The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 28, 1932 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1932
Page 9
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THE DAILY HBW8, FREDERICK, MD., SATURDAY, MAY 28,1932. Film Showings At Tivoli And Opera House Next Wuek ilcniay sri Tuesday's picture at the Ttvoli ihes.t«r is "Huddle." football orari. »v.h .isnersity sceres. Ra=xn Ncvarro and Sladge Evans i*ead -.he cast, which alludes Una Merfcel and Kane Hichaianc. ' It's Got Me Again" is a earl-aon. followed by news reviews. Joan Benr=ett appears Wednesday in "The Trial of V:vien=« Ware." with Donalci Cooi. Sieeis Gallagher and Zasu P.tts. Short subjects are Tei Htiiing's sport! ihts ani a cozcedy, ·What Price Air"' "Sir Bride." Tb^rsday's rl'rr. » a sky-high st?ry, miiji Richard Ariel!. Jacfc Oaiie and Virginia Bruce The- added hits a Robert Cwgan in "The NicSel X'-irser," a Charlie Chase cens- ecy. "I*:ty Lynton' comes to the Tivol: ?riJay and Sat'-irday as a dran:a of Kxrl«:v and ^::r^-j*. Tte p'.avers Include J-3an CrawJord. Robert Mon:- gomerr, X^s As'.i3«r. ilary Robsoa and Lewis S:o=e. -Souvenir," "Criess N'Jis," and neTrs Saslies are the shorts. Opera House. A*, -ae Opera House Tuesday is the Miriam Hopiins-starnrs vehicle. "Two Kinds o* Women." »-;:h Wynne Gibson. Phillips Holmes and Stuart Ersrin. A v.:aphc-2e tn-jsica! sbor: siars E\:o:e Elate and is followed by ne-rs reviews. "Steady Company' is Thursday's film, with Korman Foxier. Zasu Pi:is and June Clyde. The auxiliary hit a a ilack Senne" comedy. "Lady. Please." "The Texas Gun Pigh:er." Saturday. stars Ken Mayr.ard. Chapter 6 of :he "Air Mail Mystery" a=a a cartoon rio:. "Hide and Seek," complete the bill. ti.« mfln w BY MABEL McELLIOTT ]ed prlda of the girl earned to the;hear." Ray rambled on. "What do' "Don't do ss I did." Kay rera'.cd- 'surface. She-stood up proudly and!you koiw about that?" !ed her bitterly. "Dea't let oar 1 menaciDglr. Sbe said In a tolce! Susan Cashed. **H« was talking cue cbaar« of happiness so and be ; that trembled. "I thiak you'd better about Dating a trip before I left." · sorry for it." Sbt was t h i n k i n g ot go before 1 say something I'll re- she said erasSfely. ; Sty Webb, cf cojrs*. sail tbe rich ' gret. After all. you are Bob's '· "I don't know. 1 always kind ot girl be'd married. - father." j thought he wa_ buzzing around , "You know bow I u»^d to rare." He was won to reluctant admtra- T«." said Ray. j Kay continued. "AS! about an tion but be could not leave without j · · · ' apartment on the «nv- and a mtnk TODAY SUSA-% CAKF*. a» awl be»fl- f»L U *rrrnl? I* lo»e wl.fc BOB 01 N BAR. ..flllonaliV. ··*. IE- X1SE ACKKOYU. who w»nl« Bab for ber»el*. plot* to ocparate thrao- Saaaun bam feee» ectjcmcc^ I. her former employer. ERXEST HEATH, bat Braih overheard M eo»venallo« het«ree« her mm4 Bob ·nd mafced her to break the eng^C*****- ^he Bad* Bob »« he U boardlBfc a tnim for ew fork am4 there !· a reeonciltatioa. Bob tell* hl father he U colic to ·tarry SiuLaa omd the elder Daa- bar U farloaa. The father coeo to we Se*aa aad tella her It will nla Bob', life if ahe aoarrte. hJm. .,,,,,_,,,,.. SlOOi.tri-.St SOW CO OX WITH THE STOUT j .. Do jj-j fo afraid. 