The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 26, 1924 · Page 10
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 10

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 26, 1924
Page 10
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PAGE TEN. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS.- WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1924 Today's Markets Grain, Stock, Produce WHEAT IS UP IN CASH MARKET Unchanged to Two Cents Higher Today in Local Markets. ft rnatorJitt ;»!vnnc<»-fn prjr*.- thi.t nf- ternoon, mvlnt; to ns.'frrtionr, tlmi tlm United S(aff« at pn 1 : cnt bos An Biirpius of only about -Ki.oOO.- 00(1 Inirtholsi of whvtit Closoil firm IVi to ' Dcr. $1 to si.r. |i.i >2v& to $i .fiii^. (•hkaj;n, Nov- IJncortninly > to tlin pxttTit, of IhK'onther (Mivor- Jrs temk'il ti> \ve;iluM) Hi"' wluuit rn.-jrluM. during th** ourly (IciillnuF. Lower cpintnttons n s UvorptHil roimt*'iJ uljji't n« n Ofpri-HMlio; f:tc- tor. On f fin ilrrnliru.'S, however, Mtmo JiL'proHHivi' huyins uVvi'lopoif, itncl fh»"» m.-irkct rallied. Oj prlrr?, whloji milfoil from \o lower Ut RANGE OF OPTIONS * Furnished By Drain Marketlnp Co. 8.10 Horaljauah-Wiley BuUdlng The market ml higher. , inul Mas' .1 uly. I U.>> • I July. .May. July. In..-. M.-iv. .lull AT CHICAGO, Wheat. —CloBfia— Open High Low T.wlny ¥i,sl'y i .i,:'.; i .r ,i i ,.i», I.:,:'-. I. (iii 's i .*s»; l.w J.O'iji 1.11 ' 1.42'- 1.41 1.(2(4 'I' Coin. i.t -j'w i.m; t.un i.ii>i i.iv,, i.i:'.,'i ).)!.!» Lis?, ».!»'« 1.1'.".. 1.2.lf« l.ail'n O.its. .•.JH .'•:: .:,:'» .^'» .&2Fs VIGOROUS RALLY IN STEEL SHARES Stock Prices Swept Forward Again Today in Lively Trading. I , e, ..Mi'.. Hit. .?* l.S*!* l.» ,-', - ' " .'. 1.:» 1.2:.'; I.SS AT KANSAS CITY, Wheal. 1.21' 1. 5 1 1 l.o:,> I.II i.i;' —Close.! - 1.17't, 1.(4% 1 .471. 1 .45 i.:,:;i, I.M i.r.j', l .ii'i l .r, l .u:i ',i l.tilj's i .33'4 Corn. 1 nu i.oi»i LOB i ,ci.-,<; 1.11'-, 1.10S Fit's 1.11(1, l.l.'l'., 1.121, 1.lll'S, l.lll'i Outs. .1 ,7% .57', .177, ... nint; ' • 10 ! .villi Dei -ember }t..'.2(, I ... ...... inul May Jl.iio to fl.r.U'.j, were followed by upturns whleh in Mini,; ras, s wont temporarily above > osteialny's finish but were succeed- 1 '.it hy another eug. Fine weather v. as effective in keeping corn and oats values easy. After opening unchanged to 1c lower. May fl.1S : S< In Jl.lS'Vi, corn recovered liu! full­ ed to hold gains. Toward the l/ist howevor [lie corn market, proved responsive to wheat strength. Tlio clone was firm 'i Id i,.c net higher, May S!.1!>U lo 'J .l!>Vi& : >i. O.'ils ftorteil iinclian^ed to c off, Mny T, 1 ; to f,S'/i and later showed no Rreat varinlion. I-llttli prices on hogs upheld (he provision minket. Kansas City Cash Grain. Kansas City, .Nov. 2 (1.—WHEAT — Ite.-eipli, i":i ears; nnenan^ed tu -c hixhor; No. : flark hard $M!tn- 1.69; So. X 1)11 rk linrd Jl.lSC 'Ct .uS; Xo. 2 hard $ 1. tc'a'o l .r ,T; No. :i. hard Jl .-Ki 'ii l.f,«; No. 2 red tfl.D'.'Q' ' 1.6S; No, :: Kd Jt .535< l.alt. ('(IKN- -Uliciioimetl; Xo. 2 white Jl.i 'r .'i; No. :i white Sl.n-I'i; No. 2 yellow fl.dS; No. 3 yellow sf!.06: , No. 2 mixed ;>l.or>; No. .1 mixed fU'Llf-HiSVi. t'licliansed; No. 2 whito .',ric; No. :t whlto r,2c. HYJ 1.2 I. HAKI.KY- W< Sic. KAl'llt—Sl.r.T',. 1.5)1. Mll.O MAI/I-:- ^ 1 .lis',/'..(til. Detailed Sales. Sah'S ot! ciain, in derail'In Kan tin citv todav; WHKAT: 2 Tlnrk— I ot l.aiVi; I at 1.:>2. :i Dark—.1 at l.r, t Hard —1 at l.r, e at. I .fid; 1 at. I.I HUTCHINSON GRAIN Rales of hard mill dark wheal Rctiorally unchaiiRed. Quality considered, fair demand. Slow demand for corn, nominal prices unchained. Indifferent demand for kaffir and mllo. Nominal prices two lo three cents lower, Receipts ot wheat here today 73 cars; hurley 1, corn 3; kaffir and mllo 20. One week ago .19 and one year nB° 31. Receipts ot wheat nt various Rth- er terminals: Sallnu 11); Wlcbila R'.i; Kansas City 103; St. Loula 113; Omaha 58; Chit-ago 68: Minneapolis 191; Dulutb S29; Winnipeg- 1KB2. Sales here basis: 1 cur " hard . 1 ear " h„rd . Z eais " l.ur.l . •1 2 llnt.l , 1 ear 'J weevil t car 'I liaiil . today Kansas Cltj 59.1 1.1.16 ss i tuts f,:».( n .64 r .».4 n.oo 11.40 12.0* 1.4.1 1.49 1.4?'i 1.52 PRODUCE MARKETS Southern 1'aclfte Hy Union Pacific Ky ... JIOTWiS: Ccneral Motors .... KtinW.-tmkrr Motor, . Hup Motors rh 'i-,:,! Arrow llmlKon Motors ..107H i ..149?.