Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois on March 24, 1977 · Page 28
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Southend Reporter from Chicago, Illinois · Page 28

Chicago, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1977
Page 28
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Pago 2 Section 111 Economist Newspapers, Wednesday. March 23, 1977 Simply delicious CHICKEN KIEV Baked Bananas with Lemon Butter Sauce Buttered Green Beans - Crescent Rolls or French Bread Simply delicious describes the menu that includes one of the new international entrees from Swift. The Chicken Kiev is frozen, boneless, breaded, skinless white meat of chicken that is stuffed with seasoned butter, pre- browned and ready to cook in the oven in just 30 minutes. Bananas brushed with lemon butter are slipped into the oven the last 20 minutes. LEMON BANANAS (Yield: 2 servings) 2 firm (green tipped) bananas 2 T. melted butter or margarine 2 tsp. fresh lemon juice Dash of salt 1 tso. grated lemon peel Peel bananas. Cut into 1 inch diagonal pieces. Combine ^remaining Inpedients except lemon peel. Pour into a pie pan. Add banana pieces. Turn to coat evenly with lemon batter. Place in 375* F. oven with Chicken Kiev during the last 20 minutes of baking time. Sprinkle with grated lemon peel and serve with Swift's Premium Chicken Kiev. WHOLE MAINE LOBSTER LOBSTER TASTING ROCK 5Lb. Bog SHRIMP $O99 ofife ib. THURS. FRI. SAT. SUN MR. SHRIMP FISHERIES WHOLESALE OUTLET TO YOU 63rd HARLEM 586-9000 Lemon bananas served with Chicken Kiev t By MARY McGRATH THE CLEAN, CRISP W.NES OF VERONA Italy has often been called one vast vineyard, and with one acre out of every eight devoted to the vine, this description is certainly apt. The most popular Italian table wines in this country come from .Verona, a charming city in northeastern Italy For the wine lover Verona means clean, crisp wines Abundantly produced in the surrounding hills, the most common exports are Soave - A lovely dry white wine, pale straw in color, light, fresh taste with a touch of acidity Generally shipped in tall green bottles, like the wines of Alsace, this delicate white is the perfect accompaniment to fish and luncheon dishes such as crepes or omelet- tes Soave is made to be drunk y.oung -- at least within four years Valpohcella--a smooth, velvety red wine made from a blend of various local grapes, perfumy and fruity, although somewhat light-bodied, this wine is admired for its balance and subtlety Great with a cheese tray or pasta- tomato dishes, Valpolicella should be drunk before its fifth birthday These Veronese wines are reasonably pnced and are among the better buys in the world of wine Eater's Digest ShriR1 P Perch By JARVIS MCE An Englishman was fooling around with chemicals in his laboratory one day in 1767. When he playfully added gas to water he created an explosion heard round the world ever since Actu- ally, he had discovered soda water and the explosion was the pop! made when .you uncap a bottle of the stuff The Englishman had started a multi-million dollar industry, but he only looked on it as an amusing laboratory trick, and did nothing further about it In 1807, an enterprising American chemist started a business with the carbonated water Several others followed suit took a promoter with an advertising flair to make the bubbly stuff pay off That was in 1832. The chemist's copy effervesced with lines like, "Youth, as it sips its first soda, experiences the sensations which, like the sensations of love, cannot be forgotten." Drugstores, with soda counters and soda fountains, popped up, as did bottling plants, and in another 50 years, mineral water- and-pop had become big business, with several flavors added to appeal to the varied tastes of the public Soda water had become the American drink. Wags nicknamed it belch water. One day, in Philadelphia -- about 100 years ago --a vendor ran out of cream and substituted some vanilla