1 CHAPTER XLYI | ter ly. -J. shan't io ifpHATS exactly what 1 mean." i your son.' -*· said Mr. Dunbar. The taiatest shade of regret tinged hia roice. PICTUQES */£. KINS inches over the man's head, eipre*- she any said bit- harm to Susan sat 6$lent, her hands locked in ter lap. Her mind was In confusion. Yesterday everything bad been clear eailics. It tad all sounded so simple, so easy. Even Bob's report oj his lather's anger had tad a tar-away, unreal aspect- Older people were always troubling themselves about things that really tonsted In abstractions. After a li-e sparring Susan burst out with the question closest to her heart. -What do you think-- 1 mean The ccan. a power In the down | what would you do U you wer* go- towr world of affairs, departed | ing to marry a person and someone 1 told you you'd be spoiling his life by doing Itf" she floundered. Ray's shrewd eyes searched her feeling somehow humiliated and. ro'-ted. S CSAN fought a battle with herself that morning. Bob was face. about? Hollywood Gossip SY DAN THOMAS didn't matter. Susan tad thought. Stocks and bonds, houses and moaey. What did they count when ! news of the girl's change of plan weighed against her love for Bob? j that the caller had been Bob's Bob had agreed with her. They J father. Aunt Jessie bad tactfully would be married very quietly. He! Drained from asking Questions, had an offer of a job on a ranch Jn l^he had seemed gentler eince her Montana. Some man he had known , »=ess. Aunt Jessie was at college was experimenting with forward to making a long wheat and there was a little tenant ! ter sis:er wco hTed la ' hoi'r.e they could have. Susan had thought of herself simply and joyously as a farmer's wife. It had to come at eight and through alter-1 Susan began to outline little . nate chills and fevers ehe tried to make up her mind what to say to him when he arrived. She had explained to Aunt Jessie who had remained singularly unmoved by the Ray was never in-i poor ' i myself I wjs tired of It. When Sky -«ked ma to run off with him I gcvte Mm a -ot of smart talk abi?ut what 1 bid to have before I'd set'le down. He to :. It serlousSy. and the first tbScg I knew he'd gone orT and teamed up with tbat other girl." Susan had been listening seriously. When Kay finished and lapsed Into a St cj musing Susan said, "Of course our problem* -What aro you I don't get you." talking; visit to southern "I'm going for a walk." Susan Did he- abruptly a few minute* all Eeemed quite idyllic. -Vow tMs! later - Scarcely conscious of the purse-proud old man with his talk i direction she was taking, she boarder. Inheritances had come to spoil: «· a street car h?ad « d for the bus1 ' j ness district. She must do some- New York, May 28.--The city of lost hopes. New York has been called practically everything else--and for all I know this :em may have beer- useol to describe it before. However, whether it has or not. i: fits perfectly. It is amazing how many ex-Sim celebrities ore sees or hears abou; in "ius ciir--srars who once stood a; the very -.op in movieland. But the hopes they he'ld for perpetual screen fame died and now they are making a las: stand in and around New York. TT ·£· "T£ Chaplin's Ex's. Strangely enough. bo:h of Charlie Chaplin's former wives are among :hose who no longer mean so much 10 uie world ai large. While Charlie has been, having :he lime of his life playing abroad for the last year or more. Mildred Harris, his Srst wife, anc L:ta Grey Chaplin, wife number v^o, bo:h are having their siruggles. It was only a few weeks ago that, Miss Harris was summoned Into co'jrt :o answer iler landlord's suit; for jnpaid ren:. And Li;a. who once reigned as nais- :ress of Chaplin's Beverly E:1h man- ion, rao~ is playing vaudeville--for coc- ;iderably less money than she received xhen she Srst wem on the road, I un- ierstancL Fatty Arbuckle, Too. Roscoe "Fa;:y" Arbuckle notr is mak- ng one last altemp; 10 restore himself ·£ favor among Sim audiences bj ac;- ng as master of ceremonies in various picture theaters. He is going over very trelL too, although I don't think that will do Mm a bit of good as far as a return 10 the screen is concerned. Disregarding any justice or injustice in the matter, I'm afraid Arbuckle's banishment from movieland vras too complete ever to be rescinded. Pols Negri