The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 9, 1970 · Page 26
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May 9, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 26

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 9, 1970
Page 26
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Page 26 article text (OCR)

o Takes Houston Bruce Cfampton fifed -. the second-refund lead in Chfiffipfons International Invitational golf tournament. Weary pen Hogan, 56r play- Ing, in his first tournament in almost three years, went into the water for a double-bogey on the'eighth hole and limped in with: a. 75 for a 36-hole total.of 146, nine behind Cramplon's ... J-74—146 ...<1\-1\— 14S «•;.! 77-69-346 — . S Daily&ouble T%<- f . tf» O 1 O /Back to $313 At Omaha r (Special Dispatch la Th« Register) OMAHA, NEB.-The daily double at Ak-Sar-Ben shot up to a healthy $313 Friday before a ladies' day crowd. It had been a paltry $34.20 Thursday. The big payoff came off the first race won by Enola Nipper, paying $21, and the second race victory of Hips Tips at $38. • A crowd of 20,000 is expected for today's program, which features the $15,000 Ambassadors' Handicap An lo for Wa UWJIcT 3-year-olds. Max H. Qree of Oakland, had the-head end of the $93.00 exacta payoff on the ninth race. Green's Mr. Bar None shaded Poona Miss at an $8.00 return and the 6-5 (program numbers finish) of Mr. Bar None and Pnnna Miss ap- FIGHT REQUEST Mason City, Waterloo Shorn ;••;;"•:. "~ " , ' .. ~i ' " ^-' ' ••'*?* . • - • • — ,.._:-.•.-._. FOR LBJ TAPES Population Dip Over Decade CHICAGO, ILL. <APV.<- A-i Columbia Broadcasting System official Friday said a Subpoena for parts of an, interview w ith former President Johnson that were'not telecast could mark {report, released here Friday the end of autobiographical I were a bit of a shock for two broadcasts by public figures. - i major cities in Iowa's Third\ TJST -SB? . By Jack Tovelson . (R«flUt»r Staff Wrlttr) WATERLOO, IA. - Results of a preliminary 1970 census 'Pretty Tired' "I'm pretty tired," said Hogan, limping badly on an injured left knee. Don Bies, a former club pro from Seattle, Wash., birdied three of the last four holes for a 67 and second place at 138. Bob Rosburg scored a hole- in-one oh the sixteenth, the first competitive ace in his l?-year pro career. He used a four iron on the 180-yard, par 3 hole. Houston native Fred Marti also had a~ff7 and vaulted into third at 139. Veteran Gene Littler took his second consecutive 70 for 140. Deane Beman, the first-round leader, had a double bogey on the sixteenth, missing the green and three-putting, and slipped b a 73 for 141. He was tied with Gibby Gilbert, who had a 72. South Player Fails African Gary Player and Lee Trevino, the pre-tourney favorites, failed to muster a charge. Player had his second consecutive 72 and Trevino had a fat 75 for 145. Crampton, a 34-year-old native of. Sydney now living in Dallas, hit his irons with rifle accuracy. He had nine one-putt counted for the exacta. FIRST RACE — $2,<00, 4-UD, Claiming «,000, mile — 70 yards: Enola Nipper (Petersen) 21.00 7.40 5.60 Bull Pui " RavD. Bull Purp.