The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 29, 1934 · Page 10
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 10

Paris, Texas
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Sunday, July 29, 1934
Page 10
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SSr^T TEN I THC PAJUS NEWS. \9UMDAY, JULY TO OPPOSE BOGATA Visitors to Have Strong Nine Here ', ?:art of the fourth set and there- i upon lost whatever chance he had \ to stop t*»e English ace- Perry 1 raced through the last two sets ; bu: he was quick to pay tribute " afterward to his opv*'* 1 ^ 15 *\ ""I was just plain lucky." Perry I remarked. YJ-^.VJ -wood's defeat, however. : \ver.i all but the mosi forlorn: prosper"- of disSodsins Ensland i fron-T possession of the Davis Cup ; -hi* year. It was quickly pointed Paul Leader Scheduled to ou r of course, ^\ t ^ e ^ meri ^5 Take Mound For Local ; v:T o ;^ d A^raila, after ^similarly Team 'VroTpins"" t*ie firs: two singles ruitches- but no cue disputes thai '* Tstln and Ferry, on Satuda^-'i { A^iacy" could produce. Captain : D:ck "SV:::iarr>s Saturday night re- i ta ; -::e'3 r*o such air or optimism as • >,^ exh:b:te'- after the double set| bick " on the first day asainst i T-.^ ir^ited. States may virtually ' bs conceded the doubles, on Moni dav. the incicarions being tiia* i j^-n"—]anc. rio^' two up arrd r.eedins ' c-"-v one more victory to clinch ^^ C: _,' P would withhold Perry : ,!„.-,_,, -xs doubles and insert H. G. • x L.-ee a? a partner for Geors® : Patrick Hushes aratnst Lester : Stoefen anci George Martin Lett. ' Jr. Xo word on iMs was fortb- comi-z. hvwever. from K. Roper |T^ S ,— t>i~ British capta'n. who was | :;i u-,^ even to watch Sati urday's play- The firral :ws? sin^res rnatchss. v-nh ~Voc-d p!ay:r,g .Vs?tin and : Shields opposing Ferry, are scheu: uled for Tues-da;-. Dues Stop Dizzy Dean Winjtoeak Veteran Waite Hoyt Victor i I As Cardinal Ace I* \ \ Bested 1 ByDub ARE Furcy here Sunday afternoon in (That promises to be an interest- OS ball same. T=e Bogata club jrill have a. niisnbcr of we'J knowr. '.'stars, including- z^o former .eague ^layers in Chester GiJes and Sto- >>al! game a: ar.r s_ ncer- *_;„-,- v, ~ V^c -s «*<"•••• ^'ed 3- tvooe thinivi. i.v ---s ^ -club that can "in, the 5n;t.ers and doesn't hes:ta:e to say so. Th* Battlers, aside from Tn* "battery, will present pra^:caiiy the same club that stayed -£^",_ a sta.rsdst.iH las" Sunca>. i ~-j .Leader, well known Indian star clunker, -a-iT! be or: the firin? l-.r.e for ti* 1 Battlers in place of i-*riy Harper, who is pitching Suncay for Husro. Tt ^as ," Le ;- d ^_^; there tvi!l be r.o wecLkuess or. The pitching Trc-urd. The game i? to be e-a^-i -*- -:-'-' \ to be on bane •vn-'n ..<teams tee •-"•"•• Tne ;~-c:us^ J 1 *-;.line up with Recce estch:T.-..^j-.--^-- er pitching. Ccs ?-" '.•->.. -.'*:..*-_• Bailey at Tltird. -^It^ ^/Vj, ^""'It,'^ and Burke i" the eu:::^i^. ^_^_-;- ^•mas over the ce"-.-:r t'-r'-e '^ cc j' : saccessjve tintes at >3t. -"'-'V/; •.Sailey also soc-cc^ '^^ ,°~~J ? J^ f l.