also is around here playing in vaudeville. Pola's attempted return to pictures after -an absence dating back ;o the days of silen; fi'.ms was not vchat one could term a howling success. The film failed by a considerable margin to come up to expectations. Of course, Pola is getting plenty o" money for her vaudeville appearances-- abo'jt S3000 z week--buj it's quite a comedown for her just the same. * -s- ·» And Gilds. Gray. Giida Gray, once the toast of Broadway aud the movies, also is floatiing around. Giida no?? is heading a Fan- cicn and Marco unit playing in various picture houses on the Atlantic seaboard. Tha; seems to be aboil; her last stand. They jeidom come back :n pictures after playing in prologues. Hosetta Duncan, also a --ell-sno'sm star of former days, is another who appears to be making her iast stand in ths public eye as a vaudeville trouper. I can remember ·srhen neither Kosetta nor her sister. Vivian, could have been tempted by any of those four-a-dar ofTers. Bu: apparently Rosetta feeis dlf- fersr.t;y no--. Ar.d Vivian is perfectly content to s:^y back in Hollywood and be Mrs. Nils Asther. Grant Withers, former husband of I/oretta Young and himself, quite successful on vSie silver screen, now is barnstarmins ~ita an orchestra, playing in dance halls, making one-night stands in 'r'es'^'Ts 3*1^ --a-"^--3**^? ac-""T5*-"*^ 3l-- most any orjoortun;-". Truly New York is a ci~ of lost hopes. everything. She feit a little sick as she- listened to him. His voice rumbled. oa. smoothly and persuasively. "I know you wouldn't want to i stand In his way--we all go through ' been these puppy love affairs--" ! ^f. ", She felt In a daze. Was it true ! ^f"" '· thing. She must keep active. She stopped at a drug store telephone booth an called Ray Ftannery. I "w»n s j rac g er- where have you yourself?" Ray de"I've missed you like the that her love for Bob would brins . him only n n h a p l n e a s and ill for- ,. , aach w|th r , tt ; h . { Ha . f Ray agreed wjth en . tune? Would he tire of poverty;.^ - w h = t f r £ d and of her *vnb It? Tug POISOP " f · . . . . . . . i s t shop the older man s cunning barbs in-1 .,, , ,; » . _ L ,_ . T i- i_ ^ with irank fected her heart. Perhaps she and i ,,_ , r-- had been fools. Perhaps she .,,,,,,,£· . ' had been -*rong to think that l i f e ' . - ?", ,,,,, . . . . . . . , i tried to explain. could be so simple and straight-! hour la.jr ov r e In a Ray stared at Susan -iterest. money or some- te to know. Su;- · Her aunt bad , , ,. . .. . i been ill. she said vaguely, and she forward as they. In their rosy!. . dream, had visioned It- Through · C(xn her misery dawned the realization i " r. c __ .-,, _-_ _i_i i_ a.-.t,-. that her caUer had repeated a ? ues ! ^^sT^-^c^ tion. ?be looked up. her eyes cloud- . in ^g d ed with painful resentment. **I beg your pardon. I'm afraid 1 wasn't listening." He said. "I will make !t worth your while if you let him go." "Oh!" All the oain and wound- She looks like something the cat dragged In." Susan smiled. Sbe had heard about Miss Smith from Jack War- ins but Ray's description seemed unduly harsh. "Ths old man's cone away, I squares and trlaagles on the table'a ! ^tf^^-^LTM glraming surface with her spoon, j ~ " "" """ "It's this way." she said. "I'm engaged--it's a secret and you 1 wouldn't por and Bob knows it. i What I want to bo sure of is what will *nake him happy?" Ray snorted. "I'm telling you family la frightfully rich. Hl» don't be like that; Take your father Is going to cut him ott with-j chance and soo what c,r.-.