The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 26, 1924 · Page 11
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 11

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1924
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 19Z4 THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PACE ELEVEN. in® Wand May •CORRECTION OF CLA3f4FIED AO ERRORS Tho News and The Hor»fc '•111 not 1 )e responsible (or more than incorrect Insertion of any advcrtlaeewm orderd for more than one time. Krr»i* TiOt the fault of the advertisers' which clearly lessen tho tea) value tf th« advertisement will be rectified only by oubllcatlon without e*tr» choree within FIVE) days afler Ineertlon. No republication will bo made when the •rror doei not materially affect th» »iuaiu.*flti.i< l M>ff »ui ;n ^sortinrt JO eaiiee WORD AND LjejB SCALE I Words or leal i Ltn* 6 to 11 Word! 2 Lmn 12 to 17 Worda S Lines 18 to 22 Worda 4 Llnee 19 to 18 Word 5 Linen 20 to 33 Words * Llnea 84 to 39 Worda 7 I. .not «0 to 45 Word* 8 Llnea 46 to 50 Worda » Llnea 10 to G5 Words 10 Lines For moro than 10 llnea figure 3 llnee to each 10 worda or traction thereof RATES ON CLASSIFIED AOS For conaecutlve tnsertians aamo copy, same day ftflnlmdm chargo 1 Day —Per lino f Days— Per lino i Days— Per line • 4 Days—Per line 1 Daya—Per line 7 Daya—Per line « Daya—Per line 10 Dava—per Una ..*• 2 Wceka—Per Una 1 Month—Per line •„•••••::• Bpcclal Indito rate, per lino for botb nanera . .1 .25 . .10 . .20 . .311 . .30 . .18 . .f >8 , M . .70 . 1.05 1.50 .97 TEUEKnONE ADS The News and The Herald will live •aretul attention to all arte received over the telephone, but cannot guar. An tee accuracy. ^ LEGAL NOTICES <5lrBt~puliilslicd Nov."24th, 1021, In the Hutchinson N CWH.) Notice to Contractor*. BMa will he received by the Board •f CommlHsioneis nf IIuleliliiFou, fit the City Clerk's office up to 3:<»> o'clock p. m., Krlday, December 6th, 102t, for the construction of the curbing, guttering and pavlnjt of Seventh Street from Main Street to Walnut Street, Maple Htrcet from Third street to Sixth Street and the ailov between Sixteenth end Seventeenth .Streets. work to be done In accordance with tho plans and specifications of the City isnglnecr on fllo In tho Clerk's office. A certified check for *;~00.00 must •oeoinpnny each bid for the curblnrr and guttering and a certified cheek for 11,000.00 must accompany each bid tor the paving. The Board reserves (he right to reject any and all hidR. ED METU. City Clerk._ _ 10 DRESSMAKINQ- MILLINERV 10 ALTKnATtONS, BUlta and dressmaking, romodelln, pleating, turner. Mrs. Richards, phone 22fs:i.l.- WANTKD—Dress making; satlsfallon guaranteed. Mr*. Unys. S14 N. Main \VANT10I>—Alterations or mnld work. F-12, care Neww. 12 PAINTING PAPERHANGINQ •1Z JAS. WlUTBi wan Paper Btore, l'J',» 8 Mnln.Sihone 200. Ilealdenee 4 'Jl'n- PAPISM hnnBlnff. Phono 677W. 14 REPAIRING, ALL KINDS 14 ELECTRIC motor, armature rewinding, repairing. Wo buy, sell, rem used motors. HUTCHINSON ARMATURES WORKS Phone 202. J South Walnut. UrilOD furniture, upholstering and repairing, furniture and stoves. Hlltl- yard Kurn. Co.. ion Kast 7th. I'll. 1st*. UI'HOLSTKHINO—l''lr»t class work Phono 27S3J. .1. H. Hagland. 15 LAUNDRY WORK lb CTOTj\lNS_lamiJ<™i WAKI-IINts and ironing wanted" 3M3W. Phono l»0SJ._ Ph. WANTISD—Washing and ironing, wiiNh In soft water. Call at West 6lh. Phone 2S90W. 16 SERVICES OFFERED PAINTING. 16 cement work; buiuting estimate free. 215 E. D .Ph ,x»l».i. TUA.S11 Untiling, nit kinds. Ph. RADIO EQUIPMENT HO.NOltA RADIO LOUD 1/ (With the concealed horn) "CLEAR AS A 11ELL" Tone duality unexcelled, because us all wood. Same price as others. Phone IH12 for demonstration. WEARING APPAREL (Cont.) HIGHEST prlcea for men's clothing end shoes. Phone 1155.1. 30 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS « BAND INSTKUMMTTSS AND P11UM- OGRAI'HS—Tenor Saxophone, J OS; C-Melody Saxophone. $115; Itnnjo, f .47; Uuitar, $S: Clarinet, ?35; Victrola, $50; Kdlson, {100. Easy ti-rms. llOUADAIJOn-WILBT MUSIC fjKl'T \ HltU.NSW'KJlC Victrola, splendid value, has beautiful mahogany case; a bargain. Jenkins Music Co., 122 N. Mnin. PET 3T0CK (Con*.) FOR SALE—Toy Boston Terrier puppies. EllelMc to register. 