Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana on August 25, 1962 · Page 2
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Lake Charles American-Press from Lake Charles, Louisiana · Page 2

Lake Charles, Louisiana
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Saturday, August 25, 1962
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: ? ** f *U6USt 25 ?9K Inter-Squad Scrimmages Highlight Grid Practice Fwer ttcr? Cakssw; tease wa»d s the scransai* parsd* Fr^t? a* tbf fa! prsctree teiTipp Evts: rs-err can» Lsrriirr 3r»s bwn *s>" aee-caris?-. f«*. Late Qa>rie? wrTtrrtc" iv S** far i Wfek''s«!siccv" .)+ TV-. f f«*-< e&f>wsser a-.- eos"« i Gas **?* V {«• « fieed l hwbt yd eBort. Uflje deuctad a Tiprgraaett CB A btectaag. The Ck»ktef> tor pettS&ettr d*- fesse left STTfieshfflf to be deefed, sccwdfee to Dorsad. *i» felt the scrap psrtieuJwIy beneficial in STARTING PITCHERS — Big Ted CaiapbelL left, of San Jose, Calif, and Danny Brewsier of Kaakakee, I1L pose together after they were aara&d SPORTS CALENDAR TODAY BARBECUE: L=G:inr^ Quarterback ciub ^irbei'Je. -..- ret.c-r'i a rr. - r?. TOMORROW as lie starting pitchers in the championship game ia the Little League World Series a.t Williaaasport. Pa. !AP Wirephoto). Williams Speaks To Liff/e Leaguers •as? 8fea5ed *ift the **r hi* *ad Warr*s Cormier dmr raves word* of coach Glenn WiDiami hprs feexled their defensive as- frwfc csacfc BOH Lastrip for tbeir "had a pretty hardday." •apaaesr.? atainst DeRsJdsr a a line pis? vhik'quarterback Bud- Th* Broncos wojfted oo plays cry? esdacf* & fridircc Mo***- d^ LeB-asK ssd halfback Wayne for special defense* and on their Bsfi Cata*. too. expressed * Reyer readed up the bacfcfie'd passing game. with DafBiy Benoit " ler hBRer bkickme — s jeers- La-ar-p •»»? ai?o impressed by and Ken McCain throwing tbe hall ssrversai cr? ihroufbout the Johaoy Bishop. Ronnw Marcamel well. William* paid tribute to th« and Ra«y Bev-j. 3 tra of young- fine job that assistant Roily Walk- »r,* h:« cfaarfM <*•- «*er* »+«n H «'>HfH exceptional er h»* done in developing a new swn? :h^ dfSKjerK-v. he "foisted feat* »p *r»rk. group of rtefen»lv« back*. d *.be atnaJ wort of tee tecefftkeij to the Friday pat- year.' Ray Keever beamed when E^mas McN'abb and Sera of hard *w-k. as coach Jim- queried about VifrtotT* Friday ac- aoSdr MK~Ib as perhaps : b e or Austin of the Gators and Rudy tivity. spots of fee day Laodry of the Chargers eased off Keever put the Uof» through a eaterlaiaed Cast B pen*- the pace a bit scrimmage that latted fef ffiora Arthur, which caacb Jim "'Tbe strain of our continued than an hour, and th* bejrl re- ouscklr labeled a "real bard irork is beginning to show a sponded with gusto, bit" Austin observed after a The Llong, who ptflft 'JaWit to workoot that saw the Gators con- Orangeficld, Tex., next Tuesday, effort aad showed to cectrate cfcieSy on team condition- received a setback when H Was food adfact&Ee irfaile iaf- learned that ace hatfbflCk Johnny defense. Feeiicg that everyone has been Breaux will be sidelined for at A trio of seniors, quarterback prea s fell opportunity to work least four day* With i badly pointing «ft a rajiety of lesser fun Derouec and guards Haas- their way onto the first'two units, bruised back, flaws which wiS gel a tboroafli tea fbobodeaux aod Jeff err Sool- Austis announced plans to concen- West Lake, too, felt the