, a j librarian said today, that's chang- , ing the nation's taste in books. pL L i l t i l t U J W A l O fc*«fcJl.»* « « f ·" ·" " j Forrest B. Spaulding, chief of j ered from the funeral pyre beside j x had eaten some O f a ii O f them-- American Library Association - ' saiesmen Yn this locality ~for one!the-Jumma river. One of the as-j^ tomato bouillon, baked chick of the nation's major companies.! sassin's bullets was found among j eil loai - esca ii ope d potatoes Public Libraly; Division of the , . Permanent work. Excellent fu-; a cotton bag. to be scattered on nol have Deen pols0 ned. ture Not a traveling job. No the sacred waters of tne Ganghes. forced transfers. Age 30 to 48. i The remaining bones may be put ' - "Kairs all over the place--and i you have the nerve to blame it (2A)- BUS. Opportunities j cn tne d og W e got with a Register I/I trllC A l U t A V J t O ia»*-jV*A v«****.£*»··· u u , rfU I, *· I *- 11 i V G i . V O V . f c * » i W J v w v « . *.*v*.+~ . v u ~ . -Salary and attractive_ overwriting, j the ashes. The ashes were put ^m L a j ello acsser t. So the t'ocd could ~ . . . - · _ -~». »~ ~ -,,.,*.,,,-,·, «r, ^ have oeen poisoned. That stopped me for a moment. I wracked my brain. There \yas the liquor upstairs. Remembering Marie's habit of tippling, that sud- denlv seemed the most probable I solution. Jeff had slipped the poison -into some of the liquor in the 1VI ^ VU. VJL t*Il»?it,l.O. - *O*" *-*** v w -»v« j . , -- - . p . , j Must have car. Only sober, mature ·«» a snrme on . je site of the cre- men with proof of ability to lead', Cation, salesmen will be considered. All j replies strictly confidential. Write' 0 C. Maxwell, Box 651, Decatur,' HI * 180-3 MARKETS (7) Lost ~ i Want Ad!" I RELIABLE PERSON. pPEP.ATE new 5c candy bar machines vend-' . _ _ ing Hershevs and other nationally;*"^ advertised candy. Will not inter-; UUD. fere with present employment In- starts immediately. LIVESTOCK ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK- There is a 'run on reference j Spaulding traced the cause j to an atmosphere of world ten- j sion and air waves full of radio quiz shows. ·'People are after facts, he said. I There's one crowd with big questions and another with little questions. The first group of patrons take ; ^«T* - · . - t BILLFOLD SATURDAY AFTER- YARDS. Feb. 2.--(U.P.)--(USDA)-- over to ln e bar I tried to open . :.,. .,,:,,: ,, _ , , . . . . , i - bar: upstairs while he was alone !i oca l and international problems in the living room that morning seriously, he said. The Russian wailing for Marie to announce his situation and the politics of an arrival to me. I election year contribute to the went up to the living room and growing numbers of readers. i noon in Harrisburg containing cur- 'Livestock: VIOLIN. GROVE NITE rency social security card, regis- iit. it was locked. And the key salable _ 10.000:; was - s tin jn m y purse where I had come starts immediately. S345 RUMMAGE I cash \ phone and address to Eo\ CDV,' - · in care nf ' T ^ n rkaiiv T?n*»»;tpr_' r SALE CONTINUED SiSed.EiS-1pplSJri.untU Saturday All clothing 1-2 be interviewed. Write, give'.priced. Curiosity Shop. 182-1 of The Daily FOR PRIVATE banquets phone The Country Club. Register.T. REGISTERED 1-YEAR-OLD -132-3, Guernsey bulls: 2 registered Spot- · i ted Poland China boars. John Endsley. near Harrisburg Coun- irv Club. 178-tf Then come the prize-hunters ., nnnn .... -. with the little questions. | ,, .