The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 16, 1967 · Page 17
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 17

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 16, 1967
Page 17
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4—Algona (la.) Upper Dct Moines Thursday, Feb. 16, 1967 Evelyn There's housecleaning going on in the basement and I wish I could get down to see some of the things stored there. There must be things that belonged to the Calls, then to Nita Issacson when she made the building Into a hospital, followed by the Mon- ocos and Leon Merritt, then the Roberts made this a rest home, and finally the Good Samaritans took over. I love looking at old things. There is a fascination to chairs and setees and cabinets etc. I wonder if the little S-shaped chair Is still in the Algona hotel. I saw it first when the hotel was in its infancy and was known as the Durdall. Later I saw it when a small group of us played during Sunday dinners. Instead of "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now" I "wonder who's using it now." I might add the things were given to the employees here. Some things were wanted by more than one person, so lots were drawn. * * * . Watch itl The weather will warm up now. I had to get my .Indian blanket out last night and if it runs true to form over quite a period, it will be warm very soon and back in the suit case will go Mr. Blanket. It hasn't failed me yet. Do you suppose it's because it's an Indian blanket? Aren't they the weather forecasters? As for the ground hog -I've never known a time he hasn't seen his shadow and we know darned well we'll ALWAYS have six more weeks of winter. Brothers won't last long unless they can get extra good talent as guests. The boys aren't funny and have very little to offer, except nerve. * * * Rev. Frank Harcey of the Congregational church conducted the worship service Feb. 5. We were asked to join in the singing, but I learned my thin soprano is even thinner, my breath doesn't spread out enough, I began to wheeze like leaking bellows - so I let the rest do the job, and I don't think They were doing any better than I. Every time I write Feb. 5,1 think of my cousin Edwin Cady. It was his birthday. Jeanne Sigsbee wrote to her grandmother, Mrs. Harold Hobson, that when she went to church Sunday morning, Feb. 5, she wore a light sweater and it was too heavy. Pass some of the weather up here, Floridans. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Reid are leaving Feb. 23 for Des Moines on a conducted tour of Hawaii and will go via plane. They will be gone a few weeks and of course will have their home looked after while gone. It is amazing how versitile many actors are. Gene Barry has a very good singing voice and Jim Nabors is even better. Gene can do dance numbers very well too, and so does Jim, but not quite so well. Or perhaps isn't given a chance. * * * I predict the Smothers I enjoy doing crossword puzzles, especially the one in the TV magazine section. Turtle delicacy had me stymied. I could get canapes out of H, if it hadn't been for a pesky "1" that had to be , when the "n" was to make the rest of it comes out all right and which I knew was O.K. A few of us "fans" exchange words, and it was Nan Ward, who by some miracle found calipees was the right word. Well, all you gourmets, have you eaten calipees? And you chefs? How about it? How is it made? It even bugged a prominent doctor when I asked as he passed my door. He didn't sleep Sunday night puzzling over it, so the next day when the word had been found, I phoned him to put his mind at ease. And doesn't it aggravate you to not be able to recall a name? * * * A man after my own heartl Tom O'Brien, 91, of the Bishop Drum home in Des Moines confessing he'd love to get out and do some more dancing, his favorite amusement in years past. What I'd give to do a few turns to nice soothing waltz - "Fascination" or "Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland" or Mart McCall's harp solo "Under the Anhueiser Bush." Remeberwhen we kicked up our heels In what was called the Barn Dance? It didn't catch on much and was dropped in a short time. Today's youth don't dance. They contort I I had an immediate reply from Ruth Hibbing (Mrs. Charles Knoble) of Rotary Ann Home, Eagle Grove. It is such fun renewing old acquaintances. Thanks to Mrs. Agena who made this possible through her visit there with her mother Mrs. Rohwer. Ruth says they are seated at the same table. * * * Also a message of interest came from Nettie Ditsworth Dossett, who wrote, "Have been thinking of you, I have been in Guatemala ten days. We are leaving this morning for New Orleans. It has been an interesting trip." I wasn't sure of her last name as it had be crowded in. Maybe it was Donett, but Dossett seems more likely. * * * I wonder how people divided their time Tuesday evening? First ate buffalo probably, then went to the wig show at Sheak- leys. The odd foods I have eaten are bear steak, rabbit, El- gian hare, squirrel, oppossum, frog legs, but so far no call- peesl Feb. 9 - I knew it would happen! Back in the suit case with the blanket