The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 31, 1931 · Page 12
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 12

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 31, 1931
Page 12
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TWKbTK TBS DAILY HKW8. FBXOEBICK. WD.. 1HUBSDAY. DBC1 31, 1ML ·r- ORGANIZATION Let Georgette Do It! PRINCIPLE AT MEET Large Crowd Of Central Trust i Co. Depositors Hears Dis- · ! cussion Of Project. ! EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE IS NAMED TO CONSIDERMATTER George Weems Williams, Baltimore Lawyer, Explains Purpose To Those Present. A plan, prepared by Marbtty. Oos- nell ar.c W.lliams. corporation lawyers of Baltir=ore. to htri^daie acd rear- pariize tte Central Trust Company of ijarylarid. no^ii closed its doors September 3, was sdopwd la pr-cciple at a -oeet-ns of froal 70o to 1,000 de- poeitors in the courtroom or the Courthouse Wednesday night. Iznmed^lely foilOTlng tbe adaption of a resolution ·srhich embraced the plan, an executive conrccittee of twenty-one depositors representing the twelve closed banks j was appointed which will mart later and proceed wward reorganization either aiong the psan presented cr stake any change that the committee might adopt. The meetiryj was scheduled for 7.30 p. ex, but before that hour the court- j roots was crowded and a number of persons remained in the corridor at the doors. OUiers came but were unable to get any further than the doors. It was estimated that deposits of approximately $4.500.000 were represented. The meeting was opened with prayer by Rev. K. C. Erdmsn. Burfcttsville. WUl.Sffi X Grwe. chairman, then stated that the depositors were called together for an important purpose-to consider a plan to reorganize the Central Trust Company. He mentioned that George Weema Williams and Willism L. Marbury. Jr.. Baltimore, members of the firm that prepared the plan were present to explain it and it would be the privilege of everyone to ask any questions pertaining to the plan. Mr. Grove added that five min- ntes would be allotted to any one asking questions the only reservation being thst the questions must come from depositors or their authorized representatives and that discussion be limited stnctry to the proposed reorganization plan. The minutes of the ! last meeting at the Courthouse wrre then read by Benjamin B. Kosen- stock, secretary and approved. Mr. Williams was Introduced by Mr. Grove. He stated that it Is a privilege OLD YEAR. TO PASS CRAZED MAN IS SHOT BY DEPUTY lOM HE STRUCK TO GET SOME MEETING ENDED and director of the " In More than 300 of the n*tioc'» lead tag microbe hunters concluded * three day convention today with tbe electta M*«* 0* 30 -Aano^nent 1£JJ* £ SS^Tw* £ss? as^H* president - --«»--«-«i the Society of American s today by Dr. Simon i F-.exner. prominent in research work' Arbor. Mich, for the 1*» eoa ·,, _.. -t , _* · v «atjon. Dr. Fred was vice-presideo Bacteriologists today by Dr. Simon f j ^ vear ^ succeeds uTj/Ho^ Browa. Baltimore. Vernon Smith, Taneytown,' Bells, Whistles And Sirens To Killed By G. Emory Hahn, j Raise Din Welcoming Next Carroll Co. Officer. I 12 Months. HAD GONE TO MAKE ARREST LIKELY TO BE WET WITH FOR ASSAULTING OTHERS RAIN ANDNORTHEAST WINDS Dead Man Was At One Time In- Ban On Discharge Of Firearms mate Of State Hospital At Leads Police To Expect Quiet Sykesville. ; Observance. Before Second Explosion Added To Toll Apparently mentally deranged. Ver- Hundreds of Predericktomans will 'non Smitn. -50. a retired huckster, was welcome the parsing of the year 1931 ; jsho; and killed Wednesday afternoon in at midnight ton^hi to the din of belis. · .Taneytown