7"t f-ast 7th. I'hone I793.I. 41 POULTRY A SUPPLIES 11 Live and Dressed Poultry fUlNNI.NUSEN PRODUCE CO Phono 710. Wo deliver. 11 "!f ''*_°'I' 115 1 2" "Prlngs. "'-ifi K. »ttl. BUKP oiTPLNiiTliN cockerels ll each Phone 730, NJclierson. EOlt SALK—liaso drum, snare drum and traps; a real bargain. August Selielb. Hudson, KnKnwa.«. CORN fed capons. I.vpot, phone 30'^ McKay MUk I'lA.Nti for sale. 315 it. wist. vSTVLE IX Victrola. slightly shopworn; ask about (his one. Jenkins' Music Co.. 122 North Main. TENOR HAN JO, a bargain at this price. 513.60, Jenkins' .Music Co., 122 .NVriii Main. WANTED-To buy several used pianos for cash. H. O. Philips, mono IH'.I. tt'E have a Hatwood trumpet in splendid condition, for only 932. Jenkins' Music.Co.. 122 North Main. 31 HOUSEHOLD GOODS 31 FOR SA LE—Pure bred Mammoth Bronte: flali Dank strain, prize xvlnnlng turkeys. Mrs. E. J. Hnller, Uurrton. Kan.. Kt. -1. Foil «ALH—Aristocrat dark barred Hock CDCkerels. E. E. Hrown. Nortll \\'ldtejdde, llutehlnstui. Kansas. FOK SALE—Fat hens. 1311 N. Monroe Full NALK—Home grown fries, per pound. 17 South Adams. 22c AUTOS AND TRUCKS (Cont.) 1BET1T1EIR BJSEID CAES AT IPMECES ]i»20 Buick Tourms IK't l-Vrd Iloadfltur lL»iti Four cyl. H tudebaker • 1 D u u Jo rtl an To a r i n g 1919 Stuflfcbnkcr B\K « Touring :>:i (Jmllilno Touring. lf)L:i Mnnnon Seilau iyr.1 .Sfudcbaker Special Six Clmk Moft©jr C® Phone 110-112 W. Second ROOMS FOR HOUSEKEEPING (Cont.) K<»U HKNT--ltousck(j*plng roomn. U> IIiU:ril'.:Kl'".l-;i'lXr» ronnis. ?Ii w, hin noi'VVrKKKiTNTi ^fmilV)^"" .^" U^ LTU T li\>VkI)Ki: KFIN'O room, w 'ua; AiV) k 'iof" furn t»h <M"Ti pTTF^horiV ^kPclV- iIrir rnnmn. '-'M Kn?t V". 505 'J .I TW>>, thr^i' or fnur-rot'm apiii-tiTn'nC Inilijjto. 22\ Weiii Ptrst^ TVS u furnj.'sfii'ii iitiii?i>k(>; nmin^ 55 APARTMENTS FURNISHED 55 FOJt SAIJK—Home Unn BUTE OrjMnB- tnn and Buff Rock Cockerels; a t>on of itbout T.O laying Rock bene. Mrs. yrlnln, silica. Kan?, iftsu for sale. Phone 20KU. PUliKUUEU Jtoso Comb IU;d cockerels, (1 to S:<. Nelson Smith, U. b, HutehliiBorj; phone Vnrlnw 705- GOOD soft coul healer, $10. i'hono 3311W or call nt 410 Kast B. "Ai-'JiX" aJt'cdic Hasliins innchines at onG-half tho rt'tail dualnr'a price. They are to bo s^on and had at tlR Hutchinson Bonded Warehouse, 701 KiiRt Hccond Street. roal ran go. ciht.*ap—Good 126 Wi 'Bt B. Garland Examination of any stovn fflvlng trouliU-. Will buy stovi-s and sccona- hand furiitturij. Ktov« ropainng a sppcfnlty. Phono 537W. FOR .SAljf-J—Ijargo size base-burner. 605 North Plum. Call lU '.^J, HIGllliST cash prices paid lor mi kinda of used furniture. Nothing too good; nothing to poor. Crook Furniture Exchango Co.. phone 9tf. JUNIOU lanipa, buflet mirrors and many other furniture novelties on our Xmas club plan. Harmon Furni- tuw Co., 13 South Muln. 19 MALE HELP WANTED 19 ?F(rat pubUtthcti Noivmber -Hh, 1924, In Hutchinson News.) Notice to Property Owners. Notice Is hertdiv given that the Hoard of Commlssionurs of the Citv of Hutchinson, Kansas, will meet in their Chambers in Convention Hall, at 8:00 o'clock p. m„ Friday, November 28th, 1024. fiB a Board Of EnuaHwiMon, to adjust and equalize assessments of the properties liable for the cost of f avlug !2fghtli Street from Poplar to 'lum. Maple Street from Ave. A to Third Ave. Eighth Avi;nu« West from Jlatn to Monroe, Sev. nth Ave. West from Main to Monroe .Street, tha aUev between Adams and Jefferson from ;!fth to a point 110 feet north of lBtb fetrept, and the alley between First nnd Second from Adams to Washington Streets. Witness my band this 22nd day of Kotfember, 1924. WALT13H F. JOX133, Mayor. HAKIMSK minted—tt toady Job tor good man; ?20 week guarantee. No fluater ur student, wanted. 1J. Keou'ii. Mendi'. Kansas. CAHS $Up lo munlhly, expenses 'osiiion guaranteed after completion paid as railway traffic inspector. ! a months' home study course or money refunded. KxcdUent opportunity. Write for freo booklet Stand. Business Training Inst., Buffalo, N. Y. 20 FEMALE HELP WANTED 20 WANTED—Kxperlenced cashier; one willing to make herself generally useful in leady-to-wf.