and the past few nights have been so warm I've peeled down some bedding, had my storm window up higher but I'm not complaining. Far from it. Seems good to have it warmer. * * * I enjoyed a picture in today's Register. A sleigh (cutter we used to call tern, too) and an Amish girl at Lancaster, Pa., gliding over the snow with the one horse, just as in "ye olde tymes" when we had such a vehicle, and also AdaStacy(Mrs. Jim) had one and mother and I often rode with her. * * * I've heard so much about "Guys and Dolls" I was delighted when it was scheduled for TV. Well, It was a MESS - arid I quit it before it was finished. Such a conglomeration of NOTHING! Maybe I'm Just getting old and fussy,, but I still call it a mess. NING UIDE Eat Out Often In ALGONA THE JOHNSON HOUSE ON SO. PHILUPS SMORGASBORD Sunday Noon and Friday flight PRIVATE DINING ROOMS SEPARATI COCKTAIL LOUNOB CHARLIE'S SUPPER CLUB SO. ON 169 DINING ROOM OPIN 5.30-11,30 P. M. COCKTAILS LIVE ENTERTAINMENT PRIVATE DININO ROOM Tel*. 295-9152 VAN'S CAFE JCT. HIWAYS 18 • 169 OPEN WEEKDAYS 10A.M.-1 A.M. SUNDAYS 8A.M.-1 A.M. CLOSED MONDAYS PRIVATE DINING ROOM COCKTAIL LOUNGE LUDWIG'S CAFE DOWNTOWN ALGONA BREAKFAST A NOON * SPECIALS * Op»n 6 A. M. - 8 P.M. Weekdays Cfowd Sundays BLUE & WHITE CAFE FEATURING) ORDIRS TO GO HOME-COOKED MEALS SANDWICHES - SHORT ORDERS OPEN 24 HOURS A DAY 7 Doyt A WMk Air Condhtonad Mr. and Mrs. C. L, Young called on me yesterday. Not long ago they sold their home south of town to Tom Rich and have moved to Denver, Colo,, where they have a son, I believe they said - and it's nice to be near one's family. They have left behind them their mothers in Good Samaritan and I didn't ask if they intended to move them west. I am merely supposing they will stay here where they are receiving excellent care. They mentioned having known me pre-arthritis days. Strange I don't remember them till the past few years. Other callers were Mrs. R. A. Behnke and her daughter Mrs. J. B. Waller whose husband is Dr. Waller and they live in Decatur, m., Mrs. Behnke was here assisting in the party being held on the second floor. Also have had Nancy Morrall and Sigrid Kohlhaas as callers. Joe Wadleigh is the latest person to Join the Good Samaritan Home 2 group. He had had an excellent housekeeper for several years, but she is not too well, hence retired and Mr. Wadleigh made a wise decision. I hear pounding on the house being built on the corner of Williams and College streets which will be occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Bill McKin, former farmers near West Bend when Dorothy worked here as an aide. Both are employed in a bank here now as custodians. I wish she'd come back to Good Sam. 1. * * * Just incase you are still puzzled about calipees. It is the jelly-like substance found under the back part of the shell of a turtle. No thanks - I don't believe I care for any. Think of what the Post family could have enjoyed had they known about calipees a few years ago when Lizzie picked up one which was ambling across the road when she, Rose Sigsbee and I were en- route home from Mason City and we decided to investigate Eagle Lake. At Rose's suggestion, Lizzie picked up Mr. Turtle. Luckily, she had a washable rain coat as Mr. Turtle retaliated in a manner unbecoming but common under the circumstances I've learned. Mr. T. went into a decline after a few days, so the boys took him to the river where he joined his cousins whom he had never met. I'll bet his wife has been singing "Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come home?" On the other hand the turtle may have been glad to get away from home. Oh you don't fool us much, you Lotharios.. "I love you from the bottom of my heart - two other girls are in the upper part." * * + The $64,000 question (remember when Hal March and his program was so popular): Lad to Dad - "How come soda pop will spoil my dinner and martinis give you an appetite?" Calls For Good Support, Heart Fund Drive An urgent appeal is being made by Mrs. Don Mitchell, Burt, Kossuth County Heart Unit president, to all residents of the county to support the annual February Heart Fund Drive "with a full measure of your generosity I" Many volunteers are contributing their time and special efforts to the Heart Association. They will be calling at every business and home in Kossuth county with helpful information on "How To Reduce Your Risk of a Heart Attack". Mrs. Mitchell notes that Kossuth has ranked among the top counties in Iowa in per capita contributions to the Heart Association. The goal this year is to continue to be a leader in the state in helping to conquer heart disease. The 1965 vital statistics report for Iowa counties points out that of 232 deaths in Kossuth, 140 of the deaths were attributed to heart diseases. F. L. McMahon, Algona, Iowa State Bank, is Kossuth County Heart Fund treasurer. The following are Heart Fund chairmen for towns and townships in Kossuth county. Algona - Soroptimist Club; Bancroft - Mrs. Joe Welp; Burt- Mrs. James L. Fries; Fenton- Mrs. Gus Krause; Lakota-Rev. Paul Ofstedal; Ledyard - Mrs. E. A. Carpenter; Lone Rock Mrs. Frank Flaig; LuVerne Mrs. Audrey