Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on March 19, 1942 · Page 1
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 1

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 19, 1942
Page 1
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Sifc m MORWNG AVALANCHE lubbock, Texas, Thursday, March 19, 1942 Dial 4343 For The Avolariche-Mirrmt Offieei prawing Takes Thirteen'Hourc c" By RICHARP L. TURNER '- Associated Press Staff Writer j/.'WASHINGTON. .March 18 — . \Vith three official bobbles out of more t?ian 7,000 possibilities of error, the first draft lottery of the war ended today, establishing the order in which 9,OK>,000 men will be called for possible army service. , '•• It took over thirteen hours, and an all-night rnachine-like routine, to draw the numbered green cap- fiules from an out-sized and famous old gold fish bowl. Secretary 6i War Stimsnn drew the first number. An Albany, Ga., blue- jacket, Albert Carter, grinning Because the long grind was over, drew the last. |. Two Were Missing ;• Bui then, a quick checkup showed that instead of the 7,000 numbers which should have ap- TWared by that time, the total was 6,998. Two were missing. Earlier, it had developed, moreover, that two of the capsules contained the same 'number—288'. It came out as the 742nd and the 1638th number drawn. ';' Selective service officials were momentarily in a dilemma, but they went into a huddle and after an investigation decided that a printer's error was involved. One <jf the 2885's should have been 2385. £ Additional conferring resulted in a decision: number 2885 would Be recorded officially as the 1633th drawn, and the 742nd draw ivould be ignored. This meant ihat all the .order numbers above 741 had to be advanced a. notch, and it 'all wound up with 2,885 being'given order number 1637. i;.'Then,'at the end, the-two miss- Jrig numbers — 6342 and 2069 — iyere, tossed into the gold fish bowl 'together with 238~5, which ^ad been involved in the printer's error duplication of 2B85. The three capsules were shuffled and drawn. £ The result: 6342 became order number 6998, serial number 2069 was order number 6999, and 23S5 became order number 7,000. Three Bobbles Mark Third Selective Service Draft Lottery Drawing " tif-WAY RELIEF FOR 'HEADACHE • Capudine acts fist because ii's liquirj—nothing to dissolve—no delay. 40 vejrj* uie from it* reliability. Use only as directed. lOc, 30c, 60c. All druggist*- - Dr. R. E. Adkins Diagnosis and Internal Medicine 2408 Broadway 2-2151 DIAL 6616 Day or Night : . Ambulance SANDERS Funeral Home 1340 On Your Dial KFYO Program Avalanche-Journal Station 6:30 7:00 1:20 1:30 7:<5 7:50 7:55 8:00 d:l5 8:25 8:30 8'.<5 9:00 9:15 9:30 9:45 3:50 10:00 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:39 12:00 J2.-J5 12:30 12:15 1:00 1:15 1:20 1:30 1:45 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:15 3:20 3:30 3:45 4:00 4:15 4:30 4:45 5:00 5:05 5:30 6:00 6:15 6:23 6:30 6:35 6:55 7:00 7:15 7:20 7:30 7:45 8:00 8:05 5:15 8:30 9:00 S:15 9:30. 10:00 10:30 ll-.OO THURSDAY, MARCH 19 Moroing Soldier Boy's Solute. Morning Swing. Lee aud Bundy. Newscast iTSN). The World Today. Interlude. Snoop end Scoop. Melody Boys. Interlude. Headline!. Rhythm Parade. Sons ol the, Pioneer*. Fashions New. Whai's Dulag Arouctl Lubbocfc. Mary Ue Taylor. Better Vision Telt Interlude. Newscast. Love Eons»You ASK Em—We Actver Em. Your Organ Styllil— Bernlf Howtll. John Hushes — Commenauior IM), Neighbors iTSNl. Antiques and Moderr.j. Afternoon Dray Store Covboyi. Eye Opener*. Brunette Harper. Newscast, Liar's Club. Trade School. Interlude. Auction Sa!e. Church Hour. Mutual Goes Calling <MBS>. Camp Grant In Review <MB5>. Richard Eaton — Commentator (}Jt) Markets. interlude. Johnson Family (MSB). Bo&lce Carter — Commentator (M). Quartette o! Classics. In the Future tMBSi. Monitor Views the News. Capuln Midnight <MB£|. Newscast IMBS). Texas Tech Forum. Helping of Jam. • Eicnlnr Fulton Lewij. Jr. (MBS). Here's Morgan O.JBS). Let's Talk Sports. Local News. Dinner Music. Movie Roundup. Newscast. Picture Revue. Interlude. p. Y. 1. (MBS). Blue Barren's Orchestra (MBS1. Junior Welfare League Program Varieties In Swing. To Be Announced, (ifBS). Dance Music. Raymond Gram Swing iMBSi Ruby Newman Orchestra (MBS). . Uncle Sara Entertains. Joe Vetutl . Orchestra IMBSi, Songs for Marching Men (MBS). SIGN OFT. Aviation Cadets Are Ordered To Report For Training In Army All men who have successfully passed an aviation cadet physical examination and who are awaiting call lor active training \vork, are now being ordered to report for, enlistment in the Army of the United States and will be assigned lor training, it \vas learned Wednesday at the district army recruiting office. "No man who has passed his physical examinations as an aviation- cadet, and who has not received his notice to report for enlistment, need make inquiries at the district army recruiting station about when he is to report," it was explained. "Each man who has been accepted, will be called up as f.ast as possible. A number already have been notified." Men