| .. 58% j .. 42 .. 1B\ .. 10U 20 TO GIVE DINNER FOR THE NEEDY Salvation Army Will Serve Dinner to Over ZOO Worthy Poor. Oil and Gas News START WORK THURSDAY AT MIDNIGHT IN THE SALLEE Motors 31 Chicago Produce. Chioaco. Nov. 26.—UUTTEH— l.liulmnced; creamery extras GOc: standards -IGc; extra, firsts 15«3> 4Sc. KGGS—Lower; tirsla 4S1i 55c; ordinary firsts 42»-45c; refrigerator extras 36Q.36'.(ic; firsts 35c. 1 at 1.17 at 1.1 ut l.l'v;,. Smutty- 2 ll.n.l- 1 at l.r,2i 2 2 nt l.'.l ; S at l.i:'; 2 at i .n>; D nt 1.16'; Km nt ty — J. 4 No. .", llard- 1 nt 1.52, 1 at I 1.-17, 1 ut 1.4 (I i.l",;;.. siuiitty 1 at J.r.n'i; 2 at 1.49; 1 2 nt 1.47; :i 1.51 to l .r, i nt l .r,:.' 1 at. i ,r ,2 1 el l .r.d; 1 nt LIS' •1 at. 1.17 : 2 ut 1.5-1; l at 1.51V-; 1 at 1.4 'J V. ; 2 at 1.48; 1 at'.'.j; KANSAS CITY PRODUCE. Kaunas Cily. Nov. 20.—BUTTER —ereamery, 2e higher, 48 f ii50c; Ilin'TBKFAT—3!ic. KtiflS—Firsts 50e; selected 5llc. I'Ul'LTllV—Hens, 2dc; sprinKS, ; 22c; hroilers, 23e; roosters, 12c; ; tnrliey hens and young toms, 23c; j old toms, 18c. , Ptatoes. I Chicaco, Nov. 26.— POTATOES— Tradint; licht.; market weak; Mln- mv-ota sacked round whites SOfy; sr.c; few best (lOe; poor 7ile; sacked : lied river Oliios few sales ?1.15(>C [ 1.25. lo 1.5 nt l.r.i . 1 at 1.53.; l.-IS'a. 1 «t I ., 1 at LIU, 1 at! 1 .12 lo 1.41 1 ;.. | No. 4 Hard— 1 at 1.52. 1 at l .SH. j t at. 1.-1SU. Sn.iiiiy, 1.42 to 1.15.: 5 Hard— 1 at 1 .11; 1 at 1.12. timutty— l .!2 'i lu 1 .46. Sample Hard— -1 ai 1.41, smutty. 1 .Mixed— 1 at I.lfl'j; 1 at 1.17. j 3 Mixed — 1 at 1.•':!!, I 2 lied— 2 at 1 .62; 2 at 1.61; 1 at ! l .C.O. 3 Red —I at 4 HIM !—2 ut 1.50. CORN— 2 Yellow—1 at 1.08 3 Yellow — .'1 at. 1.U6. 4 Yellow — 1 at 1 .(l 1; 2 Whin— 1 nt I. I .i6; 8 White— 1 at 1.1.5: 2 Mixed— 1 :it. 1 (ir.ii 1 at 1.03'.: Chle Alive; 'lotvcr; fowls springs 22c; roosters ll'sc; tur- | k.ys 26c; ducks 17c; geeso 15@17. New York, Nov. 26.—Stock prices hounded upward Into today after an early period of Irregularity. Spirited liUldiiiE! for II. S. Steel common carried that stock above 111) to tho highest price In seven years with several other Issues of that group (oiiclilnp* new 1921 highs In reflection of the report of marked improvement In the steel Industry. Over 4 Issues nltalned new maximum prices. Sales nppproxinmted 2 .i )0n,000 shares. New York, NOT. 26—Stock prices swept forward again today under Hie Impetus ot a, vigorous rnlly in tho steel shores led hy XT. H. Steel common, which crossed 119 to the | hiehest price since 1917. More i than 40 stocks, Including eight ot i the leading steel Issues established l!>24 high records before 2 o'clock, with trading proceeding at. the rate ot 2,000,000 shares » day. Now York, Nov. 26—Stock prices displayed a buoyant tone at tho opening ot todny'e market. 1J. S. Steel common opened unchanged at imi, and then sold atll7»/ s , the highest price In seven years. In ternatlonal Nickel, U. S. Healty, Universal Pipe nnd Radiator preferred, American Hide and Leather preferred. Union Pacific and Canadian Pacific, also sold at new top prices. The first sale if Com Products was 10,000 shares at 42%, up 1 : ;; nnd a record high. Yellow- Cab was the only weak spot, breaking three points. Y'ellow Cab extended It break to five points In reflection of the cut In tho dividend and American Cno dropped a point, but the rest of the list surged upward with spirited bidding taking plane, for a number ot specialties. XI. S. Steel moved up to 117 '/s and Studs- baker and .May Department Stores I were added to the list of new- highs. ; Savage Arms, and Commercial Investment Trust each advanced about 2V: points, while Dupont, Ludlnm Sleel, American Express, Lackawanna, Western Pacific nnd Norfolh and Western were among the many stocks to sell a point or more above last night's final quotations. Foreign exchanges opened (inlet and steady. Irregular Movement. price movements later developed considerable Irregularity with heavy liquidation taking place In some of the popular Industrials. General Electric dropped 3 points, American Can 2',4 and XI. S. Cast Iron Pipe and Fisher Body 2 each. XI. S. Steel common slipped back to 116-)4, where It met good support. A subsequent violent rlso in Croclblo Steel, which soared 8 points to 73, n new high for the year, brought about a fresh demand for (he other steel shares, X 1 , S. Steel common rallying about a point from Its low, while most of the independents showed moderate gains. Special strength also developed in typewriter slocks, some of the oils and Pittsburgh and West Vlr- 38% 34»i si ll'.i . lilt . 