-ar .store. Must bav« excellent references and come well' recommended. Address care Xows-Herold. WANTJ;D—Nur.'e girl to take care ot child 4 yearB old and to stay nlghW. Whito girl preferred. Heferences re- (tuir^d- 213 A Kast. _ 1 CARD OF THANKS WW wish to thank our many friends itnd neighbors for their kindness ana Fvinputhv expressed during the recent ri 'nesH and death of our beloved wtte, duughU-r Hnd sister; ntso for tne bwiiitiful floral ofterlngH. Mr. R<">v Turnbull, Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Ilazen, ;\lr. and Mrs. Klmer l^fintz, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Haieii, Mr. and M IH . Ralph Hazcn. 24 EXPKUHSNCKD driver wishes driving truck or other work.. 'est C. SPECIAL NOTICES TURKEY Shoot, all day Thursday, at Va r n e r , Kan. jw.iLI* IJo.spitaJ. Call :i:i78. I>I-JAD stock removed frea of chargo. Phone 4S1 TUHKKY Shoot, all dtty Thursday, at Varner, Kan. _________ Ouaranteea repairing, partis. 216 A, west. Nellie B. Wll' *AUY ALMA GIFT AND I APRON SHOP ' Fancy work exchange. f>27 Hast 6tn, JJOTIOK*—Just received iLiuniior cur of Utah Lump. Butler & Sons Coal Co-, phono 2S0, 61S Smith Main VRX-'TICAU nurses n -filHU'rinfj a'JOS. fFUHKHY Shoot, all day Thursday, at Varner. Kan. . _?KK WOMKN'S Relief Corps will hold a bazaar and Food ealo at the Hoau- land Clothing Store, Pec. 6th. XMAS cards, engraved or printed Wells Printing. Cq__A_J_^!_^_l__, JTURKKY Shoot, all day Thursday! Al Varner, Kan, 3A BEAUTY CULTURE UAIUKBLLO BEAUTY SHOPPK, 4U4 \V. Sth. Phone .125 for appointment, SlARCKLLING^ Marjortu (MCKuur 721-East 4th Street. Phone 210 ^J. SIARCKLLING, 60c; ulao fuctul Ucal- met. 101 West B. phone lit), bARCKLUNG. Mrs. J. ti. Kathary. phone :i2;i«W, 321 North l.ojrivn fit. EARCELLilNG—Day or evemne Mro. Talbott. 813 B. 4th. Phono JU B JJ. 1 ilAKCKl.I.lNC. f»0c. Phono >jr,li.l. ARCKIA AXO. Kimt lsl. si'HW TilABClOI.l .INa, We. 203 East 17tn, phonf, 14S2.T. Appnintntont iinytime. •JlBLLIMlSULA) HliAUTV Sliuri 'ji. I'aper curl a epeclaltj'. 426 Knst First. Phone a"fl0. LOST LOST—Pair of brown mink cnokcra between 1300 Eusl aril unci tpie- h.ine office. Call 2508W. Reward. ,OST, ABOUT TUB 1ST OP MbU'' TEMBEH—AN Ol.l) KASIUUNISU EUBAST PIN. LOCKKT IN CliXTlIK, 8AKKTY CHAIN ATTACHKU. UK- WARD. PPHONE SBF4. MKH. i'KKD MA LICK. LOST—Yellow Persian cal. lleturu lo -1009'/a S. Alain und rtM-elve rewuril WHITE gold wrist watch with black baod. Between Fernics-Wright and RorabauEh-Wlley. Phono 2H9J. FOUND TAKEN UP—Dog. Owner pay tor an and keep. Phono 39(7. TAKEN UP—1 uteer, about AW*, mi Owner may havo same y Paying pasiure bill unrt for this ad. STRAVED BTIIAVED—Jlalo liullduK about 9 mo. old; IlKK whito briMiht ;iii.[ wliHo I'^t front loot; earn ami tail clipped. Phone 71SW. STltAYlU} or stolen—Wlilio Fox. Tor rior pnp. lla.i black ears and bobbfld tail Phone 2705. Howard. STKAVi;l)—4 mulea. and one horse K. V. Qullck, phone 1032J. 8 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AW. KINDS OP" ELECTHICAI> IIEPA1U WORK COM Bit ELECTHIC ST01U3 4 N. Main phone nai 3tA8. 1. WILSON, chlioiinicfoi', lift Xorlli Mall). *l'lion,' 27j .'i. uin-oiarize in rfuins Klusaes- Ship man Bros.. Mnaonic Bide, llooin ^ CARPENTERING . CABPENTEKINQ: rurnlturt repair^ HO.MEMAUK comforts. 1'hone 2217. NEt\' and used furniture and stoves. Buck's new fias ratiKes Brunswick and Columbia phonoarapns. We buy and sell for cash or exchange. Wanted cabinets, buffets, duofolds and chairs. 202W ,N\ Maple. Hay Workman, phono 3311 and 1574J. TltADK your old furniture for new. Phone Shaffers, 49fl. •SPINET deska, Xmas club plan, 122.1.0 up. The Harmon Furniture Co., 12 a. Jlain. ItUOS, any sine, any kind, Xmaa club plan, $1 down, Jl per week. Harmon Furniture Co., 15 South M _,n. WANTED—Furniture, ruBS, stovea hit-best pr'oes. Johnson .Furniture Co., Phone 394 WANTED—Capable mldle-aged lady for housework. 30fi East lflth. W'ANTEl.1—Experienced Palace of Sweats. waitress. a.t WANTED—A sirl to care for children. 211 Eu.."t 3th. SITUATION WANTED, MALE WANTED—Work on farm, t.xperl- •ncLd farm hand. Address E-12, care N"»ws-Her:ild. WANTJ-;D—.Steady einl=loynteiu. Phune W. C. Miller, 31'JIW. 25 SITUATION WANTED, FEMALE EXPERIENCED young lady wishes housework. Phono 27li'.l. LXDV with bay o^cd 7. wants house- kU'-'PiiiK or hotel work. Will go out of city, f .15 North Main. WASHING and Ironing wanted, Phone 3SI3W. WoKK by hour. Phone ;i4tiuj. TYPEWRITER SUPPLIES 31! RF.PAIUED—HENTKD, BOUGHT—SOLD TyipeWDuien* Servka Cm. 60S K Main Phone 7S1 "TVPEWltlTKU HEAIXJUAKTEKS.