(e(G^Houahton) lie (Lively! lme t 1:44 3J. A do, Sun Will, Godai MV Clue, Salad Nigh leoni Red, Special Kay. ..SECOND RACe-$J,600, 3,8 3.20 5.40 . .Iso ran — Amle's .jdarlan, Budge Pockets, .Njshts, Slav Sweet, Col- 4-up/ claiming *£,vw, miin>iDlu«; Hips Tips (Ecoffev) Classy Kid (Black) 38.00-20.01 J .60 .40 7.00 E ecret Sheik, Pepper Line, allet. Smoke Pounder, Display, Gobbler's jewel. Also ran — Deny Me, — Deny Me, Disallow, Next Ballet, Smoke Pounder, Hot Deck, Rare Dally double (program numbers 4 and i) paid $313.00. , , THIRD RACE — $3,200, Maiden 2-year- olds, 4'A furlongs: River Blond (Jones) swoonln Lady (Whll Vapan (Anderson) ted) 13.00 6.00 5.00 8.00 time,":53 2-5. Also ran — Engs Jan, Trecenta Dlas, Torenio, Llna B, Lady Tic, Baby Bonus, lus Amltcon. Madden- Sac, Miss Cac- 5.20 4.20 ngs Lady MS! FOURTH RACE-$4,OOI, 3-year-oldl, Irnlr "" " if--' River claiming 16,000, a'furlongYi »atln KTathv ' ' ' Brlcln Sat , Kathv (K (Lonq) Jane jrn e,. 1:12. 0, 6 fu King) 7.BO 4.60 6.00 3.40 4.00 3.20 Bell, ran—Cowboy ...„. Song, Dani junea, Provoking Song, Pepsv Qullla, Spring Swing, Glenn's Song, Dani Jones, Forgetful, Provoking Song, ~ ~ "' Bunnev's Wish, Rose of Bay. FIFTH.RACE^SjSM, Nebraska-bred p, ciain" up, claiming {3JOO, 6 furlongs: greens, needed only 27 putts and didn't hole anything longer than five feet. His only bogeys came on the second and fourteenth. He missed the green and failed to get up and down on each ol"(neih. \ But Crampton wedgefl to within one foot oh the^first hole and put an eight iron two feet from the flag on the third. \ Steve Spray of Indianola, la., had a 73 and was far back at 149. BLANKENSHIP WINS FEATURE Charging Joy (Durousseau) 5.20 3.60 3.80 3d_nmss [Bar TTme, i:Tl J-5..~A'lso ran—Mitoma BrpaL Gold Bi Barnes) 13.00 Bonlgan, 'Roving flqress, Ruthle' Jeahhle,' Bison Klnf, Do W, 3's, claiming, •M ?""X Kay Aye',' Spmn'lns'in, 70 - Vln ?acky".' SIXTH RACE - $5,000, $10,000, iV, furlongs: . British Bargain (B, A. Nowsky) 16.80 6.00 3.00 Gallant Notions (Durousseau) 3.40 2.40 Chelron Duke (Lively) 2.40 Time, 1:04 4-5. Also ran - Dew's Little,Noo Chi Noo, Last Supply, Mfsamoon, Sompn' Like That. ; SEVENTH RACE - $5,500,3-4% allowance, mile-70: Agronomist (Engle) 6.00. 3.60 3.00 Princess Khal (Jones) 3.00 2.60 Galactic (Switzer) 6.40 Time, 1:412-5. Also ran — Young Na- bar. Delta Line, Unruly Prince, Jaqulta Ann, Apache Chieftain, Darrabef,. Gallant Cloud, Running^Scared, Tergin. EIGHTH RACE - J5JOO, 3-Up, fillies and mares, allowance, SW furlongsi KathrVn's Doll (Durousseau) 3.40 2.40 2.20 Bold Accept (Ecoffevl . 2.60 2.40 Fools Choice (Calderson) 3.20 Time. 1:034/5. Also ran-Gold Raas. Nava's Pere. Due De Miss. April Dancer. NINTH RACE- — J3.300, 3's, claiming 13,500, mlle-70: Mr Bar None (G. Houqhlon) 8.00 4.00 3.60 Poona Miss (King) 9.60 6.00 Nancy Kncx (lacobelh 6.00 Exacta—Nos. 6 and 5 paid $93.00. Time. 1:434/5. Also ran-Roval Lancer. Vioorous. Jealous Justice. Sliver's Pride. Li'l Deedee. Cedar's Boots. Rip to Market. Attendance—10.759. Total mytuel handle —$667,250. State tax—S26.690. Returned to' the oublic-$556,U7.70. Today's Entries (Horsts listed in post position order) FIRST,RACE — $3,300, 4-up, claiming *3«250i fTha Register's Iowa News Service) KNOXVILLE, „ IA. - .iem Thunder .prince 1 ,'J Blankenship, driving a 1969 Plymouth JRoadrunner, was the 6.20 5.001 "A vital dimension of jdurnal- ism .will-be Jost _to._the- Ameriv can publiCr' Burton Betijamini senior executive jproducer of CBS News, predicted. A U.S. District Court Judge* issued a subpoena for tapes of an interview with Johnson regarding the assassination of President John T, Kennedy. CBS has asked that the subpoena be suppressed. —The-subpoena-was-oblainetf by Sherman" H. Skolnick, a legal researcliSr, .in connection with his suit against the National Archives and Records Service which, he