31 »i .164 . 22 . 61% . 70 . 3S Chandler overland Motors Mack Truck lno Kelly Springfield Tlrs Co I! S ltubber Co iloortrl.ih ltubber Co .... uoodypar T & R AJa» Rubber Co Anin.llasch Mmrncto Co Mils Chalmers Mfc Co .. Maxwell Motorn "A" ... Miucwell Motors "IV ... Nash Motor* Moon Motors StcwHt-t Warnur Mfg Co StromlnirK Curb Co Timkon Roller Bearing . INDUSTRIALS; Am" Rent Sugar 42% Industrial Alcohol so Amu Cnn Co ...f. 14iV» Amn Car & Foundry li -J» Amn I.ocomotlvo S44a Walinsh A B4'ii Am a Sleol Foundries 41. Amn Tel & Tel 12»^4 Amn Tobacco lt !i'? Amn Woolen »5«> Associated Dry Goods 132.* Montgomery Baldwin Locomotive 12, Continental Can '. fill. Cocoa Cola Co ,8?» l.nivi.lrton Chemical Co 4J(i Corn froducls Refining 42'4 Famous Players Lastty S9'-i ConKoleum Co 4:ti» Cuban Amn Sugar 30^, Deere & Co l»!'a Hupont De Nem 134 Amn Asphalt Co 52 General Klectrlc £t>S R * lntl Harvester Co 103(4 lull Taper Co 49(-4 The biggest Thanksgiving dinner ; to he given In Hutchinson toteor- nils'; row will be under tho auspices of the Salvation Army and th'e 200 or more guests will consist of newsboys, messenger boyn, and the. poor nnd needy families of tho city, who would otherwise have very little for their Thanksgiving dinner. Knslgn W. F. Nevltt Bays that no "down and outers" who are In the city will be refused admittance to the big dinner. Tho tables are being arranged attractively today and tho menu will bo as attempting as any that will bo se»vecl« In the city. A great deal ot the food tor the dinner was given to the Salvation Army by tho school children of the city. WHAT'S GOING ON Pullman Co 136 Sears Roebuck 135 Westlnghouse Eleo & M/g ...... 6St, United Drug O 107 Woolworth 11* Kayaer (Julius) Silk Co 23 LIBERTY BON08. Final prices quoted by ths McNaghten Loan company today were; 3H% 1st 4 i ;% ., 2nd 4VIT4 . 3rd i<i% .. 4th 4'..i>5 ., U. S. 4Vi% ..I10O.M-82 ,. 101.29-32 .. 101. S-3S .. 101.16-32 ,. 102. 3-32 .. 105.13-32 LIVESTOCK MARKET Kansai City Livestock. Kansas City, Nov. 26.—CATTLE —Rocelpts 6,000; calves 1,000; desirable grades of beef steers steady heavy feds dull; top yearlings $9.85 bulk fed stcera and yearlings $7.25 @9.25; she stock and bulls steady; calves strong to 26c higher; choice veals upward to $9.00; stockcrs and feeders dull, about steady. HOGS—Receipts 11,000; shipper market around 10c higher than Tuesday's average; top $S,90; bulk ot sales $S.25@8.75; bulk desirable 200 to 350 pound averages $8.35@ S.50; packers bidding steady with their market yesterday; light lights strong to 25c higher; bulk 140 to 160 pound $7.U0@7.85; packing sows $8.0@S,25; stock pigs slow, steady; mostly $5.05{iiG.25. SHE1-:P—Receipts 500; rocelpts Insufficient to fully test values; odd lots killing classes steady; native lambs $13.00?T!13.35; clippers $11.00(g-ll.25; Bmali bunches of fat ewes ranging downward from $7.50 feeders strong; Oklahoma grazed Texas feeding lamba $13.65; feeding wethers $7.50. Chicago Poultry go. Nov. 26.—POCLTRY— 'loner; fowls ]4>4<ft21c; !gin"i a ' Call money renewed at 2',j per cent. Total sales in the first hour approximated 590,000 shares. 1 at 1.0:i'/ 2 . ', at 1 .05VJ. 1 at 1.04'a. ; 0 at 1.05. ; 1 a( 1 .03: MARKET GOSSIP -2 at 1.02. 2 \ hlte— 2 at 1.5S; I at 1.55. 3 Mixed- 4 at 1.02. 4 Mixed- K A Flit: Hi 1.57. 3 While—1 at 1. •I Whit.-—I at. 1.53. KAFFIR- 3 mixed - 2 at 1.5S MILu-No. 2 — 1 at 1.09; 1 J.6S. Winnipeg Markets. Nov. wheal: l.iiU'i. Dec. wheat: 1.62. May wheat; 1.67?.;. Minneapolis Markets. Hoc. wheat: 1 .52'.j. May wheat: Last,... LOCAL MARKETS The growing wheat In south- we-itern Kansas In general la lu very good condition, according to (.'