^. You out a cent If he Insists oa marry Ins | don't want to Le aa c!1 ma!l1 "" me. Ray gasped. "It's jast like In the movies!" she exclaimed. Susac : - ed on. eager to un- bu.uen herself. "We!!, tha was all right We it over id he didn't care and 1 certainly don't. But today s fa :er came t tea xaf -id said I'd be ruin" ··; his son's whole life if I married him." voice brpke. "I don't know. your life, do you?" The two girls, so absurdly young, both sobered at tbe thought. "Of course you don't." Ray went on. "Then grab this, boy--1 don't know who he Is but he must be o. k. If you lik* him--before something happens. We're ali such foots." said Ray wistfully. "Life Is so Her' short we have to tak« chances. It's' That's the only way to Cad out I on Impc-rtant points contrary to thwe i of small powers. j Fr-r instance the American d*tega- i tion held the subaiaiin* specifically an i offensive weapon and catalogued bat- 1 tleship* and aircraft, carriers as defen- | sive Great Bri'.airj and Japan agreed * :ar as battleships went but the KTialr -isuioiis declared the big dreadnoughts olfTJive. With a vie-f of lessening ear!y mom- -.g :;?^e o! rattling milk bodies, a nib- er company has devised rubber-oov- :^ mili con-.ainers. KEAU THt S1OEV. TIItN COLOK THE I'lCTl'Krl s rt of--got inc. to do." I don't know what 1 what it's all about." She gathered up her gloves. Ray out "You're willing to take him with sighed. "Whew, this is a warm day it the money?" 'sked Ray. j for March:" She mat trjia-.; to Willing!" Susan was frankly i divert the conversation Into liva- aghast. 'I wis ~lad when he ' !d me it was going to be that way. I thought · gave us a better chance to make a go of 1L But now I'm not certain. He'^ always been rich lier channels. "Doesn't it you want lo get oat of this maa's town to some place where you can see the sky?" Suddenly throuph Susan's mind The bushel baske: ran rea! I«M S»:d Dun.-y. "Ho»- :s »:·! this laet? I car.n^: run :r.j^h farther. Thte leerns f\vl:sh as can oe? · · Where ^ '.hit bisVot going to so? That s vine thing th« I'd like to mow Ar.a »ny »e all should chase along li sca:ethirig 1 can': s*r." ! "Oh. don't be I*ry." Scouty said | 'Why don't you ever use your head'' I Yxi wonder *lienf the basket's bound i That's what we'll soon flnd out. j "It must be heading Tor some place :ha:'s lnt-res:ms. Kfnce this race: I'm ,' going to run until 1 flr-.d out »h»: i t s \ all about." | * * * i Jus', then the bA»iei tnppeJ a:id Ml · i and Coppy ; out quite a ye" "Now j i »e can catch it." 3e exclalaifJ. "Don". ! Ivt '.'. se: a'Aay." | j T'ctf ons'j?; wa% real scared, no doab* I I: spilled a lot of i_n.t abou: !t looked i ! up at the T-.nics and said. ' I've no | ' ::nv for play. t ' "Please help me with She.-* cans j ! and things. Oh. my. Alia: trouble bad ; luek brings ar.^1 I m so- r · i: VIM -A. IT. reillv I!' .e:iv1 a hand. 15 .;-.i::c; I: :; ill '.:ve OJPJS i :ha I hj-.e J4.d · Why. s'^re 10 11 : ·We are .il^a%-5 !·*:;·: tnen '.:',# T^i.os »· : '.hlnr?. vii'r f!\ni u;i Trw b«itot tJ'.-T. ,»nc! ir^'.'.f a thrill:: 1 . I'm 'jcund for T.:: niUNt Krt there cr*- Alv'i: u .1.1.. BJI · "H.-y. lCK'i w:.a'. 15 in store "It's Tirs Car. TJ'*::. :ny iJtur. ar.d from :t I »i" m-ver roini A:td be hi '.i,i-.. we i I\»«n sr.^. I roaJ th-y -.Yt-r:'. v-d a:il or.etJ. home. The ge. A THE NEW ILLYWI FREDERICK, MD. BIG OPENING DANCE DECORATION DAY S P. M. Admission 50c "DILUNGER'S FAMOUS BAND" FOLLOW THE CROWD Most l'p-to-Utr Ballroom in Mar? land 2 SCO Sauarr Fret Crystal-like i loor 1000 ran Oanrr 1000 Can Can Park barrel was ·!:·· !9J^. NE-\ Scrvic*. Inc ) kir.t; of Tin Tc«'.