bite of goai-flvet wbefi practice r*SHB*s JOT. trwe cited for their fiae play, trate 4* getting hi* starters ready the injury bug. Halfback Jimhiy on MwxJay. \ scrappy rouog unit from Mer- to play. " Daigle came down With a twisted While cwnptitaentinf the whofc ryrilie ptmided DeQuincy's op- Marwc. looking to its Saturday knee, while guard Lloyd McOuire squad on tbeir fine oo*dftk>n. the pftstkm. and ia contrast to the scrimmage a 4 . Houston, concen- is still nursing an attack of flu. Tor bass rinded owt QBarterbacis rest of tbe parish schools, the TV trated on it* attack both in the Coach Talmadge Core climaxed Frank Biake and barrel! ArArin. ftrt f-benped to be;;er advantage zooming aad tbe afternoon, as a long, hard week of work with 'in siong with guard Terry Lyotu. as *hea they had the ban thars when Ls>->dry $.peffi quite a bit of time afternoon scrimmage, and lha perhaps the be*t perform*?* of tber didn't, working T»iJh his wcond unit. Rams perked up a bit after a rath- - .->e day. fadde Doug Browr:.. guard Gor- Sam Houston, or. the other hand, er lackluster practice on Thurs- Lske C*harlw co»ch Ren Coifin* fam Obrer aod esds Dsie Da%'is showed up very L'ttie and, in the day. '--- - —- — — ' - :: Iowa, not lo be left out ftf the head-knocking, topped ft review of 'practically all phase* of the gama I with a 45-minute contact *e*?<ioii. Coach Joe P'oremdfl noted thp continued fine play Of hii "old standby*," guard Bob Cooper and back* Bobby Wesoott afld Joe LaFleur, while, at the same time, complimenting the defensive Work of fullback Ernie Cheuipter and It was too little too iaie Friday ing the first Gre amines, wUh cod. the SACers wefet on to score lhe hustle of glidrddefaW Del&n- aiterooon for ±e Chennault SAC- srxxidy defensive play by Cfesn tws n»re nms and rout starting ^ * h " ,, h ? *** ^?^ ers a= a sii-run aintb-:nr,:-g ralJr nsuh contributing erekly. pitdiet David Bohnman before V 16 Yellow Jackets vest for rwuehi and Oifutt \ir After the S-^Cers failed to score Butch McKfflan hit into a double * eu> ftrst Wter-squad actiofl of Eas« of Omaha. N'ev. won the Sec- with the bases loaded and none play to ead the inning. Uie season Tuesday at West Laka. ODd Air Force baseball chamcioa- out is tbe nrst. Oirud came uo Offutt Takes 2nd AP Baseball Crown NATIONAL DOUBLES South Africans Upset Favorites BROOKLINE Ms«;. 'AP— Ar. Eoro Jov«--/.':c ^ N:d:-^s Pilii ?C£ : "-,r.I;"D'." : <-.* T<r-;5 T'.J.T.;- 'vL.'LC'K.r. ~»&',: ^.d's^Je ^eri C:::f Ij:----^'^ &3 G.:5'j' tht :.-J-\ '^r.A '.'-* '.^'. '•:•.*: o: the Fo::>fr? T-ir'^rs or.Iy beci-^-e r.:iht v,";Vh *±«: South Airicar.5 or. the '.-.rrf.-.'.: to-jr. we-t f'/^r ''Trist er.ryj'j'rii-err.est ga'.e our bouri «.-.-•: % gar^fe; Fr.oav. o_n- ^pp.-.r.-er^s a D:£ ad^•ir;ta.^*." Pa AP — I hear you have a wicked cvrve re inirj: that be."!." he said to Dai Brewster, c>: ui:s thr 1 12-year-old Kisiuike* burler Tbtr: WiHiirr.? taied h:*t:n£, pitch do you ihfce us uxiev. ' "A"n.3t k/rid to " t lor a r>:.rr ; e rur" "Hov, car. ! h:t the curve Aod that was all for Chennault ship w;th a 12-: 0 victory at tbe with four unearned runs in their JJQ^JJ ^ e ninth. Manager Billy Chennaui: diamond half c»f the uuj:.ig. thanks Ui an Brisc-oe. voted tbe most valuable The SACers. who h&d been shut error by third baseman Dave pigyer in tbe tourney, held the out since the set-rod inrmg. erjp;- Bc-yd and s rcis.;udged fry ball by SACers hiCess for 4 2-3 imings and arow. center fsejoer Joe Batar which ^ ^ meantime, hii teammates feii for a twci-ruc dcmbie. Boyd made up parUa'iiy for his m^seae by slamrn:nE a ione h:-m- er over '.">? left field fence **'ith John Jordan on base in ihe sec- e;gnt hits, seven in i Biiiv Br^-cc* and Rav- t^rfore Biliv Bc;s- r'jr^ on Da** to e.