-, - i Hogs 14.000: salable 10.000:; was - s t.iii jn my purse where I naa "We're glad to have them.'' l»0-tt tration card. Finder leave at weights 180 to 230 Ibs.. 25 to 50c| put j t the afternoon before when Spaulding said. "Most of them Kresge's or 418 W Lincoln. Nice higher than Friday's average: oth-^ h ac j C0 me home and had found j never have used a public library reward. J. I. Black. '182-2' er weights and sov:s. steady to' (i ia t Marie had been drinking, 'before. ' · 2oc higher: bulk good and choice. }iy tidy little solution collapsed: j .«jhe money urge of radio con- 10-K GOLD CHAIN AND GOLD 180 lo 2 5Q Ibs., S26.50 to S27.25; i rnv "grand theory vanished hKe a] tests and quizes sends them after j football. Reward. Pho. SSo-R.^ ^ , tQp $27.25; rather freely for 225 , bursted balloon. 'answers but whether they win a PARTIES OR County 54F11. 103-tf m _ '·*(·;·', ^_.««. .-- .-^ , .^.«_. v . _._ _ -- -» --- --- j · 3 , l b s . down: 250 to 300 Ibs., $25.75 B^V»*A^^*^«*. secinuu to be nothing left (8) Found ilo S26.75: 160 to 170 Ibs.. S26 to'except to call the policeman in ; S27: 130 to 150 lbs.7 S22.50 to | show him Marie's body, and let U. §, ? Half Sign Atomic4ge Friendship Pad o i\iiL,t.b \vi^si ON RT. See K. Fowler, above address. j"" ~ 182-2 | COMPLETE LINE OF DU PONT i Quality Paints. National Paint i and Wallpaper Co. 103-tf jV.i5.50: few to S26: 100 to 120 Ib.: ,. uil arrest me as the only possible) Spaulding found that readers 2 KEYS IN LE'VTHfiR CASE. IN-' pigs. S16.50 to S21: sows. 450 Ibs. I suspect. '.««^^oii,. -,-, a -,i-; n a tho nnH fr, ouire at Dailv Register. 182-2 down. S23.50 to $24.50: largely. 1 ;NO--not that--not yet. 4 ' $24 down: over 450 Ibs.. S22.75 I went back to the ro :0!L PAINTING "CHRIST" CAN- '·vas 25 x 47 in.. S20. Tel. 764R1. WASHINGTON. Feb. 2--U.E-- \ Ask Ted. "181-4 - The United States and Italy to- ' day signed an atomic-age treaty! FEBRUARY SPECIAL ON ALL of "friendship, commerce and navi- permanent waves. Ford s Beauty gallon which leaves each country: Shop. 210 West Logan, pho. 82W. free to take any action it wishes i 182-*, in the field of atomic cr.crgy. (9) Miscellaneous generally are giving the nod to escapist literature these days over room where ! sc j cnti f ic treatises. . to S23.75: stags. S17 to $20.50. · Marie's body lay. 1 IOOKCO j .. The orc jj nary re ader has bc- \ Cattle 5.500: salable 5.000: calves ' around--there must be some clue | come apa thetic to the implica- 11.200. all salable: steer supply lib-, there, something to show how sh«j t j o n s O f ^Q atomic bomb." Spauld- eral. arounti 85 loads on Sale early: · had been poisoned. 1 loo»:cc1 at -, j n g sa jd. "Last year there was i other classes in moderate volume' the two suitcases lying on the bed., a terrific intererst." .with cows making up about 25 per They were both lully packed. i| f n c older folks arc growing less ._ rt/vr It was the first time in diplo-jOR TRADE: m2 NASH 4-DOOR malic history that such a treaty!sedan with 1946 motor, S90(Xol8 contained a section on atomic cn-jVtest Lincoln, crgy. (10) Instruction BUILDING TRADESMEN V * l * i - . , V « W * « ' - ' -- V * » ^ * » ^ , « x * . . - » - -- - t KfU V f « V » l ixcd yearlings.' things and stacks oi nylon hpse, days *" "" * ' " But the age group of college years through the early 30's arc tearing into any literature about problems. remarkable." Spaulding nothing is loo tough for i ly. iieners ana mixc-u vcarnngs. imngs aim ai«n..