by Deputy Sheriff G. Emory whistles and sirens, shr eking in unison. Hahn after the man hsd attacked the A large percentage of the population officer with an iron pipe and struck him will be attending »atc^ night services ,several iixes. Hahn was attempting to when Father Tune s»yijes 1931 off the " . arrest hja for striking Wifiiaoi Keyser. map. others will be at private parties ! ;Taneyto»n. earlier in the afternoon " and social affairs, while many wX be : with the pipe and threatening to "get" 'at home, with the radio bringing the ' isro O'Jser residents of the town. iudicgs of a new year. Magistrate George Benson. West- i Chances are, the weather bureau ! minster and State Officer Minnlck. ' opines, that light ram will usher in. visiting the scene after the shooting, 'the new year. At least it wsJl be part- "· made arrangements for a coroner's In- ' : y cloudy to cloudy and slightly warm- I quest, to be held tois afternoon at the , er. Occasional northeast winds will · o-.ce of R. H. Alexander. Taneytown blow. The low mark on the last day j I justice of tne peace. A jury for the sn- i of the old year is expected to be about: Quest was being impaneled Wednesday ! the freezing point and there are no i ! evening. Residents of the town expressed; indications that winter's arrival, long' we opinion that Hahn was acting in delayed, is in the offing. · sei. defense and the jury was believed j Ends Holiday Period. a formality. j New Year's Day will mark the end of about 3 o'clock the holiday season. Contrary to last to that. Smith ( week, stores and other businesses ip '.»,. · _ . v. ** the Iatter P aSB «* by ; the city win not close on the following ih^g^Trretee i^ ' h ! 0badbeea:SatUrday - Priday "* ^ WUI "**k - nouse in present a deserted appearance, with return from the : on!r j^ businesses catering to the r the insane holiday crowds, such as restaurants i SLrs^.57^ ^P '· TM £"SLHSS, T»..TM £, s^-sruLrr j?s iss^-^rna s ss i struco. Keyser over the head. The oth- U ." !e more sn ~ tln8 in The New Year Right! Fix Up Your Home! · your list of Xew Tear's resolutions--fix op yonr hone. Then, though tbe winds of January play havoc onU«de. yon will be warm and comfortable within. Add a Windsor or cozy arm chair. Replace your worn living room suite. Let new bedroom furniture graee your home. The separate pieces or matched suites you desire are to be found here in profusion--displaying grace and good taste in design, which they will imm^fytyfy convey to the rooms they adorn. Their prices will prove a pleasant surprise. TO THINK OF FCBXITfBE IS TO THINK OF CARTT* C.C.CARTY ESTABLISHED 1868 U to n PATRICK BAST FUDZKICK. MD. °' chureb ! = I "Talk of the Town'' 1 'no'.cred over :.!.' jrr.c For shorty nfler t h e picture abo\ - e was taken. Charles Weaver fin center). ' to help do something that will help one ; t ^° !r ' b exp . er1 ' His " ;:: TM : " '·· J ! " !-c! b V ··«-· explosion o: one or these bomb-!ad?n boxes at Easton. Pa. A few hours of the richest counties In the state.' ££S.TM2TM TVY'" "· "'"'^ TMS *'"?" f"" ' R J U r ' a R t h W ^ * *' E " sWn "f 103 ^- A1 lhe ri * ht to i^nJS^ 1 ^^ ° l tbe ^ packag ~ "" that confronts the people of Frederick." ; Referring to the plan of reorganization Mr. Williams stated that the j longer It Js permitted to go under the ] process of liquidation by a receiver the worse it will be for the depositors. The plas. he added, is entirely in the interest cf depositors. He said he understood that there are about 26.000 depositors acd that the Central Trast i Company had deposits cf about $13.