ice cream to the fizzy drink -- and the ice «ream soda was born Instanly it caught the fa.icy of the people, and made the vendors rich. In 1886, a druggist in Atlanta cooked up a syrup from extracts of cola leaves and kola nuts Devised as a remedy for headaches and hangovers, he called it Coca-Cola. This, the first of the colas, was made with plain water. Then someone accidentally spilled some soda water in it, so the story goes, and it gave the drink more pep. So folks began drinking the beverage just for pleasure, and the cola became the leading soft drink of America and the world. This one pop alone brings in a billion dollars a year Every American, on the av- Lemon coconut layer cake! One of five special flavors from Pepperidgc Farm. (Heres IOC to try onefordinnertonight) PEPPERIDGE FARM Save IOC on our special Layer Cakes Lemon Coconut. Boston Creme, Maple Spice, Banana and Deep Dark Chocolate ·*'*· (ij-vt* i ff rif-virnfT- rwv^v T^w vvn rrrv XTT^^ CWCT N^ 2?va t »· «fidlrxi A iv *"·«*» ny w* IFalhn* 1o J all troupfin sifttmi ot «*ndh no prtrll tH xmioa* put fli H tw ·xfWd 1*1 'WK*5f Kirr-dri ·ooup'w W*T. -en .ittn-n. «ihe tirt tml wuB 5«rtnnai ·rf vti pt"«arK OwWw VZO 01 « «e «t» coupon J*r IncxwponrtfA IIC In your snx*?-* fame*. Cooponccp»re»Aog3M977 |I|C! IJV " 3R33100 *^T » I CICERO AVE. AT 122nd ST. Come In And Look Around Or Phone erage, consumes over 500 bottles annually. Why has it been so successful? Well, it was suggested that Coke contained a habit-forming drug, like cocaine. That was untrue, of course, and the fact is that it doesn't even contain any discermble^oca or cola but then neihter does Grape-Nuts contain any grapes or nuts. Still, the rumors of Coke's addictive nature crop up from time to time and persist even today Coke contains caffeine and sugar which give you a lift. And that has given rise to a new concern over the damage to 'health brought on by excessive sugar intake. Many of our present doctors recommend plain, carbonated water as a safe, noncalorjc drink So now it appears that we've come full circle from that fateful day in the British laboratory when the clowning chemist performed his gassy-water prank And only time will tell who's smarter -- the Jewish mama who opts for a glass of seltzer water or the guy who even now has a cola bottling franchise on the Moon, i It's really nothing to brag about, but we Americans drink over 800 cups of cof- fee a year, and that's a hec- kuva lot more caffein than you get in Coke Caffeine has different effects on different people. It can cure headaches and cause headaches. It can soothe the stomach and upset the stomach. Some researchers say it may combat cancer, others say it may cause cancer What cures snakebite' Whiskey, according to our early pioneers, who found that a good shot of alcohol numbed the pain of toothache, too, and under doctor's orders, used whiskey as an anesthetic in treatment of wounds, and during amputations. Whiskey was the only medicine of our wilderness forefathers As an antiseptic and pain killer, it was mighty important in our lives. Whiskey is considered important in the lives of many people today, too · · Cereals are among our most versatile foods Just think of breakfast foods, macaroni and other pasta items, puddings, pastries, cakes, cornbread loaves, rolls, biscuits, pancakes, and that American favorite, toast. AH these are cereal foods which provide protein, iron and the B vitamins A FINE PUCE TO DINE FOR THE ENTIRE FAMHY SUNDAY FEATURE ALL THE FRIED CHICKEN YOU CAN EAT *2 19 first portion JuchxJes a Serving oi Whipped Potatoes. Cole Stew. Warm Roll 8 Butter SATURDAY SPECIAL I FRIDAY 3 * Combination CHICKEN WITH DUMPLINGS *1 S3 includes Chicken Dumplings 2 Vegetables Roll ButJer 3 * Combination SWISS STEAK DINNER Swat S1trt » -V*9ftab1 · Creamy 99 NOTICE TO SEMOR CITIZENS 1fil23!lfJMflOPJ til 1*0 ML Si1uriirJriK.-Jil5.30fJ Ford City--76»h Cicero Jt

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