^ same" fertce s.r-3 s:a5---c-'i =-.r.o..;- the Mount V t3sa7 ii^urcs a tack as- weTi Defense. Burns Says | He Will End Harben Wins Denver Grappler Believes He Can Subdue Geor- srian Here Tuesday PITTSBURGH, (3*). — Jerome "i>iZ2j"" Dean, leading: National league pitcher, met his Waterloo Saturday in his effort to win lus eleventh straight mound victory and took a 5 to 4 beating from the Pirates and the vetaran "Wake Hoyt. Dean was thoroughly oiitpitched as.h» suffered his fourth, defeat of the season after IS victories, the- last 10 of them in succession, but Tnanased to scatter the Pirate hits well enough to keep the score close after hi? mates had given hin: a three-run start in the first Julius:. The victory returned Pittsburgh to fourth place as Bosien was idle. St. Louis -.300 000 100 * 5 0 J, r>ean and Delancey: Heyt :irsd Grace. i REDS ROUT CCBS : both "^•arneke anc Bush from the j i mound, the Cincinnati Reds] [trounced the Cubs 11 to 2 Satur-; : day. Three doubles, three triples j ! ar>e Bottoinley's homer featured 1 1 the Red attack. J • C^ : ca'—> "'OO 000 001— - 11 2 I Reds" 4 "."- -"030 T10 OOx—11 19 0 1 "Warneke. Bush. Joiner TVifRS. G. L. "Whites-id* • Thursday won. the Culbertson Cup tournament at the Paris Golf Club for the second straight year -when she defeated Mrs. XV". C. Clark. 4 and 3. in the IS hole final match. Mr*. Clark eliminated Mrs. Roy Johnson after they had played two IS hole matches that ended with the contestants all square. The final and decisive match bet-ween Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Clark, incidentally, was not settled until the ISth ing her victory ia Thursday's final match with Mrs. Clark. the champion now needs to Tt-in the Culbertson com petit ioo only one more time for the cup to become her permanent possession. She will have op- •-ortunity to do his next year vhen the annual tournament i s -aced. Ker vic- |tory Thursday ia the Culbertson Cup tournament, however, was not [Mrs, "Whiteside's >nly conquest of :he day as she isron the weekly ize. five pounds cau<2y given • TV. H. P. Anth<* in time to stage a show Tuesday, is getting set to make many a young- friend or we miss our guess. This idea 'of letting every Boy Scout in uniform into the arena free should put Fred in solid with the kids who are Scouts. . And just to show that he wants all the. kids to have a chance to see his matches. Fred has announced he will let all kids under 15 years into the-arena for a dime. Also, for this week only, employes of the Perkins Bros, store will be admitted as guests of the irtan- a=rement. Back to Top In American SECOND- ROCKD NET MATCHES ON SUNDAY For the wrestling bill itselt he •will offer Billy Burns, who seems to be a. sornetvhat reformed ?rap- pler since his last appearance here some months ago. against George Harben in main event. Semi-final will find Frank Graham back ,-r>. this time with Jack O'Brien. } Travi» Reeves faces Billy j Strinsfellovv, Sam Rucker meets the winner of tbe Cecil Mackin- Ciark Este* match, Joe Caldwell meets Ferry Spear* and Sam Johnson faces Norria Sharp in second round matches of tlie Johnson______ Eilliugsley tennis tournament. . _ *»u _r-m.- | which win be played Sunday aft- Lynwooa Howe Holds Uw-! ernoon . First round results saw Reeves defeat Jordan. 6-1. 6-0; Stringrfel- low trimmed Amis, 6-2, 6-0: Rucker eliminated Pounds, «-l. 6-4: Caldwell downed Richards^ C-l» 6-3; Spears defeated Hendrlcks,, 6-2. S-3; Sharp won from 4 Spears, 6-2. €-3: and Johnson eliminated Brenetnan, 5-1. 