\:i :n the next storj' ) and maybe he'd be lost without ali! gashed tbe thoughl O j t h e ranch the things he's been used to. Majbe Bob had describet! |0 h e r _ n e n w l t he'd blante me for being the cause · in a priated anron her b . !r b!ow . of hla breaking away from his fam-1 lng , n the w!nd u was a plwlsant Hy and frienda. I couldn't stand, pleture _ she wonder(?u bow sbe that'she finished wearily. j had anowod a m i d d ; e 3 ~ e d m a a Ray planted her two small flstsiwith a dull concept of life to let on the table. "Too listen to me!": her think she could abandon !t_ i other member of Ihe pair holding the ' National BlaitrrV sold troph.v. presents his favorite hand. BRIDGE at the she said. "Don't be a fool!" "1 want to do what's right,' san insisted. Su- "You're sweet. Ray," Susan said humbly. "Don't try to kid me." The other girl blinked and there was a tear R AY'S doll-face with Its fringed. : on the end of her foolishly beaded ' ! "Come along and don't forget to ask me to the wedding." IX mascaraed lashes and its 3uf! of yellow curling hair looked unbelievably childlike. Tt» words " l won't." Susan promised, which issued from those painted ' Sho hurriea along the street with lips, however, wera unmistakably j dancing steps, adult. i (To Be Continued) EXPCRTS PLAY IT BY WM. E. McKEXVEY Secretary, American Bridge Today's champion hirdiy needs an Introduction to any coiwract bridge player. Oswald Jacoby is ft member o: the Four Horsemen ar.d holds the na- OPPOSES ADJOURNMENT TODAY TOXI£HT MARYLAND V. S. Would Continue Disarmament Conference-. Geneva. May 27.--Despite serious i divergence of opinion \vtlhln the asval \ commi-^ion named to npprnlse aima- | i mcntff. '.lie American dele?it:on does [no; ftt'.or adjournment of the -.vorld ", j disarmament confcr--nce until there has en 5om-^ ror.cre'.o I Hu?h Gibson, he-id of -he American stroup. v informed President Arthur TALOLLAH BAh'KHEAD TO STAR IN OPENING I COLORSONMANHATTAN'SCHICBOULEVARDS tlonal contort challenge team-of-f'-Hir j title a-s well as the^mcn's national auc- i *£nfr^n. "oV'the" conff'rVrire 'toda;.-. ! H^ declaration vx; in direct conflict iwith sentur.ent among the Biropean delegntion. 11 '. *v v io ti\ cr an adjournment of several mcn'-hs. The riisagTpeing' naval commission UCJTI team-of four ti'.le. Ke is ackno-ilcdgeci to be one of | quickest thinking card players in "My Sin" To Start Week Maryland On Monday. A t ' ; BY BETSY SCHUYLEB XEA Service Writer Fascinating Talluiah Bankheaa a-ci . brilliant younj Frederic llarch are at · the Maryland Theater Monday in "My Sin." 3. gripping social drama of var- . led scenes and strong dramatic actic-n. A cartoon comedy ·x-.'.h sound falkcrs ! The return of "Ben Kur." in sound is '_ ·Wednesday's picture, tearorin^ Maurice' Costelio. Ramori Navarro. Hay MeAvoy. Betty Broason. jlltchel! I«--is and a , cass of 155 players. The chariot race, the sea fight and the galley slaves are striking features. An all-talking sport · picture is the short. Saturday's feature brings Buck Jones '. in a thrilling western picture. "Dead- ' lae." -Kith. L-oretta. Savers and Robsrt ' I Sliis. Short ruts are an all-talkmc' tTo-reel comecy and a cart-o/^n -slth . sound. Sg*s . i side-walk jams that watched the elite a'light and er.ter the theater for thir X** Vork. ^ 2S.^oci«y seems to j ^^ ^ ^i^eTv^ je in she pink, so to speak, considering i p:ex i On looked perfectly beautiful unc- the number of women xha have chosen ! er her gray hair. She wore a hand- this color for costumes or touches late- some white lace ensemble with the ly ; conventional whi'e ermine jacket--and Strolling down Park Avenue with 11 ntean conventional, for women have i lilt ai her step and a. srciiing count*- i one this year if they car. possibly af- n-nce thai should scare any Old Maa j ford one. Depression Na.talie Hess wore a blue ; * * * . spring coal over z. matching: skirt Tsith ' Broivn is a favorite choice this spring ;oft pins blouse of silk faille, with : far dressup. Virginia Thai- wore a the! country. A perfect athlete--and he! | plays U;e g.