The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on February 2, 1948 · Page 5
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 5

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, February 2, 1948
Page 5
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THE DAD.Y REGISTER, HAKB1SBUKO. O; MONDAY. FEBRUARY 2, IMS PAGE · IT i. . pMW Publication jays labor Cannot jyppori Wallace Social and Personal Items 1 1 1 I«VI) 2 r ' y ·ll-ji.i'. !"·» * L "- J j £ progressive Winer, of-' ,, a , K ,r oi the indepcn- 1 1 Mine WorKcis T-m as tne llepuolicun we'll take 'liuinan." .d that . "labor the nation are and rightly so. that . attempt"* »»»' .to dc, Tn.n.m by campaigning as fia lie bc ii \\allaci-, !" °hn u -^ co |J not !c that '·" n0 "* %,«»·»·"·"·-··" . , , t x candidate and lhat ' |,i- hasn't a chance to v · the Progressive Miner , lor aid "It imist hcw » « ,. , votc P r c s . d e n t . n . u h o m coiiliclcnce. I'rui.w.. man. but as be. . and Senator ant,.labor nom,- nce ol UK- "\. take Tru in." ii ^_ xv,,meirr 15ill«' Class Meets \\unit" 3 K-.iiiv \Vith Mrs- V-lIo l*««.v seventeen mcmbeis and t w o cs- nmallv m v i t f d guests. Mrs. liil.y f 'f nc M.s Hoss Mitc-nel . ^it- rinirMi.i t \i-nmg The p i o m a m inchuicd the de- · ni! b\ Mrs Chiistina Selden · ni! e ^npture It-son -Ju-n bx Mi-v Eddy Closing ' led by Mrs Bcss.e Calendar of Meetings The 1. 0. 0. F. lodge .No. 380 i r e u l a r meeting toaa . . . . . will hold its regular meeting toaay at 7:30 p. in. There will be worK in the First degree All niernoeis -----v ..... ----- _ are urged to be present and VIM- --Wrecking crews cleaned up the One Killed, 22 Hurl In Passenger, Freight Train Crash IOWA CITY, la., Feb. 2--(U.I!) Cross Withdrawal Cancels Battle (Continued from page one) tors arc welcome, man, N. G. George Chris Troop 23. Boy Scouts, will meet Tuesday at the Presbyterian church at 7:30 p. m. instead of the usual lime, 7 p. m. wreckage today of a collision in v.bich the Hock Island railroad's I "Rocky Mountain Kocket" ploughed into the rear of a freight train | last night killing one person and injuring 22 others. The streamliner, en route Irom Jacksonville, and William II. Brown, Chicago, for lieutenant governor. Brooks and Kowc were backed by thc state GOP organua- tion. Lome Demo Contest A lone statewide contest was in the Democratic prunaiv. Jlliott, Carmi, faced Joseph Burke, Chicago, for attorney general. Elliott was on the "regular" slate headed by Paul Douglas for The Daily Register. 20c a week, by carrier boy. udi innu, i i/. in. nm MIxMimiiuM, un luun" iiwin siate neacico. ov i aui UOUKIUS 101 .-- i Chicago to Denver, hit the freight Senator and Adlai Stevenson for The class meeting of the f w d l l a s the latter backed into a siding 1 Governor Daughters of the First Uinsuan, t t t f (J f t tra i n - s wav ,,.·,,,. ' ,,,,,,,!, « n rl dcvelonment church has been postponed until a , ^ tf[ord E I I u l l j 2 , Silvis, 111., Maj01 wcck " cnci Development later date. ' conductor of the freight, was kill, C( i jj c . was ..landing in the ca- The Egyptian Anglers club vviii b(|Qc wh(jn th( , deisel cn g ine of j meet Tuesday at 7:30 p. m- at inc I the s t rca mliner smashed it like) Athletic House. a match box. 1 governor took a long shadow of the Green "id decided the po- outlook was pretty was hurt! b l e a k for him ' The Past Noble Grand club of j ^usV" Ei«ht"'were taken to "Bluntly and frank!