The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 19, 1948 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
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Monday, July 19, 1948
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Tfc« Xew*, Frederick. M*~ 19. THE NEWS , . Except FIG. A MFC co. lor this contention, for if freight ears can be transported over the Pennsylvania, and B. O. tracks, to and from the H . F. connections, there certainly can be no logical reason why a disabled electric locomotive could not be transported over the same tracks to the repair shop, the same as any other j freight car without electric Washington ! Dorothy Dlx Says: [Knoic America Vets Guide Side Glances *7 i Dear Mi«s Dix: You have over- ,,_.,___.,, . , . ·_. u .. n _ _..^... ,. ^. ...... . Darfeoofe Dear Miss Dix: You have overlooked explaining the following T*d»y'« Anniversaries 1785--Mordecia M. Noah, noted New York' lawyer, newspaper Soviet War Strenrth Tlifuts Our Generals. Affects t". S. Policy Bv TKIS COFFIN ',·' 7--r -- « - - -- - · -- r«ew xorK lawyer, newspaper How and why after a man most . edjtor ^ ptaywrlght of his gen . MONDAY. JULY 19. 1948 It i^ mv understanding that the ] Washington. July 19--An uneasy ; railroad* "do not court "less than | argument between the generals and t "; carload" shipments and this con-i the diplomats over the strength of : idition could be readily remedied if .the Russian bear is the key to i-olemnly and sincerely promises to love and cherish the bride 'of his · t»oice throughout their lives, does; he within a year, fall out of love : with her and forsake her? CURIOUS eration, who attempted to estsb- lish a home for''oppressed Jews the world over in America, born in Philadelphia. Died March 22, By MAJOB THOMAS M, NIAL Washington. July 19.--We're getting dangerously close to three important deadlines. Two of these come the last day of this month (j'uiyJ. The third arrives Aug. 31. The July 31 deadlines have to do with insurance. The other is (the deadline for applying for ter- The captive announced borough o; in Washington. .So 40,000 of *-h«'^^ "~i'"~a~p"pears" Yo tne writer = stiffens his back, curls up his fist nation's 400,000 "soft coal misers. j feat if ^ B O. freight house =" d _ !ets n ' wlth son!e tou S h !ar '-- vrbo produce 10 per cen The remarkable feature of the . wou !,j receive betier service, and : S. S. R, coming in to the pentagon settlement--aside from its prompt- the railroads would have slightly I and to the elegant State Department ness--is that Justice Goldsborough rr.ore revenue due to the elimina- bunding. took ; * UDon ': "vse : ' to act as tion of the cost of the distrib;s- Military intelligence sees a Rus- mediaio" ThatT ^conventional, tier, of the freight by the three sep- f sia armed to the tee-.h. ready to f X. !,,;. «··' i- -ve-ked arate railroads. This is fast b*ir. Sj roll ta.-i.,. 8!ar .e i ;.nd i,vi,:ons o l to a the leas.. B.. i. *o.*ed. and thw is , trained i lgh ters westward at the The operators, represent^ - c -^,°~ ^ W ons why Frederick . «rst sign of a curled lip f r o m , producers who own the gain · shou j d no . f o n 0 -.v no -.v." :he western allies. It was these by resuming production. The cost - " T i, e ^^te' "is" a--king that every 1 reports that gave members of the will of course be added to the price ^ th ; n ' k :^ 2 P ub!ic-"piriied citi- = Congressional Armed Services of steeL The miners will again , en eiV e"this" matter immediate con-! Committee the goose pimples at 1851. 1814 -- Samuel Colt. Connecticut in- Iminal leave pav. That is the on? ANSWER: Nobody on earth, not : ventor-manufacturer of the first j we 'll discuss fi^sL the most learned" psychologist, 1 practical revolving fire-arm, in , it only concerns veterans dis- knows the answer to that" $64 ques- "i 1836 - boTM "* Hartford. Died Jan. j charged before Aug. 31. 1946, the tioii. You can find a thousand ex-! 10 - 1862 - jdate the Armed Forces Leave Act; planations of the phenomenon, but = 1817-- Mary Ann B. Bickerdyke. . became law. All veterans dis- ! none of them can be guaranteed to picturesque, heroic Union nurse, f charged before that time must ap- i work born in Knox Co., Ohio. D i e d a t j p i y for their terminal leave pay! There are men who are faithful ', Bunker Hill Kans.. Nov. 8. 