. H. Laird, of the Midwest Grain Co., who has returned from a motor trip as far west as Garden City and from llu-ro south to Richfield, county seat of Morton county. He only found one farmer on the entire trip who was complaining because Ot his wheat not doing well because of lack of moisture. .Mr. Laird says that he found wheat as far west as Garden City which was up high enough to furnish good pasture for the cattle. He reports that the dry weather has allowed the kafir and mllo to mature In ideal condition, and that tho quantity and Quality of those crops is unusually good. >S. .1. Fail-child, who owns the Fail-child Kievator and Grain Co., at Kinsley, was a visitor tin the Hoard of Trade this morning. Although he did not begin buying wheat this xeason until August, .Mr. Fail-child reports that he has handled 3u,')ii(l husnels su tar this season. He says that the farmers who have not sold their wheat are not nnxlinis lo sell hecausa they arc- financially independent. Fpreign Exchange. New Y'ork, Nov. 26.—Foreign exchanges steady; quotations in cents: Great Britain, demand 4.63V*; cables 4.63Vj. France, demand 5.2S>4; cables 5.2s»i. Italy, demand 4.33%; cables .4.31. Belgium, demand 4-S4',i; cables 1.S5. Germany, demand 23.SI. Holland, demand 40.26. Switzerland, denieud 19.30. Greece, demand 1.79. Poland, demand I9U. Czecho-Slovakla, demand 3.00Vj Sunflower Produce- Heavy hens, 16c-, lisht In us, 13c; springs 16c-; .slab's 12..-; Leghorns and blacks all ui-i^ht., 13r; o'd roo .iti -rs 7c; tiii 'iievH, No 1 ISc; No. 2 8c; old toms I,':c; tid'-ks lur: geese Sc. KGGS- - Fresh, per doz. 10c. Locai drain, WllKAT-itJiioteu by Win. KoDj Mill) wheat, fl.32. SHORTS—f 1.66. UHAN—SI.35. Swltt & Co. '.lin'TBKFAT- • No. I I'.Hc; No. 2 ii6> . Ill:TT101 1— Creamcry -12 $j,43a. >-:i.l(.:S--F .-i -i,h, -Kit;. Uurcpean Mewsnapcrs. Lei! '•:!!. Ill IClil o|, .1II countries then: are l.Mnl daily and WCKIJ 11. ,\ ::;:.i |l, I:, |i .:l,!i:.l|' ((, liorilll with luu papi'i'.. ii.t'if m" which are ilall- ic". lead:) the list. Vienna which is v.vo'n], has 55. Jui-ludliig 22 dallies. Take Bonec by Auto. 'lVhenin.—The hones of pious ShlaJi Mosli-ini', whose relatives can -nfloid lo pay the price, ace now transported part of the way by automobiles fioni Telioriiu, the ParsUu capital, to Kerbcla lu Mes- The Hoard of Trade here will he c !o- . d tomorrow. All the markets In liie Fnilod Slates wili i lose I,ut tile foreign markets will he active. Sentiment is more bearish on wheat than it lias la-en. according to Chicago reports. Man; traders are still convinced that prices will go iiiiii-h higher Inter on. Foreigners who bad large profits in iinrclinnt -M of cash whe: were dlx- ;,oricd to talo- (Item ye.-uerday. .-•5-aboard reports show that about :I5U, lino bushels ot when: was sold fur export. TONIGHT. Advertising club", Horabnugh- Wiley Tea Room, 6:15 p. m. Klwanls club, Chamber of Commerce, 6:15 p. m. Religious Education Institute, First Christian church. Honey Bunch musical comedy. Midland theatre. "Babbitt,' film, Royal. "Tiger Thompson," Iris. "Scaramouche," DeLuxe. Turkey dance, Arbor hall, 9 P. m. Country club, Thanksgiving dance. Mask ball, Yeoman hall. TOMORROW. Thanksgiving Day. Hutchinson and Manhattan high schools, football, 2:30 p. m„ Athletic field. Union Thanksgiving service, First MethXdfst church, 8:00 a. m„ Rev. Father M. L. Kaln giving sermon. Christian Science Thanksgiving service, 10:30 a. m. at tho church. Thanksgiving service, Pilgrim HollnesB church, 10:45 a. m. Thanksgiving service, Emmanuel Lutheran church, C. and Plum, 10:30 a. m. Salvation. Army Thanksgiving dinner to the poor, nt Citadel on Sherman w-est, 2:00 p. m. Thanksgiving golf tournament, Gratidvlcw- club. The Davis and Hippie well, the No. t SeMee, u. 3-!2-«w, northwest of Hutchinson In the Sand Hills, It to have a etlll deeper test. Money has been raited by tarmert In the vicinity of the test and by the men and women who flrtt financed thlt test, to drill It on down. Work It to start Thureday. night, at midnight, when the Thanksgiving Day holiday It at an end, The tett wat at 3S15 feet when the work atopped tome time ago and It la hoped to drill It to a little bit below 4000 feet. There hat never been any ahowing of oil In thlt well. The bit passed through a tandy lime or chert many feet above, but there wat a little water In It and no oil at all. This well wat financed largely by the men who financed the Welch well, brought In at an oiler and which ttarted development In the Hutchlnto n district. TO DECIDE ON MOHR DEEPENING SOON. It Is hoped to decide by late today If tho Mohr well is to be drilled deeper or if the casing will be pulled and tho hole abandoned. The test was drilled to 3579 feet