/ ! have not Pride of Arrow Rcbckah lodge i u nivers -j{ v and Mercy hospitals!received the financial and moral will meet Tuesday night at the , b u t ' f o u r were released last support necessa home of Mrs. Lela Suver, 124 West J n J K n t *»· -- '« Puik street, with Mrs. Letha Co/art as assistant hostess. Berkshire Full-fashioned Stockings give you cor- rect styling, perfect fit i and 1 slenclerizing be . Thc four ti]l rccupc rating at Mercy hospital today were Sol F. my n h P r to further no'is at this time," he said. iIlli- CIO Meat Workers Take Strike Vote with Mrs. Kenneth Smith, 1221 university hospital said Helen CHICAGO Feb 2--U.R--Offi- South Webster street. Please note Mc o u ire, 43. Colorado Springs, da j s of lhc ' CIO united Packing- thc change of meeting place. ; (; 0 ] 0 f was "under observation." house Workers announced today c 4u w i At firsl - thc Northwestern U n i - i , h , lhcir Un j 0n , deadlocked in The monthly meeting of the w. * versily b as k c tball team was re- negotiations with major :. T. U. will be held Tuesday at 2 porled to bc aboaid thc train. Backers is taking a strike vote. ..L * u * T-i«_..:^.,:n« r*Iiiii-fn m 4. j i _ . N T _ _ . . I ,,....,, i«., m yai-jvtia, 10 m»»*-» . . . w e porle o c a o a i c . p. m. at thc Dorrisville Church of 1Iowevcr the Northwestern team, God. Everyone is cordially mvit- whicn piavs al Iowa clly toni ght, ' ed to attend. is taking a strike vote. ^ "* ' f th - f . whicn piavs al Iowa ly o n g , lcth f v} i an i C nvpTsk C d a 29 "en had taken' a later train from Chi- ficiate, who have as *ed a 29 cei BIRTHS p c r A N N O U N C E MARRIAGE. Announcement is made today of t h e , marriage on Dec. 29. of Miss Betty Walsh, of Evansvilie, ind., ami Max Lazicli. of this city To Mr. and Mrs. Holla Hall of Galatia, a boy. born Saturday at Lightncr hospital. 0, L to Release 'Blocked' Assets Foreign Nations ' cago. The collision stranded the Northwestern team in Dos Moines, , and the players had to go on to i Iowa City by bus. by J.l\.ldit? t » « * » v "*·* · "·· . | hourly wage increase assailed as , "completely unrealistic" a nine- i cent-hourly increase accepted by ( thc AFL Amalgamated Meat Cut- | ters and Butcher Workers' Union in negotiations with the big four ·?,"., A nl ·»··'«· vvcie exchanged .\nnotincc Marriage on I Joe Sheldon was rc-admittcd to , w-nni'' "V'ihoso m attend- i)cc. 29 of Mav La/ich .Lightncr hospital over the week- n £ *ho were" as follows: Mes- TO Kvansvillc. Ind.. Girl i-nd alter being released Fnda. d-mes; Bessie Aldndge. Christina! ]}ayard Park Mclhod5st church He i suffering from pneumonia. Sddcn. L\dia Grounds, M a i i o J\ i; ,,, E van.svillc. I n d . was thc scene , Mrs A n n a CasUc 323 West Pop-1 WASHINGTON* Feb 2--«1E) -,04. JesMC MeNcese. Ann., la on Dec . 2 p of the wedding of Miss ,, r slrecl s u f f e r e d a i r a c t ured ?n-! S ecretarv of the Treasury' John kas. Flossie Rector. Ivu Hono ]k . Uy Walsh, daughter of Mr and ; kie from a fal , on ico yesterday I w c n v d c r promised todiv this iu,l. Lou l'· Mawc Alcx^- Mrs- j. c . W aUh. 800 South Ken- and was t a k o n to il.e Lightneri^unu"-",U dTMS1 i^can to make dcr.Vanme Darnel . Catheiinc Me Uicky avcnue . E vansv,lle. and Max , hospilal . lava able to the 16 Marshall plan Dwell. Jennie bovvles. Ollic \\i.c\\. La/ic h, j,on oi Mr. ami Mrs. George | ! countries of vvestcrn Europe about Missies Connie Jo Rector. .Mar- L h , Han -i bbun ,. Bill Wcndlmg was taken to the , coun lues;oi *estwnjLuropc ita W,ley. Mary. Ann Alexander.