\me of bridge In the sam?) j caring; and spectacular manner t h a t ! w h sh( . ved ; h e played the ^m, of footba.l not ^i;^-^ ^ ^.^ ^ ^ ^^ foUo-.vine *---- 1 "1 - " ! arncns ihcmsclvcs but ako hc!d * icws QUIUAN BIC SHOT MAUREEN O'SUIJJYAN ] ALSO 2--Za%u Pitts and Thrlma Todd In "OX THE LOOSE" An all-talking '.wo-reei comedy. 3--A Cartoon Comedy With Sound Matinee 2.15. Evening 7.15 and 9.00. Admission: Children lOc--Adults ISc ' long ago. i In the follo-.vine hand, which Is typical of this youthful p'.ayer. he executes one of the rarest plays in bridge j --a double Vienna coup-- in order to make his contract of sis odd. MONDAY--Tallulah Bankhead la "MY SIN'-" =:anding little «ol!ar and tie. Mrs T. Markoe Robinson is one worcan whp knows just how effective back and white are. At a r.ight club recently she wore a stunning back chiflon with little white dots. At the Adopt-A-Family-Group theat- | handsome long velvet coat of brown · Betty Gerard wore a brown chiffon eve- J ran; gown with a tiny geranium red j velvet wrap vrhic'n she kept on. the j contrast being jus; too nice to spoil White comes next to pink in popularity, with Mrs. John R. Fell. Jr.. in a white ._ , ^ satin with a draped bodice, cowl r.eck- -;r opening of John Barryinore's film a; ! line and a lovely drapped line. Her the Mayfair ihe oiher night, half the | long wrap of green velvet was to her r,-?men ^t»re pink gowns. Mrs. Robert ; knees in front and trailed in the back. McAdoo wore a stunning pink crepe eve- · Mrs. Henry Cram was all in while, and sing gown, sntisuai for its tight, fitted ' so was Mrs. Vincent Astor. '3odi.ce, its fitted skirt that flared below j There have been many benefit fash- the knees and had rows of big brass' ion shows !ate!y. and the Debutante buttons on the skirt, the way they | Soiree ce Joie was a h-oo-ling success usually adorn yachting pajamas. Her Peggy Sykes was one of tiie socic-ty A ¥ 4 * A 10-8 VQ-7-6- 4 410-84-3 4-Q-10-8 A V · * A-K-J-6- A-3 A-7-6 J-6-4 NORTH \- m CO Ui CO ? H Dealer SOUTH 5 A 9-4-3 V10-9- 8-2 4 K.-Q- 9-2 A 9-2 G-7-2 K-J-5 J-5 A-K-7-5-3 shon; ermine wrap was a bellhop cut. with double-breasted" buttoned closing and short cape sleeves, to make it models who made it so. fr she ::ked young and exciting and adorable in cherry velvet and black satin, with different. She inaugurated the side- ] bows of the cherry here, there and eise- KITCHEN choice of American Haroid S. Vanderbilt. hose to a large party, was a jay to ·· :ndors of programs He bought a raft of them. Incidentally, he wore formal, long tails and derby hat! BEATRIC2 HUDSON NECK WAS BROKEN Ithfete Took Poison Before Wrecking Actataobne. Wasr.uts.or.. ^^ay 27.--Thc-mas Wil- *ur Wnght. 24. former Uriiv-ersity of ilaryland athlete, who tcok poison Wed- lesday r.igh- snc then crashed a spesc- sg automobile into a ao--In; ran on hs Blacer-sbtrrs: read, brc^ie his neck - the collision, sr. autopsy has revealed. Deputy Ccr^ A. Ma~j-i-:r Mac- :r.alc. ·sha per:"crmt-c the autopsy, to*ay in-H.--.tic It-? -ould issue a certifi- iTM2i^ *n" fcrivi s^icics. intG"^. oi«^ ^"2? iwa.t.r.c rf-;.rt ··". 'he hc.rr.iclce squac rhich is .-till :-.vest"'.t:r.e the cas-c. :-lrs Ge^r;:a E Wrisit. th-? ycuth's ·net cr. earn-: h-:ri- v=*«TJay from her -?~s .r. Char".:."-s-:'.'' 1 . Va Far.eral torr. at J o'.-i-^rl-c at. ;'·'-« fur.era! par- ors cf Jarr.cs T. Ryar.. 317 Por.nsy'.var.ia 37r.uo fauthfs.'t K-r"l Till be .r. Ced- Jr IM1 --TT.-'.'-r- A REAL COOK IS THE WAFFLE i BAKER: BY SISTER MART SEA Service Writer j I Lucky indeed 15 !c» June bnce who j '. numbers a vraffle iron among her wed- I ; ding or sho--er gifts. The first thing · ! for her to do -? to master the art of i making ·s-affles and her farce ^111 ga · abroad as a wonderful cook. i Alrnost everybody likes and 1 there are fe-s- other c^ies that will be: · haSed with delisht at sny me?.] frcra'. 