-« wi ...,..,.. ·-----iaays. a'long with co\\s and bulls, opened ,r.nd fancy nightgowns, rrom me, Bu( 'steady. Good lo lop good heifers .expensive look of most of them. Mycars and mixed vearlings, $26 to $28:. began to suspect that Marie .iaa - tcarir beef bulls, $22.50 to $23: medium wus with Avis. ^ ^ very clean: 1939 Ford fordor sedan: Dietetics First Taught Domestic science and dietetics were first taught in a school in the United States in 1815 by Catherine E. Bccchcr. founder of the Hart ford. Conn.. Female seminar;.-. · reciprocity. **· «,«·*,«.* v-^r^^....- »,. -,«_ *.---.-- ~"", . ^~\**e+ n An fields of activity octwccn the two 1940 Chevrolet coupe: 1936 Pon- countries in which both premise tine coupe. Harrisburg Motor - non-discrimination and "n-.osl fa-, Sales. Nash Sales and Service. ·* vored nation" treatment to the t 1 '8-tf ; other. ELECTRONICS--RADIO 31: leghorn hens 21: fryers 39-52 broilers 33-35: white rock springs START reer in Wri NOW Radio ON YOUR CA- "·*'· Plymouth rock spring? :·*: coi- and Electronics, cicd springs 32: \our.s torn tur- hen turkeys 43: -SnlScrs on an b=rdrPearir U School approved for G : I. Train- 25: conjmon ^n ce'SSiS Equality. «18M,ing. New classes starting every · ^^^.. ^ But such principles do nrt np- · CANARIES--PUREBRED GREEN how plv to the atomic field. This treaty gvpsv Hollers. Closed bands, rcg- :turc. contains provisions which allow ' * » *.--^- ---i, ,,_, either party to sdcpi ar.d enforce any measure it wishes "rclatin;; t o . _ _ ,,.«,« e-mnM fissionable material. ;o matcri?^ LA ?GEST S T O C K OF WALL-! LOUISVILLE RADIO SCHOOL ·which are the source of fissionable ^-pcr j n Southern Illinois. Na-; 413 West Jefferson Street, Lou- materials, or to radioactive ma-jjyi^-j p a in t and Wallpaper Co.jisvillc. Kentucky. *163-- tcrials which arc by-products of| l u " 103-tf! - fissionable materials." ; _______ rrr! AUTO BODY AND FENDKi; ite todav for informalion on ktys 33-40: oung hen turkeys 43: , you cai prepare for a rca, fu . J-J "^^j^",- «,£ barn niucons 1 SO: '.month. 90 issionablc materials." i _____ -- 1 It provides similar frccd-m for GO OD LUMP COAL. $6 TON DE-; h c ncasures relating to the prodcc-1 Hvcrcd Tel. 1168\V2. 142-t£| C , ion of and traffic in arms, amnni-1 ____^ ; i ril Itcbuildere needed at once. lopcriencc ncccssar". \\e ' vou on modern equipment o Ib.-: cas:« M'ore 37. F^r.--: (Whiles an^ Browns mix- i n ) 'jT.lo', rase.: firm: extras i: -I; extra.'- 2: 45: 3 and 4: 44: stand- Xo tr.rrcnt receipts 42 1-2: dirties Cf': \\ill cJ.ccks Refused Beer License FOR All wool ruij. 9x12; Hvinsr room suite: bedroom suite: kitchen cabinet: dinette suite. MUST BE SOLD AT ONCE rt 314 McHrath St. Mrs. Grant Quillman, 74, Dies at Eldorado · Mrs. Alice May Quillman. 74. wife of Grant Qwil'.man of Eldorado, died at 8:30 a. m. today in Pcarce hospital in Eldorado. In addition to her husband, who lives on Second street in Parish addition. Mrs. Quillman is survived bv two daughters, Mrs. Hubert Rapp of Eldorado; Mrs. Floyd De- villed Evansvillc. Ind.; two sons. Lcc Tvrce of Eldorado: Dan Quillman, Eldorado: a brother. }V. A. Owens. Mt, Carmel. 