| Rcv R A m officiatcd . Veterans' hospital n Manon this ,S'g;J»^^000.000 is in the form ;M r S . Els.e Condit, organist, pro- TMTM,^J y r« an ^ 1 f««o fl iS «Jn of "blocked" assets. Snyder re- Beautify Your Home __ * -- - · · -- ·"··"· " ,**^f. mm » I I \ : . » » i * i i » * * · · · · . - - - -l 'ord. Mrs. Mitchell, and hostess. , r s . s i e o n , , _ _ ' M d e d nuptial music and Nel-Harnsburg funera Jomc. .He " \ioeci nupiiai music unu .\MS ML-·"-· = ·"··"",":,,,; ,..u;ift thnm vealed that citizens of the 16 west-' da Odeil. soloist, sang "Because," j undergo an operation there. ^ European countries also hold' land "The Lord's Praver." 1 Mrs Fann i e sheeley. employed in this country afaoi't 84,000,000,000 ; ; Thc bride was given in marri- | a t * th g sta te hospital" in Pontiac, |in free, or non-olocked. assets. But age by her father and had as her , Mich arrived in Harrisburg Sun-1 he said for the most part these are, "only "attendant her sister, Mrs. | day m0 rning because of the scri-s known to the European govern( George Ludwick of Champaign. I OU g jilncss of a brother-in-law, Will ments. Warren Leberman served as best sheelev. Mr. Sheeley. who had Snyder made his staicmcnt m a . man and the ushers were Robert pneumonia, is reported recovering letter to Chairman Arthur H. Van- j Walsh, brother of the bride, and II. i nice ly at his home on South Me- denberg, ot tne senate loreign it- mucn a m . K pale. W. "drasged out this may be due to lack of b.ood- consideration this nation has de- Icided to assist European countries The bride wore a handsome ' remai satin gown, fashioned with jweck. TTsLCTS-onroT tKc bSst"home ,« high round co liar and long , ^^ ^ - fa --~ ^.^ ^.^ 1 ·,," ta k -ng" conlrof'of"the assets of iavs to help build up red blood to sleeves taDernfe to' PO"s °^ ,i cgaL -investigator of the Progros- their nationals held here. · R et more -trength and energy-m the hands, a fitted bodice and ion B Workers of America. Such action was necessary. Sny- suchcase;. Pinkham* Tablets arc train . She wore a fingertip veil sive Anne v\ or . L b follow ; n g der said , to cn able the European one of the createst blood-iron tonics and carried white roses and gar-! was back to w OIK toaa i^'";.!"^ "^Jr,. «\ .,«],, oh^.-irinr fh% hnr- you can buy' At all drugstores. dcnias. matron of honor wore Order "Pello' Venetian Blinds with Nylon cords. FREE ESTIMATE CALL! 93 W Now. quality blindt in 3 types ilsh ... all with "j enamel finishes. Let us repair your old Venetians. This service includes cleaning the ·slats, re-taping, and new cords. 14 years experience. ..TOl And they last longer^.* for they are so well made. See them at our stocking counter ::; today. $1.35 to $2.25 (Main Floor) Lvdia E. Pinkhanfs Only 16 Weeks Till Memorial Day Time dot"-; not dull the lus- tre nor weaken the solid strength of thc monuments «e bupply. Handsome in design, reliably installed, their q u a l i t y is everlasting. Joe Nelson PRICES THAT SATISFY 9» S. Webster I'ho. 131R2 powder blue dress, with a small pink feather hat and carried pink , roses and gardenias. I After attending a reception at i the Hotel McCurdy. in Evansvilie. j thc couple departed for a wedding , trip thiough the south from which [ thev returned on January 5. Mr. and Mrs. Lazich are former