- le ban on the i Z= within the city ·' = the warrant, deputized Sterling Nus- ; JJ* ^ * ^ £ JgT *? Rl FW1 ! ^ ea ^ 1 Traps Five In Burning Hotel OIOC ' Tling baum. Taneytown. to go with him, i knowing Smith's excitability. They ap- I preached his house and called him side, while Hahn read the warrant. .- Mr. w:iiiams then read the Rotary Members Told About reorganization plan paragraph by para- , graph and explained each as le went a'.ong. After the reading he went further Into detail and then linlted quest:or-s from ar-yone in the audience. PrOOreSS Of HitleriStTI 10,000,000 FOLLOWERS answered in detail. Both stressed the ! fact tha: reorganisation would be to \ the advantage of depositors as ·Rell as stockholders with special reference to ce.p3s:t?rs 51.-. Williams explained that after adopting the plan it must be signed fcv eiEfcry per cent, of the depositors to become effective. A re- W. Harrv Ha'.Icr. Jr.. this ci:y student at Princeton i~rr.ers.-y. who a visit«d Et.: -o and sper.t rorne :.n-.e in Gornuju last s immcr .P the«rcst if ncs-5papcr work. TXSS the speaker a: the ".weekly and '·. r ;'~i*ooii ~ f *hr solution -aas then presented to the ef- Rotary c:-.ib :-· " ' the p-sn be approved and rc- ccmrr.ended fcr the s-frr^aturcs of d-- pcsitors. The reso:i;-.:,x; \sas amended tha an he B: :- G-.y the Francis Sc-o't K t y lire": v, Ke sp.'ke ^n er?r^n^.:c .i: s .d pol.t:cai cond-I.tTj! as he .'Kind then; :n at the plan he adapted In principle. German- "-.a-. i-j sa---d' -'·* -'^-^ ' "~ sd w^s carried by a la- mj;or.;y. by' "ivr.rac':" v.iih ""p^p'c "o" Ano-r.jr rcss. ::ioa. sanpowcnnc the p.--,- -,,- ,~ -. r . einpo-senng cec-atr-e ccmm.nee '.o proceed along the reorcar.:ix.tior; plan, ^'ss prf^^nted It --a^ e:.pla.noe by Mr Wi.1 ams that ifcs cxecj:.-.e rr.ich: make srrencster.ts or rnodificat-or-s to the plan or »vcn ados; sorr.e other plan. Th? follownc esc-cut-Te committee to «cs cer the plac sas appointed: A3- b»rt S. B.tlsr. ·Walkcrsvillet John W. Emir..-_-bur2. tTptoa Grossnicicle. My- cr: "-"-' Vincent OTo"r Thuraiors*. Sslrri S Sr^r.k Sscithsourc. Claude Wil:. Union Br.dce. Graham Melllle A K. Kra.*;. Ell.r;tt City: John S "K"a",-i.i^.*.ia. Will^m J. Groie. L-me K-ln. Iar:a C Winsbrenaer. 3d. Leo WeinbsTs. I_ Eogar Bets--n. Clac- gct; S Harr^S-ar? and 3cnv»rn.n B S.-seris'cci. Frecer.cs. J A. Sason ar.ti Jcir. r«:acGTM. Wash-r.snor.- Frar.k J Carrwbtll. EsuniKiurg. and H?r?r, It -^s f"- - c^f that the eorr.rr~ttee w~.ll e-.erj- -xalk Mr. Ka"er began ^iU t-alfc Tnth a , de?cr:p::c!n of Berlin, the center or activity of Gerrcar.y. the day of the clv\E- :ne of the doors of ed back into the house and wahi^ f 0 ii lowed him. Inside. Smith dashed be- ihind a door and, pouncing upon his ! iron club, came swinging at the deputy ! I sheriff. He struck him twice on the | : shoulder as Ha'nn tried vainly to calm him and was swinging again when the j ' deputy sheriff, reaching in his pocket, i drew a service revolver and fired one ' " from completed practically in readiness for any startling has oc- lice throughout fact that, from . beginning to end. 1931 was one of the i wannest ever experienced. j Expect Better Things. 1 Prognosticators are inclined to view ! tbe fabled j is that 1932 , e the eyesore that 1931 i be and that conditions | generally. However, the j experts" are making few predictions i to '· « ? et - otiler nYea f g °' den rj:e a to observe the as good as any. j The bullet penetrated Smith's stomach , " to £* outcome and entered the spine. He fell in front I **** ta . contrast *** ot * er ^cent 1 of the deputy sheriff, who immediately j reais . Tb . m ««?