'breakfast to the after-theater party.! Tney can t*e used as a m^in cotirse or; ;hey rr.^y t^ke the place of case in t h e ; jf eve _ cessert. !". " . ,, Chocolate ar.d ice cresrr.. gin- t - r '- r - m -- - '-- TM-.*e, ar-c wh-ppci crearr., fore u=.r.;. "out afier that preparation and creamed ch-cser. or . £Vcr: -^-^ rr.c.-.:r.a: should not be -srash- ish. plain -saffles sr.d rr.a.p' c2 Af:or csch bak-r.g wi;pe with soft bsrrie^---t^tcsc are ^ust a. f^" ^ng^cs- -:"ns for varv:n* the Traffic sr.d ""r. ~ir The cnspr.ess of ~af::cs rr-akcs T.-m ' an ides! bread or ea~:e s- 1 ;bs'itu- ; for I a late party meal this quality ',"s them more easily thar. , a soft bre^d or cak? It's "Emcrsrency"' Dish. in the fact that rr.ust alv-3y= - be ir:ade a' tl-.e las'. rr..r.-;t-:. pu-s coaib sri her coiSure, two oa a side. * * * Mrs. Graham Fair Vanderbilt wore pink---pale pink with tiny gold embroidery on it---topped by a pale blue and silver cloth wrap, ·srilh chinchilla collar. Mrs. Henry Gassoway Davis. 3d, j color, with white touches. 7-or? pink sacin. Mrs. Cornelius Van- j Miss Beatrice Hudson has a strik- derbflt put her osay on the family's in? broiTi and beice novcly txecd. where. * ···· * You see more plain color about row than prints. At the Marguery. lunching yesterday noon, half the society women wore whole costumes of a single pins oy wearing- a dee? | Beauty dress shade of vel- i ·sritn wnite pique touches. Mrs. J. M. Wallace, entertaining Mrs. ?hi!ip Corbin. wore a beautiful moss green ensemble, tnmjned with summer ermine, ana her bafcti hat -ras particularly becorc-r.g. Mrs. Corbin wore one of the lons-coat-and-dress ensembles i in blue, tailored, --;th silver fox about The Toman -*ho caiised the greatest; her neck. Her hat was a sailor of number of "uhrcs" and "ahs" from the 1 blue straw, xith the croirn -hite lace. NATALIE HSSS ·raffle iron! «The cast- ! DINNER--Casserole of salmon and be seasoned be- potatoes, beet greens, fresh fruit salad, cracfcers and cheese, mili. coffee Meanwhile. American re--ulars thrL:- c-u the world with their bncf but brilliant feat in; ths fcc- ^ · cmr.-.r/.-:-cl pa?c r £ -d recnove all · v»ith a stiff fcrjsh kept f" i^e purpose. i ',".r rr.av.;- of tron "s~-l". tell how to ' cor.citicr:" ; and use the iron · .'or bsl-;.ns. Most Iror^ do r-ot recline greasing, bu" if This is necessary an unsalted fat % TODAY IS THE- S WORLD WAP , ANNIVERSARV o, i i -f-O G-:rnian prisc-ners fierce -::h coyrit^ratta-rk.- es-.-j- loss to ih ~ere ta^:r. . were bi-s'-'n The Bidding. South sUrted the bidding ·nnth one club. West passed and Mr. Jacoby in the North bid one spade. He and his teammates employ Ihe one over one and this bid of one spade over one c:Ub j is a forcing bid and requires partner' to re-bid. East passed and South went. to three spades. Mr. Jacoby jumped j to six spades. The Play. The fcin; of diamonds was the open- ir.g lead by East ar.d Mr. Jacoby won j the trick in his own hand with ace and ! immediately returned the six of dia- i mor.ds which Eayt was forced to ^ir. with the queen. East th^n returned, the ten of hearts. A sinaii heart was { piayed from dummy and now Mr i , Jacoby had iocated ll-.e qtie^n of hesrt.s ' i ~hen West played the six spot. He'' ·3.on the trick ·xilh the ace of heart-s , and then led his of dia.mor.os i which he trumped in dumrr.v with the , deuce cf spades. · He led the qu^n of spades from j dummy, ar.d r,o~ sa~ that his only · chanc" of making ru? contract was '.f i fir.d West, ^-ith r.'