some time ago. The bit had passed through a showing of oil which gave some encouragement, and then salt water was found. There has been no activity there for three weeks or so but the men in charge are trying to decide today If they shall go on with it or call it completed. MIDLAND OIL CO. HELD A MEETING. Men interested in the Midland Oil company held a meeting last night and another today In connection with the drilling of the Johansen test, sw. 26-20 -6W, a halt mile north of the Welch. Plans are be : lng talked regarding starting up on that test again soon, DRILLING OIL WELL ON COLLEGE CAMPUS. An oil test Is being drilled on the campus ot Bethel college, Newton. It is in a new part of the field east of Newton and there are great hopes of Its value lo tho college it an oiler should be brought In there. UNDER THE DERRICKS Chicago Live Stock. Chicago, Nov. 26.—HOGS—Receipts 33.000; genorally lO'tfloc higher; light lights and underweight 25©50c up; liberal supply. CATTLE—Receipts 15,000; demand very active for fed yearlings; market firm; Iowa fed youngsters bid $1.3,50; several loads $12.00® 13.00. Call Money. New Y'ork, Nov. 26.-—Call money firmer: high 3; low 2'/j; ruling rate 2K; closing bid 3; offered at 3VI; last loan 3; call loans against acceptances 2'4; time loans steady, mixed collateral 60-90 days four-six months 3'6#3% ; prime commercial paper 3(4<f?3M:. NEW YORK STOCKS. Reported l,y James K. llennetl & Co.. silll RorabaiiBh-Wiley building, by from New York. Close wll-o The busking returns on corn are very mixed. Illinois yields are I" It.-r in quanli'y and quality than \>;.s expected but over the ilttlre i oiiibelt (lie returns are disap- poilltilr.:. Kansas City Hay. Kansas City, Nov. 26.—HAY— Kecelpls 60 cars; unchanged. I'KAIitIM— Xo. 1, $l«.(>0« 12.50; No. 2, $!U.00tff 11.50; No. 3, $7,005, $9.50. ALFALFA—Choice $23.00M | 24 .51); No. 1, $20.50(0 22.50; standard $17.an4(2().i)U; No. .', $14.50'a 17.00; No. 3 $7.0051.10.00, STKHl.S: rii-tlilullt-m Sleel Corp ... Colo Filet Iron Co Cru.-ll.te Su -<:1 Co ,, Cam Iron l'lpe Co ....... Gulf States Sleel Ureal Northern Ore Republic ln.n & Steel C S Sleet Corp (Vmitnon . C S St.-.-l Ceip Preferred COfl-KI-.S: Amn Smelting & Itetlning Ali.-.e.onda Copper Co Callahan Zinc & Lead ... Fhmo Cupper Co cliil,, Cpper Co l-.ull.. ,X- Superior i Inspiration Copper Keniioeott Copper Kav Cons Clali Copper Co OILS: Sinclair Consnltdateil i MaFiuul < ill Co ' Paeilio "h Co , • •,-,; : IVI & 1 rrnw A I I'aii-Anm l'et & 'lrans "U l'ui-i; Oil Co Phillips Petroleum Ca..(lcn ,*i Co l'.oval Initcti Skellv (III Standard Oil ot N J Standard OH of Calif Shell Union l.el Tex.!* Co Whit* i::mi« " a. R PAU .no .iDS: ,\ T * S F Ilutjfitiore »V- ill::, C:,i,a,l|:in t'lu-lfl,: File t'.y Creat Norther- lty .,. Illh-o'.a Central K (' Sou'.hern LouHvl'lo & Nnslivlllo Mo Pacific Common Mo Paeiflc I'nl.-irud N V Central -.... Norlhern l'.n-!(l..- Peiiusvlvaula Hy lli-ndlng Hy Knelt Island 11} Southern lty m L tc S F Hy - Wichita Live Stock Wichita, Kan., Nov, 26—HOGS— Receipts 1200; looks 6c higher: prospective top $8.63; bulk ?S.50@ $S.60. CATTLE—receipts 900, Including 400 calves; around steady on ail kinds; beef steers $5.00C£'7.50; beef cows and heifers $3.25fr6.50; bulls $2.500.3.60; veal calves $3.50 ©8.00; atockers and feeders $3.25 S6.40. MUCH INTEREST IN TONKAWA DEEP TEST A bunch of Hutchinson men, Frank Hopper and others who have been Interested In operations in thai, section ot Oklahoma, are right now much lntorested In the deep tests being made in the Tonkawa field, for these men own an eighty acre lease nbout a mile and a half south of the discovery well, the T. II. Slick No. 1 Laura Endlcott. This well Is In Kay county but the lease owned by the Hutchinson men Is over the line In Noble county and two deep tests are now on the way down, less than a half mile away, one to the northwest and one to tho west. It the deep field extends as far south as these wells there is a good chance for the local men either to drill out their property or to find a ready sale for the lease to one ot the big companies. They are watching developments there every day. NO DECISION YET ABOUT NEW K WELL. It Is learned t»u the Prairie company was considering tearing down the derrick on the Wernet location and moving it to tho Llbbey land, Just west