alleges, is holding back information on the Kennedy assassination. The telecast interview with Johnson was edited to one hour of air time from six hours and 22 minutes of actual conversation taped. CBS said certain material was deleted from the tapes at Johnson's request "because, of national security." Skolnick maintained the deleted material is relevant to his lawsuit. N. Minow, former 1 Communications • Newton a A A i* Q Commission chairman and now attorney for CBS opposed the subpoena, saying it violates freedom of speech and press. He intraduced an affidavit in which Benjamin declared. "If Congressional District. .The fepofJLshowe.d_a. decline of 5.759Lin_ the,JL6 ? cc^nty_dis- trict's" "iota! poipoulation over the last ten years. Fourteen counties lost population as the district total dropped from 403,472 to 397,713. More significant and surprising to many were the totals for Waterloo and Mason City. Both have lost population since 1966 when special censuses were taken. Mason 13,099; Worth 8,737 and 10,259, and Wright 16,933 and 19,477, Southwest Thins Out By Dan Filler The southwest quarter of Ibwa reported a decrease of more than 20,000 in its population frotrH9604o-1970, district City's 1970 preliminary figure also is below its official 1960 population. According to the preliminary 1970 report, Waterloo increased from 73,146 in 1960 to 75,984 this year. Four years ago, however, a special census indicated Waterloo's population was 77,185. The 1960 figure given here Friday for Waterloo is approximately 1,400 higher than the total announced .ten years ago. A census official said the latest figure was supplied by U.S. Census Bureau computers. Mason City's 1970 populaton was given Friday as 29,746, compared to 30,642 in 1960 and 30,711 in the special 1966 cen- •stts: : '—: Mayor Surprised "It seems a little hard to believe. I think everybody was surprised," said Mason City Mayor Thomas .-.olas. "We've had increases in'the number of electric and water meters every year. We haven't lost industrially; we've gained. .In the past ten^years, 845 new houses have been built in. Mason City^arid these woiild .offset the number of housing units eature grounds ST , i lurlonss: S"nqw"Cfeam*rMynsell) 109, Ov Vay (G. n) 117, Meadow Mouse (Calde lava q VI (no boy) 119. t Girl (Ecoffev) 111, Filet De ) 10?,Steern y (stal!lngs)114, (Stalllngs) 114, 114, Revel's. Re , ...... berlv King (no boy) 114, Revel's Reward (no boyj 114. Jubilant Miss (no bov 109 -Grand Cash (J. Sherman) 117, Chancello . (no boy) 1J4, , Also eligible — Buck Shot 119. Baca Battler (Minln) 1 x-109, .Hil , mark ( xxx-107. SECOND $5,500, 6 furlon (G. Houghton in i -Grand Cash &% Jaca B (Bl'rier) X-109,'"'H(lTblVl'y' Wirite*TO' boy 114, Jedmark (no boy) 114, Itsadude Coo RACE - $3,900, 4-up, claimln i,wy, o furlongs: * .Loose Lady (D. W. Whlted) 109, H u Me Now (Lovely) 114, Dlebel Abbe, (Jones) 114, Grand Onion (J. Shermani I 119, Blnunv (King) 109, Dickey Dan : (Strauss) 114, Model Don (no bov) 119. i Screech (Salazar) 119, M.H.'s Galaxy (no boy) 114, Otoe Bov (Ecoffey) 117, Velvet Gal (Bannowsky) 112, New Music (Engle) .Also eligible —-Sasa Song (Barnes) 112, fastest qualifier and won the 15- lap stock car feature race at the Marion County Fairgrounds Friday night. Bob Bonzer of Liscomb, driv- ng a 1964 Chevelle; finished icond in the feature and Ramo tott, of Keokuk, in a ,'70 Road- unner, finished third, \ Bonzer, Stott and Dick 0!d> am 4>f Des Moines won heat aces and Oldham captured the