«« was full of pro- called Nusbaum and thev took iim to i ' the office of Dr. C. M. Benner, where he I t died a short time later. He was un' conscious up to the time of death. The bsdy was later removed to the funeral ! ' parlors of C. O. Fuss and Son, Taaey- i ! town funeral directors. \ j;~ j Years ago Smith -worked with his Early Retnrns Show Finland's Trend · --- · father as a huckster. Later he was sent j =r .to the Sykesville institution for treat- * **" Wet - j = ' rr.ent and apparently recovered. Recent- Helsingfors, Finland, Dec. 31.--First ! -- ly. howe\er. his actions indicated a man 'meager returns today from Finland's 'aS 11: unsound mind. consulative referendum on prohfoition, ' ~~ i He is survived by two sisters. Mary , including only eleven of Helsingfors 52 ' -- STILL COUNTING VOTES = "Let's resolve to make HENDRICKSON'S our headquarters for Children's Wear. You know, they carry a most complete assortment of wash suits and dresses for boys and girls." 'Anything you say, Dear." " C. ma: of his sister. Mary, whiie she was at precincts were for the retention of j , Union M.iis. Funeral arrangements will prohibition. Only one per cent, of the I ALSO be announced later. LOCAL GIRL WHO WALKED ·ballots were for legalization of light wines and beer. th-^ great, car.k at a^ti the cJTcct :t had or. the Tons of water hurled on these roanr.3 flames failed :: ^nn^i^therr. be- OUT OF STATE HOUSE .-re at leas: Svc persor^ were burned to d«-?.th in the Xc-n Cxirt Hatel y, Spnnz- pecpir^He then"^;^-^"^^: ^ ""* Str TM 1 anwcs "* 50 **** Jj the *«*' '« ^"«« « ^"^- 17 Year Old Bride Is Back In ttsns w.:h students, and adherents c.fferer.t political groups and o\cr a , jyrioc of three -aeeis »AS able to cb: ' 5 f fo ~ c ^ c - c distress and political oat- . tain an r^ l«.i-r.i up to a the bank ard i-j; STICKLER SOLUTION 23 40 27 44 31 28 45 32 29 41 33 25 31 34 21 38 35 22 39 26 N3 t Wises £2 but fats d 4e r^rier, be-" t»«n 21 »Td *5 are placed as shows ica of the German f.t.:ati^n with especial reference to .:s y^-ith Mr Killer also cori-crscd :r. the streets. fj;iiemen. cab ar.d others from -s-licrn he obtiinx! fart* their viewpoints j.r. «· -. ^rr..c ar.c pcl.t.c-al conditions He tele o! ar. inter-.icw -a.tri Dr Br.ircl. 1-fad -; :.-.c Bcr..n, who s-atod -.-.a; Germany T.I* crusned never to acj,n. Dr Brar.dl said he sa^ noth~s t»t -1-* dark figure of Communism ahe-ac f ^ r Gcrrr^rj and that the Germans were hcr.r*o-y-:-. t.iat the Vni:?d Sta'^s : ·-r.'xi sra r,_~' tr.ern and t~a: the Fatnerland is do'sn ^*r. Hal.-^r s*^"^x5 p"l.t.c;s pl.^ys a -«cr^ :rr.r;r:ar.t par. .r. t--.e l.'e cr a Vn.versty student. Sv :ar the n-.-is: Germany is. the Nat.-nal S^c- 11 ..--.' movement. The speaker sra*. ^ a ve*y interes-;ng rer.e-- of Ad-"r.- K.-.'r ar, Austrian, who rrad^ .:t ..*? rr. r.d .*. Germany neoced .v^m -th.r.^ s.ri r.e hac s^m^tr..;^ to *.'-c Fatherlan-d. Twelve yr-rs sso had Mr Hal.T SA.C ·x-.l: he c;-s r.-. sjra- psthire · Hit er r.^r if r **tre a must have sorr.eth.ns be-.uid h.m. Men ' --ere describee. Mr. Haller obtain- \ ed his information from firs: hand con- ! p CCV p;(, tart, including the mast important per- ' .[.. ._j,.., .^r.asos of Berlin and his address was replete with interesting information He ' concluded with a descnpion of a vu;!t.' t i Bavana he made on a bicycle which ; ii» greatly enjoyed and would long re- ' rrfrr.bcr on account cf th-e wonderful .-rer.ery Pr«.dcnt R Ames Hencr-cksoa. Life Sought Maryland. Guests were Virlin C. Krabill. Poco- rn^ke City. Md. A. I. Ellin. Brunswick. H'-rcan Grai'r. Can^n City. CS^rads: J G KcrfC'ti. Jr, BmnswicS arxi Crarles G Bcsant. "MERCY MURDER" Virjrinia Mountain Farmer H-'d In Jafl. WAyr.e. Va . Dec 30 ^ h-\d .n ;a.: rr.-r y -r.urd'- A rrxxrr.ta In '^cav in the o-f -' - ! .