9-7. cago Sox to Three Hits For Victory . CHICAGO. </P>- — J>etroit re- I sained the American league lead Saturday by taking the opening game of the series from the "White Sox 11 to 1. i.yn'wood Rowe held tlae -Chl- casoans to three nits while a 14 hit attack on Ted Lyons, plus untimely errors by Ma.nait«r Dykes. Swanson, Hopkins and Applins grave • him. a commanding noarsdn all the -way. It was Rowe's 13th victory as against four defeats. Detroit .- 502 110 002—11 14 0 Chicago .. 000 010 000— 1 3 4 Rowe and Cochrane. Hayworih; Lyons and Shea_ i I Incidentally it -was O'Srien "who save B:1!y Burns that* nice shiner he wore into the ring: here last Tuesday night. Burns and O'Brien wrestled last Monday night in Oklahoma City vith Burns finally first flight of the Tromen's associa- Tior. weekly play. Mrs. Bill Moore was the winner o* the second flight prize, also five pounds of candy Driven by Mr. Anderson aud i he lein golfers now have five Trrore pounds to play for at a later date- Burns,' while he has not defeat- i eci Them, has nevertheless met a lot | of the top Tiotchers in every coraer of the Unit'ed States. For instance he has" wrestled Ted Thy in Spokane. "Washington: Everett Marshal! in Joplin. Missouri: King: Cox I in Portland, Oregon: Jce Savololi I in Chicago ar-d ^larry Dernatras in i Seat^t 1 ?- "WasfiitiSTton. SEXS DIVIDE P-AIR ! TTASHINGTOX, C^*>- — The | "Washington Senators ^ook the second game of a double header by 2 to 1 behind the four-hit pitching of A! Thomas Saturday to split a double bill with the Boston Red Sox. Washington lost the first S to 3- First Game Boston 000 030 030—5 13 0 ~>Vashin£ton 000 003 000—3 11 " Ostermueller. "Welch and R. Ferrell: TThltehill, McCool. Burke and Sewell. Second Game Boston 010 000 000^—1 4 0 Rhodes. Pennoek and R- Fer- relh Thomas. Crowder and Bol- tort- Hugo Plays At Antlers On Tuesday Teams Clash In First of District Sandlot Federation Series British Cop First Pair Net Jousts Moist All Hope of American-Victor^- Is Thus ••^rd of 'not hsvlnc: b-een d-eieat'e-j ; ?i : -r=.-.; cernir 1 " to Texas will end . ..,,,. -3^ e - nc '.viii have two hours to ~z.~^ t"A o fasls over liarhen -A-.he'ri tht clash here Tuesday. Harden c^n»^s back t-? Par;? to KKSUI>TS SATUK1>AT TEXAS UE1AG1-E \ Tij^nt "^-•511 have a. chance TO find Beaumont _, Oklahoma City 1- : our a "Sot more about -?rrestliu£ H->uston 3- Tu'isa 1. i holds ihar. they perhaps have GaJfeston T-7. Ft. 'Vorth 2-5- S know-n before. Bill Sledge, a -wrest- Threc' scheduled. | »er himself- will demonstrate the . j various holes used by the AMERICAN LEAGUE j >TI their bouts as we'I as foeocks for ~.,_ Tr ,« z-i i.Va^h'n'-ton 3-". ! these holds- In showing: the holds. C.^-.C^c;Ii--,;'-, i-' X-^v.- "Vork S-". i Sledgre TI.'I]S also sho'w fco^a.' they are r^rV^'l^Chicaso :. 1 secured, with a f-?w explanator? ^•^v^^Tia in--, s--. I>ouis S-o. ] remarks probably thrown in to j j=ho"s" how opponents are maneuv- NATIONAL LEAGUE \ ^red into position for the clamping • on c-f the puaishers. a fannlnr be£ recently i>ums t-t-riing of an experience he in Duluth. Minnesota, with | Jack O'De?!. former Bi^ Ba.9 TVoIf. | "Gee that gray turned me every way I but. loose for about 15 minutes.