ight-lap Australian pursuit. Blankenship, who won the at the State last Saturday Fair- night, won by three car lengths. Too qualifier — Lem Blankenship, Keo- Tropn' ft.j uer, . Irst hea lankensJili CBS News were compelled to produce the non-broadcast material relating to the assassination of President Kennedy, it is my belief that no public figure will ever sit for an autobiograph- ^cal^bFoadcast—and—a-vital.'d]-| deiiiolisrred'lrT'that time: mension of journalism will be lost to the American public." ,/ The subpoena was issued'by Judge Hubert L. Will. ^Friday's motion was heard /by Judge Julius J. HoffmanMvho continued the issue -to May 14 because, he, said, he believes Judge Will'should hear thejir- guments. ~ Mitchell Denies Student Charge WASHINGTON\D.C; (AP) Atty. Gen. JohnXN. Mitchell was quoted Friday as saying he ha'd''absoluteIryTio consultation" with President, Nixon on the decision to send\U.S. troops into Cambodia. Three\of- Ficers of the Student National Education Association (SNEA)> ncluding Roger Kruse of the Jniversity of Northern Iowa at Cedar Falls, talked to newsmen after presenting a petition to" Mitchell which accused him of teing a "phantom president." Tne students demanded his immediate resignation. Charles 'Gonzales of New president of the Mitchell lectured ropliy dash (5 laps) — 1. Don Hoffman, Ramo Keokuk; 3. Bob bnier, Lls'combt 2:09.i9. EM J»Mt W.J«f»>.- 1- Bonzer;_2, Lem 'ralrie i Keokukj 3. Jerry Roberts. it '(8 'laps) — i. Stott; 2. Tom ... ., snlngton; 3. Date De Frace rshalltown; 3:25.08. ;hlrd heat (6 laps) — 1. Dick Oldham w.; 2. Gary Johnson, Newton; Bob Australian' pursuit '(B laps) — 1. Oldhai 2. De France; 3. Stott; no time. lonier; 3. Stott; 4. Oldham; 5. Stewart no time. / Jolas said he and others had predicted a "modest increase" this year in Mason City's popu- 1 a t i o n . "We figured about 31,000," he said. . "I've Caught Hell" Lloyd Magee, of Dunkerton, Third District census director, released the preliminary report from the district office in Waterloo. , "I've already caught hell from the mayor of Mason City. All I can say is that we've checked and checked and checked to get everyone counted," Magee said. "We do know that we've missed some people but we've done everything we possibly could to avoid it," he said. Magee said census takers in his district reported they were "bad-mouthed" at' some homes and turned away from others. He said telephone calls Jo these residents often produced invitations tci return. . Jolas said the drop in the Mason City population will be made up by residents gained in last month's annexation of ten square miles. The census for th6' city included only those living wit.hin--itsJJanr--JU-cor-porate limits. Waterloo Mayor Lloyd Turner, told of the census results on his return Friday from Washington, D.C.^exclaimed, "Holy cow! It doesn't seem possible that we've dropped that much." He said he had estimated the city's total population would be 80,000. Cedar Falls Growth Cedar Falls, which adjoins Waterloo, showed a ten-year increase from 21,195 to 29,117, ac- cc-unting for most of the jump in Black Hawk County's population. The Cedar Falls figure includes the approximately 9,000 students at the University of Northern Iowa. In 1960, the icliuul s enrollment was 3,600. Totals of the other 15 coun^ ties," with 1970 figures given first: Bremer 22,451 and 21,108; Butler 16,343 and 17,467; Cerro Gordo 48,63f-nnd 49,894; Chick'asaw 14,821 and 15,034; Floyd 19,576 and 21,102; Franklin 13,171 