1901. j before midnight Aug. 31. or they'll i through a, lifetime to wives who. 1 8 3 '-- A m Sha*espeare Will ; nev er get it. Those discharged aft- i mistreat them in everv possible Hays. Louisvilte. Ky.. writer and i er tfaat t j me automatically got j way. and there are other" men wed- i composer of popular ballads. | theirs . ded to wives who are perfect: bof* in Louisville. Died there,; Post offices are supposed to have 1 - application blanks. olEcially called before the honey moon "15 over. 1846-- Edward C. Pickering, famed j -cisfr. for Settlement-- Unused I rav own post ogice Divorce Costly Any way you take it. marriage is a serious business. Even when a wife doesn't come up to all of her [ husband's expectations, getting rid ; of her is a difficult job. It costs: money to gst a divorce. Even a s decree absolute has to have some . astronomer. Harvard Observa- -, too-'s director for 42 years, born in Boston. Died Feb. 3, 1919. 1865-- Charles Died Feb. 3. 19x9. : found that it still has them in stock j es H. Mayo, younger ; ard ^^ veterans are sl m CO mi ng ) of the two famed Mayo Clinic ; in to ick them yp brothers, born at Rochester.: Qpce VQU ge . the blaak j,- s « Minn. Died May 23, 1939. j smooth sailinsr Instructions for Historv " ' j"ne j smooth sailing. ' it out are on the back. listed on the back are the to which , he application be sent after it's been letter to the c - · , a day M avO r and Board of Aldermen to- support to billion* for defense. The dav «end a copv to the Nev.s- , cab!es from s P les behi!d the Jron ... :,, %?.: ^ , * , . , « ,»,. «.ritor .curium on bov.c-t inshtary prepare-. earn wages, their pay rate having ^deration, write a risen from $7.09 to S:4.05 since 1933. John L. Lewis" stubbornness in Post, and a copy to the writer. refasir ing fa with Justice Goldsborough's solution was simple. The miners are to go back to work. The contract is to be signed. The NLRB. to which the operators have already appeal- »' Karl L. Douglass. I». "- dosed and brought QUICK - much unpleasant gossip. So it , would ?eem that almost any man; . would stop, look and listen before ' l )e leaps into marriage and would J !9»»-«a^ rioting in be certain that he did want his ! .,,?; C ; . ,, prospective bride for keeps 192!-Jap field workers driven out application for terminal leave women's social, civil and I must be postmarked by midnight religious rights--a landmark in i Aug. 3J. Any later than that and the history of women's rights. ; you'll get no terminal leave pay-unless Congress decides to extend ; ti!;!c iiiii it it will. -it's is« sr KES sonnet. KC. T. M. REt a. a PXT. cry. Bui J eemi, !JJ ly husbands' !=.ste in . For Today ed. will determine the legality of 1IIOUEN KKSOl'KC'ES uspect Hal enemy. The intelligence cables from the civilians to the Stair Department tell another slory--of a OJK lum- beriiiK Russian giant weak from too much blooJi i,-iti:n;. 'i'hc civil- Turlock. l by 'v.gilantes. one day. he w o n t even hsve on a ' bet thenc-xt. And, so far as I knov.- · here -s no adequate explanation of 1 why this i« thus. Maybe it is just ; One of the insurance deadlines j - ; is important to ex-servicers whc to work. to the drought. 16 North- -. no matter States put on Federal Needy 1 "You can say this isn't a man's world till you are blue in the face but you don't see television in here, do you?" cis Sanders and Andrew Shorb. --Mrs. Walter Topper is spend! i have allowed their NSLI to lapse.! IO . . . , . , . ' when they mav have j work X-ray treatments are ire- ing tae remainoer o£ tne week i: er the'dea'dline" 'July 3* i Quenlly successful. In some «-ases { Baltimore. She is visiting witj -, ihnn iwiro ^ hard 10 I where calcium is deposited an op- i her husband who lives with if validated. the rest of the contract will stand. This puts the captive . , . . . 