** | 5urns ?ai*l ^- ith a. tone that ind:- { cated O"I>si! really can wrestle 1 -,vh<?r! he so chooses. ."LTnfoiruna.te.Jy I O'Dell has never chosen to wrestle in his appearances here, apparent!v chO'->s»n£r »•> foul, run and throw OUT his fhess. between i . - i 1 j. Ohica.frO -- iir?e^i otst. S for so lo-s than ever : after .Unc-e Sarr/s both sip=ries ma:ch •sei of tire D-'.^ roiiiid agtiins; K-rr defenders. "3ftsn Is,opeV ha-5 "i«* •• a. : see"m.irt= retur 4^* * 13 ^ ^-o^lv ^t i T\-a» tirs .CBiT ">••." WEST DIXIE LEAGVK ; 5n addition sorne perso« will -be i ufs hand to answer ouestiOTjs about ; know vrho the champions are, in ) Tvnat states they are r^cogrrsized or |'j=ometbir»sr else abovit -wrestliag b? i or; hand Tuesday Tjight.- : >"r-~d Gr?~?r. "who toctk over thr rnOM Cc-mmerce coracs that the piayirsg field •-• th.e Kast Texas State Teachers Qliege Uons- is in the best shape has ever been. The Lions., are de- •ndmg champions c-f the Lone rar Conference and are scheduled > 5ta.rt their practice on Septem- er 10. There wi!I be 15 Jettcrmen f'turuinc this fall when the charo- if-.-s start rehearsing for the de- p-nse ot their honors, BK.OWXS BKEAK KVEX T LOUIS. \J?^- —Cleveland's T«« *n%-aded the Brownie home «,« t . osturday afternoon and won the first game of a.doubleheadcr. but dropped the nightcap as the Browns settled down behind the pitching of Bump Dadley to take a S to 2 victory. Score of the f -a*; ' *» *O S Averill cot a home rtJ^ in the first ^3.^^ arid Trosky knocked another in the second contest. First Game Harder. C. Brown. G- Brown I and Myatt: Andrews. McAfee. I-'Veils Knott a^«J Kemslcy. Grube. Second Gatnc - n ^; an ^ <>jrfj in<> 100 •*•' n ""«SS an"<5"pytta*; Kadley and Special To Th« ^ HUGO. — The Hugo Timers go Antlers Tuesday. July 31. to play the first of a nine-game ser{ ies with the Mountaineers for the right to represent District 16 In the annual state tournament o: -he Oklahoma ' Sand lot Basebal Federation, which starts Augus* 24. I Antlers comes to Hugo on Aug ! ust 2, after which the scene shifts j to Antlers on August 3. On Augus ! S the teams play at Hugo: on Aug i ust 6 at Antlers; on _A.ugust S a I Hugo: on August 3 at Antlers and August 10 at Hugo again. If a j ninth giime is necessary a coin i vill be tossed to determitu; the I Both Hugo and Antlers have * strong teams this year a,nd the • rivalry between the cities is in- i tense. Both previously have sent ms to the state ) Conducted each year at Oklahoma, RESULTS TKXJXS I S-n Jinioniv 10. Dallas -. n:=rh- ; Miss Jacobs Four Tie In Is Defeated Skeet Shoot TANKS. *-S ^-^.^^ 'o»ec"did Ms elbowing tor the Athletics, pitched the Tanks into an even break with Phi*s3e!pnia Saturday with one o: •bo seajcon's litest monnd per- tormances but he co«Wn*i keep them on top of the career in io-i- "by scores of "\\*:tl! the b S, *^'-oO"5. Jr. -perb ba'.tJt FT^J Pc-rry. ,-,,.:...„.-.._ r ,-,. a . H ^ 1J= , r ._ ; Carolin Babcock of Los -hi =&T7;e. cal'eC e-d ;hird in-' .\D2eleS Wills In StraJgllt Sets Cl- ^^^ : r *^-V-.r; TV«-rrh 3 T Gr'lvcstcr.. T::ghi i SoABRIGHT X. J. (i?