and 15,472; Grundy 13,923 and 14,132; Hamilton 18,442 and 20,032; Hancock 14,604; Hardin 22,533; Howard 12,734; M i t chell Winnehagn 13,316 21,939 11,264 12,873 _12JZ58_ and and and and Van Nostrand said Friday. Totals for 1970 were 363,617, compared to 383,719 in 1960. Van Nostrand said only three of the 26 counties in his area, Dallas, Warren and Marlon, showed an increase. The district is bounded by Harrison and Warren counties counties. Council Bluffs is not included. Van Nostrand said the substantial population decrease was expected and reflects the continuing nationwide decline in rural areas. "In almost all counties, the county seat held its own or gained a few people," he said. "But the rest of the towns lost badly." Figures by county for 1970^ according to the Census Bureau, were: Adams,- 6,306; Adair, 9,491; Appanoose, 14,774; Audubon, 9,627; Cass, Clarke, 6,770; Dallas, 16,646; 25,787; Decatur, 9,578; Fremont, 9,406; Greene. 12,836; Guthrie. 12.081 Harrison, 15,912; Jasper, 35,010; Lucas, 10,031; Madison, 11,446; Marion, 25,905; Mills, 11^73; Monroe, 9,109; Montgomery, 12,859; Page, 18,384; Ringgold, 6,'261; Shelby, 15,348; Taylor, 8,713; Union, 13,187; Warren 7,090; and Wayne, 8,187. BOMBlumCEJPALACE GRENOBLE, FRANCE jREUTERS) - A dynamite bomb smashed several hundred panes of glass at the Palace of Radio PM (megacycles) tfMJ, bes MolniJ; I Amss; edticitfm*!; • (FM), low* City; «du- tatloriai/ ittreo ' , tFM), tes Molnss; , M , .-. DM Molnej 5W3=.VV«O.FKK, Des Moines 104.1-KIFM (FM), Ames, t AfiiC-PM AM (stand*rd kc) 640—WOl, Amti; educatlftnil .910^-WSUI, foVKi City; jtdiicallorijl 940*-K10A, Des MWnes • IMO-yVHO, Bts Moines; NBC Des Moines— m ^, .P«.uM.8ln«aj;BS.;,. •ReBSrDet Moines; Mutual 14M—KSO. Des Moines; ABC RogersWiltHead NATO Delegation "WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) Secretary of State William P. Rogers will head a 15-man delegation to the ministerial meet- and_Eremont_and-Appanoose ; (4 n g. 0€-North-Atlantia-Trea Organization (NATO) to be iri Rome, Italy, "May State Department Friday. 26-27, the announced Today's TV Log Des Moines 13-WHO (NBC) 6:30 Agriculture 4:00 Jr. Bowling 7:00 Heckle, Jeckle 4:30 Consultation 8:00 The Grump" 5:00 Dragnet 5:30 NBC News 6:00 News 6:15 Outdoors Des Moines 8-KRNT (CBS) 8:30 Pink Panther 9:00 Religion 9:30 Music 10:30 Flintstoncs 11:00 Jambo 11:30 Underdog 6:30 Special 7:30 Adam 12 8:00 Movie 6:30 Rural Am. 7:00 Jetsons 7:30 Bugs Bunny 8:30 Huck & Yogi 9:00 B. Ri.ley 9:30 Scooby-Doo 10:00 Archie 11:00 Monkees **...» uuutluu? \1.\J\J HIUVIC 11 .in Dllrl«- 12:00 Laurel, Hardy 10:00'News, Spts. . }\[l° n £ llstop 1:00 Baseball Giants vs. Mas 10:30 Tonignt Ames 7:00 Gulliver 7:30 Smokey.Bear 8:00 Cats _ 9:00 Hot Wheels 9:30 Hardy Boys 10:30 Veishea 12:00 News 12:30 Western 1:30 Scene '70 5-WOI (ABC) 5:30 College Show 6:00 News' 6:30 Make Deal .. 7:00 Newlyweds 7t30 L. Welk 8:30 Lennon SisL 9:30 Bill Anderson 10:00 King Fam. 11:00 News 12:00 Superman 12:30 J. Quest 1:00 Basketball . Playoffs/' 3:00 Muttley' ' 3:30 Wacky Races 4:00 Clean Water 4:30 Varieties 5:00 Lucy 5:30 CBS News 6:00 News 6:30 J. Gleason 7:30 ThrerSons 8:00 Green Acres 8:2i(rPetticoat 9:00 Mannlx 10:00 News 10:35 Movie Des Moines 11-KDIN (Educ.) 2:00 ISU Football'11:30 John Gary. 4:30 Wld. of Spts. 7:45 a.m. Davey 8:00 Volume See 11:00 Mr. Roger* 11:30 Davy, Goliath CHANJNEL CHUCKLES By fill Keane I Iberia, La., SNEA, s\id them on ^('getting straight" the ahd asserted facts they "should not be\influenced by reports in the press." VANDERWAt ON RACE CARD illait sir. Rifoalre.Jr..