- All makea of Slightly used and rebuilt typewriters sold on K-Z payments; exclusive agents for Koyal and Corona Typewriters; rentals, repair work and supplies; reasonable. 11ENO TYPEW1UTEU EXCHANUE. 405 K. Main. Phono 3633. 42 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Leading barber shop In Hutchinson. Co. l?*OH SALli, trade or h:ase. soocl cule doing nice l^uslncs^. lleuson, other business. Zillrjan'* Cafe No. I, Blk- hart, Kan. *• ____ INVESTMENT—Offer $10,000 7% pr«- ferrefl stock In amounts of $1,U0G or more. Dividends paj-able epml-annual- ly. Established conct-rn. For further Information, address J-ll, care News- Hi-rald. _______ STOXK for sale, 2nd and Washington. Roa Healty Co., phont 770. 45 MONEY TO LOAN 45 Plenty of ready money to buy, build, repair, or pay off present loan; will loan up to 50% of value, you pay back principal and Interest at ? 13.33 per month for each $1,000 borrowed; wti want to talk with you about It. Coe* Thomson Improvement Co., Masonic Bids.. Vhone 751!. SAVINGS CLUB On JJtecember 1 our six percent "ChrUmtas Savings Club" will start. You ehould know the details about this plan. We will explain it thoroughly If you are interested enough to phona 372. E. Carey, I'rea. 15 Vords, Including lourlngs, .«pei?dster.t and coupes, roup- in?; in prlco from $40 up^ ward. Your own terms, Esflpx 4 conch, one of the good ones. Worth se<?ln(r. Two Dodge tourings at special prices. A good looking Oakland $50 down. A dozen Chevrolets priced to- sell quickly. A new 4-door Ford with balloon tires. Our cars are sold on rm the easiest terms and lowest rato nf Interest. Ssapt£irS(D)EP Mfokrs Co. JOG-10S-110 West 1st. Phone at**. MOI MOltN aula and rooms. S10 E. 1st. iKtLJEitN apart rniTit ami VTJepiiia rooms._ 100 ast_Eourth._ _______ MWDEKN furnished apu.rtiiient. 63'J A East. MOUEUN Furnished th. west. CIIALMEUS Coupe for sale, cheap for cash, or will trade for loLi wen located. Phone DOlJGE Kedan. cheap. 1'hone 214. Lloyd Brown, yec. CITY LOANci—Struislit luans; Ncvvlm Mannlns Loan Co., 11^ N. Main. 34 FUEL A PEED 34 KOK SALE—Sudan ana enne buy. Fnrmington .Nurseries, phone 11K6, 35 GOOD THINGS TO EAT 35 CHILE, Hot TomaJes, llamoerfirers. Tho best In Hutchinson. Try tnvm. C. and E. Lunch, 2\i-A East 1st. 1 ".one 31L*. EOJt KA1>I':—Slaymen Winesap apples, i'hon- :'307.f. .7. \V. iMoughe. GOOD liomemady bread; pumpkin anil mince pi as; also cakes. I'hniie 1M4J. a OOP home baking. i'h. IHU, 26 MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE VOH SALE, cheap—Clipper winumin; giii'n blue «tiyo dr *3 »s and coat, aind lti; fiian'j wool sweater; brown corduroy pants and macklnaw size as, l-'hone 32^J. FOll SAL72—I .^o t of g-ood lumber, cement blocks, jshlnffles for JtindUnif, round top walnut card table. Call 403 East Elfth. I'uli SALE—.McOouKall kltciicu cam- net, 51 (lowit, $1 per week, till Xmas. Harmon Eumiturn C')., 13 S. Main. EOH SALE—New Sineur sewing ma- chliiv, o:ik davenport* Phono S4 or 411 aft IT 'i P -f.__ Apt. U', IJuvall Apts. Vbii SAlii;-CftJSh rOBlster, practically ut-w. riione i::i00. Jackson's Con- fectionety. . b'OH SALE—Heal estate 3% contract at discount, —ask MeNaKhteni EOH BALE—Good btcyclo. Inquire at HQ East l"tb, aftur ti p. in. yOlt AJ JE— % rem estate lirai mortgaKes, —-ask McNaghtt-n! I'ttonu EuH SALE, clK'up—Heater with pipe. Call :»5GW. EOH SALE—Manure for lawns. Call 1S1C.1. MAGAZINE subscriptions. Kites, 317 East Fourth. SHOTGUN, Winchester pump, 10 gauge, almost new; price $30. Phone 63 1.- TIKE Bar»aHis— WxS; *5.1i». 3«x»*4; 56.29. 3 and <t^ in. tub^a $1.10 l)u- vail Tlrft Co., U2 E. Sherman. Gocd used batteries for all makes of C,U DARNES AUTO SALVAGE CO. 32-S4-26-^8 West Sherman. 27 MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE OR TRADE 27 HOME-MADE Uread, cookies, divinity, mince-meat. Phone 2&07-W. Mrs. Sherman Ploughe. HOMEMADE pumpkin and pies, phono 11186. riiANKSGlVlNG dinner nerved at 200 E. 1st. Desirable homo cooking. 38 LIVE STOCK, SUPPLIES 38 FOU SALE—Big type Poland China 'boars. Sonift extra good boars slreu by Premier by Promoter by Crtterion. Dam Ls Jada by Nortside Kit ny Picket la Orphan. These boara are out- standlng breeding prospects all have been vaccinated and are priced right. For frther Information, address Seth Jones. Oox G], Hutchinson. Kansas. FOU SALE—Good fresh cow; cabinet victrola. Call '•. blocks -weyt and % north of Wells' store, South Hutcnm- 8011. 