> —The all- '" vEler; of the anrrual Seabrigh: • ttr,r,is tourhamerit can:e to a.n 2-ca^- when Carolin Babcock High ^Tmd Friday Keeps Scores Do^ii In Practice Shoot AM M J11C AN LK A G L K AT FOX AT- t:EAGI li V'-rK ~:. rh::a'!e:t?n:=i •jrph 4. St. Ixj'jTS •>. Let Us Make Your i COUh'TRY TRIPS | RED TOP I CAB CO. ! ioc fj^i/i 10c i PHONE U€>*X PHONE j 9 E, Houston St., Paris, Tex. ) Drivers- a.~. r our •"'?'? i •we"'- K'AV THET STAND TEXAS T-EAGVE ; T; Tubv£ Beauty Shop ; ->*"& Set Mrs. V. C. Stroup i M:ss Jacobs had E^^cpt. through . i four rounds *'iib the Joss of onlr 1 %ij:ht ga^es but on th? ra;r- Jsciked turf court, she fell -:o •*> : rr:ora.5:H of errors! T'l-v- brilliant txec-tior s."; ira.ny court, strategy of M.IS-S "Ba^ ' _?, ». 3 -• ~r**,4*. St ^<3 ~^^* f^ *'**^C' 1 i C t?S- * • •i 'C'^C ^- fr 1 *^ h." " •** ** " .**-— rf--* 1 ^**^"- » j in the cbarr.p:o-> <io-vrifa«I. Bar* V I, Pct .|I«lnd 3^" Carolia ^faitbfuH^ car- ~" "-11 ; k's-r-p M;t.s Jacobs away from th- , _,. ; Doubles, pair. j>Ia.y?'j •?* 5-*tin?-£ A fair sized cro-x-£» o' shooters ,,.£ a jroofi pra-uery of spectators •umed out Friday afternoon for ; practice sh->ot h<?S«J by the Pan* >>:eet a-tsd Gun ciut. at its ran^c at -"-;c Gordon Country- club. A bich T- ;nd tba.1 caused t.hc t^rsets to perform unusua.1 ar.tics k«vt scores •t;o*rn a bit but kept the shooters •-in r ii*;jr to^s iOVIo^iUfc th* clay ;-;geons. As a result'four ^-unncrs •:«/' for first place at. -45 out of 5->~a.nd t^-o others were just a 6?Shon«r limited tfe«' >-'* to a v j.,_i,, i-ij- j>i tb? yscond half o^ the bill ar.d tlte Tanks -*"on 1 to 1 after thr A> had p«n*d out a 4 to 3 decision in th*ji!C«J -r»- ^,- rj .- ^ f th? opener. ^'"e" hrcak dropped ^^ Tanks behiwl Tb--> victorious I>«-troit Ti^ens, leav5ns: thi-m ^i^- * - 52f? avera.g:« to Detroit's .52*. Indians Bow I To Beaumont I In2-lJoust c Larkiii and Dick! Scliulz Team to Qinch Verdict BEAUMONT. L-P'}. —Steve Larkin and Judge DSck Schuiz teamed up ] to heal ?he Oklahoma City Indi-j arss - to I here Saturday after- ' noon. Scaals retiring: the three Redskins that faced him in the ninth inning after the stSfUng heat forced Larkin 10 give way for a t>5T!Ch rur.r.rr foHo^'ir?: his single j the eighth. Okla. City .000 009 019—1 S 2 I Beaumont .000 O10 lOx—2 5 i) Kennedy and Fant; Larkin, | Schulz and Lorb*er. • Wood Faces Runyan In PG^Finals Denny Shute and Gene Kunes Bow In Semi- Finals PARK CLUB, BUFFALO. <JP) — Hard-hitting Craig "Wood of Holly- " N- J.. and his former assistant, Paul Runyan of "V^Ti;t» Plains, X, T.» -won their -way on Saturday to the finals of the professional golfers tournament- They •wrill meet Sunday in a 36-hole duel for the title relinquished by Gene Sarazen, Wood gained the final by de- featlns Denny Shute, British open title holder. 2 and 1, after his morning: lead o* six up had l>*en •whittled dpwn to one hole. Th» slender Runyan staged a great recovery victory over 2 5-year-old Gene Kunes of Borro^vto-wm, Pau_ winning •* and 2. The final between "Wood and Ronyan. will be a duel between one of the game's longest hitter* and one of the shrewdest aiid most deadly approach artists. It will be- their first meeting- in match play. , During his conquest of Scuta, "Wood reeled off one of the «reat- esr competitive rounds in toe hj»- tory of the championship. They were all