'To him that overcometh will I ; , a !i economy is much wore th-jii the union-shop section. L it is in- g£ve IQ eal of the hidden manna . be{ore , he war. Painfully slow in..." (Revelation 2.17.' : dustrial production, plus the dcci- The hidden manna' This is the j,j on to turn out planes and tanks- miners on exactly the same basis reward of him who overcomes life's . instead of plowshares, has crippled «s other UMW~ members, but they .varied and insidious temptations. t h e nation. Transportation Uiili- are out a week"s pay. When a person comes to the place cu hies are so pronounced that per" , where he can say NO to the evil iodically cities away from the agn- T ft T f t ** ffJ'lnr ; suggestions of his own heart and : cultural areas sulfer near slarva- L,eiier i O 1 ne C,UllOr ·· O . her enticements of the world. ' tion. The ordinary Russian is get- 3takes Urgent Plea For Removal : , then God begins to store within : tjjjg fed up with big words and Of The H. i F. Tracks On East the soul of such a man spiritual " a grim life. He is grumbling, and Patrick Street ; resources which will make life bet- · this discontent is so widespread the To the Editor of The News. Sir: ; ter through all the years. He will secret police cannot possibly weed The writer read in the paper j have within his soul hidden nour- j it all out. with a great deal of* dismay t h a t : ishment which he can use in a dark | In the intra-acency discussions the trolley tracks on East Patrick i day of need. The good military ; over Soviet strength, the State Dc- street would not be removed. i commander is the one whrv always parlment bright boys admit the First, let me emphatically state i has reserves to cast into battle in '. danger of Russian military ad- that these tracks can be removed i the momoiit of crisis. The winning ; vances westward. But they claim and should be removed, if only the i athlete is the one whose staying i She advances cannot be sustained interested parties will see that this ! power outlasts all who oppose him. ; and the Kremlin knows it. "The is done, and I sav this with no fear j The successful businessman is usu- sooner we call their bluff the bet- of contradiction." j ally the one who has cash'reserves . ter." the diplomats argue. The writer has spent consider- j when the market is advantageous [ The stiff note sent by the U. S.. able time, and money, in an honest, i for buying. j G .reat Britain and France to Rus- sincere effort to bring about the ! The hidden manna is the secret .- «* ° ve r the Be/lm blockade re- betterment of traffic conditions in j bread whidi God reserves for the Presents a rmjor victory lor the Frederick and has received verv lit- ! secret need. i diplomats Secretary of State tie, if anv. support from the pub-! National heroes have always George Marshall a "^ President lie or the administration, and am i been those -ho to the last moment | Truman decided they were right going to continue, even though it be j and to the last breath of life were ana s.uc^D^tnem ; ^ * lone battle, as he feels it his dutv faithful. Spiritual heroes are those . as « good citizen to do so. and am ! whose fidelity God has rewarded ! In »J e "' rl '"Th ^ ""£" n f ab ' e asking the support of every good · with the hidden manna. They know , TM*. m . t h c S . Ulc Department rethinking citizen of Frederick city j how to meet sorrow, disappoint- j V s over" BprHn 0 " TfT 1 · £° in order to bring this abouL j ment and pain in a spirit pleasing j Bri ,^ h . Frcnch ^ n ^ c e r l This can oe done by the ex- j · t-»od. penditure of but 3c and a letter . . . . , . . . , . 0 . . phase of the masculine love of IMO-Hitler s "Appeal to Reason Heres how it works. The basic; ^ eratior. niav be nece^arv. . - - j brother and wife. Mr. and Mrs| -Mickv" Topper. ^ . / , - » . _Mrs. Lou:s Cunn and daugh homi Tuesday af with he i ,. , - . , , ·--.·iii^ r-v;;i:tr ;vtri;v cin^ nepneW this may be done only within I %£*$£ Srter. ^ ' J PaUl - =dc«"de. 'left Tuesda^ ry Homesick and 194S--Jao ciMes bombed by n u n ; three months of the date of lapse! i , . p,,~thpit ?rcr.mTapipd ' S?-^!; 1 ? -°- Sp ? r :?- se ^ e . 1 ^ 1 dTays wanted to return home to Moth-: dred= of U. S. B-29's. After that you have to pass a physi- j ,,~r _=_ I ^?_ e ._ J S f C ° m J! anl ^ Ph:lade!pasa v«:ting witn Mr. a; a decision on anything. While in j Convention opens in Chicago. the army I was very homesick and 1943--Jap ci'ies bombed by hun- 29's. ; _-\mena- ^ -- ., , · zvivtrrsme, i^. j-. un jLue^uav \vu itution fails to j A long time ago Congress tolo he . w = n spend several da : s . - .-ote in the U. i the VA it could set a date and al- ; ^j, s R o - oer t Kenke. ^Irs. J er's apron strings. Two and a half i 1946--The Eoual Rights weeks ago I left home to go to · ment to the Constitu Kansas City to take up a course in | net a two-thirds voi Aeronautical Science, but again I ! S. Senate. Amend- cal exam. Lou : s Qunn and " " ', N. J.. on Tuesday v.