students of thc University of Illi- i nois. She is a member of Alpha | Gamma Delta sorority. Mr. Laz- ' ich served in thc Air Corps for three years and is now engaged j in thc" real estate business with j his father in Harrisburg. The , couple have taken an apartment j on West Church street. i Others from Harrisburg who at-1 tended the wedding were: Mrs. T. Y. Gregg, and daughter. Mrs.. Elwood Aaron: Mr. and Mrs. Frank Humm. John Ilumm. and Stanley j , Wilson. Jr. , i Family Gathering I i Celebrates !)0lh | 1 Birthday of B. D. Grace , The ninetieth birthday of B. D. j Grace, prominent resident and re-, tired business man of Harrisbura. j was celebrated recently at a family , gathering at his home at 313 West Pop'.nr street. Guests in attend-1 ancc included thc grandchildren j ' and great-grandchildren of Mr. i .Grace who are living in Harris-1 burg and Mrs. John Jarrell. one of Uvo of Mr. Grace's seven daugh-1 ters who ha continued to live j here. Thc other is Mrs. W. C. i i Kane who with her husband, is ] .spending thc winter months in i 'Sarasota'. Kla. A highlight of thc celebration, which brouuht much joy to Mr.; Grace wa a record which had been . made and forwarded to him by his daughters.. Mrs. Kohcrt Chois- M;r n::d Mrs. Klo\d Clcnvcr. and 1 his o rn ndchildren and great-grandchildren who nrc living in Call- , lornia T3'c record contained a special message of good wishes from them all. Mr Grace's other daughters arc Mr^ John Ix-dford of Chicago-Mrs. I HiHi Dorris. Sr. of Ponliac. Mich . some local TM**£ XVs11 ^ IcG " irC ° f Saniz.ition? Congratu- "'"^r^Gracc wa^ born in Pope '«rS. If you nccd to f ur . ,,,,,,,,. ^J** "J, g*J ' of his life. He 'WaS D3CK 10 W O I K lOUUV iyiiu\vjiij; ut=i auiu, if ^A...^.V. ".- --..."'Ian appendectomv performed three nations to help shoulder the bur- a weeks ago at the Pcarce hospilal j den of the European recovery pro- in Eldorado. KARL L. WALLACE Venetian Blind Sales and Service 901 S. Land Harrisburg, 111. formerly with Clifford Stricklin Phone 193W JUST BEEN HECTED An officer o bond, perhaps we DC of service. Insur- vva* bonding is our ; r the loan and insurance ROBERTSON, CRECELIUS GHENT ncr Dmi: Store until this last summer when he retired from business. He s.-ncd lor one term as county treasurer. loHovving hi- election to hat office 111 3W4. He remains very active in WM of his vcars. and makes, a daily trip ; ,, town, to vis,; and act lhc news of the 3a H;s unfailing ?est for I'honc 100f' living m.y b the secret 1o his lon- The Ciuulry H an fofJ. Con:«. Miss Eleanor Thomas, office' «·· man^injiirod nor ankle in n fall Saturdav. Miss Thomas suffered , l i f t sivalf fracture and bad sprain. jShe is at the h*"" 0 . 01 ^ 1 :.^"J. D. Unrlcr, and is getting satisfactorily. E TO AAAKE R . . . for a well-dressed spring . . . three styles to choose the look that becomes you most: the long, slim silhouette, or the flaring ballerina look! The slim-look for women beautifully tailored by Rothmoor in blue, black, and green. Si/cs 12 to 20 B The slim look for misses smartly styled by Miss Mode to flatter"thc figure. In grey, brown, black, and blue. Sires 9 to 13 C The ballerina look for juniors with short jackets and swirling skirts of wool crcpc and gabardine. Colors: Pink, green, blue, brown, and tan. Si/cs 0 to 15 Spring stlcs were never so beautiful! -f' IEWSP4PER NFWSPAPFR!

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