square through the eighth hole and Wood captured th» ninth •nrith a birdie four to make th« turn one up, with both player* carding out-going 34s. Wood's birdie ar the ninth missed being: a great eagle three by half an inch. That was the beginnmg of a sensational string of birdies. , . Tlie belting Hollywood blond bagged birdies on the 10th. llth,' aad 12th holes to go three "op* I Shute snaring a birdie on the llth. I "Wood's par-busting streak was [interrupted by a pair of pars on IhtlStb and then Craig picked tip I the thread, canning a pair of sbc- tcoiers for 3s on the "next, two for his sixth birdie in »even holes. The Jersey star ended, tiie raorning-round six up. Those five remarkable birdies on the incoming holes, good for an incoming: 31—the lowest courst recorded on the back, nine for the week gave \VoocS a, sizzling 53, •while- Shute was five strokes -.oft the pace with TO. They opened ihs afternoon rou"d wjtn 4s z«r» the first three ho?<=s and then Shute made his first dent in Craig's lead. "Wood nir*'.:d a. four .foot putt for a halt !«• 4s at ths 23n<3, It did soinei.ii.ins to his game ar»d eacoura^ed Shute. The tensest moment, occurred a.t the 34th. Both men vrere on is nvo, Shute 3 & foot a"pray and Wood 30. Sbu-e putted ar,d the ball hunsr on th* lip of the cup. Enraged cause* the bail didn't d.»sip, S3 swung; his club, as if to tbro-w it and the §rall«ry ducked. "Wood, plax-jTiS 3a.Ts pultrd to -within t~wo f«w« of t"n«j hole and sot a. half- The match. -end<rd on the 35th with V.'of.-d almost hollnsr out from SO ! eet- ^ as *:* borne n.n of hi . for thc c , rc ..,t ih«? first ipi JR, Tor^£ - - - ^....... .*>00 020 Oil—4 s «« '*-.<* rMckf?v: Dietrich &nd T"ne feature match of the day : as a coroptc'-c round of doTsbJes | -not by H. L- Wi«!ar?<S an-3 Clark | :;av;ness. which V.";^'snrJ «-on with j ? ---core of 24 to 23. j Scores Prida; : ^ ! H. G. Berry '4-2^—45 j _ .. R SEEDED S I AK WAY IKTO FINALS •; fjt\ n^<> 010 — ™ ? pv,jia. 000 000 103—1 "thorrs; ar,<5 Tieldan 2_-24—4S ! ~ T . B. Osbura 2^-*"—4^ ;.. H. Stripling 23-21—44 7 B. Wylie '- • 21-2S—44 • lark CariTsesss 1S-2 4—4* , ^. . . *<•»•* 1 4 1 . "' c~ 7?L irywT^tl ..... »^*i.^—^^* : ^- J -^. ^' , 'a-'4 *"» Webber Williams Has Purchased Riley Moore's Interest In The Paris Cleaners Our Guarantee of Satisfaction it at A***.lime our ci^anSng work is not absolutely sat- bractor^ tn every respecu *•« wiH chwriutiy refund our cusiomer'i money. ^ T,*;-\GI:F, T**v-.j«*. rf*. ^ **V *^ f 1 ^ 10 *ffi ^5^+ • ^i "%TZI; ^^^ A... *>7^ .^ * "'X"*^t'a:r WOTI fwo set*, the scores •^: 4 UtInc:r;sr Al!i*or» ani Van^ ^Ky?: '*t*, i the f^ns.i sc:. II «'a-s s^ **r,5 » •*'*!• veterans eouM rerficrrvbc-r. '**'^.; IT. Tvas decide'; '-hat the IT. o j c;<2e the titt«. They may start a.ii | o-*r »j?aln or continue ^hcre they p ^" i S^r: vff Saturday n;g'ht -Al:er^ •**- j -*3.rkr?s-b had rna-Se the ba;i in- Toro Nancy Race Winner CHICAGO, 6^'-—Tcro ?C"a.ncy. : • .-•vne<3 by JCorrrran "^V- Church, of i Txw An^lm won th* 160.000 Arl; 'tarton futursiy by half a l<? GKANT5 KAVEN, Mich- «*J--— Johnnv Sho»troiTT. the »«ed«d No. tfer from Chicago, -=ron hist •wav into th*; finals of tbe j-cntor a'nslcs tenr.ts tourna-rnerst hcr* with a victory Saiarday over R-c*- 3Hs!l Bait. "51 Paao. TCK**. and ^rt^ tonio. Texas, for the championship Sbostrom. playing * fa«t steady that r-nt. VOTI hi» rnatclJ by »cor**s of 7-»l 2-5, 5-1. Ke W*B more as- J^T^S-SJV^ ?! I12L13 DuUnisr. se" th*> dope •srheri he j?