-here to · Mrs. Leo Eckenrode and othi ; low veterans to reinstate their in- I Billon and Mrs. Thomas John Dillon er to return or not. I came back j home, but 1 am very unhappy, al- | though I am offered" a position by ; a large airline in Boston. What shall I do? the Pacific Islands mandated to Japan- Today's Birthdays previously ! Paul V. McXutt, New York law- i , r-. ^. , »i. an. 11 s uet J D Af 'er. former Governor-General of tne - , j. jj. M. . -- . ·E.^J^...,! c« =.,, ,,,,, j i grace perioa. nd :hington. are spending This was done to allow the mil- j some time with Mrs. Carter's- par- lions of lapsed policies to be put i ents. Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Rowe. back in force with a minimum of difficulty on the part of the veteran. It's been, you might say, a ANSWER: You do not seem to . have enough stamina even to have \ --airs. Estelle Watkins, who is residing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. L- Wilhide. left Monday ,, ... . _ . , ,, .. . , i 6 i^.c u=-.v.u. with Mr. and Mrs. Robert Watkins Philippines. Federal Security head . The date marking the c i ose o f i of Guatemala, who have been visit- to and governor o_f_ Indiana, born | th - race iod has alrea dy been ing at the Wilhide residence, , ,, . - , . ,-e i Frankhn, IndL o, years ago. Extended several times. It won't spend some time in Virginia wi« ; sufficient nerve .to snip at Mother's i Malcolm Muir. publisher of , b extended again , j t mns out / O r friends. Mr. and Mrs. Watkins are to with ; apron string, still less cut it. so it Newsweek, born at Glen Ridge, j Q£ hfa tt _ enroute to New '' Yo °! "'.I I y ° U K 3 " y . adVi ?' n w yCai £ a f°- T, v H f So if vour term insurance is not { friends. . \ou iMll always run back home to Dr Henry Perly Rusk, dean of . ,,,,,_=, ,,,,, _. l!t nav ; RS r, rem . --Mr. sn.d Mrs. .- Orleans to visit 1 Mother, though you know it is ' the Illinois State College of Agri; wrecking your life to do it. There · culture, born Rantoul. III.. 64 years | is nobody for whom I have greater Lago. | pity than those weaklings who j Lieut. Gen. Harold Lee George, j h ) have the intelligence to see the J retired, xvartime chief of th^ i i r i - ' . n i right way, but lack the courage to I Transport Command, born in S ', follow it. | erville. Mass.. 53 years ago. Clarence Lingg _ _ _ _ family, o f Baltimore, visited o n --you"can"reinstaie simply by: "' \ Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Edward that vour i *- ln SS and Mr. ana-Mrs. John E. | in force--if you quit paying prem- ago or three years ago ] | "£ ; n j 1 ^ Their daughter. Dorothy. remainea to spend a week with o n t h s e m i u m s «=ousn ; -^ - Mam street. spend «=ousin Patricia Lingg. East - i ai the same rate you were paying ; {Copyright Babson Newspaper Synd.) man capital are a thorn deep in · the flesh of Russia's eastern Eu- 10 the Mayor and Boarq of Alder- WOMAN KILI.KP OX ROAD rope empire men. '- 1 -- ^ TM--" " ' i I think your parents must be re- George M. Harrison, president or \*\ " le Ma ": 1lic - "" " c *^ v^i sponsible for your being such a the Brotherhood of Railway Clerks, j w h f n y°« r "l 5 "^"^ a ?oc"k form 'baby, and my ,dvice to you is to Cincinnati, born in Maries County, ! ^. e f e ^ ° l°" r ?!; f, ^ ^ J V A copy to the S'exvs-Post. and Mrs Florence Eva Johnson. 38. set a way from them until you can | Mo.. 57 years ago. I for this. You can get it at any VA thor. bom in Putnam. Conn.. 60 years ago. 2 * and From this outpost deep in the 1 make a man of yourself, the western Allies i the Soviet plan to j Dear Miss Dix: I have b ,,,,-,,,.,, . . ^ ,. , - . - Germany. But. worst ; with a man for three years. He Js j " Edgar ^ P . S now .journalist. auth- Roads Commission has been con- , walked along the Colesville pike . of all to the Russians, is the ex- -- -- » . « - , _ _ _ . tacted and he assured the writer ; hear Cleverly. She was pro: ample of the 2.000.000 Germans the Gatch Construction Company : nounced dead en arrival at Mont- ; living under a more benevolent has been requested to delay the re- j gomery County General Hospital ; western rule in