39 PUBLIC AUCTIONS 39 AUCTION EE It—1*0to Powelaon, phone Midland hotel 91, Hutchinson. 1 can 3011. MILK cow sulu, Tuesday, Dec. 2, at 12:30 p.m., 3 miles north of Pretty Prairie, 35 head of good milk cows, all wood ftttcs ntui aoot} milkers from heavy springers. Others milking well, C. E. Sutton, owner. Davenport, auctioneer. 40 PET STOCK 40 BOSTON Bull Terrier ptipplea tor sale; well marked, pedigreed and oliglble for registration. Mnko wonderful pets. Phone 1.HS2J mornings. i<s>aufiis ON IMPROVED SECURITY REASONABLE COMMISSION SEE U3 BEFORi; PLACING VOUli LOAN Established 1SSS. Phono 2221. 2 Ford Roadsters, starters I Ford Roadsters, •tandanl 3 Ford Tourings 3 Ford Tourings, starters 1 Ford Coupo A big lot of other makes THE USED CAR MAltltlsT FOR SALE-~Or trade. 19_2 Ford touring car. Phone 3412. FORD coupe, at sacrifice cash, deal $350. The original tires on this i;ar are In A-l condition. Upholstering la aa good ai new ;in fact, this car has never been muddy. Hurry if you want this bargain. It will only last a day or ao. Inquire at Third Ave. Motor Company, NOW wrecking K -4I» Buick; 37 Oldsmobile; Fords and others. A. K, Johnson, lii South Wash ins ton. REO S|H<;d Wagon, good condition, will sell cheap. Take Ford fia part pavment. 804 East Oth. Ti djRINO ca r for salt-, very chenp. If. C, Stephenson, phnne IM21. 1024 Ford Cuujie, li)2i Ford Coupe 1322 Ford Coupe 11)24 Chevrolet Coupe 1920 Lulck 6 Touring' totor Cap €<t Plione 271. Open Evenings and Sun days. KU-U)G-103 Second. wr.'U. 47 MOTOR SUPPLIES & REPAJHS f600.01) PRIVATE money waiting for good loan on Hutchinson resilience. Alao $1000 belonging to another party. Do you want it? Coc-Thom^on Imp. Co., Realtor*. Wo represent loan companies v;ith millions available to place on goon Central Kansas farms, (>% with moderate commission, avt v /o with small commission, or t»7c with no commission. Annual interest. Consult us now. THE CUE-THOMSON IMPROVEMENT CO. Loana and insurance. FARM LOANS II,000.000 to loan at 6% ana low commission. All central Kansas. New- Un-Ma lining Loan Co., HVj N, -Main. GET I'.'c on first inorigago real eatati; security, —ask Me.Nagliten! 1st Nat'l Bldg.. IF YOU have, money to loan, any amount, wo can place it for you on high grade security, good interest rate. How much have yuti to loan7 Coe- ThomHon_lmp. Co-.^Realtora. MONEY lo loan, smalt amounts" Welfare l.oon Co.. 15^. North Mam, MONEY TO LOAN Improved city property or farms. —asl( McNaghten. ii'U FARM ment Co.. loans. Anderson invest- Phone &3S. 27% S. Main DR. 0. it. MORGAN VETERINARIAN Specializing In dogs and cats. 121 East Fifteenth. Phone 734. FOR SALE—Belgian hnre^; good breed. Michael rieheib, Hudson, Kan. FOR SALE—English setter pupa, 3 mo. old. sired'by Swift Hawk. No better bunting dogs. W. W, Patterson. Wilson, Kan. 46 AUTOS AND TRUCKS 4b A FORD ROADSTER Driven S months, and mechanically perfect. Many extras Include lock- wheel, Ilassler .shock absorbers, spar, tire, gas gauge and filler," luggage catrier and others too numerous ID mention. Priced to sell at $2.10; only cash offers considered at tills price. Phnno 2514W for demonstration. WINTER glass tops for Fords, Kl and up; Ford tops $5; windshield Si. motor oil 50c gallon; good used lum- bt -r and some milk cans; Ford jicdan and touring; one truck. SOS 1 ,* Norm Maple. Hay Workman, phone or 1571 .T. 50 ROOMS WITHOUT BOARD bU FFRNlTL'Ri:. Sloveu. 1 15 EaPt Kill i'i'KNISIHCD b rijom.C" modern, 1st floor. 102 E. 6 th. b'Uli RENT—Slei ping ruoms in moH- orn home. R0S i-;ast Sliennan. LARGE sleeping room; privnin nance. Alao room with kitchenette. Modern, heat furnished. 125 Wont 4th MODERN sleeping rooms. Sherman. MODERN sleeping rooms. 1101 W. Mt ipERN sleeping rooms Ph. 2211.1 NICE LARGE ROOM For Rent private home; well located; f l&.uu per month, phone 770. KOOM lit modern home; garage; gen t!<>men only. Call R'tii*. SLEEPING rooms. 24 Kast Third. SLEEPING rooms. 21!J West l-'ittn. close In. furnished or Phone 20r.i',W or 14SL APARTMENT unrundHh.M. FtTlt Kl-JNT^NIceFy furnished kltch- nnetlo apartment; private entrance; th. CallJU'SHW, l17_En»_t Sth. Hi;ATKD Atmrtin.