^o th-6 ^^rrs^. Of*'jtt bui!" up a 12-4 'ead c- "=: : '. r^'.-^-'^nd?* Tea W-]- ' T *"bo «s.s the toughest pjtcher •;sr.;. here '-.- :rr.pirt some of his - or X^^ r.r*..'E .v:^r?'^ t.o '.he b^-n 12- Williams answered Bobby Fell- v«r.arv5.%(j-vnder basebafl teams er - l -"' en &dded Whitey Ford. Hoyt L' 'j-.e v.-c.-]d Wihelrn. Bob Lemon and Spud Chandler. He Ke arrived in the camp •jie player? are chartered, and .p-u ooa gerne in- football Wildlife Group To Meef Sunday By FRA.VK ADAMS isiana congressional delegation ALEX.A.VDRLA — The Board of initiate action to ha\e a COD- Daley's Wins Boxing Meet With Bastrop Daley's Sports club of 'i2~. Japanese and Amen- said the major leaguers were a !:ttle "home run happy" these days, and recommended Directors o: the Louisiana Wild- gressional commiaee investigate a corsistem hrttir.g. life Federation holds its annual the ' mismanageroeci" of water He a?«ed John Winkin. Co!by f a ]: rne^::rr ntre Sundav and fo-.v: res-'.^rcesr College basebai! coacfi ar.d L'ttie lrs' Tr -d th* srea' h ;> ''-' t^rou^i '-'-'^^ «««-i-'«j; •-•'.*!»c:: a;.^ u,iue ;^-j •.va:enc-«i homing reguia- The Federetion d:re:tors _._. ....... ... .^, L^^JPJ. s . Jrn:Tier cajn p director, t;ons are expec-.ed to the expected to study this and oth- I^' how the boys communicated since bulk of the firework. " er '.lews on the v,£ten'ow! 5.:tua' :ial pol Com eek outhnrng a three-point ' : rr. slid ! dc^r, t have to bat cause they knov.- thev're a!! sood. asa.'nst yvj." he said to 6-foot-3. !f you watch these kids a while. 2!'>-rx;uTiC Ted '"erripr*:;. y.-hed- you v.r,nder ho-* u.'ec to pitch for S*n Jose. "And star.ed." set program for possible oc'.ion. Federation Hobday Inn. T r >f>-s^*-''rd Arr.'t. r ,'.'ftfj« ^Ir 1 Karer! Han tie S'jsmar and R;:;:e Jf'Sr Moff.'tt el/m;.'ated 5-en'.. ! mer.- ; ^; (ivon'.es. S'r. 1 Marisare 1 Osbor;> doPor; 1 13 tirr.e winnf-'- and Marsare' V%rner. 6-2 6-3 in Friday'* -*omen's semifina! South Korea Pulls Out of , ^^ i-J: O..J€ST * f/ix.; pits Ac inn l"iniTJQC South Africa's Schuurrnar: A\>»UI| V3UmeS> ^ Mr , ^^j, ReyD o!d 5 Price TK'PT- -'p _ t »• v s£c-A£t defendinfc champions ,;"^ •/ VjJ ' r; , ,! a Darlwie Hard and ".Maria Bueno. puj/'rd 'j-j'. of '.ne tra f -.''. and :;eJQ ^ Fontenot's proposal? are ajmed at presentation a; the spcciai hearing scheduled in New Or- ieans Monday by the Wildlife and Fisheries Commission but are sure to receive detailed attention here Sunday. The three points set forth by the Federation head call for the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service ,...