of the Miller well, where the company is to start a test by February 1. This is the well to be drilled In an arrangement with Nate Neal, Jack Davis and J. M. Shepherd. It is not known what portion of the land will be drilled, as there is a quarter section in all. 8ENDINO OUT LET Eft 8 TO SHORT SHAREHOLDERS. Letters are being sent out from the office ot the Reno County Oil and Gas company, Rorabaugu- Wiley building, to the people who subscribed to funds for deepening the Short test west of town, ne. 13-23-Sw. When this money is all in the bank a contract will be let to deepen the tost for as tar as it is possible to go with these funds. It is known there are great hopes of opening up a new oil field west of Hutchinson in that soction ot the country surrounded by Salt creek, the "Rainbow Bend" district west of town. It is hoped to drill this test down to whore the Welch sand will be founii. TINCHER HAD OVER 8,000 PLURALITY The Official Vols Announced In Congressional Contest*. (Hy Tim Associated Pross) Topeka, Kan., Nov, 26.—Ben S, Paulon was elected governor of Kansas by a plurality ot 140.541 over Governor Davit, the Democratic candidate for reelection, l\ was shown In the official totals announced today by tho, state canvassing board. The Republican candidate received 323,403 votes ol a total of 659,567 cast,, Oovernor-eloct Paulon carried 97 counties, Oovornor Davis won pluralities In Bourbon, his homo county, and In northwest Kansas took Clioyonne, Thomas, Smith, Scott, Phillips and Itawlina counties. William Allen White, independent candidate, carried Bills county. The Spanish war veterans' bonus .was rejected hy 5,858 votes, while the tax amendment was carried by 53.961. The official pluralities, for all state offices follow; , Governor— Paulen ....140,541 Lieutenant Governor— Chase 181,8«7 Secretary of State— Ryan 38,747 State Auditor- Turner ..« 84,988 State Treasurer— White 181,527 Attorney General— Griffith 38,824 Supt. Publio Instruction— Miley 14,586 Supt. Insurance— Baiter 181,«S Supreme Court Pot. 4— Burch 140,898 Tho canvass of the vote in tl. congressional contests in Kansi shows the following: First District, D. It. Anthony. Jr. (Rep) 48.67. Leo Eppinger (Dem) 20,47 Anthony's majority ,.5.,,29,2i. Second District (Short tirni). U. S. Ouyer (Itep) Bu.7t: Mrs. J. A. Cable idem) 34.17- Ouyer's majority 21,5'.i: Second District (Regular term). MUCH OF SEDGWICK COUNTY IS LEASED. , A good sharo of the acreage ot Sedgwick county has been leased by the big oil companies and by individuals. The leases extend almost up to the townsito on the south and east and Wichita" folks are expecting great things during tho coming year when a number of tests are to ho drilled in that part ot the country. Cotton, New York, Nov. 26.—Cotton futures closed steady; Dec. 23.755i) 23.79c; Jan. 23.90©23.93c; .March 24.24@24.27c. Spot quiet; middling 24.25c. .. 4u :'-i .. 70H ..1(2 .. S2ty .'.Viii'i ..12'JT.i .. 86»; .. 311 .. 4 .. 24i>i ;:4 . 51?., • fJH . 27'i . 3 I)*H . 27(4 . Iti'i . 21% . .17?i . 62 »i . 2tUi . 43', . 2(F!i .113 . 7(1 .15614 . (UT, . 7U .1I3>4 . 31 (i .104Vi . 31U . 70 3 .llV'/i, . HS'i . 47 »i . "6 . 66Ji Remodeling Bridge On Santa Fe Trail The county engineering department began the work of remodel­ ling a bridge 12 miles east oi Hutchinson on 'he Santa Fe Trail this morning, Couuty Engineer W. A. Stacey reports that the bridge is to he lowered oven with tin grade of tin mad and It is being widened from a 20 foot bridge to 2S feet, and also lengthened eight feet. "The bridges and culverts in this county nro being constructed In such a manner that if uard surfaced roads are put In it will bo unnecessary to make any changes,' declared >' -. Stacey. "Any further paving of Reno county ro"ds wUl bo cheaper than the work that has been done, because tho grading of the county roads and tho bridge work Is all being dono in such a manner thut It will not require any great amount of preliminary work to begin paving." Another Oiler. Independence, Kan., Nov. 26.— The Prairie Oil and Gas company and Black and Landon well which previously was reported to he on the E, F. Clemmer farm In 21-32-13, Is In range 15 and uot in range 13. It is in Montgomery county five miles west ot Independence, not in Chautauqua county. The well probably is good for 250 barrels of oil and will make a pumper. A Gasser Afire. Arkansas City, Kan., Nov. 20.