-nt; ± 1^2 East First. Apartniiint," iU2 SOMETHING new in a 3 room t'mn- iHhed Rpartment at 211 First Knot. STKH'TI.V nittdt'rn tirlvaip Hpt 2:11 "\\ TWO room apartment down stairs, "12 F|r*t. Mi.«t. TWO or three rooms, cheap, modern, furnace heat, garage• t'hfint; 3773W. TWO KOOM Apartment furnisnetiT T'tivnto; St'.OO per week. Phone 770. 56 HOUSES UNFURNISHED bb S ^l^ast. FOR RENT—Cottage, 423 Call at 313 East First. FIVE-room modern house at 2uo West 6th. inquire, at bouse. Foil RENT—Six-room house, mo<Wn, 30C l--i»t 11th, Infltilro Oeo. J. Waln- T. 12D East 7lh. FOR RENT—5-room bungalow. 7;'.7 North Plum. "CaH Foli ,itENT— Flvo room house, rawii - ern except furnace., $20 month, call 76S.I. FOR RENT—4 room bouse, 8t.h, east. Cheap rent. Call 17S0 at 500 Fourth, east. FOR RENT—Strictly modern « room residence, Including garage. East A. Phone 203S before 12 or alter 6. 'OR RENT—6-room strictly modern house, soft East 5>ih. Call 4»0. FOR RENT—G QiilrH 1107 N. room house, Monroe. FOR RENT—Modern cuttuge. Phones 414 and 625. FOll KENT—Six-mom house, se-ml- modern, 116 B. Poplar. Ph. 22F21. FOR RENT, chciip- liouffo. l*none 7!/a. -Good four-room FOR RENT—5 •room new, bungalow to adults. Phone ! modern H7. MODERN 6-room houae. for rent, luuti (•::>st A. F'AY off tho loan on your home on easy monthly payments. —aak Mc- Nitghtent First Nat'!. Itidg. RENTALS, 07 flhadducU Drive, 4 rooms U" V South Chemical, 4 rooms h"0 a So, ClH-mlca), 4 rooms S.MU 1st it Palace, 4 r 00 ins 12.00 1121 Wv*t 6th, 4 r-om 12.uu UilS East Third, 6 rooms l'.l-tio 10i>0 East 6th. fi rooms l&.UO COO East "F," 7 rooms 12 422 N. Chemical, 6 rooms 1.V00 ul2 East Campbell, 4 rooms lb.00 f.24 East 4th, 5 rouin* BO.'JU 617 West 7th, S room* turn ;J7 7'M Eaa tShcrman, S ruoniH mod. ;io.ou 20-t Fast "A," 6 rooms mod 4;>.mt 11 West 4th, Storeroom 40.ini 100 \Vu3i Sherman, storeroom., luiuio Sll West 7th. i roouirt 20 '. MI 021 Wr^t "Li**, 4 rooms.. 10.U0 Steam heated ufflce rooms. —ask McNAtlHTENl Realtors. t Pht>no C5S. 1st Nat'l Uldg. Call 15S5-J eveiilngy. GIRLS' NEW WINTER COATS WANTED—Mother* to »ee our Fine Line o LitUc Girls' Coats, nifty styles, sizes 2 yrs. to i yrs., for $4.50, $7.50, $1Q.75„ $12.50. Part Payment Down, Balance 50c a Week. Comer Commerce Co, 17-19 NORTH WALNUT STREET BUSINESS PROPERTY (Cont.) F"R KENT—Room 21x12 .Main. Inquire at. 417 ri Main. 04 HOUSES FOR SALE < IBireIhnna p fi S^daHa 1—7 AcrM newly improved, very close In on 4th sneer, road; large basement, semi.modern, liberal terms. A real Xmaa pu-aent. Start the year tlplit. 2—St rlctly mndern 2-story home closfl to northaide and high school, full bas-'inent, fireplace. niecptiiK porch, parage, all fur 5:1,760, I2.2S0 cash to hamlle. No trades. 3—North Main street home, fl bedrooms plus al'M-ping porch. Consider cot tap* us part pay. Liberal terms. A real benuiy. 4—A business hulldintc n»ttin?t 1% to buyer. Clo, 3 e to bu.'inosa center. Owner non-resident. A fine investment, Roomn and bath tit SI7 7tn East. i:ii-ya:it .«diad<i and lawn. Easy tarmii. BKEHM REALTT CO. No. !1 East Sherman, Phone 4*. Ft.»R SA I J K—Small room Inff h <.'U «f. w-ii] furnished. Inquire I'd 1 ,*, t-.nst Sh.-> ma n. Easy IFayBancoub Not often can a home b« purchased for J1000, and on easy payments, but hero Is the chance: Art ft. frontage. ppac*» for carden. chicken 1 IOUB « and lot, dwelling has two larp;t> rooms, electric lUtlits, pooil porch, marly new biilhtb)^:. Is located near carJlnc, cast part city. Will sell on very easy payments. Let us show you this house and explain how easily you can own It. We have a fino list of easy payment houses, 2-3-4 -0 and ft rooms, some mod earn, some semi-modern, others not modern. Rargains an to prices, and terms in nny sized house. Easy payment homes beats paying rent. HOUSES FOR SALE (ConU bungalv^. Living room extends all '.'< «ay across the front, hna flrep!**.- oak floors in two rooms, doubt* flo-'' ad over the hou-io. Hullt-tn Kncn-' featttn-s. breakfast n^k. <J&ra.fte »n chl<*ken house. 1'tico (.i.'i^'i. No. 2—-Kivo room tliuroufrWy intern bmiBUiow, full tiast -Mn'Tit, MariRii • S UVII;K »\' hot and cold water in mi -lit. This In a real buy at 12, %:,<){\ down. Rlioll.. 