-.t only ;'r,» queen "f i hearts but. also the qii"cn cf clutx?. As | :r^: iras his chance, he did n---t; h'sitat* Vj* ri~ plaj-ed the ace ani king cf --lub^ froze dummy. ? q';seri in the \ that West r.o-v . -'he heart and O P E N I N G BRADDOCK HEIGHTS PARK 30th Extra Trolley Service Lv. Frederick 8.00 F. M. Lv. Braddock 11.30 P- M. ROUND TRIP 25c MON. MAY Afternoon DANCING Evening BOWLING -- ROLLER SKATING BRADDOCK HEIGHTS ORCHESTRA Enlarged 10 Musicians Dancing 8.45 to 11.30 °-' h^rid--r^rr.ernbfr - - ~ ishec to tl? t-red French veter^ are corsi-er^i a vrrat. Th'-r' 1 rr.?.T b" r.o cej^ert :rs the Iiouse ar.d :h.; :K cream rr.'sj be picked up at the cr.;? stcre on :h; ~a7 home. b::t -The hostess rr.akes up a pitcher of -- aff.e ba"«r ar.d the · are baked at the isbie the mea! is sure :o be a Th-' c?re cf the tron is the are removed from Ar.; r.;-- for the -raffle bat'er. Waffle ba't;r i? kr.own 3= a "posir" batter. Tr.rt --,^-r--, t.v.r. er.r-uch TO pour in a th_=; r---^.-:n i".'.- rr. icr. rr.ore cor.'"rj^r.t ·*vh ?- spoon from a mix^i? bo»l. An ·i'Tsctivf potvry or elsss pitcher is a The cat'cr car. *n° made several hours ·K-S-.-.-.C-G an- l;er,t crverec, on ice MONDAY'S MEXU ·T^Cr.erries. rfr?a- cxS- cat'?. rrearr., waffles wi-Ji niapl" syrup, ir.tlk. coffee. q-iite :m- i LVXCKtOX--3.-.k^d hom.ny iro.!- " ce'-'r- (f. r x t j c ^ r'.:r.. ·sat^r rr^ss ·K'ith the baked Prrr.T., gir^erbreaxi, apple the ]i-on.' sauce, mis, tea. GERilAK DRIVE BEGINS. ; ' On May 28. 1918, the German of-1 ' fcn-'ive In the Ch*;r.n des con-! ' tinued »-.:h trcrrx^r.dous force, ar.d d"- j fendin-? French forces -acre again hurl- i e-d back 'oy sheer wc^-ht of numrj^r?. j The German gain for the day a~*r- | . Azcd almost six niilss. A vecee «zs \ ' driven ir.t-: the French lines at and c^ of allied forces z~ '. the front applied "or irnmci.?.te re.r.- , fcrcsrr.ents. Germa.i forces hurled at ':-.«· Frcr.'h en this frcnt Tere estimated ?·' rr.ore .than 500000. almost, triple t'r.e ;trer.g'Ji ; of th^ir rpposi'.ion. A G°rrran di-.-ision which had broken · ihrough crossed the \ile ri-. er arii ' £ resisted efforts of fresn i French Joroes to dislodge "A. AGREEMENT REACHED B. McLean To Relinquish AH Power Over Washinzton Post. h ci cr.r; , The seven nf spaces was hi.~ n*** plsy fjv-TTi d'immy, winriin^ in nis ''*-n 1-ar.d the ace. He sr»-.:r.z his l;s- -hrce tr-rr.p. d-.^cardirj:: the thre* clubs from dumrcy. It Tas immaterial *hat East dir-rarded On the f.rst fro *r,a?.y. West could drop "he ten «f 1 cramor.os and the four of hearts, but ·A rat ~ill IIP do ^r. *he last spac*'"' , r.Jr. Jacoov w d'vrr. to the ;ac cf club* '.-nd the thr^e of h"a~.s Tile durr.rrr is doTvr. ·· the kir.z and ;arlc of heart? West holds ^h* qu^^n of cl'ibs and tr: n 'que^n of heart? and rr.-.: s t make ?. dis- --LAST TIMES TODAY-- COSTIKESi'S I TILL II P. M THE WET PARADE Wilh---.Vlf.TEK JIISTO.V DOROTIIV J O R D * N JIMMIF. nrBA.VTE --In me M. G. M Romance-- MADGE EVANS fNA MEKKEL RALPH GRAVES TIVOLI T O D A Y -- AT -2-S-7.30-9 -r.iij.^.-: al. poTer o"---r tr.'_ 3."a.^r- "he Washmrton Peat -,«/..".-: itill .=·;" as co-trustee of "-.'-; r--m,.r.£-:r -f t.^e Dj=tr.ct of Col_rr.c.a S-preme Court If he crirK; th" q':e"r. of cl'i! Tile forrr.V. y:pu'.5'. r. T A- ,-.;'.,-:r..:ted ! Jjc^-by's :acr: *.!! x tK-'x 1 -. K to cc'tle ou-'ter pro"s^:.r.:? arair^t t h e j p U y is to crop *r.p se-.»r. of publisher Tit!; ?".» T-^.- cr'-uzh: bv the j ar.d ih«-n Mr. Ja.-^-br d ::v :: l^her. ·· r n rr. ,vo r..--. a« ~,--r:.;'.--·? of ! Mr. Jar.obv i.-.n ·}-." las*, th" r estat" ! -i-.ih the jA'.k of hearts HOOT GIBSON --Roping ali the Lsaghs and Thr:"s in One 6:3 Rodeo of Entertainment tor ill The «, Mr s i*st: -f** /^f cum- ' . and i Sale of the r.^^vp^per _s ta.d to be t^l under consideration. MONDAY: Howard Srh»nk«i. tli* I -- ADDED -NO. s 'AIR MAIL MYSTERY' "I*ott*ville **btrt -- Falooka" SPIRIT OF THE WEST WITH--DORI? HILL City PERA HOUSE

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