-,. ,. ro ,. . _ . to make its records and data ..r,A iGRK AP -Los Angeles me Polo Grounds, aware of the available to the Commission and ' ... Durocher Returns After Big Scare Molinas Beats Brown, Wants Title Fight SAN JOSE. Calif 'AP—Light- scored r*x> in the second, another m the fourth, and five more in the fnth when they knocked George B-utn out of the box. Although they final! y got through to Briscoe for one hit in the seventh aod two in the eighth, the SACers were no! able to dent Charles got in most blows Frday ihe plats until the big ninth. n 'S nt as ' l defeated the Baurop But then four straight hits, in- Bo ^"§ club 8l7 " 31 ' "» ^ action ' cludas doubles by Boswell. Blum P* ek ™ a 103 *^ card al the Me- awi McKiUan finished off Briscoe Donald sportatonum. and Kalliber. Offutt's ace pitcher. TQ« I 003 ! mittmen scored fivt was brought in to stem the tide, knockouts, one decision, one draw But be was greeted by three and received a pair of forfeits straight singles, and after getting m trouncing the invaders. ce at tbe plate for tbe second Tommy Dowden, fighting as a a line double down the right 98-pounder, scored the most po >u- field line by Arthur Krueger made ^ victor}' of the night when he 3Te the score 12-10 and put the tying disrupted a close scrap with Bas- secood and third. "But trop's Robert Gentry with a hard n Kaliiher sent Boswell down left hook in the third round, mark- swinging to end it. ing the only bout of the night that Five players had two hits was ended by a 10-count. apiece for Chennault, while Lar- One of the most anticipated ry Earl and John Beck led Offutt bouts of the night, a 135-po i- nd three hits each. Blum topped clash between Daley's Ted La- both teams u"h three runs batted Biche and B a s t r o p ' s Richard in. while Earl and Briscoe each Book ended in a no-decision ver- scored three times. diet when both fighters had to re- O-3-OD^..U 3 ^f™*- .„ ,. . ^ <K 153 cc«-i3 n t The local team will fight at . oivm^SSJJJ"»m Ka P lan nexl week before lravel< ing to Bastrop for a return engagement two weeks hence. 44 pounds—Bruce Cook. Sojlrop. n n 4 Bryant Georg*, Deity s. drew 45 pounds—Waynt Cook, B, dtf. Curt Boblneaux, decision. SI pounds—Karlon Thibodeaux, 0, fltd 1 H«r$ch«ll Butter, TKO In 3rd 91 pounds—T o m m v Dowdcn, D. d»f. Robtrt Gtntry, KO In 3rd. 112 pounds—Roy Thlbodeogx, D. won bV ; &srtj r 01 W— B"V'.w MR— Ka<im»< B»>0. Jr>d, Landry Tickets Now Available Durocber stricken just be- Part of rlnglewood Cliffs, XJ. ^ aler f ow i management program But ex-champ Joe Brown! a man in which Landry will participate 1K Go U ry d Va L ikin n s, fore Friday night's game with the was driving. dt '* New York Mets in the Polo He rushed into the dressing ents of ihe (ou.-th A^a/j Garnes iiy fo!:ov,-j:.r '.he Internet w r.atc-o/ A'.h:H!C -*o-ld fc'jii':t* ^ S. Cameron tru<r'./.-s wno cornrxrifc here ir-.rn f^ff\ljf) f-!A mi*i IAAF-s* r ,cuonfrd events *J I \JUjJ L, • tf 1 Hehert Prexy The IAAf ;.;.-,-'.: «.'.» rr.trn- pf.-'.fc '.«::»- •^,,'.'! h* O.V^ H^fX^-l -AS^ fr'f" V-C 0''- ''<••• P. when the two finished working on i. ^ ... , Durocher, he said: fieart attac»: : But ai it turned out, he had "They tell me this is Leo Duro- laken a shot of penicillin about 15 cher. Is it really Durocber?" rpT'j**"- ear'ier aoH had ?'j^fered a vWem'ca-* <','. pemd!!/n" al- , Dr ' P . m , obsen Sf; "™*££ j fjr .. v of a shoc-k can kill you. If be """'' . ever takes penicillin again, I .-.tred oy t*« .^^1^^ vouch {or his ^^y, He , v - i0m bst nis has a violent allergy to it." _ „ maximum sustained yield who should know, doesn't think may now be purchased, coach 1U g?d n B S wk T *B SoS'w*! C no42cinon Ch> to the hunter; and that .he Lou- Luis could win it. Jim McNally announced today. i« poundj-ciayion 0u oarboone, *o, 10 d*«t ~" ' mav h*> rthtniniwi' a! Larl ">' Walker. TKO In lit. ma) DC ODiaineO ei-, ,44 pounds-J.rry Brocolo, D, d«f. Don- school office or at the To-:. An '•::.'