307 Kirs'l Itank Mida. 1* OR a A Li-; at liaigiiln- zil V 1ZH»- «nd 31 )1 D Exit. Write Rux 22, Or-ne^ro. Kan. LuW rate toans"~oti tjiiaine^s property AJ_ *^>^nRlv(ton ! _l_at Nari It! In. WE want re^nl.nee r .nin >7"tut"^nt ~nt monthly _ Paymenta.-*k M.-N »i,*nt»>n! $^,;HMI ~ ~ 4 R.iuins, balh, has-ment, garHce, northwest part, J;*0il eaKh. Kast fiont lot Notth I', iuxs^'^ 1th doublo R-arapf, $760, as part. '"" REALTOR i^hon^ atfs*u. feet take Void coui A. A. M 114,LT 10 Sb--fm;tn i-;. 315 KH«t A — 'i-rooni cottage on troli' y,," near school, *2,iW\ $j;00 down. Ht-oan Bios., realtors, 15ft Nortu Main, plione lo.Ynar city loans. —M •.Na«tit.'n: LOT FOR SALE 222 lUh lEssl A srrieUy modern wix-room home, with three bedrooms, breakfast room, two fireplaces: corner location wun many larse shade trees and good lawn. Extra building- site, with cast front. This home ii wed worth $0,000, but wo liavo a low cash price ot I&.250 .Shown by appointment. See—KINKEL AGENCY Ib-altor. 210 Stale Exchange Hide, I'hono iObo. Earl W. lirt Sfier. THE owner of a bcautintl iiytty t'iifit home Is vacating and the rtKht parties may rent bis new and tnudcrn home, or may st-cuvc a long time Icasu if desired. The first floor Is entiiv!y finished In oak with breakfast room and many bullt-ln features. The upstairs has oak flours and wntit* enamel woodwork; three sleeping room.-* Includini; a lar^e sunny room with fireplace, fniltnbb* for two beds, and a sleeping porch. Then) Is a fun basement, furnace and fru.ll room. Stucco g-arage. ConytrucIJnn ot flu:-' hniirte Is tlie and stucco which m.uu'. 1 very economical heat ins. Whoever rents this house will get iiie sort of a home that he would build tor himself. Tho rent is very reasonable. Ap- prantmcrtt to se-j tl-e house may b« matte by phoning 21S5. Em'k 65 «Gxlfi5 fc?t known mm 2;? Avenue A »J«st on tii- .south-.a^t comer of th" Mnvt,, ( 1( Awnno A and Waohlngton, Owner rcBorvca buildii.Ks to m«v« off tho Inratlon The price \ H extremely IntereHting if H o!d within ten day«. Insuror—Lloyd Brown— Realt», Salesmen: S.i rulers. Srr>oono\ liuehanan RENTALS "i -Rootn dwelllntr, furnish'.d..tjfl C-Room flat, unfurnished ¥^5 7-Room dwelllnj,', East 1st St All desirable locations. I'hono »40S ttr tiftfr B p.m. -ROOM cottage West. ai ^i (rarage. Ula Mth SJ'iVEN'-room house, modern except heat, 821 N. Washing-ton. Ph. 37iyW. 57 HOUSES FURNISHED 67 FOR RENT— My home strictly modern, garage. Sherman, phone '.Mil-W. furnished. 820 East FOR kl'j.NT—fi-room furntshed house, modern except furn.'tce; titirniso: ?ao mo. Call 507 N. Jackson, 244 w. ti LEEL J lNO rooms, 31S Eaat R. 51 ROOMS WITH BOARD 51 HOARD and room, 327 Knerman, east. Phone 1170. liOARl.) and room close in. "Fffth Avenue, Rooms, 23 West Flfiii. BOARD ana room; furnace. Heat. Easf Sherman. MODEKN rooms Board. "OR W. 2nd. MODERN iurhislied i'-room suite close In. Board ifvk-alred. East IL'Ii- P h0 "B a7 - ... ROOM and boartf! 24 East TldTrL LM'i South Main—Room and board, $d a wk. ov rooms $2 a wk. Meals 2i*c 52 ROOMS FOR HOUSEKEEPING NICELY furnished 221 West First. • room cottage. -ROOM furnisher! house for rent. Phone 1474W. Inquire 31B W. 2nd. BA1RCBAEH8 The, owner of 317 East lath Is moving to Washington, D.C, and must dlhpotie of bis property, pence the price is reduced to LViUO, This is a sevi 'ti room, fitrictly o.odrtn home, in- ti -rlur fltdsli i. j all hard wood, location Is JOOVc. Tliis Is a real bargain. 'j 20 East fith; five rooniu mouern e.\' furnni -e. The o 11*11 er has written us to sell this properly. 102 F .a ;U 10th; prlco has 'Also been reduced on this propel I y. five rocniM, slrh'tly modern, very clioi,-,. niv-ation. HO A West; can be pun-lins' d on a very small payment duv \n, lialanov 0:1 vny easy terms. :Mz®m lime C® B Re.i!t<u.-. Phone 4"0. ! FOIR A (is©DID) laiOME We offer two .sl\ room brick buoga- '.m\*i, v«ry high clasri in every respect, i'ir/;-i rooiny, rn.vny close! s, fuil h«.f«- ments, built-in features, breakfast room, fireplace, suti paslor fine (iec- oratlon, mm has ibudilti ^aiage, 17th lOast loeation.— no belter built bomea In the e |fy. Moitgag.