«t out Kalph Burnt! 1 . Indianapolis "'Sth a. 5-2. S-: victory. t>unnisr pTnyed a fc»*t #5ic!nff backhan«S attack that. bat- No, r. BUTTS I>OW7iT HOUSTON*, Tex.. i/P^. —B 1 1 1 Beckman. slim Houston riKnt- hartd < ?r hcr« Saturda-y Tjisht turned in a pitching rnast«rp'.*c^, ar.d S?fiDp*r Carey S«ll>h*» Stiff* •os'hJp- p*d Jakle Ati's Tulsa Oi'ers 3 to I. in a *rcat. ball sraine. Houston ...000 101 Olx—3 10 I Barr^e* ar.d Berg^r: 3 RCCS wi:s TWO G.A1.VESTON. Tex. leu took a double-header from th-» Iport Worth Panthers h«ra Sati:r- ! da.y njschr. taking the first 1 7-i behind Harry Cumb«rt's steady pitching, and th* second 7-5 bv onth'.tting th* visitor*. FIRST GAME Ft. Worth , .109 000 010— ~ 5 3 Galveston --C93 C01 llhc—7 12 I •\vhit-worth. Per«; and BrcK?Scic; G«?nb*:rt and Unton. SEOD>"1> Ft. "Worth 000 C23 0—S 4 1 Gstlvston ..,.030 040 x—7 M I Rabb and Broaktc; Jakxicki and la S*n Antonio ^| GUNTHl AH Modem C»t«rtng: Cool Open Air Roof \VH£.RS FAMOUS PLAT , | '!jt| Rodgcrs-Wade Wins First Half - 1 **:> { Th* P*r»y Golf Hub will not I <-'orr»pa.rry n>n<?» charnpions •?? th*. i first ha.!? of the city I«a«ri I b«JI ra.c*. -^si! meet th& 1 Creamery nine 8un<3ay aftcrnoor on tf»«i Soutti Thirty.first «tr** t diamond vn th« owning Bam*r of _______ _______ .„.. a. team to Gr**nvm« Sunday th« *«cowd half. for a t^rtes of matches with tii« Country ciuJ> »olf«T8. ft W Sou A Main TeL 745 ou«5y it had loc*.l the «j« to Gr««-n- .at* 1>tJt rwad* In plan* S the <:-r,trant won th* first half by St. Bernard, owned by Sd Sto*f- | of N«w 7<?rk, thtrd. '(.irlon^s in 1:12 1-5. Today. th* 1 - *rstr>' of C- V. : v,*h»tn«y of N«s^- York. •«•»« fourth 5 in {.h*^ field of 10, Gosngr t»> *bc i jv»t J * ^* ?<> 3 - * n tfl< * : H^ttJnR. j T*>ro N»ncy p»»d T2.7S to win. 1 The place price on St. B*rit»rd I w»* ?*,5« with S3,9* to whow. ! sfiO'W pi^JCft oo Spccia.l Heal Thoiie Sore Gum* Even after Pyorrbe*. h*« ed your etornach. k!dne3'» *• general h«alth. I>to"» Fyorrttea. j Remedy, us«d «» directed can wave ] you. Dttntists rccomnnend U* "Drug- j jri»?» return yo«r money if tt falls, j S Store,—Aflv. I fea.ti.ns 1 the Pa.r*s I Friday. Tb<- earjy !«• team. 4-2. team went Into an ea.d Jn the Friday m*l^c and wt tn front until .tto» fifth, tt>* <;l>A»T»pf<>n« dfrwt.ed th* • f«>«r tirjurw, -W^tteOtJ of th* i*.am »a* th* b»um* «ter of th« same -with hi» triipie *nd Bait«ri«c for th* Sktdwore and Akard; for tln'y K*>dce«f-W*de nine AH«?n, R«Y and FREE SXJVDIT/CHJES >UVD BEER of to City P* rt LOV-MAR Get Fixed for That Vacation At Home - - - - many p-eopl* hav* already left, or *r* maktRJT plans to !«rav« Parin for * vacation hundreds of orher* trill spend their vacaUon at home, fish'.nsr, play i n - S0 !f. tennis and many othrr forrow of fport. Whether yoo'r* Rolnff away, or *;«.>•«ns at. horrtf for yorjr vacation, vSxir'the Sporting Good* D*r!»rt>«Tnl *-?f t.'it* »Tore for your ne*<!». To«*5' flrtd almost *ny- In JOHNSON- BILLINGSLEY COMPANY

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