.k, er<> •„','.(;w.\ r,. -ht '->'4'~ '.<-.\;.-a'.'.i.'i Jv- OL»cr..-*..; Ar.c r '••'•' r -'' ''•' '^'•••''• Y.'i'.l*:. 0->Jfc- '.•..'f rr :->..-••- ",:• 'n ••:.> Za-,cj-. .r"(- t'>' '•I,'- •:.' ;''.'::'. '.-..,. ' f, -" "^ T/'f-'Or. T ' V >. '»c-.-;t: y 'ryir.y to find the irr. 'J 1 -,^ vhf- o'her -A^JO didn't Durocher was sent to Roosevelt -'.-. kno.'. it -Aas Durocher he Hospital for the night and by the ••> treating time he arrived was demanding a Bffiokiyn television .wt in hi: room so he anti could watch the game. Friday Keg League Has Big Nighf ,,..», Underdog Molina won a unam- the,. at M*« zw, Mo»'*/ W. SPORTS BRIEFS ti roj-.'b/ v tie 'r';-'v...'fc( and Kwretarv tivc-i Hebert i- ^ f o r rr. t. r i-okfc Charleb High ar<d North-westera N o r '.'-. a I TRACK ri i «»'. i-w.-.y rr : -,',"3 rif"i,5«"'''4'V' : 1 •'' wwifl'rt-Iwi ' '' " c!! player He pla;.ed center CII<:L*.HOI/> c-'Ti'-oort WrtiMw.j'j.t o» ' or '-•'-' ''«K'- <-f.ark-i Vi';id";j'.s *'••'„''•'•'•''•''' Tt/ . t r *a a « Kr o 13? tvi5i frorr; 'V2** t/j 5'<il (!P i* thf- WK&C ' '& Wer.aj-t?: (A the H-'-.'/ert Ah- 6'J?F*_C. K (.—ttati LVI Oaeutc!, ti r -rt r/. ^J r-. - i7./t^<,to M*ti/c*^ fjwit, »,&f, tn« to- Hrot t '-<* w earner on j us, y,c-if/ o/*r AI<« (««/)/ o» 60.. Head coi»ch Rf^ert Manuel. • • ' f ft' t i • . •*-T L/.f'.E City—fc*^i/ j'j'fttvr 4"-! ^w^t coach r.rioj> Da.'rxjfiJie and ash 72—!<X !'. (too .r- Lotf et PGA O:>tr. •. t t-.,,, , t,', . , ..• 'ii II y*c«Tii«o -'"'• '"• ' ia •• '••-'-"'i'-t;.- i-Tiilhpb all >«t,VfOS<T. i- i,— -'HtQiMrif ittn-'.a gavt- J-f; r,;;'.;p-.!<:•'/• r<-'. ;f-V. of '.h'.'jr '"VRAV^HO^TINC ^South '.tmero/i v.ii; pl^;. \ir.-ion »P ibict »,. otit-i'no'j < *='" *V'' —' •/ ^ a >' August "JIM. The firw regu- >a< garrie i- v.-fK-'luied 'or Seji'Mf!- ,''.','"' ^'' 7 u •'''•' ^'<""' c ' ri hign b' fi<y;; a\ When the ffirme; rn<ttia%<:i tiutc.'itd his heart and x^ipfrd tha\ he rth fa:^'. a call went out over thf- pubhc address syitfrm for a o<xtor Dr Peter Larr ; 'Xi«. the Mets te«>rn physician had not yet arrived Dr. Wade ilaiiiags of Malone, N.V sitting in the s-tands with his t-Ao sons' waiting for the DERIDDER 'Spl.- - A tri. game to start \Vhen the call went parish Basketball Officials Aiso- wt. he headed for the dressing elation has been formed in De- room Ridder. ' "But." he said, "1 wound up at T^ e association will be known the wrong end of the field twice a* ^ D « Ridd f r Basketball Of. and was almost ready to give up fitiiJs Association and is aliili- before 1 got the right" directioas " i a**d with the Lwusuma High IM. J*2-iw, .• i mous 10-round decision over the i aging Brown here Friday night in ! Brown's first start since he lost the 135-pound crow to Ortiz four months ago. Molina, 23, bested the Jfc-year- old Houston, Tex., fighter with a series of long right hands and an i aggressive approach. But. according to Brown, who was champion for 5'i years, Molina isn't very clever, "Ortiz is a whole lot smarter." said Brown "I'd have to pick s' office 8:30 a.m. hours aid Hlckman, dtclslon. 155 pounds—Jlmbo Murohv, •, d«l. Bob- 3:30 p.m. pound's-Mfki YokerT'O, won by tor» AJOR LEAGUE standings AMfRICAN UEACUC WM Loit Pd. Hoop Officials Form Association In DeRidder 'Spl.- - A HOVIIV« him over Molina because of that. !