(Petersen) 117, Wheel of Blue 2nd (Burns) 109, 114, Nancys Prize 4-up, claiming (StraUSS) 1T4, mono Jack Host (Whited) (Leeling) 114. THIRD RACE - H,5M, $3,250, 1 Mi miles: (Chavez. -.-.. — .12, Sneak|n Three Rewards HoygWon) 110, nle's Abbey (E -H lavez) lli. Gay Wllil* neakfn By \(no boy 112, (no boy) 112, Sallfln (R. :okua (lacopill) x-110, Er- 112, Caoltol Mac TP. W7 iarnes) 112, wfite 1 dni"2 1 , u 's'quad"Ta^ies' (Barnes! Glory Wind (Herrera) 107, , LanSseape fainter (Culberson) 117, Purple Measure (L. J. Dgrousseau) 112, Mendy.iady (Stalling;) 107. Also eligible — Choteau Kid (Pelersan) 112, Kuku {Petersen) 107, Fiy Spy Fly (L Turner) 112. FOURTH RAC bov ter ickles (Barns Nebraska' — »5,50fl, owance, SV1 ') 110. Sun Garden 12, P | tf.*W>;ttoiiwn: Seemsaway (D. W. Whited) 114, Count- fleet (Durousseau) 114, Tom Skelly (R, ter'(Jongs) Tl7,:*UM L'sdy- Sickles Ricky (Barnes) 112, larns) 110, McBJue (no boy, .... FJPTH. RACE.- *4,M9/*»-W, claiming sem nu, icky (Barnesr 112, Toplan's Gal . 110, McB4ue(noboyH12. ft ... "Princess Norma"(no boy) 109, Top Bout (Strauss) 114, Due De Miss (Coop) . SIXTH RACE - «,5M, 3-up, allowance, 0 Be Joyful (Munsell) 119. Tin Horn (FrtdericKsen) 119, Missile Pit (n ' ' 117, Dark Star K|ng (D. W. Wtilte Arrowdan (Leellng) 114, Zortja 2n rousseau) 122. T •H JMCE — 46.5W, JHIfl, (Du- allow- (Smith) x-117, Nopal .. ....„_ toce (Whifetf) 1147 Featherwood > 107, Vlcki's Choice (no boy) 112. del (Powell) 119. pounds Apprentice allowance Hetsi x-5 By Wayne Grett Carl Vander Wai of Ames, the 1968 sportsman champion at the State Fair Speedway, is expected to join the action tonight for the second auto rating program of the season. Lem Blankenship, of Keokuk, will return to seek a second Accompanying \fionzales and Kruse was Suone Gotner of the University of Nebraska. Kruse and Cotner are associate vice presidents of the student group. Gonzales attends the University of Santa Fe, N.M. \ RESTON NAMED \ NEW YORK, N.Y. (AP) James Reston, New York Times writer and vice-president, has been /appointed to the Advisory Board of the American Press Institute at Columbia University, Andrew Cordier, president of the university, announced Friday. straight feature late-modei victory in stock his Plymouth Roadrunner. He will be opposed by 1969 late-model .champ Bob Hilmer, of Dysart; Fred Horn, Marion; Darrell Date, Cedar Rapids, and Dick Oldham, Des Moines. Vander Wai, who failed To" make the top 10 last season, has revamped his-1957 Chevrolet, changing it from a convertible to a sedan. Mike Brooks, of Hartford, and 'Jerry Roberts,/of Prairie City, who dueled throughout the * " \ •^•^*" ~^if^^ r "^ '"That pink elephant is on •very day, isn't he?" TONIGHT Take a gander at the hilarious romantic adventure* of claimed XX-7C bound:. 10 pound;. xxx-ll . EIGHTH R/VCE .- i.lS,OM, 3-ye«r<ldj, , o nirlgnas: claj Ounce nino (Dugle) no, rn Sarh .lyf'fOB^ast ranees (l«cones) 109. > claiming [-111 .Rug J4i§ 5 I «rnB5) also will return. Other top late-model drivers entered are DOB Hoffman, of Des .MoJJjes, the 1969 sportsman champ, and George Barton, of Ankeuy. ^%e first event is scheduled for 8 o'clock. Television Highlights VOLUME SEE. The- Muppets cational networks at 8 a.m. visit the treehouse. Edu- BASEBALL. NBC at 1. San Francisco Giants vs. New York Mets. GOLF. Houston Champion's International golf tournament. ABC at 3. . J ' * • • • . WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS. Rebel '400' stock car race. ABC at 4. • • • HARPER VALLEY U.S.A. Country flavored musical-comedy special featuring vocalist Jeannie C. Riley. NBC at 6:30. . JACKIE GLEASON. Ralph Kramden becomes a stand-in for a gangland kingpin. CBS at 6:30. __ ....... "" '"' ""'" ...... : '' ~ NETWORK MOVIE. "Counterpoint" (1968), starring Charl- tori Heston and Maximilian Schell. NBC at 8. « . • • • • THE LENNON SISTERS. Guests Fess Parker, John Byner and Hiryes, Hines and Dad. ABC at 8:30. HUGE FIELD INGLBWOOD, CALIF. (AP) — Eighteen derby-age colts have been entered in the Argonaut Stakes a£ Hollywood Park tpday. Tbe lW$-aaile run on the Uu-f course will be raced in two divisions. Nowsaro ,. UJHOTV ^^^^^ ^^ipl^ WWHI^IUI^^ IB ^K»: 1970 VII SHE A PARADE in color from the Iowa State University Campus Hostess: Betty Lou McVay 10:00 AM SATURDAY Participating Sponsor: American Dairy Association of Iowa and Iowa Dairy Industry Comraissan SATURDAY MOVIE of 10:30 Dana Andrews "DUEL IN THE JUNGLE" follows a man Africa An insurance man the girlfriend of believed killed to D« Moin«s S«t., May 1, 4*1 ~ * Recall*' Leased Wire From Daw Jones DETROIT, MICH. - Chrysler Corp. said Friday that owners of 20,485 Dodge Daft and Plymouth Valiant 19W passenger "cars equipped with stan- . dard drum brakes are being notified to take their vehicles to their dealer for replacement of the brake master cylinder. and finds ready to k insurance. him alive and ll to collec)--'his At 10:30 Saturday following Al Buch, Pete 'Taylor and Craig Crummer SUNDAY MOVIE at 10:30 Ann-Margret "STATE FAIR 11 The whole family goes to the State Fair and finds romance, excitement, and music.. With Pat Boene, Bobby Darin and Pamela Tiffin. At 10:30 Sunday —following Al Buch and Rim Van Dykt TV KRNT»UES MOINES Cary Grant In Big Show Comedy Gary Grant and Leslie Caron star in "Father Goose," a witty, wonder- ,ful comedy hit which takes place on a desert island during WWII. . ji 1 Howard co-stai 5. 8:00 P.M. Harper Valley Comes To Life The fictitious hamlet of Harper Valley, complete with a mini-skirted Jeannie C. Riley and a horde of "Harper/Valley hypocrites," comes to life in a country-style musical- corpeHy special. Miss JRlley and couritry-West- Hern-si ngers-headHne-the- special based upon the. "Harper Valley PTA" song. 6:30 P.M. SUNDAY Disney Adventure Drama Two noted British actors, George Cole and Patrick McGoohan portray double roles as churchmen by day- and masked smugglers for the benefit of p.ver-taxed peasants, by night in the 18th century adventure "The Scarecrow of Romney Marsh" on "The Wonderful World of Disney." 6:30 P.M.' Hugh X. Lewis Sings "The Hugh X. Lewis Country Club" is a half- hour of country-style entertainment featuring the top recording stars of Nashville. Hugh X. Lewis stars. 10:30 P.M. Grunt & Groan Guys Grapple _See^AlUStar Wrestling" every Sunday night. 11:OOP.M., COLOR 13 JAMES BROWN, ROD McKUEN, BILLIE JOE ROYAL, B. J. THOMAS, DIONNE WARWICK. 5TH DIMENSION, LOU RAWLS, THE OHIO EXPRESS, THE NEW COLONY SIX, MERCY, 1910 FRUjT GUM CO., ONE-EYED JACKS, PERCY SLEDGE, CLASSIC IV, FRIENDS OF DISTINCTION, MORE A full hour of the bast of the contemporary music scene! The latest talents in today's pop music field plus such house extras as bust Clay Cole, the 10 lovely Scene 70 dancers ami the bouse band, "The Joys of Life". Make the scene with the best available: Scene Seventy on WOI-TY. 1:00 PM SATURDAY ^sar I

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