Berlin. The every- surfacing of East Patrick street j at Ashton. Persons at the scene day freedoms granted them, and until all efforts have been exhaust- i said Mrs. Johnson was the wife of '. the relatively high standard of Frances L Wanner of Boston, au- 'office and at most veterans' or- «"'» °" --Mr. and S-Irs. Frank Kelly and son. Carnnel. Mrs. Robert Walter and Miss Nellie Hobbs spent last Wednesday visiting with Mr. and Mrs. John Hobbs of Hagerstown. --Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Wal- ed to remove the tracks therefrom. ; Herbert Johnson, a worker on n · lix-jng they enjoy nettles the dic- This delay cannot be indefinite j nearby farm. The hospital said kens out of the Russians, because the and in order to bring it about will j Mrs. Johnson xvas require fast and concerted action : f° ur children. on the part of all parties concerned i and the sincere interest of .every merchant and business man of Frederick city. ; Lo cal Items From The Columns The interested parties in the re- O f Thc News. July 19, 1S3S. mox-al of these tracks are primarily ; F//f y Years Ago I jjii^st i - oitu^, j w u i l i a i i ^ L . a u i i i -am 21. He has two more ; or fore ; 2n CO rrescondent. born in j years of college and we couldn't : Kansas City. Mo.."43 vears ago. i get married for three or four years. ; Berlin Hall Avles-vorth of Kexv J Here is my problem: During all of i Yo rk. lawver. onetime NBC oresi- ; !h,s time he has never told me that = dcnt born - in Ceda _ Rap j d3 . Iowa . i he lovea me or asked me to marry : g 9 vears a«o shim. Once I questioned him a n d ; "Archibald J. Cronin. Enslish nov- i he said he wanted to be sure be: e i; ct mother of ( i t breeds envy in all the Germans · fore he said anything, but iiiat if · a n o ; I ever went \ v i f h r.nv o'hev bov I ° he would never come to see me · Today's Horoscope ; again. ] The positions for this day indi- i under the Soviet thumb. ! In their secret councils, the for- 1 cign ministers -- America's Mar' shall. Britain's Be\ In and France's I Bidault--have decided to stay in · Berlin at all cost. If we pull out. it will be a victory equal to Stalin- . . . . -- . . You fill it in (it aoesnt have to be i ter HvattsvUIe . v ; sl{ed on Su nday notarized and send it to your witfa Mr and Mrs _ Robert Wa i ter ; branch office. \ _ A birthday party was held This is your best chance LO latcn j Julv n at the home of Mr. and on to a very good investment. Mrs C hanes B. Shorb in honor of The third deadline will have to · t h e first birthday anniversary of ] their daughter. Patricia Lynn. The j little girl's birthday was July 9. -Those who enjoyed the party were wait till next time. Doctor Savs: born in Scotland. o2 years EVENTUALLY. MOST PEOPLE WILL BE IMMUNE TO I TETANUS GERMS Should I wait for him to decide '.. cate an aesthetic nature given, it j By EDWIN P. JORDAN. M. D. what he want--- to do. or should I may be, to mystical and poetical J Written for NEA Service go out wish other men? | reflection. There will probably be j Tetanus _ or lockjaw, can be sue- the H. F. Railway, who own the ; MR. ISAIAH MEALEY. FREDEfi- grad for the Russians. But if we tracks, the B. O~. Railroad, and ; the Pennsylvania Railroad. i In order to remove these tracks , and maintain service of the H. F. ; tracks to the business houses south i of East Patrick street require? the j shifting R. trestle livery of the cars by the B. . O ICK'S oldest citizen, is today stay, it will be a terrible defeat quietly observing his 97th birth- for the U. S. S. R.. and may re- day at his home on South Mar- quire a drastic change in policy to- ket street. He frequently re- ward eastern Europe, lates incidents in connection ; . . . . . with the history of the city. Campaign Strategy -- President ANSWER: When a man UNDECIDED j many changes in life, ups and I cessfaUy prevented, but in spite of 1 se . I f5n\vn*x nf fortune and rather moor ., * ^ A u. _. : , :»../- · n ~-MV*_ I Ct i downs of fortune, and rather poor that fact it remains a serious prob- ;! Gwendolyn and Donnie Shorb. Jeffrey Zurgable. Sandra Jones and the twn grandmothers. Mrs. Robi ert L. Topper and Mrs. Charles E. | Shorb. i --Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pitzer. j who have been living at the home ._ j of Mr. and Mrs. James Arnold for several