who are being called are 'given a furlough before being ordered to a preliminary training station, it was explained. Meantime, Major Joseph R. Feller, district recruiting office, announced the appointment of Major Arthur L. Fuchs as head of •a special air corps detachment in the recruiting office. He will be in charge of the processing of aviation cadets and a part of his duties will be the payment of men on.furlough. He will also handle enlistment of cadets. The'district office is continuing the' examination of men for the aviation service as cadets. The Peter Molyneaux Will Speak Here Tuesday Announcement that Peter Molyneaux, editor and speaker, will :peak at a general student-faculty :onvocation at Texas Teehnologi- :al college at 10 o'clock Tuesday morning, was was made Wednesday, Dean James G. Allen, chairman of the convocation commit- :ee. "The World Order for Which We Fight" will be his subject. Molyneaux will come here as a visiting lecturer for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He is editor of the Southwestern Banking and Industry magazine at Dallas. He has been writer and editor -50 years and has been a radio commentator since 1933. He is author of three books. Here T s a mo««a'jln with r«al if| m«rit . . . Pliant Hunlor Calfskin ,^.. Doubi* Soles. WO*N WITH ?*?DE BY Mil LIONS 1108 Broadway Some May Get Call In Summer (Br The United Press; WASHINGTON, March 18. — None of the men whose order numbers were determined in last night's selective service are expected to be called to the colors before next summer. After that the new registrants are expected to be called considerably faster than men now on local draft board rosters, since present reserves of 1-A men are low. In the second draft lottery last year the order numbers were integrated into the first list on the basis of one for every tenth original man. To Be Left Separate Selective service officials said that last night's order list would be left separate. But the procedure will work as follows: If a local board is asked to furnish 100 men for induction, it will draw men from the old and new order lists according to the number of registrants available in each group. If, for instance, the board has 100 men available from the original list and 900 from the new list, the proportion would be nine to one. Ten men would be called from the old list and 90 from the new list. district examining board is meeting regularly, whenever men apply for examinations. There is to be no let-up in the securing of men of officer calibre for the air corps. Lucky Fridays Due For Students Here A couple of lucky Fridays are in store for students in Lubbock schools, according to report Wednesday by Dr. W. B. IrvJn, superintendent. They are to be given holidays next Friday because of the convention here of the West Texas Teachers association and on Friday, April ?., because of Good Friday. Negro schools also will be at recess next Friday, Dr. Iri'in paid, and most of the teachers will attend a district tournament in BrownfieW. A Laxative Leader Kas to be Good I The hardest test of any product is the use-test. It is especially true of a laxative, which is used under all kinds of conditions. Yet one herbal laxative has been tested' in use by four generations, and proved so good that today it's one of the leaders all over the Southwest — BLACK-DRAUGHT. This spicy compound of vegetable ingredients has proved itself. The basic herb is an "intestinal tonic-laxative" which helps tone lazy intestinal muscles. Other herbs in the blend make BLACK- DRAUGHT easy-to-take and gentle in action When you need a laxative, give BLACK-DRAUGHT the use-tesl. Adv. AIRPLANE SERVICE We do all kinds of repair service on all types of Aircraft. Our staff consists of 6 mechanics, and 10 Commercial pilots to teach you to fly. We have New and Used Airplanes for sale GLENTBREEDLOVE AERIAL SERVICE GovJ Approved Advanced School Municipal Airport. Dial 2-9360 CASH -' For Your Old Gold KING'S JEWELRY 1020 BROADWAY For the easy country life ... 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Gardex' Automobile Wax-polish 45° A "qm"ck-rub" wax-polish-for your car. Just wipe it on wipe it off! Big 20-ounce can! iPENNSYLVANLAl 175 qf. fn your container (Fed. lax already Includgd) Stock up NOW ... while the price is low! 35c a. quart won't buy better oil than Wards Supreme Qualityl That seal above is your guarantee that every drop is refined from 100% Pure Pennsylvania crude. Get vours today and save! vlL* cl AcC ! SS /' ries carried in our Basement or Service Station, 13th St. and Texas Ave. Drive in our station loday for gasoline, oil and accessories 1 WARDS FAMOUS RIVERSIDES If you are "eligible" Vo buy tires get Ward prices. Get the extra safety more miles that Riverside Tires provide! ( "Cleonfire"Cartridge} .22 Cal. Shorts -Sax of 50 : T| £JL?*~® The power and accuracy of nationally-famous brands" Longs __ 24c Long Riflg __ 2Sc ^•^T^'-ssw*??;: 32 Bui'.t for comfort/ Baseball Cap Brilliant color, lightweight satin! Extra lonfj visor. 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