Baumgardner; Swea City - Mrs. Vivian Charleson; Titonka - Mrs. Bea Garrett; and Wesley-Mrs. Ed Klein. TOWNSHIPS: Burt - Mrs. Pat Bradley; Buffalo - Mrs. Ed Uken; Cresco- Dr. Winkelj Eagle-Mrs. James Koons; Fenton - Mrs. Ervln Borchardt; Garfleld - Mrs. Usher; German — Mrs. Irvin Beenken; Grant - Mrs. Robert (Briggs; Greenwood - Mrs. Phil Bernard; Harrison —Mrs. Robt. Barslou, Jr.; Hebron —Mrs. Edwin Nauman; Irvington —Mrs. Gilbert Hargreaves; Ledyard Mrs. Vernon Smith; Lincoln — Mrs. David Yegge. Lotts Creek-Mrs. Will Lauck; Lu Verne - Mrs. Gall Wolf; Plum Creek-Mrs. EverttBroes- der; Portland — Mrs. Frank Becker; Prairie - Mrs. Nick Arndorfer; Ramsey - Mrs. Ted Van Hove; Riverdale-Mr. Bernard Thilges; Seneca - Mrs. R. M, Fortney; Sherman-Mrs. William Goetsch; Springfield Mrs. Lawrence Brandt; Union- Mrs. Daniel Fisher; Wesley Mrs. Dwight Seaberg; Whltte- more - Albert Kramer; Swea — Mrs. Laurel Peterson. Ringsted Man Hurt RINGSTED - Donald Jensen, who farms southwest of Ringsted, suffered a broken left ankle recently when he fell from a ladder as he was working Iff his corn crib. Titonka High Junior Second, Beauty Contest Sandra Carlson, high school Junior, was named first runner- up In the first Iowa Retail Hardware Association beauty contest ever held. Sandra began Sunday, Feb. 5, as one of 27 contestants In the preliminary judging held at Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Des Molnes. After being judged In bathing suits and street clothes, the five finalists (one of them being Sandra) were presented and interviewed. As first runner-up, Sandra re- received a combination clock- radio, an electric shaver and a pair of scissors. Bancroft Girl Now Employed In Minneapolis Patricia Duddlng, daughter of Mrs. M. F. Duddlng of Bancroft, has accepted a position In the Trust and Accounting Department of the First National Bank In Minneapolis. Miss Duddtng completed a business course at MankatoCom- merlcal College In January. She began her new work Feb. 8, The United States is the largest tobacco producer in the world. Red China is second. India third. NEIGHBORS KNOW AROUND THE TOWN * COUNTRY Meet Marvin Kramer Of Algona This week's Country Neighbor is Marvin Kramer, who owns and farms 200 acres three miles southwest of Algona. He and his family have been on this place since 1961 and prior to that farmed in the St. Joe vicinity. Marvin is the son of Mrs. Adam Kramer, who resides at St. Joe, and the late Mr. Kramer. He was born near St. Joe. Last growing season, he had 71 acres of corn, 15 acres of oats and 50 acres of beans, with the balance govt. acres, pasture and hay land. He normally raises 500 laying hens, has 8 milk cows, feeder cattle and 400 hogs for market, enjoys fishing and welding as hobbles and is a mem- 1 ber of the American Legion and KCs. Harvesting is his favorite job, but he also enjoys working on machinery. A granary was added to the place last year. Mrs. Kramer is the former Irene Eischeid, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Aloysius Eischeid, who > farm near Algona, also. She : was born here and married Marvin Aug. 29, 1950 after meeting him earlier at the Plantation. Irene is a member of the Le- . gion Auxiliary and sewing, music and fishing are her hobbies. She also spends a lot of time housekeeping, for the Kramers have eight children, two daughters, Elaine, 13 and Nancy, 8; and six sons, Gordon, 15, Martin, 11, Allen, 9, Linus, 6, Jerome, 5, and Donald, 11/2. Mr. Kramer has two brothers, Andrew, Bode, and Vernon, Livermore; and two sisters, Adeline (Mrs. Clarence Marso), West Bend, and Marjorie (Mrs. Kenneth Knelrem), Des Moines. (UDM Polaroid Flashfoto) Buscher Brothers Impl. Minneapolis Molina — (Mly-Rycm — P«M« • rrtraoy ft ONIIMM MwtTt N. Mate It PhontMMUl EATING«PLUMBIN Irons Heating & Plumbing "Completely Equipped To Serve You Completely" Piumhlni • K«til*i Ihttl M*UI On »t Oil unlti Pumpi W»i«f lytitmi, Complil* rtxIUMl Phono S8S-WO ALGONA Joe Bradley Equipment South Hotel Alfoaa Form Machinery - Truckt - Tlrei Pictured above It the P. R. Iron* Heating and Plumbing establishment located at 812 East McGregor Street in Algona. The busmen has been In Algona since 1940. A larger building was needed to facilitate the expanding business back in 1948 and this Is the building to the east of the original building. Irons features the leading brands of plumbing fixtures, furnaces and air conditioning equipment. In addition to the heating and plumbing work the business does a complete line of sheet metal work, which Is all done in their location. For reliable, efficient and friendly service In your plumbing & heating needs, be they large or small, call P. R. Irons Heating and Plumbing. They are "Completely equipped to serve you completely." P.R. IRONS Plumbing & Heating Service Ernie Williams John Deere Farm Machinery BOTH QUALITY A SERVICE Located eait of Algona on highway E r+mnmm PATRON mewmmmn PATRONIZE THE »OMSOB_QH_THjS ( PA6Ejj Algona Implement Co. Your Frleorilv International Harvester Deiltr FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TUUCKS Sales & Service

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