monihs. announce the birth a son on July 11 at the Annie nB 1 i relatives and fdends. --Mrs. Ri:a Felix and I-ero; Baker and friends from Harris burg, have returned home afte spending a week's vacation tourini Canada. --Edward Seltzer. Ernest Seltze and Sirs. Robert Fiter and famil; attended the funeral Wednesday morning at St. Katharine's Cath olic church. Baltimore, or thei brother. William Seltzer, who d suddenly on Saturday from cerebral hemorrhage. Mr. Seltze' a former resident of St. Anthony's was buried at ten o'clock Tuesda; in Holy Redeemer cemetery. Bal timore. He was the son of th late James Seitzer and Hann; Jordan Seltzer and is survived b; his -.vife. Margaret Grant Seltzer two sons. Vi/"sUiam Seltzer, of Bal timore. Bernard F. Seltzer. TJ. S Army serving in" the Philippine arid a daughter, Mrs. Regina Kul v.-icky, of Baltimore. --Mrs. "Walter F. Grouse daughter. Susan, spent the weekend -a-ith her brother-in-lav and sister. Dr. and Mrs. C. J. Lam bert^on. of Marlton, N. Y. --Mrs. James Bouey and daugh ter. Isabelle. and niece. Nanci Bouej-. of Altcxna. Pa., and Mrs Brooke Herring and children David and Jean Marie, spent Wed aesday and Thursday visiting wit! relatives in Baltimore. w re record- to the H. F. and the reverse cf Ramsburg. formerly with Rodock and Co. market, are getting looked like a tornado had swept quired. This has been taken up with the brought to Pennsylvania Railroad arid they scarce. have not turned the proposition THE MARKET THIS MORNING down. Tne writer also talked to Sir. R. Paul Smith, and was sr-- sured that he would do all things \ possible to bring this about. Time ' has not been had to take this up i with the B. O. and am asking jf i there is a citizen jn this town v.-ho ' is sufficiently interested in his city, i and who possibly might have some ' influence with the B. O, please come forward at once and let's get · the rip and professional toufth of the lads who produced the show for FDR. At least two of the New Dealers said they would be glad to through i: Empty benches told corTle back .,, Washington for the plainly that the drouth has play- ec havoc with crops. Vegetables have dwindled to nothing. Tomatoes arc at a premium, eight cents lor a siraivfaerry box full. Corn is small and pooriy tilled ears brought 20 cents a dozer.. The ear'.y crop of apple? is a failure. together as this requires immediate A SMALL CHILD OF THEODORE potatoes. action if it is ever to be done. Kreh. who reside? on Eentr ' Charley Ros the lovab =-rev- street. was playine in the yard haired White House pre.-/ secrc- arjd was :rs Ihc act of srrabb-.r.s in a flower bed. which was cjscrsvere-d :o be a ccpner snake. Thc sr.akc \vs kiilcd Thc r.ex: cisy a ".arce vioer w?s killed in the sarr.e flower bed. Twenty Years Ago 19, 19'ZK. It appears to the writer that the proper way to bring this about Is for the interested parties. :. e.. the H. F. Railway, the Pennsylvania Railroad Co.. sr.d the B. 6. HaH- road to meet ;n Baltimore ju?t a? soon as humanly possible, sit at the same table sr.d talk this matter over. The writer understands on sood Loca] j. cnls From The C olnmns authority that arrangement? have Of - nc N c _ a s JuH . been made to transfer the H. F freiehi over the Pennsylvania ar.d C I T V ENGINEER B. O. tracks temporarily -whs:e" the j-epairs are beiri? rr.ade to Ea=t : Patrick street. ' : The writer contends that if these ' three railroad? can be brought to- ' gether temporarily there is no good logical reason v.-hy :t cannot bo done continuously and eliminate these tracks forever. '. The writer's understand ing c f , the only good reason -.vhy this can- ' not be done is ir-.otive power o f ' the K. F. Railway on the south ! DR. AND ?.IRS. BERNARD M. , cf marrying her. and she is lacking in gumo'.ion if she doesn't break j off all of her relationship with him. ! She Is \\asting lime and opportun- The President confessed in these ity. ;Re]eased by The Sell Syndicate. Inc.) i MONTHLY MEETING HELD j i There were 13 members and two ', wests present at the monthly meet- 1 ing of the Ladies' Aid and Mis- ; . sionary Societies of the Evangeli- j cal United Brethren church Fri- i . day nieht at the home of Mr. and : Mrs. J. N. Dubel. West Fourth : street, extended. The following program, in charge of Mrs. Frances Rice, was presented: Theme. ' read by Mrs- Kice; song, entire : .group: Scripture reading. Miss ; Daisie McDonald: song. entire ] group. A letter from Miss Myrtle ' Lefever. missionary to China, was read by Mr?. Baker. Rev. .7. H. ' Schrrr.u gave interesting address on "he tooic "B-,ii!din£;." Follow- . inc the b'.:?ine.