* $i>il0>> and JI300, very «nsy tei ins. Priced JI t less [hall c-onsiriu'tlon cost for quick sale. See th-tn: S.V j North_ Main. Phone 770. Wm$A Lair^© C ] kze I'm "-Room house one blot I; from Main, euc-t Hide, completely inoocm, 4 tjfrtt- room.s built y years ago, in rirBt-oia.^s condition. Corner with room fur another Iionse. fiico $7,000, mortgage J;i.'y«J". Owner "ill e .-vchange (or mod--in coltago 13.000 to S4.vuii. 4 Phono t'- : 'i> or 3!53 evenings. Fh-st^Naj.'l BId«. NEW, L-room blingaloiv .villi garagw, J2.2J0, 5200 to ?.",*•» ea '^h, immediate puftserfHJOJi. Roe Realty Co-, phone 770. C 'iod Unilding site **»n Wwt sotuJj sldr> J»0 biU , lot ll'vIO.'i ft., (food high lot. Prici S'-'tO. ont-or-town owner iays, "Gut offer" Ask a bunt U. flO-font building Mte in l\yU I'ark gnnd location. Out-of-town owner wn take for qitl>:k Hal.- or tor L- feet from age on We at 22nd $l,UL* This Is a baigain for quick pale. Ten extta -argo lota, each 30x1'.'> feet in east pait of toivn; CIIKI* t • ff'hool and car line. Will traijft t- •(mail houae up to $2,SOU and tmv cru dlffenn.-e. ::ot i.«t ; 11' 1 nidi;. I'h.m.. 1:.. 66 FAHM9 FOR SALE VOR HALL—Improved IrtO adjoliiu. i''""". 7 mil-i town, worth quick mile M.fam, teruw Jl (l 00 Jo;. H_au'-r. Ibir'bd t. Ea 11 for FA KM BUSINESS PLACES FOR RENT Fair IS.*im(l Qleated! Office ROOMS IN McCCRDY ^BUILDING Plume mo. NICE private oftiee room; heat; furnished; central location; cheap, Roe Realty Co. BUSINESS PROPERTY &3 FO It RENT—Two nu-»uy furniant'd rooms for light Imusekeeping. with bath; 200 IV. 1st. J'hono 175sJ. S3 Best 21 room modern hotel in brlek bldg. For rent. Can buy furniture. Hale— H'.uUi, \ n. JE"?- 1 " JIB .'llli), ||...«oo c«»'i «,ooo riv„ yi . UI , 0;;,. .1. s . jr.>ha. n • ^. Ar.lirmri., I ,fi« Aim:!. Hi I '.-ilir. 68 REAL ESTATE EXCHANGES SA1 .K, nil TIlAoi?' FOU 320 III.TCH ,,'?,» N'orti. i .an ^ijn. win "Unity fur nniull Injus... l«oo<J K-st'c. IU:i(f '.'11. Turin. Lots or ({Olid huy» in ,-lty proii-r!\ /:(im« of wlileh [ run for m.^ $M>U.OO down pnyin.'iir W. S«'ii!.2rja ^I ^I^Jl^^ 1 1 .j SoutU Main. TRAOE FOR REKIDENCK This is a high clas-H. old e.stat.tihn^a bu.sineps. In fine hu location- 1 .'an mvoico t-birk attrj fi\(urei in amount to suit, purchaser. Will trad* for north end five or elx room bungalow. Here is a real opportunity for yuu to i*nt that rewldeiiee pmpirty P thfj big earning das .1 by trading it fo this sture. Investigate today. Phone I7S">. KEALT*.'(;.S ortli Mam. TVILL TRAT>E My Oldfimnbiie Kcdan f<ir euuit v in rnadorn home in northeast nar't of the cltv. Call ln27.I. WILL SELL or tradw, room bungalow, Orescent Park, Calif 01 Ma ('-•» lure.". Coon. 1 * Real Estate, plione 2P'i Tired of IIVIIIK cooped up In a small houso, want b^cl IOOIDH uuougli so tho vhlldrim cun havo a room to theuisolvos anil still have a spare bud room. S \'o luive the housa you nooU, B bo'l rooms urnl H!«<;PIIJK poivh, ~ budruoiiis ou the grouuil floor. Modern houna located in th' beat block ou Ave. A tunt. Lot ua show you. Easy terms. Tor Rent— 2 rurutehed houses, both modern. IE4 M„ MOOEE 0 -E@aEifc©ir and Insnror, 12 Kast Sherman Street. Over :,0 y .?arR in Hulchlnsou. Phon6 3nh o7o A m. * ro ' FRANK PILE. Mgr. Real Estate. VOU SALtJ OR TRADE—I have some radio parts and flomo 3-tuba radio sets for sale or trade at right price. Will trade ror anything worth the money. 601 Bast 3rd. C. A. Harris. 23 MISCELLANEOUS WANTED FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS—The World Is Bright Today. By Blosser 28 WANTED—Wo want property ta Bell; if worth tho money wo can move It. .See our advertisements from day to day undrtr "Heal l^tato for Sale. ' It your property were tliua advertised, Jt would move It. wouldn't it': Li>U with ns on ttio Multiple Matin;; S>'«- tein ot The Hutchinson Itealtora As* .soeiatlou, and yut results. Coe^ Thjunson Improvement Co.. Realtors. WANTKD- Alt UUHla of used lurul- ture; ono piece or an entire house* ful. Crook l-'urnituro JSxchango Co., phone 29 WEARING APPAREL 2D Mrs. Ina Idles, phone 2728. 317 East Fourth. I'Xilt i)AL.U—tiood brown cloth coat, fur collar, cheap. Phone 7ISW. l.'OH $13 HAL,!'.—t.iood Marmot tur coat, l J hone 17H:t. GIFT and Thrift Shop. l»hona 17&2W. il6 Wea'. bill. WINTKR Is here. Get your coats, sweaters and dresses at 907 West •tu St. Wvman'f BxcbWf*.

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