— Gas in the Baird No. 1 in section 17-34-3, caught fire at 7 o'clock this morning and the rig was burned. A flow of gas estimated at from 10 to 20 million cubic feet was still burning there at noon as preparations were being made to put the fire out. This well hit the gas n week ago nt 1S74 feet. Yesterday tho hole was partially- clean out and the flow of gas more than doubled. A Flowing Well. Arkansas City, Kan., Nov. 26.— Marland'o Wright No. 1, southwest corner of' the north half of the northwest of 10-33-3, in the Graham field northwest ot here, made a natural flow of oil this morning. The sand was topped at 2500 feet and the well flowed wnen the bit was seven feet iu tho sand. This well is two locations north of the Roxana's No. 1 Spruens, which came in for a producer in this sand a week ago, and yesterday swabbed 132 barrels. Mai-land's Bowers No. 1 between the Spruens No. 1 and the Wright No. 1 had only a slight show ot oil in this new sand. * ODDS AND ENDS FROM A REPORTER'S NO'lE BOOK Yesterday was a double-header anniversary for Las Hedrick. of the News composing room. It was his 31st birthday and his 12th wedding anniversary, both the same day. There was a good deal «ald, in the city schools last week, Educational week, about the "seven objectives of education." Superintendent J. W. Gowans overheard one email boy at Lincoln school remark: "I've learned all the seven objoetiona to educational now." Rev. 1>. G. MucLennan went out to Hollywood, Calif., to aliend tho dedication of the Presbyterian church ot which his cousin is pastor, in that city, a week ago Sunday, it is a halt million dollar edifice. Over $200,000 for the building fund was raised on the day of dedication. B. A. Earhart, attorney, never has to stand in lino when lie goes to the county treasurer to pay his taxes. "I always go down thero some morning when It Is below zero,' ho said. "Nobody else Is thero then.". A Hutchinson woman telephoned the News yesterday: "The boy didn't got yesterday's paper to me, I don't want to miss those cross word puzzles. I'm using them for suggestions on making quilts. They're good quilt patterns." Loulfl White was visiting at Fre- doula the other day, and he bumped into a whole bunch of former members of Company E, of which he was first sergeant in France. "I found two men living there within a mile of each other who didn't know each other had been In the same company," he remarked. Russell Ryer (itep) Chauncey Little U'en;) ••• A. L. MeKcnney Ond) Llttlo's plurality ... •... • • Third OlHrlct. W. H. Sprout (Hep) ... Charles Stephens (Dem) ... Sproul's majority ... • •.. • Fourth District. Homer Jloch (Uep) .... It. W. Woodsldo (Dem) ... Hoch's majority •• Fifth District. .Tames Strong (Rep) ., C. K. Itnttleld IDelil) Strong', ™»{£"g uWe 7 t V Hays B. White (Rep) ..... John It, Coimolley (Ucm) . White's majority Seventh Olstrlct. J. Tlneher (Rep) Nellie Cllne (Pern) .- 2D.S2: ..43.21. .. B.S'j: ..49,45..30,87'. • •' t- Tlncher's majority Eighth District. Chester I. Lone; (Rep) ... W. A. Ayres (Dem) Ayres' majority ..34.5 ..IS." ,.38,75 ..25 ,81 .12,01. ..35,6;" ..32.2S ...45,?: ...40.5. .,28.'i ..44.. W. C. Washburn, Elkhart business man who was in Hutchinson this week, declares Elkhart has, the most unusual football team in the southwest "It has never been defeated," he said, "it was held to a tie by Tyrone, Okla., but never has been beaten. Last year It scored 431 points to opponents' 29. Tho score this year so far is 208 against 20." • Tom McGinn, formerly under- sheriff here who Is now located In Eldorado as a police officer, says they are still drilling oil wells there and now and then bringing lna produced. "I'm watching the Hutchinson- papers closely to see bow the field here opens up," he said. The News to Be Issued Earlier Marriage Licenses. H. A. Paul, 24, Innian, and Margaret K. Wlena, 22. Ionian. Henry '/.ei-Rer, 25, Prettv Prairie, and Anaa VOKI , 21. Pretty 1'ralrio. Lloyd llcnnls Lonjl. 