-.i 17. baci hoaic. Yesterday she walked out of an estraainon hearing -a the l%f=ssachusetts state house at Boston as Maryland officers sought to gain c-stocy of her father. Rectsald Wal- T.orth and George Marshall, charged · abducfjig her. ', She was located tonight at Perry- ·V.le. -ear here, by Shenfi Albert G. ' Buc.-cworth. of Cecil county, wno said ,-r.e had taken a tra:a from Boston last T.-cht and "etc today from Careder. X. J . r.ere w:;h Harold Cotrjm. Perrr- - .lie. her cour_=el. The cnl- explana- Heisingfors, Finland. Dec, 30.--The young Finnish republic tonight completed its first popular consultative referendum since its liberation from the Russian Czardom with prohibition as the ·issue before the voters. , Although the balloting- ended at 10 '?. m. tabulation wi" not start until midnight and the result will not be 1-cnown probably for several days, possibly as many as nine. Al! ballots must be sent sealed to Hel- singfors and means of communication in outlying parts of the country are inadequate for quick rctarns. Subscribe for The JJ socve, erary row of five scares talk The present s,--. many is ov.r.g ·;··" crasn Hitler H_* r^ c ·kmrnusism. _ rsi?: - rk to cr'ash .-..m To Ka'.lf-r cf^-orib'Xi tne r Tho said wori is ·vi-.o. his r.e.shbors say ; · carp f-r the unfcr- t-..i.A:c c.rl :^r f»cr.'y-stx years, prc- :--5t"d innocrnce. dcclar.rc that the sr.rl m.^ht ha-, c Faa.l---»ed bfrt poison/ OfSr-rs sjy l:r rX5cnoJ his daughter. Nr'-xJ". ar-d · -rn dressed her in ' Sun- C-,T be«:" -o -lace her in a. -.-ff.r A r. .c.-. crave had been rxca^at- oc Vfv-re j. . l-.or'.t:?^ star-«d an in- -st.c3tvr. -Rrsn -hey he»rl Webb hai r j doth r--: i^te The c^ i;l - - 01 j ,n cc!r.-.-il-.^r.; De- cemb;r 14 W . jo h\o t^.e oody in the CDffin at thf sr-i-sc Thrn rfficcrs arr.vrc present financ-al conc-tion .A report *4s rcta.-T.fd yesterday oy piy- a.-ler o-'mv. ar.a .;ap- XEA Nx Tork B-.rea-j T7x tracl' c^^^-.orv of .s^vcn ^rnbs ' raj .led at the EA? oTM. ?a^ pos;of5cc Pope, abo-.o. r^tnir.cnt New Y.vk f.ri- ar.ner and o-ibli*her, to vh^m one of tiic deadly 3s.-asrs -a.^ addressed Ex- craths or :TO F.v--^r. TVJ»I clerks and B jr^~ortr. 6a;d. was that she " was anx- -.CU5 to pet back hcrce ~ The father, who l.ves at WCaizag- tor;. Iel . and Marshall, -K-.-.O reifies at Slst-or.. were charged w.ti tak^ig fee -·^-rj; -roman from the aulonx»b:le of Ralon Cra.s. ·rhcse zarr.a?e to M^s Wi".To~h several months ago had been ar.--Ued because cf his preTious rnar- r.2ps Both men were arrested Clir-sir=as E*.e a: tr.e home of Marshall s father .r. Dar.rers. Mass. Tre rnarr:a«re of Miss Wai worth arid Cra^r -sas ar.r.ulled after the girl's father accused Craif of b.gnjny. Crasg cellared he bad pre'.ioasly been In- fovrrcejd ha first tr.'.e had c-.voroed h:ai Tn« g.rl. however, was permitted to live, h_« parfnts. while he sought a a.vorce from first wife. d -d ·· -- of .1 d.ff?rent pays. it a M^^ess- Evelyn, rou were entertain- 1 -r a :n the s:tcnen last r.:ght. w.-rv you not" 1 \;a.._ T.;»t s no. for rr.e la sv-, ma'-, axa. bat I d-d aiy best.-- Tlie fiuraonst. i We'll Help You Pay Those Bills D ON'T be eonsUntiy donned and distressed by a lot of creditors. Let os take tbe load off your sbeoiders. Make J» your only debtor and pay ns- off on easy terms. A FR1EXIT SERVICE THAT WIIX LOAX TOU S36.M TO S3M.OO THE LIBERTY FINANCE CO. 244 X. Market Sf. RIGHT NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY Boys' - Girls' - Ladies' COATS As Our Pre-Inventory Sale Starts Today 3 Every Fall and Winter Coat I Less 33%% | TERMS CASH I Now you can buy a Hendrickson Coat at a = price lower than ever before. § ESTABLISHED

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