=s session refreshments were served by the hote.s. The place cf :h.e next meeting has :-.ot been selected. goes ; ] uc k ; n i ove a ff a i rs . Seek to develop during · gt j f rorn ^r- a t disease in the United | »,_,.. ity and pleasure, i staets n m2 ^ germ which : a, - boj s. store of wealtn and sun- : causes i oc kjav,- is present in the ; _^ T j soil and on objects which come in j ^ p contact with the earth. For this !' Hospital. The Pitzers Mrs. Pitzer is the ior- the dark days. Mrs Waiter Bower, of Graduated i contact \\nu ·.!!=: ccsLtn. x \ji. .11.^ ; on g^jj^;.- Q,f \j r ard Vrs '·"red i reason, farmers, people who are j Bower " and fam " ny .' The^wereac- much around animals, and those ; _ 07n _, n? -.. h n TM~ K : , n riav svenine icompanied home Stindav evening NAMED LIFE GUARD Norman Richard Thompson, colored, began his duties over th weekend as life guard at the Wil liam R_ Diggs pool in Mullinb Park. On Saturday he completec a ten day course at the Nationa Aquatic School State College. In stitute. W. Va.. v.-here he ivas on of II out of 23 who qualified foi his instructor's certificate. He als renewed his life-savin? certifica Thompson completed the foil courses during his class period: v.-hich were held froui 8 s. m. unt 6 p. m.: Swimmer's course, senior life-saving, water safety instructor first year boating, first year canoeing, camp ·vaierfroi)l leader- 1943 ^campaign, if Mr. Truman would prorni;e to listen to them r.nd not to Harry Vaughan. There was ;i ce.-..\uc.her "of several members of the Roosevelt gang at the Democratic com - en:ion. iheir obser\ ai:ons about .'-erne oi the headline figures in the party now were as ear.'ny ,-.s a r.c\v-v-duo tary. v.-as given whatfor :'or laying dc\vn the law to Harry Truman as Steve Esrly did to Mr. Hoojcvcl . -"oiiathai Dn"::c:s the w r i t e r anci former White House aide, ·.·ec--.-;-..! :.i;-.t o;^-\ e Harly .-Ox-- eral times threatened to qu.t unless FDR ]:s;ened »o him Sieve always won his point. Charley's Jioisble is that he has o much affection for his old school mate. Harry Truman, thst the President can do :io \vr.,ni,. Miss Jean Elizabeth Keller. dayshter of Principal ar.d Mrs. Earl H. Kei:er. of Kojel'.e. Wilmington. DC"., was graduated recently from the Drcxel Institute of Technology in Phnadeiphia. ·vvherc she re- t .-- co:orfi:l MAXWELL ;n5tri:c:e-:i by ;hf Board of A'cermer. to -ccxire :~fo- ;h t - possibility o system here THE PUBLIC SWIMMING POOL A c - i o ~ ! oor...r.E;cnt in Ba"-:er Park :s one of the Snc?; ' lowcr - ''1 -- 1r " 1 ex-OPA bos.-.. heftv t*:s; n!.-;o canie Henderson led 'he Americans for Democratic and be?t conducted ;:-. the Mate, charitable description of Leon, who Abel V.'olmai. chief of the Bureau of Sanitary Engineering for Maryland, ssici after an inspection. Davis, this city, are on a motor trip to Independence, Kans.. where they are visiting Mrs side of town, as this is carried out now with an electric locomotive and should the electric locomotive be disabled on the south side there is no means of running this locomotive under its own power to the 'repair shops which an; located o n ' the north side of East Patrick ; THE FREDERICK COUNTY LAW street. Tbe writer cannot see the basis led many liberals o-.n on a Ions; limb, was "darr-.fool amateur " One of Franklin Roosevelt'? assistants commented. "The boss taught us to play for keeps and to win. Leon should have known betier." 1 Predictions Borne Out Tris Coffin, author of Washington Davis' brother. Mr. ReginaVl j Daybook, hit th«- fc.-.H'.-, e,-e v itn" hi.-, Hammond, formerly of this city : predictions of the two outstanding but now engaged in the clothing , political events- of the Democratic ousmess m Independence. ; Convention. He wrote :n Wash- and Order League will suspend activities this year, it is reported. inston Daybook: a thunderbolt up its sleeve. . . in the late summer Mr. Truman will solemnly call a special session of ceived the Bachelor of Science de- Ccnsress to deal with the "infia- gree in home economic.?, tion crisi?." He would promise Miss Keller is a r.iember of the the Republican Congress to sisn honorary d r a m a t i c fraternity, sijtance TO lockjaw by giving ah and sincerely odmi-.isler any bill . Alpha Psi Ome.