«. D*. (*«,« -j^js fe ] low js rjghl jn | ron , of U"<£0« 9* ^-O'* ... . . . ri'**"' Konvoi C'ty 175 ill.ES Dot ^ RftD*ct\*ou* 2^*. V McLou?''-'^ *5^. ??eoc*e tf3. CoTnt Ei'c- 1W. S*«.to Cock'ell ;»l , M.69« , . . . i7i, Marat &r<Hiu\ '77. Ang.* vvou»r you all the lime and sou 177. LvX^iie WJMt* 1 Hfc ' , , , . j t," UQ SERIES: Oc! &u"ct »7. O^t Dow ^'hat He S going tO 00. _. . L r i But knowing what the ex-Ma- Ooly one bowling league was r j ne { roni reported Friday night, but that do dj(Jn - t one, the Figure Eight Mixed .... . , ., ,. ,. . league, provided enoughT fireworks Molina carried the fight to for a half^lozen. Brown the entire d>stance. catch, .. , „_ ing the ex-champ with enough M^i^xi J*"^ i »&* «« ™ the comfortable de- tke who blazed a 242 line, one of „£•„. of the Ywk . Anotlti OvtcOOO ' 7* 77 7J *7 Ml 44 57 59 .5*4 — .550 .SI 9 .SIM .473 463 37i UVi 12'-: 15'-3 U 17 n Los Angtles j Son Francisco j Cincinnati [Pittsburgh 'St. Louis , • Milwaukee 1 Philadelphia Chicago , Houston New York FRIDAYS RESULTS ^ Brown cn;cooo ?, n!0ht NATIONAL LEAGUE Wtn L«|l Pet. 13 46 .M3 80 a .6J5 60 49 .«» .5(3 .S43 .SM .470 ,jn .JS7 .256 FRIDAY'S RESULTS Chicajo 7, Milwouke« } Cincinnati 4. Houtton J. nloht New York i, LO$ Annltt \ night |° n . Francisco 4, Phllodtlphlo 0, r..»... Plltiburgh ot St. Loul», nljht, postponed, 74 49 70 62 48 45 33 53 51 Ml 70 II 13 3 8 13 U"l M'l J5 37'.i 50 . * 1 When he found the dressing School Athletic Association. room. Dr, Hastings immediately Officers elected for the coming gave the 56-year-old Durocher two year are Jerry West, DeRidder, i 587 Jeanne Robicheaux, with a 214, end Virgie LeBleu, with a 210, were other fern bowlers over the 200 mark cUioo. Molina weighed 138*4, Brown 138. for the overweight match. Cit/ (Rokow 12-13) al Mlnnnotg hhots. to neutralize president; Frenchy Governale,, the effect of penicillin, then ad- i)eRidder, vice president; Blair j* rnirjiaierc-d oxygen. NtchoU, DeRidder, commissioner. It was a pefiicillia aoaphi- The board of directors consists of Ivuc shock." !>aid Or' Ha«tinR.s. 1. J. Hebert, DeRidder; L. P. Me- He had a bad reaction from ihe Kellar, Sugartown: E A Phelps, I-..- • i.'.n Itoscplne and Amos Co wart, a pattoirnan uuuide LmviJle. I David " ilier ^ thDe me " with J 1 ^ Wl * hlle Ron Hagens FIGURE EIGHT MIXED LEAGUE Men's Oom« David Miller, Teom KO Gome T«em Little Boys Finals Reset for Today WEST MONROE, La. 'AP Birmingham, Ala., and Pensacola. Fla., rained out of their championship game Friday night, will meet today in the finals of the Dixie Little Boy& Baseball World OT 3-S) Ot ) Ot Lot »-*) SUNDAY'S SCHEDULE ot LO> Anj*i*» Kontot City ol Mlnn**oto New York ot Bommort Washlngion at Ottroit (t) Boston at Clfvtland (2) D " rol( al Nev< Cincinnati Chlcag* Plttsburah"(Friend U-ll ond Frondl 5-7) ol si. Louis (Jockson IMO ond Sinw o, C,rve,on d( Lo,.! HOU rJo n v,^r I ' W> ot M "?Cor5 l w,,| IS « 1 ^ ' Ml) °' mon» 8-4), daylight Son Fronclsco (Pltrc* l\s( phlo (Gr»«n 6-S), night SCHI Ot Phllodeh , SUNDAY'} SCHIOULI Lot Angelw al N«w York " San Francltw at Phllo4tlph.!a Milwaukee at Chica o. 5' Cincinnati (M Pittsburgh at St. LOM!* (J> 2016 EAST BROAD STREET ED TAUSSIG FORO'S NEW LOCATION Compirt Prices—Taiisslg's will b* Lowtrl Much Lowt: CUrente and Front Street ?oi« £«tt Brotl Sir* ME 4-05U 456-0545 SHOP SATURDAY 9 A.M. T© 5:30 P.M.

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