111.: and nine grandchildren and two great- grandchildren. . The body will lie in slate at the Martin funeral home in Elcio- l o . F u n e r a l arrangements will ^cnj, anwoanced later. W.4LLPPER Hundreds of Beautiful New Patterns Priced To Save You Money Barter Wilmoth Wallpaper, Paint Glass Co. 5 W. Church Phone 304 IX.ily Renew Search For Missing British Airliner Town Board, Self KUIER Minn.. Feb. 2--l".^»--A 32-year-old Morckccpcr's suicide note told today how he killed Jhree mcmbcri- of the Elmer town jnemn. board and wounded another in an 1 lo \\ipo out the board be- it refused «o issue him a li- HAMILTON Bermuda. v c:«. 2-- q, !0 r licoi^c. n'J'i--A licet of 35 to 40 pianos ro- · r m sorry, very sorry this Iras- nc\\ed the search today lor a mi^- cclv had to "happen but the Timor ing Brrtish airliner with 29 prr- t 0 -,\n board asked for it." the note, sor.s aboard that vanished Friday \\rnten by .Toe Conslanzi. said, morning on a flight trom the Only one member of the board Azores. e.-cappd death or injury when The plane, a four-erginod Ti:d- Contaivi ran amok Saturday. He ^^^^^_______ or. \vis owned by »hc British South \\r.- Albert Uem3orff, town trcas- -__ ' ~~: - · Amoiican Ainvays. Among ihc urer, v.ho owns the community's C IIERR1N. ILt... DOING 26 passengers was Air Marh;d Sir only l.ivorn. Cons;anzi had erarg- Small down pay- Arthur Coninglwm. ,"S. rotirf.l «] ,hnt the board was protecting - ' 8871, Uritish veteran of the North Afri- inornMiorfs business by rofusing '182-2 can desert campaign. 10 j^ SU o him a license.' FOR YOUR SAFETY Let Us Check Your Car and Tires Goodrich Tires and Tubes Bear System Wheel Alignment and Balancing. Brake and Battery Service. Vulcanizing and Retreading. We have parts to replace those worn out, for most cars. Ovsr 21 Years Experience. Wilson Tire Shop 111 X. Vine Si. Phone 459W Chas. H. McClendon, Prop. anb«ci» uui rtiitmci iiiv.» nin « p prize or not they learn to find I things out for themselves and they end up steady library users." "I" Van Heusen Ties Our new assortment of Van Heusen Ties is especially designed to harmonize with your new Van Heusen Shirts -- and your whole Spring wardrobe. In fact, this year we planned them to "go with" patterns as well as solid colors and whites. So you'll see plenty that's new -- in bold figures and neat conservative designs. Come-'in and look them over! (Men's Store) OUR NEW Diametric Balancer j ... is the finest wheel balancing device ever known 7 - ' «.*v.- .,-., ':-.-, · ' . v '* Imagine Anybody Going For a Ride Like This! Looks siHy . . . BUT -You irel the same effect when you ncjjlecl to balance your wheels! I lit - A wheel 1 ounces out of balance, at 10 miles per hour, excrls a poundinsr force of 13.76 Ibs. Six ounces at the same speed will ra'* c Ihe poundinir force to 20.61 Ibs. Your tires are probably that much out of balance rijjht no\v! Constant poundinir ruins your tires, bears. transmission and }ody assembly! Correct balance can double the life of your car. Balanced wheels may save your life. Balanced wheels cut repair bills. Let us precision balance your wheels today! Complete Repair Service on All Makes of Cars Ha! 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