^a. and this year military personnel the injection' t -:u-?tr.-eiv deahn- with the l-.i-^h !'.33 3 supportins? n.-e ir, the col- of to\-oid. A* a result exccedins'lv cosl .f " l i v i n g The De.-r.o .I:s lese proJuctU-n "CUudia." Las; few case- cf tetanus occurred in \vcuui then s'.t back benignly and year she played a similar ro'e in our soldiers and sailors. : watch the dosf-.^ht amor.R the GOP "The Philadelphia Story." Farmer.-: and others, who are es- mernbers She has served as treasurer of pec:ailv liable to infection, also Action. July 15--President Tru- the music fraternity. Pi Nu should receive these injections, man sr.r.our.ced "o a ji'bt'.ant con- Epsiior.. . vice president of the Marsv physicians cive them rou- vcr.;ion throng the call for a spe- Drexcl Giec Club, and has been a tinely to small children so That cial session 'or Jr y C5. .member of Alpha Sigma Alpha ' eventually a portion of the · . . . . social sorority. Rouge and Aobe ' pooti'ation will be actively pro- · Pred'.c'.ior-. July :--Ike Eisenhow- Dramatic Society, and the Home tectcd. ] er. . . decided he would r.ot run Economics Association. This year . . . . for love or money in 1948. and he ; she .^erved on_ the dormitory ad- , Note: Dr. Jordan is unable to an- ' ; agreed not to stop a tireless cam- · visory board. _Last September she t swer individual questions from j ' paign beginning November 5 to J had an article published in the ·' readers. However, esch day he J ·dtv.w him into the White House j "Practical Home Economics" mag-! w ni answer one of the most fre- January 1953." j azine. | anen tly asked questions in this , Action. July 9r-General Eisen- , Mis? Keller was recently ap- j co lumn. ' ho-.ver wires Senator Pepper. "I i pointed to teach home economics { will not accept." The second half i ^ Bavard Junior High School in -THE DOCTOR ANSWERS: bat. of course, sre also heavily ex- j I_ Mr _ K arry Fisher" oi Tharmont! ; future posed to infection. ; an; j Joseph Fisher, o: Blanchsster. ( Begins With Injury ' °-- v.-ere callers on Sunday at the : The germs are carried into tf-.e ', ifme of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Boiling- . tissues by the penetration of a , er. . I r-jstv nail or other object. Here, '· --Rodney Aoranams. of Pnsla- · deep in the tissues, the microbe ' delphia. is snend:n2 a month w;th '. grows and produces a toxin or - h:s aunt^ and u-.cic. Mr. and Mrs. . poison which is carried by the , « - ^dear - lui.en. ; blood stream through the body. ' After the nerves become affected this toxin cannot be so successfully combated as at the beginning when the toxin is in the blood ; stream. Consequently injections of the antitoxin should be given at i the time of the injury or as soon thereafter as possible. j The most effective measure in combating lockjaw is to produce i an immunity or resistance to the ooison ahead of time. This is done by giving two or three injection? of a tetanus toxoid. Tcxoid is the toxin v.-hich has been spcciaily treated and which caxises the h".- msn body to produce its own antitoxin. World War II was the first large 1 scale conflict in which it was pos- to produce this type of re- And Q--How many masts has a brig?! A--Two masts: a brig is square --The local Francis X. Elder' Q--When were the Dark Ages?| Post. No. 121. American Legion, i A--The Dark Ases extendc held a crab feast at Kump's Dam jfrom the fail of the Western Ri on Thursday. The committee ; n jman Empire in 475 AD to the it of learning in 1150--abou' :n centuries. During this peri D. [learning ivas at it lowest ebb Gillelan. George "Wagerman. Fran- ' Europe. Sort Of Took The Spring Out Of The Springhoan of the prohphecy-- for re- Prediction. June S -- President mains , 0 be fu HiHed NON ember 5. Truman s political war council has j (Copyright, 1948. by Globe Synd.) of Mtddletown. W i l m i n c t o n for the ccmini; yesr. Her brother is a former resident QUESTION: Is there a cure for bursitis? I ANSWER; Bursitis is most com- i NEWSPAPER! * Si EW SPA PERI

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