2S, Pawnee, Okla.. anil .Mabel Poltlt, 21, Great Mend. Births. .Mr. uml Mm Harmon Harrison, 002 North Monroe street, u daughter,, Nov. 25, at the Grace hospital, Deeds. F. R. l'.hcraolo lo Frank Pickrell. lots 22 23 hli 0 Woodavds 2nd add Hutchinson 11 .00. Fred Hirst. Adm., to Josephine Giles, lots 1 S 9 111 It 12 bk 3U Parl- rldKn $350. Homer S. Rtirgdlll lo Karl 11. (Iruvep, lots 15 16 bk 2 Arlington Heights add Hutchinson Jl.nn. William N. Hlnlr to K, W. Vest, lot 7 bk 3 Elmrldg. add Hutchinson (1.00, In order to give the News force a chance to spend Thanksgiving Day as a holiday, as much as possible, the News tomorrow will be issued at noon. The carriers will make their deliveries early, in order that, they may attend the Hutchln- fion-Manhattan football game. Notices for the society page tomorrow should be received not later than 9:00 a. m. Resuits of tho football games tomorrow will be announced by telephone. Call 4400. 'TEX" LATIMER KILLS FORMER POLICE LIEUTENANT Xenia, Ohio, Nov. 26.—Charles Macrotlt, 40, former lieutenant of the Pennsylvania railway police system, was shot and Instautly killed here today by Clifford "Tex" Latimer, patrolman of the same road, and former member of the Brooklyn Dodgers, New Y'ork Giants, Pittsburgh Pirates and other big league clubs. TOO LATE To CLASSIFY FOR SALK or trade—Sawing machine • like new. Phone 2521.1. UNK modern 3-io,,in furnished eot- tiiKO, also :l-room modern furnished clowiistair aparl merit. 223 East 2nd. l-'Olt SALK-Shell porliere. Pgr, Fast 11. WA.NTF.IJ—gulllfl to piece. ,125 KaM It WANTl'^D to buy—Hood nee„ml-hnnu Underwood type writer. Phone 3u(4J. WANTED at once—Salesman who can produce on good prospect list. Western Kansas. Good remuneration. Hunter, 406 First National liana, USED CARS Every used car told by us is guaranteed as represented 1923—Hudson Coach. 1923—Hudson Speedster. 1921—Hudson Speedster. 1917—Hudson Touring. 1920—Hudson Touring. 1923—Essex 4 Touring. 1922—Essex 4 Touring. 1921—Essex 4 Touring. 1924—Essex 6 Coach. ' 1924—Essex 6 Touring. 1921—Premier Touring. ,1920—Buick 6 Touring. 1924—Ford Sedan. 1924—Ford Coupe. 1922—Ford Coupe. 1917—Ford Touring. 1924—Chevrolet Coupe. TERMS—CASH—TRADE Hutchinson MotorCarCo. DISTRIBUTORS HUDSON AND ESSEX CARS Open Evenings and Sundays Phone 271 104-lOtMOB Second West Charged With Assaul Plead Guilty Toda Floyd R. Broiler, 408 East Hi ger street, plead guilty last nig I. to tho charge of attempting to as sault a little six year old pupil o the Lincoln school as she was re turning home from school Monday afternoon. Broiler was arrestee for investigation Monday by the city authorities and was taken tc tho county Jail yestcrd.y evening County . Attorney H, P. Brown has issued a warrant charging Broiler with criminal assault. Broiler is a paroled inmate of the Re formatory. Ho was sent to the reformatory from Neosha county on a similar charge to the one which he has plead guilty to her- NO MAIL DELIVERY IN THE CITY TOMORRO Because of tomorrow being a ho Iday, Thanksgiving Day, there wi: be no mall delivery tomorrow Postmaster Tom Armour annouiu ed today. The general delivery window will be open one hour, from 9 :1 to 10:00 a. in., he said. Shop-O-Scope win show you a h ot things you never knew abou Xmas shopping. tl —jyi§—• PHONE 4400 AND CAI. CLASSIFIED AD DF FOR eg -^'Se. 2%r» V ltLIND AD RK.PL1BS A-12-7 P-a—i C-12—4 / P-ll—1 C-7—2 Q.9—1 C-ll—1 R-10—4 R-ll—a S-10—2 J-10— 3 S-ll—2 K-lt—2 T-ll—S. L-9—1 V-7—1 M-0—2 V-lt—1 fi-ll—t \V .11— X •Jrdoia tu change or di-icunimuu advertlstmenta for the current d»y*a issue 'uauriot ba&accupVed later than a,m. for Tho New* una 8 p.m. for The Herald. All chungei and kills rectved after those hour* will Uko effect th folelovvlnp day. Th Hutchinson Kewa-llnrald is » mcinbor-of Thu Association of News- wiper Claestfh'fl Advertising Managn which incluilcn rending ntfwsp.ii'-ini Uuoushout uw country, and naa for !U aim the elimination of fraudulent and nUaU.lmg claialftod advertising. The UutchlnBoi) Ncw-vJU'ruld iia wel. us every other mo in tier of tho asioclu- ilon. endeuvuia to print only truthful Want Adtt and will appreciate having Its attention culled to any udverttse- menl not conforming to tho highest standards cf honesty. All classified ads will be tnae-tsd both morning and evening; Issues of tho paper. An ad which is accepted for a single] Insertion will appear la both The News and Tho Herald. Classified advertising terms are *>aai). Phone ordara are accepted 1 for convenience, but with the understanding that blllg will be paid on preaen- tatJon,

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